A trip to S-town

A trip to S-town

Got the baby room painted. I think it needs a cute border, though. Dinosaurs?
Happy Monday blog! We recently finished painting the baby room, but it’s kind of BORING, so we’re going to add a cute little wallpaper border at the top. I found a dinosaur one I really like, but prices online seem to vary from 15$ to 40$…so my job today is to find the cheapest one.

Matchy-matchy. 💖
Glorious matchy-matching the other day. A word about wearing horizontal stripes while pregnant: they DO make you look larger, and also everyone is 86% more likely to comment about this largeness.

My boss: “Your boy is really growing!”

My 80-year-old patient: “You had better not gain any more weight!”

The janitor: (just staring, mouth slightly agape, at my belly). Sigh.

Oh man. Now you can do the 1990's as a Halloween costume! Suddenly I feel so oooold. 👵
Oh mannnnnn so now the 90’s are a Halloween costume?? I feel ANCIENT.

Neon fields.
Thursday after work Josh and I drove over to Spokane so that he could climb a mountain with his father on Friday. Not a major hike–just two miles up and two miles down, something I could have easily done (pre-pregnancy), but instead of going with them I hung out with Fleeta and we went baby shopping.

My in-law's good-looking garden (and Bear Cub).
I suspect the weather last Friday was the last “good” weather of the year, so I’m glad Fleeta and I sat outside for a little while and enjoyed it, after our shopping excursion.

Josh and his 90-year-old grandmother at breakfast this morning.
Saturday morning before we drove back home we had breakfast with Josh’s grandmother Frances, who is 90 years old now. When we went back to her nursing home, she very sweetly told me that she had always meant to give us a housewarming present but hadn’t, and would I like to choose something of hers to take? I told her that she could just give us a baby present instead.

The Seattle/Spokane 4.5 hour drive is so mind-numbingly boring, even though my new car plays Pandora. I mean, that helps!

The violet has a slight shimmer to it. 💖✨
Having a pregnant bladder, however, NOT HELPFUL. We made 4 or 5 stops. I shudder to think how many stops we’ll be making when we go back for Thanksgiving.

Can you spot the Bear?
Camouflage Cub. I am 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and am regularly feeling baby M. kick now, throughout the day. I love it.

Berries. 💚
This week I have one more ultrasound that they recommend for IVF babies, to make sure their tiny little hearts are okay. Then I’m pretty sure I don’t have another ultrasound for…well, a while. Other than that, just the usual work. My husband doesn’t have any plans to abandon me this weekend…YET! But I wouldn’t be surprised!

A trip to B-town

A trip to B-town

Awwww, I'm gonna miss Lucy.
Hi blerg! We are going to look at my Boise week in REVERSE, and maybe by the time I post everything, Instagram will let me post more. IG will only let you post 20 pictures at a time to Flickr, how inconvenient if you only blog once a week! This is Lucy yesterday, a worn-out rog after work.

Lucy taking a shade rest break in between fetching sessions.
Boise finally made a SMART decision for once and built a really nice dog park about 10 minutes away from my parents’ house, so I forced both parents to go there with me and Lucy.

Loooove. I want these in my size.
My mother and I went to every baby shop Boise had to offer, which actually ended up being not very many. Surprising for such a Mormon-heavy town, we both thought. I spied these adorable green booties at a little baby boutique and said YES PLEASE. I want them in my size too!

Early Liz collage work. It used to have jewelry hanging off of it. "But Eddie, is it Art?"
Early Liz collage “art”, hanging in my old room. It used to have lots of costume jewelry hanging off of it.

I wish my teeth were as white as Lucy's!
Ohhhhh Lucy dog. She is smart AND cute. We had fun together. Look at her white teeth!

I bought this "Where's Waldo?" book today...for me. Am I regressing?
I bought myself this “Where’s Waldo?” book, because apparently I’m regressing. I solved it in front of my father. “There he is!” I yelled, turning the page. “There he is!”

“That book is for eight-year-olds,” said my father, not impressed. Heigh ho!

Carter’s has really cute baby clothes. There is one near my house, too. My mother bought this little dino outfit for the baby. Look at the feeeeeet!

