Birthday birthday!

Birthday birthday!

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Hi blog. Unfortunately right now either Flickr and/or Instagram is being a Pain in my Ass and not letting me upload my Instagram pictures to Flickr, so I’m going to have to post them this way. Hopefully this works, because I’m very hungry right now and don’t have much in the way of patience. Here’s me and another pregnant lady I know, also pregnant with a boy, due one month behind me. Boy Mommas Unite!

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My birthday was on Saturday, but the birthday cards started trickling in last week. Here’s a cute one from Josh’s grandma.

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The top card is a fun homemade card from Fleeta; the bottom two are from my mother. Very Liz appropriate!

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Here’s the little fan I bought myself at the hardware store that I drag around to cool off my hot pregnant body. I’ve brought it to work, to birth classes and even to my appointments with my OB, because her office is so hot!

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Every day I’m neeeestiiiiiing. Here’s a cute little mushroom lamp from Amazon, in the nursery. Maw.

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Lately Maggie’s been running next door, feasting on cat poop and then rushing home with a big, shit-eating grin. What a disgusting animal!

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Would you believe at 8.5 months pregnant I’m still dragging my carcass to the gym and working out? It’s true. I sit on the bike for 20 minutes to warm up and then I do a circuit of body weight machines, two sets of 15 reps. I feel better about myself when I do.

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Josh’s subtle green and blue glitter beard last Friday for work.

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Saturday, for my birthday. I felt pretty neutral about my birthday this year, I wasn’t particularly excited (does anyone past the age of 30 get excited about birthdays?), and I certainly wasn’t depressed. My friend Shoshanna, who recently had her second girl baby on Halloween, lent me this “Pea in the Pod” dress to wear to my baby shower, which I didn’t, but I wore it all day on my birthday.

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My face hasn’t changed too much with this pregnancy. Still have a little cheekbone left! I’m 34 weeks and 3 days, as of the writing of this blog entry.

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For my birthday this year we booked one night at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle, just like we did waaaay back in 2012 (doesn’t seem that long ago but it was!). We boarded the dogs with our favorite boarder and headed over in the afternoon. We ate Top Pot donuts and I opened presents and then we went out to dinner at the Blue Acre. We tried to branch out and attempted to get reservations at two different Italian restaurants before we decided to go back to the Blue Acre. Well, the food is always good!

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He finally made me a container of all red candy for a birthday present. Maw.

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Of course, no trip to downtown Seattle in December would be complete without gawking at the Christmas lights and stopping by Sephora!

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I had a shopping list for Sephora (as I go there maybe twice a year), but they didn’t have half the items so I wound up buying a new Dr. Jart BB cream, one Urban Decay eyeshadow and a new tube of eyeshadow primer. I let a gay with beautiful curled eyelashes spritz lots of citrus-y perfumes on strips for me to smell, and took home a sample of a unisex Hermes mandarin perfume. I decided not to buy the “Fresh” grapefruit perfume, once again. I can’t justify spending 90 dollars on a perfume that I’m not totally in love with.

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It was cold and my nice wool coat won’t close over my big pregnant belly, so we didn’t stay out as long as we could have.

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We did make a stop at the Doc Martens store, where I spied THESE GLITTER DOCS. Now how many years have I been prattling on about my obsession for glitter Docs? Hmmm? TWENTY? I may have to force my husband to buy these for me for Christmas.

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Back at the hotel we read books and cuddled and ate chocolate and stayed up until AT LEAST 10:30! Rock on!

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The next morning, horribly, I woke up at 5. I forced Josh to wake up at 6 and then we went to Ludi’s for breakfast. My feet were killing me and my Braxton Hicks contractions were flaring up really bad on the walk over, and then once we got there a crackhead would not stop playing country music and the bloody Eagles on the jukebox (I hate the Eagles), so breakfast kind of sucked, but later on I was able to take an hour long nap and we relaxed until it was time to check out at noon.

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I also glittered up Josh’s beard for the Sunday Seahawks game. Pretty pretty? It must have been good luck, because they won!

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I’m 97.55555% sure I’m finished with this painting, for the nursery.

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I always thought that 3D ultrasounds were creepy, but then I finally had my first one yesterday, and I think it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Tears immediately sprang to my eyes (then again, they do every time I have an ultrasound, because I am a hormonal pregnant lady).

