I had a baby!

I had a baby!

Last day of work outfit (for a while). My boss remarked that I had the face of someone about to go into labor. Well yeah!
Hi blog! I don’t look like this any more, because I had my baby! Yayyyyy! Betcha didn’t think I would be blogging again so soon. I know I didn’t. But here I am.

This week I upped the daily dog walk from one a day to two. Let's GO, labor! πŸ’ͺ
Last week/weekend we tried and tried to induce labor naturally–by extra walks, yoga, eating fresh pineapple, eating dates for weeks on end, sex…

Final night of the perv mustache: the John Waters.
…with a perv mustache! The joys!

Josh and I collaborated on this amazing eggplant Parmesan tonight. Apparently basil and oregano induce labor? If not, it certainly is delicious! 😍
Even collaborating in the kitchen on a giant pan of Eggplant Parmesan, which, although delicious, did not make my child want to leave the cozy confines of my womb any more. Harrumph.

Guess who's been glued to my side all day? Oh yeah. They know something's up.
My parents arrived into town last Sunday and spent the night with us. We feasted on Eggplant Parmesan and I got a whole lot more sleep than I expected to get the night before my induction.

Got to the park right before the rain started today. πŸ’¦
The induction wasn’t scheduled until 6:30 pm (women are more likely to go into labor at night), so Monday was all about keeping busily distracted.

One last dog walk with Mumsie. Today's the Big Day! πŸ‘Ά
For my Last Pregnant Meal I requested my mother’s macaroni and cheese, but the oven took too long to pre-heat so we all ended up having hamburgers and fries for dinner. Heigh ho!

COMING SOON. I'm making my IG private for a while. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Once we got to the hospital, my OB did a cervix check and pronounced that I was already 2.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced, which she was extremely pleased about. They had a pill for me to take every 4 hours to soften my cervix, and I was allowed to take it a maximum of 6 times.

Last night with Mumsie. Made it all the way to 9 cm before getting the epidural today...now just waiting for the final descent.
That night, walking the halls with Mumsie.

Waiting for induction and pleasantly distracted by "Ab Fab" (series 1).
The pill had no other side effects, so I felt normal as we watched “Ab Fab” (series 1) and “The Other Guys” with my parents. They let me take a Benedryl to sleep (the hospital bed was insanely uncomfortable), and I had two more doses of the pill.

Still passing time, waiting for Baby M. to make his grand appearance.
The next day, they started me on pitocin to induce contractions, and we again passed the time as best we could. I ate normally, put together a jigsaw puzzle, went for little walks around the hospital floor. Around 1 pm, the contractions started to become too painful to ignore, so I sent my parents away so I could exclusively focus on getting through them, with the help of my Doula (Josh) and the nurse.

Gradually the pain got worse and worse–the nurse was excellent, she acted like a second Doula and coached Josh and I through several different positions/techniques to ease the pain. The last medicine-free resort I opted for was sitting in the bathtub and spraying warm water over myself–but then it was just too much. The nurse had told me I could opt for Fentanyl before the epidural, since once you have the epidural you are bedbound–and I called for it. MISTAKE! The Fentanyl made my tongue slurry and vision wonky, but did not relieve the pain. I needed the epidural, stat, and they immediately brought in the anesthetist to administer it to me.

I later found out that I had made it all the way to 9 cm dilation–9 cm! Me! The person who nearly passed out from having a little ankle tattoo at age 18!–before I got the epidural. Now for the next part–I couldn’t have imagined getting through the last part of labor without that epidural. Because I pushed for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. It was horrible. Towards the end they want me to “hold in” every other contraction, which is almost worse than pushing, and eventually holding it IS worse than pushing. I was on oxygen and the little guy’s heart rate was dropping every time I pushed. A vacuum was mentioned previously, and near the fourth hour I begged them to use it. He was so low and it was so painful to push I knew I couldn’t let them give me a C-section, so I pushed with all my might…

Started pitocin at 9:30 am, got an epidural at 9 cm (!!), and after 4 hours of pushing, sweet Baby M. came into this world weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce. He is beautiful and perfect, and we are in love.
…and Baby M. came screaming into this world. My eyes were closed, but I heard that he practically flew out of me, arms akimbo. I opened my eyes right as he came towards my chest and fell 100% in love instantly, and started talking to him immediately (Josh was sobbing).

“You’re going to learn very soon son,” I murmured into his perfect ear, “That the family motto is, “Nothing comes easy for us”.”

Pops with his very first grandchild.
I had a second-degree tear from pushing my 8 pound, one ounce son out of my body, which required stitches. After a little while we called all the grandparents in, who had shown up at the hospital without our prompting and had been waiting in the waiting room while I labored for who knows how long.

Very happy Mumsie with her first grandchild, born one day before her birthday.
Baby M. was born on January 10th, 2017, the day before Mumsie’s 65th birthday. For her birthday this year I had put together a book of “65 Reasons why you’re awesome”, just like I had done for my father on his 60th. I forgot to take pictures of it. Darn it. Priorities.

Simply the best.
This was around 5 in the morning, when I looked into my son’s eyes and cried over how beautiful he is.

This guy--was a pro Doula during my long labor, and already a first rate swaddler. πŸ’™
The hospital discharged us around 5 pm the next day, and Josh’s parents are staying with us for the next two weeks to help out. Well, week now, they’ve been here for nearly a week already. It’s taken me three days to compose this blog entry!

Baby M. with great-grandma Shirley.
The great-grandparents came for a visit. He is their 6th great-grandchild.

Can't get enough.
My little man.

Father and son.
He has my monkey toes (poor kid) and my beautiful ears.

