If you want to be free, be free

If you want to be free, be free

Look at what I discovered in the box of doggy stuff! “Sick Kitty”! Pure annoyance to my pets = pure joy for me! They’re not as into it as they used to be, unfortunately. Old ladies!

Okaaaaay so maybe I went into the Craft Store that Shall Not Be Named and MAYBE I took a picture of some fake grapes, but it’s not like I still have a problem, okay? (as I shamefully open yet another cardboard box labeled “grapes”…)

Uber-preppy and adorable. I wish my iphone took better pictures in low light conditions. I refuse to use the flash–it blinds people, and that’s not very nice.

Oh downtown Seattle, you are so beautiful this time of year. Seeing all the lights makes me feel FEELINGS. I almost want to rent a hotel room for my birthday again like we did two years ago. That was so romantic!

The Cinerama recently had a colorful make-over. I’m crazy about that mural!

I went back to the old park, the park that Maggie and Bear Cub and I spent hours and hours and days and weeks and months and years at, for one last dogwalk, and spotted this crazy DIY glitter paint job in the parking lot.

For the first time in weeks we sat down and watched an entire movie together, and it was a great one: “American Hustle”. Amy Adams looked amazing, and I would like to own her entire wardrobe in the film, which consisted of a lot of Halston. Mmmmm. I was so inspired I immediately painted my toenails with glitter polish and put curlers in my hair! Thanks Amy Adams!

After weeks and weeks of winter/moving hands (all dry and cracked with constantly breaking fingernails) I finally cracked after work yesterday and got a shellac manicure in this lovely shade of glitter teal. My patients were impressed! Then today I cracked further and finallyyyyy (almost four weeks after my last appointment) was re-lashed. I know, I know, nails and eyelashes aren’t necessities but dammit, they make me feel so much better.

Our new stomping grounds. Not bad, eh?

In real life this was a lot cuter. Note to self: clean that mirror! Yes, I’ve replaced my boring white closet door with the obnoxious rainbow beaded curtain I’ve held onto all these years–my first “artistic” choice in the bedroom! Well technically, putting up the sequined sari over the window was the first choice, but that was mostly out of desperation as this house currently has 1. no curtain rods and 2. no curtains. Good thing I have a lot of fabric!

This week was a little sad–one of my best childhood friends Lisa’s mother suddenly died of a heart attack. Her parents still own the house directly behind my parents, and Lisa and I spent many many hours crossing through each other’s yards to hang out, for quite a few years. Her mother was only 64, and the day before her heart attack had been meeting with a financial planner to discuss retirement plans. So shocking, and so sad. I feel terrible for Lisa and her family–I couldn’t imagine losing one of my parents this early. My father attended the funeral, which I am thankful for. We had a long talk about it last night over the phone and covered a lot of other topics as well, like his parents’ funerals and what he and my mother would like for their funerals and then some less heavy topics like…installing a washer and dryer! Ooh baby, the joys of home ownership!

TGIF. Things have been so busy I just want to BREATHE for a day, at least. I’m hoping on Sunday to unpack the art supplies and get started on a project–I need to paint so bad it hurts! Art art art!

Old house new house cha cha cha

Old house new house cha cha cha

amazing sunset
Blog! This is supposed to be “Do Nothing After Work Monday” but it turns out I am incapable of doing nothing, heh heh hee hah hoooo. This was one helluva sunset during one of our last evenings at the old house.

Ronia claps
Brenna and Ronia came over during moving weekend to help out. At one point, predictably, Ronia got bored, so I cracked open one of my 4373748237 boxes of costumes and let her enjoy herself.

the princess and the monster
A very imaginative play followed, involving costume changes, a beautiful princess (with Brenna as a monster), and several Acts.

sleeping princess
Sleepy princess! Ronia wanted Auntie Liz to join in and of course I obliged (I never turn down a costume change!) but moving stress distracted me the entire time. I look forward to having Ronia over again, with ALL of my costumes and wigs at our disposal…and no more moving stress!

Joan outside
Spraying Joan a few more times with UV-resistant sealer before sending her off to her new home.

Kitchen! Eventually we’ll get around to re-painting it, probably painting the cupboards too, but we’re in no hurry.

kitchen dining room
I suppose we should get a few more dining room chairs, too–we only have four. Our dining room set is a well-worn and much loved hand-me-down, and someday…it could use a little make-over too. Teal? I’m thinking teal.

