My mom, yer mom, everybody’s mom

My mom, yer mom, everybody’s mom

Friday OOTD πŸ’™
Hi blog! I put the baby down 40 minutes ago, for a “surprise” early morning nap…in his bassinet. So MAYBE he no longer requires the car seat to nap? Maybe? Babies are so changeable.

Sometimes I have a hard time telling what's a weed in the backyard.
On Monday he rolled from his back to his belly…just once! Too bad I didn’t capture it on video.

Succulents and blooms.
This morning he was squirming around like crazy on his belly, kind of inching up the blanket. Early crawling?

Into it ✨ (thanks @punchingpictures)
Spotted on IG. I miss glitter eye make-up. I keep meaning to pile a bunch of crap on my eyes and take pictures one of these days…

Big Stick season is here!
It’s VERY HARD to give up nightly dessert, but I’m making do with these low-calorie generic Big Sticks for now. And fresh strawberries, mmmmm.

The weather forecast predicts sunshine for the next ten days but ahhh…I’ll believe it when I see it.

I mean, I probably should eat less sugar.
Sugar addict. Could be worse! I’m also drinking coffee again…just one cup a day. Something like 1% gets transmitted to my breast milk, but it doesn’t seem to affect him.

First non-baby dinner out in months. And first sushi for me in over a year!
Fleeta and Bob stayed with us Saturday and Sunday night, and we requested Saturday night that they babysit so we could finally go on a (brace yourself) DATE NIGHT. Okay, mainly I just wanted to scarf down a pile of sushi without having to breastfeed at the same time. YUM.

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard-working Moms out there!
It was delicious. And then we had 31 Flavors for dessert. Balance!

My first Mother's Day. πŸ’
On Sunday I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day! Josh bought me a card, flowers, and jewelry. He did good. He always does.

I like this lamp at Brenna's house.
We went over to Brenna’s for Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday. It was lovely.

M. and Grandpy Bob.
Unfortunately, I had to reset some passwords so these are all the photos I have uploaded to Flickr for now…I’m short about three days worth. I’m sure it’s just baby, flowers and dogs! Ta ta for now.

Want you to know, I’m a rainbow too

Want you to know, I’m a rainbow too

Love this time of year. 🌸🌸🌸
Hallo blog! I don’t have a lot of confidence that I will be able to get through this entry without WAHHHHHH, but let’s give it a whirl!

Gorgeous tulip.
I had to manipulate my son into a nap this morning with a walk AND a drive, but I feel like any second now he’s gonna wake up.

Maybe he’ll surprise me. I miss the days of the three hour naps. I was so SPOILED then!

Oh yeah πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“
The strawberries at the local fruit stand are the best I’ve had in ages. I could smell them from several feet away.

Happy weekend! 🌿
Ahhh sprrrrriiiiiiiing.

Send help!
BLEGH! He bleached his hair to dye it a lighter shade of brown and it was this terrifying orange mop for several hours. SCARY!

Love this purple house πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œ
Spotted this adorable purple house on a baby nap-inducing drive last weekend. Love the pink accents. More houses should look this cute!

Jumbo candy buttons! (verdict: not as tasty as original)
I had high hopes for these jumbo candy buttons but they were gross. Bear Cub even rejected them!

Marymoor Park...we didn't lose Maggie this time!
We went to Marymoor Park again last weekend and this time, didn’t lose Maggie dog! Alriiiiight.

Beautiful day.
Talk about a beautiful day.

Field of Dogs 🌿
Not nearly as crowded as the last time we were there, either. That was ridic.

My boys. πŸ’™πŸ’™
We wanted him to be more awake for the park experience so Josh carried him around in the Ergo. He’s about 18 pounds these days, there’s no way my back can take it. Grrrrr.

Poor old Maggie is hobbling today, but she had a great time yesterday! πŸ’¦
Maggie and Bear Cub got their swim on.

Went back to work last week, part-time. As much as I enjoy my son (and Netflix), I missed dressing up every day. Interacting with adults. Helping people. And πŸ’΅.
Post-work self-portrait. Feels nice to be doing hair and make-up and talking to adults again.

