Water and trees and dogs

Water and trees and dogs

Joshy paddleboarding at sunset.
Happy Hump Day, blerg. Here’s a little leftover picture of Josh paddleboarding from two weekends ago, because it’s pretty.

Last night's beautiful sunset.
I am 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. This Friday I get to have my 20 week ultrasound, which is traditionally the “gender reveal” ultrasound. Of course, we already know the gender!

Too hot to take the girls to the dog park, but just right for a river swim. 💦
I’m excited to see the little dude again. Especially since I don’t feel him yet, which apparently is normal for first-time moms. 20-22 weeks is the average to start feeling kicks.

It's Friday! Let's play! 🌞
Last Friday it was too hot for the dog park, so I took the girls to the river instead. It was kind of gross–all fish-smelling and murky and trashy. They didn’t seem to mind.

Cleaning the house today, and moving more stuff out of the future baby room. Where oh where will my beloved wig heads go??!
Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning the house–my cousin Erika is coming for a visit this weekend and we haven’t had the maid in two months. Gasp! I know! I asked her to come this week, but she was taking a vacation. Sniff.

Currently going into the oven: zucchini bread with crushed glazed walnut topping. Mmmmmm. 💚
Zucchini bread with crushed glazed walnut topping, mmmmm. Unfortunately I was all out of white flour so I used whole-wheat flour instead, and I didn’t like the bread as much. Too healthy!

Beach day with the fam.
On Saturday after the house cleaning we went to the beach to play.

Josh took this very artistic shot of my Rocky Road dripping all down my arm.
We had some extremely melty ice cream cones as well.

The Bear stands alone.
Salty Cub!

Preggers at the beach. Sorry for the use of "preggers". 💦
Boy do I look pregnant. It’s especially apparent after I eat ANYthing, and blow up like a balloon.

You said it, tree.
Currently I’m wasting time before my doctor’s appointment at 10. 10 is a weird time–too early for me to go to work first, but a little too late as well.

Look at where Josh hiked to today without me--Blanca Lake! I've wanted to go for ages but it's too arduous for my pregnant body. 😭
So my stinkin’ husband and his stinkin’ little friend decided to hike MY BUCKET LIST lake on Sunday without me, Lake Blanca. Just because I’m pregnant and weak, dammit! Oh well. He said it was really hard but he would do it again. Damn right you’ll do it again, buddy. With wife and child!

Of course an arduous 12-mile hike sounds awful NOW, but maybe someday it will sound appealing again. Like when I’m not gestating a human, and panting when I walk up a small flight of stairs.

Tomatoes: the one crop that Josh and I are, inexplicably, really good at growing. 🍅🍅🍅
Someone gave us a cherry tomato plant for our garden, and it’s flourishing! Too bad I don’t like cherry tomatoes, ha haaaaaaaa.

Josh has some strange ways of getting comfortable on the couch.
Josh alleviating his hip pain. He was not super stoked I posted this on Instagram, I wonder why?

Impulse bought these at World Market today. I've heard good things! 😍
Yesterday I stopped by World Market to get a new bath mat and also impulse purchased these delicious Australian cookies I’d heard so much about. Very tasty!

Fresh glitter shellac! I wish I had requested 3 coats though. Oh well.
I also got a fresh shellac. I wish I had asked for three coats of glitter. Heigh ho!

Yes we ARE enjoying the last little bit of summer, how about you? 😎
Yes we ARE enjoying this last little bit of summer weather, and you?

Fun in the sun with dogs and grilled cheese

Fun in the sun with dogs and grilled cheese

BUMP. Enjoying my "beauty room" for a few more months before it becomes the baby room.
Hallo, blog! I am 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and for the sake of my mental health I have decided to quit weighing myself. Yayyyyyy!

I had my first dream about the baby this morning. When I approached him in the dream to change his diaper, he was a tiny infant, but as soon as I woke him up he was at least a year old and smiled at me and said, “Hi” and was super cute (and extremely smart) and also had straight blonde hair.

"Maggie, DROP." (Maggie ignores me) "Maggie, DROP." (Maggie ignores me)
That’s about all that happened. I think maybe I said, “Cute butt,” to him too.

