New paintings, gum, and outings with baby

New paintings, gum, and outings with baby

Flowers from Joshy.
Hey blog, what’s new? Here are some flowers Joshy bought me for my sobriety birthday, which was…a while ago. Hey I haven’t blogged in a little bit, OOPS. He forgot about my NO LILY rule…I love lilies but they smell terrible and make me sneeze.

Lazy Saturday.
It’s Saturday. I just boiled some eggs for deviled eggs and popped a Sudafed. Josh is leaving with the baby to go hike up Tiger Mountain so now I have some free time, YES. It’s a beautiful sunny day but most of me is leaning towards laying in bed, attacking the pile of library books I just obtained.

New painting in my Etsy shop! “Love is a teal glitter VW”. 🌈💙✨
Looky looky, it’s the “Love is a glitter VW” in TEAL! A lady at Owen’s art show requested it in blue, so here it is, lady, just for you.

Beautiful sunset, a few weeks ago.
We’ve all been kicking around a little cold. It’s a weird one–sinus pressure but nothing more. Occasional headaches, but normal energy level. Josh has had his cold for something like two weeks now. Baby and I went to the gym five times this week! He’s finally letting me work out.

My new transparent floral glasses from #zennioptical—I like them. I’m glad I sent back that last pair! 🌸
My new glasses from Zenni. I had ordered a different pair, but when they came they were so hideous I sent them back for a 100% store credit refund, and bought these instead. I like them. Not as much as my blue cat-eye, but they’ll do.

Color inspiration via Alexandra Valenti. 🌈
I just want all cat-eye glasses, all the time. And excuse me ZENNI but isn’t it about frickin’ time you released a line of glitter frames? I mean, what’s the hold-up?

Baby and I explored the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett today.
I’m baaaaarely working these days which means baby and I had to branch out with our daily activities. I took him to the “Imagine Childen’s Museum” in Everett…it was okay. I like the Discovery Center in Boise far better, but I’m sure there are cooler activities for kids in Seattle, I just need to do more sleuthing.

I re-joined Weight Watchers this morning, and who should I run into but my old clinical supervisor, Sherrie. I hadn’t seen her since 2008. She was sitting right next to my neighbor, Roxy, who was responsible for watching baby last year when I was just about going stir-crazy from not being able to walk the dogs. Small world!

Judy Garland art at the library today.
I re-joined WW because somehow in the past month TEN POUNDS have glommed onto my body and I’m supposed to be losing weight for Maui, not gaining it. I did my usual low-carb nonsense and NOTHING BUDGED. So I’m back to WW. It’s always worked in the past.

I dunno, maybe my life would be improved if I had slippers shaped like loaves of bread.
Love bread? Love slippers?? Now you can combine your loves! What a world.

Back to gum again. I had given it up for a few months and had switched to Werther’s Originals, but I decided for the sake of bikinis in Maui to return to it for a little while.

Not bad. The lemonade and coconut/lime flavors are my favorite. Avoid the “birthday cake” one.
This gum is not bad. I like this flavor, the lemonade flavor and the coconut/lime flavor. The birthday cake flavor, however, is gross. Don’t try it.

It’s Satur-yay! Too bad I have a cold. Thanks a lot, @djmagicelf!
Sunglasses goals!

At least on this new WW plan, fruit is considered 0 points. That’s great for me, because I love fruit and it kills me that you can’t eat it on a low-carb diet. What kind of diet says that fruit is bad? I ADORE those little cuties this time of year, yum.

Maggie and Bear Cub swim year-round. 💦
Now Prance! Prance I say!

Working on a set of “Six Feet Under” hearse paintings for my mom and aunt.
Current project (that I am determined to finish before starting another): little “Six Feet Under” green hearse paintings for my mother and Aunt Lisa, who love that show.

“Go know”? What kind of sentence is that, Kellerman? And boo to me because I accidentally got the large print version. I hold it further away.
I screwed up at the library the other day and accidentally grabbed a “large print” version of this Kellerman book. “Go know”? What the hell does that mean, Kellerman?

Baby hitched a ride.
Look at dis baby. What a cutie! Today he is 13 months old, but I’m not going to announce it in a Facebook post like I did for months 1-12.

I guess we’ve decided to skip winter this year and head straight to spring? (not complaining)
Meanwhile outside, it appears that nature has decided to skip winter altogether this year and just shoot straight into spring! Hooray!

