October is Scary Movie Month

October is Scary Movie Month

kurt smiles
It’s October! One of my favorite months of the year, and you know why…HALLOWEEN! Not to mention it is a yearly tradition that every October I overdose on scary movies, and this year is no exception. I’ll just have to temporarily stop watching the Housewives shows for a bit (I’m on New Jersey now, and the other day I actually said “Fuggitaboutit” unironically). This year I’d like to try something new, though–review each horror movie I watch in a blog entry! Yeah! Yay!

Any recommendations? I’ve seen SO MANY HORROR FILMS, but I’m sure there’s gotta be some I’ve skipped. It would help if they were instant on Netflix, too, ahem.

Movin’ On Up

Movin’ On Up

Glamming out at the Botanical Gardens today.
BIG NEWS blog, BIG NEWS: we got the house! We’re gonna be home owners! I’M GOING TO HAVE A WALK-IN CLOSET!!!

So thrilled. We made the bid on Friday, typed up a little personal letter to the sellers on Saturday, and by Sunday they accepted our offer. In one month’s time, I will be living in my own house. YES, FINALLY.

Thistle is pretty.
No pictures yet, and I don’t feel comfortable linking to it, but here’s some details:

– big roomy landscaped backyard
– two car garage, plus gigantic crawl space behind said garage (big enough to house an immigrant family, say)
– four bedrooms PLUS an additional room
– walk in closet in the master (yes yes yes)
– windows and high ceilings galore

Two doggy beds and she still takes the floor. Eye roll, Bear Cub.
Plus more, you know, it’s just friggin’ gorgeous and I’m actually glad all those other houses we wanted didn’t work out. Oh man. I’m a grown up.

This is my version of a "natural" nail.
I’ll be able to have a sewing room AND an art studio. And I can paint the walls any damn color I please! Glitter paint, baby! CHARTREUSE GLITTER PAINT AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

So addictive.
Ungggggfff I can’t wait to move. In the meantime, have you tried these? They’re delicious.

I put on my Big Girl Britches and brought stacks of 90s and early 2000s magazines from my parents' house to the recycling center. Finally. "I will not be a hoarder, I will not be a hoarder..."
Anyone who knows me knows I have been hoarding fashion magazines since I started reading “Vogue” in 1994, so it was a pretty big deal that Josh and I took stacks of every magazine except “Vogue” down to the recycling center when we were in Boise. I knew my parents would never recycle them (they didn’t even know where the center is), so it was up to me. It was a big relief. I’m only a little sad about it.

My father's 14-year-old Lab, Sally. This last trip to Boise might be the last time I see her alive. She's been his constant companion her entire lifetime, and I know he'll be devastated when she passes.
Sally, 14, is dying, and that last trip to Boise may be the last time I ever see her. She’s been my father’s constant companion her entire lifetime, and I can’t even imagine how sad he is going to be when she passes. He’s gonna need a Prozac script and a new puppy.

Boo, rainy Fall weather. Booooo.
This is how I feel about Fall kicking off with a week solid of rain, way to conform to stereotypes, Seattle. On the other hand, I do enjoy wearing all of my summer dresses with tights, so that’s okay. Today I even wore my Frye boots so I got to smell that new leather smell all day, mmmmmm.

Traveling Maggie.
Maggie in the car. I’m glugging down some coffee right now in preperation to take them to the park.

Oh yeah, another cool thing about the New House: 5 minutes away from the ocean, with a dog park right on the ocean! Can you imagine…??? I’M STOKED.

My little brother got married

My little brother got married

pretty Mumsie
First up, it’s Mumsie! She picked out this beautiful dress from Anthropologie, I bought it, and after the wedding she gave it to me to keep as I enjoy wearing dresses and she doesn’t. She kept saying she felt fat and I kept re-assuring her that SHE WASN’T (sound familiar?). Then I wore the dress to work this week and one of my patients asked me if I had a baby “in there”. I patted my fupa and smiled, “Nope, just cheeseburgers!” Sigh.

mother and daughter
Why are our arms so awkward in this photo? Like mother like daughter. Remember the Myer-Briggs test? Uh huh.

brother and sister
The six foot six groom.

husband and wife
Mumsie and Daddums. Their colors coordinate!

