Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

lights 3
Blawg! Merry Christmas. This will be my last entry for a while…I’m planning on taking a nice looooong* Christmas-inspired break from the ol’ blogeroo. Meanwhile, here are some pictures from our Snarfing Fast Food while Gazing at Fancy Christmas Lights Night, which included the dogs (in the back seat). I fed Maggie some whipped cream off the top of my chocolate shake, which for some reason completely disgusted Josh. Well geez I didn’t want to waste it.

lights 2
I’m really really really looking forward to having some time off from work to vegetate with family and not feel like I have to be doing 300 things all day long. It’s going to be great!

lights 1
Josh and I both had to work today to make up for taking time off next week. He’s currently out bicycling with his muncle and I just whipped up a big batch of sugar cookie dough for us to bake together later on. Maw.

blue lights
I even used my Kitchen Aid mixer, which I have probably used less than 5 times since we received it for a wedding gift back in 2008. I’m so used to hand-mixing everything that using the Kitchen Aid is always more of a hassle. Nevertheless, it makes a for cute photo op due to the obnoxious bubble gum pink hue so I took a self-portrait with the mixer and texted it to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (who were SHOCKED and APPALLED that I don’t use my Kitchen Aid more than I do). Like, daily or weekly. What can I say? Carbs are not my friend.

On the right hand side of this photo was my favorite light display–it simply says: DITTO with an arrow pointing to the neighbor’s lights. HA!

Merry Christmas, blog-logs! I hope the next week is filled with joy and relaxation and positive memories for you! I’ll be back at some point before 2015 for my year-end recap.


* A little over a week, TOPS.

This week sucked (but I like Nick Offerman)

This week sucked (but I like Nick Offerman)

Uff-da blog! I’m glad it’s Friday. This week sucked in a variety of ways–terrible heartburn (solution: Omeprazole), a few items that I’m not blogging about (sigh), and Bear Cub vomiting (solution: stop giving Bear Cub potatoes from your stew, LIZ). The hilarious part about being woken up in the middle of the night to a vomiting Bear Cub is that she walked PAST the carpet to throw up on the laminate! What a smart little Cub! So much easier to clean up.

The topper to this crapp-o week, however, occurred last night, as I was driving myself to my eyelash appointment. This drive used to take 6 minutes, but now that we have moved it takes anywhere from 25-60 minutes, depending on the traffic. You can imagine 5 o’clock on a rainy dark Thursday night in Seattle would be pretty ugly, right? RIGHT. So ugly that as I was waiting in the turn lane for the final turn to get to the salon, the lady behind me rear-ended me. My first rear-ending experience! I suppose it was time. It was nothing more than a “tap”, I wasn’t injured, but today in the daylight I inspected my car and there was definitely a couple of small screw indentations from her car embedded on my rear bumper. Considering it’s a sad 2007 VW with multiple problems, including about a billion scratches from a wild camping trip back in 2012, what am I gonna do? Call her up and make her pay for it? Blerp. I would prefer not to.

One of my patients this morning cheered me up by reminding me that bad things happen in threes, and I have definitely reached the three limit this week. I’m done! No more! Things are looking UP from now on! Speaking of things looking up, we finally put up some art in the office so now I get to look up and see “Hippie Dude” smiling down at me while I sit at the computer. Ahhhhh.

In the midst of all that terrible heartburn, we (ironically) ran out of coffee, and I purchased this exciting Bob Marley coffee. What was I going to do, give up coffee? HA! Of all the items to avoid with a GERD diagnosis (which I don’t even have, just occasional flare-ups), coffee and chocolate are the LAST things I would avoid. The others, alcohol (coming up on 7 years sobriety next month), tomatoes (easy), citrus (no problem), peppermint (I prefer wintergreen) aren’t a big deal. Omeprazole worked like a charm.

Josh bought this framed painting years ago, before we even met–just for the frame alone, which was white. I convinced him to keep the painting all these years, and recently I painted the frame gold. It was his idea to spray paint the fun stencil over the top. A Liz and Josh art collaboration!

Bah ha, we started watching the 4th season of the ever-entertaining, completely obnoxious show “Workaholics”. The first episode, where the boys don neon to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival, caught my eye. Naturally.

We also recently watched Nick Offerman’s stand-up “American Ham”, which was funny, full of great advice, and also very very sweet every time he talks about how much he adores his wife, Megan Mullally. Good old Megan! I’ve been craving Karen videos lately!