Currently fantasizing about doing the main bathroom in coral and gold, like this. Josh says NO. Sigh.
Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones but I’m kind of obsessed with this coral and gold bathroom. Josh said NO, but that’s because he’s boring.

Happy Friday! Now get out there and walk children in nature. Or dogs.
Today I got permission at work to bring Maggie dog in. Yay! Everyone loves Maggie dog, and Maggie dog loves everyone.

Off on another adventure! 🌲
Would you look at these cute little faces? We went on our FIFTH camping trip this summer last weekend, that’s right, FIVE, a new record for the Holcomb family.

Got to play with a cute little Golden Retriever puppy this weekend. 😍
A co-worker of Josh’s has her own private island, and we hung out on the island all weekend long. She has two Deaf (grown) children, so about half the partiers were Deaf. It was an interesting blend! And how about this Golden puppy, huh? Huh?

My crazy-ass husband doing a headstand on a paddle board. @djmagicelf 😘
Here’s my crazy-ass husband doing a headstand on a paddle board. This is actually his second one–I missed the first one with the camera and yelled at him to do it again. Love!

Nothin' like a bunch of happy wet dogs! 💦
There was a lot of weed and beer for the partiers, and lots of food and dogs for the pregnant sober ladies (me, I was the only one).

Spent the weekend camping on a private island with dogs (and lots of food). Can't complain!
Maggie spent hours swimming and was a little limpy on Monday. I spent WAY too much time in the sun and got a little burnt and kind of nauseous Sunday evening. Sun sick! I actually got sun sick!

I wish my dogs would get on a paddle board! 💦
If only I could get my dogs on a paddle board!

Summer feelings. 🌈💦🌞
All in all it was a fabulous time and I would do it again, any weekend.

More progress on the Mandala.
The current Mandala. This is fun to work on.

Snarfed down some delicious food at "The Grilled Cheese Experience" food truck with my Broad tonight.
Last night we drove over and picked up the Broad and took her to the “Grilled Cheese Experience” food truck near her house, something I had wanted to try ever since I heard about it years ago. It did NOT disappoint! Mmmm, grilled cheeeeeeeese. Later dudes.

Camping trip number four

Camping trip number four

Is it Monday again?
Hey blog heyyyy. We went camping again last weekend! Our fourth camping trip by the first week of August…a new record!

Glamping, dahling. 😎
It was even HOT. Matter of fact, in spite of spraying ourselves repeatedly and liberally with spf 30, we both got sunburns. I got a weird patchy burn on the inside of my left leg where apparently the spray missed. Harrumph.

Maggie dog loves the great outdoors. 💚
Yes it was a “real” camping trip, meaning swimming and sunbathing and having a nice fire at night and considering sleeping under the stars but then not and lots of wet dog action. We floated a little down the river, but the water level was pretty low.

Finally a warm camping trip! We both got sunburns.
It definitely made up for the last two camping trips, where we froze our butts off.

Josh wearing a frosting bonnet. We're trying the "oil slick" dye today. 🌈
Hmmm? Oh! This was a little “experiment” yesterday trying to do “oil slick” hair on Josh. This involved pulling bits of hair out of a frosting bonnet, bleaching them, and dying the strands different fun colors. If you do it right, it looks cool, like this. Apparently we did it wrong because the color didn’t take at all. Heigh ho!

Camping love.
Oh yeah, back to camping. We actually have one more trip planned this year, bringing our grand total to FIVE CAMPING TRIPS. So spoiled!

Arrival yesterday afternoon. 🌲
Even though Josh’s crazy uncle was just in the hospital for meningitis, he was still calling him up this weekend asking when their next Gonzo outing will be. I suggested the week in September that I will be in Boise, and I’m hoping they take me up on it.

Forest dogs. 🌲
Because (boringly) in pregnancy I miss my husband! Also I can’t watch anything scary. I can’t even watch that new Winona Ryder show on Netflix called “Stranger Things” because it looks spooky. UGH.

Happy on-the-way-to-go-camping faces! 😎
Here we are on our way to go camping, aren’t we cute? You get to look at my week in REVERSE.

It's a new way to hold yer paintbrushes. 🎨
Thank God my size large pettipants still fit (for now). They’ve been getting a lot of use this summer. Last night we went out to purchase some larger capri pants for me to work out in…and gelato. Balance!

