Birthday fun and an art show

Birthday fun and an art show

Art show face! Wearing a tiara tonight because life is short. ✨✨🌟✨✨
Say! Is the font on this blog kinda small, or am I just getting old? Shhhh don’t answer that. Hi. Here I am, last Saturday, before the art show. I wore a tiara Christopher gave me 10,000 years ago…because that’s whatcha do in December. Holiday! Celebrate?

Had a beautiful birthday today. Started out with the "Birthday" episode of Ab Fab, bought some shiny things at MAC (while "Groove is in the heart" played), talked to my Broad for an entire hour, then finished up in Ballard with Joshy at Volterra followed
The bangs were even semi-cooperating that evening, for once. I wore teal eyeshadow with gold glitter, teal stockings and some black wedges that didn’t even hurt my feet, as my plantar fasciitis is finally 90% resolved. Yeah!

Portrait of the artist with her art (and a light-up constellation skirt ✨).
Viola! I felt like a car show hostess. I wore the light-up constellation skirt I received as a Christmas present last year, and it was definitely a hit! I suspect I can re-use this skirt over and over again with different accessories for the next 10 years at EVERY holiday party and still be pleased. I love it.

Joshy at the art show last night, in front of @brandonvosika's work. Believe in your drems!
The show was not nearly as well-attended as last year’s for some reason but ne’er mind that, I sold three of my mini paintings! Bringing this year’s Sold Art Total up to a whopping FOUR paintings and ONE drawing (thanks blogfriend Liz MWAH). Believe in Your Drems, Kids!

I also finally won a piece of Owen art at the silent auction…which turned out to be a print signed by him. DAMMIT! Still. It’s framed!

Todayyy is my birthday, and I get one every year ✨✨
Here I am the following day, my big ol’ birfday on Sunday. In the morning, wearing a mint-colored paisley muumuu, and a glitter birthday tiara, and no make-up (but some Facetune, best believe). Josh made me pancakes, and then I had a couple of hours to spend baby-free (the best present of all).

I went to Nordstrom’s and had a glorious time playing at the MAC counter. “Groove is in the heart” was in the air and every shiny eyeshadow they had was smeared on my hand and I was furiously texting with Christopher the entire time (next best thing to being at MAC together). I had SO much fun that I was worn out by the time I hit Sephora, where they didn’t have the Georgio Armani “Luminous Silk” foundation I wanted and I went blank on everything else I wanted. Beauty Dementia, the horror!

This eyeshadow palette by #hudabeauty certainly called my name. 🌈✨✨✨
Here’s an eyeshadow palette by Huda that I enjoyed looking at, but didn’t buy. I ended up getting one of those incredibly overpriced “beauty blender” egg-shaped sponges and a new foundation by Urban Decay. I was already to the register when I suddenly remembered that I like that soy facial cleanser by “Fresh”…but it was too late! And then just yesterday I found a gift card to Sephora in my purse with 10 dollars on it. Darn!

RUN don't walk to Hot Cakes in Ballard. This is chocolate molten lava cake served with cookie dough ice cream with a cookie on top, and a glass of ice-cold milk. Did I mention the grilled cheese menu? Arrggggffsssss.
Later in the day Josh and I dressed up again–unfortunately, the dressing up was not nearly as inspired as the night before and the pictures turned out boring–and we dropped Mr. Baby off at Brenna’s and went to a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant in Ballard. The dinner wasn’t noteworthy, but the dessert–chocolate molten lava cake at “Hot Cakes”–thanks to Jerry’s recommendation–was AMAZING. I can’t wait to go back and snarf a milkshake and grilled cheese sandwich. MMMMMmmmmMMM.

The closest thing to a smile we were able to wrangle out of baby last night. He was so serious!
Monday night I figured would be an unpopular night to take the baby for his Santa photo and I was correct! We were the only ones there. Santa was sweet and so was the photographer and assistant, and Josh and I pulled all of our tricks to make him smile…but this was the best he could do. At least he didn’t cry!

How about a little headdress inspiration today? 🌟(thanks @martinimystery)
I mean I’m BARELY working these days, I’ll bet I have time to pull together a quickie Christmas headdress, like this. What do you think?

