Weather, schmeather

Weather, schmeather

27 weeks tomorrow, and TGIF! 💚
Hallo, blog! I am 27 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. According to my pregnancy app, that means my son is the size of a “cucumber”–but what kind of cucumber is 15 inches long and 2 pounds, I ask ya?

Fall doesn't need a filter 😍
Sleep has been better. My mother recommended tart cherry juice for insomnia so after doing extensive Google research I threw my heartburn caution to the wind last night and drank 2 ounces while watching “Friday”.

Best part of the day today: post-work dog park sunshine therapy. 🌞
Lo and behold, I still woke up 6 times during the night to pee (like usual) but was able to fall back asleep very easily.

Bear Cub enjoying the sunshine. I have to say, I think she is a lot cuter with her fur growing out!
Other sleep aides/help for pregnant ladies I have found: sleeping nude (ish), sleeping with a fan pointed right at me, taking Benedryl, taking a “Rescue Remedy” pastille right before bed, keeping a banana at bedside, hypnosis apps for sleep. Not all at once, mind you. Oy vey. Three more months.

Phase 1 of ombré painting the free dresser we scored on "Buy Nothing".
Phase 1 of ombre-fying the free dresser we scored from “Buy Nothing”…

Phase 2 of the ombré nursery dresser: complete!
…and here is Phase 2! Just one last phase to complete, adding the drawer pulls. We bought some at Home Depot over the weekend. So far, the only aspect of this project that has cost money has been the drawer pulls. Not bad!

Hey #gardeners, I have a question for you. My little lemon tree is blossoming, which makes me think it might actually bear fruit. The next 3 days are supposed to be really windy and stormy. Should I bring it inside?
A couple of days ago the weather forecasts would have everyone believe that a HUGE, TERRIBLE wind storm was gonna sweep through Seattle and pulverize everything in sight. I brought my little lemon tree (seen here) inside.

Fall in our backyard. 🍁
My in-laws came into town on Thursday and stayed with us that night. We went out for Hawaiian food, and it was delicious. Unfortunately I had a terrible time sleeping on Thursday because I was nervous about the job I had the following day in downtown Seattle, during what I assumed would be a terrible wind storm.

The calm before the storm (two days ago).
The following morning I made it safely to the building but right as I did, the power went out. For a full hour and half only. It was the first time I treated patients by the light of a lantern!

The blueberry bush is so beautiful this time of year. 🍁
I made it back home safely, and Friday night passed by uneventfully. The REAL windstorm, the weather people predicted, would happen Saturday afternoon.

Getting in a quick rainy walk with the dogs before the wind starts up. Thank goodness Josh's coats fit over my ever-expanding waistline.
Saturday morning Josh and I both worked, and then after work I “squeezed” in one last rainy walk with the dogs before the terrible windstorm. Then Josh came home from work and we “squeezed” in a trip to the gym.

Today's rainy walk. I can deal with rain, but strong winds make me nervous. 😬
The time that the wind was supposed to descend (according to my weather app) kept getting bumped up–first to 6 pm, then to 8…then 10…then eventually we went to bed…

All that worry for nothing...the storm never blew through last night! That's what I get for watching sensationalist news.
…and guess what? IT NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL. The local meteorologists are laughing stocks. I worried so much on Saturday for NOTHING! (sorry, Baby M.)

These are gooooood.
In other news…these are delicious.

The last of the cherry tomatoes. Boy did we have a lot of cherry tomatoes this year!
I am never growing cherry tomatoes again. GROAN. We successfully grew a single zucchini, and I made it into bread, so at least there’s that.

Last week 💚🌲
And the Bear goes on.

Color me excited! 💖🌈🌟
Another pregnancy present! Just IMAGINE the possibilities! Squeal! Squeak! Catch yer later. I gotta go put up some Halloween decorations.

Dog training, painting away stress, and home improvements

Dog training, painting away stress, and home improvements

Fall doesn't need a filter 😍
Hiya blog! I am sleep deprived currently so here comes a ramble. Would you look at those beautiful Fall colors though? Siiiiigh….

Things are gettin' real around here.
Josh took this last night and it made me laugh so hard for so long that of course I had to put it on social media and then text it to everyone because that’s what you DO, right? Right.

