Eyelashes, sandwiches and Divine

Eyelashes, sandwiches and Divine

fresh eyelash extensions
Fresh eyelash extensions! I now have a new eyelash salon to go to, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The cost is about 1/3rd of what I was paying before for a full set, and the drive time is less than 10 minutes. What more could I ask for? I requested NOT full drag queen length this time, because the super-long ones tend to brush up against my glasses and become tangled and cause me a whole lot of irritation. This length is purr-fect. I keep forgetting I have them until I look in the mirror and it’s a happy surprise!

purple pants, take a chance
In Ballard. Last Friday we went to Populuxe, the same wonderful place that invited me to be their featured artist last year. We went to the fabulous Peruvian sandwich cart and had brisket sandwiches–UH-mazing. I took a picture of Josh snarfing down his sandwich but it didn’t turn out, er, particularly flattering. The dude running the sandwich cart gave me some special Peruvian purple corn juice to try. He told me it had “medicinal properties”, but didn’t elaborate on what they were. It looked like wine.

“Is this non-alcoholic?” I asked before I took a sip.

“Of course!” he assured me.

It tasted like watered-down grape juice, but hey, free drink, right?

fun photos at Populuxe
The featured artist had some cool photo prints on metal. I’m sure you can guess which one caught my eye.

Divine is divine
Divine fans need to put “I Am Divine” into their Netflix queue, STAT. It’s an excellent documentary that was released last year, and features all of the (still living) Dreamlanders plus fun special guests like Holly Woodlawn, Lypsinka, Susan Lowe, Tab Hunter…

Divine's make-up
…not to mention lots of cool photos of Divine that I had never seen before.

Female Trouble is
Lypsinka had this great quote: “‘Female Trouble’ is John’s ‘Gone with the Wind‘” which I whole-heartedly agree with. I love that movie!

Broad City
And while we’re on the subject of Things You Need to Watch, my new favorite show is “Broad City”! I managed to plow my way through the entire first season this past week, and I’m only bummed out that Hulu doesn’t have more to watch. I just about lost it when Amy Sedaris appeared in one of the episodes! This show is SO GOOD. I need to watch it with my Broad, stat. Maybe a Broad Night is in order.

cleaning the bathroom
Joshy getting ready to clean our bathroom. We’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning for Mumsie’s arrival. JUST A FEW MORE DAYS unghhfffff I CAN’T WAIT. Coming up tomorrow: the Easter photos! Have a fabulous Earth Day, blog-logs. Don’t forget to hug a tree!

Sunny wet happy dogs

Sunny wet happy dogs

waiting for Maggie to drop the ball
Heyyyy blog. We are traveling back in time to LAST last Sunday, when my furry family and I went to Marymoor Park after the Tulip Festival.

Marymoor Park
Originally we were supposed to go hiking up north, but the highway was closed and Marymoor sounded like a fabulous substitute. We love that park.

Maggie swims and BC paces
It’s hard to get Maggie out of the water! She swims until we have to practically drag her dogbody out.

Liz throw
I have a little muscle tone in my arms, FINALLY. Thanks Kettlebell! It’s supposed to give me a bubble butt too…still waiting…

Liz on the bridge with some eager animals
That little sundress was the Best Costume for That Day.

L and J in the sun
Josh eventually removed his shirt. We’ve been “tanning”…but only one of us is actually “tan”. I plan on getting a nice spray of orange chemicals right before we leave for Hawaii to make up for the fact that my epidermis repels color.

a shirtless man
Werk! I like his new sunglasses. Teal with purple lenses.

Josh and a happy white dog
Look at that happy white dog! Marymoor was packed that day. Tons of happy pets and pet owners.

dog splash
We had the throwing stick, but no ball, but that wasn’t a problem. Maggie always finds a ball.

dog park Lizzie
I felt cute. Sun was shining, serotonin was flowing…the dog park is my Happy Place.

controlling some wet animals
Wet pets!

BC view
We were going to give Bear Cub a trim before my mother arrives, but she requested that we leave the tail in “full plumage”. Will do, Mumsie.

3 furry creatures at a fence
A woman was running around the field in tiny circles. Why she was doing that instead of taking advantage of the great big huge expanse of Marymoor…we’ll never know.