Nice day for it 💚
It’s been sunny lately, and I’m loving every second of it. Serotonin is flowing! Now if only these damn cramps would ease up so I can get crackin’ on a new painting.

Intense PMS and the only cure is homemade fudge brownies NOW
Speaking of my PMS, I made regular fudge brownies from the “Better Homes and Gardens” recipe book, and “primal” brownies from my Paleo cookbook, and guess which ones turned out better?

Holly in seasonal colors. ❤️💚❤️
If you guessed the regular fudge brownies, you are CORRECT. The primal ones were too cake-y. Although I suppose if you were following a strict Paleo diet they would taste amazing.

Chance of rain: 0% 💖🌞✨
It’s ear muff season.

I do I do.
Oh I do miss summer. I suspect I’m about to miss Fall pretty soon, too.

Caption Maggie dog!
Maggie dog sighs, “I’m getting too old for this shit, Liz.”

One of my birthday presents. Stoked! 👊🎨✨
One of my birthday presents this year: Art Resin! I’ve been following several artists on IG who have been inspiring me to get into this medium. I’m returning to wood, and I’ve got some paintings schemed up that I’m excited about!

I’m really impressed that the hibiscus plant we moved inside is still flowering! 🌺
Here’s the hibiscus we brought inside, amazingly still flowering, even in December.

Wow! I made it through this entire entry and Mr. Baby is still napping. Thanks for playing. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of this blog entirely, is that just my hormones talking? Stay tuned.

Buying Nothing, new art and fun books

Buying Nothing, new art and fun books

Mantra for today (thanks @madlymazzy)
Hallo blog. So apparently if I post an “album” to Instagram, it uploads NONE of the pictures in the album to Flickr. Therefore, I have no photos to show for Thanksgiving this year, just this cartoon of Courtney Love howling my Thanksgiving mantra. Shucks! I can tell you that we went to Grandma Shirley’s, I made blackberry cobbler and Josh made a pumpkin pie and a chocolate cream pie, the food was delicious, the company was as boisterous and fun as always, and we had lots and lots of Shirley’s special oyster stuffing for leftovers. Mmmmmmm.

Hey kids, it's that time of year again! Time to #buynothing! Tell your friends! #participatebynotparticipating
And then the following day we Bought Nothing, as is our annual tradition since 2008.

#buynothing and #optoutside 🌲🍂🌾
“Opt Outside” was also trending on Black Friday. I opted outside!

Don't buy anything today, create something! Here's a lil painting of Bear Cub I just started. 🎨
Meanwhile, I decided when I invited myself to participate in Owen’s show this year to add two more paintings to the mini painting collection: a tiny Maggie and a tiny Bear Cub. Then, if they don’t sell, I’ll have two cute little paintings of my dogs!

Spotted yesterday on Amazon. I can think of a few people that would enjoy this for Christmas! 💚✨💚
Psychedelic art AND a scratch ‘n’ sniff book? Adorable.

Faaaabuuuulouuuus ✨❤️✨✨✨
We took Mr. Baby to a quaint little shopping village in Bothell to explore a “learning” toy store. While there we also explored some of the surrounding shops–a notable shop was stuffed to the brim with satin gowns, little faux fur shrugs, rhinestone bling, and for 5 clams…these heart shaped sunglasses, which I bought on the spot. They look so cute on Goo–if only he would tolerate them for more than half a second.

Hello, rock turtle. 🐢
Spotted this rock carved like a turtle at the village. Speaking of that village, there are rumors that it might be torn down and replaced with yet another boring housing development. To sign the petition to stop this from happening, go here! I did.

Ughhhh so sad that #displayandcostume is closing their Everett store! As long as the Northgate store stays open, I think I'll survive. It's doubly depressing because I didn't go to their going out of business sale until today...I could've purchased so man
In other sad news. the costume shop in Everett is no more! Sure, it was never as great as the Northgate store, but I like to have options! DAMMIT.

Bear Cub and Maggie mini paintings in progress.
Maggie and Bear Cub, in progress. Speaking of paintings, another photo set that did not show up on Flickr was meeting an Internet friend who flew all the way to Seattle from Alberta Canada (for the Tori Amos show) and bought one of my mini paintings! It was the little painting of Louise Brooks, which was the very first mini painting I put up for sale in my Etsy shop, earlier this year. So I can happily say that in 2017 I sold one painting and one drawing! Woo hoo! Now there’s no pressure to sell tonight. Not that there ever was, heh heh heh.