New lip color option (since we’re in spring and all): coral. 🍑
I branched out of my berry rut and bought some coral lipgloss the other day. Impressed? I thought you’d be.

About last night. 💙
Nighttime views.

It’s a lil’ “wish” bracelet. ❤️
I bought myself this little “wish” bracelet on Etsy. When it breaks, your wish comes true! Guess what my wish was?

Baby and I checked out the Funko store today.
Yesterday baby and I toured the “Funko” store in Everett, which apparently is a toy store that sells lots of plastic figurines with oversized heads. I thought they would have candy there too, WRONG. Oh well.

Welp time to walk these dogs! Have a nice Valentine’s Day, bloggeroos.

Resin, art, and nails

Resin, art, and nails

My first project with #artresin: coating this little flower painting Fleeta gave me to turn into a coaster. I didn’t use enough art resin and it has a few bubbles. Perhaps I should invest in a small torch? 🔥
My first project with “Art Resin”–which I requested for a Christmas present. Coating this little round flower painting that Fleeta gave me. There were a few bubbles–I ordered a cheapie creme brulee torch today that should resolve that issue.

The Google Arts and Culture app has decided that this is the work of art that looks the most like one of my selfies. Hmmmmm.

These nails...I want these nails. 😍🌸✨(thanks @tracykawaii)
Kind of obsessed with these handpainted floral nails. I could do that, right? Seems simple enough.

January walkies.
How many shots of dog butts at the park have I amassed over the years? 5543587?

Josh’s new calf tattoo by @parlorftattoo. Josh designed it; and then Owen Owen-ized it.
Here’s Joshy’s latest tattoo, courtesy of Owen. We both thought it turned out real nice.

Baby’s first trip to a tattoo parlor.
Baby and I only lasted about an hour at the tattoo parlor. Too many breakable art objects at floor-level…not to mention Owen’s cranky elder dogs that were NOT stoked to have a baby try to grab them.

Doggy door! At the Pound Arts Studio.
Now that laser tattoo removal is a thing I may just have my crappy old tattoo removed and then pretend to be a VIRGIN again.

I bought Goo this “first words” book because I love the bright colors against black.
I bought the baby this first words book specifically because I love the bright colors of the objects against black…but I think I might like it more than he does. For now.

Looking for a blue velvet Hanukkah dress?? Look no further!
Looking for just the right blue velvet dress for Hanukkah? The Goodwill in Lynnwood has what ya need! I also found a great little stretchy sun dress from Patagonia for Maui, but 19.99?? I think that may be the most expensive item I’ve ever bought at Goodwill.

Saturday morning paint-while-baby-naps session. 🎨
Paintings in progress. I’m nearly done with the teal love VW painting and Christopher’s blue sugar skull.

M.M. 💛💚💙
Love the colors in this picture of Marilyn.

This is an older picture of Maggie dog that randomly showed up in my “favorites” collection. Neither Josh nor I recall that stuffed animal. Clearly it didn’t last long!

Baby relaxing.
Here’s Baby Goo doing calisthenics on a dog bed. He’s playing downstairs with Josh while I type out this blather. Josh has been sick all week and was finally TOLD to stay home today by one of his co-workers. It’s a Christmas miracle that the baby and I haven’t caught it yet.

A little rainbow inspiration this Monday 🌈 (thanks @lisamcconniffe)
This is not my photo but isn’t it nice? I hope we see sea turtles in Maui this year.

The faux fur was 40% off so I couldn’t resist buying this aqua Minkie I’d been eying for months, with cute whale flannel to go on the other side. Does Goo need another baby blanket? No, but maybe I do. 🐳🐳🐳
I cracked when I saw that the faux fur was 40% off and bought this aqua minkie I’d had my eyes on for ages. I also found this adorable whale flannel to go on the other side for a cute baby blanket.

Today is my 10 year anniversary of quitting booze. In 2008 I quit drinking, got engaged, lost 40 pounds, and got married—in that order. My life is a million times better than it was back then, and I wouldn’t have any of what I do today if I hadn’t gotten
Here’s me at the gym, water in hand, celebrating my TEN YEARS OF SOBRIETY FROM BOOZE WOO HOOOOOO! Ten years of not drinking. Ten years of turning down drinks, at Burning Man, at art shows, at house parties. Ten years of water and coffee! It works if you work it, babies.

One of my favorite Vogue covers 💚🌸💚
I have always liked this Cecil Beaton cover of “Vogue”.