TODAY is my old man’s 40th birthday! I’ve been bragging about it all day. People have been looking at me curiously like, so how old does that make you? I told a co-worker my age today and she said a very nice thing…that I looked “24” or “26“. “I try,” I replied. Do I EVER try. I bought Joshy some flowers and I’ve piled his presents and cards on the table, waiting for him when he returns home from work. We’re going out to sushi tonight at a place nice enough for reservations, ooh la la! I can’t wait. Mmmmm.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

on the way to the festival
Hola blog. I had planned on attending to you yesterday, but between my hour-plus-long eyelash extensions appointment (hooray!), going to Populuxe with Joshy for delicious Peruvian brisket sannies, and then a quick trip to the Skin Cancer Palace for a little pre-vacation cuh-luh I ran out of Friday. Ah well. Here’s my face on the way to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival last Sunday.

driver driving
The tulip festival is a pretty big deal around here–everyone’s heard of it, and most people I talked to had been several times. We had talked about going for years…but this time we wrote it down on the calendar and made it happen!

Mt Baker from the car
A view of Mount Baker from the car (note the windshield glare). I see this mountain every morning while driving to work.

colorful fields
Being the geriatrics we are (I was up at 6:30 this morning), we arrived at the tulip fields pretty early…between 9 and 9:30. The traffic was starting up, but was significantly thicker on our way out. A cop was ticketing every single car parked directly in front of the tulip field, where “no parking” signs were posted.

tulip field from the road
There were plenty of paid parking spots around, but we lucked out and parked for free at a nursery across the street.

through the pink flowers
Joshy took this photo of this beautiful pink flowered tree in the nursery parking lot.

red tulips
You can make out the people across the tulip field. The side we came in was fairly uncrowded.

L and J in the tulips
I spotted a man with cameras hanging all over his body and asked him to take our photo. He obliged–but had the same problem that I have with my new camera–it has no viewfinder, just the LCD screen, making photography in bright sunshine extremely difficult.

pink tulips
However…who could possibly complain about the sunshine? The weather was gorgeous. Last Sunday was probably the warmest day we’ve had all year.

Lizzy in the tulip rows
I tried to make my outfit match the tulip fields.

L taking photos
Josh photographing the photographers. The lady with the long dress was snapping pictures the entire time, murmuring, “It’s so beautiful…it’s so beautiful…”

Josh in the purple tulips
I loved the purple tulips.

purple tulips
And again.

crouching in a tulip field
The crouching pose seemed like a good idea at the time.

tulip girl
This is a nice shot.

tulip poser

strawberry crepe
On the way back to the car, we passed a food stand in the nursery selling crepes. I happen to be a bit of a CREPE FIEND, but we only had 12 dollars on us, so we split a huge strawberry crepe.

crepe snarfing
It was delicious.

We only experienced a teeny-tiny corner of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, of course, but we got our fill. It was definitely worth it! We had packed hiking clothes and supplies and the dogs and were planning on doing a hike afterwards, but the highway was closed due to the terrible mudslide in Oso that had been all over the local news this past month. We ended up going to our beloved Marymoor Dog Park instead…more about that later on!

Today’s plan is to clean the house for Mumsie’s arrival next week, maybe do a little fiction writing, maybe do a little painting. Tomorrow on Easter Sunday we are going to Josh’s grandmother’s house for Easter dinner, where we’ll also be celebrating my Old Man’s 40th birthday, which is Monday. Ooh, that reminds me, I have a present to wrap.

Ya got that vibeology, that V-I-B-E-ology

Ya got that vibeology, that V-I-B-E-ology

Say twaaaat? Two RuPaul’s Drag Race blog entries two days in a ROW? I couldn’t resist. Why just today I was recommending this show to one of my patients, who told me that she “loves drag queens”. She cited “Kinky Boots” as a favorite movie, so it seemed necessary to tell her about the best reality show EVER: RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Last night we watched Episode 9 of Season 6: “Queens of Talk”, featuring guest judges Georgia Holt (Cher’s mother!), Chaz Bono, and Paula Abdul. The queens had to host a talk show and interview Georgia and Chaz. The best interviewers turned out to be BenDeLaCreme and Courtney Act, who showed interest in both her interviewees (and empathy!), didn’t appear nervous at all, and rightly won the challenge.

Highlights included RuPaul’s faaaaabulous 1960′s-esque final runway outfit (loved it loved it loved it), Darienne Lake’s awful elephant outfit (why was she not read for those damn tusk earrings already?), Paula’s immobile face, and a new term to add to your Drag Vocab: “meaty tuck“. The final lip sync was between Jocelyn and Trinity to Paula’s “Vibeology” (which has been stuck in my head ever since), and it was an AMAZING lip sync.  In the end it was Trinity who got the boot, which I had been anticipating for the last couple of weeks anyway…although I must say, her animal-inspired runway outfit was fierce.

