Halloween inspiration, fabric and a sewing project (finally)

Halloween inspiration, fabric and a sewing project (finally)

Two coats of Floss Gloss "Dimepiece" + gel topcoat = the perfect glitter manicure. ✨✨✨
Hellerrrrr, blerrrrrg. Current nail situation. Well, this was a week ago. Add some chips. Mmmm, chiiiips. 16 days of low-carb dieting: 4 pounds down. Better than nothin’.

Loooove going to the fabric store this time of year πŸ’€
I love going to the fabric store this time of year! Ohhhh shiny Day of the Dead fabric, the things I could do with YOU.

Thanks to the #seahawks game, we were the only ones at the park today. More blackberry gorging for me!
My stinkin’ baby gave me a yucky cold on Friday. I stupidly thought I wouldn’t get his cold, so of course I was kissing him as usual and sharing his spoon…durrrrrrrp.

Neon flowers in my neighbor's yard--no filter required! πŸ’–
Now Josh is getting the same cold. Of course, that didn’t stop him from running 7.5 miles yesterday. ??? Who does that?

Today's probably the warmest day we're gonna have for the rest of 2017...who wants to be inside?? 🌞🌞🌞
The sunny days are dwindling fast! Good-bye, summer!

Bear in the rough. 🌾
And hello BRRRRRR. My thermostat claims it’s 71 degrees in the house, but I am wearing a robe and fuzzy winter socks. Then again, I am sick. Cough.

Not sure what this flowering plant is, but it's pretty. πŸ’š
My neighbors tore out their entire front lawn when they moved in and have been slowly filling up the space with plants and flowers. Here’s one of them–I like it.

One of my favorite paintings, "Girl with Flower Crown", inspired by the movie "Daisies". My SIL owns it. 🌸
Remember this painting? This was a good one. Brenna owns it now.

Yes Dior, I hear you...😍
Feeeling this sparkly blue Dior dress.

#tbt: in Maui, 2011. We'll be going back next April, this time with our son. 🌺
Going back to Maui with the in-laws next April, yayyyyy! This time with baby. I’ve already asked Christopher to dogsit!

Three of my favorite things: rainbow, watercolors, and mushrooms. By @kelzuki
Cute rainbow mushroom watercolor. I’d like to get into watercolors.

Blue skies. πŸ’™
Josh is out taking baby for his first nap/drive while I type this blather. Then I’m responsible for nap number two while he watches the Seahawks game. Yes, Mr. Baby is still napping in the car. Maybe when we’re all done with this shitty cold I’ll be ready to nap crib train again.

I have eaten so many blackberries this season 😍
I really have eaten a ton of fresh blackberries this year. Pretty much every time I walk at the park, plus at night with a squirt of whipped cream. It’s my only dessert. It’s gooooood.

Fun with baby at the costume shop (maybe not so fun for him).
First trip to the costume shop with the baby! Ha ha, get used to THIS, kid.

Me in the morning, before coffee.

This is a good look.
Now if the light on this angler fish mask lit up it would be GENIUS.

Well, I don't have THIS glasses shape.
What is this glasses shape??

Would you believe this cute baby gave me a nasty cold? πŸ’¦
A couple of sick sickies, but in teal! My power color!

Finally watching "Almost Famous" for the first time.
My reward for winning the chore chart was 3 hours of non-baby time, so while Josh took the baby yesterday I watched “Almost Famous” for the first time. SNORE. It is so long, as so boring! How can a movie about rock and roll and groupies be so damn boring???

I wonder if my son will inherit his mother's gift of The Pose?
Once a cheeseball, always a cheeseball. My son is already smiling for the camera and he’s not even a year old. Posing shouldn’t be too far in the future…

Took my first bath since we moved into this house (2014), with Oceanus bubble bath from...the late 90's? Does that stuff go bad?
Last night I took the first bath I’ve had in this house since we moved in, back in 2014. The only bubble bath I own is a questionable bottle of Oceanus from the Body Shop from I’m SURE the late 90’s. It smelled vaguely OK.

Ah summer, you always have to come to an end, don't you? 😭
Two days ago. Aw summer, why you gotta go away?

First sewing project since having the baby: this high chair cushion. 🐒🐒🐒
Behold: my first sewing project since having the baby. Really? Not a single stitch in 8 months? Time fliiiiiiies, when you’re keeping a tiny human alive. And speaking of, Josh said the last time he visited his sister’s house with the baby, Elliot reached over and patted the baby’s head and said, “I love this tiny human.” MAWWWWW.