Hey, it smells like dog breath around here.
Hey, does it smell like dog breath around here or what?

Plump seagulls on the Everett waterfront.
Just sittin’ on the dock of a bay, wasting tiiiiiiiiime…

Felt like a purple glitter shellac today. 💜✨
My nails today, because I was in the mood for purple glitter shellac and by GUM, that’s what I got. Catch yer later.

Why I blog

Why I blog

Today, in Movies That I Watch in 30 Minute Increments Because I Have A Baby: “Desperately Seeking Susan”. 😎
Sometimes in the late afternoons after baby wakes up from his second nap, I watch movies in 30 minute increments while rolling around on the stability ball while baby plays. One of these recent movies was “Desperately Seeking Susan”. Lately it’s been “Comedians in cars getting coffee”, hosted by Jerry Seinfeld. It’s cute.

Come on blue sky! I know you can do it!
I think about quitting blogging frequently, but what always keeps me coming back is the accountability. I know that I need to journal; it’s important to me. So if I quit blogging, will I still journal every week? Who will I be accountable to? Myself?

I used to blog every single day and I did so for years; I don’t need that level of frequency any more. Just once a week seems to work for me.

In a way, this seems like yesterday. In another way, it seems like ages ago. I’ve never loved anyone quite like I love my baby boy. Happy first birthday, son.
I thought once I had my son last year I would be too brain-dead for a while to keep blogging–and certainly when I look back at those first few weeks/months I feel like I was in a fog–but I still blogged. I’ve blogged through moves across states, I’ve blogged through break-ups. I’ve blogged through panic attacks. I’ve blogged under the influence of various chemicals…I’ve blogged sober now for quite some time. I’ve blogged since 2003.

Here’s the birthday boy climbing into Maggie’s crate to show her his stuffed black puppy (she wasn’t interested). 😂
I used to blog pictures of my dogs, now it’s the occasional pictures of my son. How could I omit him from my blog? I know people who do it, never post any pictures of their children online. I admire them.

Dog puzzle! Thanks Grammy Kim. 🐶💙✨
I’m blogging right now as my son takes his first nap of the day. I’m blogging to remember that he used to take two naps a day. I’m blogging to remember that this is the first period of ovulation I’ve had since October without any bladder issues! How else would I remember that?

#tbt: my portrait of my mom’s dog Abbie, 2009. Abbie was a great dog!
I blog to remember Abbie dog. How vividly I recall walking her around the neighborhood that Nico and I lived in, with my Birkenstock sandals that gave me enormous blisters. Good old Abbie dog.

Heyooooo one of my favorite artists to be inspired/amused by @ashleylongshoreart is throwing an amazing contest! Post a selfie and if she chooses your pic she’ll paint it and send it you! What?!! Amazing! 🌈🌸✨✨
I’m blogging to remember that I love a New Orleans artist named Ashley Longshore, who is throwing a contest right now where you can post a selfie on IG, and if she chooses your selfie she will paint it, display it at Bergdorf’s, and then send it to you to keep! What an amazing contest. This was my entry.

We had to take down our Christmas tree a week ago for the baby’s birthday party. It still looks so good that I’m sad it’s outside. It’s the prettiest tree we’ve ever had and it was 50$ from a hardware store. 🌲
If I didn’t blog, would I remember that this is the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had, and it was only 50$ from the hardware store? It’s finally dropping needles and it’s been WEEKS. It’s so pretty I was sad to move it outside for the baby’s first birthday party. Maybe for future birthday parties we’ll leave it up.

TGIF! 💥💥💥
I blog to remember baby’s first year. What a year!

Above: refuse from one of my magazine purges. Except my 90s Vogues! You can pry those out of my cold dead hands! My MIL has been supporting my “Elle” subscription for years and she finally let it lapse. What US fashion magazine should I subscribe to next?
How about blogging to remember that my “Elle” subscription finally lapsed, and I have no idea what US fashion magazine I should read now? Go back to “Vogue”? Oh, I don’t knoooooow. Maybe I don’t need to read fashion magazines any more. But oh I WANT to.

I think I see the light 💚
My son is obsessed with this green light. We have it on a timer, so it comes on at night, and he loves to coo and goo over it. I need a picture of his little baby hand outstretched, trying to touch it.

The sunset tonight. 😍
The weather the last two days has been insanely spring-like. Mid-50’s, sunny, and delightful.