Very important father/daughter bonding time...watching "True Lies" with Pops. 💣
No father-daughter bonding day would be compete without watching “True Lies”. We actually had to go out and purchase it, since my father couldn’t find his copy. Hastings up the street is finally closing–I’m pretty sure it was the last place in town you could rent movies.

Lucy is a pretty girl.
Lucy loves me.

I had an exciting development happen while in Boise–I can feel baby M. kick now! I thought it was gas at first, but the next day it was a definite kick. He kicked the most after I ate a donut, and when I played “Groove Is In the Heart” for him the first time. He gets excited by sugar and 90’s music, just like his mommy!

Pops and Lucy at the dog park today.
Here’s Pops at the dog park with Lucy. The one day that my mother had to work, we “bonded” at the dog park, over frozen yogurt, during “True Lies” and later on we snarfed BBQ. Not a bad way to spend a day with your dad.

We met a Great Pyrenees at the dog park today. What a big boy!
This photo doesn’t really convey just how HUGE this Great Pyrenees was! He was one big boy!

Mumsie and Lucy at the dog park. I'm glad I waited until September to visit--the weather has been glorious.
Mom and Lucy at the dog park. My mother was really nervous the first time we took her–she was afraid Lucy wouldn’t get along with other dogs, she was worried Lucy might snap at children–but she did MUCH BETTER the second time. My mother, that is. Lucy was fine!

Mumsie and me.
We walked every day. And ate ice cream every night.

I know I'm having a boy and all...but look at this baby mobile shaped like a chandelier MAW! 💖💕✨
I know, I know, I’m having a boy and all, but if I wasn’t…

Current reading material.
I picked up this book to read. It’s cute. Did you know that Japanese people, on average, only have sex 37 times a year??! Crazy!

Mom and Lucy, aka The Little Nipper.
My mother and Lucy. They’ve bonded now. It was pretty ugly last year! My father said he almost gave up on her a few times during those first three months. Puppies are not easy!

Admiring Ethiopian opal rings I can never afford at "Eyes of the World". 😍
Admiring Ethiopian opal rings that I am way too cheap to buy at “Eyes of the World”. I didn’t buy a thing! I tried on a few hippie dresses but I just wasn’t FEELING it with my big ol’ belly.

Lucy has grown into a dog since I saw her last year!
Lucy dog! I love her white paw.

Gorgeous sunset tonight.
Gorgeous sunset my first day there. The weather was perfect–mid 70’s the entire time. Much better than if I had gone back in July, when it was over 100 degrees. Gross.

My dad's dog Lucy has some funny ways of relaxing.
Lucy “relaxing” under the coffee table, her favorite spot.

My cute Russian nesting doll maternity tee, courtesy of Etsy shop Baby Belly Laughs.
My super-cute Russian nesting doll tee shirt, courtesy of the Etsy shop “Baby Belly Laughs”. I love it!

Mom and Lucy at the dog park tonight. She didn't know I was taking the picture!
I showed this picture to my father and he said, “See, you don’t even look fat there,” and I said, “THAT’S MOM!”

Lucy's first trip to a dog park, and boy do I look pregnant or what?! 22 weeks today.
Large and in charge, baby! I am 22 weeks, baby M. is the size of a spaghetti squash and I can feel him fluttering away as I type this entry. It’s pretty cool.

My mother's collection of books she's been gathering for the baby. She started even before I was pregnant!
Look at all the books my mother has collected for M. already! Mawwwww.

I always have a good time when I go home. One week of walking dogs, eating ice cream, and spending quality time with both parents. Tomorrow we are apparently leaving again because my husband “needs” to go hike up a mountain with his father. Uh huh. Catch yer later!

Tin Roof Rusted!

Tin Roof Rusted!

Josh went camping this weekend to some obscure chain of lakes and took hundreds of photos...but this one was my favorite.
Hey blerg! How fitting to start this blog entry with the object of my affection…Josh’s bubble butt, of course. His uncle took this photo, per Josh’s request, for ME. Oh gee!

Starting to get a little crispy! 🍂
Josh came back from his camping trip with a little cluster of what we thought we were mosquito bites on his belly…up until Sunday afternoon, when the patch spread to his back in a characteristic, SHINGLES-type way. Gross.