Here are those two crazy kids answering relationship advice on the youtubes:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some glitter-encrusted projects to do in my er…art “studio”. Ha! Have a fabbuu Friday, blog-logs!



I covered a thumbtack board with this crazy rainbow batik fabric to make a cool display to hang my necklaces on.

“Look at this fabric!” I said enthusiastically to Josh. “Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re on acid?”

“I’ve never taken acid,” he reminded me for the 340th time. Oh.

FINALLY my dreams of mounting my rainbow platform shoes on their very own pedestal WITH the rainbow platform painting over the top have come TRUE. Phew! Check that one off the list!

Speaking of rainbow, look at this adorable little rainbow backpack that I spotted in “Elle” magazine! Only 1575 dollars! BWA HA HA, high fashion designers, you guys are hilaaaaarious.

When I read articles like this “Women in Art” article it reminds me why I still subscribe to “Elle” magazine. That and I love “Ask EEEEEEEEE Jean”. She’s a hoot!

Sweetie dahling dahling sweetie this is the best costume for today when you are exploring the Sound in December.

With some wet pets, of course.

This burro on the beach was CLEARLY giving me the side-eye.

We stood in front of the Christmas tree last night and breathed it in for a few minutes, before driving over to Dairy Queen for candy cane Blizzards. You understand.

Bottom half of recent-ish work outfit, waiting at the pharmacy for a Trazadone refill and enjoying a snack.

Top half of the same outfit. Pearl necklace by my Aunt Lisa. Last night I found a painting that I was pretty sure my Aunt Lisa had said she wanted years ago. I texted her for confirmation, she said she still wanted it, and asked me how much. I told her I’d trade her art for jewelry! Talk about a sweet deal! She has excellent taste.

These neon happy face ornaments SPOKE to me recently at Cost Plus. They had yellow too, but the green and pink were my favorite.

Current shellac: chunky gold holiday glitter. Celebrate!

Here’s one of the “kids” (bwa ha) from the art show, getting his armpit hair dyed. I mean it, I want to do this. In the summertime though, who’s going to see my armpits now? Wait a minute, I’m a heavy sweater. Will that be a problem?

Fun artwork by Izzy, who entertained me at the show.

Two years ago one of the artists at the show was selling these paint-by-numbers kits, and this time around they were discounted from 25 to 5 bucks, so I bought the “Cuban Car”. It will look nice in teal.

Here’s the Gay Nutcracker Christopher gifted to me two years ago. I made the mistake of saying “I hate nutcrackers!” when he gave it to me, and he will NEVER LET IT GO so I’m adding a shitload of holographic glitter to the Gay Nutcracker (who still needs a name) to make him more…ah…palatable? Yeah. He’s getting bettuh.

D’awwwww we ordered this from Etsy because we couldn’t find a suitable ornament locally.

Happy first day of Hanukkah, Jewish blog-logs! I’m going to walk the pets and strive to begin a new painting today. Wish me luck!

Walkies on the Sound, Christmas spirit, and “Birdman”

Walkies on the Sound, Christmas spirit, and “Birdman”

BC on the bed
Dear blog, I’m back. Because what are the weekends for if not catching up on blogging, huh? Here’s Bear Cub loving Josh.

nature walk
Last weekend’s walkies at a park on the Sound. Lovely.

the Sound
Grey and dreary? You bet. But at least it wasn’t raining!

share the shore
Too bad we didn’t see any seal pups.

rainy walk face
You can completely abstain from any make-up, just put on a bright lip color and your face looks “done”. Anyway that’s been my philosophy for a while now. Having eyelash extensions year-round helps.

beach combers
Maggie and Bear Cub had fun romping in the water.

beach faces
We like the color blue in this family.

Harlow and grapes
My Aunt Claire requested pictures of the New House on FB. I started an album on Flickr, and suspect I’ll be adding to it for a looooooong tiiiiiiime.

oh christmas tree
We put up the Christmas tree last weekend and decorated it. It’s just not Christmas without a fresh tree!

angel topper
My mother gave me her old Hallmark tree topper from the…1970’s, was it Mom? 1980’s? At any rate, I’ve always loved it, and it looks perfect on the tree.