Current mini painting projects: blue sugar skull for @madlymazzy, another Love VW, and a tiny Monroe that I will probably re-work forever because...well, just because. 🎨
I currently have FIVE paintings going, which really is too many, but they are small so maybe that’s alright. A blue sugar skull for Christopher, another “Love is a VW” painting, a Marilyn that will never be finished, and two green hearse paintings for my mother and aunt, not pictured here.

Maggie and Bear Cub don’t mind swimming in January. 💦
On Sunday Josh ignored his uncle’s pleas to go skiing with him and we all took a family hike to the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. Maggie and Bear Schnubs went for a swim.

Maggie and me in Mukilteo. I’m wearing Josh’s Adidas track’s fun to be able to wear your spouse’s clothes and shoes.
I wore Josh’s Adidas track pants, because I can!

Brunching with my Broad at The Breakfast Club.
If I didn’t blog, would I remember that the Broad and I had brunch at the Breakfast Club with Goo? He flirted with some little girls at the table next to us, shamelessly. That’s my boy!

The portraits I painted in 2016 of the Broad’s 4 cats. The sign I bought her from #Etsy. 😺😸😻😽
Nice grouping of cat paintings by moi at the Broad’s house, along with the sign I bought her from Etsy.

I blog to remember my life. Without photos and words, I would remember so very little. And I hate that. So I’m gonna keep on keeping on! Thanks for stopping by.

Birthday baby and another painting completed

Birthday baby and another painting completed

The beginning of 2017 was celebrated by the arrival of our baby boy, the baby we had prayed for during those long six years of “unexplained infertility”. 2017 has been the longest and shortest, most sleep-deprived yet deliriously happy year of my entire l
Hey it’s 2018, blog! Here’s a throwback post to last summer with my little Goo-age. He turns one year old in two days. One year of Goo! One magical first year! He’s such a good baby. We are very, very fortunate, and believe me I don’t ever forget it.

Dropped Mumsie off at the airport this morning and then paid a visit to @idahoagogo and her adorable baby. 💕
One week ago Goo and I drove Mumsie to the airport and then paid a visit to my friend Christy and her adorable little baby and her new house. We hadn’t seen her since summer of last year, and she wasn’t able to make it to Goo’s birthday party last Saturday because she was preparing an elaborate ice cream cake for her husband’s birthday the next day. Look at those curls!

First sunny walk of the year with my favorite little dude. We’re off to a good start, 2018! 🌞
Since Goo’s actual birthday falls on a Wednesday this year, we had his party on Saturday. I wanted to keep the guest list nice and short, and I did: the guests were Bob and Fleeta (staying with us for the weekend), Brenna and Ronia, Shirley and Lew, our friend Vivienne and her adorable baby as well as her sister and niece. And that’s it! The party had a train/rainbow sort of theme going on. I didn’t stress out about party decorations too much, or making a perfect cake. Pinterest-worthy I am not interested in. Just fun!

Beautiful sunrise this morning 💙💕
I made Goo a “funfetti” cake with frosting covered in rainbow sprinkles, his name in blue sparkly gel, a rainbow that I drew with gel and a few sparkle stars. You’ll have to imagine it in your head because I couldn’t post it online…privacy!

This basketball court is ah-mazing 😍 (thanks @taxcollection)
Actually you’ll have to imagine the entire party because none of the pictures uploaded to Flickr as they are all in an album. But look at this amazing basketball court. Why don’t more basketball courts look like this??

Brenna brought me this beautiful bouquet yesterday. She said in Brazil, baby’s first birthday includes a celebration for the mother. I can get behind that! 🌸
Here’s a shot of the flowers Brenna gifted me with the day of the party, saying that in Brazil, they celebrate the mommy on baby’s first birthday! Sounds great to me!

Maggie and Bear Cub in hot pursuit of their little friend Bubba.
Bear Cub and Maggie give chase to their little dog park friend, Bubba. His owner’s name is Janet–I’m blogging her name to help me remember! Like most dog owners I tend to remember the dog’s name and not the owner’s name.

What an ungrateful little baby! 😝From the funny book we received for Christmas, “Reasons my kid is crying”.
Brenna gifted us with “Reasons my kid is crying”, and this picture was one of my favorites.

Freshly re-lashed self-portrait.