Josh bought me a little lemon tree for our anniversary. I hope I don't kill it immediately. 🍋🍋🍋
We recently celebrated our 8 year anniversary. He bought me a lemon tree; I bought him a card and some fudge brownies.

Bear Cub is a cutie cub. 💕
Who’s the cutest Bear around?

Feeling dotty. ⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
This is one of two maternity tops I now own, and let me tell ya, the “maternity” tops make me look way more pregnant. This is not a bad thing.

Now auditioning: houseboys to feed me grapes. 🍇🍇🍇
Still looking for a houseboy to feed me grapes.

In honor of #bumpday, here is my bump! He just popped out this week and I'm happy to finally look pregnant, not just like I've been eating too many donuts. 🍩
Just in time for “Bumpday”, my bump decided to pop out! I prefer looking actually pregnant to just looking fat. It’s cute.

The pitbull owners around here sure are opinionated. And seem to always carry Sharpie markers.
Defensive pitbull owners are everywhere! And apparently always have Sharpie markers on hand.

Very appropriate summertime reading. 🍋
A good summer read. Light and fluffy.

I've got camping fever! 🌲
That brings us up to speed! I am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant, my son is the size of a turnip, and I continue to groooooooow! Ain’t no stoppin’ me now! Have a nice week.

Don’t forget to bring a towel

Don’t forget to bring a towel

I swear, Bear Cub has been a lot more clingy since I got pregnant. She is frequently chilling nearby, wherever I am. Do you think dogs can tell?
Hey-o! I can’t believe it’s August already. Maybe I should be happy that we haven’t had “real” “summer” “heat”, but instead I feel..slighted. Where’s the HEAT, SEATTLE? Here’s Bear Cub being a close-by Cub. I swear she’s been clingier since I became pregnant. I don’t mind!

Put a bird on it 💚
Yesterday we (and by “we” I mean Josh) moved the vast majority of my fabric collection downstairs. He remarked that I don’t really have that much, and that’s true, but he’s overlooking the three huge boxes of fabric that are still in the baby room that need to go SOMEwhere. Someday.

Definitely the most subtle shellac manicure I've ever had. Pretty in the sun, though. ✨
On the samples the shellac color looked white and shimmery, but on my actual nails it barely showed up at all, even after 2 coats. The most subtle shellac I’ve ever had. Pretty in the sun, though.

Whipped up this painting of Maggie dog tonight (j/k I used a #prisma filter after devouring 1/3rd pint of Ben & Jerry's) (no regrets).
The “Prisma” app makes your photos look like paintings! Kinda.

It's hot today! 💦💦💦
Friday was the hottest it’s been in a while, so I drove the girls over to Marymoor Park, where we met up with one of the gals from my former infertility support group. Out of the 9 of us, 4 of us are currently pregnant. I was the first one!

Tree graffiti heart. 💚
Speaking of which, today I am 16 weeks and two days pregnant, and my stomach has officially “popped”, which is fine by me, because now I actually look pregnant and not just fat.

Maggie dog yesterday.
Pregnancy dreams are weirder than ever. Still have to get up three times a night to pee. This morning, before I left for work, I peed 3 times in 45 minutes. Sigh.

My cute family at the Edmonds dog park today. 💦
Saturday my furry fam and I went to the Edmonds Marina dog park, a favorite. We ate: a shaved ice, small gelato, cheeseburger and garlic fries, AND later on blueberry pancakes for dinner. Somehow my husband’s weight remains stable. Maybe! Who knows because he broke the scale the other day! I’m really tempted to not buy a new one. It’s not like knowing my weight is affecting my behavior, AT ALL, just making me feel rage-y at all the women on my pregnancy forums who are whining about gaining 2 pounds. Ah God, SHUT IT.

Hey Bear!
These rotten animals of mine ran across to the other side of the beach and spent several minutes gleefully rolling in what I can only imagine was either animal scat, or dead sea creatures, or possibly a combination of both. GROSS, DOGS. GROSS.

Beautiful bright petunias, spotted in Edmonds yesterday.
Beautiful petunias outside the gelato store. Isn’t gelato the best? I don’t know why I avoided it for so long.

