The Joy of Camping, part 2 (plus videos!)

The Joy of Camping, part 2 (plus videos!)

Hello again blog! I just couldn’t stay away. Here is one of my typical Liz videos, complete with shaky camera work and wind blowing through the microphone. Well, at least I’m not chewing gum in this one.

More camping photos! The sunset was so beautiful.

There’s Joshy, engaging in a little horizontal camping. I’ve started sleeping on the blown-up recliner I use to float down the river–it makes for a nice comfy bed. I slept like A ROCK (of course the Trazadone and Xanax helped).

I bought these on a whim on our way out of town. Probably because they are rainbow and it was Pride weekend, which we missed out on. Pride is in my heart!

You’ll have to excuse all the dumb photos in this post, I just discovered that you can add filters to the pictures as you’re taking them on my camera! This filter was called “Toy Camera”. It’s your favorite shoes, Christopher!

No filter here, just beauty.

Ha ha. This filter was called “Retro” and of course it was my favorite!

Camping is the best.

What’s up, moon? Did I tell you that the friggin’ Northern Lights were over Seattle last week?! OF COURSE we didn’t find out until the day after, TYPICAL.

Maggie dog enjoys a rest.

Josh has pretty hazel eyes that I don’t normally get to admire because they are behind glasses.

Here’s another video–Maggie was actually dunking HER ENTIRE HEAD into the river, searching for sticks. I’ve never seen her do this! What a weird little animal!

More retro filter action.

Well, um…seemed like a good idea at the time.

Those are the best swim trunks ever. I’m so happy I found them!

Contented camping face.

Josh spies on some peeps with my binoculars.

Probably the best photo of a moon I’ve ever taken. I used the “night landscape” setting, and zoomed as much as possible.

Yet another video! Joshy goes for a swim and Maggie paddles out to meet him.

Bear Cub and her majestic tail, with the “toy camera” filter.

“Wild” is the perfect book to take camping.

Aw, is that it? I guess I no longer take 300 photos during every excursion. And that’s okay, I suppose.

The Joy of Camping (part 1)

The Joy of Camping (part 1)

Howdy blog! Can you tell based on this photo what my weekend consisted of? That’s right, CAMPING! It was over 90 degrees at our camping spot, so we brought along one of our shade structures from Burning Man to set up.

Good thing we did, too–we would have been miserable without it. We had to beat the heat with periodic dips in the icy cold river.

This is one of our favorite, “tried and true” camping spots on the Cle Elum River. It was definitely more popular this time, but no one was camped down in the meadow where we were at.

Josh had been whining all week leading up to the camping trip about the temperature.

“You think it’s bad now, it’s only June!” I yelled at him. Later on he thanked me for “forcing” him to go camping. Well, that’s what I’m here for. Peer pressure for camping.

I finished a Robin Cook book and read about 80% of “Wild”, which was a Christmas present to me from Josh. He also finished reading “Wild”, a Christmas present from ME. I think this may have been the first time in our 9.5 year-long relationship that we read the same book at the same time. Turns out “Wild” is a perfect book for camping!

How can you complain about this? Beautiful.

Maggie got into something DISGUSTING Saturday night–it smelled like she rolled around in manure–and despite Josh dragging her down to the river for a rinse-off she stunk the whole tent up. Then the next day about an hour before we left she DID IT AGAIN. Ohhhhh Maggie dog, you are lucky that I love you.

Here’s Old Shitface herself.

Joshy flexing. When we left the campsite there is a short little trek up a hill to get back to the car–Josh wanted to get everything in one go so he loaded up his pack and later determined it weighed about 90 POUNDS. Somehow, he told me today, heaving that Beast worked out the kinks in his back, and he slept pain-free last night for the first time in ages. Hmmmm. His body works in mysterious ways.

Lots of swimming and panting and sniffing occurred (the dogs had fun too).

Happy sigh!

I can hear Sublime from downstairs, and thank the Lord, because I’ve had “Baby Bitch” by Ween stuck in my head for the last 24 hours. I only just discovered yesterday that Ween sings that song, and not Elliott Smith, like I had mistakenly thought for the past 7 years. Good song, but it makes me feel sad.

Look at that water! So pretty!

Here’s the dog that did NOT stuff her dogmouth with something disgusting.

Hey guess what? I have enough pictures to make this a 2-part series! ‘Member, like the old days? Yyyyeah. See you later.

