Art and dogs and nature

Art and dogs and nature

More progress. 🎨
Hallo, blog. I sat down at the computer to finally do some friggin’ continuing education, but…here I am instead! Tee hee! This is the current painting, pretty close to being finished. Just need to fill in those pesky blank areas with more flowers.

Currently reading.
Currently reading. Chelsea is a funny writer, but I would never, EVER travel with her.

Roxy's Diner in Fremont is so goooood.
Saturday I met Christy at Roxy’s Diner in Fremont, YUM.

I had the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich. Mmmmm.
I had the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich, which was so tasty I forgot to sample her latkes. You know the old pregnancy saying when it comes to food: “What’s hers is hers, what’s yours is also hers.

Maggie and Bear Cub get wet at Marymoor Park today. It was so crowded! That's what happens when the weather finally warms up. πŸ’¦
Sunday I was supposed to host my support group at our house in the morning, but one by one, they ALL BAILED ON ME. One had a miscarriage, two had terrible morning sickness, one had jet lag…I forget what all the other excuses were, but LAME-O. I had already prepared a big strawberry salad and carrot muffins before I found out about the last few cancelers. I hate that shit. So I took the dogs to Marymoor Park to get over the sadness.

Fuzzy. Anyone know what they are?
These cool fuzzy purple flowers are all over the park, but I don’t know what they are.

I may have been at the dog park instead of the Pride parade today, but I still wore my rainbow hat! 🌈
It was Pride weekend here in Seattle, but unfortunately I didn’t make the parade. At least I wore my rainbow hat!

Maggie loves to swim.
I figured out later on that normally I must go to Marymoor during the week, because it was insanely crowded on Sunday. The entire parking lot, plus overflow, was full. Poor Maggie dog had a lot of competition for her tennis ball!

Feeeeling this electric purple hydrangea in the backyard. πŸ’œ
Kind of obsessed with this electric purple hydrangea in our backyard.

Little Ronia is growing up fast.
Monday, after taking my car to the tire shop to repair a tire with a nail in it and walking the rogs, I headed over to Brenna’s to hang out with her and the kiddos. Look at how big Miss Ronia is these days!

Brenna's big bright hydrangea bush. πŸ’œπŸ’–
Brenna has some gorgeous hydrangea bushes in her yard as well.

3 pm nap time. 😴
True to my pregnant self, I took a nap at 3 pm on their guest bed. It was like sleeping on a marshmallow. Brenna fed me salmon and crab cakes, and I brought over the strawberry salad, carrot muffins, and caprese salad I had made. Sharing is caring!

Dragonfly spotting this morning.
Big old dragonfly chilling on their fence.

Me and my Broad at Marymoor Park today. 🌈
Yesterday at Marymoor Park with my Broad. I drove her to therapy, and the girls and I sat in the shade while she obtained more benzos (mostly for her kitties this time so she can get them groomed). Then we walked over two miles around the park, and grabbed some slushies from 711 on the way home! Yeah, summer!

Even Bear Cub went for a swim today! πŸ’¦
Even Bear Cub (or “Goat Cub” as I call her now that she has no fur) got wet yesterday.

Let’s see. Today I am 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Total weight gain: 11 pounds, but WHO’S COUNTING???! (nervous, shaky laughter) I have plans to do some sort of kid park/dog park activity with Josh’s cousin Alyse and her 7 year old son and the dogs today. Tomorrow morning I have my first appointment with my lovely Jewish OB! Looking forward to that. Ta ta!

Would you believe me when I tell you You’re the queen of my heart

Would you believe me when I tell you You’re the queen of my heart

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do.
What’s up, blerg? It’s Monday. I’m not working today, but I have some things to do. Want to hear about them? Of course you do.

Foxglove. Good thing I didn't weed it out! πŸ’•
I need to make Bear Cub a grooming appointment. I need to go down to the car mechanic and have them figure out why my “Service Now!” light is always on, because if it’s on then I won’t pass my emissions test, and I need to pass my emissions test so I can renew my car tabs. Bor-ing.

Summer weather, come back to us! 🌿
I bought myself a facial on Groupon, unfortunately in Bellevue, but still–I need to make that appointment. Not a priority. Maybe brunch plans with the Broad.

