Testing testing testing photo post

Testing testing testing photo post

Blog! Let’s try this again. Yesterday and today I hit publish on my blog entry and the entire entry disappeared, save the title and category links. LAME. That used to happen to me all the time back in the Blogger days, before I moved to WordPress. It got so bad I used to type all my blog entries in Word, then paste them into Blogger.

Update: thanks D.S. Webster for helping me fix my WP problem!

This blurry Instagram photo was taken exactly one week ago. I was standing at the dog park in the pouring rain wearing my Hunter wellies, a rain jacket AND holding an umbrella for good measure…and no one else was around, just me and the girls. My father called me and we had a great long phone conversation while I stomped around in the mud about dogs, which wood is best for hardwood floors (he tells me cherry wood is horrible–too soft), and “The Property Brothers”.

I’ve seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Breakfast Club” countless times, but I still have yet to make it through “Pretty In Pink” in its entirety. We started watching it recently and then, predictably, got bored. However, the Duckie character was clearly the best of the bunch. Gay as the day is long!

I’ve been finding all kinds of fun things while packing, including this little Edie Sedgwick wristlet. In the New House we’re going to have 2.5 bathrooms, and I’m pretty sure one of them needs to be Warhol Factory silver. With glitter finishes! Can you dig it?

Heart-shaped rocks always catch my eye. If they’re especially pretty I’ll take them home.

I am in looooove with this tree. This is the second year in a row I had to pull the car over and take pictures of it.

Mushroom season is in full bloom ’round here. Today outside Walgreen’s I saw a cluster of Amanitas! Can you imagine?

Something possessed me to participate in “Throwback Thursday” on Instagram yesterday and post this picture of Little Lizzie–it cracks me up. Those bangs! That ruffly pinafore! Classic.

TGIF, beeg time. I just returned home from an hour at the dog park, so that Maggie will ignore me for the rest of the night. Last night she could sense my excitement over Halloween shopping and she was ALL OVER ME. I mean, literally. It was ridiculous. We went out and started gathering supplies for our old people costumes…and let me tell you, it wasn’t much of a stretch! I mean, the muumuu that I bought I would actually wear. Minus the ruffle, of course. It was a welcome diversion…every time I’m home now all I can think about is PACKING!

Tonight we have promised ourselves NO PACKING. We have all weekend for that. Happy weekend, blog-loggers, I’m gonna hit publish now and hope for the best!



Sigh. Still having the same issue: when I hit publish on my blog entry, everything but the first paragraph disappears. I’ve written to the WordPress forums so hopefully this will get resolved soon–frustrating.

House inspiration and a sweet little girl

House inspiration and a sweet little girl

get a haircut
One word regarding the 1968 monstrosity of a film that is “Skidoo”: SKIDON’T. Just take my word for it!

Would you look at these little beggars? This was while Josh was cooking up some faaaaantastic beef stroganoff last week. We were disappointed that it only lasted two nights. I’m the sort of cook who likes to make enough dinner to last three or even four nights.

aqua bedroom
Current obsession: “The Property Brothers”, via Netflix. This demanding woman requested red red red everything, but Jonathan convinced her to go aqua for the bedroom and it turned out SO BEAUTIFUL! I took this photo to remember later for inspiration. Something in the New House has to be aqua–I’m really drawn to that color.

Ronia is adorable
Spending time with little Ronia is always fun!

Saturday night we drove over to the Manse to have dinner with Josh’s sister and fam, plus his parents and 88-year old grandmother who happened to be in town. We were both worn out from packing all day but managed to get it together and we had a very nice time.

Ronia's fab glitter art
Ronia’s glitter art caught my eye. Brenna shared with me a Halloween-themed story book that she and Ronia had put together. Brenna wrote out Ronia’s story and Ronia added the illustrations. She has quite an artistic eye, that one! It makes me happy.

Ronia is changing the baby
Ronia and I changed her baby’s outfit and later, after dinner, made various food items out of Playdough. I miss spending time with her!