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Today! The sun was finally shining! And we went back to the big dog park, where we hadn’t been in weeks and weeks! And…and…it was SO MUDDY! Heigh ho. Still had some good times.

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On Sunday after picking the dogs up, we bought our Christmas tree (in the middle of a hailstorm). I started decorating it today–got about halfway through the ornaments before I was too fatigued. Our special Christmas ornament this year is this little custom one I ordered from Etsy–you choose the hair and dress color of your pregnant lady, and they add your baby’s name! So cuuuuute. Okay, I am too hungry to write any more. So long!

A horrible incident, Thanksgiving dinner and baby shower number two

A horrible incident, Thanksgiving dinner and baby shower number two

Whip it!
Hellerrrrr blog. I am currently trying to motivate myself (sans caffeine) after indulging in a “naughty” lunch this afternoon, and by “naughty” I mean my Big Ol’ Baby (5 pounds and 5 ounces and in the 92nd percentile, if ultrasound stats can be trusted) wanted a Wendy’s cheeseburger AND fries AND a small chocolate Frosty. Burp.

Ohhhh glitter vinyl, the things I could do with youuuuu...😍
My birthday is this Saturday! Not that I am in any way excited, but perhaps I need to visit Michael’s again this week and take some pictures of things for Josh to buy me. Like glitter vinyl! Who doesn’t need glitter vinyl???

First epsom salt foot soak: complete. Next up: a pedicure. Maybe I'll finally take Josh up on his offer to paint my toe's getting real hard to bend over these days.
Soaking my feet in their first Epsom salt bath, last Tuesday.

Ohhhhhh last Tuesday, you were so very very cruel to us. Josh and I ate at a taco truck both Monday AND Tuesday night. It was delicious! And we were just about to go out of town, we were out of groceries, and I was feeling lazy! BOY DID WE PAY. Starting at around 7 pm at night I began to feel nauseous, Josh’s nausea kicked in around 9. At 10 o’clock I made him drive to the local corner store for ginger ale and crackers, and right about the time he came back was right about the time I started throwing up. Mind you, I NEVER throw up. It takes me back to the Drinking Days and I hate doing it, haven’t done it for years, but I maintain that evening between 10 pm and 3 am I threw up 9 to 10 times. Josh threw up 4 times, but he insists that his vomiting is more “powerful” than mine and apparently I am a “dainty vomiter”. Er, okay. Not just throwing up, either, everything out the other end as well!

Yes, we had a good old fashioned case of food poisoning, just in time for our trip to Spokane, Thanksgiving dinner with both sets of parents (finally), AND my second baby shower, graciously hosted by Fleeta. The timing was very, very bad indeed.

Last night Josh and I both got a vicious case of food poisoning from a taco truck. Instead of being on the road now, headed to have Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, we are choking down crackers and Gatorade. It's awful! Here's hoping it only l
Our bodies didn’t even let us sleep in the next day, we were both up at 7:30, and we were sick ALL DAY LONG. I called my OB to tell her what was happening–the only thing worse than food poisoning is getting it when you’re 8 months pregnant and your poor baby is along for the ride. She told me to push fluids, and go to the ER if I was still vomiting or having diarrhea after 24 HOURS. Yikes. Luckily, I wasn’t.

Long road trips call for interesting audio books.
Somehow, we pulled it together Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) to make the 6 hour drive over to Spokane. We still weren’t feeling well, of course, but at least the insane nausea that I’d had all day Wednesday wasn’t present.

Josh and I at Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Not too shabby for two people who were violently ill with food poisoning the day before.
Here we are on Thanksgiving evening at my in-laws, looking much better than we felt. It was the smallest Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws ever, just us, my in-laws, my parents, and Grandma Frances, but considering the trauma of the previous two days, that was just right.

My parents trying to feel their grandson kick. I was told this week he's measuring in the 92nd percentile. Already an overachiever! 😅
It was a special Thanksgiving because all of our parents were together, for the first time. Here are my parents, trying to coax a kick out of Baby M. He doesn’t perform well on command!

Adorable diaper cake made by Fleeta and Peta. 💙
On Friday Josh and I were still feeling poorly, and I feel bad that I wasn’t more help in setting up for my baby shower. Luckily Fleeta’s co-host Peta came over a couple hours early to help set up. Here’s the fancy diaper cake they made together.