Breastfeeding watchdogs at work. They've been great with the new addition. Curious, but not too annoyed.
The dogs have been great. Curious, but not pushy. And Bear Cub is quite protective already.

Tummy time! πŸ’•
Josh has been so good about staying up with the little guy when he has his midnight to 3 am cry fests. I feed; he walks and rocks and soothes. I can’t do a lot–everything hurts. Not to mention I threw my back out Friday at the doctor’s appointment and that didn’t help ANY thing.

Josh's parents are staying with us for two weeks while we adjust with baby. They have been wonderful.
Love this picture of Fleeta and Bob. They’ve been wonderful.

Had a nice visit from @algae13 this morning. She brought donuts!
Josh’s former boss came over for a visit. She’s a little baby crazy. She brought pasta salad, homemade chocolate cookies and donuts, mmmm.

Rooooooolls (and yeah that's a dog hair on his cheek, poor kid!).
Looking forward to not hurting any more, but in the meantime, this view helps.

But the mother and child reunion is only a motion away...
Being a mom feels very natural to me.

Maggie assumes the quesadilla begging position.
Can’t wait until I can walk the dogs again.

He inherited my long monkey toes. πŸ™ˆ
So gooooood.

My life right now is just sort of hobbling around the house re-applying Tucks pads to my XL Depends, drinking lots of water and eating lactation cookies, and feeding my son whenever he gets squirrely. Not too shabby. It’s all good.

Oh baby!

Oh baby!

Too pregnant to lace shoes...send help!
Heyyyy blog. This may very well be my last blog entry before I have a baby and therefore lose massive amounts of brain cells and stop caring about the Internet and blogging for a while yayyyyyy! However, I have enabled a program to automatically upload all my Instagram photos to Flickr, so even if I’m not HERE, you can find me on Instagram HERE or on Flickr HERE.

At the gym last night. Found out this morning that I might be getting induced at week 39...that's a little over a week away! Squeal! I'm excited!
You wouldn’t think to look at me, but I am still going to the gym. Ever since I found out I will likely be induced on Monday, I’ve actually been making an effort to move MORE. Come on son, let’s get that labor on naturally! Mama doesn’t really want to be induced!

Nursery art for Baby M., from Etsy shop "Lucy Darling Prints". I'd already had the frame for years, waiting for the right piece to show up! πŸ’š
My OB wants to induce me due to my “advanced age” and also because I did IVF. Apparently babies who are born before 40 weeks do better than babies who are born overdue…and Baby M. seems awfully comfortable in there. I’m not comfortable, but he seems to be!

Josh got me a laminated label maker for Christmas...STOKED! People with A.D.D. loooove labeling things.
This labelmaker has already brought me and my A.D.D. so much joy.

Watching Mr. Bennett this weekend! πŸ’•
We agreed to watch Mr. Bennett over the weekend. Thank goodness he is 90% potty trained now, but he is EXTREMELY CLINGY and followed me around every second of every day, which is kind of annoying when you are enormously pregnant and trying to nest. Cute little guy, though.

Happy almost-New-Year! I quit drinking nearly 9 years ago, so I don't remember what it's like to party on New Year's Eve. I assume people still do that, though? Party?
I inadvertently ended up taking my maternity leave a little early, as I discharged my last patient last Friday. I’m available to work this week if any new patients show up, but here it is Thursday and I’ve not received any text messages from my boss. Hmmmm.

Another green/blue glitter beard for work today. Tomorrow night he's going to shave it off into some weird formation, but he promised to let me first give him one more extravagant NYE glitter beard! Yeah! ✨🌟✨
Josh’s last full day of having a giant glitter beard for work last Friday.

🌈🌟✨(thanks @jasoncampbellstudio)
A little rainbow glitter inspiration. He’s had his own “glitter station” in the bathroom for weeks now, talk about adorable. It was a little sad to pack it up.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to some BIG changes in 2017! βœ¨β€οΈπŸ‘ΆπŸŒŸβœ¨
On New Year’s Eve, I pulled out the bag of star-shaped glitter for him and he gave himself an EXTRA glittery beard. I didn’t feel like doing my hair, so I threw on the wig handiest and put a load of “Unicorn Snot” glitter gel and loose glitter on my eyelids and we took some photos.

Sparkle, Neely! πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‡
We also drank cider, lit some sparklers and watched “Encino Man”! Let the good times ROLL!

Starting 2017 out on the right (dog) foot with an early-morning dog park session. 🌲
It’s been cold here, but so dry and sunny that all of the mud at the dog park is nice and hard. I’ve been taking the girls to the dog park every day. Let’s go, labor! Arf arf!

Bear Cub and her little white shadow.
Bear Cub ignored Mr. Bennett for the most part during his stay with us. Maggie on the other hand played with him several times. She’s such a good elder dog!

Bear Cub is feeling a little insecure with this third dog around. How will she be with a full-time new baby?!? πŸ˜…
Monday, our last day with Mr. Bennett and a very insecure little Bear Cub curled up against Mommy. How on earth is she going to handle a full-time baby?

Not sure if it's the third dog or the baby coming, but Bear Cub napped on top of me today for the first time in 8 years. It was kinda sweet.
She even went so far as to nap directly on me! What on earth?!

Good-bye, 2016 beard, hello 2017...um, Creep?
The whittling down of the beard kicks off, so I get to be married to a pervert for a few days. I was not into this facial formation AT ALL.

Tonight we're watching the new "Ab Fab" movie. I haven't seen it since I watched it in the theater...it's even better the second time around!
We watched the new “Ab Fab” movie together, which I hadn’t seen since the Broad and I saw it in the theater. Even better the second time around!