IT’S MONDAY BLOG. It’s Monday, it’s October 20th and I don’t even have my Halloween costume gathered up. Where are my priorities at? (house) (packing) (house) (packing). Oh yeah. Time to get packing.

Movies, books, and walkies

Movies, books, and walkies

Test test test. I’m not sure if this link will work or not…this is the first time I’ve posted an Instagram video to my blarg. I call it “Zen Leaf”. AhhhoooOOOaahhhhh…

Watching "The Changeling" for the first time.
My face while participating in Scary Movie Month. This was during the viewing of “The Changeling”. I actually finished watching another horror movie last weekend, but I haven’t had time to type up my review…”Eyes Without a Face”, a black and white French number that I’m 87.9999% I had seen before. A really good film.

Weekend reading. I love cracking open a thriller by a new author. And an old one too.
I’ve been reading up a storm the past couple of months…every night for at least two hours. “Before I Go to Sleep” was excellent–I read the entire book in one day and then told everybody I know that reads about it. I HATE IT when I read books in one day, but sometimes you just can’t put them down.

Leafy trails ahead
Still making time for my furry friends every day, rain or shine. Today the sun was shining and it was 68 degrees…SO GOOOOOD. A patient of mine tells me that an unusually hot summer/Fall means a particularly brutal cold winter…but I’m just going to avoid thinking about that right now.

So many New House thoughts cramming up my head right now, there’s room for little else. In between the horror movies, we have actually started watching shows about home improvement. I know, I can’t believe it either. Who am I?

I feel like I’m getting a cold but I’m going to continue denying it with lots of EmergenC in ice water and chewy multivitamins and hot showers. This is not an appropriate time to be sick, body!

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “House” (the insane 1977 version)

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “House” (the insane 1977 version)

house 1977
I found myself riddled with PMS this weekend, glued to the couch where I was simultaneously skimming feminist (cough) blogs, layering glitter polish over my chipped glitter polished nails, AND making my way through a horrible early David Lynch short film (the longest 34 minutes of my life) when “House”, the 1977 Japanese version, popped up under suggestions to watch next. Oh Hulu! You so cray!

THIS MOVIE IS INSANE. The basic film premise is about a schoolgirl traveling with her six classmates to her sick aunt’s country home…where things suddenly take a turn for the Weird. One by one the girls are killed off by a supernatural force. This movie, a ‘la Stefon, Has Everything: a piano that eats girls! A blood-spewing pussy (I mean, painting of a cat!)! Dancing skeletons! And about a billion other oddities that really have to be, um, “experienced”.

According to the Wide Wide World of Webs: “...the director fashioned the script after the eccentric musings of his eleven-year-old daughter, then employed all the tricks in his analog arsenal (mattes, animation, and collage) to make them a visually astonishing, raucous reality.”

Yup. This puppy was made in 1977, but not even released to North America until 2010! I think maybe we needed that long to process it. I know that I might have to watch it again…way too much to take in one viewing!

Scary: 3 out of 10. Maybe. This movie is too weird to be scary. NOT FOR CHILDREN THOUGH.
Gory: 7 out of 10. Lots and lots of gore.
Boring: 0 out of 10. NO WAY you can be bored by this film!

Hello blog here we are again! I’m all riddled up on late afternoon coffee and Midol. Joshy is out for one of his “Gonzo Abusive” runs. I’m about to start packing some more things in boxes. I realize photos on this blog have been few and far between but believe you me, once we move over to the New House it’s gonna be full of photos all over again! Photos of the New House, of course!

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “The Changeling”

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “The Changeling”

the changeling 1980

How could a horror fan like me somehow skip over “The Changeling”? It came out waaaaay back in 1980, and it’s just the sort of slow-moving creepy supernatural scary movie that I like, and it features a big ol’ haunted house. I just love movies with big ol’ haunted houses. This film is about a man whose wife and daughter are tragically killed in a road accident. Grieving, he decides to get away from it all by renting a big ol’ (haunted) house outside “Seattle” (ie: Vancouver). Soon, things begin to go BUMP in the night! A seance produces ghostly voices! His daughter’s bouncy ball keeps appearing out of thin air! And WHAT is that damn banging sound?