Lisa, who has been one of my good friends for almost 20 years, and her three goofy/adorable children.
One of the things that made me happiest was getting to see my old old old OLD friend Lisa and her three kiddies again. I hadn’t seen her since 2013, and the kids since 2012, the year that their father tragically died. I missed them!

I like to hold onto my friends for a loooooong tiiiiiiime. 💜💜💜
Lisa and I have now been friends for nearly 20 years, and she’s barely aged. Hardly a wrinkle on that gal!

Yesterday my MIL threw me a second baby shower. Feeling very spoiled, loved and grateful today.
The second baby shower was much smaller than the first, but it was cozy and sweet and special and I was happy to see everyone who came.

One of the shower games was to decorate diapers for Baby M.. Here's Sadie's mushroom. 🍄
Decorating the baby diapers with Sharpies was a big hit with Lisa’s kids. Sadie is a carbon copy of her mother, down to the mushroom and turtle drawings and tie-dye.

Happy parents-to-be. I've graduated to wearing Josh's outerwear because mine are all too small 😭
I wore the same dress that I wore to my first baby shower, because why not? Although I’ve now graduated to wearing Josh’s raincoat AND puffy winter jacket. My coats don’t button or zip up. Sigh.

Some Spokane street art.
The entire trip was slightly surreal, probably because we didn’t feel 100%. On the way home, we stopped at the taco truck to inform the owners about what happened. The guy fixed us with a blank stare and muttered, “No comprende“. YEAH RIGHT BUDDY. I wrote a negative Yelp review. Never again.

Fresh reading material.
I got this book at the library, although I have a seriously deficient (pregnant)) attention span and a GIANT pile of baby books I’m “supposed” to be reading.

Rainy walkies today.
I also have a painting for Baby M. I’m working on, as well as another secret project, that both need to be completed before January. Yarg.

We learned how to Moby wrap today, and now Josh is just wearing it around the house. "Helps me feel more like a dad," he said.
On Sunday thanks to Youtube tutorials, we learned to use the Moby wrap. Then Josh just wore it around the house for a while. “Helps me feel more like a dad,” he said. Maw.

Behold, the Bob Revolution! Many Good Times will be had with this guy! 💙
And look at what came in the mail last night, my parents’ gift to us, the sexy Bob Revolution! Woo hoo!

Maggie is not impressed by the Bob.
Maggie was, well, not that impressed. Catch yer later, blog logs!

Maternity pictures in the park

Maternity pictures in the park

Here are some of the photos Espe took of me at a park a few weeks ago. This is one of my favorites. She brought a lot of props with her–ribbons, little wooden letters–and this ribbon matched my dress perfectly.

She controlled the entire photo shoot, which took about an hour. Imagine two pregnant ladies huffing and puffing around a park!

She took many photos, but I have gathered my favorites and compiled them into a Flickr album here.

Two pregnant ladies due two weeks apart with boys, but with vastly different pregnant bodies! She was horribly sick her first trimester and lost weight (that she didn’t need to lose); I wasn’t sick but was VERY HUNGRY and gained oh, 20+ pounds or so in my first trimester alone. I always was an over-achiever! Heh heh hooooo.

Today I am writing baby shower thank-you cards (26 down), working on a painting for the nursery, and just nesting in general. Also watching glitter beard tutorials for Josh–it’s his latest thing, and I APPROVE.

The good, the bad, and the baby shower

The good, the bad, and the baby shower

Josh broke the bad news to me this morning when we woke up. I'm trying my best to put a positive spin on it, and it's hard--but I recall being similarly disgusted when George W. was elected--twice! And we all got through that. We will be okay. And remembe
Hi blog! This past week had some ups and downs. Let’s talk about the downs first and get them out of the way, eh? Like the shitshow of a Presidential election. Boyyyyy did I pick a bad election year to get emotionally involved! Pregnancy hormones and this particular election DID NOT GET ALONG. I was anxious all Tuesday, refusing to watch anything on the news, deciding that I would rather wait until Wednesday to know the result.