Christmas Family Portrait 2014
After multiple takes/cursing imaginatively at the Sony camera we finally took an acceptable Christmas family portrait this year! Awwww. Ha ha, the dogs don’t put up much of a fight any more. Especially when Josh takes them for a vigorous run in the morning to get out all of that doggy energy.

Christmas lights
Josh put up lights! Pretty pretty! We are full of Christmas spirit, and why not? It’s my second favorite holiday (next to Halloween, of course).

Today: craft store for art supplies for sweet little Ronia’s Christmas gift. Possibly the rug store to take a look at some runners for next to the bed, where there is a lot of doggy traffic. Definitely a nice long dogwalk–the sun is out today. And! I have an idea for a new painting! Woo hoo! I knew participating in that art show would pump up my creativity!

ALSO: we went out and saw “Birdman” in the theater last night and WOW talk about intense! And amazing! Talk about intense and amazing! Don’t go see this film if you are feeling emotionally delicate, that’s all I have to say. My heart rate had a nice workout. Michael Keaton deserves some awards, for certain. And it gave me a whole new appreciation for Edward Norton. Hell, half the reason why I wanted to see the movie in the first place was the part in the preview where he’s wrestling around in his underpants…mmm hmmmmmm. Go see it! 

Let’s watch that preview again, huh?

The art show

The art show

dressed up for the show
Howdy blog! Here I am dressed up yesterday for the art show. I wore a cute 60’s-ish little stretchy dress I recently thrifted, matte black stockings and black suede wedges, a necklace my Aunt Lisa made and some dangly mother-of-pearl earrings. I enjoy a wedge shoe–all the height without any of the pain. Although I did wake up in the middle of the night with a crippling Charley Horse in my left calf…still, I don’t blame the shoes!

the Wooden Boat Center
We fed the pets dinner early and stopped at a donut place near the New House (verdict: I still miss the Korean donut shop BOOOO!) before driving to Seattle. Before the show, we stopped at the Wooden Boat Center on Lake Union for some gifts.

Bob's boat
Josh’s father built this boat, sold it, and the person he sold it to then sold it to the Wooden Boat Center, where it now resides. That’s it on the left, the green boat. Impressive! I like the color.

Joshy in front of the Wooden Boat Center
What a beautiful day! Josh displayed his Seahawks spirit along with my plaid polyester Old Man pants that I’ve had since high school. Those pants are the gift that keeps on giving, apparently.

L and J at the wooden boat center
Hey Seattle, have I told you lately how much I love you when the sun is shining? Hmmmm?

Liz on the dock
Stopping at the Center was a nice little break before the show, finishing up a long workweek. Although I did have to work this morning…only for a couple of hours. No big whoop.

portrait of the artist as a weirdo
Owen the family tattoo artist had asked me to be a part of this show about a week ago. It’s an annual open house event at his studio in downtown Seattle. As I always love to show my art anywhere, I said YES!

some of the girls
They let me have one big wall and one of the entry walls, which was a great set-up. I brought a whole bunch of paintings and hung up most of them, with Josh’s help. He’s handy, that one.

EP Holcomb wall II
I didn’t sell any paintings but that’s never stopped me from enjoying myself!

EP Holcomb wall
Owen told me that he thought my work was “progressing”. That’s nice to hear.

reel grrls
The show included a silent auction to benefit Real Grrls, a cool non-profit based out of Seattle that’s a media-training program for girls. Each artist was asked to submit something that could fit into a 12 x 12 inch square–I offered up my neon glitter octopus, which was not purchased for auction but I later traded it with a cool girl named Izzy for a painted rock and some homemade stickers.

colorful art
This artist was fun. She had leanings towards graffiti art, which Josh and I have always loved. Her friend Izzy, who had a cool mushroom painting in the show, went out for fish and chips with Josh and I and regaled us with lots of stories. She was a lot of fun.

black dog art
The black dog mosaic caught my eye! Arf! The artist did sell this piece.

blue and yellow print
One of my favorite designs by Owen, which he told me was a felt piece he put together for a tee-shirt design. I asked him if he had any of the tee-shirts left, but this was an older design and it was long gone. Too bad!

Di painting
This portrait artist was so talented. Apparently the Key Arena had commisioned her to paint Princess Di as a gift for Elton John, but after she painted the portrait and was ready to give it to Elton they announced that he wasn’t accepting any Princess Di portraits after all. So here’s this absolutely gorgeous painting of Diana just sitting at the art studio. I’m CERTAIN someone would buy it if she put it out there, but I’m not sure she wants to.

in case you get lost
Everyone opened up their studios and you could wander around inside each studio, meet the artists and talk about their art and eat snacks. It was a lovely way to spend 5 hours on a Friday night in downtown Seattle.