I assumed I wouldn’t find anything I liked at T. J. Maxx but this glitter traveling make-up/jewelry case said Hellooooo! 💚✨✨✨
Josh bought me some body butters for Christmas which was a sweet gesture but pregnancy/motherhood has made me even MORE sensitive to smells so I returned them to T.J. Maxx. I hadn’t been to a T.J. Maxx since I lived in Idaho, and didn’t really expect to find anything I wanted (except chocolate–they have lots of chocolate), but lo and behold, what’s this? A sparkly green-and-blue makeup/jewelry case for travel that is very ME.

I saw this Caboodle case yesterday at T.J. Maxx and was struck with nostalgia—I had the very same one! Fun fact: they’re selling it on Urban Outfitters as a “Vintage Make-Up Case”. 😂😭😭😭
And I HAD to take a picture of this…T.J. Maxx had my original Caboodle case! Awww, the nostalgia! Fun fact: now Urban Outfitters is selling Caboodles as “vintage make-up cases”. I am oooooold.

Today. I BEGGED Bear Cub to look at me but of course she refused. What an obstinate Cub!
I don’t have any work lined up this week, but I have a new job to apply for so it’s time to polish up my resume. And sign me and Josh and baby up for baby swim lessons, since we’re taking him to Maui in April (thanks to my in-laws, AGAIN! Hooray!).

Testing out the macro lens on Josh’s #olloclip with Angus the Betta fish. I rescued him the summer of 2015, and I am continually amazed he’s still alive. He’s always been a sickly little guy.
Playing around with Josh’s olloclip macro setting and Angus the fish. Every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME I post a picture of Angus on IG I have some concerned Betta freak piping up about how I’m mistreating him. Seriously, Betta people are THE WORST. I’ve kept Angus alive for 2.5 years now, I think we’re doing just fine, thank you very much! “Appreciate your concern“, as Kurt would say.

Can someone tell this kid that we need to wear hats and gloves during winter weather?? He won’t listen to me. 😝
Here’s a short list of items my son refuses to keep on his body: hats, gloves, socks and shoes. Oh, and cute sunglasses. Sigh.

I reviewed the video I made of Erika’s painting and realized it needed a little more glitter. Taking pictures and videos of the paintings in progress is an important step for me—it’s like I see them with new eyes.
Erika’s little painting is finally complete! Next up: matching “Six Feet Under” paintings of green hearses for my mother and Aunt Lisa, who are obsessed with that show.

Rainy day walkies with Fleeta, Josh, Goo and a couple of dogs.
Yesterday’s rainy walk with Fleeta, Josh and Goo, and a couple of crazy black dogs. Goo would not keep his gloves on.

“Ugh, Mom! Not another selfie!”
“Mooooom! Enough with the self-portraits!” So long bloggeroos!

Books and art and sparkly things

Books and art and sparkly things

New reading material.
Hiya blerg, happy New Year’s Eve! Here’s one of the several books I received for Christmas. I started reading it but got distracted by “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”–not an easy read, particularly–but I’m starting to get into it now. I also received “Heaven is for Real” (great read), the book about Sharon Tate written by her sister (beautiful), and a bunch of thrillers, including a James Patterson (ugh).

“I still love you,” I told Josh when I opened up the James Patterson.

My Broad brought over this crazy bottle of wine that talks when you point your phone at it.
This bottle of wine the Broad brought over to Brenna’s house for Christmas dinner talks when you point your phone at it. Technology is crrrrrazy, mang. My Broad is drinking again–initially I was very upset about it, thinking we were sisters in our mutual booze sobriety (I will have TEN YEARS next month!) but ultimately she is a grown ass woman who has to make her own decisions in life. She’s also vaping–something I would have loved in my 20’s but can’t even entertain the idea of now.

“Are you backsliding into your 20’s?” I asked her on Christmas evening when she pulled me outside to watch her vape. She says no, but it sure looks like it. Heigh ho! I’ll just be over here drinking my room-temp water and sucking on a Werther’s original, like the old sober woman I am.

Mumsie and Mr. Bennett.
Mumsie and Mr. Bennett love each other. Mr. Bennett was just as shitty to my father in his own home as he was in our home, so Brenna locked him upstairs for the majority of the evening.

Yyyyyyowch! Josh gets a scalp massage from Goo at Thai tonight.
Josh’s parents drove over to Seattle on Christmas Day, joined us at Brenna’s house for Christmas dinner and the next evening treated us all to Thai food. Here’s little Goo giving Josh a “scalp massage” at the Thai restaurant.