Took the dogs for a walk, the clouds parted and I saw a rainbow. Then I ate 2 chocolate cupcakes and watched Hillary's speech and felt better. Hope you all find something that makes you feel better today too. 🌈
Josh broke the awful news to me at 5 o’clock Wednesday morning, and I was thankful to have a job to go to to distract me that morning. Later on I took the dogs for a walk, and right about the time that we got to the park, the rain stopped and I saw a beautiful rainbow, and it made me hopeful. I gave myself one day, THAT day, to grieve over the election, and I’ve decided for the sake of my mental health and the health of my unborn son, that I can’t perseverate on it any more. Life goes on! Talk to any 85-year-old and they’ll tell you that there have been many horrible Presidential election results over the decades and guess what? We all got through it.

Bear Cub is happy that the sun is shining today! 🌞
Here are some ways I’ve found to lift my post-election mood:

1. Extra Vitamin D
2. Using my “happy light” every morning while I do my make-up
4. Walking, lifting weights, and yoga, and
5. Avoid 99.999999% of social media and install a blocking app on your phone that will block you-know-who’s name from all the websites you read. It helps. Some.

Mom and Bear Schnubs enjoying this beautiful Fall day. 🌞
At any rate I couldn’t stay depressed because Mumsie came into town Wednesday night! And it was really comforting having her visit, I must say.

Mother and daughter. 💛
We went for walks, she made her delicious lemon chicken enchiladas on Thursday night, we watched lots of funny stuff…

Tonight we watched an old favorite with my mother. 🌈
…like classic episodes of “In Living Color” and “What About Bob?”.

Me and my Bear 💕
And even though the weather forecast showed nothing but rainclouds, there were lots of sun breaks and plenty of times when the weather was just downright WARM. To this pregnant body, anyway.

Ahhhhhhh 🌞
Sunshine makes me feel good.

Delicious Indian dinner with family and friends.
On Friday night my cousin Erika and Aunt Claire arrived into town with Erika’s friend, and we all went out to the Saffron Grill, a delicious Indian restaurant in Seattle. Mmmmmm. Good Times were had by all! I genuinely missed my Aunt Claire.

Mom meets Mr. Bennett. 💕
That night my mother met Mr. Bennett for the first time. Love! Puppy love!

On the way to my baby shower this afternoon. The false eyelashes peeled off about halfway through, roops!
The next day it was time for my baby shower, graciously hosted by Erika at Brenna’s Manse. I only had to get pretty and show up, which works for me! I wore a paisley fluid jersey maxi dress from Pink Blush, sandals, and some E.L.F. false eyelashes with questionable eyelash glue that started peeling off about halfway through my baby shower. Whoops!

A couple of pregnant blondes due 3 weeks apart with boys. 💙💙
Erika took a slew of photos with her “real” camera that I haven’t received yet, so in the meantime here is a small collection of (blurry) iphone photos. Here’s a couple of pregnant blondes, due three weeks apart with our first boy children. Maw.

Opening a pile of presents for Baby M. at my shower today. What an amazing turnout of wonderful women!
The turnout was truly impressive, as you can see by the enormous pile of gifts for Baby M.! Erika really outdid herself. Everything was beautiful and perfect, from the decorations to the food to the games we played.

Four pregnant bellies all in a row, all due with boys early next year.
Four pregnant women all due in early 2017 with boy children!

Erika brought Voodoo Donuts from Portland for my shower presents, mmmmm. 🍩
Erika brought Voodoo donuts for the party favors, mmmmm.

Mom and @idahoagogo looking cute at my shower yesterday.
Such a cute picture of Christy and my mother.

My Broad and Mr. Bennett. 💕
And look! My Broad! She tried to coax Mr. Bennett into jumping in her bag and going home with her, but it didn’t work out. More photos from the baby shower to come.

One last cold blustery walk with Mom and the dogs today. Brrr!
The next day, Mom and I took the girls on one more cold blustery walk, and then later on she had to get back on a plane and fly home, which was sad. Luckily I’ll see both my parents next week, when they fly up to Spokane for Thanksgiving. All of our parents together at last! It only took 11 years!

The latest Mandala painting, fully glittered. Now I just have to decide if it's really "done", or just done because I'm sick of working on it! 😝
In NON-BABY NEWS (bwa ha ha)…I’m 96% sure I’m done with this Mandala.

@espedp took some beautiful maternity photos of me. 💙
Whoops! Back to baby! I have a slew of gorgeous pictures that my friend Espe took of me in a park to post soon.