So many blackberries at the park! I gotta come back with a bucket.
We hoofed it over to a walk-in clinic where it was promptly diagnosed as shingles, and picked up an anti-viral medication. We were both concerned about it spreading to me, since I had been warned about working with shingles patients during pregnancy, but it turns out, he can’t give it to me. GOOD. GROSS.

Looking and smelling Fall-ish today. 🍂
Apparently when you are young and relatively healthy it’s the best time to get shingles, they heal quickly and aren’t particularly painful.

Happy Friday! 🌾
I’m leaving this evening to embark on a 6-day trip back to my parents house for a visit with Mumsie, Daddums and the Little Nipper. I haven’t seen the Little Nipper since she was a needle-toothed wild puppy last year!

My cousin Erika gave me this vintage rainbow terrycloth sleeper. The tiny feet KILL ME. 🌈
Lookit this little rainbow vintage sleeper Erika gave me, do you dieeee? I DIE.

Starting to paint the baby room today--"Cool Cucumber". Regardless of sex, the baby room was always gonna be green!
The color is not really showing here, but this is “cool cucumber” and it’s the baby room color. I’ve started painting.

After seeing my cousin Erika's glowing skin, I decided to try her green juice recipe. Wish me luck...
Erika turned me onto this green juice recipe by promising that it would keep me regular. I’ve been hit with a good old-fashioned case of pregnancy constipation and it SUCKS. I can’t say that the green juice is particularly tasty…I need to experiment some more. Like with more pineapple.

Blackberry-stained fingers at the park today.
Blackberry picking at the nearby park yielded some delicious crisp later on that evening, mmmm.

Bacon and cheddar stuffed giant tater tots at the Diamond Knot Brewery, mmmmm 😍
These bacon and cheddar stuffed giant tater tots we snarfed down weren’t half-bad either.

I think maternity clothes make me look even bigger. My child is banana-sized this week! 🍌🍌🍌
Maternity clothes are scientifically proven to make you look 75% more pregnant! I am 21 weeks this week and the little boy is the size of a banana. Wow!

Action family. 🎾
A little throwing stick action last Sunday with the fam.

Forest Cub!
…and a Forest Cub in action. I need to squeeze in one last walk with the rogs before I leave today.

Scored a glider/ottoman for the nursery today for only 89 clams. Sure, it's an earth tone, but I can re-cover it, yeah?
Christy and I went maternity clothes/baby shopping yesterday to my favorite thrift store and a really nice consignment store, and lo and behold, I found a glider chair and ottoman in perfect condition for only 89 dollars. Sure, it’s BROWN, and that’s generally a problem for me, but I figure if it really bugs me I can always re-cover it, yeah? Yeah.

Tonight we met Mr. Bennett. 😍
Then last night we finally met Mr. Bennett, Ronia’s new pet and 6 pounds of pure looooove! PUPPY LOVE! Catch you on the flip side, bloggeroos.

A visit from Erika

A visit from Erika

Yesterday we met a tiny black Pomeranian...a mini Bear Cub! SO CUTE.
Sup, blog? Look at the tiny black Pomeranian we met last week at the dog park, MAW!

Today we met Lilly from @bernesemountaindoglovers...she's IG famous!
We also met Lilly, a Bernese Mountain dog who has accrued a whopping 109,000 followers on IG. Damn, Lilly!

90 degrees is a little too warm for black dogs and pregnant ladies. 💦💦💦
Leaves are starting to get a little crispy! I think last Friday was probably the last really hot day. It was 90 degrees, too hot for pregnant ladies and black dogs to be outside.

Happy National Dog Day! Did you hug a dog today?
I had time to work two jobs, go grocery shopping AND take the rogs for a walk before my cousin Erika showed up that evening with her two children. That night she made macaroni and cheese from scratch, Josh barbecued hamburgers and the next morning Josh woke up super early to spend the weekend camping with his crazy uncle.

Checking out the wall of crosses at Milagros. ✨🌟✨
Erika and I and the boys headed down to Pike Place Market, where of course we made a pit stop at Milagros, where I oohed and aahed but didn’t buy anything.