Mom and Josh
Look at how pretty the Botanical Gardens are. Even with those awful yellow foothills in the background.

If you have to get married in Boise, this seems like the best place for it.

Lizzie and Joshy
The best man and a bridesmaid. That purple dress photographs nicely, doesn’t it?

We were supposed to show up two hours early for photographs but they didn’t really kick off until an hour before the wedding, and even then I was only required for a few of them. Plenty of time to wander the Gardens.

Lizzie is a poser
SHAZZAM! What a show-off! The black shoes (that I complained about) actually ended up being pretty cute.

groom with parents
My family.

bride, groom, and flower girl
Stephanie, Stewart, and the little flower girl. She did pretty great leading up to the time she had to walk down the “aisle”, and then she had a major meltdown. Children are so unpredictable!

Josh and a bouquet
Joshy holds my bouquet. I thought the flower selection was really nice.

bride and groom
The happy bride and groom. They were very affectionate with each other, and there was a lot of touching and hugging and kissing. I thought it was a very good sign.

mike, kyle and caroline
My uncle Mike, cousin Kyle, and Aunt Caroline. My Aunt Lisa was unable to attend the wedding due to physical problems, and she was dearly missed. She did, however, send a crapload of jewelry for me to pick over and keep, though, which was GREAT. Score!

mom and dad are smiling
I like this shot of my parents.

mini cupcakes
In lieu of a cake, they had about a million mini gourmet cupcakes instead. I had an apple caramel and chocolate ganache, and they were fantastic. My only regret is forgetting to take some home!

Joshy and Anna
Joshy sitting next to the pastor’s wife at the head table. Isn’t she cute? She was really nice. Apparently she’s a talented musician and singer…it’s too bad she didn’t perform at the wedding. The song selection was meh, and when I requested “Groove Is In the Heart” the dj HAD NEVER HEARD OF DEEE-LITE. O-M-G.

Pastor and his wife
The pastor and his wife. Married for eight years with no children? That’s practically unheard of in Idaho.

head table
The head table.

Stephanie and Stewart
I liked Stephanie and her family. Her grandparents are delightful.

S and S

best man speech
Joshy giving his Best Man speech. He did a nice job.

first dance
First dance. My brother could use some dance lessons…but I’m pretty sure he had never danced before. Big moment for him!

dances with parents
Stewart and Mumsie. She had attempted to give him a little dance coaching the night before, much to our amusement.

Ubiquitous YMCA dance.

Joshy gets down
Joshy gets down. We did dance together for a couple of songs–he spun me around and dipped me once. Too bad no one took pictures of that!

happy flower girl
The little flower girl cheered up.

The written congratulations. You can see mine in the lower right corner–I was the first to write. Ever since my friend Lisa wrote “Welcome to the club” at our wedding, I’ve been using that line. I don’t know why, but I just like it.

The next day my mother, Josh and I met my uncle and cousin at the Green Belt and had a lovely walk. Until of course I strayed across the path to pet a dog that looked just like Bear Cub and some female cyclist suddenly came up right behind me yelling, “On your left…JESUS CHRIST ON YOUR LEFT.” That wasn’t so fun.

bouquet toss
Bouquet toss!

bouquet catch
And successful catch.

football garter catch
They wrapped the garter belt around a football, and that little boy caught it.

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding. I’m so happy my brother has found love!

Next up: Josh and I are house hunting…and today we made our very first bid! Yes! Scream! Holler! Excitement! More about that to come!

Going back to Boise, Boise, Boise

Going back to Boise, Boise, Boise

Hola blog. Did you miss me desperately? I knew you did. Wednesday after work we packed up, drove to Richland and spent the night in a cheap, pet-friendly hotel, and Thursday morning we drove the rest of the way to Boise. On Thursday my brother’s then fiancee came over to my parent’s house for dinner, and she brought some purple nail polish so I could paint my toenails the required color of purple. I waggled my freshly French manicured tips–she approved. I removed them the day after the wedding, of course. NEVER AGAIN!