Cooking with Goo: I put him in his high chair in the center of the kitchen and narrate while I cook...I'm expecting him to start preparing meals for me REAL soon! 😜
Cooking with Mr. Goo. I like to place him in his highchair in the center of the kitchen and narrate every thing I’m doing while I cook (with Pandora music on in the background). This way he sees that cooking is FUN, and, more importantly, he can start cooking for his mother ASAP!

Siiiigh I love this woman. 👀👀👀✨
Note to self: find Amy Sedaris’s new show and watch it, STAT.

Pretty sunset. We'd be out for a walk right now if it wasn't dark at 4:20! Looking forward to the #wintersolstice, big time.
Currently Josh has strapped the baby to his back and he’s vacuuming. I’m enjoying my 3 hours of non-baby time that I won two weeks ago. Toenails have been painted a festive dark green with gold glitter and I’m typing out this blather.

Cub in the Wild 🌾
Then I just have to decide if I would rather do my birthday trip to Sephora today or tomorrow, on my actual birthday.

Michael's has a "boho holiday" section now, featuring a lot of magenta and teal. Did I fall for it? Uh huh.
The baby and I went to Michael’s this week and their new “boho holiday” section, featuring a lot of bright colors, caught my eye. Not shown: adorable photos of Goo reaching for glitter shakers and playing with feather boas.

Reading "Alligators All Around" by Maurice Sendak, long one of my favorite children's book authors/illustrators. Josh and I always read this book in a Tammy Grimes voice, like the recording. Because we are weirdos, all around.
One of the joys of parenting is getting to enjoy all your own childhood favorites all over again, and no children’s book collection would be complete without “Alligators All Around”, by Maurice Sendak. I can hear Tammy Grimes’ voice every time I read it.

Re-lashed yesterday, then this morning a much-needed trip to the eye doctor for some new "moist" contacts. 💦I can see clearly now the rain is gone...
For this week of Getting Pretty Before My Birthday, I had my eyelashes re-lashed, and finally went to the eye doctor for the first time since 2015 for some new, ultra “moist” contacts. My vision has definitely gotten worse over the past two years and it’s nice to be able to see again. I also had my nails shellacked last night–black with silver and dark blue glitter. Holiday, celebrate!

Don't mind me, just dying while watching this documentary about baby bears in Romania 😍🐻🐻
Having a bad day? Treat yourself to “Beary Tales” on Netflix, a documentary about baby bears in Romania that will have you howling “HOW ARE YOU SO CUUUUTE?” to the screen if you’re anything like me.

Happy Friday! Make it a weird one. 💖💚✨✨✨
That’s all, folks! Today is my very last day being 27 years old, tomorrow I turn 28. Shockingly close to 30! But I still have fun!


Oregon, new paintings and Thanksgiving dinner

Oregon, new paintings and Thanksgiving dinner

And then the sky decided to clear for our second walk today. Brrrrrr.

Hello blog! Happy Thankgiving week. I just put Mr. Goo down for his second nap of the day. The office is right next to his baby room, so I’m typing verrrry quietly shhhhhh

With Pops, my brother and his wife in Dallas Oregon last night, celebrating his apprenticeship with Village Missions.

Here we are in Dallas Oregon a week or so ago, celebrating my brother and his wife’s commissioning ceremony from Village Missions. The drive over was hellish, thanks to my newly acquired bladder problem–a four hour drive that turned into six (Portland traffic HELLO and GOODBYE), but nevertheless I’m glad we were able to make it. We stayed in the same shabby hotel that my father did, and we had a big greasy breakfast with him the next day. Pops has lost 27 pounds thanks to replacing his sandwiches at lunch with chicken breasts, and I’ve lost 57 of the 63 pounds I gained with Goo last year. Ahoy, weight loss!

Aunt Claire shows off the mini sugar skull I painted for her. 💖💀✨✨

We also drove to Corvallis to visit Aunt Claire at her house and met her two dogs. I gave her the little sugar skull painting that I did especially for her.

