Sideway Stories from Wayside Couch

Sideway Stories from Wayside Couch

couch potato
Blog! Here we are again. This summer is flying by, and what do I have to show for it, hmmm? I had a Broad Date today and now my nails are a shiny lavender. Tonight’s dinner is pesto-smothered chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto. This weekend we are having a barbecue in our backyard…for the first time since…2010?!? Criminy! SEVEN WHOLE PEOPLE have RSVP’d, sheesh. Are we not fun? I ordered myself a “Fitbit” from Amazon to try out. I inhaled about 10,000 Newman’s Own ginger creme cookies today. My training for the 10K I had thought about signing up for next month is not going so well. Should I spend 1000 dollars on a Pilates Reformer machine? Just kidding! I wouldn’t do that. Just think of all the shoes I could buy for that amount of money. Mmm, shoooooes.

Dogs and books

Dogs and books

It's doggone hot.
Howwwwwdyyyyyy! Today is the first day in ages that it’s not “grossly” hot, and by “grossly” I mean over 85. Ugh, if I still lived in Boise I’d be dealing with temps over 100. Ugh ugh and gross, all those years I spent baking my Scottish/German white skin in that sunshine! If only I’d known that spray tans were gonna be BIG in my future!

New book! ❤️
Camping read! Not only does John talk about his recent hitchhiking experience, but he devotes chapters to his fictionalized “perfect” hitchhiking scenarios (featuring SEX!) and his worst hitchhiking scenarios. Very entertaining read! I also just finished the latest by Stephen King (didn’t even know he had written another one, so thanks Barnes and Nobles “new releases), and started yet another James Lee Burke, cause I’m still on that whole kick.

Not much is happening around here. I laid on the couch last night, ingested a pile of gummi worms and watched “Boom!”…exciting summer, maaaaan! I’m about to jiggle it around at the park with the animals. We’re considering hiking this weekend…if it doesn’t rain, that is. Harrumph.

Hyas Lake camping good times

Hyas Lake camping good times

Hyas Lake 1
Over the weekend we went camping up at Hyas Lake, a fairly easy and flat two mile hike to a beautiful lake.

Hyas Lake 2
We had gone to this lake once before, last year. The water level was much higher in July–and we had to walk through/around a lot more streams to get to the lake. Good thing my “tailor’s bunion” has resolved and I can wear my Chacos (or as Christopher calls them, “lesbian sandals”) again!

sweaty orange camper
All orange-d up for the occasion, bay-bee.

Nature Josh
As per usual, this dude carried a 60 pound pack and I carried a 25 pounder. He does have stromph!

clear view
The weather was perfect.

setting up camp
There were quite a few campers out and about, but we managed to secure a nice spot.

Maggie in the lake
Maggie dog had many opportunities to get wet. I learned my lesson from last year, and ordered an 11 dollar pair of “water shoes” for the trip, which were perfect for swimming in the lake.

Lizzie goes out for a float
Neon floaties are always nice too.

Liz and BC in the lake
Watching Bear Cub swim and chomp at water is adorable.

floating in Hyas Lake
This is what I love about summer!

Hyas Lake 3
Other notables for this trip:

- listening to the entire Sublime music catalog on the drive
- reading John Waters’ latest book “Carsick”
- gaining five pounds?! (SCREW YOU, SCALE)

Hyas Lake 4
Next weekend we’re going to do a day hike, instead of the full camping experience.

Joshy immersed in a nerd book
Joshy still working on one of those “Game of Thrones” books.

Joshy in nature
Of course Sunday morning he woke up 3 hours before me and went on a 4 mile run. Of course!

smoke on the water
Smooooke on the waterrrrrr…

wet pets
My animals love to camp!

tired, dirty Maggie
Just look at how tired it makes them. That reminds me, I need to do a tick check.

orange lily
There were beautiful lilies and all kinds of colorful wildflowers everywhere.

First camping trip DONE! Josh seems to think we’ll have better luck doing a day hike next weekend…and by “better luck” I mean “less whining from Liz” because I won’t have to haul a pack around. I’m a girl, I’m a girl…I wish I was dead.

BONUS: a little itty-bitty video, my specialty. You are welcome!

Sunny days and dogs at the beach

Sunny days and dogs at the beach

backyard bonanza
TGIF, blog! Here I am lounging in my humble backyard. Oy vey it’s been hot this summer!

M and BC at the park
The pets and I spend every afternoon at the park.

summer flowers
Generally I’ve been going to the park that has a little stream runing through it, so they can cool off.

We are going camping this weekend and I am STOKED! July camping yeah!

park crowd
This week I was done with work early enough that I took the pets to the Edmonds Marina dog park, right on the Sound. What a beautiful day!

BC is attentive
The loud trains going by at regular intervals made Bear Cub a little tense.

background Cub
She spent some time hanging out with me on my towel. So did every other dog at the park…clean towels are dog magnets!

M and BC get wet
Maggie found a tennis ball and I spent some time throwing it to her–and today, THREE DAYS LATER, my shoulder is still sore. Pathetic!