Sexy cumulus clouds in the sky today. ☁️☁️☁️
Today I am 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Yesterday was the last day of those terrible progesterone suppositories that I have been jamming into myself twice a day since…well, it’s been a while.

Pretty pretty. Looks like #chihulyglass to me πŸ’–
Still no morning sickness! Thanks, body! Thanks for making up for all of those YEARS of crippling menstrual cramps by letting me “enjoy” this pregnancy. And by “enjoy”, I mean…eating ALLL the foods. Mmm.

A beautiful afternoon for our favorite after-work activity. 🎾
Yes I was somewhat dismayed to discover that I’ve already gained 10 pounds, roops! So I joined the local gym this weekend, and already saw a trainer. Just call me PRO-active! Get it?

Sparkle, Neely. ✨✨✨
I try to be good but man, when the body wants a cheeseburger, that’s just what it wants. I did, however, eat just the toppings off of some pizza this weekend. Progress?

Nude compression stockings: the latest fashion craze. (they need Bedazzling)
Feast your eyes on my sexxxy nude maternity compression stockings! I refuse to let my legs turn into rivers of varicose veins…not without a fight, dammit!

Happy Friday! Whatcha doing this weekend? 🌿
Mmmmm, I want to go camping again. Warm up, weather!

Roasting a turkey tonight. Apparently Maggie's job is to stare deeply into my eyes while I check on the turkey.
I roasted a turkey recently and made some cheesy mashed potatoes to go with it. Here’s Maggie looking deep into my eyes during the entire turkey roasting procedure. I told her to “go find something to do”, but all she wanted to do was stare at me. Labs.

The pink dogwood blossoms are so pretty! πŸ’•
Dogwood blossoms are so pretty.

This maniac ran the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon in the rain this morning! πŸ’ͺ
This fool was up at 4 in the morning on Saturday to run the Rock and Roll Marathon…in the rain! Brrrr! Unlike a couple of years ago, when I met him at the finish line and then we stayed to watch Sir Mix A Lot, the band this year (the New Pornographers) and the weather did not entice me. I stayed home. He had a miserable time for a variety of reasons and vowed that he would not do the event again. Good! He can work out at the gym with me instead of going for 20 mile runs!

Do you think a 20 minute walk with the dogs will burn off that gooey brownie I ate today? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Gee whiz the weather was so nice yesterday. My gym offered a free training session with membership so I did that yesterday afternoon. Unlike most personal training sessions, I will actually do the things she suggested.

More progress on this guy. 🎨
Here’s the current painting in progress. It’s upside-down, but you get the idea. I’m starting to like it more.

Have a flab-u-lous week, bloggers! Thanks for stopping by.

Love’s got a hold on me, baby, feels just like a ball and chain.

Love’s got a hold on me, baby, feels just like a ball and chain.

Bear Cub is cute.
Hey blerg! I’m just wasting, ahem, USING up time blogging this morning so I can go to work a little later and take advantage of my boss buying me free lunch. Turn down free lunch? NEVER.

St. John's Wort. πŸ’›
This is St. John’s Wort, and someone on IG informed me that it’s the ornamental, not medicinal, variety. Thanks, IG!

Oh baby you, you got what I neeeeed...
I am 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. Still no morning sickness, which leads me to believe that I am one of the lucky minority that doesn’t get it. Woo hoo! I did get up about SIX TIMES to pee all throughout last night/this morning though…that’s getting old.

Pretty lily in my neighbor's yard.
Still very lethargic. I spend many many hours laying on the couch, reading library books. I’m working on a painting, but it doesn’t hold my interest for very long before a nap beckons.

The Bear stands alone. 🌿
Last night I was so tired that I let Josh make the dinner that I was planning on making–white chicken chili and cornbread. He did a nice job. While I was on the couch.

Bob Ross is so very soothing. 🎨
Bob Ross is very sooooothing.

Last night we watched “Aladdin”, my husband’s choice (after “Inside Amy Schumer”, MY choice). I keep telling him to knock it off with the children’s movies–I mean, once the baby comes aren’t we going to watch nothing BUT children’s movies? Every time I’ve brought up a thriller or a drama or a horror film to people I know with children they just stare at me blankly…so I think we need to get all the adult movies in NOW! NOW! NOW!

Happy Friday! Whatcha doin this weekend?
I have mostly been avoiding horror but there is a new Netflix series with Winona Ryder coming out next month that I’m pretty sure I need to watch. Check out this preview.