I’m calling this the “parlor”, because it sounds classy. Super high ceilings and huge wall space that BEGS for large pieces of art. Most of the books will go into this room. Right now it’s filled with boxes of books and plants.

family living room
Josh and I have a little debate going on over what to call this room: I say “living room”, he says “family room”, neither one of us will change our minds so it’s the “Family Living Room”. Or “TV” room, I suppose. The cable guys suggested “media room”, but I don’t care for that at all.

According to my father, this kind of deck material (Trex) involves 0% maintenance, and I am all about that!

Perfect yard size for two dogs and two gardeners.

yard flair
Yard “flair” already in place!

greenhouse window
Love the greenhouse window. Currently the oregano we brought over from the old house is wilting (it’s cold!), but the violets left for us are doing just fine.

dogs in the yard
The girls are still getting used to everything. Bear Cub is finally going through the doggy door on her own…but not as often as I’d like!

hippie sign
“Have you started decorating yet?” inquired one of my co-workers. HA HA HA! Not even close. I’m taking my time with every decision. I don’t even know where to put my hippies use back door sign! Can you imagine?

Josh is bringing home dinner, at which point I may (or may not) commence with the Doing Nothing. It’s a lot more fun to do nothing when you have someone to do nothing with, ya know?

Christy’s birthday party

Christy’s birthday party

Christy and Liz I
Last night Joshy and I drove to downtown Seattle in the crisp cold air to a lovely Italian restaurant for my old old old old old old friend Christy’s birthday party. The parking garage was packed–we had to park on the 7th floor and there was no elevator, so poor Josh had to hoof it down (and later up) seven flights of stairs after running 30 miles earlier in the day. Good thing he is full of stromph.

Christy and Liz are twinsies
Completely unplanned, the birthday girl and I both had on matching outfits: black and gold dresses with gold accessories, black tights and black knee-high boots. Our hair was even parted on the same side. Twinsies!

Josh said, “Some girls would be offended by a guest at their party dressed exactly like them,” but Christy seemed delighted. We also both had glitter all over our eyelids. I mean, why mess with something good?

Christy's BDay I
The party consisted of several people Christy had met recently through meet-ups, some people she knew from the school she teaches at, as well as some REALLY old party kids that I hadn’t seen in years: Devin and Billy. Josh and I met Devin’s new girlfriend Holly, who was 100% charming and adorable. I completely understand why Devin is moving to Tacoma to live with her and her two children. I would!

Christy is cute
What a cutie! Christy had a bit of a rough start when she first moved to Seattle (as did I), but she has adjusted now and is doing great. She was positively glowing last night.

birthday crowd I
The food was decadent–I had gnocchi with a Gorgonzola cream sauce and couldn’t even finish the small serving, and two glasses of “bar” ginger ale. Josh had some sort of seafood pasta and his favorite drinky-poo, the Old Fashioned. We both turned down dessert, although I suspect the dessert would have been tasty. My gift to Christy was a floral teal and green porcelain muffin pan, which I told her I would happy to keep if she didn’t like it. She liked it!

birthday crowd II
One of the restaurant employees stood on a bucket to take these two group shots. He wasn’t particularly stoked to take more than one, but Christy was persuasive. Her camera failed so we used mine instead.

birthday cake
There’s no way my iphone 4 could have handled these low light conditions–this would have been a very beautiful schmear!

birthday cake II
Happy birthday girl!

All in all, downtown Seattle this time of year with all the Christmas lights everywhere (when it’s not pouring rain) is a really magical sight, the food was delicious, it was nice catching up with old friends, and I always enjoy spending time with Christy. We should just hang out MORE. What’s the point of having friends live near you if you never hang out, right? Right.

Now! Time for me to think about making dinner. We spent all day today doing some things that were 0% fun, like cleaning the refrigerator/stove/microwave at the old house (I don’t even want to talk about all the dog hair that was in that refrigerator…the horror, the horror), going to Lowe’s for house supplies (that was 34% fun) and then going to the grocery store for flank steak for tomorrow night’s steak fajitas (23% fun, but I did buy some chocolate). We’ve been so busy lately we promised ourselves tomorrow night we aren’t going to do ANYTHING: “Do Nothing After Work Monday“, and I am looking forward to it!