Josh in the hall
I met a lot of fun people, and everyone I talked to was nice.

owen's studio
In Owen’s studio. Later in the evening a bunch of 20-somethings took turns sitting in Owen’s tattoo chair and had their armpit hair dyed. Geez, if only I had known! I would have grown mine out!

owen's wall
Perhaps someday we will buy an Owen painting.

plushy chair
Nice chair!

Tura print
The portrait artist’s print of Tura Satana caught my eye, naturally. We had a nice conversation about balancing work and art and painting commissions versus painting what you love.

wire jewelry
This wire necklace made me think of my friend Lisa, who was always making fun little pieces of jewelry like this…which I kept, of course!

Towards the end of the evening, one of the artists and I were talking about making the art show a once-a-month event, instead of just once a year. I am not only all for it, but would absolutely LOVE to be involved! Being in a show every month would really encourage me to keep creating, and being around other artists is always invigorating. There’s something about seeing what someone else is working on in real life that just makes you want to work too! We exchanged numbers, and I’m now following three new artists on Instagram, so my night was successful!

Today was a beautiful sunny day, and I’m glad I was able to spend some time outside walking the pets. Currently I have beef stew cooking in the crockpot, and I’m drinking my Late Afternoon Give Me Some Energy Please cup of coffee. No plans for the rest of the weekend except to finish up the last bit of Christmas shopping and wrap presents, which I always enjoy. Maybe some more blogging tomorrow? Perhaps? Lord knows I have pictures waiting. Happy Saturday, blog-logs!

Glittery goodness at “Display & Costume”

Glittery goodness at “Display & Costume”

cool green light
La la laaaaaa, we went to “Display & Costume” last weekend and it was just as good as it ALWAYS is. Especially now that I have a house to decorate. Look at this amazing green chandelier!

turqouise peacock feathers
I just want to cover our entire Christmas tree with these glittery teal peacock feathers. Gorg.

glitter leaf
These too. Oh, the whole “peacock”-themed section had me sniveling and whining “Oooooh!”.

glitter burger
Glittery hamburger, perhaps?

felt mushrooms
How about some felt mushrooms? Cover ‘em with glitter and I say YES.

green and orange glass
Oh yeah. These might be in my future, actually. SO pretty.

sparkle lots
The entire display was intense…ly good.

glitter butterflies
Oh “Display & Costume”, you really know how to get to me, don’t you?

glittery nutcracker
Kissyfur, in case you’re still reading (is anyone still reading?), this one’s for YOU. I’m in the process of covering the gay nutcracker he gifted me with two years ago in various chunky glitters. You can never have too much glitter on your gay nutcracker!

I’m on my 2nd cup of late afternoon coffee and it’s treating me right! I started writing up Christmas cards after work today and was very proud of myself until I ran out of stamps. Heigh ho. Coming up next: a rainy beach day and Christmas tree extravagaaaaaaanza.

I love “Advanced Style”

I love “Advanced Style”

building an outfit
Hey kids! Do yourself a favor and watch “Advanced Style”. It’s a glorious 72 minute long documentary about seven inspirational older ladies who live in New York. It’s based on the blog of the same name, and I’d been dying to see it ever since I first heard about it. I was not disappointed at all! I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen, really. This lady considers the fashion she wears on her body her art, and once spent seven years crafting the perfect outfit. I have to admire that level of obsession.

I wanted to look great
Words of wisdom: “I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great.” The woman who spoke these words looked absolutely ravishing in the film at age 80, with long natural hair, further inspiring me to keep my hair long. Forever!

made my own eyelashes
My favorite (excuse the checkerboard-patterned photo; even after a year I’m still figuring out this camera). This lady is TRULY a real life Maude, an art teacher and cabaret singer who said in the documentary that she didn’t come into her own until age 80. AND she makes her own false eyelashes from her hair! Couldn’t you just…???

an artist
Adore. There’s a beautiful scene where she and her lifelong best friend, who now has dementia, are sitting on the beach. She strikes up a tune, and her friend sings along with her, and let me tell you, I got a little verklempt. I pictured Corinne and I singing together in our 90’s.

born happy
Another great quote from the eldest lady in the documentary, who goes on right after this to add that she was a 10 pound baby. 10 pounds! 95 years ago! Amazing.

live to be 100
Talking about the importance of exercise. And why couldn’t she live to be 100 or 105? Any of us? Josh wants to live to be 120. I love this movie so much and I can just tell it gets better and better with each viewing. I probably need to own it. And link to the blog on this blog!