What are these crazy spiky flowers called? I love them and can't remember the name.
I can’t remember what these cool spiky flowers are but I’ve always liked them.

Hard to believe it's going to be August tomorrow!
We might go camping this weekend. It’s supposed to be nice weather and my husband is obsessed with watching a meteor shower at 2 in the morning on Friday night. HA! Good luck waking me up, buddy!

Finishing a painting, a waterfall, and something new

Finishing a painting, a waterfall, and something new

FINALLY at the Mod Podge (i.e. last) stage of this painting. This little side project for the guest room ended up taking way longer than I thought! 🎨
Hey blerg! I finallyyyyy finished this Polly Apfelbaum rip-off for the guest room that took me, frankly, WAY TOO LONG. I topped it off with 3 coats of Mod Podge and I’m gonna hang it right over the bed.

Beautiful pink rose misted with this morning's rain. 💕
There are lots of beautiful roses to sniff and gawk at outside my work.

Gave myself an Ab Fab manicure to go see the Ab Fab movie tonight with my Broad! 🌟🌟🌟
I finally got around to putting on these cute lil’ Jamberry nails I purchased from the Broad months and months ago. Apparently I didn’t put them on “right”, because two of them started peeling off that night and then I just gave them all a tug and they slid right off! Don’t tell Corinne, but I think the Sally Hansen nail stickers are far superior. Just sayin’. Two weeks versus, like, 7 hours.

Tonight! 💖🌟✨ Let's get celebritied up!
I did my nails to go see the new “Ab Fab” movie, of course! Corinne had started her period that morning and was GRUMPY AS HELL and tried to cancel on me twice (once as I was on the freeway driving to her house) but I said GET OVER IT and the movie is so good! You should go watch it immediately.

Satur-yay! 💚
Today I am 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and my son is the size of an orange. The constant need to feed from the first trimester is over, but the damage has been done! Let’s just say…I don’t even wanna tell you how much weight I’ve gained. Yeah. THAT much.

We have a mutual goal to start clearing out the closet in the “gym” (ha ha) to make room for my fabric. We have done zero prep for the baby as of yet. I realize we have many months to go…but those months are gonna go by quick!

My family tromping around in a river on the way to Twin Falls. 💦
Sunday morning we went on a hike to Twin Falls, just a three mile hike (my preference). Hiking is harder in pregnancy. Especially going uphill, oy vey. A moment after this picture was taken Josh slipped on a wet river rock and came down weirdly and hurt his hip. Oh the joys of getting old!

A couple of nerds with Twin Falls behind them. 💦
Nerds in Love. That’s the waterfall behind us. We had done this hike before, but it had been about 3 years.

Cascading Twin Falls.
Ooooh, ahhhhh. It’s a popular hike. Lots of kids and dogs and even some old people, with walking sticks. Adorable.

Nice view! 🌲
Nice view!

Family Fun time at the park yesterday. Fried chicken and green salad, followed by a solid 10 minutes of "sunbathing" before the panting black dogs made us feel guilty.
Afterwards we picked up fried chicken and green salad and had a picnic at the park, followed by about 10 minutes of “sunbathing” before the hot, panting dogs guilted us into leaving.

Maggie dog at the park yesterday. 🌾
Black dogs don’t like the sunshine so much. I don’t blame them.

It's finally above 80 degrees! Yay Seattle summer! 🌞
Yesterday it was finally above 80 and therefore felt like summer a little bit! I even bought an iced coffee drink and had about 1.5 inches of it before my Pregnancy Guilt settled in.

Tonight I said goodbye to my VW Passat that I've had for the past 10 years. Good-bye old girl! You were so lovely in concept but such a problem child in reality!
Of course the BIG NEWS this week is that last night I finally said good-bye to my VW Passat wagon that I’ve loved/loathed for the past 10 years…

Hey there, sexy. 😍
….and helloooooo to my sexy blue Subaru Outback! You will recall that I have wanted an Outback for many many years, and my dreams finally came true last night. Oh sure, I was sad to say goodbye to the VW, but I must say today all tucked into my new car with that wonderful new car scent, I wasn’t missing it any more! Heh heh heh. Have a fabulous week, bloggeroonies!