Phew! It gave me great pleasure to recommend this show to someone today…she even took notes! Probably the highlight of the day…today at work was a little stressful. Eh, some coffee, a little dog walk, Blogilates and Mulligatawny soup tonight and I’ll be ready for Friday tomorrow. Friday already, good grief! This next week is going to FLY.

Join me tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be posting the gorgeous tulip photos from last weekend.

Funny Girl (s)

Funny Girl (s)

Hola squirrelfriends, welcome to another Lizzy recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 6 episode 8: “Drag Queens of Comedy”. The queens write and perform a stand-up bit for an audience made up of random geriatrics, the usual panel of judges, and guest judges Bruce Vilanch and Jamie Pressly (whenever I see Jamie I always think of her “My Name is Earl” character drawling “The wide wide world of webs“).

Notables for this episode include LaGanga’s COMPLETELY over-the-top runway/stand-up outfit and bit (“They’re drag queens–what do you expect?” pointed out my husband) and eventual (spoiler alert!) dismissal. Thank the Lord, because she was getting reeeeeaally annoying. I expected to be bored to death by Trinity’s stand-up but lo and behold, she pulled it off! And I loved her little Asian dress. Fabulous. Bianca Del Rio blew EVERYONE else away in the stand-up challenge, but else would you expect? I loved her runway/stand-up outfit too–a towering orange wig, fabulous 60′s-esque dress and neon orange eyeshadow. It was all working for me, Miss Rio!

Apparently we’re behind–I noticed last night episode 9 has also been posted, so perhaps I will watch that tonight and post my recap tomorrow. I’d like to watch it right now but I have to wait for Joshy. We do these things together.

Today is rainy and blustery–a perfect day for an indoor jog on the treadmill. Of course I still have to figure out something to do with these pets. Someone at work today said, “It’s been driving me crazy…you look so familiar. I know this sounds weird but…were you ever a Scottish dancer?”

Pretty random, but I took it as a compliment. She added something about the way that I carry my body, and I told her that ever since I started doing Pilates I’ve noticed a real change in my posture: I don’t slouch as much! My spine is straighter! This was the first time someone pointed it out to me, and it made me feel good. Maybe all the Pilates has been reversing my slouchy computer posture…that would be grrrrreat. Thanks Blogilates!

The Electric Palette is bold and beautiful!

The Electric Palette is bold and beautiful!

Something very exciting showed up in my mailbox on Friday! Urban Decay’s faaabulous new “Electric” eyeshadow palette. Ooh baby baby ooh. I was on the fence about it, but then Sephora conveniently had a 15% off coupon and after an encouraging text message from the Broad (“You hardly ever buy eyeshadow–won’t it be nice to take to Hawaii”?) I WENT FOR IT.

Urban Decay Electric palette
And boy was I glad I did. Just look at those colors!

Electric palette close-up
Mind you, I did read online that four of the colors–the neon pink, orange, glitter pink and purple–are not recommended to use around your “immediate” eye area, which is definitely a turn-off. Then I remembered all the years I doused my immediate eye area in craft glitter and figured eh, I’ll work around it…

Electric test
…so I smeared the unsafe ones ABOVE my immediate eye area. There was definitely a little staining the next day, but soap and baby wipes removed it. Now, my eyes actually have been bothering me since I removed my contacts yesterday, but I suspect it’s from the sunscreen/sunshine/being outside all day long + allergies combo I had going on yesterday, and not the eyeshadow. Just to be on the safe side, however, I thoroughly washed my eyeshadow brushes.

Electric glide
The beauty of the colors got me so excited I had to put on my neon floral vintage pantsuit and bop around the house! I even made a little Instagram video declaring my love for the Electric palette. Mawwwww.

floral jumpsuit
I had Joshy take a couple of “action” shots. The inspirational power of a neon eyeshadow palette, eh? Good Times!

Josh and I attended the Tulip Festival yesterday and then had a glorious afternoon at Marymoor Park…more about that later, including lots of beautiful tulip photos. Right now it’s time to run with the dogs outside. Sunshine is calling!

Holly Woodlawn, psychedelic scenes and nature

Holly Woodlawn, psychedelic scenes and nature

Holly in progress
Current painting in progress: Holly Woodlawn, the 4th painting in my Factory series (first was Edie, then Jackie, then Candy). I’m looking forward to having time this weekend to spend on ol’ Holly here. To Glitter or not to Glitter? That is the question. Christopher says no, I say yes, because why on earth not? Sparkle, Neely. He encouraged me to do a nice Pucci-esque, psychedelic pattern on her shirt, which I completely agree with. I’ve always loved Pucci.