Finally it’s happened to me…

Finally it’s happened to me…

Oh…my…BLOG! I didn’t have Internet service for a whole week and it was HELL. I mean, thanks to the iphone, I could still check my e-mail and perform basic functions, but oy vey I couldn’t wait for the cable guy to come out this morning.

It took two cable guys (who had only been on the job for a week) 2.5 hours to install basic cable and Internet service, but ne’er mind! We’re all good now! I have my Internet to blog and now Joshy has cable to watch football. I strongly resisted cable–I haven’t had cable since I lived with my parents–but apparently marriage is “all about compromise” (they say), so he compromised by not participating in Movember (thank God) and I compromised by getting cable in my house.

One of my last walks at the old house. I have to say, the last week I was at the old house I mourned it a little bit. We spent five years there, after all–and the city had just built a nice new dog park nearby, and we were used to everything around us…

BUT SCREW THAT THE NEW HOUSE IS SO GOOD! SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! We still have 10,000 boxes to unpack. Last weekend was a complete blur–I was on my period, naturally, but quite impressed with my stress coping skills. Josh’s family turned out to help–I don’t know what we would have done if they hadn’t all shown up (paid someone? Ha ha ha). I have a big ol’ pile of thank you cards to write.

Five years ago we also took an entire month to move, but I wasn’t working and moving is a whole helluva lot easier when you don’t have to work and move at the same time. For some weird reason this move coincided with me getting particularly busy at work–the Friday before the big move I had 11 patients! That’s a lot.

We still have a lot of stuff in boxes. We haven’t unpacked a single box of books–and there are a loooot of boxes of books. We haven’t even figured out where the books are going to go yet, and of course with the A.D.D. all the books will have to be arranged into categories, possibly even alphabetized by author, we’ll see how that goes…

I’ve been taking photos with my regular camera but thought in the meantime I’d blerg all my latest Instagram photos. As I’m typing this Josh is moaning and groaning in the other room–he thought it would be a good idea to do the Grand Ridge 50k at 7:45 this morning–that’s running 30 miles, you got it, THIRTY MILES, in mid-November, in 20 degree weather, for “fun”. Uh huh.

The good news is he escaped injury, came in 4th place overall and 1st place for his age range!

“What’s your age range, anyway?” I asked him. He didn’t know.

Here’s the bowling ball garden that came with the house, a pleasant surprise! The previous owners left a lot of lawn art. I love lawn art.

Sunday while Josh’s parents were at the New House installing a doggy door for us my Broad came over and we explored a park near the house, and then stopped for Burgermaster. Good Times!

The weather this week, while grossly cold, was beautiful and sunny, so I couldn’t complain! My poor parents are dealing with inches of snow in Boise right now. Gross. I don’t miss that at all.

I have several improvised “doggy beds” and real doggy beds all over the floors, but the pets still have their favorite spot.

Look what came with the kitchen? Oooooh, ahhhhhh. So grown-up!

In art-related news, I sold Joan Crawford this week! Hurray! That means I’m about to raise all my prices again, so if you have your little heart set on one of my paintings, blogreader, ACT NOW!

Stay tuned…I’m planning on posting more house pictures this weekend. Right now I have to get gussied up to go celebrate my friend Christy’s birthday at an Italian restaurant. Mmmmmm, Italian fooooood. It’s the perfect weather for it!

Come on-a my house

Come on-a my house

If you can handle watching my shaky camera work (I recommend popping a Dramamine or slapping on a pair of “Sea Bands”), check out the video I made last night at the NEW HOUSE! Gasp! Excitement! Squeal!

By the time Josh finally got home from work, we got haircuts, grabbed and snarfed down some delicious greasy fast food and then drove over to the New House in the POURING RAIN (ugh, Seattle weather lately), it was pretty dark, and late. I wouldn’t say the pictures I took are all that spectacular, but once I can make it over to the house before it gets dark (3:30 these days, honestly), I will take 10,000 photos of the house in all its glory. I’m in love. So in love. Loooooove.



Joshy at a Thai restaurant last night, celebrating signing 10 pounds of paperwork with crab rangoon. Mmmmm, crab rangoon.