Chris and Hayley’s wedding

Chris and Hayley’s wedding

Hola blarg. I tried to do this entry on Monday, but Flickr was having A Moment and nothing worked, so here we are! And here I am, on my way to Chris and Hayley’s wedding on Saturday. I decided to wear the exact same outfit I wore to my last art show: the aqua Lulu’s dress, gold Seychelles sandals and my grandmother’s jeweled cuff. This time I was covered with the gold body glitter lotion I purchased on Amazon–I knew I had to buy it when half the reviews were people complaining that it was TOO GLITTERY–like there is such a thing! I rubbed glitter all over everyone I hugged.

The cheese stands alone. We had a couple of donuts before the wedding, so during the wedding I was really only hungry for some fruit and a piece of flourless chocolate cake, which was AMAZING. If only I had tucked a couple of extra pieces in my purse for later! Oh well.

This is Josh’s Muncle, the one he goes skiing/biking with all the time, and Mike’s lovely partner Darla. Swinging between them is Baby James. Immediately after the family pictures were taken, Mike changed into board shorts and a tee-shirt. “Classy,” I told him.

This is a good picture of us.

The actual ceremony was inside a tiny chapel in Snohomish, and the rest of the wedding was outside/inside. It was a gorgeous sunny day.

They played something called “The Shoe Game”, where they were supposed to raise their hand when asked a series of questions: “Who made the first move?” “Who makes the best dinner?” etc.. As you can imagine, they both raised their hands to every single question.

The wedding cake was a carrot cake, which I appreciate, but I was focused on that flourless chocolate cake. Mmmmmmmm.

Chris is looking for trouble!

Bob and Fleeta are adorable. Turns out they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary the same year that Joshy and I celebrate our 10th–I say Caribbean vacation! Yeah!

Chris dancing with his sister Alyse, who is recovering from hip surgery.

Currently I am chugging coffee and getting ready to go run the animals in what looks like a teeny bit of warm summer rain. Alriiiiiiiight. Are you watching the latest season of “Orange is the New Black”, blogreader? You should! We finished it up and the finale made me cry MULTIPLE times, as well as laugh, and even break into song. Get into it.

Parents, the beach, and a new painting

Parents, the beach, and a new painting

More photos with the parents! Here they are at Deception Pass Park on Whidbey Island.

Mumsie. We took a stroll down the beach while my poor old dad sat in the car. His back has been bothering him for a looooooong time.

My father’s um, “unique” photo cropping.

Pretty view!

Josh and Mumsie at Anthony’s. I had seafood fettuccine and it was YUM.

Pops looking fly in his Hawaiian shirt.

Dad and I visited Weinerschnitzel (of course) and I finally tried out one of their chocolate-dipped cones. Not QUITE as good as DQ.

Bear Cub is such a cutie cub!

Mandala #1 (the Mandala that started it all) is for SALE! HERE! Remember: this is the cheapest it will ever be…so you know, keep that in mind. And stuff. I’m working on a rainbow Mandala right now, and it’s everything I knew it would be.

TGIF! This week went by super fast. I’m kind of disgusted that it’s already June 19th, I mean, WHERE IS THE SUMMER GOING, AND IT HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET. My nails are neon coral. I just finished my Couch to 10K run. Joshy and I are attending a wedding tomorrow, and then Sunday we are going to hang out with his parents and celebrate Father’s Day with his grandparents at a Chinese restaurant. Good Times!

A visit from the parents

A visit from the parents

Hey kids! Here is my headless chest selfie, showing off the glitter lotion I recently purchased before heading over to Anthony’s for dinner with my parents.

Mermaid art on Whidbey Island.

My parents showed up Saturday afternoon, and we spent a nice relaxing several days together–eating eating eating, reading, watching “Seinfeld” re-runs and on Monday the three of us took a ferry over to Whidbey Island. Josh would have gone, but he didn’t take the day off from work like I did.

We drove up the length of Whidbey Island, checked out the little “downtown” area and had lunch and stopped at Deception Pass Park to stroll on the beach and snap a few pics.

I have more pictures that I took with my iphone, but for some reason when I e-mail them to myself I’m not receiving them. I really need to problem-solve that issue. At any rate, MORE TO COME if I can figure it out.

I had a nice visit with my parents–this was the first time they had seen our new house. They brought over grocery sacks stuffed with paperbacks for me to read, and lots and lots of old photographs, as it has been decided that I am the Photo Keeper of the family. We also had 31 Flavors together, an old family tradition. Mmmmmmm. Thank GOD they only temporarily took Chocolate Mousse Royale off the menu, it was back last night! Things would have gotten ugly!

Monday FUNday

Monday FUNday

Hello blog-log-doos! It’s Monday. This is where I just jogged/walked with my pets. Recently I switched from the “Couch to 5K” app to the “Couch to 10K” app. I’ve never run a 10K in my life, but my boss has manipulated me into (maybe) running a half marathon in October, which I (maybe)(might) do.