Sup, Pornstache?
Monday night, at the gym. This look made me laugh every time I looked at him. He delusionally thought that the mustache made him look more “muscular”. Uh huh.

Probably my last ultrasound before the little dude is born. I'm already obsessed with his feet! 😍
This was on Monday’s ultrasound. Do you die? I DIE. Not even out of my womb yet and I’m already obsessed with his feet.

Basset hounds at the dog park mawww πŸ’•
Being on accidentally-early-maternity leave this week has been okay because the sun has been shining every single day. And I get to spend it with dogs! Look at this basset hound, maw!

Just whipping up a batch of "lactation cookies" this afternoon. Delicious. πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ
I made a big batch of “lactation cookies” to freeze to help with my milk production. They are mostly oatmeal and dark chocolate chip and pretty delicious.

Watched this last night for the first time in years and shamelessly enjoyed myself. The bad wigs! So good!
Recently we watched the original “Parent Trap” with my old pal Hayley Mills. You will recall that I have my very own awful Hayley Mills wig!

Who's a happy Cub at the dog park today?
Bear Cub in her Happy Place. Meeeee tooooooo.

Bought these socks for Josh for Christmas cause he's a "fun guy" πŸ’–
I bought Josh some sexy argyle socks for Christmas. We like socks in this family.

Adventures in pervy mustaches: day 3.
Tuesday night! Still looking like a pervert!

My mother just texted me this image of their front yard...I am not at all envious.
That brings us up to date: today. My mother texted me this photo of her front yard. GROSS. Boise is going through an intense cold snap and she’s basically snowed in.

My parents will be flying in Sunday night, my in-laws will be driving over Monday, and my induction is scheduled for Monday evening unless Baby M. listens to Mommy and comes naturally! The time is finally here…I’m having a baby! So excited at this point. The terror will set in later, I’m sure. Send us lots of prayers and well-wishes for a healthy labor and delivery and baby!

Let’s look back at 2016

Let’s look back at 2016

Hola blog! It’s that time of year when I force myself to do a yearly re-cap. I actually climbed onto the computer to print out a recipe for lactation cookies, but while I’m here, hells bells, why not re-cap what I did in 2016? Let’s take it month by month.

January 2016

Pre-surgery glamour, darling. πŸ’‹
Uterine polyp removal in preparation for IVF

– started hormone injections for IVF

– completed three heart-shaped Mandala paintings for sale HERE!

February 2016

Amazing glass at the Chihuly museum.
– Josh and I finally go to the Chihuly glass art museum downtown (worth it)

– ended the full-time job I’d had for the past couple of years, panicked for a week or two, and then signed on with a PRN position. Phewwwwww.

Pre-surgery for egg retrieval. They retrieved 14, above average! 🌟

– had my egg retrieval on my father’s 65th birthday (February 9th)

– found out that the two frozen embryos were both boys, and had a hearty laugh with my fertility doctor

– trimmed down coffee consumption from 3 cups a day to 1 cup (HELL)

March 2016

Is it done? Is it done yet? Finishing a painting is always the hardest part. πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨
Finished the neon glitter Mandala, which is definitely one of my faves. Available here!

scenic pond
Josh and I go to the Seattle Arboretum, in spite of the fact that my back is all messed up. I never did figure out why I had back problems for a few days/weeks, but it suuuuucked.

Caftan Number 2 purchased. My Year of the Caftan is off to a good start! Now I need to stop buying and start sewing them myself, sheesh.
I decide that 2016 is going to be the Year of the Caftan and buy two caftans, to that end. (note: sitting here GIANT at 9 months pregnant, I can’t BELIEVE how tiny my waist looks in that caftan, sob!)

– painted our bedroom
– started going to an IVF support group

Getting ready to caucus this morning. 🌈
Caucused for Bernie! (SIGH)

April 2016

First time on Mt. Rainier. Are we having fun yet? 🌟
Josh and I had competed against each other earlier in the year for a “Dietbet” and he won (I’m pretty sure he cheated by fasting, but whatever). My “punishment” was that I had to go skiing, but by the time April rolled around and my back was finally not screwed up, not much skiing was to be found so I was “punished” by walking in snow on Mount Rainier instead. It wasn’t terrible!

Finished painting the guest room last night. The "true" colors are really hard to capture via photo, but it's "Soothing lavender" on the top and "Periwinkle dream" on the bottom. Hi Jerry!
Painted the guest room.

Olympic Sculpture Park.
Downtown Seattle fun with Fleeta and Bob–Pike Place Market, and checking out the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Embarking on an "easy" 5K this morning on Tiger Mountain. I panted like a dog the entire time. Josh is training for a marathon and didn't even break a sweat! πŸ’ͺ
First trail run! An “easy” 5K up Tiger Mountain.

– April 28th: the day of my IVF transfer! One perfect little male embryo, which the nurse exclaimed looked “better than textbook”. Aw yeah.

May 2016

– started progesterone suppositories for IVF

A couple of dorks touring a chocolate factory for funsies.
Josh and I tour the Theo chocolate factory for funsies (and distraction) and while there, get the Very Important Phone Call that I’m pregnant! YAYYYY! We immediately burst into happy tears. Such a special moment.

– first ultrasound, post-transfer

June 2016

dogs in nature
First camping trip! Not only did we set a camping record for us this year–five times–but I did every single one of those trips pregnant.

– I finish Corinne’s cat paintings and start a project for the guest room

First archery lesson tonight with Josh. 🎯🎯🎯
Josh and I take an archery class together. He’s better than I am, but I’m not too resentful about it.