GUESS WHAT BLOG WE ARE HOME OWNERS ZZherewhwekhfaaafffsss I AM SO EXCITED and pretty amped up on a real cup of coffee and a protein bar, waiting for Josh to get off work so we can FINALLY ENTER OUR NEW HOUSE! The house I’ve only actually seen once in real life throughout this whole process, mind you. I just attempted to take the rogs to the park to walk off some of this excitement but it started pouring rain and I didn’t have an umbrella and turns out iphones don’t work too well in the rain when you are frantically texting everyone to tell them the exciting news! YIPPEE KI YI YAY, I’M A GROWN-UP!

Phew! Had to get that out of my system. I hate waiting! Maybe I should go start putting some boxes in the car. Yeah…that’s the ticket…

Halloween, Old Skool style

Halloween, Old Skool style

this old woman is friendly
Heyyyyyyo! Happy Day-After-Halloween. I have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cold, but yesterday morning I drank a couple cups of coffee and willed myself to dress up and go to one of my two jobs. It was bad enough that I missed Pride earlier this year because of female trouble, but to miss Halloween too? And on a Friday, no less? Inconceivable.

old man drinking a Natty Ice
Unfortunately, my Old Man’s work decided to dress up the day before Halloween (?), so were were dressed up on different days. Josh stayed in character all day at work, including using an Old Man voice. Apparently he was so good he fooled one of his co-workers, who thought he was a visiting family member. Ha!

old woman shows off her pettipants
As for me, well, I fooled plenty of people as well. Reactions varied from hysterical laughter to having no idea who I was, which was exactly what I wanted. Being genuinely sick helped too–I really WAS leaning heavily on my cane. I wore a thrifted cardigan, muumuu and old orthopedic shoes, and it was Josh’s suggestion to add the thigh-high compression socks (which started sliding down around 2 pm–I’ve never had good luck with thigh-high stockings). I also threw on a pair of pettipants, and some of my grandmother’s jewelry.

old man watching telly
Dedicated to his Old Man drag, Josh stayed in costume all day Thursday. Note the piles of cardboard boxes behind him. Oh yeah. Getting close!

old woman winks
Crazy old broad! I stayed in my Old Lady drag all day yesterday, just in case my neighbor changed his mind and decided to invite us over to his party after all. Turns out, it wasn’t loud at all (we even briefly went into the backyard at one point to listen closer). And here we thought he was going to have an ecstasy-soaked RAVE PARTY! Kids are so boring these days.

old man gives me a grin
Not a single trick-or-treater came to our door, as per usual (we’ve had one in the 5 years we’ve lived at this house). So we sat on the couch and ingested the contents of a “fun” sized bag of candy and watched the 3 hour marathon that is “It”, 1990, which Josh hadn’t seen before.

One of Stephen King’s best books, if you can plow through the 534573487 pages it entails. I remember I was too young to watch the tv miniseries when it came out, but what I “sneak” watched scared the crap out of me. Even now, as an old old old old old old woman (heh), Tim Curry is totally terrifying. IMDB says the cast stayed away from him during shooting, and who can blame them? Nightmares! Nightmares!

Being sick is the perfect time to take stock of one’s internet presence, and I decided it was time to get rid of some of mine. To that end, I deleted:

– my pettipants store (too busy with work now, and I’d rather focus on painting)
– my old vegan recipes blog (vegan, schmeegan)
– my old “art waif” blog (from the mid-2000’s, I’m not going back to Blogger)
– my old “thewhocaresgirl” blog (see above)
– my Tumblr account (pretty good following there but I don’t care about Tumblr).

I’ve been on Twitter for 2 years now, only joined as an experiment, and I might quit it too, who knows. I still enjoy using it as a platform to get more of my art exposed, which is why I’ve kept it. No desire to quit Instagram, it’s probably my favorite right now. And of course this blog, which I consider deleting at least 4 times a year but never follow through, because I STILL LOVE YOU BLOG. Besides, how would I ever remember anything?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be coughing out my guts and blowing snot out of my nose all weekend. And maybe a little packing. Oof.

Wigs, old people, and party non-invitations

Wigs, old people, and party non-invitations

Welcome to my wooooorld. So many boxes, such little time.

“Unpacking is a lot more fun than packing,” said the Broad today over the phone, and I couldn’t agree more. Unpacking IS fun! Packing is the WORST!

