Friday FunDay

Friday FunDay

Heyyyyyyy blogland. Happy Friday! This picture is a few weeks old but the FEELING is the same today. Also I’m wearing that same shirt. And necklace.

Morbid remnants at the park. I’ve been reading a loooot of crime fiction lately. I bought a paperback at the drugstore, got home and noticed the hardback of the exact same book next to the bed. I had read it the week before. Oops.

I got suckered in by the adorable size but Smith’s Rosebud Salve beats this stuff any day.

My St. Patrick’s Day outfit. Bear Cub excitedly scrabbled all over my thighs when I came home from work and put a run in the fishnets. I love a nude fishnet.

Loving this time of year.

I booked us tickets to go to Victoria B.C. next month, for the first time. I’ve heard there are beautiful gardens there.

Wet Maggie and teal toenail polish.

Maggie and Schnubs greeting me on Saturday morning, the day that I was the most sick. I actually took a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day, just to make the time go faster.

No idea what plant this is, but it’s beautiful and reminds me of Hawaii.

Maggie decided to go for a swim in the lake RIGHT BEFORE we went back to the car, of course. Look at her triumphant, wet doggie face!

My “Elle” magazine claims that ringer tees are back. I just bought a ringer sweater from Modcloth with a lemon on it. I KNOW I said no more Modcloth, but I also bought a pair of teal sunglasses with daisies on them and they are SO ME.

My mother always liked my hair best half-pulled up like this, so when I wore my hair to work like that this week I had to send her a picture.

Current nail situation is minty fresh. I’m into it.

This is happening in the front yard…

…and in the backyard too! Did I mention how in love I am with this house?

Alright, time to jiggle it around with the pets, then maybe pop over to Starbucks for a giant latte so I can sweat away to some paintings tonight. Have a lovely weekend, blog-loggers.



Hey, kiddies. I guess I was wrong last week–there WAS a fresh episode of “Drag Race”, it just wasn’t posted to the main page and my little blond head was all confu-sed. Three episodes in and I don’t even have a favorite queen, for SHAME! Pearl’s ranks plummeted when she admitted that she had never heard of “Macbeth”. Groan, Pearl. Grooooaaaaaaan. I like Katya. If you are lucky enough to pay for the Logo channel, you can watch tonight’s new episode! Or, if you are unlucky like me you can watch it tomorrow, on Yeah buddy.

I had a gross horrible nasty cold all weekend so all I did was lay on the couch, eating ice cream and looking at summer dresses online and making my way through the entire first season of “Bloodline”, a new Netflix tv series that is pretty damn good. Today thanks to lots of extra sleep and popping Vitamin C gummies every hour I am 94% recovered. Which means I have to start exercising again, DAMMIT.

Spring is springing

Spring is springing

moody blues
This photo was on my camera. I didn’t take it. Is it sunset? Sunrise? Who can say!

striped crocuses
It’s not even officially spring here yet, but everything around us says SPRING! So many fun bulbs coming up in the front and back yard, and my neighborhood is blooming beautifully.

pretty white and green flowers
Someone on Instagram told me what these flowers are, but I already forgot. I thought they said “heliotropes”, but when I Googled that flower it looked like something else.

Maggie on the back deck
Maggie just had all of her shots, and I’m thinking about bringing her to work with me sometime this week. Old, sick people loooooove dogs. A visitor brought in a German Shepherd/Chow mix yesterday, and I wanted to die, she was so cute!

looking up
Oh, spring.

beautiful pink tree
I have to say, I will be sad when all of the pink blossoms fall off of this tree. Then again, we have a small Magnolia tree that is just starting to bloom.

I love my backyard!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Josh will be drinking green beer and eating corned beef and cabbage tonight (yuck, and double yuck). He wore his traditional kilt and shamrock knee socks to work today, and I wore one of my favorite vintage dresses, this one. I was impressed that I could still squeeze into it. I CAN’T STOP EATING BLEEEEGHHHHH.

Do yourself a favor, if you have HBO, and watch “The Jinx”, a 6 part documentary series about billionaire psychopath Robert Durst. Oh MAN the ending is chilling. It’s great! I brought it up at work today and that conversation led into a 15 minute talk about serial killers–who we thought were the worst (Robert Ramirez was one, Ted Bundy, and my personal “fave”: John Wayne Gacy). I always thought my interest in serial killers was a bit morbid and odd but apparently all my co-workers are into that shit too. I mean, there are an awful lot of serial killers in Washington. See what lack of sunshine will do?

No “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” to share this week, unfortunately I guess Ru has decided to draaaaaag it out. Ha!

Shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather

Shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather

Hey gurl heyyyyy. Are you watching Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race? This week I was crushing on Violet, who insists she has the smallest waist of any Drag Race contestant EVAH. She is adorbs.

Today I asked the Magic 8 ball at work if Josh loved me and it said “Don’t count on it” and I asked if Maggie loved me and it said “Yes” and I asked if I should eat 3 ice cream sandwiches today (like I did yesterday) and it said “Yes“. SO! There.

Look at all the pretty pretties coming up in our front yard!

One of our housewarming party guests gave us these orchids. I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep them alive?

Saturday’s walkies. It was a beautiful weekend.

I enjoyed the colorful display on my windshield at the car wash. Is it Art?

Speaking of Art, I FINALLY own a Velvet Underground cd, my goodness, I don’t know why it took me so long. I figured I should start from the beginning. I really enjoy “Venus in Furs”:

It’s real nice.

View outside the parlor window. It’s so pretty around here.

Signs of spring, all around.

Doggy art at our new vet’s office. Maggie charmed everyone, of course. She LOVES going to the vet–she’s a social butterfly!

Into this skirt, “Elle” magazine. Not for 800 bucks, though.

Current nail situation.

Not much going ’round here, kids. I re-joined Weight Watchers, as it seems my ability to LOSE weight has um…stalled. Stopped? Yup. We finished “Friends” last night. I discovered my local library over the weekend. That’s all for now!

It’s all about Ru

It’s all about Ru

Squirrelfriends! It’s that time of year again–FINALLY–RuPaul’s Drag Race time! Gasp! Eleganza ExtravaGANZA! I don’t have a favorite…yet…but that’s okay. They can’t all be Raja, darlin’. I’m a little disappointed that Santino is replaced by Carson, but thank goodness Michelle Visage is still around. Sigh, I’m so happy to be immersed in drag queens again. It was time.

The housewarming party

The housewarming party

pre party pic
A mere three months after buying our first home, we threw our housewarming party on Saturday. Here is the house pre-party. We found that obnoxious tablecloth at a thrift store near the house, figured it would go with the future theme of the kitchen: Hawaiian.

BC on the floor
The maid cleaned the house the day before the party (in my mind it’s still hysterical that I have a maid), which removed most of my pre-party stress. Actually, I had zero pre-party stress. I went and had my eyelashes freshened before the party, and my eyelash lady was amazed at how calm I was.

living room
What’s there to stress out about? I love my house, and I love having people over.

Lizzy on the floor with star dress
I prepped for the party by lying on the rug in a patch of sunshine and watching “Sunset Boulevard” on Josh’s ipad. By God, Gloria Swanson chews the hell out of the scenery in that movie, but she does it so well.

living room rug
I had made chili and cornbread the night before, Josh made a giant bowl of fresh guacamole, and we provided salty snacks and drinks. Josh’s grandmother made about a billion amazing cookies, which we both donated to our jobs today. I think yesterday I ate about 10 of them. Self-control? What’s that?

Lori and FiFi
My co-worker Lori brought over her nervous dog FiFi and some amazing pumpkin bars she had baked.

Mary's dog was cute but very flatulent
My boss brought over her Bernese Mountain dog (my request), who was adorable and hyper and farted all night.

folks in the kitchen
All in all it was a nice turnout of Josh’s family, our old co-workers and some current co-workers and the Broad…

Ronia giving me LIFE
…who took over my usual job of dressing up with Ronia. Look at this attitude!

lovely ladies
These two!

Good Times were had and I’m looking forward to all the barbecues I know we’re going to enjoy this year.

Now! Happy Monday, bah ha ha haaaa yeah right. The sun is shining and I’m about to take poor old Maggie dog to the vet for a slew of shots, but she doesn’t mind. She likes going to the vet. More attention!

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud.

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud.

Blooooog! Can you believe it’s been over a week since we’ve chatted? I wish I could say my absence was due to exciting thrilling fun times, but this week was basically a bust. A big fat, bloated, constipated, bloody bust, if you want to know the grim truth. Lots of naps. Very little exercise. Lots of fiber wafers. Listen, if you love your family, don’t eat fiber wafers. 

I did make a couple of cute little skirts before The Suckiness that was this past week descended.

A sucky week is also no excuse to not walk your pets.

These wig heads…are incidental.

Y’know what’s pretty? Nature.

HEY this week wasn’t a total waste! Last night I had FULL highlights done for the very first time, courtesy of my #1 Hair Babe, Erika. Now my hair looks the same only a teeny tiny bit blonder, which let’s face it, can never be bad.

Tomorrow we are having a housewarming party! The maid has already been to clean today. I need to make some chili and cornbread and guacamole for the party tomorrow, and then try really hard not to eat all of it. Back later with pictures!