L and J at the Gardens
Friday afternoon we all drove to the Botanical Gardens for the wedding rehearsal. Not only had I never been a bridesmaid before (only a maid of honor), I had never participated in a wedding rehearsal before. Not even my own! The Botanical Gardens in Boise are right next to the old penitentary, which makes for some interesting photos. Note the yellow foothills in the background.

Josh and Mom at the Gardens
The Gardens are beautiful, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire time we were in Boise, a special bonus. Good-bye summer!

Pops at the Gardens
Pops dressed up for the rehearsal. We went through everything twice. Then we hit the freeway to go to Nampa for dinner at Stephanie’s parents’ house. The traffic was outrageous. Luckily Joshy and I had stopped at the State street Fanci Freeze on our way there (my request, of course). I only had ONE Flavor Burst ice cream cone on the trip, OH THE HUMANITY.

And of course Friday morning I went to my favorite shop, “Eyes of the World”. I found no worthy sundresses but did buy a cool glass pendant and a weird Aztec-print neon cardigan sweater that nobody else was impressed by.

beautiful purple flowers
More shots of the flowers will be posted later this week.

Joshy finds a friend
Turns out Stephanie (my brother’s new bride) and her family are all dog fiends! You know I’m easy! I think I want a golden retriever for my third dog. We’ll see.

Everything went smoothly at the dinner–pizza and cookies from Costco were scarfed, and I have zero drama to report (sorry Aunt Lisa). The next day was the beautiful wedding…that will be my next post, so stay tuned!

One last camping trip

One last camping trip

arrival at Lake Dorothy
Hey blog, didja think I forgot about you? AS IF. On Saturday we drove up to the mountains to hike to Lake Dorothy.

Joshy and Bear Cub, sittin on a log
Josh had told me it was a 4 mile hike to the lake alone, so when I learned it was closer to two miles I was relieved. Then I found out it was two miles STRAIGHT UP A MOUNTAIN.

Maggie goes for a swim
My poor, out-of-shape calves are still hurting this morning. And there was whining, LORD WAS THERE WHINING UP THAT MOUNTAIN.

Josh in a sunbeam
All of the good spots were taken, too, which meant we had to keep walking. And walking. At one point I refused to go further, but of course Josh talked me into going a little further and we found a little spot.

Joshy is fly fishing
A “little” spot was good because he had packed the little tent, just barely enough room to fit two human bodies, much less two wet filthy dog bodies. Sure we made it work, but never again!

morning lake
I suppose all the “pain” and “suffering” was worth it in the end though, because we got to wake up to this view. Joshy caught a few fish and let them go. We feasted on egg and bacon wraps, and then packed up and walked alllll the way back down the mountain the next day…which was much easier!

morning lake II
Of course that wasn’t even enough for my maniac husband, he also ran an additional 8 miles while we were camping. Of course. Of course.

Here’s one of my silly little videos.

Gorgeous reflections. We all went for a swim the night before, even Bear Schnubs.

morning Maggie
Maggie dog swam the most. She’s in amazing shape for an almost-nine-year old!

camping Geek
Yeah yeah, I know. No “glamping” this time, I’m afraid. Not to mention I was so cold, I actually wore the hideous 80’s layering clothes that Joshy brought along for “emergencies”. My Raynaud’s flared up, big time. Yay camping!

mega shroom
Big old mushrooms.

At one point during the hike up I yelled at Josh, “Good luck getting me to do THIS again!” but I would totally do it again, I just need to be in better shape. We leave for Boise to attend my brother’s wedding tomorrow, and when we get back we’re going to do a “40 in 40″ program where we encourage each other to exercise 40 days in a row. I know. But we need it!

IN OTHER NEWS we may have found a house, finally! I don’t want to get too excited about it in case it doesn’t work out, but if it does, YAY! Oh man I can’t wait to move.

Fairy party

Fairy party

birthday girl
Yesterday we attended little Ronia’s 5th birthday party. I’ll never forget seeing her for the first time, upon our return from Burning Man. She was the size of a tiny loaf of bread. Brenna made the dress she is wearing here.