I added my "L" to the gum wall.
We put our gum on the gum wall. We also ate pizza at a delicious little pizza joint tucked into Post Alley–HIGHly recommended.

The infamous Post Alley gum wall.
Many people are grossed out by the gum wall but I think it’s cool. Then again, it does combine two things I love–gum and street art!

He was double hooping, balancing a guitar on his face and solving a Rubik's cube in each hand. "Behold: The power of a GED," he said. "Stay in school, kids."
When we walked up to this street performer, he was double hooping, balancing a guitar on his face and solving two Rubik’s cubes, one in each hand. “Behold: the power of a GED,” he said. “Stay in school, kids.”

My cute cousin Erika and her equally cute son Cash.
Erika and Cash. Cash is a little cutie and very much three years old–meaning, everything is MINE and he had little baby tantrums throughout the day. Luckily, he also had a short attention span.

After Pike Place, we stopped at the grocery store for ingredients for bacon carbonara. Erika whipped it up by memory, I made a green salad and we had garlic bread too. YUM.

I have a knack for finding rhinestones at the dog park. ✨
Sunday morning, after breakfast we took Cash and the girls to the park to get their ya-yas out. I found a giant rhinestone on the ground! This isn’t the first time I have found a rhinestone at a dog park. Once a magpie, always a magpie.

Erika helped me set up the baby crib. Then Cash had to test it out, with my pink glitter ukulele.
The Graco crib I had ordered arrived on Saturday, and Erika was enthusiastic about setting it up. So we did! Unfortunately, we set it up in the parlor, and when it came time to move it into the baby room it didn’t fit through the door! We had to remove one side. Oy vey. Cash was eager to test it out, while holding my pink glitter ukulele.

"Display & Costume" is always a good time!
Then we went to “Display & Costume” for funsies. I always think it’s fun!

Cash and a kitty mask.
Cash and a kitty mask. Meow.

I want ALL of the "Day of the Dead" stuff. 💀💀💀
Gimme gimme gimme, I need I NEED.

I wish Maggie and Bear Cub would tolerate wigs! We could have such fun!
I approve of wigs for dogs! Too bad my dogs don’t.

The Black-eyed Susans are still hanging on.
They left Sunday evening, after we stopped at Der Weinerschnitzel for corn dogs. Mmmmmm. Josh returned from his camping trip really late last night, but luckily called me around 9 pm to tell me he would be home late, so I could stop worrying and go to sleep. I am 20 weeks and 2 days pregnant today.

R.I.P. to one of my all-time favorite funny men.
Sadly, Gene Wilder passed away yesterday. Earlier this year I had watched an interview with him looking all old and frail and it was heartbreaking! But 83 ain’t too shabby. Especially when during the last 3 years he was suffering from Parkinson’s. Have a fabulous week, bloggerloos!

Water and trees and dogs

Water and trees and dogs

Joshy paddleboarding at sunset.
Happy Hump Day, blerg. Here’s a little leftover picture of Josh paddleboarding from two weekends ago, because it’s pretty.

Last night's beautiful sunset.
I am 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. This Friday I get to have my 20 week ultrasound, which is traditionally the “gender reveal” ultrasound. Of course, we already know the gender!

Too hot to take the girls to the dog park, but just right for a river swim. 💦
I’m excited to see the little dude again. Especially since I don’t feel him yet, which apparently is normal for first-time moms. 20-22 weeks is the average to start feeling kicks.

It's Friday! Let's play! 🌞
Last Friday it was too hot for the dog park, so I took the girls to the river instead. It was kind of gross–all fish-smelling and murky and trashy. They didn’t seem to mind.

Cleaning the house today, and moving more stuff out of the future baby room. Where oh where will my beloved wig heads go??!
Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning the house–my cousin Erika is coming for a visit this weekend and we haven’t had the maid in two months. Gasp! I know! I asked her to come this week, but she was taking a vacation. Sniff.

Currently going into the oven: zucchini bread with crushed glazed walnut topping. Mmmmmm. 💚
Zucchini bread with crushed glazed walnut topping, mmmmm. Unfortunately I was all out of white flour so I used whole-wheat flour instead, and I didn’t like the bread as much. Too healthy!