Hunger, art, and shoes

Hunger, art, and shoes

A little sidewalk chalk inspiration πŸ’•
Hello blerg. It’s Sunday. Mr. Baby is out for a jog/nap with Daddy, so I get to stay home and cover my fingernails with glitter and pound out this entry while the dogs stare at me, hoping for a W-A-L-K.

So hungry. Total weight loss after 8 days on new diet: 2.4 pounds. KEEP IT GOING, BODY.

Bear Cub waits up. 🌾
After another few days of smoke and doom and gloom, it finally rained yesterday, and today the sky is kind blue again. So nice. We take it for granted. Maybe not after this summer!

Neon pink flowers at Grandma Shirley's. πŸ’–
Last Monday at Grandma Shirley’s place and her neon pink dahlias. Pretty pretty. I want some dahlias for our yard.

I don't recall a Seattle summer ever being this smoky. The sky is a sickly grey-yellow. I doubt we'll be able to camp again this year, the places we go are so stricken with wildfire. Not to mention my hair was flat before I even started work today. Booooo
It’s heartbreaking thinking about all the forest fire devastation right now. Especially when the awful one in Oregon could have been prevented if some jackass 15-year-old hadn’t thought it would be hilarious to throw a firecracker into dry brush and then walk away. UGHHHH. Also: my hair goes flat in this type of weather. Equally heartbreaking! (just kidding)

Maggie and Baby M. are playing fetch together! My work is DONE. πŸ˜…
At long last my needy Lab and my needy baby are playing with each other. My work is DONE!

Suffer, sisters. 🎨
Love this. Suffer, sisters.

Just sitting around sweating and wondering when this wildfire haze is gonna lift. 😭
Just sitting around in my husband’s athletic shorts and a nursing bra, contemplating the weather, as one does. With a fresh pair of eyelash extensions.

The roses in the garden decided to put on one last show this year 🌹🌹🌹
I didn’t expect the rosebush in our front yard to put on one last show, but there it is.

"Valerie and her week of wonders", 1970. Sometimes I watch weird movie before I fall asleep.
Weirdest movie I’ve (semi) watched lately: “Valerie and her week of wonders”, 1970. Just your average Czech coming-of-age story, with incest and vampires and a 15 minute long dream sequence at the end that looks like something out of a Maxfield Parrish painting.

#FBF to sunnier times. Hey happy Friday!
Sunnier times at Marymoor Park this summer.

Amazing crystal tattoo by @jennakerrtattoo ✨✨✨
Look at this amazing crystal tattoo! Sometimes I fantasize about covering up my crappy little sun.

My boys at a diner this morning. The baby sat in a high chair for the first time and enjoyed cottage cheese and eggs. 🍳
Mr. Baby sat in a high chair in a diner for the first time yesterday morning. He did great: ate his baby carrots, plus some of our eggs and my cottage cheese. He also smiled and giggled and openly flirted with the baby girl at the table over. Such a ladies man!

Raining outside. A good day for a fat September "Vogue" and lots of coffee.
Recently I borrowed the latest September “Vogue” to flip through. You might recall I was a diehard Vogue lover until somewhere in the 2010+ years when they put Lady Gaga on the cover and I’d had ENOUGH. Turns out I haven’t missed a damn thing. 95% ads and 5% crap. My September “Elle” was vastly superior. Oh Vogue, how far you’ve fallen.

Now THIS is a shoe. 🌿
I AM, however, attracted to this Manolo Blahnik shoe. MMMmmmmMMMmmmm.

Oh look, they made Cheerios even grosser. πŸŽƒ
Two gross tastes that taste grosser together…it must be close to Fall! Here comes the crappy pumpkin spice everythingggggg!

Ta ta, bloggers. I’m gonna try to fit the new episode of “American Horror Story” in while my baby’s gone. I hear it features CLOWNS.

Baby antics, funny shows, and Grammy

Baby antics, funny shows, and Grammy

Grammy gives Mr. Baby his first bite of ice cream.
Heyyyy bloooog. I’ve had the “add new post” box up for three days, just waiting for the opportunity to write. And here it is! Here’s Mom giving Goo his very first taste of ice cream. We would have waited, but it was important to her, so we let her do it. Of course he loved it!