Gorgeous Fall day today. 🌲
Last night was the worst night of sleep I’ve had yet, but I suppose since I’ve been pregnant since the end of April that’s not a bad record, eh? (trying to look on the bright side) (TRYING SO HARD)

More progress. I had to work on it last night to Zen out after watching 20 minutes of the debate 😳
On Sunday we tried to watch the second Presidential debate, got 20 minutes into it and were both so disgusted and sick to our stomachs we put on “Ridiculousness” instead, which in comparison was practically therapeutic. I also worked on the latest Mandala to paint away the stress. This election can’t come quick enough, I’ve finally reached my Politics Saturation Point.

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?
Hey now, who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Ramp training went a lot better than I expected. For now I have the back seat of the car down so they can have the entire back of the car for a couple of months. I thought I’d gradually eeeeease them into their new reality which is going to be delegation to the back back of the car. The way back, if you will.

John Mulaney is so funny. If I lived in NYC I would definitely go see "Oh, Hello" on Broadway.
I’ve been watching a lot of Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show while I paint. She interviewed John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, who do an obnoxious duo named Gil and George who apparently now have a show on Broadway! Good for them! I’d go if I lived in NYC! They make me cackle.

First day of ramp training: success! A string cheese may have been involved (for motivation).
I listen to a lot of stand-up comedy these days. Louis CK, Margaret Cho, Amy Schumer, Pablo Francisco. I’m even finally able to listen to Robin Williams again without feeling the sads. His routine about GPS voices made me laugh out loud at the gym last night! Can you imagine? A giant pregnant blonde lady waddling around lifting weights and laughing deliriously? Good thing I don’t have any “shame”.

Tonight we watched "psyCHO". Oh Margaret Cho! I love youuuu! 😻
We also watched “Psy-CHO” the other night. I’m relieved to find that my love for Margaret Cho is as strong as ever. Also a new revelation: she mentions wanting kids in this stand-up! I never knew she wanted kids before. Maybe the hormones finally caught up with her.

Headdress inspiration! (thanks @reformthefunk)
Kind of obsessed with Bert Stern’s photography at the moment. This would be so much fun to paint.

Josh had some "fun" hair this morning.
He’s growing out a beard but promised to shave it off after Thanksgiving (before my birthday). To counterbalance all that crap, he’s also growing his hair out. This was his morning hair the other day. I thought it was cute!

Anyone watching "All Stars"? I'm #teamkatya, but I love Detox too. Especially this outfit! 😂
Speaking of that dude, I can credit him to discovering that we can watch RuPaul’s “All Stars” on vh1! Alriiiiiight. #TeamKatya again! (this is Detox and I loved her outfit)

The vanity I will eventually be moving my giant make-up collection to. I'm not in a hurry...still have 3 months!
I’m in the process of slowwwwwly moving all my beauty stuff into the office. Thanks to Fleeta for giving us this vanity and also letting me have the bench (after I begged). I think it looks pretty great against the acid green walls!

DIY'd some lights onto the vanity Josh's mom gave us. I'm sacrificing the room with the best light for the nursery. 😭 Does it need more lights?!
I bought these cool lights at Lowe’s that stick onto the mirror. They are remote controlled and dim and brighten, oooooh.

Happy Friday! 💚
I still have three more months to utilize the good light in the nursery though. And I’m gonna use it.

Current inspiration to re-paint the dresser we scored on "Buy Nothing". Loving the ombré look!
Speaking of that nursery, we scored a free dresser on “Buy Nothing” and are in the process of re-finishing it to resemble something similar to this. I’m loving this ombre look on furniture.

Going to start ramp training the dogs for my Subaru soon. Wish me luck--one dog is 8 and hates change, one dog is nearly 11 and well, Maggie dog is many things but she isn't too bright! Sigh.
I’m trying really hard to recall what we did last weekend, and nothing is coming to mind. Harrumph.

Siiiiiiigh...(thanks @richardquartley)
Another Bert Stern.

Dog park yeah! 💖
Who likes dogfriends? We like dogfriends!

My dogfriends are currently passed out at my feet as I type this entry. I am 26 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and other than the heartburn, restless legs at night, and sleep deprivation…everything is FINE, JUST FINE.