Loving all the color in our front yard.

Dogwood blossoms. 🌸
The dogwood’s in bloom!

Dreamy floral walls (thanks @theladyofthegoldrings).
Spotted on IG. Bathroom inspiration!

The smell of lilacs is one of my favorite spring/summer scents.
The lilac is blooming, and our backyard smells so good.

Bear Cub guarding.
Bear Cub guards the baby. Sometimes in the afternoon we sit on the back porch and listen to reggae.

This is not the look: sunglasses over glasses edition.
Yesterday after work. I AM A DORK.

One of my patients does this cool paper art called "quilling".
One of my patients does this cool paper art called “quilling”. Maybe I should look into it!

That’s it? I did it! YES!

Badda Bing!

Badda Bing!

Ooh I like this wig, Ru. πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨
Hey blerg. I am still unable to watch episodes of the latest season of “Drag Race”, but I catch up on “Untucked” while I sit on the bicycle at the gym on Saturdays. Heigh ho!

Blackbird singing in the dead of night 🌳
Baby M. is unswaddled and napping in his swing for the first time in over a week. Lately he will only nap in the car seat…so I have to walk him in order to get those naps in. Not a problem, but what happens when it’s pouring rain?

I’m glad I didn’t give up on the swing quite yet. I was prepared last night to move it into the (wine-free) wine cellar and move the little bassinet into the living room. Start training that kid to nap on a flat surface (scared).

Of course I plan on easing into that, too. Incline the mattress and maybe roll a towel up to form a little U-shape under his butt…is this boring? This is boring, isn’t it. SORRY.

Maggie is very disappointed that dogs aren't supposed to have grapes. πŸ‡
Maaan I had a great idea for a children’s book at 3:30 this morning and now it’s gone. Maybe I need to keep a little notepad next to the bed for idea jotting.

Currently re-reading. Highly entertaining...and so much dirt! 😝
Of course, the stupid dream I had after that wherein I gobble mescalin at a rave and then spend the rest of the dream trying to find a bathroom is REAL CLEAR. Sigh.

Bear Cub pauses to gnaw on a paw while Maggie waits up.
I went back to work this week! Since I only took 3 months off, it was easy to get back into the swing of things. Not to mention I only have three patients right now, so it’s a very short work day.

Supported #vitaminangels today and got this cute friendship bracelet.
I supported “Vitamin Angels” while at the Vitamin Shoppe yesterday and received this cute little friendship bracelet.

Watching me weed the backyard yesterday (while listening to Bob Marley). πŸ’š
Here’s Goo being all serious, watching me weed yesterday while we listened to Bob Marley.

Sooo into this look (thanks @sorokairyna)πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸŒŸβœ¨
Not my picture (I wish). Annoyingly, the babysitter who literally just started working for us THIS WEEK informed me yesterday that she’s leaving next month to go home to Columbia for an entire month. She’d be happy to babysit for “two more weeks”. UGHHHHHHH.

Luckily, another lady who applied right after I hired the current sitter was still interested in the position. She’s old enough to have two teenage daughters, loves babies and dogs, AND only lives about five minutes away. Score! Super score! We’re going to interview her next Monday night. Hopefully she will work out. I have a feeling she will.

Is that all? Really? Seems so…short. Currently we are finishing up re-watching “The Sopranos”, next we’re going to re-try “The Wire”. I haven’t painted in a week, need to get back to that! And I’ve successfully gone without dessert for the past three days in a row. GO, ME.

So fresh and so clean clean

So fresh and so clean clean

Begging for string cheese.
Hey, blog! This is what happens when I open a string cheese ’round here. Instant dog attention.

White rhododendron.
I just put M. down for his first nap of the day for the THIRD time…let’s hope it sticks. He’s been giving me a real runaround this week, fussing when we put him down at night, waking up at 4 am again, and worst of all: refusing to breastfeed from my right breast. Yesterday it stressed me out so badly I had to pump to make up for his lack of attention–and I had to give him 3 bottles! What? Ugh.