Catching up on a bit of luxury with Mom last night...classic episodes of Aaaaaabsolutely Faaaaabulous πŸ’–
Plenty of Ab Fabs were watched over the past week (mostly by me, but that’s okay). We also showed Mumsie “Office Space” for her first time.

"Beverly Leslie with your pants so tight, won't you be my partner tonight?"
And of course, per her request, some “Will & Grace”. I wonder how the new season is? Did Beverly Leslie come back too?

Happy Friday! Let's frolic. 🌞🌲🐢
She’s flying back to Boise this afternoon. Josh is driving her to the airport…while I go to the gym and go to the grocery store and frantically try to accomplish some cleaning tasks that are very difficult to get done with a Mr. Baby.

Beautiful sunny day today. 🌞
We went for a walk (or two) every single day that she was here. Sometimes she went for a THIRD walk by herself after dinner. This is a woman recovering from two back surgeries, mind you.

First full day away from my baby while Josh/Goo attend his father's bday bash in Spokane. Mumsie and I bought fresh books, gorged on Oreo milkshakes and watched "Will and Grace". Not a bad way to spend a day baby-free! (I MISS HIM)
On Saturday I let Josh take my baby to Spokane and back in the very same day to attend his father’s 70th birthday party. I definitely missed my baby, but it helped having Mom around to distract me. We walked, snarfed Oreo milkshakes and read books. Not a bad baby-free day!

I can tell Josh has been using my car 😝
A surefire sign that Josh borrowed my car: Paul Anka appeared in the front seat. Gross.

Beach baby β›±
Josh took the baby to the beach this week and let him stick his baby toes in the sand (and pulled him away before he could eat a mouthful of sand).

No editing needed on these stunning hibiscus flowers. 🌺🌺🌺
The hibiscus is doing great.

Somebody wants attention and her name is Maggie dog.
Maggie dog says heyyyyy pay attention to meeeeeeeeee.

Pops and Goo vs Pops and me πŸ’•πŸ’•
My father and Goo vs. my father and me.

Post-haircut: better! I only get my hair cut 2-3 times a year, always the minimum. The hairdresser suggested I cut my hair every 6 weeks...that seems high maintenance to me.
Mumsie and I both desperately needed a trim, so went and got our hair cut together. This is the “after”…I also took a “before” shot, but Flickr seems to have not uploaded it, and I am lazy.

Last shave ice of the summer! 🌺
My mother is interested in Lake Stevens, so we drove around the lake and also stopped for one last shave ice.

#fbf: my baby shower last November with Erika and @idahoagogo πŸ’•(I finally looked at the pictures this morning! πŸ˜‚)
“One last”…because as of September 1st I am officially on a low-carb diet. My weight has stalled with a whopping 20 pounds left to go for months now, and IT WILL NOT STAND. Here’s a shot of me and Erika and Christy at my baby shower last year…I finally got around to looking at the pictures Erika sent!

Nature walks with Mumsie. 🌾
Mumsie off in search of Maggie, who was deep in the forest eating something disgusting.

Bear Cub!
Bear Cub also ate something disgusting during one of our walks…she had a shit-eating grin! What gross animals!

Goo laughing at videos of himself.
This baby loves to look at pictures of himself. He sure takes after his mom!

Maggie is 11 years older than Mr. Bennett but they get along just fine. πŸ’•
Bob and Fleeta brought Mr. Bennett and the kids over yesterday. Maggie and Mr. Bennett got along famously. I miss my dogs playing together like that! It’s been years.

Family walkies! It's hoooot. 🌞
One last family walk. Luckily my mother is going to come back for another visit at the beginning of November. What will Goo be doing by then? Running, at this rate!

Mumsie is flying back home today after a lovely 2-week stay. We're going to miss her!
We’re going to miss you, Grammy!

Alright, time to get this carcass moving. Ta ta for now, bloggers.

Camping again, la tee daaaah

Camping again, la tee daaaah

Found some glamorous trash at the campsite.
Hola blog! I’m finally getting around to posting the camping photos from two weeks ago. Here’s some glamorous trash I found at our campsite.

Mr. Baby in the Great Outdoors.
The weather on this trip was really bizarre. It was still smoggy from the Canadian wildfire haze, and then about 90 degrees on top of that–HOT.

A sexy cumulus cloud last night. It was 90 degrees and so hot...and then this morning it rained for hours so we left early. Booooo.
Over the ridge we could see smoke from a fresh fire, building up into this great big cumulus cloud that hung over camp for a few hours. In the morning, the smoke was gone.