What’s up blog? I just ate a can of sardines, which I had never tasted before but discovered pretty much taste like Kipper Snacks and therefore I liked them. There isn’t really a fish out there that I dislike the taste of…even cod liver oil is okay! This weekend was filled with fun rainy walks and tree decorating and an inspirational trip to Display & Costume, which I will be back to discuss later on. In the meantime, go watch “Advanced Style”, it’s instant on Netflix, and then let’s tawk! Who was your favorite? What was your favorite quote? And how old do you want to live to be?

A beautiful birthday

A beautiful birthday

hanging Francesca
TGIF, blog! Here’s Joshy hanging up the Francesca painting in our dining room. She received a fresh coat of teal paint around her edges first. “This is the first time I’ve liked the Francesca painting,” Josh remarked, which didn’t hurt my feelings, because she was an early early work.

Wednesday was my birthday, and both of my bosses kindly offered to let me take the day off, which I NEVER do. Boy am I glad I did this year! I had a fabulous day that wouldn’t have been possible if I had worked during all the daylight hours. Normally I get off work and have about an hour of daylight to cram in all the outdoor sunny fun activities…Wednesday I had HOURS (thanks for waking me up at 7 am, body).

papasan and presents
When I woke up that morning, Josh had strung up white twinkle lights all over the back patio, and a fresh teal microsuede papasan cushion (my request) greeted me, all wrapped up in a glitter bow and piled with birthday presents. What a sweet husband!

happy papasan face
It had been so long since we’d had a cushion on the papasan, I had forgotten how comfortable they are! Bliss!

glitter on the papasan
As a nice touch, the papasan is already covered in silver glitter from the bow. Somehow this seems appropriate.

L cup
I unwrapped just one present before Josh left for work: this lovely L coffee cup. Oh who am I fooling with these tea drinking fantasies? Coffee 4 Life! (plus it prevents Alzheimer’s)

I had a really lovely day, which was enhanced 87.333% by the sun shining all day. I went to my hair salon and had a free bangs trim, dropped into Sephora for my free birthday gift (Make-Up Forever mascara and lipstick, I couldn’t resist), stopped by my favorite thrift shop to see about any cute little sequin numbers for the night out (nope, but I found a teal lamp), purchased six delicious donuts from a Korean donut shop that I nibbled on throughout the day, dog walk with the girls, and finally at some point in the afternoon I parked my butt at the make-up table to do my dinner make-up while watching “Advanced Style”.

Zodiac eyeshadow
You just can’t go into Sephora for your free birthday gift without buying something, and I was drawn like a magpie to this deep green glittery eyeshadow from Urban Decay called “Zodiac”. My camera is not doing macro so well in this photo, otherwise you could see the MAGIC.

birthday makeup
Trying to watch “Advanced Style” was more like Advanced A.D.D. but I made it through the first 30 minutes while painting my face. Of course I’ll need to watch it multiple times, review it AND take photos to be completely fulfilled…but what I saw so far I loved!

“I never wanted to look young,” said one of the ladies in the documentary, “I just wanted to look good.” Yeah!

ripping open gifts
Fully made up and dressed (the bangs weren’t working but they’re hit or miss), I toddled downstairs to sit at the kitchen table and open Josh’s presents and cards.

glitter card
This glitter card is lovely.

feather card
So is the feather card. He really hit my colors this year–teal teal teal and a little purple.

peacock ornament
Glittery peacock ornament, yes!

blue shell frame
Gorgeous teal shell frame, even more yes! He bought a pair of them but one already broke, so I’m going to exchange it. Hopefully.

purple shell frame
The purple version is nice too.

gorgeous blue and purple dish
The piece de resistance, however, was this stunning blue and purple dish. I actually gasped when I pulled it out of the box.

displaying the goodness
So pretty!

two plates
He bought me two, because he couldn’t decide which pattern he liked best. Smart thinking, husband! Now where will I display them?