Another minky/flannel baby blanket complete! Now I need to find some dinosaur flannel.
Three more months! Then it’s gonna be a whole new kind of sleep deprivation, right? Groan. Look at this adorable little minkie blanket I made for my son, before he started keeping me awake all night with kicks. Have a fabulous week, bloggeroonies!

Sewing projects, cookies and painting a rainbow

Sewing projects, cookies and painting a rainbow

Nearly 25 weeks and feeling fine. 🌞
Hey-o! 25 weeks and 3 days, and feeling just fine. Although I did just buy a little battery-operated portable fan to take with me to work for a particular patient’s ridiculously hot room. For me! So I don’t have to flap a folder on my face for a half an hour or more. Gestating a human makes you HOT.

Only 24 weeks and look at all the clothing he has! My boy is gonna be one well-dressed little dude. Just like his mom. 😎
Look at all the clothes he already has! I’m a little concerned that everyone is just going to get me more clothes for my baby shower (on November 12th) instead of the registry items, but what can you do? Yesterday Amazon did notify me that a few items had been purchased from my lovely Aunt Lisa and my sweet cousin Susan, so that was a relief.

Cutie Cub! 💕
I mean, I get it, the clothes are ADORABLE, and way more fun to buy than nipple cream or books about getting the baby to sleep or plastic caps to put over your light switches. But we need all that crap, too! We have been living in an Adult World for a very long time.

Hey fellow painters, ya know when you're really in the flow with a painting and you love working on it and the time flies? This painting has been the opposite of that. SO HARD. I keep painting over sections. Advice gladly taken!
Ugh, I swear this thing looks better photographed than it does in real life. It’s driving me craaaaazy, I keep re-painting over it. The struggle, oooh the struggle!

Beautiful crisp Fall day.
The weather is going PNW-Fall-style. Meaning, the forecast for the next 10 days is 60 degrees and cloudy. Merp.

#flashbackfriday: getting my make-up on at M.A.C. in NYC, one year ago.
Flashback! I never posted this last year. Here’s me getting my make-up done at M.A.C., in NYC. I kept insisting that the blush be BRIGHTER and consequently wound up with a neon pink blush that I just baaaarely touch the brush to, otherwise I look clown-ish. Which is not the look I’m going for.

I kind of get the feeling that my Poinsettia isn't coming back. Thoughts?
When I came back from Boise my Poinsettia looked like this. I guess it missed me?

The quilt I made my mother looks pretty good in our guest room.
Look at how good the quilt I made for my mom looks in our guest room!

Catching some sun at the park yesterday. 🌞
I didn’t mourn the end of summer as much as I normally do, but I am gonna miss that sunshine.

Good thing we played outside yesterday. Now the weather forecast is all ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
You have to chase it, around here.

Made some green curtains for the nursery to match the dinosaur border. 💚
I made baby M. some green curtains to coordinate with the dinosaur border. And by “made curtains” I mean I hemmed two rectangles of fabric on four sides! Yyyyyeah!

Eh, why not?
Not THAT great, but that didn’t stop us from inhaling the entire package over two days.

Today's art project was painting a friend's little neighborhood library. 🌈
On Sunday I went over to my old boss’s house to help paint the little library that her husband built on their front lawn. I went with a rainbow, of course!

A couple of pregnant ladies enjoying a sunny Fall day.
She is due this month with baby girl #2. She kindly lent me a really nice “Pea in the Pod” dress to wear to my shower next month. I wonder if it will still fit??!!

Clean up that nature! 🌲
Found object at the park yesterday. For cleaning up nature?

These Rose of Sharon are still blooming like crazy!
Meanwhile, these Rose of Sharon bushes are still blooming beautifully.

If you like shortbread (and butter), you have to try these cookies from Trader Joe's! Mmmmfffssss 😍
Now HERE are some cookies that you should pay attention to, especially if you like shortbread (I do I do) and BUTTER. YUM. 180 calories for two, but who’s (burp) counting? Ta ta for now!

Fall colors and sewing projects

Fall colors and sewing projects

Bear Cub in the sun. 🌾
Hey blerg! I almost forgot about you this week. Almost.

One last ultrasound today to make sure our little dude's heart is okay (it is). 💖
Here I am at my special “bonus” ultrasound that only IVF patients have to have, to make sure the little dude’s heart is okay. It is!

Nerds in Love. 💕
Here’s a couple of nerds out for a sunny dog walk, after that special ultrasound.