Maggie dog in her element.
The heat made us sluggish. We didn’t even cook dinner that night, just ate some cheese and meat and crackers.

My sweeties.
Mr. Baby loves to be outside!

The weather went from a clear 90 degrees at night to a chilly rainy morning/afternoon. WA weather, you so crazy.
The morning was much cooler. It started sprinkling, we figured it would pass…it didn’t!

The coffee was a little...chunky.
The French Press missed a few grounds.

So inviting πŸ’¦
I regretted not going swimming the night we arrived, when we were so hot. Who wants to swim in a cold river in the rain? Booooo.

We ended up leaving about 3 hours before we normally would have, due to the rain. We didn’t mind getting rained on, pre-baby, but when you have a squirrel-y infant being cooped up in a tent isn’t as much fun.

Still: three camping trips this summer, not too shabby! And we’ll get another one too, if I get my way.

Yellow grass, dried leaves, colder temps...I'm not ready for fall yet! 😳
It’s feeling Fall-ish around here already. Cooler temps, dried leaves on the ground, that inevitable “crisp” in the air…

I mean, could he be any cuter? Seriously.

Who drives to Lake Stevens for shave ice? Meeeeee 😍
Firmly in denial about summer ending, I drove Mr. Baby to Lake Stevens and bought myself a nice big shave ice. Mmmmmm.

Such a relief to see blue skies again. I was beginning to think that wildfire haze was going to last for the rest of the summer.
At long last, blue skies again. Those weeks of smoke haze were no fun.

Are these the dog days of summer?
C’est moi. About half of my eyelash extensions have already fallen out.

Dog pack!
Dogfriends! Dogfriends at the park.

Electric pink πŸ’–
My neighbor’s roses are still blooming nicely. Ours died weeks ago.

The scarlet begonia is really flourishing! πŸ’₯
The scarlet begonia, however, is doing great! It has tripled in size.

August is always a little melancholy 🌾
Pretty soon the blackberries will be ripe to pick.

So close!

Bear and baby.

This Life Alert guy is kinda hot. Maybe I need to fall and then not get up. πŸ˜‚
This Life Alert guy is kinda hot, yeah? Should I fall and then not get up?

Grampy Steve and Mr. Baby.
Guess who came for a visit? My father flew over last Friday, and stayed through the weekend. My mother flew over the following day, and is still here.

Just the girls and I for today's dogwalk. 🌾
Every day I have to pressure her into staying longer. She’s recovering from her second back surgery this year, and subsequently cannot pick up Mr. Baby, or do household chores.

Mom and Goo.πŸ’™
She therefore feels that she is being a “burden”, so every day I have to stress that it is important that she is spending time with the baby, and she won’t be able to see him again until Christmas, likely. Who cares if she can’t pick him up off the floor? Who cares if she can’t do laundry? NOT ME.

Sweetness. πŸ’•
They only get to be babies once. This is a special time.

Happy Goo.
Look at that happy Goo!

Mother and daughter. πŸ’•
We go for short walks every day, and eat ice cream every night. Not a bad way to spend August!

Walkies. 🌾
Meeting new dogfriends along the way.

Hey Bear!
Now that Mr. Baby is crib trained for night, I’m working on the nap crib training. Yesterday afternoon it took him a whopping 45 minutes of flopping/sitting up/fussing…for an hour long nap. This morning it took 25 minutes. Improvement!

Verdict: gross. Maybe people only like this if they have forgotten what real ice cream tastes like?
One word regarding this B.S. posing as ice cream: YUCK.

Hey, that catches us up! See yer later.

Kittens and elderly dogs and lotsa babies

Kittens and elderly dogs and lotsa babies

My SIL has a new addition to their family. 😺
‘sup blog? This is the new addition to my SIL’s home (the kitten, not the baby). Too bad–they were JUST dog people for a nice chunk of time.

Maggie thinks maybe I won't notice her covertly begging for yogurt under the kitchen table.
Josh is out doing the bi-weekly Costco shopping with Mr. Baby. I just completed a workout at the gym, bought ingredients to make jambalaya tonight, and scarfed down a salad.

Mr. Baby hasn’t been so great about sleeping through the night lately, so last night we attempted to “crib train” for the very first time.