Lizzy in the foyer
I wore this outfit out to my birthday 3 years ago, but who’s counting? This time I added black suede wedges for a little extra height (and glamour).

birthday couple
Josh wore the shirt and tie he was required to wear at my brother’s wedding two months ago, but shhhh, nobody has to know that. He looks nice in purple.

L and C
For my special birthday dinner I requested a French restaurant in Pike Place Market, with the most perfect view of the Ferris wheel outside, which was specially lit up rainbow all night. Everyone at dinner remarked that they had never seen it rainbow before, which makes me think it was just for ME. I invited my Broad, Brenna and Jerry, and Christy and her…um, plus one.

Brenna and Jerry are cute
Aw, nerds in love. Brenna got adorably tipsy on wine and talked very emotionally about her children. She’s a born entertainer, that one! Never have to worry about the conversation drying up!

C and E
Christy had been up since 5 a.m. and had actually been on an airplane earlier that day, so I was pleased she came. She gave me a gift card to Sephora (always a good thing!) and, naturally, matched me AGAIN with her white sparkle sweater.

J and L
Dinner was delicious, but for the price should have been INSANELY good. I had escargot (we all agreed that it was okay as a vehicle for garlic and butter but overall nothing special), giant scallops (mmmm), and mixed vegetables, which included butternut squash. Normally I run far and fast away from butternut squash, but somehow they made it delicious. I ordered raisin bread pudding for dessert that I thought I had more room for than I did, and to drink I had a non-alcoholic ginger beer called “Rachel’s ginger beer” made locally that was really good.

Josh had a pork shank, Corinne had beef marrow because it’s her time of the month (she did remarkably well in spite of this–giggly and happy and not a trace of Broad-ish behavior!), and who knows what everyone else had because I was too busy snarfing. The conversation flowed nicely, I tried and failed to take non-blurry photos of the rainbow Ferris wheel, and all in all it was one of the nicest birthdays I’ve had.

special card
Then the following day (I thought sending cards late was my specialty, Mumsie!) I received birthday cards from my parents. This one is very Dad…

pug card
…and this one is very Mom!

Phew! That was a lot of photos. I’m about to snarf some BBQ chicken and carrot cake (one of my bosses was kind enough to bake me a massive homemade carrot cake the day after my birthday!) and reeeeeelax. Happy weekend, blog-logs.

Photo dump, ’cause that’s the way uh huh uh huh I like it

Photo dump, ’cause that’s the way uh huh uh huh I like it

color sky
Blog! There’s a lot of snow still on the ground but the scenic views can’t be beat. Today I edited my photos in Picasa for “fun” and I almost like it better than the other editing program I’ve been using. Most of my pictures just need a little sharpening and extra saturation to make me happy.

snowy scene
So pretty, so cold! This morning my view on the drive to work was so breathtaking, I thought maybe I should bring my camera along next time and pull over to take some pictures. Who knows how long the snow will last?

winter face
Snow or no snow, the pets have to be walked! We’ve been driving over to the park, not walking there like we usually do. I don’t trust my balance on icy sidewalks with two wild and crazy animals pulling me.

snow trail
Josh asked me today: if I didn’t get so cold and I didn’t mind going fast, perhaps I could get into skiing sometime?

“So if I completely changed my entire body and mind? Sure!” I teased him.

I get it, I do. This was so lovely. I lasted exactly 16 minutes at the park this day. And that was with snow pants, two warm shirts and a down jacket on!

white on white
I keep telling him it’s okay to have separate interests from your spouse. IT REALLY IS. We can meet in the middle…in Maui!

orange and pink
It’s a balmy 69 degrees in the house, baby! No more oil-burning furnace heat either! Yyyyyeah!

work outfit
This was my work outfit today. I made up for the fact that I was wearing khakis with floral Doc Martens and a bright orange and pink sweater.

thrift store find
We (briefly) went thrifting on Sunday and I found this little guy for the kitchen. I love the colors.

temporary purple curtain
Temporary curtain for the office. It’s a piece of fabric I bought back when I worked at the Pakistani-owned fabric store, when I first moved to Seattle.

temporary green curtain
Temporary curtain in the parlor. These green panels were only 9 bucks apiece at the thrift store, I couldn’t resist. They are obscenely long but that’s an easy fix on the sewing machine. Now we just have to decide which room to put them in.

temporary blue curtain
Temporary bedroom curtain, made with a piece of blue velveteen I’d had in my collection for years. I love the color in the room when the sun is shining. So soothing.

love on the wall
Love is looking a little lonely on the wall. Love needs a frame!