Camping again: brrrrr

Camping again: brrrrr

Josh's uncle doesn't understand why we would want to go camping at the same place twice. Well, because it's this beautiful, that's why! 💚
Hey dudes! We went camping again last weekend! That brings our 2016 total trips to THREE, pretty impressive for mid-July. A record, in fact.

Maggie and Bear Cub splash around Hyas Lake. 💦
TOO BAD it was too cold to swim or sunbathe or even go hat and glove-less! That’s right, BOOOOO. No more camping until the temp hits, like, 80. Ugh.

Bear Cub carries the dog food when we go camping.
Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful–Hyas Lake is always beautiful, but at one point Saturday morning I was wearing a tee shirt, long-john shirt, fleece and long pants and a winter hat AND gloves and my fingertips were still turning white from cold. In July. What a load of crap!

So many beautiful wildflowers on this trip. 🌻
The array of wildflowers this year really was stunning. And with only a 10-pound pack to carry, the two flat miles to camp was a piece of cake.

Another cooold camping trip. Remind me to wait until August to go camping again!
I just, you know, prefer NOT to freeze my ass off when I go camping, that’s all. Also: freeze-dried biscuits and gravy is disgusting! We won’t make that mistake again!

Mountain Man, does what he can. 🌲
Even the Mountain Man had on a flannel shirt and a down vest. Brrrrrr.

The fire was necessary this time around. Brrrrrr.
Thank goodness the fire danger wasn’t too high and we were able to build a fire! That helped. A little.

@djmagicelf and @corinne_spoja and I ready to see Die Antwoord tonight woot wooooot! 🌟
In other, non-camping-related news, Josh and the Broad and I went to see Die Antwoord last night! Woo hoo! Baby’s first concert.

Die Antwoord put on a great show tonight. 💙
Now that I’m pregnant and sensitive, maybe some of their imagery was a little…creepy, and occasionally the music and lights were a bit…cloying, but 90% of the concert was excellent. I’m glad we went.

Next time you're at Snoqualmie Pass, make sure to stop by Aardvark Express. Stoner comfort food at its finest! 💚
The next time you are at Snoqualmie Pass, do yourself a favor and stop by the Aardvark Express: stoner comfort food at its finest. I had a sausage tucked into a pancake and smothered with cream cheese and huckleberry jam, and Josh had chicken curry with a slab of pineapple cake on top. Mmmmmm.

I bought a shade-less teal lamp at a thrift store 2 years ago and finally found the perfect shade at Fred Meyer's (of all places) to match it.
Now we get to review all the random pictures I’ve been insta-shamming for the last couple of weeks. Like this picture of the bedroom lamp, which is notable only because I bought that lamp sans shade from a thrift store a couple of years ago, and randomly found the perfect shade to match it at Fred Meyers, of all places, recently. 

Rainbow glass pendant from Kauai. 🌈
My 4th of July shellac is ready to come off.

Behold: the perfect blueberry muffin (and yes, that's butter oozing out of it).
Oh man. Here’s the thing about pregnancy cravings: sometimes they just won’t abate until you’ve made homemade blueberry muffins with struesel topping. Holy moly, they were goooooood.

I looooove Pacifica's fragrances. I think this is my 5th perfume by them. It's the perfect summer scent! 💛
The perfect summer scent, courtesy of Pacifica. Good old Pacifica–I now own all the perfumes from them I care to own. Which is like 5 or 6.

Gorgeous purple hydrangea 💜
This hydrangea in our back yard really is a stunner.

No filter, no extra saturation, the color of this rose was amazing! 💖💖💖
This beautiful rose outside my work needed no extra saturation or IG filters. I’m back at one of my old jobs again, and it’s nice working every day. The staffing company pays great but hasn’t had any work for me since last month.

Beautiful lily in our front yard.
I never get tired of looking at flowers! These lovely lilies popped up in our front yard.

Roses from Joshy, plucked from our yard. 🌹🌹🌹
Today I am 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and I’m actually starting to LOOK pregnant. Like, the belly doesn’t flatten when I suck it in.

Nature Cub!
I feel a little less famished constantly, but I still have a healthy appetite.