Putting up the dinosaur border in the nursery today. 💚
More progress on the nursery: we put up a cute little dinosaur border. Now it looks like a real nursery!

I had my one-hour glucose test this morning to check for gestational diabetes, and I passed with flying colors. The range was 65-129, and my level was 68! Take THAT, sugar!

Pregnant lady on the beach!
On Sunday we went for an “easy” 2.5 mile hike to a new beach. Pre-pregnancy, piece of cake, but with this big ol’ belly I was panting like a dog.

These dogs love the beach. 🐚
Maggie and Bear Schnubs had a nice time playing on the beach.

Went fabric shopping for baby blankets and curtains and got a little...sidetracked...😍✨✨✨
Shopping for curtain and baby blanket fabrics and getting sidetracked by glitz, as usual.

I am 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. Nothing new to report, just lots of kicks from baby M.

Could this be? The last warm day of the year? Better spend it outside.
Pretty sure Monday was the last warm day of the year. I’m glad we spent some time outside.

Colors are starting to change. 🍂
Fall is definitely here.

Oh Fall! 🍃🍂🍁
Love the bright colors!

Hey old buddy! My poor Singer is held together with electrical tape and dreeeeeaaaams. ✂️
My poor Singer is currently held together with electrical tape and HOPE and DREAMS. It needs some repairs.

First minkie/flannel blankie for my son: complete! ✂️
First flannel/minkie baby blanket complete! It’s a little sloppy (like all of my sewing), but I don’t think he’ll mind. What’s new with YOU, blogreader?

A trip to S-town

A trip to S-town

Got the baby room painted. I think it needs a cute border, though. Dinosaurs?
Happy Monday blog! We recently finished painting the baby room, but it’s kind of BORING, so we’re going to add a cute little wallpaper border at the top. I found a dinosaur one I really like, but prices online seem to vary from 15$ to 40$…so my job today is to find the cheapest one.

Matchy-matchy. 💖
Glorious matchy-matching the other day. A word about wearing horizontal stripes while pregnant: they DO make you look larger, and also everyone is 86% more likely to comment about this largeness.

My boss: “Your boy is really growing!”

My 80-year-old patient: “You had better not gain any more weight!”

The janitor: (just staring, mouth slightly agape, at my belly). Sigh.

Oh man. Now you can do the 1990's as a Halloween costume! Suddenly I feel so oooold. 👵
Oh mannnnnn so now the 90’s are a Halloween costume?? I feel ANCIENT.

Neon fields.
Thursday after work Josh and I drove over to Spokane so that he could climb a mountain with his father on Friday. Not a major hike–just two miles up and two miles down, something I could have easily done (pre-pregnancy), but instead of going with them I hung out with Fleeta and we went baby shopping.

My in-law's good-looking garden (and Bear Cub).
I suspect the weather last Friday was the last “good” weather of the year, so I’m glad Fleeta and I sat outside for a little while and enjoyed it, after our shopping excursion.

Josh and his 90-year-old grandmother at breakfast this morning.
Saturday morning before we drove back home we had breakfast with Josh’s grandmother Frances, who is 90 years old now. When we went back to her nursing home, she very sweetly told me that she had always meant to give us a housewarming present but hadn’t, and would I like to choose something of hers to take? I told her that she could just give us a baby present instead.

The Seattle/Spokane 4.5 hour drive is so mind-numbingly boring, even though my new car plays Pandora. I mean, that helps!

The violet has a slight shimmer to it. 💖✨
Having a pregnant bladder, however, NOT HELPFUL. We made 4 or 5 stops. I shudder to think how many stops we’ll be making when we go back for Thanksgiving.

Can you spot the Bear?
Camouflage Cub. I am 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and am regularly feeling baby M. kick now, throughout the day. I love it.

Berries. 💚
This week I have one more ultrasound that they recommend for IVF babies, to make sure their tiny little hearts are okay. Then I’m pretty sure I don’t have another ultrasound for…well, a while. Other than that, just the usual work. My husband doesn’t have any plans to abandon me this weekend…YET! But I wouldn’t be surprised!