Rejected “Old Man” Halloween Wig #1. We were shocked, actually, by just how bad the quality of this wig was. No bueno!

Rejected “Old Man” Halloween wig #2! This was at the Goodwill, which means it was a used wig. Ewwwwwwww. In the end, Josh bought himself a bottle of white shoe polish at the drugstore and he’s going to rub it all over his head to simulate white hair. Yeah, I know! Tried to convince him to get a temporary hair spray but he really wanted that shoe polish.

Meanwhile, this was my first rejected “Old Woman” wig–not a bad wig, really, but not exactly the look I was going for. Even as an old woman, I plan on having long hair. Long Hair 4 Life!

Still, just for fun, I tried on this crazy number. Nahhhhh.

I ended up going with a long, straight grey wig that was labeled “Grey Witch” or something of that sort. We didn’t even go to my beloved “Display & Costume” this year–shocking and sad, but we have to save money for the New House! No 30 dollar wigs for this miss!

Saturday night we took a break from the tedium that is packing up a house, tried on our costumes, watched a shit ton of Youtube tutorials on make-up to look old and then laughed our asses off while taking pictures of each other. That was the highlight of the weekend, let me tell ya! Oh Halloween, I still love you so. Always and forever. People keep asking me what I’m going to be, so instead of saying “an old woman” I’ve started saying “my future self”. Plenty of grandma’s jewelry is featured in my Future Self costume.

Speaking of old people, look at this tasteful magnet I bought Joshy during my last trip to Boise. I cleaned off 95% of the crap we had stuck all over our refrigerator, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to remove this magnet.

I bought this used cane as part of my costume, disinfected it, and proceeded to cover it in holographic glitter stars. A cane’s gotta have FLAIR.

Impulsively, Josh added these fangs to his Old Man costume and surprised me by shambling out into the living room. I laughed so hard, tears ran down my face.

In non-Halloween news, look at this lovely apple tree I spotted the other day on our dogwalk! Very picturesque.

I’d been dying to watch something funny so we rented “Grandma’s Boy” from Netflix and laughed hysterically watching it last night. LOVE THAT MOVIE! We need to own it. I recommended it to my co-workers today. Do yourself a favor and watch it multiple times!

Last night I was in the process of vacuuming and cleaning the house, so I was sweaty, grimy, covered in dog hair, wearing an old stripey shirt and some baggy old running shorts and some winter socks (what do you clean the house in?). Josh was out back cleaning the disgusting, spider-riddled backyard patio, so when I heard a knock on the front door I just assumed it was Josh, and he had locked himself out.

Helloooooo?” I called through the door crack in an obnoxious voice.

“It’s your neighbor!” replied a male voice. Oops.

I opened the door and there stood my neighbor, who I had only talked to once or twice. He’s a decent-looking fella probably in his early 20’s, if I had to guess. He proceeded to tell me that he was planning on having a Halloween party Friday night.

Oh!” I said happily in anticipation of an invitation.

“So I thought I’d give you my phone number, in case we get too loud…”

Oh,” I said. Without skipping a beat, I added, “I thought you were going to invite us!”

“Heh heh,” he laughed nervously, AND LOOKED DOWN AT HIS SHOES.

So not only did my neighbor come over to my house to tell me he was going have a loud Halloween party (my favorite holiday, mind you), he wanted to warn me that it might get loud and HE DIDN’T EVEN INVITE US. Seriously? Am I that old? I am that old. I AM TOO OLD TO ATTEND 20-SOMETHING’S PARTIES.

I mean, not that I would even go, but it hurts a little to not even be invited. And sure, I looked like crap, but what if my hair and make-up had been done? With a cute little outfit on? Would he have invited me then? I’m not so sure.

I told Corinne this over the phone and she assured me that he was just a weirdo, that it’s normal to invite your neighbors to your party. Even if they don’t come over, you still invite them anyway, that’s what neighbors do.

Hell, that’s what I would do, and have done, over the years. Be a good neighbor! Don’t just come over and brag about your huge awesome loud party.

Oh well. I’m moving anyway. Sniff.