– started going back to the gym

This maniac ran the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon in the rain this morning! πŸ’ͺ
Josh runs the Rock and Roll Marathon; I do not join him.

Little Ronia is growing up fast.
Josh leaves his hormonal pregnant wife for EIGHT WHOLE DAYS to go float down a river or something so I spend one night at Brenna’s, because I am so lonely. It’s not the daytime loneliness that bothered me, it was the nighttime.

July 2016

Posted our “official” (12 weeks) pregnancy announcement to all forms of social media

Bear Cub doesn't look like a bear cub any more! 😱
Bear Cub gets trimmed a little TOO much and is re-christened “Goat Cub”

– thanks to Groupon, I receive my first facial (overrated)

– went and got a shellac manicure for the first time since January…but very quickly realized that shellac manicures are a waste of money when you’re pregnant. Your nails grow too quickly!

Maggie takes it easy
Camping trip number two!

@djmagicelf and @corinne_spoja and I ready to see Die Antwoord tonight woot wooooot! 🌟
Baby’s first concert: Die Antwoord! With my Broad.

Maggie and Bear Cub splash around Hyas Lake. πŸ’¦
Camping trip number three!

Tonight I said goodbye to my VW Passat that I've had for the past 10 years. Good-bye old girl! You were so lovely in concept but such a problem child in reality!
Said good-bye to my VW Passat wagon, which I loved but caused me a great deal of trouble during our 10 years together…

Hey there, sexy. 😍
…and HELLO to this sexy blue Subaru outback, which I love but am a little sad that now I have to make 500$ car payments for every month. Heigh ho.

– Josh and I and the girls hike to Twin Falls (2.5 miles but much harder while pregnant)

Tonight! πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨ Let's get celebritied up!
My Broad and I go see the new “Ab Fab” movie together. She tried to get out of it (twice!) but I wouldn’t let her. It was great!

FINALLY at the Mod Podge (i.e. last) stage of this painting. This little side project for the guest room ended up taking way longer than I thought! 🎨
Finally finish this Polly Apfelbaum rip-off painting for our guest room.

August 2016

In honor of #bumpday, here is my bump! He just popped out this week and I'm happy to finally look pregnant, not just like I've been eating too many donuts. 🍩
At 16 weeks pregnant, my belly POPS! Aw, look at how tiny and cute it was.

Josh bought me a little lemon tree for our anniversary. I hope I don't kill it immediately. πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹
Joshy and I celebrate our 8-year anniversary…he bought me a little lemon tree. Would you believe it’s still alive? And on the back patio, yet? Amazing.

Camping love.
Camping trip number 4! The first actually warm trip, too. Thank goodness.

More progress on the Mandala.
Started a new Mandala painting, which ended up taking wayyyyyy longer than I thought it would to finish.

My crazy-ass husband doing a headstand on a paddle board. @djmagicelf 😘
A very special (final) camping trip to a private island, where I got to witness my husband doing a headstand on a paddleboard. Who knew he had hidden talents?

BUMP. Enjoying my "beauty room" for a few more months before it becomes the baby room.
At 18 weeks pregnant, I made the decision to quit weighing myself (a very smart decision and I highly recommend it). Of course, this was a little easier to do because Josh broke the scale right around that time. Tempting to just never buy a scale again!

Look at where Josh hiked to today without me--Blanca Lake! I've wanted to go for ages but it's too arduous for my pregnant body. 😭
Josh makes me mad by hiking one of my bucket list lakes without me, Lake Blanca. Heigh ho! He said it was HARD. Well then. GOOD.

My cute cousin Erika and her equally cute son Cash.
Erika and her two sons come for a visit! We go to Pike Place Market, she cooks for me AND sets up the crib and we have a fabulous time.

September 2016

Tonight we met Mr. Bennett. 😍
We meet Mr. Bennett–Ronia’s birthday present–for the first time.

Mumsie and me.
I spend a fun week in Boise with my parents and the Little Nipper, and feel Baby M. kick for the first time! So exciting!

Josh and his 90-year-old grandmother at breakfast this morning.
Josh and I drive to Spokane so he can climb a mountain with his father, while Fleeta and I do a little baby shopping. Then before we drive home, we have breakfast with his 90-year-old grandmother. Isn’t this a cute picture?

Got the baby room painted. I think it needs a cute border, though. Dinosaurs?
Finished painting the nursery, but found it kind of boring, so I start searching for the perfect wallpaper border.

First minkie/flannel blankie for my son: complete! βœ‚οΈ
Made a couple of minkie-and-flannel baby blankets for my son (this one was my favorite).

Putting up the dinosaur border in the nursery today. πŸ’š
Found the perfect border for the nursery–dinosaurs!

One last ultrasound today to make sure our little dude's heart is okay (it is). πŸ’–
Had a special ultrasound to make sure the little guy’s heart is okay…and of course it is!

October 2016

Today's art project was painting a friend's little neighborhood library. 🌈
Went over to Shoshanna’s house to paint her little free library

Made some green curtains for the nursery to match the dinosaur border. πŸ’š
Made some curtains for the nursery

The quilt I made my mother looks pretty good in our guest room.
Fleeta sweetly fixes up this quilt that I made for my parents and returns it to me, where it’s currently residing in our guest room. It looks pretty good in the guest room!

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?
Started ramp training the pets to prepare them for having to be in the BACK back of the car, once Baby M. comes

A couple of happy pregnant ladies in florals. We are due 2 weeks apart, with boys.
Josh and I attend our first non-work-related baby shower…

liz pregnant with Josh
…and the same afternoon, we take the tripod to the park and snap some maternity pics before the sun completely disappears.