#tbt to little Lizzy.
Here’s little Lizzy in a throwback Thursday post. Mom and I have had some sort of stomach bug the last couple of days–feeling headache-y, nauseous, and bloated. Yesterday I drank a ginger ale and inhaled an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers for my stomach and then my stomach blew up like a balloon and I had a whole new set of problems! My body does not handle carbs well AT ALL. Yesterday was a clear reminder of that. Burp.

Gift from Joshy to me, a grown-ass woman. #youngatheart! 🌈✨✨✨
I have immature tastes, so this rainbow tape dispenser shaped like a unicorn was a great present to me from Joshy. Not sure why the company named him “Stuart” though… he is CLEARLY an Adam.

Bear Cub on a sunnier day. I’m looking forward to less rain tomorrow.
This afternoon Josh is taking the baby over to his grandparents house to watch the Seahawks game, freeing up my day nicely. I think I’ll paint my nails. Too bad I’m not feeling up to going to the gym–I so rarely have the opportunity to go these days.

🌈✨✨✨✨More, Now, Again (thanks @lisamcconniffe)
Perhaps I’ll throw a little glitter on and take a self-portrait to commemorate the end of 2017–the year I became a mommy!

Beginning the glitter phase (my fave) ✨✨✨
And of course I’ll use the time to work on this little sugar skull painting for my cousin Erika. I’ll bet I could finish it today, if I applied myself. It’s in the glitter stage of the process!

Hey Carter’s does this come in my size? 😍
Getting distracted by rainbows while clothes shopping for my son. I would totally wear this if it came in my size.

Mumsie goes back on Monday and unfortunately we are both feeling a little sick. I suspect I’ll spend my NYE horizontal, reading books. 😷
Here’s a moody self-portrait that I took sometime in the past month, with the light shining through our bedroom curtains for a little added texture.

Testing out Joshy’s new #olloclip fish-eye lens while Mumsie makes me grilled cheese for dinner.
Onward and upwards, blog-logs! Here’s to a fabulous New Year!

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal

Is the back of my SIL’s Christmas card this year the cutest, or what? 😍
Happy day-after-Christmas, bloggy-logs! This is the back of my sister-in-law’s Christmas card, and it is simply TOO cute.

Similarly too cute: my son’s tiny bum. How is it that cellulite looks so cute on babies? Why aren’t we more tolerant of it on our own thighs? Hmmmm?

My mother came into town on December 17th, and we spent our week eating grilled cheese and wrapping Christmas presents and dogsitting Mr. Bennett until my father arrived on the 22nd.

Grammy Kim and Goo on our drizzly walk this morning. 💦
Unfortunately for my father (and all of us, really), Mr. Bennett HATES my dad. He growled and barked and fussed and even nipped a little bit for two whole days until Brenna picked him up on Saturday. Yikes.

Mr. Bennett will be joining us for the rest of the week. 🐶
He loves my mother though!

Mr. Bennett wouldn’t stop growling and barking at my father when he arrived last night. This morning, things seem a little friendlier.
Here’s the mens. Bennett seems a little tense.

A trio of dog butts on our walk today. 🐶🐶🐶
Trailing after a trio of dog butts daily, instead of a duo.

Mumsie and me. 💚❤️💚
Christmas Eve we took my parents over to Josh’s grandparents’ house, for pulled pork sandwiches and the always chaotic but always fun White Elephant gift exchange. I ended up with my own gift–a purple zip-up sweatshirt with an asymmetrical neckline. Josh ended up with two clamps, from his Uncle Mike, of course.

Mr. Baby received some gifts from his cousins and great-grandparents, like a tiny frog-shaped baby boy urinal and a set of plastic baby keys and even–wait for it–a sock monkey. I suppose I have to be tolerant of monkeys for my son! (eye roll)

This stunning photo of Kirsty Hume and her daughter Violet finally prompted me to buy an American “Vogue” for the first time in years. 🌞
This beautiful photo of Kirsty Hume and her daughter Violet prompted me to buy an American “Vogue” for the first time in years. Makes me want to highlight my hair. And grow it waist-length.

Well, this relationship is still going strong. 😂
Maggie and Baby M. got a good thang going on.

Freshly re-lashed and the sun is shining 🌞
Self-portrait with fresh eyelash extensions and work outfit on. I’m working 1 or two days a week…better than nothing!