Happy birthday to this eccentric creative weirdo (who is the only dude I wanna be married to) @djmagicelf πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
Last Friday was Joshy’s birthday. He requested a coconut cake, and he cooked us steaks and asparagus for dinner that night. I bought him everything he wanted, sans a waffle maker (we already have one!): new flannel pajamas, bamboo bed sheets, a meat thermometer and a new set of measuring cups and spoons. Basically the birthday list of a 70-year-old.

Josh and I have always prided ourselves on our ugly cakes. Here's the coconut cake I made him today on the bottom...and what it was "supposed" to look like on top.
The cake, despite its lopsided appearance, turned out pretty darn tasty. What the cake was “supposed” to look like is on top, my version is on the bottom.

My neighbors have pretty flowers, too.

What a glorious day! 🌞
It was a beautiful sunny day for Josh’s birthday.

Happy red tulips in the front yard.
I love our yard.

*baby break* I had to go take everyone for a walk out of desperation, because my son was STILL AWAKE. At 11. And he had been up since 6. Come on, baby! We got snapped at by a poodle and a poodle owner, it hailed on us…but…BUT! Now he’s asleep in his car seat. Thank youuuu.

Pansy patch. πŸ’œπŸ’›
I feel like there was a stand-up comedian who once said something like, “I don’t understand, if parents love their kids so much, why are they so excited when they sleep?” Spoken like a true non-parent. I adore my son, but MOMMY NEEDS BREAKS TOO.

Happy #nationallemonadeday! I prefer pink lemonade, myself.
Sometime last week it was National Lemonade Day, and I had just impulse bought some delicious pink lemonade. Mmmmmm.

The blackberry bushes are blossoming (how’s that for alliteration?).

Spring scene. 🌱
This is the third time I have sat down to type this blog entry. Will three times be a charm? I’m bracing myself for the WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

No sunshine was forecasted for today. 🌞🌞🌞
Bear Cub grazing in the sunshine.

These little guys are all around.

Graffiti in nature.
Some graffiti in nature, from our ill-fated beach day trip a few weeks ago.

Love these checkered lilies.
These checkered lilies in our front yard are sooooo cuuuuute.

Sorry/not sorry. 🌹🌹🌹
It’s the return of the Meitu app! Because some times a gal just wants to feel pretty in her nursing bra with no make-up on, and sometimes Japanese photoshop is the only way to do it.

This face. πŸ’™
It’s my Gooooo! It’s now Saturday night. I started writing this blog entry on Thursday. Go figure.

Look up! 🌸🌸🌸
Never get tired of looking at all the pink blossoms.

Josh traded in his little red car for a big ol’ green 2012 Toyota Sienna yesterday. Yes, we have finally entered Minivan Land. Feel free to mock us ruthlessly (I would).

The magnolia tree inches closer to full bloom.
I just took it for a test drive. Utter geekiness aside, it will be nice to have all that extra room for camping trips.

Florals galore (thanks @the_joy_of_pain)
We finally bought a scale. I hadn’t weighed myself since last October. Never mind how much I weigh (A LOT), my son weighs 17 pounds!

Bright red blooms in the front yard. ❀️
I’m going to trim down the desserts for a while and see how that works out.

Today. πŸ’š
In the meantime, my Aunt Lisa very sweetly sent me 4 pairs of her old fat jeans that she’s gotten too skinny for. They fit me perfectly!

Serving size 27 rings? Alriiiiiiiiight.
Serving size: 27 delicious rings. Mmmmmm.

Our backyard. πŸ’š
Baby and I explored the backyard last night. Pretty pretty!

Spiky little tulips in the front yard.
YES I FINISHED THIS BLOG ENTRY AND IT ONLY TOOK 3 DAYS AND 4 SITTINGS. I can hear my baby crying, ta ta for now!

Easter, baby

Easter, baby

Ah spring. 🌱
Hiya blerg. It’s spring! The “Maude” braids have become my go-to Mom hairstyle.

Fun with cloud formations. What do you see?
Fun with cloud shapes: I see a snail.