Don Draper about to get psychedelic
Speaking of psychedelic, here’s Don Draper looking extremely out of place at this fabulous trippy rich hippie party on “Mad Men”. Season 6 is SO GOOD. I was kind of losing interest for a couple of seasons back there but now I’m riveted again.

“This is what my ultimate dream party would have looked like when I was in my 20′s,” I said to Josh about this scene. Gladiator sandals? Mod babydoll dresses? Big hair and even bigger false eyelashes? Exciting, giant hookah puffs? Oooh yeah. I’ll still take the fashion, but skip the hookah now. Cough.

Speaking of coughing, I finally removed that youtube video wherin I’m smoking my last vanilla cigarette. It was my most popular video of all time, but I quit smoking 4 years ago, and really don’t need to encourage that kind of attention any more.

woods portrait
I suppose this is more my scene now: raincoat, pockets full of doggy poop sacks and lipbalm and a handkerchief for my perpetually drippy nose…

over the bridge and far away
…with my three furry family members along for the ride. Er, walk.

man on a bridge
Dear Seattle weekend weather: I’m not asking for a lot, mang. Just a couple hours of sunshine would be fab. ONE OR TWO EVEN.

Josh and BC at the park
Joshy looking cute. Last night I watched “In Dreams” for the first time while Josh finished up our taxes, and Robert Downey Jr.’s psychotic killer character wears a long-sleeved top JUST like the one Josh has on in this photo. “In Dreams” came out in ’99, that’s probably how long Josh has kept that shirt. When both members of the family are clothing packrats, there tends to not be a lot of closet room. The Dream: a massive walk-in closet. Some dayyyyyy…

happy Cub
I’m about to have my afternoon pre-dogpark coffee. Today is my running day–I like to alternate Blogilates with running days so I hurt all over my body, instead of just one or two places. I even bought a newfangled fanny pack–it’s called a “hip pack”, but we all know the truth! FANNY PACK FANNY PACK! It’s black and just large enough to hold my iphone and my car key fob. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I suspect it will be far better than my purse hanging down and slapping my ass every time I go for a run.

giant yellow lilies
A closer look at the giant yellow lilies I always see at the park these days. They stink, but they’re so cool-looking!

Ooh ooh! In the time it took the compose this blog entry the clouds are starting to part. Time to go chase down that sunshine! Have a marvelous weekend blog-logs.

Covergirl! Put the bass in your walk

Covergirl! Put the bass in your walk

Hey gurl heyyyy. It’s time for another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: “Glamazon by Colorevolution”. The queens had to pair up and make a video schilling RuPaul’s line of cosmetics! Notable notables for this episode include RuPaul’s amazing rainbow dress on the final runway…not to mention his neon eye make-up was to DIE for. Speaking of neon make-up, Corinne peer-supported me into buying Urban Decay’s new Electric neon palette and I can’t WAIT for it to arrive, oh mannnnn the fun I’m gonna have with that baby!

Ahem, back to the episode. Courtney Act dons a fabulous glitter-saturated Klaus Nomi-inspired outfit for the final runway featuring an oversized rainbow glitter fish as part of the ensemble and earns points for “not relying on pretty!” (I guess), my Seattle fave Ben DeLaCreme pairs up with bitchy Darienne Lake for the lip sync, SHOULD HAVE WON, gets kicked off but thank God, RuPaul changes his mind at the last second and keeps him on. GOOD MOVE RUPAUL. Why is Trinity still on the show again? Hey, don’t I say that every week? Uh huh uh huh.

I don’t like Darienne’s bitchface and mean comments but you gotta agree that she was COMPLETELY channeling Dawn French in French and Saunder’s “8 1/2″ spoof last night in her commercial, good grief. Joshy and I had to watch a little French and Saunders after we finished “Untucked”…I actually stayed up until midnight (gasp!) last night but it was worth it.

We also had a howl at the ever-classic French and Saunders spoof of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” If you’ve never seen it before, dear blogreader, ENJOY. Hysterical.