Misty mornings (and unfortunately smoky afternoons).
We let him scream and cry and fling himself dramatically around his crib for less than 10 minutes before we gave in. It was not pleasant.

The dogs are relaxing on the quilt that I thoughtfully laid out for the baby, meanwhile the baby is chewing on my shoe laces. Gross.
We’re going to sleep/crib train, REALLY do it, but maybe wait until after my parents leave (they are visiting soon) and then after we go to Spokane again (my FIL’s 70th birthday party) and then after Mr. Baby has his surgery. So basically…September.

Evidently this sleep training stuff amounts to a few hellish nights. Nobody wants that, but of course he needs to learn to sleep in his crib eventually, right? Right.

We're gonna have a lot of tomatoes this year. πŸ…
The three tomato plants we acquired from Fleeta are coming in beautifully.

Baby date! (my baby is the one who doesn't "relax")
Another baby date! The other two babies laid around like babies, while my crazy son crawled all over the place and tried to grab hair and faces.

Happy moms club. πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’š
Three happy mommies and their adorable baby boys.

The best πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£
What’s better than baby toes?

Guess what we're doing this weekend?
Flashback to the last time we went camping. We did go camping again this past weekend, but thanks to a crappy combo of forest fire haze/rain the next day, it wasn’t nearly so picturesque.

Re-united and it feels so gooooood
I got re-lashed! I joked with my eyelash lady that I wasn’t going to tell Josh, just let him figure it out. The next day he came home from work and told me I looked “pretty”.

I batted my synthetic lashes and asked, “Notice anything…different?”

“Lashes?” he correctly guessed. Good job, husband!

7 months old! πŸ’šπŸ’š
Meanwhile Mr. Goo is 7 months old now! WHERE IS THE TIME GOING, STOP IT TIME.

Maggie dog says, "What are we doing today?"
Bear Cub is 9 this year, and Maggie will be 12 in November! Siiiigh.

Some inspiration, sweetie (thanks @erinlovesmullets)
A little inspiration. It made me cackle.

Happy Friday! πŸ’œ
Me and my Gooey Goo. In spite of all the crib trauma, he slept from 9-4:30, had a feeding session with Mommy, and then back to sleep until 6:45. Not too shabby.

Camping pics up next!

My beach blanket she’s such a nature’s child

My beach blanket she’s such a nature’s child

Village People?
Blawg! Don’t these little toys of Mr. Baby’s look like the Village People?

Mr. Baby allows me to do two or three quilt ties per day. At this rate, I'll have this quilt finished in 2019 or so.
Current project, tying this quilt that I started __ years ago. I’m only able to do 2-3 ties per day before WAHHHHH…so I should have it finished in 2019 or so.

Mmmm roses πŸ’•
Roses at my OLD job, when I stopped by for a TB test last week. Yes my OLD job, I haven’t worked there for over a month and I suspect I won’t be any time soon. LAME. It was only 7 minutes away from home, talk about the perfect commute.

A new flavor to try! Now they just need to make banana 🍌🍌🍌
My Summer of 2017 Mexican Popsicle Obsession is still going strong, and Fred Meyer’s had the elusive pecan flavor on my last trip. Verdict: not as good as coconut. That company really should release a banana flavor…I’d be all over it!

Finally had my nails done for the first time in over a year...they match my wallet! ✨✨✨
I won the chore chart and instead of requesting the usual massage (I don’t think I’ve had a decent, long massage since the baby’s been born anyway), I requested 3 hours of Just Liz time, and during that special time I went and had my nails shellacked. They match my wallet!

Josh is out with the baby and the dogs for a walk/nap. Lately I’ve transferred the sleeping baby from the stroller to the top of our dryer, turned the dryer on, and he naps non-stop until the cycle ends, 70 minutes later. I can get a lot done around the house in that amount of time!

This hydrangea in our backyard is the prettiest shade of purple. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
My mother is concerned that Mr. Baby will use his Baby strength and somehow knock himself off of the dryer, but it’s impossible, that damn car seat weighs a TON.

A rare portrait of the elusive Bear Cub.
The air quality is terrible right now, thanks to lots of forest fires in Canada. The haze combined with the heat reminds me of Boise summers: YUCK.

It's so hot and muggy today my hair has already melted! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
After work this week, completely flat hair thanks to the heat. See that orange-y eye shadow? That’s not real, that’s Perfect365! Totally looks real.