Josh and I made the baby’s Christmas stocking this year. 💙✨✨✨
Here’s the felt stocking that Joshy and I SLAVED over. Name covered to protect privacy, of course.

Mom has been doing physical therapy and she’s stronger than she has been on previous visits this year, but I still have to yell at her not to lift the baby up off of the floor. It’s tough to resist! Look at this little chunk. it wrong to give my best friend this cool yarn for Christmas in the hopes that she might make something for me? Please reply yes or no.
Yarn porn. This caught my eye at Michael’s. I found a cool little yarn shop near our house and bought two skeins of pretty-pretties for the Broad for Christmas.

Merry and bright! 🎄
One of my favorite Christmas images to post every year. Always gets a laugh!

This is a good one too.

I use a method called “Hands Off Parenting”. 😂
“Hands-off” parenting right here. Sometimes I just want to see what will happen. He hasn’t made it to the other side…yet.

Catching some rays with Mumsie, Goo and a trio of dogs this afternoon.
We went from cold sunshine straight into cold snow for Christmas Eve, and I have to admit, I kind of liked it. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Looks like we got a white Christmas after all. ✨❄️🎄❄️✨
The first snowfall is always the prettiest.

Weather forecast looks like this ❄️❄️but we got our sunny walkies in today!
Of course now I’m ready for the snow to melt so we can resume walking. MELT SNOW!

Get into the holiday spirit and throw a little glitter on, honey! ❤️✨✨✨(thanks @muffinheadnyc)
Love this.

Happy Christmas Eve. ✨🎄✨
Our Christmas tree this year was especially pretty.

Classic Pops—note the box of chocolate donuts. The only thing missing is his signature shorts-and-Uggs combo. 😂
Classic Pops–little chocolate donuts and all. Love his “ugly” Christmas sweater.

Merry Christmas from the Holcomb Family!
This was our Christmas card this year. Josh’s uncle Kevin suggested we use our Halloween portrait, making he was joking, who knows…but we took his advice!

Christmas morning with Goo. He was a little grumpy and not particularly interested in opening presents, but we won’t hold it against him. ❤️
Baby was a little fussy on Christmas morning and not really interested in opening presents…but I suspect that will change in the future! More about Christmas later…I hear him calling my name. Like this WAAAaaaHHHhhhhh. Merry Christmas 2017!

Glow sticks, glitz and glamour

Glow sticks, glitz and glamour

A proud moment for this former raver: baby’s first glow sticks.
What’s shakin’, turkey bacon? Here was a very Proud Moment for this former party girl: baby’s first glowsticks. We danced to trance with our baby! Hooray!

Sometimes...size matters!
Josh and I are making the baby a stocking this year. We’ve been working on it very slowwwly, a little bit at a time, so it turns out looking good. Size-wise, it is in between Josh’s tiny stocking and my monstrosity. We are adding the BLING right now, and then I’ll give it a final stitch with the sewing machine.

Our gay nutcracker (thanks @madlymazzy). I added the glitter. What shall we name him?
Speaking of BLING, Christopher thinks our gay nutcracker (Timmy?) needs more BLING. Maybe so. Too much is never enough, ammirite?

I requested some art for Christmas from my talented 8-year-old niece Ronia, and she drew me this. 💚
I requested some Ronia art for Christmas and she drew this for me. It’s now in a green glitter frame adorning the wall. Love that kid!

I mean I don’t really see a problem here. ✨💎✨
Here is a picture of a woman with her fiance, a chandelier. I saw it on Twitter (so it must be true) and I think it’s kind of sweeeeeet. What?

“Roll it, Smoky!” I love Amy Sedaris’ new show. You even get to find out where glitter comes from! ✨✨✨
I’ve managed to catch ONE episode of Amy Sedaris’ new show (mostly because I have to watch it on the desktop computer, who has time for that?) and it’s hilarious! I watched the astronaut episode and even learned where glitter comes from! Can’t wait to catch the lovemaking episode with Paul Dinello aka Mr. Jellineck from “Strangers with Candy”.

Goo and I yesterday in coordinating outfits. ❤️🎄
Two pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Finally, it happened to me.