Robot Elliot
Not to be outdone by the fairy-themed party, Elliot dressed himself in his DIY robot costume.

Josh, his maternal grandfather, and his pops. Doesn’t he look just like his grandfather?

The spread. I indulged in a single carrot stick and then on the way home requested frozen yogurt. I mean, you know, I TRY. Of course I looked at the calander today and realized my brother’s wedding is in less than two weeks, and do I really think I’m gonna lose weight in that amount of time? Probably just lose and gain the same three pounds.

fairy stair dancing
Ronia dances down the stairs.

The party was well-attended.

Who has this many friends at age five?

Ronia requested that I wear this outfit, so I complied. We all picked fairy names. Mine meant “golden-haired sea nymph”.

Brenna made these marshmallow-frosted cupcakes.

Oberon Jr.
Here’s “Oberon Jr.”.

Fairy Queen
Later on, Brenna changed into her Fairy Queen outfit to teach “Fairy School”.

fairies gather
This involved instructions on dancing and then hiding from humans.

fairies dance
The dancing was adorable.

Ronia flies
Siiiiigh, Ronia!

candle time
Birthday wish. Ronia scored–her actual birthday was on Friday, so we celebrated that day as well at her grandparents’ house with cake and presents.

making a wish
I hope all her wishes come true.

Present time! The other kids always want to “help”, I’ve noticed.

Ronia received a few puzzles. She must take after her Aunt Liz.

tutu love
Josh and I went to Petticoat Junction and we both picked her out a tutu–he picked a bright green “Tinkerbell”-type number, and I picked out this fabulous frothy lavender number with flower-shaped sequins, which just happened to match her fairy wings perfectly. Brenna texted me this morning: Guess what she wanted to wear today? with a picture of Ronia wearing my tutu again! I know that girl’s taste! It’s just like my own. Girly to the max.

Bumbershoot 2014

Bumbershoot 2014

beautiful day at the Seattle Center
Bumbaclaat! Whoops, no, let me try that again. Bumbershoot! We went to Bumbershoot last Sunday. Bumbershoot is an annual 3 day music/arts/comedy festival at the Seattle Center. It costs about 70 bucks per day. The last time I had gone was 2007, my last year of drinking. Guess what? Bumbershoot was way MORE FUN sober. No, really. Like everything else.

hip hop at Bumbershoot
We saw hip hop and more hip hop and stand-up comedy including Janeane Garofalo (who is SO TINY in real life!) and my boyfriend Tom Robbins during his final final final public appearance EVER (he’s 82!?!) and pop music and post-punk music and dubstep and more.

Joshy gets down
He may be 40, but he can kick, streeeeetch, and kick!

hold me closer, tiny dancer
Joshy outdances the baby hipsters.

Kid Hops lays down the beats
We ate like pigs and then finished off the day watching one of our favorite kexp DJ’s Kid Hops playing one of the best Old Skool drum and bass sessions I’ve seen in years…and I mean, YEARS.

Kid Hops
Drum and bass music was pretty relevant to my 20’s and I was sure it was deader than dead, so it almost made me verklempt to see all the kids waving their hands around and dancing and bopping to “my” music. Mawwwww.

I had a great time, I’d totally go again! Maybe even for two whole days next time. Happy weekend.

Camping part 2: moist as a snack cake

Camping part 2: moist as a snack cake

blue mountains
Back to life, back to realityyyy…

sunset beauty
I don’t see enough sunsets.

sunset sky
Pretty pretty!

little Bear behind the tent
Playing hide and go seek, Cub?

Joshy at sunset
What a man what a man what a mighty mighty good man. Who cares about blog writing? I’ll just quote song lyrics. I woke up with “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” in my head, Lou Reed purring in my ears.

little fluffy clouds
When we woke up the next morning it was raining. No problem, we said. We’ll just snuggle in the tent and read book and have breakfast and coffee and eventually it will stop. NOPE. At one point I ran out of Book #1, went to start Book #2 and realized I had JUST READ Book #2. Oy vey Liz.

So I took off my glasses and actually took a little nap and when I woke up…it was still raining.

stuck inside the tent cray face
Camping trip foiled!