BC in the water
Speaking of pathetic, I had two lunches today and I now I just want to lie down on the couch for a long, long time.

Edmonds Marina dogpark
Too bad I still have two furry black responsibilities!

clear day on the Puget Sound
Mmmm hmmm, I love summer in Seattle!

Have a flab-u-lous weekend, blog-loggers. Eat some ice cream for me!

Instagram loves me

Instagram loves me

Happy sweaty 4th of July! Hope you're all having a BLAST!
Oh…my…blog! We are having a REAL summer this year, not one of those crappy fake Seattle summers that finally shows up in August and disappears in September. I am loving it.

Sun-dappled bike trail.
Last week we did go on that bike ride that we talked about. Hooray for following through with plans!

What a beautiful evening for a bike ride!
It makes me nervous when he does this. Only because as I child I once rode my bike, hands-free and with my eyes closed, into a parked car and slashed open one of my ankles. I still have the scar. What a geek.

Cutest box of candy ever
This is how you spend 70 dollars at Cost Plus and barely get anything: by buying a 5 dollar box of candy just for the cute packaging. I tasted one: disgusting. Well, what did I expect, really.

Delicious new find at Central Market. Mmmm...
This avocado vinaigrette was worth the cost, though. Mmmmm.

Trail jog this morning with my furry friends.
Sunday morning trail jog/walk with the little girls. I can’t say I’ve been enjoying my 10K training, per say (anything over two miles bores me), but I’m getting it done. Slowwwwwwly.

Sweaty summertime reading. I finished it in one sitting.
Re-read this sucker in one sweaty hammock sitting. Should I buy “Postcards from the Edge”? Is it any good?

Post-work activity today
The hammock was definitely one of our best purchases over the years. How did I survive for so long without one?!

Perfect weather for the Marina dog park in Edmonds.
Yesterday I finished with work so early that I had time to take the pets for my training run at the park, take them to Edmonds for a fun afternoon on the beach, and take 1/2 a nap before my husband finished with his work day. Okay, granted, I’m not making a lot of money right now…but it’s hard to care when it’s this beautiful outside!

Bear Cub is my beach buddy. She likes to hog the towel.
Silly me, I laid a fresh white towel out on the sand and was immediately covered with wet, sandy dogs. Clean towels attract dogs at the beach like a magnet! Especially this Bear Schnub. At the Edmond’s Marina park, it’s not unusual for trains to pass, and Bear Cub doesn’t care for the train sounds. At all.

What’s up Wednesday? One day closer to camping this weekend. Josh is whining that the forecast for the mountains is in the 90′s, but that sounds dreamy to me. How many times have we gone camping and it’s rained? Or been freezing? Or foggy? LOTS. Bring on the hot weather, baby-o. I just ordered some hideous pink “water shoes” from Amazon for 11 bucks and I can’t WAIT to hit that murky lake bottom. Yeah!

Sparkle Motion

Sparkle Motion

4th of July sparklers
Helloooo blog. Here I am dressed up Friday night for the Holcomb 4th of July fireworks SPECTACULAR…which, let’s face it, wasn’t that spectacular.

I mean, I was pretty excited about “Mr. Turtle” here as a replacement for my usual pagoda, but what a lame-o!

4th of July makeup
At least I was dressed up for the occasion, fresh fake tan and all. Why not? Any occasion to put on a dress and some glitter, am I right?

4th of July sparklers 2
In hindsight, I would have worn a bra. I texted a bunch of people “Happy 4th of July!” and included a picture of this outfit, and two people said, “New car?” NEW CAR? Like I would ever pick a red car. That’s Josh’s car, and it was merely used as the “red” in my “red white and blue” festive photo. Well, my underwear were red, but who wants to see that?

festive outfit
We tried to go out to eat, but everything we wanted was closed for the evening, so we ended up stopping at Central Market for their incredibly overpriced (but delicious) “salad” bar–which ended up being a big pile of Indian food. The sag paneer was nothing to write home about, but hey, I didn’t have to cook dinner!

Josh and his fireworks
At nightfall we started our fireworks display on the driveway. The animals were sedated and relaxed inside. We thought about driving around to look at more fireworks–our house is surrounded by tall trees, making it nearly impossible to see anything–but I didn’t want to leave my drugged-up pets. What a responsible pet owner!

I changed outfits for the fireworks later on. It was a little chilly that night. Here I am geeking out with a sparkler. I think this video needs music added to it!

Here’s Josh spazzing out with a sparkler. We know how to have Good Times!

Liz is sparkling
I tried some different camera settings, but as per usual none of them turned out. This is an issue every year.

running with sparklers
Ah well, who needs more fireworks pictures anyway?

Josh and the fireworks
We set off some Roman candles and a few other assorted goodies, and actually stayed up past midnight. GASP! Pretty good for a couple of old farts.