Beach day with the fam.
On Saturday after the house cleaning we went to the beach to play.

Josh took this very artistic shot of my Rocky Road dripping all down my arm.
We had some extremely melty ice cream cones as well.

The Bear stands alone.
Salty Cub!

Preggers at the beach. Sorry for the use of "preggers". 💦
Boy do I look pregnant. It’s especially apparent after I eat ANYthing, and blow up like a balloon.

You said it, tree.
Currently I’m wasting time before my doctor’s appointment at 10. 10 is a weird time–too early for me to go to work first, but a little too late as well.

Look at where Josh hiked to today without me--Blanca Lake! I've wanted to go for ages but it's too arduous for my pregnant body. 😭
So my stinkin’ husband and his stinkin’ little friend decided to hike MY BUCKET LIST lake on Sunday without me, Lake Blanca. Just because I’m pregnant and weak, dammit! Oh well. He said it was really hard but he would do it again. Damn right you’ll do it again, buddy. With wife and child!

Of course an arduous 12-mile hike sounds awful NOW, but maybe someday it will sound appealing again. Like when I’m not gestating a human, and panting when I walk up a small flight of stairs.

Tomatoes: the one crop that Josh and I are, inexplicably, really good at growing. 🍅🍅🍅
Someone gave us a cherry tomato plant for our garden, and it’s flourishing! Too bad I don’t like cherry tomatoes, ha haaaaaaaa.

Josh has some strange ways of getting comfortable on the couch.
Josh alleviating his hip pain. He was not super stoked I posted this on Instagram, I wonder why?

Impulse bought these at World Market today. I've heard good things! 😍
Yesterday I stopped by World Market to get a new bath mat and also impulse purchased these delicious Australian cookies I’d heard so much about. Very tasty!

Fresh glitter shellac! I wish I had requested 3 coats though. Oh well.
I also got a fresh shellac. I wish I had asked for three coats of glitter. Heigh ho!

Yes we ARE enjoying the last little bit of summer, how about you? 😎
Yes we ARE enjoying this last little bit of summer weather, and you?

Fun in the sun with dogs and grilled cheese

Fun in the sun with dogs and grilled cheese

BUMP. Enjoying my "beauty room" for a few more months before it becomes the baby room.
Hallo, blog! I am 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and for the sake of my mental health I have decided to quit weighing myself. Yayyyyyy!

I had my first dream about the baby this morning. When I approached him in the dream to change his diaper, he was a tiny infant, but as soon as I woke him up he was at least a year old and smiled at me and said, “Hi” and was super cute (and extremely smart) and also had straight blonde hair.

"Maggie, DROP." (Maggie ignores me) "Maggie, DROP." (Maggie ignores me)
That’s about all that happened. I think maybe I said, “Cute butt,” to him too.

Currently fantasizing about doing the main bathroom in coral and gold, like this. Josh says NO. Sigh.
Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones but I’m kind of obsessed with this coral and gold bathroom. Josh said NO, but that’s because he’s boring.

Happy Friday! Now get out there and walk children in nature. Or dogs.
Today I got permission at work to bring Maggie dog in. Yay! Everyone loves Maggie dog, and Maggie dog loves everyone.

Off on another adventure! 🌲
Would you look at these cute little faces? We went on our FIFTH camping trip this summer last weekend, that’s right, FIVE, a new record for the Holcomb family.

Got to play with a cute little Golden Retriever puppy this weekend. 😍
A co-worker of Josh’s has her own private island, and we hung out on the island all weekend long. She has two Deaf (grown) children, so about half the partiers were Deaf. It was an interesting blend! And how about this Golden puppy, huh? Huh?

My crazy-ass husband doing a headstand on a paddle board. @djmagicelf 😘
Here’s my crazy-ass husband doing a headstand on a paddle board. This is actually his second one–I missed the first one with the camera and yelled at him to do it again. Love!

Nothin' like a bunch of happy wet dogs! 💦
There was a lot of weed and beer for the partiers, and lots of food and dogs for the pregnant sober ladies (me, I was the only one).

Spent the weekend camping on a private island with dogs (and lots of food). Can't complain!
Maggie spent hours swimming and was a little limpy on Monday. I spent WAY too much time in the sun and got a little burnt and kind of nauseous Sunday evening. Sun sick! I actually got sun sick!