I’ve got Hawaii on my mind

I’ve got Hawaii on my mind

trying out some cat-eye sunglasses
Trying on some cat-eye sunglasses at T@rget (I pronounce it “Tar-jay” just to be obnoxious.). Every time I go to Tar-jay I remember that I dislike it, but somehow I got suckered into thinking it might be a good place to stock up on a couple of items for Hawaii: cheap sunglasses, a sunhat, maybe some shorts. Josh came with me and we spent a little time in the men’s section trying on shorts. Why do they make women’s shorts so stinkin’ short? What about a nice Bermuda length? I discovered in men’s sizing that a 32 waist is too large for me and 30 is a smidge too small, so I didn’t buy any shorts.

orange sports bra success
I did, however, buy this cute little reversible sports bra, because I’m always needing more sports bras. I love reversible clothing. Maybe I was attracted to the orange color because of the hat I was wearing that day (thanks for the hat, Kissy!).

Mad Men bikini bottoms
We started Season 6 of “Mad Men” recently, and lo and behold, the first episode starts out with Don and Megan in Hawaii! Talk about perfect timing. I had just purchased my paisley bikini from “Victoria’s Secret” too, and when Megan’s adorable bikini popped up on the screen I howled “THAT’S THE PERFECT BIKINI!” Unghf, I love vintage swimwear. Modcloth: take some tips.

Joshy tries out the pink fuschia armchair
After yet another unsuccessful trip to Tar-jay we ambled over to Cost Plus, which is always a good time. I needed to pick up a couple of nice thank-you cards: one for my old boss, and one for my new boss, and Cost Plus has an excellent card selection. Not to mention browsing is always fun. This fuchsia armchair caught my eye.

fuchsia armchair
Oh yeah. I’d do it. 300 bucks? Reasonable. And that cuh-luh!

Superfuzz beer
Josh perused the fancy beer offerings. The “Superfuzz” label caught my eye. I bought some blood orange flavored Pellegrino for myself. Mmmm. They had an enormous Easter section which triggered my desire to eat a Cadbury egg, but when I inquired if they had any, they told me no. Easter without Cadbury eggs? Inconceivable.

pretty plate set
We’ve been talking about getting a nice “grown up” (ie: matching) set of plates for a long time, but never seem to agree on a pattern. I thought these floral plates were nice. Who wants white? BORING.

I had some assistance at work today so I’m done a little earlier than usual. Thanks to Midol and the coffee I’m about to glorp down, taking the rogs for exercise should be manageable. Had a nice phone conversation with Brenna about Joshy’s upcoming birthday on the 21st: the old man is turning FORTY. 4-0. I’m having more difficulty processing it than he is.

“Do we need to watch the “Ab Fab” episode where Eddie turns 40 so that I feel better about it?” I said to him. I think we do! After all, it contains one of my favorite Ab Fab quotes:

Eddie: [on turning 40] This is something that is happening to me. This is something that I’ve got to deal with, alright. I’m sorry if that sounds selfish, but it’s me, me, me!

Never gets old.

Corinne’s Kitty Camelot

Corinne’s Kitty Camelot

Maggie loves Auntie Corinne
Hey blerg. I took the girls to visit Auntie Corinne last week–it had been tooooo looooong, and I missed her. Here’s Maggie giving Corinne a little doglove. I had the dogs in her backyard, and later on when I let them into the house Corinne kindly put Novocaine in the guest room (now Cat Room). We wish our animals got along, but they really don’t.

Novacaine and cat playground
Corinne’s roommate got married and moved out, and her place is now a Kitty Camelot (or Pussy Palace)…totally devoted to her cats. A cat playground on the living room floor, a kitty water fountain in the kitchen…

Corinne's custom cat tower
…a custom-ordered kitty climbing tree near the back door…

kitty garden
…special cat “gardens” on the windowsill, including a separate container for wheatgrass.

“Do you eat the wheatgrass?” I asked her.

Novacaine is handsome
Nope, it’s reserved for this dude right here. Novocaine is spoiled rotten. As someone who spoils their own pets to the point of driving them to Dairy Queen for “dog cones”, I completely understand this behavior.

Not pictured: Matilda, her new addition, a rescue kitty still recovering from the trauma of being at a shelter and getting fixed right before Corinne brought her home. Matilda mostly resides in the Cat Room, under a futon. I attempted a photo (without the flash–animals hate that) and it turned out as a black schmear. Heigh ho. I’m sure she’ll come around.

hippie hat
Her roommate left this cute little sequined hippie hat behind. Score!

I officially started my new job today! I started early this morning and was able to get off work early enough to enjoy the fabulous sunny, clear skies with my pets today. Josh is out back poisoning the dandelions, so the girls are now inside with me. I’m planning on hacking great big hunks of fur off of Bear Cub at some point today. Homemade jambalaya for dinner tonight, from a recipe I grabbed from “Allrecipes”. Mmmmmm.