A trip to B-town

A trip to B-town

Awwww, I'm gonna miss Lucy.
Hi blerg! We are going to look at my Boise week in REVERSE, and maybe by the time I post everything, Instagram will let me post more. IG will only let you post 20 pictures at a time to Flickr, how inconvenient if you only blog once a week! This is Lucy yesterday, a worn-out rog after work.

Lucy taking a shade rest break in between fetching sessions.
Boise finally made a SMART decision for once and built a really nice dog park about 10 minutes away from my parents’ house, so I forced both parents to go there with me and Lucy.

Loooove. I want these in my size.
My mother and I went to every baby shop Boise had to offer, which actually ended up being not very many. Surprising for such a Mormon-heavy town, we both thought. I spied these adorable green booties at a little baby boutique and said YES PLEASE. I want them in my size too!

Early Liz collage work. It used to have jewelry hanging off of it. "But Eddie, is it Art?"
Early Liz collage “art”, hanging in my old room. It used to have lots of costume jewelry hanging off of it.

I wish my teeth were as white as Lucy's!
Ohhhhh Lucy dog. She is smart AND cute. We had fun together. Look at her white teeth!

I bought this "Where's Waldo?" book today...for me. Am I regressing?
I bought myself this “Where’s Waldo?” book, because apparently I’m regressing. I solved it in front of my father. “There he is!” I yelled, turning the page. “There he is!”

“That book is for eight-year-olds,” said my father, not impressed. Heigh ho!

Carter’s has really cute baby clothes. There is one near my house, too. My mother bought this little dino outfit for the baby. Look at the feeeeeet!

Very important father/daughter bonding time...watching "True Lies" with Pops. 💣
No father-daughter bonding day would be compete without watching “True Lies”. We actually had to go out and purchase it, since my father couldn’t find his copy. Hastings up the street is finally closing–I’m pretty sure it was the last place in town you could rent movies.

Lucy is a pretty girl.
Lucy loves me.

I had an exciting development happen while in Boise–I can feel baby M. kick now! I thought it was gas at first, but the next day it was a definite kick. He kicked the most after I ate a donut, and when I played “Groove Is In the Heart” for him the first time. He gets excited by sugar and 90’s music, just like his mommy!

Pops and Lucy at the dog park today.
Here’s Pops at the dog park with Lucy. The one day that my mother had to work, we “bonded” at the dog park, over frozen yogurt, during “True Lies” and later on we snarfed BBQ. Not a bad way to spend a day with your dad.

We met a Great Pyrenees at the dog park today. What a big boy!
This photo doesn’t really convey just how HUGE this Great Pyrenees was! He was one big boy!

Mumsie and Lucy at the dog park. I'm glad I waited until September to visit--the weather has been glorious.
Mom and Lucy at the dog park. My mother was really nervous the first time we took her–she was afraid Lucy wouldn’t get along with other dogs, she was worried Lucy might snap at children–but she did MUCH BETTER the second time. My mother, that is. Lucy was fine!

Mumsie and me.
We walked every day. And ate ice cream every night.

I know I'm having a boy and all...but look at this baby mobile shaped like a chandelier MAW! 💖💕✨
I know, I know, I’m having a boy and all, but if I wasn’t…

Current reading material.
I picked up this book to read. It’s cute. Did you know that Japanese people, on average, only have sex 37 times a year??! Crazy!

Mom and Lucy, aka The Little Nipper.
My mother and Lucy. They’ve bonded now. It was pretty ugly last year! My father said he almost gave up on her a few times during those first three months. Puppies are not easy!

Admiring Ethiopian opal rings I can never afford at "Eyes of the World". 😍
Admiring Ethiopian opal rings that I am way too cheap to buy at “Eyes of the World”. I didn’t buy a thing! I tried on a few hippie dresses but I just wasn’t FEELING it with my big ol’ belly.

Lucy has grown into a dog since I saw her last year!
Lucy dog! I love her white paw.

Gorgeous sunset tonight.
Gorgeous sunset my first day there. The weather was perfect–mid 70’s the entire time. Much better than if I had gone back in July, when it was over 100 degrees. Gross.

My dad's dog Lucy has some funny ways of relaxing.
Lucy “relaxing” under the coffee table, her favorite spot.

My cute Russian nesting doll maternity tee, courtesy of Etsy shop Baby Belly Laughs.
My super-cute Russian nesting doll tee shirt, courtesy of the Etsy shop “Baby Belly Laughs”. I love it!