I liked this movie. This may very well be the first “scary” movie I’ve watched this month. I mean sure, “The Ring” was scarier, but this is a good old fashioned ghost story. One you can watch with your Grammy.

Scary? 6 out 10, if you like spooks and no dumb special effects.
Gory? 1 out of 10. Relatively gore-free.
Boring? 2 out of 10. I wasn’t bored! And I bore easily.

Hey hey it’s Saturday. The pets are chewing on fresh rawhide bones, Josh is out being stupid on a bicycle somewhere with his muncle*, and I am powering down a 16 oz coconut latte and preparing to put stuff in boxes. We have a lot of stuff.


* muncle: Uncle Mike

Blogged: Scary Movie Month Reviews: “You’re Next”

Blogged: Scary Movie Month Reviews: “You’re Next”

you're next
We watched “You’re Next” last night. I feel like there should be an exclamation point after Next, but there isn’t. This movie is about an Australian girl attending her new (non-Australian) boyfriend’s family reunion, celebrating his parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately during dinner, a gang of animal-masked baddies start viciously attacking and killing them off…and you’re left to speculate, which one of the family members is in on it?

The movie starts out a little slow-paced, and none of the characters are particularly likeable, really, but a twist is always fun (even if it is a little predictable) and one of the characters (no spoilers here) definitely shows some bad-assery. As far as this type of movie goes, it’s a pretty decent one. Would I watch it again? Nah, but it’s worth seeing once.

Scary? 2 out of 10. It won’t keep you up at night.
Gory? 5 out of 10. Some cringe-worthy scenes.
Boring? 4 out of 10. It kept our (limited) attentions!

I always feel like some dog is watching me

I always feel like some dog is watching me

sally detail
My father’s 14-year-old Lab Sally has finally gone off to the Great Doggy Park in the Sky. At least she didn’t suffer, and wasn’t terribly incontinent all over the house like poor Abbie was near her death. She simply stopped eating for two days, then wouldn’t take any water, and finally she couldn’t walk down the stairs anymore because her hind legs stopped working (the thought of my father carrying his old crippled dog out to go pottie is BREAKING MY HEART). My family went out this morning and had her put down. So long, Sally! You made my parents dog people, and for that I am forever grateful! You will be dearly missed. Man I hate it when doggy friends die.

River dogs.
My doggy friends on the Boise river, a few weeks ago. I thought it was really sweet that my little brother (my now married little brother) went with my parents to put Sally down this morning. Maw.

Fungus among us.
Fall means mushrooms.

Josh's gross bloody bicycle injury. He came home totally unfazed and proceeded to eat his dinner...I had to pressure him into cleaning the wound. Ugh, men.
Josh came home from a bicycle ride with this HUGE bleeding wound on his arm, and proceeded to tuck into his dinner like No Big Deal. I yelled at him until he finally went into the bathroom to wash and smear some Neosporin on it. Of course, he didn’t BANDAGE it and then what do you think got smeared all over the couch later on? Uh huh. Gross. Men.

This soap smells nice.
Not exactly sure that this eggwhite soap does anything for the complexion, but it smells really nice and you can buy a box of six bars on Amazon for like 11 bucks, so…score? I’m also into that African Black Soap. I’ve had the same bar for MONTHS.

Today Mother Nature got high and it was a sunny 75 degrees. In October. Mind you, I'm not complaining!
Taken on Monday this week, when Mother Nature got really high and decided to give us mid-70’s temps. In October! Even today I was at the dog park in a short-sleeved shirt. I hope this is a continuing trend, Seattle weather. Then of course everyone will want to move here.

It's beginning to look like Fall at the dogpark.
Maggie dog in her element. She just fetched the tennis ball for about a half an hour straight at the dog park before finally getting tired enough to flop down in the dirt. That crazy Maggie!

I’m planning on continuing my Scary Movie Month reviews but it’s been really challenging because 1. I’ve seen everything good and 2. I refuse to watch an entire bad movie. I’ve started a ton but finished very few. I’m optimistic, however, because I just put about 6 of them into our regular Netflix queue (as opposed to being limited by the Instant queue) so any day now!