Phase 3 of ombrΓ©-fying the free dresser: complete! We only spent money on the drawer pulls. Total cost: less than 20$.
We obtain a hideous brown dresser from “Buy Nothing” and completely transform it into this cool ombre work of art for the nursery! I guess Pinterest is good for something.

My friend Espe, who is due two weeks after me with a boy, takes some beautiful maternity photos of me at a park, for free! She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.

"That ain't no Etch-a-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, Homeskillet." Happy Halloween from Juno and Paulie Bleeker!
Josh and I dress up as Juno and Paulie Bleeker from the film “Juno”. Not the most exciting Halloween costumes ever, but it’s really hard doing Halloween when you’re a big sweaty pregnant lady. We set up a grueling game of Scrabble in the parlor and handed out Halloween candy to the hoards of tricker treaters, and that was good enough for us!

November 2016

-voted, hoped for the best, found out the WORST, mourned for an entire day and then decided for the sake of my son that I couldn’t perseverate over the sadness. Also: pulled out my Happy Light that I hadn’t used since 2009 and started using it every morning!

The latest Mandala painting, fully glittered. Now I just have to decide if it's really "done", or just done because I'm sick of working on it! 😝
Finally finished this friggin’ Mandala painting, although I’m not totally satisfied with it and therefore haven’t listed it in my shop.

Four pregnant bellies all in a row, all due with boys early next year.
My cousin Erika comes to town and throws me the most fantastic baby shower at Brenna’s house, and still hasn’t sent me the pictures for it! Ha ha. I wonder if I’ll ever get them?

Delicious Indian dinner with family and friends.
My mother, aunt Claire, and cousin Katie also came into town for the shower. It was really wonderful. I felt very loved. And thank God, nobody brought up politics the entire time.

Lisa, who has been one of my good friends for almost 20 years, and her three goofy/adorable children.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, a drive to Spokane, and baby shower number two (I’m terribly spoiled), Josh and I got a HORRIBLE case of food poisoning from a local taco truck. We barely managed to scrape ourselves together to make the drive, but I’m glad we did. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with both sets of our parents and his grandmother, and then the next day I had another sweet baby shower and saw my ooooooold friend Lisa and all of her children! Maw.

My parents trying to feel their grandson kick. I was told this week he's measuring in the 92nd percentile. Already an overachiever! πŸ˜…
Love this picture of my parents trying to coax a kick from the baby.

December 2016

– finished up a painting for Baby M.’s room (this is when the link between Instagram and Flickr shit the bed, so I don’t have a picture)

– Josh and I spend my birthday/”Babymoon” at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle, relaxing and eating lots of things

– Josh gets heavily into glitter beards, and I support him!

– Owen invites me to participate in his annual art show, but I am too big and pregnant so we just attend the show instead and stay for an hour and a half. Still Good Times!

– Josh does up an elaborate glitter/tiny Christmas light beard, I wear a muumuu and we wrap me in Christmas bulbs, and we take our Christmas card picture!

Glittered up for Brenna's solstice party tonight. ✨
Winter Solstice party at Brenna’s house.

Josh and my Broad at grandma's tonight. ❀️❀️
I am too pregnant to travel, so we do Christmas Eve at Grandma Shirley’s, with the Broad…

Unicorn Snot! (with photobomb by Ronia) ✨🌟✨
…and the next day, we do Christmas Day at our house. Josh’s parents, sister and sister’s family all came over and we feasted on lasagna that I had made the day before, exchanged presents, and had a nice time. Our first Christmas at our house, and our last Christmas before the baby comes!

And that brings us up to date, blog logs! Stay tuned later this week and I’ll let you know how we PARTIED DOWN for New Years Eve, bwa ha haaaaa. 2016: you were one interesting year. I refuse to do what so many people on the Internet are doing, which is write-off the ENTIRE YEAR as crap, because this was the year that I finally got pregnant after 6 years of nonsense and there is no replicating that bliss. I can’t wait for 2017!

Our first Christmas at home

Our first Christmas at home

Beautiful sunset.
Heyyyyy blog. What it is, what is was, what it shall be?

Happy Winter Solstice! πŸ’š
Just sitting here listening to my dogs bark at the recycling truck. Every time they WOOF, I WOOF right back at them.

Glittered up for Brenna's solstice party tonight. ✨
Here we are, glittered up for Brenna’s Solstice party last Wednesday. Seems like a looooong time ago!

Josh and Mr. Bennett.
The party was a little more interesting for us this year, me being enormously pregnant and all finally gave us something in common with the guests, who are all parents. Finally! Something to talk about!

Love that Brenna made a Christmas stocking for Mr. Bennett! πŸŽ„
Love how Brenna even made a stocking for Mr. Bennett this year. I mean, of COURSE she did.

Look everybody! It's the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
Afterwards we drove around and looked at Christmas lights while I scratched my itchy belly. Check it out, the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Oooh, I wanna do purple outdoor Christmas lights next year. πŸ’œ
Ooooh I wanna do purple lights outside our house next year.

This again?
On Friday it snowed again…I didn’t expect it! There was no snowflake on my weather app!

Maggie is keeping an eye out for special deliveries.
Maggie, ever vigilant.

Somebody's being a little cuddle Cub tonight. πŸ’•
I can’t remember what possessed Bear Schnubs to cuddle with me on the couch, but I’ll take it! It happens so rarely.

Apparently at 37 weeks, my son is the size of a "Winter melon". Yeah, looks about right! πŸ˜‚
I am 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant today, and Baby M. is the size of a “winter melon”. Looks about right!