Book haul from Powell's Books--5 books for baby and one thriller for me. It's about a rabies-like disease that only affects blondes--sounds promising!

We stopped in Portland on the way back to Seattle–all of my Portland photos are missing from Flickr so you’ll have to take my word for it–and visited Powell’s Books, a HUGE new and used bookstore recommended by Christopher. That was worth it! I bought five books for Goo and one for myself, a thriller about a rabies-like virus that only affects women with blonde hair. G-g-good times! We also had lunch with Pops at the Pearl Bakery and picked up a couple donuts at Blue Star donuts, also recommended by Christopher. Verdict: not as good as Voodoo. It was weird visiting Portland and not seeing Erika or Christopher, but it just didn’t work out this time.

Black dog day! 💚💚

Meanwhile, hanging out with dog butts is always fun.

Lazy Sunday. 😴

I wish I could laze about like Maggie the Elder Dog.

Hey there, little mushroom friends.

Is it still mushroom season? I keep thinking it’s winter already, because BRRRR.

New mini painting in progress: Maggie dog in nature. 💚

I’m doing a little mini painting of Maggie dog to put in the show I’ll be doing next weekend at the Pound Arts Studio, where I’ve shown my work in the past.

Playing in the hat bin today. If only he tolerated hats better! He looks soooo cuuuute in them.

I keep thinking if I make putting cute hats on into a fun game, he’ll start tolerating them? Hmmmm? Huh? Not even ear muffs, kid??

Drizzly Fall walks with dog butts. 🍂

Last night we had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Shirley’s house. I spent 90% of my time chasing after the baby, but that’s okay. He was mellow all night, didn’t even fuss until the very end, which was his bedtime. And he ate his first bites of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and yams mmmmmmm.

Re-discovering my old Yamaha keyboard with Baby Goo.

My mother gave my dad a bunch of my old things from their house, including my old Yamaha keyboard. So now I can enjoy it all over again with my son!

November rain? Can't complain. 🍂

Wearing Josh’s rain coat. I asked for a new rain coat for my birthday present this year–my old one is so old the liner is shredding apart, and I stupidly bought one a couple years ago in a size SMALL (hiiiiigh hopes) and it’s too small! Derp. Note to self: YOU ARE A MEDIUM. REMEMBER THAT.

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I am most thankful for this crazy little baby, who makes me laugh every day. And for my husband @djmagicelf, because I can't imagine raising this crazy little baby without him. 😘

I am most thankful in 2017 for this sweet little baby, who cheers me up and gives me hope and makes me laugh every single day. I’m also thankful for Josh, because I can’t imagine raising Goo on my own. And for family, and friends, and dogs. The good stuff. See you later, alligators.

Painting and sewing projects

Painting and sewing projects

Hellerrr, blerrrrg. I’m attempting to blog this with the baby in the room with me, so we’ll see how it goes…here’s Mumsie last week on a dogwalk with the baby. She left this past weekend, on Saturday morning. BOOOOO. Good thing she’s coming back for Christmas, with my father as well.

Met a new friend at work today. 💚💙✨
Look who I met at work last week! Jealous?

I’m feeling mostly improved thanks to medications. Although I still don’t feel “normal”. Then again, who does?

Tongue out Thursday? 😜😝
Baby M. is 10 months old now. He is finally taking both naps in his crib, no longer in the car like we had been doing from 3 months to um…a week or so ago. Heh. He has 6 teeth (the four on top haven’t popped out entirely), is taking a few baby steps, can scale a flight of 7 stairs with ease (but has trouble getting back down), and smiles a whole lot. And his first intentional word was DOG.

Cold sunny Friday afternoon walkies. 💙💚🌞
Here he is sleeping on our Friday afternoon walk. Crazy baby!

Is this the dreamiest building or what? (thanks @jasoncampbellstudio)
Oh my this building in Spain is dreamy. Can we go there please?

Enjoying the sun today with Mumsie. She goes back home tomorrow, boo! 😭
How nice that the weather cooperated during my mom’s last full day here and was sunny and gorgeous.

Currently. 🎨
Painting in progress: a little sugar skull for my Aunt Claire. She loves Day of the Dead as much as I do!

Finished the little sugar skull painting for my Aunt Claire! 💖✨✨✨
And complete! I like this one. Next up I’m painting something for Erika.

