She done already done had herses

She done already done had herses

It’s Tuesday/Ru’s Day! Apparently it’s Cinco de Mayo too, but who cares about that? This episode of “Drag Race” is notable for the queens scotch-taping their faces up to resemble “real” housewives, the queens pairing up to shake their asses around in a dancing competition, and dressing up half in female drag, half in male drag. Unfortunately this episode is also notable for Logo being all screwed up so I could only watch 1/2 the show! Pout! Hiss! Get your shit together, Logo!

Have a nice day!

Why can’t we be friends?

Why can’t we be friends?

It’s Monday, blog. Do you know where your pets are? One of mine is about three feet away from me, tearing into the rawhide I bought her at Walgreens. I can hear Bear Cub tinkling around on a lower level. It’s pre-dogwalk-coffee-slam time.

These purple flowers are in our front yard, and not labeled on the chart, but some clever girl on Instagram informed me they are called “bachelor’s buttons”. Thanks, Instagram!

There’s a new stupid website called where you upload a photo of yourself and the computer tries to guess how old you are. If you wear glasses, have light-colored hair, or wear make-up, it automatically makes you older, I’ve determined. I uploaded various photos and received various ages back. My favorite was on a picture of me around age 6 with “40” as the estimated age. Uh huh. Probably because of the white hair.

Will I ever grow tired of watching Parker Posey bitch it up in “Dazed and Confused”? NOPE.

Joshy’s love note to me on May first. More like LAY DAY, amiriiiiiite? Sorry.

Somehow this pin pack of a green plant and a cup of coffee labeled “Sunday Morning” spoke to me. I later found out it was designed by a Canadian graffiti artist, and was soothed by that information. The same artist made another pin called “Sensitive Artist” that I NEED.

My Couch to 5k training sessions have been extremely enjoyable, I gotta tell you. Gorgeous forest vs. boring treadmill…the choice is easy.

Along with the pin set, I also could not resist buying a GOOD TIMES necklace for myself, and my cousin Erika.

Pretty sunset out the beauty room window. Sewing room? Dress and wig room?

Corinne and I just got freshly shellacked this afternoon, after I got off (early) from work. I chose purple glitter, she chose blue glitter. Then we went and got lunch–I chose a nice healthy Cobb salad and now I feel like my belly is going to explode. How can a stinkin’ salad make me so bloated? Not fair.

John Waters Forever!

John Waters Forever!

This week featured the BEST “DRAG RACE” EPISODE EVER, because my boyfriend John Waters was the guest judge! Squeak! Swoon! The queens acted out “homages” to famous scenes from his films–such as the cha cha heels scene, the eating poop scene, and the eggs scene. Ginger Minge completely stole the show playing Edith Massey! She rightfully took the prize. Then the queens sashayed down the runway in their “ugliest” dresses. I was disappointed in Miss Fame’s lip sync for her life, but happy that Pearl is still around. And Katya! Loving me some Katya!

The rogs and I just got back from another Couch to 5K session at the forest-y park. I’m currently chugging a big ol’ latte. My current addiction, and something that has FINALLY gotten me on Facebook after all these years, is a closed group (thank God) recently started by my old raver friends, where everyone is posting old e-tard photos and music from the era. It’s nostalgic, and wonderful, and I’m loving every second of it!

A weekend in Victoria B.C.

A weekend in Victoria B.C.

Of course I knew our trip to Victoria B.C. last weekend would be awesome because I saw Hunter S. Thompson on the clipper ferry over! Woot Woot! (note: not really HST. He’s dead.)

streets of VBC
A mere 2 hour and 45 minute ferry ride over and there we were, on the very clean and beautiful streets of Victoria. My first trip, Joshy’s second.

entering the Butchart Gardens
The first thing we did was catch a bus to the famous Butchart Gardens. Not just any bus, mind you, a TOUR bus, driven by a cute little old man with a British accent that gave the whole thing a touch of class.

Everyone and their mom had recommended that we go to the Butchart Gardens, and they did not disappoint. Get ready for a good old-fashioned photo dump!

So serene. Thank goodness the sun was out on Saturday, because Sunday was totally overcast. We lucked out!

So many beautiful tulips. The Rose Garden, unfortunately, hadn’t bloomed yet, but everything else was stunning.

wind toy
It takes a couple of hours to tour the entire grounds.

tulip rows
The gardens and flowers were spaced out enough that the pollen didn’t bother Josh and I.

tulip grounds

topiary creatures
I love topiary animals!

the Butchart Gardens
So beautiful.

sunken garden
Josh couldn’t believe I said that I liked the gardens in Kauai better. I guess I’m into tropical flowers!

purple tulips

purple and white
Love these white tulips with a faint thread of purple.

pale pink tulips
And the pink against the blue.

out on the bay
Scenic cove.

orange white and yellow

orange and blue

no women
No women past this point!

no men either
No men either! What about dogs? Dogs were allowed in the Gardens. I was happy to see that.

more pink tulips
We also had gelato in the Gardens. Perfect.

more Japanese garden
The stunning Japanese Gardens.

Lizzy taking pictures
Yours truly, taking pictures of totum poles.

leafy archway

lavender and bright orange
Look at that lavender!

Joshy at the BG
It occurred to us at one point that our entire trip was something that elderly people would do–look at flowers, shop, look at miniatures…but that’s okay!

Japanese garden

Japanese garden 2
The Japanese Gardens really were spectacular.

J and L
I was cold, Josh was hot. This is normal.

huge fountain
This fountain constantly changed water formations. It was really cool.

fishy fountain

feathery tulips
I loooove the tulips with the feathery edge.

fabulous sunken garden
This was the Sunken Garden, built out of an old quarry.

dark tulips
Deep, blood-red tulips.


beautiful gardens
Worth it!