How stoked am I to see my son in these rainbow unicorn onesies one of Josh's co-workers bought us?! 🌈
Josh’s co-workers threw him a baby shower at work on Monday, and LOOK! A rainbow unicorn onesie for Baby M.! STOKED!

Yesterday's nature walk with Maggie dog. 🌲
We’re about to go do this. Gotta keep it movin’!

Art, dogs, and more dogs and some more art

Art, dogs, and more dogs and some more art

Bought this triptych at a thrift store earlier this year, pre-pregnancy, and wouldn't you know it? It matches the nursery perfectly. 💚
Hey blerg, what’s happening? “Happy” Election night, bwa ha ha haaaaaa. I’ve been in denial about the friggin’ election all day, which has worked for me pretty well. Look at how well the triptych painting set I bought earlier this year matches the nursery! Oooooh!

What's better than a new season of "Trailer Park Boys"? The TPB meet Noel Fielding! 😍
Turns out even in my highly emotional third trimester, the offensive “Trailer Park Boys” are still hilaaaaaarious. We watched their latest series “Out of the Park” this week, where they travel to Europe. In the first episode they meet Noel Fielding and his weird brother Michael!

Today. 💚
So much rain and gloom lately, that when it’s sunny outside (like today), I am almost FRANTIC to be out enjoying it. Praise the Lord that I don’t have to work 8 hours a day.

Ooh boy did I need this today! 🌞
This is last week on Thursday. Even after working two jobs with aching feet, the sunshine felt so good.

Beautiful Fall dahlias.
My neighbor’s dahlias. In real life, they were a dark burgundy color, but they look red with my phone.

Love this picture of Bear Schnubs. It’s very Fall-ish.

Up to see the sunrise this morning. 💙
I had about three days in a row of waking up at 5:30, so yesterday when I was able to sleep in until 7:30 (like the good old days of my first trimester!) it felt like heavennnnn. And why do people keep telling me “Get your sleep in now”? Pregnant women don’t sleep well! More like, “I hope you got all the sleep in you ever wanted/needed BEFORE you got pregnant” would be more appropriate.

My Russian nesting doll tee is swelling...
I am 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and my pregnancy app claims that my child is the size of a “butternut squash”–one that is 17 inches long and 3.1 pounds? Hmmmmmm.

Maggie and Mr. Bennett face off.
So the BIG news of the weekend (it’s been a slow week around here, kids) is that we had a little furry houseguest! Mr. Bennett, my sister-in-law’s 5-month old Coton de Tulear (I’ve had to look up that spelling at least 8 times, and I think I finally got it right).

We're dogsitting this little furball all weekend 😍
Jerry was at Australian PAX and Brenna and the kiddies had a preschool reunion (?!) for Ronia to attend up in the mountains, no dogs allowed, so would we mind dogsitting Mr. Bennett? Are you kidding?

Mr. Bennett loves Maggie. 💕
Mr. Bennett was adorable and charming and sweet and cuddly and really pretty mellow for such a young dog. His only problem is that he’s not housebroken, and they trained him on puppy pads, so he immediately began pooping and peeing all over Maggie’s dog beds and every rug in the house within an hour of his arrival. Roops.

It was a three dog morning.
My 30-week-belly makes bending over challenging, too, and I had to bend over to pick up poop and pee a LOT. Good thing Mr. Bennett was so charming.

Mr. Bennett looking cute today (with Maggie standing guard). Now I have three dogs following me around the house! 💕
I mean, could you stay mad at this face? Of course not.

Mr. Bennett spooning Maggie 💕
Maggie was so good, so incredibly tolerant of him. Bear Cub pretty much peaced out all weekend and stayed away.

An 11-year-old dog having fun with a 5-month-old dog this morning.
Look at this 11-year old dog playing with a 5-month old dog! Mawwwww.

Incontinence aside, Mr. Bennett was a very well-behaved houseguest this weekend. 💚
Oh little Mr. Bennett, you are welcome back any time. And hopefully next time, you’ll be potty trained.

Here comes the sparkle ✨✨✨
In other news, I am VERY CLOSE to finally finishing this Mandala. I’M SO OVER IT.

Bear Cub's full plumage is back. 😍
So glad Bear Cub’s plumage has re-grown and she is a fluffy Cub again.

Into this look. Especially the chunky eye glitter. ✨
We’ve been watching more of the latest season of SNL. I like this shimmery silver sparkle look of Solange’s.