Somebody has a preference for blue wrapping paper. πŸ’™
Being far too Large and In Charge with Child to travel, this was our first Christmas at our home…ever.

A chilly Christmas Eve walk with the pets.
I wasn’t too sad about not going to Boise this year, mainly because I had just seen my parents at Thanksgiving. Although the food poisoning made for a weird Thanksgiving!

I made a lasagna for Christmas dinner tomorrow. The hard part will be waiting until tomorrow to eat it! 😍
Christmas Eve morning I made the lasagna for Christmas Day dinner, so I could relax on Christmas Day. This proved to be a smart decision. The hardest part was waiting until the next day to eat the lasagna!

Josh and my Broad at grandma's tonight. ❀️❀️
On Christmas Eve, we picked up the Broad and drove over to Grandma Shirley’s for the always fun (and chaotic) Christmas Eve dinner and white elephant gift exchange. I brought a white microfleece robe and received a cool glass-and-metal decorative lizard (Josh’s gift); Josh received a gift card to the Sierra Trading Post. Corinne didn’t bring anything, but grandma and Brenna both peer-pressured her into joining the game and she scored a beautiful silver locket (Brenna’s gift).

Little miss Ronia sitting pretty near the present pile.
The calm before the (gift opening) storm. Funnily enough, Shirley also made lasagna for dinner this year! Great minds think alike.

Santa brought a present for Baby M. too. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Santa brought the baby this cute little ferry toy. Christmas Day morning, Josh and I slept in until a “leisurely” 7:30. He made a big ol’ Christmas breakfast feast with pancakes, sausage and eggs…

My personal Christmas ritual is watching this every year. Josh bought me a copy, so I don't have to rely on TBS.
…then we opened presents while watching “A Christmas Story”, which he bought for me so I no longer have to rely on TBS! Which we don’t have any more anyway! Hooray!

That's right, I'm a grown ass woman (and almost mother) who received an LED light-up swirly skirt for Christmas! Yes! One of my Burning Man fantasies fulfilled! It will look better when I'm not 9 months pregnant.
Despite the fact that I am a grown ass woman who is a couple of weeks away from becoming a mother, I received an LED light-up swirly skirt for Christmas YES! Burning Man dreams achieved! I can’t wait until I’m no longer 9 months pregnant to wear it.

Josh squirting whipped cream into the childrens' mouths...we keep it classy around here!
Later on, Josh’s parents and his sister and husband and two kiddos came over and we feasted on lasagna and green salad and garlic bread and pumpkin pie. Josh squirted some whipped cream into the kids’ mouths, because we know how to have Good Times!

@dubtrance told me about George Michael passing away...now I gotta immerse myself into some 80s and 90s nostalgia. Siiiiiiighhhhhhh.
It was around this time of the day that Christopher texted to tell me that George Michael had died, so Christmas Day evening I watched “Freedom” (sigh), “Too Funky” (so good), “Father Figure” (oh yeah) and “Faith” (it’s been in my head ever since).

Unicorn Snot! (with photobomb by Ronia) ✨🌟✨
Unicorn Snot! Just what I always wanted!

Doc Marten dreams finally realized. 😍
And speaking of just what I always wanted…yes my Doc Marten dreams finally came true! Granted, I had to call three different cities to get these bad boys shipped to me (Chicago came through), but WORTH IT.

Joshy looking cute in a slouchy beanie @corinne_spoja made. πŸ’™
Corinne made some cool slouchy 90’s beanies for Josh and I, and a little tiny blue and white and yellow hat for the baby. Maw.

“I was telling my therapist that I’m losing my best friend,” she told us in the car on the way to grandmas.

“Well you had me for 20 years, that’s pretty good,” I replied. The next day I sent her a text, saying, “You’re not losing a best friend, you’re gaining a M_____!

Corinne shows off her futuristic kitty backpack.
Here she is showing off her futuristic kitty backpack. Oooh, ahhhh.

Nice day for it. 🌿
Snow is gone and the weather is back to mild. We have such weird winters.

Dammit Carrie Fisher, you too?! And Josh and I were just talking about your new book coming out. Ugh. Here I am pre-Burning Man in 2009, trying on my Princess Leia costume. RIP, Carrie, you were one of a kind.
And then what should friggin’ happen yesterday but Carrie Fisher dying too? Mannnnn 2016, you are relentless. Here I am back in 2009 all oranged up for Burning Man, trying on my Princess Leia costume. Do yourself a favor and read this excellent interview of Madonna by Carrie Fisher back in 1991.

Maggie's got the post-holiday blues.
This brings us around to today. Look at this pouty pants!

Bought this for Josh, since he wants to live to 120. This guy seemed to know a thing or two about health! πŸ’ͺ
One of my Christmas presents to Joshy, since he wants to live to be 120 and all. Jack LaLanne seems like a decent role model, huh? I guess I need to read (skim) the book and find out.

2.5 weeks until my baby is due! Can you belieeeeeve it? Time is flying.

Snow, an art show and a little whining

Snow, an art show and a little whining

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Merry Christmas 2016, blog! Our very last Christmas together before we become parents. Maw.

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BRING IT ON, WINTER SOLSTICE. The sooner you come, the sooner winter can be over!

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You might notice that I’m still having to embed my photos via Instagram. I did finally find a website that will act as a link between Instagram and Flickr and will automatically just upload everything I put on Instagram to Flickr…but it didn’t kick in until yesterday.

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36 weeks and 3 days, and the bloom is wearing off this pregnancy rose, if ya know what I mean. Giant belly, sore feet, heartburn every day, peeing once an hour all night long…oof!