What a cute little Bear Cub! We just met an older, larger male version of Bear Cub at the park, named Max. I tried to get a picture of them together but it’s blurry. Max’s owner and I discussed the greatness of mutts at length.

Sunset from Anthony’s. Have I posted this already? Who can say. I just found out today that my Broad has never been to Anthony’s–shock and horror! We must fix this situation STAT!

Neon flowers in my neighbor’s yard, no editing required.

I ordered the awful movie about the 1990’s NY club kids scene “Shampoo Horns” recently, and then had the surreal experience of receiving mail from Michael Alig himself. And one of his art magnets!

Current nails. Having her put a layer of glitter on top was definitely a good move.

Arm party of ONE. Bracelet by my talented Aunt Lisa.

Isn’t Scotch Broom pretty? It makes the landscape so bright!

Another arm party of one. I bought this jade bracelet in Victoria. Well, “jade”.

Yesterday we hosted a barbecue with some of our old old old co-workers to support one of them who was diagnosed with brain cancer this year. She’s been experimenting with medicinal marijuana–but reported that so far, she didn’t feel “anything”.

I’ve been curious to try a dispensary–Lord knows they are everywhere. “Do you have a strain of marijuana that will make me want to run?” I will ask.

One of my current co-workers and her lovely daughter.

They perform live together–my co-worker sings, and her daughter plays the violin. Love it.

Time to go attack the latest Mandala painting! Pictures to come.

The RAW artists show

The RAW artists show

Dressed up for my third RAW show yesterday. I wore a mint-colored maxi dress from Lulu’s, gold sandals from Seychelles, and gold jewelry courtesy of my grandmother and Josh’s grandmother Frances. I forgot to cover myself in glitter, though, but luckily when Brenna showed up later on she brought some gold body glitter with her (my request) and I schmeared it on, liberally.

My grandmother’s elaborate gold jeweled cuff. I seldom wear gold jewelry, but the dress came with a gold chain on the neckline so everything had to be gold. Don’t mix your metals!

Unflattering lighting at the show. The director of the show had originally told us that we could set up between 1:30 to 2 pm…and the show started at 7! And we had to stay until the end, at 11! No WAY was I going to be that early. We showed up around 5 and that gave us ample time to set up my booth.

Corinne came with us. I talked her into buying a glamorous rhinestone necklace, and I bought a little rhinestone necklace too. This year featured a lot of talented jewelry artists, and I love jewelry!

Josh’s parents actually drove over from Spokane just for my show, which was incredibly sweet of them. Brenna came too, wearing a dress she had just freshly sewn.

Josh pointed out as we were driving home that in the future, I should probably hover around my art and try to get people to BUY it instead of flitting around art shows looking at everyone else’s art. He has a good point–I never stand near my art and I never sell anything at shows! Connection?

I brought some old favorites and the new banana leaves painting and the new Mandala painting. That reminds me, I should list the Mandala on Etsy.

A few of my co-workers showed up, as well as Joshy’s latest BFF, a 23 year old. I tried to hook him up with Corinne but she has recently informed me that she’s “fine” with her status as an “old maid”. BOOOO CORINNE. I swear she has always made herself 20 years older.

Brenna and Joshy looking cute.

The Fam outside.

Some pretty watercolors.

Bright slogan paintings.

My man. He drank whiskey and ginger ale all night and I drank straight ginger ale. Party!

His friend, who I guess will not be hooking up with Corinne. Speaking of sex, the FDA FINALLY approved the first female “Viagra” today! TOOK LONG ENOUGH.

Dancing over ferns can be a little disconcerting. The live music was pretty good. The fashion show, mmmm–left a lot to be desired.

I didn’t sell any art, but from what I could tell a lot of other artists didn’t either. I wonder how much money is actually made at these shows for the artists? I did end up having to buy 4 of my own tickets, despite lots of pleading on FB.

These dudes just started drawing together last Fall. They were enthusiastic about their Instagram following. Well sure an Instagram following is great and all, but is it buying your art?

Butt-centric embroidery.

We did break to eat at a taco truck outside and I spotted this crazy Bug for sale.

Darla came to the show as well.

Wow, is that it already? I actually took about 5 times as many pictures on my phone, but my phone is doing this annoying thing where I don’t receive e-mails when I try to e-mail myself photos. Maybe I’ll post some more next week.

Tomorrow I have to go into work for a couple of hours, and then on Sunday we are having a house party with our old old old co-workers again. Thank the Lord Celia came and cleaned today–I don’t have to do a lick of housework, just the way I like it! Ta ta for now.