30 weeks! I slept in until 7:30 so I'm feeling gooood. Tired of waking up every hour to pee though. I never knew pregnant women peed so much.
This was yesterday. So happy! So well-rested! All things considered.

Love this gorgeous art by Phoebe Anna Traquair.
Just discovered this cool Art Nouveau artist Phoebe Anna Traquair (thanks, Twitter artist friends). I thought this painting was beautiful. I immediately texted it to my Aunt Lisa, who is recovering from knee surgery and loves art with redheads.

Beautiful day today. 💚
Is this an especially long blog entry, or am I just really hungry? And why do I think it’s a good idea to try to blog right before dinner?

Everyone in the greater Seattle area: get your ass outside today! Even if it's during your lunch break! It's gorgeous out there! 🌞
Josh and I are hoping to make it to morning without finding out who the new President is. If I mute my phone, hopefully no one will text me at midnight with the news. I CAN WAIT.

Trying to take a selfie of @idahoagogo and me today in the sunshine and get our pregnant bellies in the shot was a unique challenge!
Christy came over today and we gabbed for several hours and I gave her the baby present I’d had sitting on my kitchen table, wrapped, for weeks and we took the dogs for a walk and the weather was AMAZING. So amazing that as soon as she left, I snarfed down a Luna bar and took the girls to the big park for another walk. Dog walk therapy! Too bad my tootsies are killing me.

This weekend is my baby shower, so stay tuned for 53459345934 photos of that excitement next week!

Park pictures, dressing up, and a Broad date

Park pictures, dressing up, and a Broad date

The very talented photographer @espedp met me at the park today to take a slew of maternity photos. Sun was forecasted, but we got a whole lot of clouds instead. Oh Seattle weather, you fickle beast! Still had a good time. She is due 2 weeks after me.
Blog! I almost forgot to blog this week, blog! Remember when I used to blog every day, blog? Boy did I have a lot of tiiiiime. Here’s me and my friend Espe at the park last Friday. She’s an excellent amateur photographer, and offered to take 4584529 pictures of me. We picked Friday because the weather was supposed to be sunny, and it wasn’t, but we made the best of it.

As we were getting ready to leave, she suggested that we both take a belly-shot-over-leaves picture. She is due just two weeks after me, also with a boy.

Sometimes Bear Cub is a little antisocial.
I am really sick of the rain! I pulled out my “Happy Light” that I bought back in 2009 or so and finally plugged it in. I use it in the morning when I’m doing my make-up. I read all the positive reviews of the light on Amazon to get me into a positive frame of mind about it working. Look at antisocial Bear Cub under the park bench! It’s not true. I was sitting on the bench and she got right under me, because she’s my bodyguard now. It’s adorable. She’s about a foot away as I’m typing this, and Baby M. is bopping away in my belly.

Here's Josh trying out the baby Ergo with a sack of flour and half his Halloween costume on. "Look enthusiastic," I told him. 😂
Josh’s work dressed up for Halloween on Friday, and my work dressed up for Halloween on ACTUAL Halloween, Monday. Lame. Here he is on Friday wearing half of his Halloween costume, trying out the Ergo my aunt Caroline bought us, with a sack of flour. I told him to act “enthusiastic”.

Finally bought a #bromeliad plant today. It matched my outfit, couldn't resist! 💖
We went to Fred Meyer’s over the weekend (after taking poor Maggie dog to the vet for some antibiotic cream for a nasty hot spot) and I finally bought a bromeliad plant. I’ve wanted one forever! It matched my outfit.

Late afternoon walkies. 🍂
Maggie’s hot spot has bothered me so much the last few days, I actually burst out crying the other night after yoga while I was petting her. Um, pregnancy hormones much? Good grief!

Bear Cub was uncharacteristically cuddly yesterday. Do you think she senses her time as the baby is running out?
We put a cone on Maggie like the vet suggested for about 15 minutes on Saturday, but she looked so pathetic we took it off. Bear Cub cuddled up to me while Maggie had the cone on. Did she think she was next? Or was she just snuggling up to the baby? I’ll never know.

Finally moved all my beauty stuff out of the nursery so now it's just a nursery! Let the nesting begin! 💙
On Saturday I finally moved the last of my beauty supplies over to the office/new Beauty Room, and then Josh lugged the ombre dresser up to the nursery. Now my REAL nesting can begin! Look at the tiny socks mawwwwwwwww.