I just did 15 whole minutes on the Elliptical trainer in Merrell clogs, hammer pants, and a nursing bra. HOT. (so not hot)

Easter nails.
My nails for Easter. Corinne gave me an amazing topcoat–Sally Hansen’s “3d shine” gel topcoat–and it makes my home manicures last for at least 4 days, which is pretty good, considering I wash my hands 423234532 times a day (and consequently have wrinkled old lady hands).

Love this time of year. 🌸
The view outside.

Happy weekend! 🌈🌷
It’s my Goo! I just put him down for his first nap a little early, 9 o’clock instead of 10. Last night he slept from 9 to 5:50…we are verrrry grateful.

Traveling snacks. 🌈
We took Goo on his very first cross-state car trip last weekend! All the way to Spokane. On the way there he slept for nearly 4 hours before I woke him up to breastfeed. I amused myself with gummi bears and a fun IG account called “Every Outfit on Sex and the City” and the time relatively flew by.

Scenes from the backseat of my car. ☁️☁️☁️
He was a little fussier on the way home–we had to pull over for one breastfeeding session and I also had to give him his last two “emergency” sample bottles of formula–but all in all, I would say it was a success.

Happy Easter! Here's M.'s Easter presents--including a handmade card from Ronia, swim trunks from Grandma Fleeta and formula from us. πŸ˜‚
Baby’s first Easter baskets. He received a handmade card and plastic chick from Ronia, a basket jammed full of goodies like swim trunks and books from Grandma Fleeta, and packets of formula from us. Ha ha!

Easter 2017.
My men in their blue polo shirts on Easter Sunday. It started out slightly traumatic–he bled a little from his mouth (we never did figure out why), screamed and cried and woke up after only napping for one hour. I was prepared to resign myself to a fussy baby (and therefore cranky Mommy) all day long when he miraculously went down for a second nap from noon to nearly 3 o’clock. Hallelujah!

Josh takes the pack for a walk.
The weather was really beautiful on Easter Sunday, and we all needed the sunshine. Check out Mr. Bennett with our dog pack.

Love Shack babyyyyy...
Spotted while on a walk (to desperately get our baby to fall back asleep) (didn’t work).

Brenna's hair is pretty pretty.
Brenna’s hair was pretty pretty. Signs of new mom-dom: normally I would take 20 self-portraits on a holiday when I am dressed up, but I took NONE. Okay, maybe one–but only to send to my mother.

“Scenes from the backseat of a Subaru While Breastfeeding”.

Love these tiny purple flowers in the front yard.
Back at home again, these tiny purple flowers are in our front yard. This is my last week at home before I go back to work–yes, WORK! Only three days during the week, and on Saturdays, to start. Part of me is excited and part of me is bummed. The bummed part is mostly because I am still too fat to fit into 90% of my clothes, so I don’t know what in the hell I’m going to wear to work. Sigh.

Maggie dog romps in a field. 🌿
I suppose I could just buy a couple pairs of “roomy” scrubs and be boring at work. Until I lose weight, which at this rate, will be in 6 years.

Little pink wildflowers.
Josh’s birthday is tomorrow and he’s requested a coconut cake. Mmmmmm.

C’est moi! What color should I paint my nails next? Coral sounds nice.

Little tulips. 🌷🌷🌷
Little tulips in my neighbor’s yard. Is that all there is? Apparently that’s all there is. Stay tuned for next week, and I’ll tell you how my first week of work post-partum went!

Spring fling

Spring fling

I πŸ’—the flowering almond tree.
Happy spring, blerg! I love the flowering almond tree in our backyard this time of year, it’s so dreeeeamy.

These guys. πŸ’•
Speaking of dreamy. I just put the little dude down again for his first nap of the day…I’m hoping it takes this time. He went down for less than an hour and then was fussing with a wet diaper. I NEED his first nap of the day to be at least two hours…often it’s his only nap! I mean, what? Does this kid not like to sleep, or something? How different from his mom.