Josh bought me this glammy new sleep mask. Ahoy, mid-afternoon nap! (Note Maggie napping in the background)
For my Month 2 present (of the 9 months I am forcing my husband to buy me pregnancy presents), Josh bought me this cute little eye mask and some black-out curtains for the bedroom. So now I have an eye mask for the couch, too! Woo hoo!

First archery lesson tonight with Josh. 🎯🎯🎯
Remember that archery lesson Groupon we bought back in…February? We finally redeemed it on Friday night. Josh was better than me, which made me mad. Competitive? Who’s competitive?

Janis Joplin singing "Ball and Chain" at the Monterey Pop Festival always gives me happy chills. Oh Janis! 😍
There’s a new Janis Joplin documentary on Netflix, and yes you should watch it. If, for nothing else, to watch my all-time favorite performance of Janis at the Monterey Pop Festival, where she performs “Ball and Chain” with so much raw energy and power that the camera cuts to Mama Cass in the audience right afterwards saying, “WOW.” Wow indeed.

Aw heck here it is:

YES MA’AM. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Gives me chills every time.

This carrot cake at the Deru Market spoke to me (although it was the salted peanut butter chocolate cake that came home with me). 😍
Met up with my support group on Saturday–all nine original members! The breakfast at the Deru Market was nothing special, but look at those caaaaakes! A 9 dollar piece of salted peanut butter chocolate cake came home with me. That’s right. Josh and I split it that night. Mmmm.

This was a compelling read.
Back to murder mysteries again. This is a good one.

Oh that sweet little Bear Cub! I put our throwing stick down on a picnic table the last time we went to the dog park, returned about 10 minutes later and someone had STOLEN IT. Losers!

Smile! 🌲🌲🌲
Sometimes you need a smiley face. Especially after Sunday and the horrific slaughter of 50 LGBT clubbers at an Orlando night club. Sickening.

Nature is for lovers. πŸ’š
I’m ready to go camping again. Who’s with me?

Our calla lily is blooming. πŸ’š
The calla lilies that Grandma Shirley gave us last year are blooming!

Love that Bear Cub tail.
What a majestic tail! Alright, time to get to work. Ta ta for now.

More camping pictures, tra la lee

More camping pictures, tra la lee

morning camp
Happy Friday, blerg! I just finished up a nice short day at work and now I’m here finishing up these camping pictures from last weekend.

morning lake
This weekend it is only supposed to be in the low 60’s, and rainy. Booooo, hiss.

morning liz and BC
Tonight Joshy and I are finally taking that archery lesson he bought us 58358439 months ago, hooray! Then I’m meeting with my support group tomorrow for brunch. Mmmmm, bruuuuuunch.

morning liz and maggie
And then…who knows, I have no plans. Maybe put a few more things online for our local “Buy Nothing” group. I successfully “released” about 7 bottles of sunless tanning lotion the other day. It’s kind of nifty–you just take a photo of something you want to get rid of, people “bid” for it, you pick a person, and then they come pick whatever the item is off your front porch.

morning reflections
Next I’d like to get rid of a funky twin-sized futon mattress that we somehow acquired from one of Corinne’s old roommates. We’ve never used it for anything and it’s taking up valuable closet space.

lizzie floats
In other news, I am still pregnant! 8 weeks and 6 days, and just as hungry as always. Yesterday I ate two donuts. The second one was a mistake.

The power of using eggshells to fertilize your plants: a few years ago, this guy was down to only one bloom! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ thanks @corinne_spoja for the best gardening tip evah
Our “Endless Summer” hydrangea is gorgeous this year!

Hey, where did this big ass iris in my backyard come from? I don't remember them last year.
And look at this massive purple iris that showed up in the backyard! I don’t remember having irises last year. Huh.

Dog day afternoon. 🌞
I have spent many a relaxing afternoon on the back porch on my lounge chair already this year, listening to the soothing sounds of the neighbor children screaming at the top of their lungs. Sigh. I often want to scream back, but I have to be the “adult”, dammit.

Graffiti in nature.
Graffiti in nature. After I type this blather I’m going to take the girls to the dogpark. And then maybe a trip to the library.

So many berries overhead.
I keep eating under-ripe salmonberries. Note to self: STOP IT.