Mom and Lucy at the dog park tonight. She didn't know I was taking the picture!
I showed this picture to my father and he said, “See, you don’t even look fat there,” and I said, “THAT’S MOM!”

Lucy's first trip to a dog park, and boy do I look pregnant or what?! 22 weeks today.
Large and in charge, baby! I am 22 weeks, baby M. is the size of a spaghetti squash and I can feel him fluttering away as I type this entry. It’s pretty cool.

My mother's collection of books she's been gathering for the baby. She started even before I was pregnant!
Look at all the books my mother has collected for M. already! Mawwwww.

I always have a good time when I go home. One week of walking dogs, eating ice cream, and spending quality time with both parents. Tomorrow we are apparently leaving again because my husband “needs” to go hike up a mountain with his father. Uh huh. Catch yer later!

Tin Roof Rusted!

Tin Roof Rusted!

Josh went camping this weekend to some obscure chain of lakes and took hundreds of photos...but this one was my favorite.
Hey blerg! How fitting to start this blog entry with the object of my affection…Josh’s bubble butt, of course. His uncle took this photo, per Josh’s request, for ME. Oh gee!

Starting to get a little crispy! 🍂
Josh came back from his camping trip with a little cluster of what we thought we were mosquito bites on his belly…up until Sunday afternoon, when the patch spread to his back in a characteristic, SHINGLES-type way. Gross.

So many blackberries at the park! I gotta come back with a bucket.
We hoofed it over to a walk-in clinic where it was promptly diagnosed as shingles, and picked up an anti-viral medication. We were both concerned about it spreading to me, since I had been warned about working with shingles patients during pregnancy, but it turns out, he can’t give it to me. GOOD. GROSS.

Looking and smelling Fall-ish today. 🍂
Apparently when you are young and relatively healthy it’s the best time to get shingles, they heal quickly and aren’t particularly painful.

Happy Friday! 🌾
I’m leaving this evening to embark on a 6-day trip back to my parents house for a visit with Mumsie, Daddums and the Little Nipper. I haven’t seen the Little Nipper since she was a needle-toothed wild puppy last year!

My cousin Erika gave me this vintage rainbow terrycloth sleeper. The tiny feet KILL ME. 🌈
Lookit this little rainbow vintage sleeper Erika gave me, do you dieeee? I DIE.

Starting to paint the baby room today--"Cool Cucumber". Regardless of sex, the baby room was always gonna be green!
The color is not really showing here, but this is “cool cucumber” and it’s the baby room color. I’ve started painting.

After seeing my cousin Erika's glowing skin, I decided to try her green juice recipe. Wish me luck...
Erika turned me onto this green juice recipe by promising that it would keep me regular. I’ve been hit with a good old-fashioned case of pregnancy constipation and it SUCKS. I can’t say that the green juice is particularly tasty…I need to experiment some more. Like with more pineapple.

Blackberry-stained fingers at the park today.
Blackberry picking at the nearby park yielded some delicious crisp later on that evening, mmmm.

Bacon and cheddar stuffed giant tater tots at the Diamond Knot Brewery, mmmmm 😍
These bacon and cheddar stuffed giant tater tots we snarfed down weren’t half-bad either.

I think maternity clothes make me look even bigger. My child is banana-sized this week! 🍌🍌🍌
Maternity clothes are scientifically proven to make you look 75% more pregnant! I am 21 weeks this week and the little boy is the size of a banana. Wow!

Action family. 🎾
A little throwing stick action last Sunday with the fam.

Forest Cub!
…and a Forest Cub in action. I need to squeeze in one last walk with the rogs before I leave today.

Scored a glider/ottoman for the nursery today for only 89 clams. Sure, it's an earth tone, but I can re-cover it, yeah?
Christy and I went maternity clothes/baby shopping yesterday to my favorite thrift store and a really nice consignment store, and lo and behold, I found a glider chair and ottoman in perfect condition for only 89 dollars. Sure, it’s BROWN, and that’s generally a problem for me, but I figure if it really bugs me I can always re-cover it, yeah? Yeah.

Tonight we met Mr. Bennett. 😍
Then last night we finally met Mr. Bennett, Ronia’s new pet and 6 pounds of pure looooove! PUPPY LOVE! Catch you on the flip side, bloggeroos.