Today 💚
The daily dog walk, always and foreverrrrrr.

I made Josh this fleece cap today by deconstructing a beanie and then using it as a pattern. ✂️
I took a little fleece beanie of Josh’s, deconstructed it, and used it as a pattern to make him a brand-new beanie! Now I have a pattern for all those future beanies I’m planning on making. Snicker.

Walkies today in between rain showers 💦
The beanie Corinne made me is getting a lot of use, lately.

Me working out this morning
Look, I even manage to find the time to fit a workout in.

Bear Cub's fur flying during our walk today, which managed to be sunny/rainy/windy all at the same time. Alriiiiiight.
Bear Cub’s fur gets ruffled during a particularly windy walk the other day.

I framed baby's first painting with a glitter frame. It coordinates well with Phyllis and the Kit Kat Klock.
Finally got around to framing baby’s first painting, with a glitter frame I already had on hand.

Finally reading this one (thanks @madlymazzy) 💖🌟✨✨
Here’s a book Christopher gave me that I suspect I will enjoy reading if I only had the tiiiiime (the first ten pages have been great).

All dog beds must be approved by Mr. Goo.
Here’s Mr. Goo testing out a new dog bed for Maggie. He is currently throwing a baby tantrum because I won’t let him type. And it is LOUD!

Baby jail! He's very talented at climbing UP the stairs but still needs practice going down. 😅
Here he is in baby jail. Good grief, I may have to cut this entry short. WHAT A BABY!

Mumsie and painting and sewing projects

Mumsie and painting and sewing projects

Boy am I glad we got out the last couple of days and explored nature because the weather forecast is all ☔️💦💦💦💦💦❄️😳
Hola, blog. Things around here are better, health-wise.

Is this the most beautiful staircase or what? In San Fran, of course. 🌈 (thanks @streetartmagic)
I reeeeaaaally need to go to this gorgeous staircase in San Francisco some day.

Happy Dia de los Muertos! My lil' sugar skull painting with easel is still available in my Etsy shop! Only 30 bones. 💚💀✨✨
I’m currently taking the OAB medication prescribed by the urologist, which has helped about 80%. I don’t want to be on it forever, though…it causes dementia. And I certainly don’t need any help in that direction!

I’m also taking a small dose of a medication called amitriptyline at night. It was formerly used to treat depression but also works in small doses for nerve pain, and it makes you very sleepy. Much like my beloved Trazodone that I’ve taken for years.

So over the past 3 weeks of nonsense I’ve gone from being a breastfeeding mama only taking 50 mg of Trazodone at night, to a pumping (barely) mama who takes three different meds. BOOOOO.

Next month I have an appointment at the UW with a doctor who specializes in problems like mine. It’s certainly better, but not 100%. Yesterday was kind of a bad day, but I did get my eyelashes done in the morning and then Mumsie and I got our hair cut last night so it wasn’t the WORST.

Mumsie and I got our hairs cut. ✂️
Freshly-cut hairs.

Lab pack! Pack 'o' Labs!
My mother is here for the week, and it’s been wonderful. She’s getting a whole lot of Goo time in..

Medium cheddar on potato bread made with real butter. It's how my mom shows her love. 💛💛💛
…and I’ve had grilled cheese for lunch three days in a row! YES!

Jeff Goldblum somehow is hotter in his old age, eh? I want that space sweater he has on.

Gotta love Moira's commitment to her wigs. Also, I think it's hysterical that it took Josh three seasons to notice that she wears different wigs in every single episode. 😂
I love the Canadian show (also on Netflix) called “Schitt’s Creek” so much, I’m re-watching it from the beginning again. We started watching it when Goo was just born and who can remember that time?? It’s all a blur.

Everyone was surprised by the snow in Seattle yesterday. I'm not ready! Still enjoying the Fall colors too much! 🍁🍂🍃
Seattle decided to skip Fall and go straight into winter temps this year, GROSS. I already have my snow tires on. Better safe than sorry, buddy.

These are photos I took during our nap/drive (the car was parked, of course). I decided now that Goo is almost 10 months old and winter has started AND I’ve had all these bladder problems that it’s time to crib train for naps! He’s napping right now. After 17 minutes of sobbing.