Organizing fabric, and beginning jewelry organization. Yesterday after work I actually got to the BOTTOM of my wooden jewelry box, and found all kinds of crazy oddities! Kandi beads, old perfume bottles, more Mardi Gras beads than you can shake a stick at, strings of seashells…endless nostalgia.

Maggie under the table
Maggie says, “Enough with the photos, let’s go outside and play!”

Josh is werkin on the house
Josh’s protective outfit for messing around in the attic. Insulation: not a celebration!

Jarvis on the wall
The Jarvis painting is in place…for now.

gotta hand it to you
Unpacked the ring holder yesterday.

dining room curtain and Mark Berry print
Dining room curtains and a print by Mark Berry Josh had before I met him.

I’m starving! I’m about to jam some bacon carbonara into my maw and can’t WAIT. Tomorrow is my birthday and we’re planning on going out to a fancy French restaurant, ooh la la! Pictures to come. I plan on watching “Advanced Style” and LOADING on the glitter!

Thanksgiving, house pimping, and weird weather

Thanksgiving, house pimping, and weird weather

Thanksgiving! Here’s the Broad and I stuffing our pie-holes. Thanksgiving was lovely, as usual. I always have a good time over at Josh’s grandparents’ house.

The dessert offerings this year: pecan pie, pumpkin pie, a special gluten-free chocolate cake (I had a bite but wasn’t feeling it), eggnog “loaf” with rum frosting, and my favorite: the chocolate chip rice krispie coconut cookies Shirley made “just for you, Liz” (love that Shirley).

Mike flies
Here’s Josh’s Muncle playing with the flying machine he bought for his 6-year-old grandson (the instructions provided said it was meant for ages 14 and up).

James and the record player
Said grandson playing with an old record player. I told him to smile, and he did his best.

the football crowd
After dinner, everyone plopped in front of the televisions upstairs and downstairs to watch the Seahawks game. Luckily, I had Corinne with me and a good excuse to leave early: she had to be at work at 3 a.m. the following morning (ugh) for Black Friday (double ugh). I also had Maggie and Bear Cub out in the car, because Thanksgiving day was so windy and stormy at the New House they were actually happier in the car.

BC is a cutie
Bear Cub being a cutie cub. Last night we were watching “Cheap Thrills” (talk about a nail-biter!) and she went out through the doggy door with no prompting! Hurray! Only took her 3 weeks.

bio shelves
I’ve started putting books on shelves. Here are two shelves’ worth of fun biographies, books about culture, and just about everything written by David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs and John Waters.

grapes jars
Josh randomly came up with the idea yesterday to do the kitchen Hawaiian-themed. I love it! Will I have to replace these grape jars with…pineapple jars?

Phyllis and the Kit Kat Klock
The coat Phyllis is wearing kind of has a Hawaiian theme, huh? Look how well she coordinates with the Kit Kat Klock. That’s the nice thing about having specific color obsessions: they all coordinate.

I love skylights.

I discovered some of my old notebooks from high school. The poetry I wrote in the mid-90s (very Nirvana inspired) was incredibly embarrassing, but I like the little ink scribbles. I also found some old love letters. That’s the thing about being a sentimental hoader: I will keep every note/letter/card you send me. E-V-E-R-Y. Always.

I dusted off all the pictures for the photo wall and Josh arranged them. He tends to arrange things on the walls in straight lines and I prefer haphazard, so this was the middle ground.

The cover of the current BUST magazine is very pretty. I like the 60’s makeup.

My bangs are growing out, and with some training are finally swooping in the direction I want them to. Now I just need to resist chopping them off again!

I’ve been eating an array of sugar/fat/carbs lately, but thanks to all the flights of stairs in the New House haven’t gained a pound. Woo hoo!

Thanksgiving day I was driving and chatting with my mother on the phone (I like to fit in my phone calls while driving) and I had to pull over and snap a pic of this amazing rainbow. I’m glad I enjoyed that sight, because today…

…I woke up to this! It was not a suprise, because all week long everyone kept telling me it was going to snow today, but STILL. Snow tires are being put on my car at this moment! Better to be safe than sorry, Charlie. Ah well, at least the sun is shining! Bright side! Happy weekend, blog-logs.