Hey it’s Monday! Boy is it ever Monday. I spent all weekend eating salad and sweating while Josh was away in the mountains, hiking and skiing with his uncle and his uncle’s friend. I would really really really really like to go camping this weekend, I hope we make it happen! I need to be near some water.



yellow shorts
I’m starting the whole, getting-rid-of-lots-of-stuff-in-preparation-to-move THANG, and with that in mind...I’ve listed some things on ebay. Including a couple of dresses that I really DON’T want to part with…but my hips just can’t make it work. Sniff! Sob! So, dear blog reader, if you ever coveted my terrycloth paisley Apple Bottoms romper (Lord knows I am past the romper age), here’s your chance to scoop it up!

Happy 4th of July! Let’s eat some pie.

Happy 4th of July! Let’s eat some pie.

rainbow hat and bikini
Hidey-ho and happy 4th of July! I only had to work a half day today, so I’m already back home before noon, drinking a nice fat cup of coffee and munching on a protein bar before I go exercise the animals.

BC face
Sweet little Schnubs. The county we live in has no regulations about fireworks, so they’ve been going off all week all around us. Bear Cub has been spending a lot of time huddled inside the house at my feet, no matter what room I’m in. I’m considering splitting a doggie downer between the two of them tonight, so they’ll be more relaxed for the BIG show. Not to mention, last night we spent 42 bucks on our own fireworks to set off. Yippee-ki-yi-yay!

the garden
Our glorious garden this year: herbs on the far left, then carrots, then romaine lettuce, then broccoli, two surviving cucumber plants…

tomato plants
…and a shitload of tomato plants! Eighteen, to be exact. They’re finally starting to flower a little bit.

Grandpa Ott morning glory
In the front yard, the beautiful purple “Grandpa Ott” morning glory is coming along nicely.

front yard flowers
The “Endless Summer” hydrangea is healthier than it’s been in years!

flowers from Joshy
A flower present from Joshy.

Tonight we are celebrating the 4th of July by snarfing down tacos from a taco truck we’ve never been to before, followed by a rousing evening of fireworks on our driveway yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaah! I have my outfit for tonight picked out already (spoiler alert: this dress). Let the good times ROLL!

Wednesday Instagram lamma-damma-ding-dam

Wednesday Instagram lamma-damma-ding-dam

This morning--three miles of light jogging, mostly walking, and lots of green
Saturday morning walkies at the ol’ Nature Preserve, my early Washington stomping grounds. The smell is very nostalgic to me–reminds me of when I first moved to Seattle and was shocked at this new thing called “humidity”. We jogged/walked three miles…I felt like I was moving through molasses the entire time. Oh, PMS! Tired of hearing about my PMS, blogreader? ME TOO.

Fresh shellac manicure: neon pink for July!
100% addicted to the shellac manicure now. Last week I couldn’t even wait 24 hours with bare nails to get a fresh set. I went with neon pink for July. I was just telling Corinne that, for the same price we paid to get our nails done near her house, my new salon throws in a cherry slushie AND a hand/arm massage with mandarin-scented lotion. Mmmmm hmmmmmmm. Corinne got pretty excited at the mention of a cherry slushie. Who wouldn’t? Brain freeze AND glamorous nails at the same time!

A tangle of Maggie at the park.
“Roll, roll, roll in zee hay…”

Happy Bear Cub face at the park today
Happy Bear Cub park face!

Yesterday was so brutally hot, when we arrived at the dog park we were the only people/dogs there–not just the off-leash area, but the playground as well. And no wonder! Within 10 minutes, my poor animals were flopped down in the shade panting. I let them splash around in a little stream, made a quick IG video of Maggie getting wet, and we were outta there.

Back home, I turned the swamp cooler on, turned on various fans, and closed all the curtains, and it still averaged around 78 degrees in the house last night. GROSS. Still, I can’t complain, can I? It’s summer time, and the living is…sweaty.

Post-work dog park + sunshine every time.
As long as the temps don’t soar above 95, I’m a happy camper!

I don't normally buy this magazine, but Kate Hudson looked so cute I couldn't help it. That bikini is adorable.
I even bought this crappy magazine because I thought Kate Hudson looked adorable and tan and summer-y and besides, I would wear that paisley bikini in a HOT SECOND. I’ve always liked Kate’s free-spirited aesthetic, just not her acting so much. Or maybe it’s just the movies she’s in…romantic comedies are not my thang.

Off work early today, and had a nice phone conversation with my Broad. Now I’m slurping down a coffee granita and am planning on “enjoying” some feminist “literature” (HA) before hopefully going for a bike ride with Joshy tonight. Last night we went to a pub we had never gone to before (thanks to Groupon)–it claimed to serve “Island fare” but it turned out to be hamburgers with pineapple on top, with tons of big screen t.v.s. showing sports. Ugh, a sports pub. The saving grace was the sound system blasting 311 and Sublime over the top of the sports, and I felt a wave of happy summertime nostalgia.

“Why do we put all the emphasis on the weekend?” I said to Josh last night, as he slurped down some fruity drink with dragonberry vodka. “I mean, it doesn’t get dark until really late…let’s start going for bike rides after work!”

Great plan, right? I hope it works out for us. STAY TUNED. Or, you know, don’t. It’s summertime! Go outside! Get a little sun damage yeeeeeeeah!