Apparently this happened while I was in the shower this evening. 😂
Look at what he did while I was in the shower the other night! Whaaat?? Adorable.

Bear Cub and my mother. 💕
Mom and Bear Cub love each other.

How adorable is this look? And who else is so friggin' tired today from the time change?? (thanks @ellenvonunwerth 🌈)
Ellen Von Unwerth has been inspiring me with her photography since the mid-90’s.

Working on a new sugar skull painting for my Aunt Claire. 💖
Current painting project: a lil’ sugar skull for my Aunt Claire.

Reading time with Grammy Kim. 💙
Mom and Goo reading time.

Mumsie and me on a cold sunny dog walk yesterday.
We’ve been going for dog walks every day, of course.

Baby's new favorite spot.
Goo has a new favorite nook.

I made matching hedgehog scarves for my mother and I. She picked out the fabric. 💕
She watched the baby this morning while I whipped up these little scarves for us. She picked out the fabric.

Ughhhhh he’s crying again. What was that, a 15 minute nap???!!! Help me Rhonda!

Halloween 2017 (and whining)

Halloween 2017 (and whining)

Grammy Fleeta sent us some fun Halloween presents. 🎃
Hey blog. Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

Gorgeous day today. The most beautiful red dragonfly just landed on my sweatshirt but when I reached for the camera it flew away. You'll have to take my word for it. ❤️✨✨
Four urine tests, three doctor visits, one urology visit, negative STD/UTI/bacterial/yeast infection, and nothing showing up on the ultrasound except a small uterine fibroid that “shouldn’t” cause any symptoms.

I wish Fall days were always like this! 🌞🌲🍁
The urologist helpfully narrowed down my issue to two possibilities, and started me on medication for one of them. Overactive Bladder Syndrome was the one we decided to treat first. I started the med just yesterday…it has some unpleasant side effects, like HOLY MOLY dry mouth galore.

Baby's official first word? "Dog". 😂
I’ve had to go from almost exclusively breastfeeding to pumping and dumping due to all of these different meds in my system, and the first week it was incredibly hard. Emotional. I cried many many times.

Posting this amazing tree again because I have a crush on it. 🍁
But…my sweet baby is drinking lots of formula, eating plenty of foods and last night even slept through the night (!), so I’m feeling less emotional and more resigned. We did last 9 whole months of breastfeeding, that was an accomplishment.

Whoops, got distracted at the fabric store again...💜✨✨✨
I’m feeling like a medication guinea pig right now, and hope hope hoping that someday this resolves. It has been really hard.

Haven't been feeling so well this past week. Taking the baby and dogs on this walk today was definitely the highlight of the day.
Due to my mysterious ailment, one baby with diarrhea and another baby with a fever, it was unanimously decided last Thursday to cancel our Saturday Halloween “baby” party that I had planned to co-host with two friends and their babies.

At the fabric store this week I let the baby feel all of various faux furs...especially the one with silver spangles. ✨✨✨
Okay, that’s all the negative stuff out of the way (blogging as therapy). Now let’s talk about the GOOD stuff! Like taking the baby to the fabric store and letting him touch various faux furs.

At the costume shop last week, trying to find a new fun pair of glasses. These were great...but immediately made me nauseous. 😝
We went back to the costume shop and tried on some craaazy sunglasses!

Love the way the ivy climbs up the trees. 💛💚
Going for drives (with 15-30 minute potty breaks) has been immensely therapeutic.

Boy am I glad we got out the last couple of days and explored nature because the weather forecast is all ☔️💦💦💦💦💦❄️😳
October you are beautiful.

Along with the embarrassing teenage poetry and drawings my mother sent to me yesterday was my high school graduation photo. I remember I had a cold that day.
My mother has been on a cleaning/organizing mission with all of the old paperwork and photos for weeks now. It keeps her busy while she’s mending from her second back surgery and dealing with daily pain. She’s currently in California for her follow-up appointment, and was planning on coming to visit us afterwards. I hope she does! Here’s my high school senior yearbook photo. I remember I had a cold that day.

Googly eyes and blood spatters in the window. I kept the spider spray out too as an extra "spooky" touch
At least the house was fully decorated for Halloween, too. At Josh’s suggestion I made the googly eyes to go in the window. The spider spray added just the right ambiance, eh?