I wish my dogs would get on a paddle board! 💦
If only I could get my dogs on a paddle board!

Summer feelings. 🌈💦🌞
All in all it was a fabulous time and I would do it again, any weekend.

More progress on the Mandala.
The current Mandala. This is fun to work on.

Snarfed down some delicious food at "The Grilled Cheese Experience" food truck with my Broad tonight.
Last night we drove over and picked up the Broad and took her to the “Grilled Cheese Experience” food truck near her house, something I had wanted to try ever since I heard about it years ago. It did NOT disappoint! Mmmm, grilled cheeeeeeeese. Later dudes.

Camping trip number four

Camping trip number four

Is it Monday again?
Hey blog heyyyy. We went camping again last weekend! Our fourth camping trip by the first week of August…a new record!

Glamping, dahling. 😎
It was even HOT. Matter of fact, in spite of spraying ourselves repeatedly and liberally with spf 30, we both got sunburns. I got a weird patchy burn on the inside of my left leg where apparently the spray missed. Harrumph.

Maggie dog loves the great outdoors. 💚
Yes it was a “real” camping trip, meaning swimming and sunbathing and having a nice fire at night and considering sleeping under the stars but then not and lots of wet dog action. We floated a little down the river, but the water level was pretty low.

Finally a warm camping trip! We both got sunburns.
It definitely made up for the last two camping trips, where we froze our butts off.

Josh wearing a frosting bonnet. We're trying the "oil slick" dye today. 🌈
Hmmm? Oh! This was a little “experiment” yesterday trying to do “oil slick” hair on Josh. This involved pulling bits of hair out of a frosting bonnet, bleaching them, and dying the strands different fun colors. If you do it right, it looks cool, like this. Apparently we did it wrong because the color didn’t take at all. Heigh ho!

Camping love.
Oh yeah, back to camping. We actually have one more trip planned this year, bringing our grand total to FIVE CAMPING TRIPS. So spoiled!

Arrival yesterday afternoon. 🌲
Even though Josh’s crazy uncle was just in the hospital for meningitis, he was still calling him up this weekend asking when their next Gonzo outing will be. I suggested the week in September that I will be in Boise, and I’m hoping they take me up on it.

Forest dogs. 🌲
Because (boringly) in pregnancy I miss my husband! Also I can’t watch anything scary. I can’t even watch that new Winona Ryder show on Netflix called “Stranger Things” because it looks spooky. UGH.

Happy on-the-way-to-go-camping faces! 😎
Here we are on our way to go camping, aren’t we cute? You get to look at my week in REVERSE.

It's a new way to hold yer paintbrushes. 🎨
Thank God my size large pettipants still fit (for now). They’ve been getting a lot of use this summer. Last night we went out to purchase some larger capri pants for me to work out in…and gelato. Balance!

Josh bought me a little lemon tree for our anniversary. I hope I don't kill it immediately. 🍋🍋🍋
We recently celebrated our 8 year anniversary. He bought me a lemon tree; I bought him a card and some fudge brownies.

Bear Cub is a cutie cub. 💕
Who’s the cutest Bear around?

Feeling dotty. ⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
This is one of two maternity tops I now own, and let me tell ya, the “maternity” tops make me look way more pregnant. This is not a bad thing.

Now auditioning: houseboys to feed me grapes. 🍇🍇🍇
Still looking for a houseboy to feed me grapes.

In honor of #bumpday, here is my bump! He just popped out this week and I'm happy to finally look pregnant, not just like I've been eating too many donuts. 🍩
Just in time for “Bumpday”, my bump decided to pop out! I prefer looking actually pregnant to just looking fat. It’s cute.

The pitbull owners around here sure are opinionated. And seem to always carry Sharpie markers.
Defensive pitbull owners are everywhere! And apparently always have Sharpie markers on hand.

Very appropriate summertime reading. 🍋
A good summer read. Light and fluffy.

I've got camping fever! 🌲
That brings us up to speed! I am 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant, my son is the size of a turnip, and I continue to groooooooow! Ain’t no stoppin’ me now! Have a nice week.