Here’s hoping YOU have a fun Halloween, blog-logs! And please invite me to your Halloween parties. Love, Liz

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “Eyes Without a Face”

Scary Movie Month Reviews: “Eyes Without a Face”

Welcome to the final installment of my Scary Movie Month reviews! Predictably, I burned out on scary movies at some point last week, and now all I want to watch are comedies. You understand, I’m sure. “Eyes Without a Face”, the beautiful 1960 French-Italian film (which inspired the Billy Idol song that’s in my head now), is the last horror movie I sat down and paid attention to.

“Eyes Without a Face” is about a brilliant crazypants plastic surgeon who has vowed to restore the face of his daughter, who was mutilated in a car accident. He attempts this by kidnapping young women, surgically removing their faces, and grafting them onto his daughter’s head. That’s right, it’s just like “Face/Off”, only black and white and 37 years earlier! This movie is both grisly and beautiful–the grisly being the very realistic-looking face-removal surgery scene, and the beautiful being scenes of the daughter floating around her father’s mansion in gorgeous, ethereal Givenchy gowns, wearing a creepy white face mask in between surgeries to cover up her deformed visage. The scene where the daughter loves on all the dogs that her father keeps in cages was another stand-out for me. Don’t worry (SPOILER ALERT), those dogs get their revenge in the end! This film is not for the faint of heart, but definitely worth viewing. Not for children, though.

Scary: 3 out of 10. I wasn’t scared, but it has the potential to give you nightmares.
Gory: 6 out of 10. The surgery scene alone is enough!
Boring: 1 out of 10. At a run time of only 84 minutes and such amazing cinematography how could one possibly be bored?

Happy Sunday. I’m “enjoying” leisurely packing boxes, hugging Maggie and Bear Cub, and munching on a mint cookie chocolate bar. Josh woke up this morning and ran 20 miles for “fun”. Sound fun? Last night we tried on our Halloween costumes, watched a ton of youtube tutorials on Old People make-up and painted on wrinkles, and then spent a good 20 minutes snapping pictures of each other and laughing our asses off. Now THAT was fun!

Testing testing testing photo post

Testing testing testing photo post

Blog! Let’s try this again. Yesterday and today I hit publish on my blog entry and the entire entry disappeared, save the title and category links. LAME. That used to happen to me all the time back in the Blogger days, before I moved to WordPress. It got so bad I used to type all my blog entries in Word, then paste them into Blogger.

Update: thanks D.S. Webster for helping me fix my WP problem!

This blurry Instagram photo was taken exactly one week ago. I was standing at the dog park in the pouring rain wearing my Hunter wellies, a rain jacket AND holding an umbrella for good measure…and no one else was around, just me and the girls. My father called me and we had a great long phone conversation while I stomped around in the mud about dogs, which wood is best for hardwood floors (he tells me cherry wood is horrible–too soft), and “The Property Brothers”.

I’ve seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Breakfast Club” countless times, but I still have yet to make it through “Pretty In Pink” in its entirety. We started watching it recently and then, predictably, got bored. However, the Duckie character was clearly the best of the bunch. Gay as the day is long!

I’ve been finding all kinds of fun things while packing, including this little Edie Sedgwick wristlet. In the New House we’re going to have 2.5 bathrooms, and I’m pretty sure one of them needs to be Warhol Factory silver. With glitter finishes! Can you dig it?

Heart-shaped rocks always catch my eye. If they’re especially pretty I’ll take them home.

I am in looooove with this tree. This is the second year in a row I had to pull the car over and take pictures of it.

Mushroom season is in full bloom ’round here. Today outside Walgreen’s I saw a cluster of Amanitas! Can you imagine?

Something possessed me to participate in “Throwback Thursday” on Instagram yesterday and post this picture of Little Lizzie–it cracks me up. Those bangs! That ruffly pinafore! Classic.

TGIF, beeg time. I just returned home from an hour at the dog park, so that Maggie will ignore me for the rest of the night. Last night she could sense my excitement over Halloween shopping and she was ALL OVER ME. I mean, literally. It was ridiculous. We went out and started gathering supplies for our old people costumes…and let me tell you, it wasn’t much of a stretch! I mean, the muumuu that I bought I would actually wear. Minus the ruffle, of course. It was a welcome diversion…every time I’m home now all I can think about is PACKING!

Tonight we have promised ourselves NO PACKING. We have all weekend for that. Happy weekend, blog-loggers, I’m gonna hit publish now and hope for the best!