I’m feeeeeling the black glitter decorations against the aqua wall. Everything looks good on that wall!

Phyllis got another Halloween make-over...Josh thought this one was creepier. 😂
Josh thought this mask worked better on Phyllis than the Frankenstein, and I’m inclined to agree.

Baby M. and Grampy Bob. 💙
I had such a bad day last Thursday–ongoing symptoms with little relief, no diagnosis AND sleep deprivation–that my in-laws (God Bless Fleeta and Bob) drove over from Spokane to help out. They are the sweetest in-laws a girl could hope for. I’m so, so grateful for them.

Do you ever have crushes on houses? I seem to have a thing for this blush-pink house. 😍
I took Fleeta on a scenic drive and showed her this blush pink house I’m weirdly obsessed with.

Trying to get baby handprints on the baby pumpkin last night. How do people do it??! With a sleeping baby? 😂
With their help Josh and I were able to do more prep for Halloween. Like trying to capture baby handprints on a tiny baby pumpkin…much more challenging than we expected!

Met up with the cousins at the pumpkin patch this afternoon. 🎃🎃🎃
Brenna and her kids hadn’t picked out their pumpkins yet, so on Sunday we met up with them at the pumpkin farm.

Ronia shows off some sweet moves on the bouncy pumpkin.
It was fun watching them bop on the giant inflated pumpkin.

Finding hearts at the pumpkin patch 💛
I’m always finding hearts.

Bear Cub, Maggie and Mr. Bennett romping in the sun today. 🌞
On Monday Fleeta and Bob drove back home–Fleeta had Halloween commitments and I didn’t want her to miss them–so Brenna came over and spent a couple hours with me and the baby and the dogs. And she brought donuts and Mr. Bennett!

Aunty Brenna paid us a visit today. 💙
Again, how lucky am I to have married into this sweet family?

Happy Halloween from Morticia, Gomez, and Pubert Addams!
Well, NEVER DOUBT MY COMMITMENT TO SPARKLE MOTION because even a mysterious horrible bladder problem wasn’t gonna keep me from celebrating my favorite holiday, dammit! We dressed in our full Addams Family splendor at the pumpkin farm. We had photo requests from families!

Cara Mia!

"I'm just like any modern woman trying to have it all. Loving husband, a family. It's just, I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade." 💀
Some day I’ll look back and be deeply impressed that I went into full Morticia drag when I was feeling so bad. Hey, that rhymed.

"So, you still desire me after all these years? The old ball and chain?" "Forever!" "I'll get them."
I knew I wasn’t going to dress up again so we took the family photos on Sunday. One of Josh’s uncles suggested we use this for our Christmas card this year. I’m not against it!

Currently: pumping and getting ready to do 2 high-powered hours of handing out candy before the baby's bedtime 😝
Last night was Halloween and I took this self-portrait while pumping. The stickers were for flair. We handed out candy from 6:30 to 7:15 pm and then it was time to put baby to bed! Ohhhh the times, they are a changinnnnnn.

The Halloween sunset last night was really beautiful. 🌄
Last night’s sunset was really beautiful.

Welp. I was able to type this out because Josh took the baby to Costco tonight…he’s teething and was a hot mess all day long! Here’s hoping next time I blog I won’t be burning burning and yearning to pee constantly. Sigh.

The end of the wig series and some Halloween inspiration

The end of the wig series and some Halloween inspiration

Candid family portrait at Alyse's new house yesterday. You can't tell, but we are all wearing black Converse.
Hola blog! Here’s a candid family portrait snapped by Alyse a weekend or so ago at her place, for her son’s 9th birthday and Grandma Shirley’s 87th (!!!). The baby and I had a cold, but so does 90% of the planet right now so we went and “partied”. We are all wearing black Converse sneakers, I’d like to add.

Alyse's new backyard is pretty. 🍁💚
Alyse has an amazing and giant backyard…that I wish I’d photographed more of. Here’s one pretty corner.

Day 15: the REAL Vanessa Kensington wig! Apparently the wig I posted before was the Austin Powers wig! No wonder it seemed so flat and dry. Ha ha!
Day 15 of the October 2017 Wig Series…the REAL Vanessa Kensington wig! Apparently the one I wore towards the beginning of the series was the Austin Powers wig. Roops.