Bought the "Babysaurus" decals to go on the walls, but they look cuter on the dresser!
I had bought “Babysaurus” decals to go on the walls, but once I started sticking them onto the dresser I realized I liked that better. So cute!

Ready for the final phase: glitter ✨✨✨
This Mandala/pain in my ass is ready for the final phase: GLITTER. Finally.

I'm amazed at our level of self-control over the weekend. When I get off work today...all bets are off! 🎃
We bought the Halloween candy on Saturday and didn’t open it until Monday. Impressed? I was!

I'm Juno for Halloween this year. Not particularly inspired, but it's hard to be inspired when you're a big sweaty pregnant lady. Stay tuned later to see Paulie Bleeker in short shorts! 😍
Dressed up as Juno for work on Monday. Nobody at work knew who I was, even though I lugged around a jug of Sunny D. We watched “Juno” recently and I SOBBED.

Happy Halloween!
Some last minute outdoor Halloween decorations, thanks to Joshy. I put up only about 1/3rd of our decorations inside the house this year. Best part about that? Only took 10 minutes to take down today!

Josh handled the pumpkin carving duties this year (I am a pumpkin). 🎃🎃🎃
I let Josh do all the carving. I found the drilled-hole-pumpkin ideas on Pinterest, and was intrigued. That’s right, I’m on Pinterest, heavy sigh. I said I would never, and now I have. And pretty much all I look at is baby stuff! I’ve basically turned into a Mormon housewife!

"That ain't no Etch-a-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, Homeskillet." Happy Halloween from Juno and Paulie Bleeker!
Juno and Paulie Bleeker, ready for Halloween night. I got back into my entire costume by 5 pm for the little kiddies, and we had trick or treaters for about three and a half hours straight.

First time using a drill to carve the pumpkins. ✨✨✨
Pretty pretty!

Last night we set up a game of Scrabble in the parlor so we wouldn't have to run up a flight of stairs every time trick or treaters came to the front door. We feasted on roast and pumpkin roll, and I won the game.
This year to avoid having to run up and down a flight of stairs every time the doorbell rings, we set up a card table in the parlor and played a very looooong game of Scrabble, getting up periodically to answer the door. The people who used to live in our house came by with all their kids and dog, who was named, adorably, Smitty. We feasted on the delicious roast that I made, and homemade pumpkin roll. I won the Scrabble game.

Corinne and I met a fat little prairie dog outside the cafe today.
Yesterday after work I met up with my Broad, and we went to brunch. Look at this adorable fat little prairie dog we saw outside the cafe!

Corinne put a bandanna on my boyfriend Edward today. He wasn't really feeling it. 😾
Corinne’s place had some kind of awful water damage caused by her neighbors so her landlord pulled out all the carpet, put in some nice laminate, and let her choose the wall paint and then painted her entire place. It’s very classy looking now! And check out my boyfriend Edward in a bandanna!

I turned in our frickin’ ballots this week too, hal-le-LU. What a nightmare. Now I feel a whole lot less emotionally invested in the election, which is good for me AND Baby M.

I’m 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and my feet are killing meeeee! Excuse me while I go wheedle a foot massage out of my furry husband.

Pictures at the park

Pictures at the park

Liz pregnant side
Here are the pictures we took at the park last Saturday, desperately trying to chase down the sun for a few “maternity” shots. Belly shots?

Liz pregnant laugh
“Laugh!” he said. So I did. We weren’t the only photographers at the park that day–a family was also doing a photoshoot nearby. The father had a big fancy camera and tripod and was barking orders in what sounded like Russian to his wife and three small children.

Liz pregnant close
We also had a tripod, and my Sony camera. I’ll never buy a Sony camera again. All hail Canon! This was my favorite shot.

liz pregnant with Josh
Smooooooch! His beard doesn’t seem to bother me as much this year. Maybe I have more on my mind, eh?

liz pregnant outtake
Outtake! I like posting outtakes. Especially when we are both smiling like dorks.

Then he proceeded to squat down on the ground and take about 10 macro pictures of mushrooms…

…here’s my favorite one. I didn’t edit a THING.

Am I getting a sore throat just in time for Halloween? I think so! How typical!