Scary Movie Month Reviews: Big Ass Spider!

Scary Movie Month Reviews: Big Ass Spider!

big ass spider!

Of course the arachnophobe in me could not resist watching “Big Ass Spider!”. I mean, the title ALONE is excellent, right? I will say this, for a true phobic, such as myself, the scariest spider movie in existence that will likely never be topped is 1990’s “Arachnophobia”, which scarred me for years. For YEARS I would check each shower stall carefully before entering, lift the toilet seat every time, and lampshades? Always gotta check under that lampshade. For years. Sigh.

So “Big Ass Spider!” is not particularly scary, mostly because the spider is improbably large, and very CGI. Somehow CGI just isn’t scary, have you noticed that? If you can think of an instance when it is, dear blogreader, let me know. The movie’s premise revolves around a sort of bumbling exterminator who has to save the world from a giant spider that was accidentally released from a military lab. Said spider enjoys munching on human flesh, and just keeps getting larger. And larger. AND LARGER!

This is a cute movie. I would recommend it if you want something light and fluffy to watch, something family-friendly.

Scary? 1 out of 10. Not even close.
Gory? 2 out of 10. There’s a little blood, guts, and violence.
Boring? 5 out of 10…my attention waned towards the end a little.

In other news, this morning at 10 a.m. Joshy and I were at the movie theater watching “Gone Girl”. 10 a.m. on a Sunday! You’d be surprised at how many other people were there that early as well. I can’t even imagine how packed it was opening night. The only movie I’ve ever seen on opening night was “Eyes Wide Shut” with my high school boyfriend–we were high as kites, the movie was excellent, we smoked another bowl afterwards and then went to my house where my mother first accused me of being “loaded” and then proceeded to feed us brownies and milk. Love ya, Mom.

Anyways I’m a big fan of Gillian Flynn, the author of “Gone Girl” (the book and the screenplay), and I had recently retrieved the book from my mother’s house so I re-read it. David Fincher directed it and did a great job–Josh and I agree that maybe the actress who played Amy could have been a little more evil (in the book you really HATE AMY), but overall an excellent adaptation. Highly recommended!

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “The ABC’s of Death”

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “The ABC’s of Death”

[151] Stupid Scary Movie
Note: this is NOT a still from “The ABC’s of Death”. I Googled images from “The ABC’s of Death”, and they were all too gross to even post here.

Welcome to my first review for Scary Movie Month! I had to make the decision that only horror movies I COMPLETE will be reviewed here. Kicking off this month I started watching at least four horror movies that I had zero interest in completing. The first film that I actually completed was “The ABC’s of Death”, which was released in 2012 and actually just had a sequel released this year. This movie has a great premise: 27 different directors tackle each letter in the alphabet, resulting in what should have been 26 excellent and scary short films. WRONG. I was hoping that one, just one letter would stand out, but they were all pretty bad, some worse than others. This movie is also really gruesome and violent, so if you’re into “gross-out” horror, this is your bag, baby, but not mine.

I had only heard of one of the directors and his letter was probably the worst: “M is for Miscarriage” consisted of a girl standing in her bathroom, leaving to grab a plunger, and then returning to the bathroom to plunge her bloody toilet. THAT WAS IT. Someone paid that fool 5,000 dollars to make that. Sheee-yit just about anyone could have done a better job. “Q is for Quack” was okay. “S is for Speed” was okay too–another reviewer called it “Russ Meyer meets Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal””, which is accurate.

Final verdict: Skip this one. It’s not worth it. Trust me.

Scary? 2 out of 10. I’m not scared by gore, but I suppose some people would be.
Boring? 0 out of 10. This movie is many things (horrible things), but boring it ain’t.
Gory? 10 out of 10. “X is for XXL” was so disgusting I had to fast-forward it.

In other news, what’s up, blog? And happy Friday. I can’t wait to start packing, I MEAN IT I’M REALLY EXCITED.