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Meanwhile, Josh’s glitter beard game is strong. He glitters it on game day, and goes to work like this.

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I don’t think Bear Schnubs is going to enjoy a crying baby. I suspect she’ll be spending a loooot of time in the basement.

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Getting in my Vitamin D, as best I can.

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The nesting has intensified…I’ve started washing his clothes! And trying to move more things out of “our” closet, heh. These petticoats take up a HUGE amount of room, but will I ever get rid of them? NOPE.

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I’m still enjoying Chelsea Handler’s show, three days a week. Do we really think that a dog is gonna help that guy, though? Pity the dog!

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Saturday morning at the gym and the start of Month 9, with raging plantar fasciitis and lots of snow drifting onto the ground. I felt like kind of a bad ass. I think 20’s Liz would be very impressed with 30’s Liz.

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Heyyyyy, this wasn’t in the forecast!

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Luckily it all melted away the next day.

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Owen asked me if I wanted to show my art in his annual studio show again this year, and OF COURSE I wanted to, I always want to get my art out of the house! But I’m just too damn pregnant and sore to hang art and then stand around and NOT sell it for five hours. You understand. But I still wanted to go to the show, so Josh and I covered ourselves in glitter Saturday night and went out.

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First time my partner has worn more glitter than me! NOT COMPLAINING.

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We stayed about an hour and a half, long enough to mingle and attend an auction and check out all the art.

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I did bid on the piece on the right, but only up to 40$. We’re about to have some major expenses in 2017…think of all the diapers I’m gonna have to buy! The mind reels.

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Seattle drag queen Betty Wetter enhanced the evening with a rousing tune before she officiated over the art auction.

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We’ve also been cuddling on the couch and watching Christmas movies together. Last night was the Grinch movie with Jim Carrey, always hilarious! I also forced him to watch “Ernest Saves Christmas”, because I love Ernest and I don’t care. Know what I mean, Vern?

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Good advice, yeah?

Just a corgi doing leg lifts, NBD.
Now we’re into the latest photos, which hopefully will show up without issues. I’m not exactly sure where/when/how this Corgi doing leg lefts wound up on my phone, but isn’t it cuuuuute?

Don't get me wrong, after 6 years of TTC I'm incredibly grateful to be pregnant. However, I can't WAIT to go to work and not hear (with increasing frequency, all day long): "Wow!" "You're huge!" "You sure you only have one in there?" "When are you due aga
Today, after work. Good Lord, I am extremely grateful to be pregnant, truly I am, but I can’t wait for the endless comments every day, all day long at work to stop. Every day: “Wow!” “You look huge!” “Are you sure you only have one in there?” “When are you due again?” “You’re still working??” Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

A balmy and sunny 48 degrees this afternoon...I'll take it! 🌞
But then the sun is shining and I walk the dogs outside and my feet don’t hurt TOO badly and in less than a month, we’re going to meet our son and all is just fine with the world. Have a beautiful Christmas bloggers, I’ll catch you next week.

Christmas, Christmas time is near

Christmas, Christmas time is near

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Hello blerg! Instagram and/or Flickr is STILL not letting me upload from my Instagram to Flickr, so here we go again using the “embed” feature on Instagram. I hope these pictures are showing up for people other than me. Can you seee meeeeee?

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It’s like, almost winter time and stuff. Brenna is having a party next week to celebrate the Winter Solstice, which I RSVP’d us yes to. I told Josh he should glitter his beard silver and gold for the party. Ooh, maybe with some tiny glitter snowflakes!

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My father rarely texts me photos, but he did send me this recently. Ah, “What About Bob?”! The gift that keeps on giving!

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Baby M. now officially has more clothes hanging in “our” closet than I do. Mainly because, at nearly 9 months pregnant, I only fit into about 6 of my dresses. Sob!

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I tell ya, it’s not easy, waddling around the dog park every day in these temperatures, with a pretty raging case of plantar fasciitis permanently in my left foot. It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to!

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Last Thursday Josh and I went to a late afternoon OB appointment, went to the gym, and came home to find that one or more dogs had demolished and eaten this ENTIRE BOX of delicious Pepperidge Farm cookies. I was a little worried about the chocolate in the cookies, but other than Maggie’s guilty dog face they seemed fine that night. Brats! Little brats!

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Woke up to this nonsense last Friday and was very very thankful that I had snow tires put on the car. Lots of my co-workers called in “sick”, and one of the nurse managers slid into a ditch! Roops!

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I even took the girls for a very short waddle around the park in the snow, after work. The park was filled with about 11 8-year old, rowdy boys. I hope that other women around my neighborhood are pregnant right now so Baby M. will have some buddies!

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I didn’t think the snow would stick around too long, and I was right. By Sunday the rain washed it away.

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Josh was able to make a snowman first. Those are my adorable ear muffs.

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Here’s our slightly pathetic Christmas tree, that we picked out in the middle of a hailstorm at Fred Meyer’s, dressed inappropriately.

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On Saturday we went to “Display & Costume” to buy some tiny Christmas ornaments for his beard decoration. I oohed and aahed over this section of glitzy ornaments for a while.

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Like these little chandeliers! Oooooh.

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Looking cranky because I had some trouble with the false eyelashes, which were more of a pain in the ass than I remembered. I bought some cheap eyelash glue from the costume shop, that was my first mistake.

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Glittered up for our Christmas card photo shoot.

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Smooch! I’ll post the final picture next. We used the actual camera and tripod, and didn’t feature the dogs this year, can you believe it?

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Here’s a sneak peak of the baby quilt Fleeta is making us, and I LOVE IT.

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We just discovered “Skin Wars”, and we’re already up to Season 3! RuPaul is one of the judges! It’s very inspiring.