Day 16: the Kurt Cobain wig! Maggie dog quotes: "The worst crime is faking it."
Day 16: the Kurt Cobain! It didn’t seem right NOT to post it, and it didn’t seem right to wear it myself, so luckily good ol’ Maggie is now too old to resist wigs and sunglasses. For five seconds, anyway.

Day 17: the mystery wig! Who will I be for Halloween 2017??? This concludes my wig series. It was fun...although I can't help but reflect on wigs I've lost over the years. RIP: the brown curly wig I bought from a thrift store in Eugene that started it all
Finally Day 17…the mystery wig for Halloween 2017! Woo hoo! I bought that Styrofoam sugar skull head at the fabric store…couldn’t resist! It wants to be painted, badly.

My mother texted me this pic today of my very first wig, bought at a thrift shop during a high school debate trip. Wonder where the old gal is now?
My mother has been texting me old pictures, and here is my infamous first wig. I bought it at a thrift store during a high school debate tournament, and I have no idea whatever happened to the poor old girl.

Spotted recently at the fabric store...ohhhh the things I'd like to do with YOU, ombré turquoise sequin fabric! 😍
I also ogled this amazing silver and turquoise ombre sequin fabric at the fabric store…MMMmmmMMMM.

Phyllis is getting the Halloween treatment. 👻
We’ve been slowly decorating the house for the upcoming Halloween baby party this weekend.

Are you scurred? 💀
I have more envisioned for the couch here…I feel like the skull is missing something. A giant spiderweb around it?

Josh crams all the Jelly Belly's in his mouth at once instead of enjoying each flavor one at a time...GROSS.
This giant jar of Jelly Belly jellybeans has christened our living room for a while. Josh likes to cram all the flavors in his mouth at once…GROSS. I eat one at a time…until I feel sick. Doesn’t take long. Usually about two in.

My neighbor's neon flower garden is still going strong. Anyone know what these are?
My neighbor’s neon flower garden: still strong. I’m impressed.

Bear Cub thought she was safe on the bed...😂
Poor Bear Cub thought the one place she’d be safe was our bed…foiled again!

Last night we watched "Christina P: Mother Inferior" (filmed in Seattle) and laughed and laughed. It's a good one!
Recommended stand-up: “Christina P: Mother Inferior”. We laughed our butts off!

I love this tree each year. So dazzling.

These too.

This one impressed me this morning.

Here comes the rain again...☔️💦💦💦
Took this self-portrait with the baby and dogs before the shitstorm hit last week–my very first UTI/bacterial infection. It’s been a nightmare of walk-in clinics, contaminated urine samples, going back for a second urine sample and then not having a doctor’s order…UGH. It’s been a hard month for us! The baby and I had just gotten over our second cold since September and then I was hit with this gross infection. Not to mention Maggie dog had a bacterial infection that required antibiotics too. What a sick bunch!

A little color inspiration on a gloomy grey Saturday morning. (thanks @richardquartley)
I’m on day 3 of antibiotics and maybe starting to have the tiniest bit of relief. Maybe. Taking care of a 9 month old baby with a UTI has presented with its own set of challenges.

Fun with baby at the costume shop again.
Here’s my sweet baby, “enjoying” the costume shop with his parents again.

It's REALLY a shame that my dogs don't tolerate Halloween costumes! 😂
Will Maggie ever tolerate a Halloween costume? Nahhhh.

All the fun wigs with a big glittery E in front of's a sign, I tell ya. ✨✨✨
I noticed that the FUN wigs had a big glittery E in front of them. Coincidence?

Nice day for it. 🌞
Family walk yesterday in the sunshine.

Maggie and Bear Cub get their romp on. 🌼
Maggie and Bear Cub romped in the field.

Drawing googly eyes for the windows today (@djmagicelf's idea) 👀👀👀
Today’s art project (after another visit to the doctor) was drawing up some googly eyes to post in our window, Joshy’s idea.

Oof! Writing this entry took three tries. Sometimes Mr. Baby doesn’t want to let Mama do a THING. Catch you on the flip side, bloggeroos.