It's Friday! Who's gonna have fun in the sun this weekend? We are we are.
Last Friday (was it Friday?) I went to the dog park at the Edmonds Marina with the girls and Christy.

Wild roses smell so good.
Wild roses at the beach, mmmm.

Wet pets in the Sound today. πŸ’¦
I also had a picture of Christy and I at the beach, but I deleted it because my face looked fat. Ha! Ha! Sigh.

Fresh library book, incorporating a lot of things I like: mystery, yoga, and dogs. And it takes place in Seattle. Alriiiight!
After a couple months of non-fiction I am back to reading mysteries again.

Relaxed Cub.
Bear Cub needs a summer cut pretty darn quick.

Same, Chelsea. Saaaaame.
Me too, Chelsea. Meeeee tooooooo.

Today. πŸ’š
We never get tired of this!

Picked up an interesting read at the library today.
This was an interesting read: the psychological profile of 12 famous people. Marilyn was borderline, Einstein was autistic, Lincoln was clinically depressed, Princess Diana was bulimic and a cutter.

Speaking of depression, I haven’t had any or any trouble sleeping, for that matter, since going off my Trazadone for this pregnancy. I DO however get up about 4 times a night to pee, UGH.

Talking my MIL into making this quilt. Isn't it the cutest?! 🐢
I really want Fleeta to make this quilt for the baby! Isn’t it the cutest???!

Nothing like a big ol' fresh canvas! 🎨
Ah, nothing like a fresh canvas! I am currently painting something for the guest room. It’s a complete rip-off of a Polly Apfelbaum, so I’m embarrassed to share the progress, but still, it will be nice.

Hi! I'm so happy the sun is out again.🌞
All dressed up for my ultrasound last week. We saw the heartbeat! Mawwwww.

Sandal weather returns! πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸŒŸ
Sandal weather is my favorite weather.

THAT’S ALL, FOLKS! Have a fabulous weekend.

First camping trip of 2016

First camping trip of 2016

view from camp
Hey blerg, guess what we did last weekend? That’s right, CAMPING! My favorite summer time activity!

trees in water
This was also a record for camping the earliest in the summer, beating last year’s record of late June. Had to do it–it was going to be 90 in town and 90 out of town. Out of town won!

We went to our favorite, default camping spot–the one that doesn’t require any strenuous hiking (being pregnant is exhausting enough).

nature cub
Another first–the river was completely flooded! Our usual camping spot was underwater! We just had to camp higher up on the mountain.

Still, so beautiful. And no one around. We pass a lot of public campgrounds on our way to our spot, and they were jam-packed with people, but no one was even close to us. Just the way we like it.

Maggie in nature
Hours upon luxuriant hours to sniff pine trees and read books.

Lizzy is cautious
The water was FREEZING. Also my beloved floatie/bed finally popped a hole. Josh stuck a patch over it, but it still slowly deflated over the course of the evening, which was not at all comfortable to sleep on. I just ordered myself a new silver one online. Camping necessity!

Josh gets ready
Look at this dude, sucking in his gut. He still outweighs me by a few pounds, but I’m closing the gap fast!

high lake water
We left Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon, and it was all over too fast!

dogs in nature
The family that camps together…does tick skin searches together. Skin and fur.

dog butts in the forest
These girls always have a blast. We saw a few deer. No bears.

cheesecake and dogs
Speaking of sucking it in, bah ha haaaaa. I was ravenous on the camping trip! Could not stop eating! Course, I’m that way at home and work, too. Hungry hungry hippo.

beautiful day
I told Josh he still has to take me camping 4 times this summer, pregnancy or no pregnancy. If this early hot weather is any indication of the future, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

BC on the hillside
Just like the “good old days” of blogging, I have too many pictures for one post! That means I’m gonna have to blog AGAIN this week!

Campin'. πŸ’™
I am working this week, but part-time. The job I had yesterday was a whopping THREE MINUTE commute from our house, talk about lucky!

Happy camping face. 😎
C’est moi, your pregnant narrator. That’s a sports bra I’m wearing. I refuse to buy a new, “pregnant” bathing suit at this point in my life. I’d rather just eye my old tiny bikinis jealously and snivel.

Woodland dogs. 🌿
Meadow cub!

So green.