Maggie prefers to be lying down comfortably while snacking. I feel that, Mags.
Tonight for dinner I am making slow cooker beef and broccoli, with strawberry shortcake for dessert. Doesn’t that sound gooood?

Black eyed Susan in the front yard. 💛
I had originally planned to go to Boise at the end of this month, but moved my trip up to September. My brother and his wife are finally moving out of my parent’s house at the end of next month to their new place in Oregon, and it will be less stressful if I visit then. 

I am going to see the new Ab Fab movie this Friday with my Broad, CAN’T WAIT!!!

Alright weather, I'm ready for you to warm up now. Is this gonna be one of those Old School Seattle summers where it doesn't get hot until August?! Booooo!
I really wanted Christopher to come up, but he claims he is in school right now and can’t do it, even though I promised to buy his train ticket and everything. Booooooo.

"Enough with the selfies!" says Maggie dog. "Let's go!" 💛
Meanwhile, the girls and I are still going for our daily walkies.

The lettuce, cucumbers and squash failed big time, but at least our tomato plant is flourishing!
This year we have completely failed to grow marigolds, lettuce, cucumbers and squash but the tomato plant is thriving! Sigh.

Trail Cub. 🌲
I’m not sure what critters are responsible for munching away the leaves on everything, but we DO have an awful lot of snails in the backyard. Little jerks.

Shirley Manson looking bloody gorgeous with pink hair in my latest "Elle". Can you believe she's almost 50?!
Good grief this blog entry is taking a long time! FINALLY here is Shirley Manson looking fabbuu with bright pink hair at nearly age 50. You go, girl!

And even MORE camping pictures (tra la lee?)

And even MORE camping pictures (tra la lee?)

view from camp
Guess what, blog? I have more camping pictures!

view across the lake
But these pictures look just like the last set of pictures!” I hear you saying. Sure, sure, but these are actual CAMERA pictures! Not taken with a phone! See the difference now?

the sun finally came out
We are likely going camping again this weekend…maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll get up to…70 degrees! Let the good times ROLL!

sunny afternoon
This is a nice shot. This is during the 10 minute window of time that the sun finally came out.

Maggie takes it easy
Josh was napping, Maggie was embedding her dog fur with sap and pine needles, Bear Cub was guarding, and I was…working my way through the book of 80 “Easy” crossword puzzles I had purchased at the grocery store for this trip.

Maggie looking at me
We are only going camping Friday and Saturday, because on Sunday we are going to baby’s first concert: DIE ANTWOORD. Oooooh yeah! It’s gonna be weird!

Here’s one of my faves by them, the video I showed Corinne to see if she would like them. It worked! She’s going with us! REMIND ME TO GIVE HER THE CAT PAINTINGS I DID MONTHS AGO, O-M-G.

Maggie keeps an eye on Josh
Here’s Joshy attempting to fish with a leaky kayak and a tangled line and no visible fish, anywhere.

These kayakers were the closest other humans to us all weekend long, just the way I like it.

Josh fishing
I love how concerned Maggie is.

happy camping face
Heaven forbid I blog and NOT mention my pregnancy, right? For fun, here are 5 ways that being pregnant is that I didn’t expect:

1. Sore sore boobs. Never read about that one.
2. Having to pee CONSTANTLY–three times a night, minimum.
3. Emotional wreck! My mother sent me a video last night about “Why God created dogs” and I cried watching it this morning! Good grief.
4. Occasional cramps. Like period, only not.
5. SO TIRED. Yes. A nap every afternoon. Although I hear in the second trimester that gets better.

green lake
There are a lot more, but I am tired because I woke up at 6 this morning and frankly, it already feels like naptime. Even though it’s only 11:15. Ruh roh.

dogs in the water
The camping trip this weekend involves a two mile trek to the spot. I can do it, but I can’t carry the 25 pound pack that I normally would, pre-pregnancy. I wonder how it’s going to work? We will have to minimize.

camping fam
I certainly won’t be able to bring along my luxuriant lounge chair that I brought for last weekend’s trip. Gee, that was nice!

beautiful lake
Maybe I’ll just bring two pairs of shoes, instead of the usual 3. Or 4. Wait, flip-flops BARELY count as shoes, right? Ta ta for now!