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The “crossover” episodes with the queens from “Drag Race” are even better!

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Josh was flipping through one of those parenting magazines during my non-stress test yesterday, and showed me these BABY SPATS. Do you die? I die.

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Corinne doesn’t Instagram anymore, so I Instagrammed for her because I had to share this bubble backpack she bought to tote her cats around in! So far Edward is the only one who likes it. We always knew he was the coolest.

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This was today! You can’t even tell that three days ago there was snow everywhere.

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I did a little nesting this afternoon. Here’s Corinne’s baby blanket that she made us. I am 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant today, and other than feeling like a great big fat balloon, my biggest problem is that my feet hurt. Not too much to complain about. Now I need to go eat! Ta ta, blog!

Birthday birthday!

Birthday birthday!

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Hi blog. Unfortunately right now either Flickr and/or Instagram is being a Pain in my Ass and not letting me upload my Instagram pictures to Flickr, so I’m going to have to post them this way. Hopefully this works, because I’m very hungry right now and don’t have much in the way of patience. Here’s me and another pregnant lady I know, also pregnant with a boy, due one month behind me. Boy Mommas Unite!

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My birthday was on Saturday, but the birthday cards started trickling in last week. Here’s a cute one from Josh’s grandma.

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The top card is a fun homemade card from Fleeta; the bottom two are from my mother. Very Liz appropriate!

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Here’s the little fan I bought myself at the hardware store that I drag around to cool off my hot pregnant body. I’ve brought it to work, to birth classes and even to my appointments with my OB, because her office is so hot!

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Every day I’m neeeestiiiiiing. Here’s a cute little mushroom lamp from Amazon, in the nursery. Maw.

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Lately Maggie’s been running next door, feasting on cat poop and then rushing home with a big, shit-eating grin. What a disgusting animal!

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Would you believe at 8.5 months pregnant I’m still dragging my carcass to the gym and working out? It’s true. I sit on the bike for 20 minutes to warm up and then I do a circuit of body weight machines, two sets of 15 reps. I feel better about myself when I do.

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Josh’s subtle green and blue glitter beard last Friday for work.

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Saturday, for my birthday. I felt pretty neutral about my birthday this year, I wasn’t particularly excited (does anyone past the age of 30 get excited about birthdays?), and I certainly wasn’t depressed. My friend Shoshanna, who recently had her second girl baby on Halloween, lent me this “Pea in the Pod” dress to wear to my baby shower, which I didn’t, but I wore it all day on my birthday.

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My face hasn’t changed too much with this pregnancy. Still have a little cheekbone left! I’m 34 weeks and 3 days, as of the writing of this blog entry.

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For my birthday this year we booked one night at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle, just like we did waaaay back in 2012 (doesn’t seem that long ago but it was!). We boarded the dogs with our favorite boarder and headed over in the afternoon. We ate Top Pot donuts and I opened presents and then we went out to dinner at the Blue Acre. We tried to branch out and attempted to get reservations at two different Italian restaurants before we decided to go back to the Blue Acre. Well, the food is always good!

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He finally made me a container of all red candy for a birthday present. Maw.

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Of course, no trip to downtown Seattle in December would be complete without gawking at the Christmas lights and stopping by Sephora!

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I had a shopping list for Sephora (as I go there maybe twice a year), but they didn’t have half the items so I wound up buying a new Dr. Jart BB cream, one Urban Decay eyeshadow and a new tube of eyeshadow primer. I let a gay with beautiful curled eyelashes spritz lots of citrus-y perfumes on strips for me to smell, and took home a sample of a unisex Hermes mandarin perfume. I decided not to buy the “Fresh” grapefruit perfume, once again. I can’t justify spending 90 dollars on a perfume that I’m not totally in love with.

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It was cold and my nice wool coat won’t close over my big pregnant belly, so we didn’t stay out as long as we could have.

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We did make a stop at the Doc Martens store, where I spied THESE GLITTER DOCS. Now how many years have I been prattling on about my obsession for glitter Docs? Hmmm? TWENTY? I may have to force my husband to buy these for me for Christmas.

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Back at the hotel we read books and cuddled and ate chocolate and stayed up until AT LEAST 10:30! Rock on!

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The next morning, horribly, I woke up at 5. I forced Josh to wake up at 6 and then we went to Ludi’s for breakfast. My feet were killing me and my Braxton Hicks contractions were flaring up really bad on the walk over, and then once we got there a crackhead would not stop playing country music and the bloody Eagles on the jukebox (I hate the Eagles), so breakfast kind of sucked, but later on I was able to take an hour long nap and we relaxed until it was time to check out at noon.

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I also glittered up Josh’s beard for the Sunday Seahawks game. Pretty pretty? It must have been good luck, because they won!

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I’m 97.55555% sure I’m finished with this painting, for the nursery.

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I always thought that 3D ultrasounds were creepy, but then I finally had my first one yesterday, and I think it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Tears immediately sprang to my eyes (then again, they do every time I have an ultrasound, because I am a hormonal pregnant lady).

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Today! The sun was finally shining! And we went back to the big dog park, where we hadn’t been in weeks and weeks! And…and…it was SO MUDDY! Heigh ho. Still had some good times.

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On Sunday after picking the dogs up, we bought our Christmas tree (in the middle of a hailstorm). I started decorating it today–got about halfway through the ornaments before I was too fatigued. Our special Christmas ornament this year is this little custom one I ordered from Etsy–you choose the hair and dress color of your pregnant lady, and they add your baby’s name! So cuuuuute. Okay, I am too hungry to write any more. So long!