Health-wise, I finally went to a uro-gyno who took me off of the OAB medicine (hallelujah) and doubled my dose of amitriptyline, which treats nerve pain. He pronounced that I had a “beautiful vagina” (to which I replied, “You’re not the first person to say that,”) but after a little poking and prodding determined that my pelvic floor was unbalanced. Evidently I am too tight on the left side. So now I go to a physical therapist once a week to learn to RELAX my pelvic floor. By doing reverse kegels! Life is strange. My burning bladder flares up when I ovulate–like right now, as I’m sitting here typing this–but overall has gotten a lot better. I’m hoping with the PT and reverse kegels and medicine that someday this pain will be a thing of the past.

The mens. ❤️💚❤️
My boys. Awwwwwww.

We are family. 💚❤️💚
Look at dat baby! One week ago we all got dressed up in our holiday colors to go over to Espe’s house for a baby/daddy/mommy hangout. Pizza and salad and cookies were snarfed, and a Good Time was had by all.

Trying to pose three baby boys for a picture: adorable chaos. @espedp @vvswai ❤️❤️❤️
Trying to get all three boys to pose for a picture was utterly impossible (and so adorable).

Today. This sunny weather is treating me riiiiight 🌞
We still do this, every single day. Although it’s a lot more pleasant when it’s not raining.

Oh Christmas tree! 🎄
The Christmas tree this year. Josh built a little wooden box for it to stand on, because we didn’t want to shell out 100 dollars for a tree, but still wanted that glorious height. So far, no baby-related tree disasters! (fingers crossed)

We’ve been watching Downton Abbey (or “Downer Abbey” as I like to call it). Edith’s clothes get a LOT better in Series 4. I liked this dress especially.
We have been working our way slowly through “Downton Abbey” (I like to call it “Downer Abbey”–if you’ve seen the show you know what I mean). The early 20’s dresses are to DIE. Edith, the dowdiest sister, suddenly has a fabulous slinky wardrobe at the start of Season 4 and this aqua number was one of my favorites.

Spotted this morning. I agree! 👊❤️✨✨✨
I spotted this car sticker outside of the craft store the other day and enjoyed it.

Look it’s our @parlorftattoo art collection 👊✨
Owen is the family tattoo artist but is also a fine artist and here are two of his prints that we own. I bought Josh a gift certificate for two Owen tattoos for Christmas. He’s getting–wait for it–a mountain scene and a SNOWFLAKE. Bah ha haaaaaa. How Josh.

Need a seat? Spotted at the Pound Art studio.
It’s thanks to Owen that I am able to participate in the Pound Art Studio annual holiday open house every year. Here is a fun chair I spotted during the art show this year.

Found my calendar for 2018! 😍
Calendar for 2018? Huh? Yeah?

New tiny sugar skull painting in progress, for my cousin Erika.
Painting in progress for my cousin Erika. I told her two pick two colors and she picked black and gold, and since I’m not on a time constraint I’m taking my time and playing around with it.

Playing around with Erika’s sugar skull painting today (including mistakes). I don’t have a direction with this one, but I do know it will have a shit-ton of glitter. ✨🌟✨✨✨
Here’s the progress as of yesterday, including the mistakes I made that you can see covered in black. I really can only paint when the baby is taking naps, and sometimes…I just want to lay horizontal under the heated blanket instead of paint! You understand.

Bear Cub on the back porch.
Bear Schnubbs. She’s a lady!

This kid and hats!
Foiled again: not only does my son hate hats on his own baby head, he likes to yank them off my head as well! Sheesh.

Once a cheeseball, always a cheeseball. Stay cheesy! #tbt
Little Lizzy and Pops. Look, I was doing the “Home Alone” face before “Home Alone” even happened.

Holiday...celebrate! 🎄
The Christmas wreath that I DIY’d a few years ago. Does it need more…glitter? Probably.

One of my favorite 90s models Kirsty Hume, looking just as fabulous now in 2017. ❤️💚❤️
Kirsty Hume was one of my favorite models in the 90’s and would you believe that this is her in 2017? She looks exactly the same! Oh to age like a supermodel!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to wear more eyeshadow. It’s good to have dreams. This is “Smoky Mauve” Extra Dimension eyeshadow by MAC. 💕✨✨✨
And finally, one of my superficial New Year’s Resolutions is to wear more eyeshadow (and also start wearing my contacts more). To that end, here is “Smoky Mauve” Extra Dimension eye shadow by MAC, YEAH!

Ahhh it’s so nice to get through an entire blog entry without interruptions. My mother is flying over this afternoon to stay with us for an indeterminate amount of time, hooray! Grilled cheese GALORE! TTFN blog.