Aunt Kissy (@dubtrance) crocheting a blanket for Baby M. while we watched Roseanne and Ab Fab last night. πŸ’–
Look who came in for a visit…Aunt Kissy! I didn’t want him visiting while the baby was so young, but he INSISTED and sort of ignored my protests and Corinne bought him a train ticket. He spent half the week with her–half of which must have sucked because she started her period! She actually spent one whole day in bed. Lame.

Breakfast of champions: @dubtrance made the Monte Cristo breakfast casserole.
Despite my concerns, his visit with us ended up going great. Only one nap was disturbed! We binge-watched “Ab Fab”, he made the Monte Cristo casserole above (mmmm), delicious curry and put together the crockpot roast that I started to make but was interrupted by a crying baby (such is my life these days).

Lily made herself right at home!
Bear Cub appeared jealous of Lily (she sure is a grumpy Cub) but Lily was a snuggle dog as usual.

Josh + Lily. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Here she is cuddling with Joshy.

Baby's first space boots. 🌟✨✨
I had bought these cool space boots for Ronia years ago, but she had already outgrown them by the time I gave them to Brenna. I kept them for my “future child” (always optimistic!) and POW! Here they are!

“He’s allowed to wear fabulous things now, at this age,” remarked my neighbor when she saw the boots.

“He can wear fabulous things ANY time,” I sniffed. I mean silver is timeless!

Spring fling. 🌸
I don’t believe in age limits for glitter nail polish, either.

Aunt Kissy @dubtrance has a cuddle with M.. πŸ’™
My mother calls him “Smootie”, Josh calls him “Bean”, I call him “Goo” and Aunt Kissy calls him “Pork Chop”.

Joshy is a punk.
With help from Christopher, Josh formed his long ass hair into a fun Mohawk before cutting and dying it.

Joshy' self-portrait with baby and turntables. πŸ’•

18 years of friendship! 🌈🌟✨
18 years (minus three when we weren’t speaking to each other) of friendship! I cropped my hammer pants out of the picture. This was a re-creation of a shot of Christopher and I at Trancelot a million years ago, but I can’t seem to locate the original. Dammit!

Just a typical Sunday afternoon!
Turban Sunday! What could be better?

Maggie and Bear Cub grazing. 🌿
We never miss our daily dog walk.

M. and Aunty Corinne. πŸ’•
On Monday before I had to drive Christopher to the train station, Aunty Corinne came by for a visit.

Corinne is surrounded by a pack of dogs.
And was immediately surrounded by dogs! The baby fussed much of the time she was over but I’m still glad she came by for a visit. It happens so rarely.

Sunny this morning but still coo-oooold!
Brrrrrr. Still quite cold in the morning.

Think Pink!

Love these colorful blooms.
I never know what these colorful shrubs are, but they catch my eye every year.

In the front yard. πŸ’œ
Not sure what these are either, but they pop up in the front yard every year.

Maybe I should paint a geisha for my next mini painting! (thanks @theladyofthegoldrings)
This geisha photo spotted on IG inspired me for my next mini painting.

I like this wig. How sad is that that I can only watch "Untucked" and recaps because I don't get VH1??! Bring back "Drag Race" to Logo, @rupaulsdragrace!
Meanwhile, I’m having to get my “Drag Race” fix by watching “Untucked” and recaps on Youtube. BOO, LOGO.

Today's walkies.
Yesterday afternoon my neighbor graciously came over and watched Goo while I walked the dogs. Her daughter is about to have her second child and I suspect I won’t be seeing her much after that, so I’m using her as much as possible!

Spotted this tulip in my neighbor’s front yard.

More grape hyacinth in the backyard. πŸ’™
The grape hyacinth is everywhere. In our backyard planter, in our front and back yards, all over my neighbor’s lawns…pretty pretty.

Hyacinth everywhere!
And more hyacinth!

My mother is currently in San Francisco, awaiting surgery in 11 days to have the benign spinal tumor she’s had for 10 years removed. I pray for her every day! I would be there if I could, but I have a little tiny baby right now. Sigh.Β Currently I just finished 10 minutes on the Elliptical trainer (my plantar fasciities did not enjoy it), painted a little on the new geisha painting and the old Joan painting, and am now going to lift some weights while watching “30 Rock”. Good times? Are we having fun yet?