Camping the first weekend of June is our earliest record yet! Last year it was late June, before that, always late July/August. Remember when summer in Seattle didn't start until the end of July?!
Siiiiigh, I love camping.

My floatie/sleeping mattress finally busted open on this trip, boo. Just ordered a new silver one online. They are necessary! πŸ’¦
R.I.P. orange floatie! You served me well.

Sequin and rhinestone-covered caftan = camping essential!
Thank God this sequin and rhinestone-smothered caftan I made years ago is still room-y!

More to come! So much more. Promise. Really. I have to go eat now.

IKEA and quilts and fruits

IKEA and quilts and fruits

Me and Bear Cub down by the schoolyard. 🌿
Happy Tuesday, blerg. Horribly, Flickr/Instagram (I haven’t figured out who the culprit is) is doing this annoying thing when I upload my photos from Instagram to Flickr: only uploading about 1/4 of the images. I noticed it the last time I blogged but thought eh, maybe that was too many photos anyway but then I noticed it AGAIN today so I probably should complain. To someone.

Finally went to IKEA for the first time. I found it underwhelming (minimalism is not my thing), but the Swedish meatballs were πŸ‘.
I spent the last 4 days working and hanging out with my in-laws, who came into town mostly to repair some of the old fencing in the backyard that had been knocked over by a windstorm. Clearly I am pregnant (and therefore emotionally “soft”) because I let Fleeta talk me into going to IKEA, a place that I have purposefully avoided for years. Mainly because: 1. I don’t really like shopping 2. I don’t like shopping at big huge stores 3. Minimalism leaves a lot to be desired. Sure enough: SO BORING. However, the Swedish meatballs were tasty. Too bad my pregnancy-induced heartburn didn’t let me fully enjoy them. Heigh ho!

The dogs like to be close while I work out on the yoga mat. REAL close. πŸ’•
I did not work out, besides short walks, the entire time the in-laws were in town. And I ate SO MUCH. SOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUCH.

Patching up one of my quilts with my MIL and her mother. βœ‚οΈ
Turns out Fleeta loves doing what I hate: finishing quilts. I pulled out a quilt that I had made my parents a few years ago that needed some repairs, and her and Shirley and I did a “Stitch and Bitch” session, repairing it together. Maw.

Smiling Cub!
Fleeta offered to take the quilt back to Spokane with her to finish tying it (I tie less than 25% of my quilts–again, that whole “finishing a quilt” problem) and I said YES PLEASE!

#TBT to a couple of weeks ago when it was hot and sunny! C'mon weather, I'm ready for this again! 🌞🌈✨
Weeeeell this was a few weeks ago, the last time the weather was really nice. It’s coming back. In fact, this weekend at the place we like to go camping it’s supposed to be 90 degrees! I’ve already started pressuring Joshy into taking me camping this weekend.

Pretty pretty bright purple flowers. Anyone know the name?
Beautiful delphiniums.

Bear Cub playing hide and seek at the park today. She "disappeared" for a full 10 minutes. I was not amused!
Here’s Brat Cub playing hide-and-seek at the park with Mommy for about 10 full minutes the other day–boy was I mad!

Mmmm, cherries. πŸ’
I’ve been craving a lot of fresh fruit lately, but so far the only fruit that has lived up to my high taste expectations has been some incredible pineapple from Trader Joe’s. Mmmmmmm.

Surrendered to the succulent craze. These little guys were too cute to pass up.
Yes, I am a victim of the succulent trend and so what? Look at how cute they are!

Reposted from @captainandhound because MAWWW! 😍
Do yourself a favor and follow the IG account @juniperfoxx if you want to look at adorable pictures of foxes and dogs all the livelong day (and why wouldn’t you?).

I πŸ’™ Mel Brooks.
Love that Mel Brooks!

Maggie dog in her element. 🎾
Pregnancy check-in: I am currently 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and my little boy is the size of a blueberry. Other than the day we went to IKEA, when I had terrible heartburn and sort of a vague nausea all day (I blame the questionable expired lime juice I put in my hot water that morning), I have had no “morning” sickness. Boobs still hurt, and are HUGE. I’ve packed on a few pounds, but I’ve been eating everything in sight, so that’s to be expected. FOOD IS DELICIOUS, DID YOU KNOW THAT?