Bear Cub is thoughtful
But what a cute little Cub, huh? We packed up our stuff around 1 pm and took off. I figured it would get sunny as soon as we hit the road, but…wrong again! It was crappy all day long. Welcome to Fall, boo hoo and hiss.

Ironically THIS weekend is supposed to be sunny and clear, but little Miss Ronia has a birthday party Sunday and we’re not missing that. A trip to Petticoat Junction is in order, me thinks.

Here’s a dumb little video of the animals swimming and me blathering about my oral fixations. Enjoy!

Kitties and camping (part 1)

Kitties and camping (part 1)

Now now, don’t you worry, this isn’t going to become a CAT blog, but isn’t Corinne’s kitty Seymour adorbs? I mean look at him.

Seymour is giving me the eyes
Here he is again, giving me the eyes. I fell for it, Seymour! Although my favorite new cat of hers is Edward. His name is actually Zap, but I call him Edward because he’s regal-looking. Did I blog about this already? Oh who cares.

birthday girl
Here’s the giggling birthday girl. I don’t mind sharing her birthday present on this blog because I know she doesn’t read here anymore…I ordered her a handpainted sign from Etsy that says: I WAS NORMAL THREE CATS AGO.

Cle Elum river evening
So yeah we went camping again! THREE TIMES THIS YEAR! Just what I wanted.

Maggie is attentive
We had the riverside to ourselves. There were some people camped above us, and their dogs came down to say hi a few times.

Here’s a video of Maggie swimming, me teasing the dogs (what else is new) and a…dead body?

camping dorks
Camping dorks! Camping dorks! Dorks that love to camp!

swimming Maggie
Maggie dog was the only swimmer on this trip. Sad, I know.

happy camping close-up
Nice pores! Speaking of pores, at Sephora I finally shelled out some dough for Dr. Murad’s anti-spot treatment, only to discover they changed the formula from 3% sulfur to 3.5% benzyl peroxide. Glorified Clearasil, basically. BOOOO. I like sulfur acne treatments. Don’t ask me why.

pretty sunset
Pretty pretty sunset.

Oh there’s more! But it’s time for me to head to the living room for some hot ‘n’ heavy Monday Blogilates, as part of my new Fitness Fall Routine. I spent the summer gaining 10+ pounds, now I get to take it all off again! Oh the joys of a fluctuating waistline. To those who can keep their weight within a 5 pound range: I salute you. Please tell me your secrets. You don’t eat donuts, do you? Thought so.

Hairs, Bears, and Hunter S. Thompson

Hairs, Bears, and Hunter S. Thompson

Friday Night Funtimes.
Blooooog! Did you miss me? Here’s my hair with freshly applied “partial” highlights. It really made no difference at all.

Happy camping face! ⛺️
Happy camping face two weeks ago. It’s about to be happy again! We’re planning on going camping tomorrow night, even though the weather isn’t supposed to be hot at all. AT LEAST I’ll make my 3 camping trips a year goal though, eh? YEAH!

I had such high hopes...
Gross. Don’t do it.

One is for witch, two is for bitch! Hit it, @dubtrance! ❤️
“One is for witch, two is for bitch! Hit it Marci!”

Maggie and Bear Cub having a swim at Marymoor Park.
Dogs enjoying the last bit of hot summer swimming weather.

Corinne and Sebastian.
Corinne enjoying her black and white kitty, Seymour. Monday was her 25th birthday, so Joshy and I took her out to dinner and introduced her to Die Antwoord. Sunday Corinne and I went to the U Village and perused Anthropologie, H & M, Sephora, and a few other stores. I was prepared to buy her something from Sephora, but she didn’t want anything! I think we’ve reached Sephora Saturation Point. It is possible.

Gonzo art.
For her birthday dinner she requested a burger brew pub near her house. They had records hanging all over the walls decorated with various cult film and music stars, like this one that caught my eye of my boyfriend HST.

This week is almost over, and so is August! And summer! And it’s just about time for me to buckle down and give up carbs for the next few weeks leading up to my brother’s wedding! Because that’s what I do! Exclamations!