Alright, #nature peeps--what kind of berries are these? I know they are not blackberries. But I would like to know what they are before I eat them. 😝
WHAT ARE THESE BERRIES? One bush of them pops up every year at the park. I’ve looked at all the various wild blackberry leaves, they don’t match. Either do raspberry and boysenberry. The leaves are really spiky and red-tipped. I haven’t tried to eat any, because what if they are poison?

This guy 😍
Mr. Gooey Goo. Such a sweet boy. He added in an extra wake-up at midnight this week (?), but finally last night slept through it, woke up at 4:30 for a Mommy feeding and then went back to bed until 6. That’s more like it!

Out for sushi on our 9th anniversary. It is soooo hoooot. πŸ’¦
Joshy and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary on the hottest day of the year by going out for sushi, sans baby. It was delish.

Floral anniversary present from Joshy. πŸ’•
He also bought me some flowers.

One of Josh's co-workers gave us this gorgeous hibiscus plant. 🌺
One of his co-workers gifted us with this giant, beautiful hibiscus plant. I hope we can keep it alive!

I love my backyard in the evening. πŸ’š
I love our backyard in the evening, so pretty. Smoke or not! Happy Summer, blog-logs.

Camping, hot weather and donuts

Camping, hot weather and donuts

Repost from @djmagicelf of my sweeties πŸ’šπŸŒ²πŸŒˆ
What could it be? More camping pictures from two weeks ago, starring the two cutest cuties.

Mountain men. πŸ’š
We were tossing around the idear of going camping this Thursday, but it just so happens it’s supposed to be 100 degrees. Seriously. Perhaps that would be ill-advised. Josh is afraid the baby’s head will melt.

Late afternoon shadows.
Certainly WE can hop in the ice-cold river any old time we want, same with the dogs, but it’s too cold for Mr. Baby.

Maggie dog in a fedora.
Josh assures me that there will be plenty of opportunities to camp in August. UH HUH. WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT.

Mountain air.
We were thinking about going camping this week since it’s Josh’s last week of work at his old job, and his new job will undoubtedly frown upon him taking a work day off, yeah? It’s just soooo much less crowded on a Thursday as opposed to a Saturday.

Oh well. You can’t always get what you want. The first time we went camping this summer it was around 90, and at one point I laid down on my mat to read and my body left an entire sweaty imprint of a body on the mat. Gross. Now add 10 degrees to that. Double gross.

Hey look I don't even have to do eye make up anymore! "Perfect365" does it for me, eyelashes included.
I discovered an app called “Perfect365” that adds make-up to my naked face! Glitter, eye shadow and false eyelashes galore! Now I don’t even need to do make-up anymore. THANKS, IPHONE.

What else is new? My mother is nearly out of the hospital recovering from yet another friggin’ back surgery, this time to repair a spinal fluid leak. This was not good times.

July 🌈🌞🌾
Mr. Baby will be 7 months old on August 10th, and he is reeeeally close to crawling. Like, he’s gonna get it in the next week, I’m sure.

Today Mr. Baby is discovering one of life's little pleasures--peanut butter on a spoon.
He tried peanut butter for the first time…and approves!

Does anybody actually like these things? I've never had a flavor that didn't taste like watered-down cough syrup. 😝

Day lilies in my MIL's backyard.
This past weekend we drove to Spokane, mainly so Josh could shimmer up the mast of his parents’ boat to do some kind of repair.

Mr. Baby was kinda sleepy this morning. πŸ’€
Mr. Baby and I hung out with Grandma Fleeta. We went out to lunch, and stopped by Krispy Kreme, because for some reason I was fixated on eating a pink-iced donut, a’la Homer Simpson, and only Krispy Kreme seems to do pink-iced donuts. Verdict: too damn sugary! That’s right, even I think Krispy Kreme is too sugary. That’s saying something.

For some gross reason Mr. Baby has woken up at 4:30, 4:40 and 4:45 the past 3 mornings. Knock it off, son!

Lovely lilies.
Fleeta and Bob have a beautiful backyard.

We enjoyed playing outside in the shade.

Mr. Baby with Great-Grandma Frances. πŸ’œ
Great-Grandma Frances came by for a visit!

Maggie dog catches some rays. β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ
Maggie dog caught a few rays.

The trip back from Spokane looks a lot like this.
The drive home took something disgusting like 7 hours due to construction traffic, but who’s counting? Siiiiiiigh.

Stay cool, blog-logs!