Crimson and clover, over and overrrrr...
In a couple of hours I go in for my first official ultrasound, which will be performed by my doctor at the clinic, who I haven’t seen since I’ve been pregnant. Josh is going to meet me at the clinic. Excitement! Excitement! Maybe I’ll get one of those smeary black and white ultrasound pictures too, who can say! Maybe it’s too early. Well. At any rate, I’m still looking forward to it.

In other news, my two week job ended, and I don’t have anything lined up until next week, so maybe I’ll blog again this week. If Flickr gets its shit together, that is. Oh yeah, I should probably e-mail them now.

If you want it, here it is! Come and get it.

If you want it, here it is! Come and get it.

My dogs like to graze on grass like cattle. 🌾
Happy Sunday! Here is Bear Schnubs grazing on grass like a cow. Mooooo, Bear Cub.

Two goofy furry faces, waiting for me to throw the ball. 🎾
The sun just showed itself for about 45 minutes so we took the opportunity to go outside and go for walkies. And fetchies. Ugh, sorry.

Tonight we watched "Dope" (2015). Good movie, with an excellent 90s hip hop soundtrack (my fave).
“Dope” is a real cute little indie film, not for children, with a solid early 90’s hip-hop soundtrack (my favorite). Recommended!

Today. πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸΆ
Today I am 5 weeks, 6 days pregnant. Still with the Sore Boobs from Hell. I went to Old Navy this week–the clothing, interestingly, was very “maternity-friendly”, that is to say the style of all the tops is loose and flow-y right now. Too bad everything was poorly made and flimsy. BOO OLD NAVY. I did however purchase two new sports bras–I’m a size large now! The girls are growing!

Awww...I love it when my favorite wins! #teamBob woo hooooo! πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨
Bob the Drag Queen won this season of “Drag Race”! I love it when my favorite wins. Ru Paul and I are so in SYNC.

Honeysuckle in the backyard.
This is honeysuckle in the backyard. I thought it would have more of a scent.

Who's a pretty little girl?
Who’s a pretty little girl?

Chelsea Handler interviewing Gwen Stefani: two blondes I ❀️.
Two of my favorite blondes–one a singer and one a broad–Gwen Stefani on Chelsea Handler’s new show.

Hot pink trellis rose. πŸ’–
We are clearly doing something right because the rose output from all of our bushes this year is HUGE.

Sunset is such good lighting. πŸŒ…
I mean sometimes you just gotta take your top off and take sunset selfies, ya know?

New sunglasses from "Knockaround", only 10 clams! TGIF! 😎
Somewhere (on the Internet) I must have heard of “Knockaround” sunglasses–super cute and only 10 bucks! I love cheap sunglasses.

Lush. πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸΆ
This week I walked the dogs every day except yesterday…yesterday I was glued to the couch, watching a Coen brothers marathon on the recently discovered “Viceland” channel. I watched “Barton Fink” and most of “The Big Lebowksi”, which I own, but never mind that.

Marilyn and dogfriend. ❀️
Here’s Marilyn and dogfriend.

Little pink blossom tree. 🌸
I lifted light weights on three days. I ate a LOT. I set “My Fitness Pal” to the first-trimester-recommended 1800 calories, which I am following…loosely.

You recall that my parents met at a 31 Flavors. Love of ice cream is in my blood! Can't fight it! 🍦
I sometimes don’t put everything in MFP, such as the two delicious scoops of ice cream I snarfed last night from 31 Flavors. Oh yes, followers of this blog might be proud of me for this: I HID MY SCALE. That’s a big step for me. I’m pregnant and I don’t need to weigh myself every day! NOT HEALTHY!

I love Maria Bamford. She's such a weirdo.
The lovable weirdo Maria Bamford has a new show on Netflix called “Lady Dynamite”. I like it.

These sunsets lately. Woof. πŸ’™
There have been some amazing sunset sightings out the beauty room (soon to be baby room) window lately.

Bear Cub is okay with the fact that the weather forecast was wrong today. 🌞
Here’s Bear Schnubs enjoying a little sunshine today!

I have another week of work lined up, hooray! Hurrah! And my in-laws will be visiting us at the end of the week. Perhaps Fleeta can help me visualize where in the hell I am going to put the contents of my Beauty Room…including all of my fabric and sewing stuff, all of my beauty stuff, my wigs, and my dresses. HELP!