After the Garden trip, we took a bus back to our hotel room, which happened to be on the top floor.

overlooking Victoria
Nice view!

overlooking Victoria 3

overlooking Victoria 2
We relaxed and then went out to sushi later on that evening. Then Joshy surprised and delighted me by FINALLY watching “The Goonies” with me! The entire movie! He’s been maintaining for the last 10 years that he hates that movie.

This is the infamous Empress Hotel, where we had High Tea the next day. I wished that we hadn’t had waffles two hours prior to the High Tea, but what are ya gonna do?

Liz and Josh having tea
It was a lovely experience.

Joshy at tea
What a man!

After tea, it was on to “Miniature World”. Child Liz would be VERY stoked. I’ve always been a fan of little things.

“Miniature World” consisted of several intricate dioramas to gawk at. Some of them took years to build. This was the top of “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

This was WWII. I think.

tiny window cleaners
The miniature “window cleaners” KILLED ME.

tiny scenes
The displays were all interactive–with a push of a button you could make the cars move, the trains go around the track.

tiny people
The displays were not all the same scale. My favorite ones were big enough to show the people’s expressions, like this one.

tiny Gulliver
“Gulliver’s Travels”.

tiny castles
Tiny castles.

tiny cars

tiny carnival
I loved the carnival one. It took them 4 years to build it.

tiny Camelot
“Camelot” was fun, too. It took three years to build it.

glow hand
The first display was outer space, but my camera failed to pick things up. You understand.

Lizzy on the water
We spent the rest of the day before we had to board the 6 pm ferry walking around, doing a little shopping and enjoying the city.

Joshy on the water
A girl passing by complimented Joshy on his purple hair.

grey day on the water
I’m obsessed with Pacific Northwest Indian art, and in a gift shop we both found tee-shirts featuring the art. We bought some maple creme cookies and devoured the box. Josh bought my brother some maple syrup, because he is thoughtful.

No regrets, Victoria! You were fun! I think it’s kind of neat, going into another country just for a weekend. Mexico next? I’ve never been to Mexico.

Earth Day, doggy day

Earth Day, doggy day

Heyyyyy gurl heeeeeey. This episode of “Drag Race” was notable for all of the dismissed contestants returning for a “Twinsies” competition. Trixie won the right to return to the show to play again. The lip sync competition at the end–with the twins being conjoined–was hysterical! Meanwhile my favorite Katya sticks around, so I’m happy. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

I celebrated Earth Day today at the forest-y dog park with my furry friends, completing another couch to 5K installment. It felt too easy. Maybe I should try actually RUNNING the “run” sections, instead of jogging at the pace of a sloth.

Yesterday was Joshy’s birthday, so we went to Daniel’s Broiler on Lake Union, his restaurant pick. We ordered bacon-wrapped scallops for an appetizer and they were heaveeeeeen. I ordered French Onion soup–I wasn’t hungry enough for an entire dinner, and Josh ordered a steak (of course). We ordered the lobster mashed potatoes to share, YUM. Then at the end, they brought him out a free birthday dessert! My only complaint was that his “Violet Martini” (shown above) didn’t match the color of his shirt. It was pink, dammit!

I suppose if you have to be stuck in bed with crippling cramps, having a good book to read helps. Tana French’s latest is great–kept me enthralled the entire time.

This colorful art caught my eye at the gelato shop.

This weekend: Victoria B.C.! For the first time! I’ll be sure to take 48573857285 pictures. Please send Good Vibes my way that it won’t rain on us the entire time, sigh.

Backyard tour

Backyard tour

Here is my (shaky, as always) video tour of our backyard. Watch as I completely forget the name of a fruit I’ve been yakking about for weeks! Enjoy as I flub naming the flowers and trees, in spite of the handy diagram the previous owners made for me! Wheeeee!

Wet dogs on the beach

Wet dogs on the beach

Hey bloggy loggies. What are you doing on this gorgeous day? More importantly, what am I doing, inside the house blogging?!

We spent a good amount of time at the “forest-y” dog park today, so I feel 0% guilt. I’m attempting to tame my wild flab with the “Couch to 5K” program–which merely asks you to run/walk 3 times a week, gradually increasing the running increments until you run an entire 5K (3 miles). The park was so beautiful today, and it felt so good to be out, that I completed two of the Couch to 5K increments, back to back. Go Lizzy!

The current nail situation. I’m aware it looks like something a 5-year-old would pick out. Don’t care!

Friday after work I purchased a fancy-schmancy lounge chair for the backyard (it rang up at a jaw-dropping price of 90 dollars, much to my horror). I think I’m going to return it–it doesn’t allow you to flatten it completely, so you can only sit in it, you can’t lie on your stomach. An important component to a lounge chair is the ability to flip over, don’t you think?

evening colors
These sunset photos sneak their way in!

My in-laws are in town, so yesterday we took them to a nice dog park on the beach.

It was a beautiful day…except for that wind! Ohhh that wind!

Maggie and Bear Schnubs had a good time in the water. They both fetched the stick!

the dogs get to the water faster than me
Maggie was limping a little this morning, but she got over it.

mother and son
Fleeta was smart to bring a hat. I find it amusing that I own 30 winter caps and don’t carry a SINGLE ONE in my car!

Maggie fetching a stick
On the way to the park, we had Ivar’s. On the way home, we had gelato. ¬†And then pizza for dinner last night. Gee whiz, why can’t I lose any weight again?

BC in the water
Gelato is delicious. Luckily the nearest place that sells it isn’t close to our house.

Don’t you forget it.

pinky sunset
It’s…another sunset photo, but who’s counting?

Coming up next: after youtube takes an hour to load a 5 minute video, you can look at my backyard! Hooray