New painting and spring flowers

New painting and spring flowers

Spring-colored cauliflower. πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’š
Happy spring! (cauliflower). I’m blogging today before Christopher descends upon us sometime this evening. I already took the dogs and baby out for our daily walk, now the baby is down for what I hope will be a loooooong nap because the last couple of days he’s only taking one nap a day. Oof.

The magnolia tree is beginning to blossom.
Here comes the magnolia tree! I’m hoping to get a few pictures of it in full blossom before the coastal winds whip all the petals off. It’s a beautiful tree.

Today's color: Aqua (thanks @richardquartley)
Feeeeling everything about this gorgeous aqua photo, spotted on IG.

Lucite grapes and Kate Moss (both still for sale). πŸ‡
Meanwhile, the Lucite grapes painting sits next to Kate Moss in the parlor. I’m thinking a mini painting of Lucite grapes might be fun.

Family walkies.
Out for family walkies. Look at that big fat baby! Not even three months old yet.

Spying on the neighbors.
These two always find something to bark at when I put him down for a nap. Kind of similar to how they would always bark every time I would take a daytime shower (a thing of the past!).

Switched to my springtime sunglasses. 🌸🌸🌸
My mother asked if I had abandoned my bangs already after she saw this photo. Nah, I just don’t see any point in “doing” them if my only activities are walking the dogs at the park and then breastfeeding allll dayyyy looooong. You understand. Sometimes I put eyeliner on, though. And I wear earrings every day. Trying! Trying!

White blossoms on our walk today.
Not sure what this beautiful white-blossomed tree is in my neighbor’s front yard, but I think it’s pretty pretty!

Beautiful sunset tonight.
Beautiful sunset out of the nursery window.

Flying baby alert!
Oh these two cuties. My mother bought him those leggings with the dino feet and I’m LOVING THEM. He has so many cute clothes (that he is rapidly outgrowing).

Think pink πŸ’–
‘member this heart Mandala? Still for sale. I knocked the price all the way down to 80$ sometime last year and then just kept it there.

New mini painting in my Etsy shop! "Love is a Glitter VW". πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨βœ¨
New mini painting! This little baby is called “Love is a Glitter VW” and it’s available HERE! I love this one. Give it long enough around the house and I probably won’t sell it at all.

Gorgeous day out there! 🌞
Ahhhh Monday the weather was so glorious. I made it a point to get outside as much as possible.

Chomping on a strawberry popsicle and enjoying the sun with Bear Cub on Monday.
In the afternoon I ate a strawberry popsicle and romped with Bear Schnubs outside in the backyard a bit.

Bear Cub!
She’s always a happy Cub outside!

M.'s first trip to the beach was nearly foiled when Josh and I both got stuck in quicksand! Luckily we didn't lose shoes (or a baby). Siiiiiigh.
When Josh got home from work, we packed up the whole fam and drove over to a beach park that we hadn’t been to in a long time. It was M.’s first beach experience, and it almost went VERY BADLY because as Josh and I were strolling to the water’s edge, we both got stuck in quicksand! As you can see from the picture, Josh went in all the way up to his thighs. I went up to my knees, and after I made it out stood there with my heart stopped, watching Josh struggle to get free…all the while with the baby strapped to his chest. Luckily he didn’t fall, and we didn’t lose a shoe, but it was an overall SUCKY (ha ha) experience and now I don’t trust that beach anymore. Dammit.

Love rocks.
I did see a heart-shaped rock, though. That was nice.

Water dogs! πŸ’¦
Other than the quicksand, it was a pleasant experience. Maybe we learned a lesson here…don’t trust the shoreline. Especially when you have a baby attached to your body.

Graffiti in nature
I’ve always liked that particular graffiti: “Not all who wander are lost“.

Maude braids.
First attempt at Maude braids in a long time, yesterday. Today’s version went a little smoother.

And that brings us to today’s monster butt! I’ll be back next week with pictures of our antics with Aunt Kissy. Always a good time!