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A wig a day keeps the blues away

A wig a day keeps the blues away

I can get behind this look 🌟🌟🌟(thanks @beautycon)
Happy mid-October blog! These are not my lips…but they COULD be.

What's this? Another sinister finding at the playground?!
Gee, I thought I was all done with my Creepy Things Found at a Child’s Playground series…and then I saw this!?!

Day 6: I "acquired" this neon magenta bob from the Broad, but seem to have lost my beloved blue bob. You know what color I don't have? AQUA. I need an aqua wig.
In continuing with my post-a-wig-every-day-until-I-run-out idear, here is Corinne’s magenta wig that I “acquired” many years ago.

corinne purple
She wore it first! Here’s my Broad at Burning Man, circa 2004, wearing my corset (still have it), and skirt (nope).

Fall is dazzling me with all the changing colors, I love this time of year.

Halloween #fbf: Little Lizzy as a princess in a Gunne Sax dress with my two neighborhood BFFs Samantha and Alexis. Boy did I love to boss those two around! πŸ‘»
Dressed up for Halloween with my two neighborhood pals, Samantha and Alexis. Their father filled candy machines for a living so they always had candy and gum at their house, and they were younger than me so I could boss them around all the live-long day. Hooray!

Day 7: the Hayley Mills wig! It wasn't supposed to be. It was supposed to be a cool little pixie for when I felt my Edie Sedgwick coming on (which used to be a LOT)...but somehow it had more of a Hayley Mills vibe, so the nickname stuck. Oh well. "Let's g
The Hayley Mills wig. She was supposed to be an Edie Sedgwick but that just wasn’t in the cards for her.

blonde ambition
Notable for a series of self-portraits I took back when Josh and I were on a 4-day hiatus because of my drinking and I immersed myself into a bottle of whiskey and put on a lot of eyeshadow and took some of the best self-portraits of my life. The series even inspired a painting…

"Self-portrait with Grapes", 2008. My Aunt Lisa has wanted this painting for years, and I'm finally mailing it to her! #procrastination: a celebration.
…that my aunt requested, and I gave to her. Good ol’ Hayley Mills wig!

Saturday morning Daddy/baby dance party πŸ’™
One week ago today: daddy and baby dance party in the kitchen. He has the baby currently–I won the chore chart so I get my 3 hour break from the baby. I’m using it to type this blather and then I’m going to make my Halloween costume.

For me October involves watching a lot of horror films. Today's pick: "The Legend of Hell House", 1973.
It just wouldn’t be October without watching a few scary movies, eh? This one is from 1973 and it’s called “The Legend of Hell House”. It was…okay. Not scary. Almost campy.

Oooh yeahhh ✨✨✨(thanks @ashish).
This is an image from the account of a designer in the UK called Ashish who smothers all of his clothes in sparkle and I LOVE IT ALL.

Day 8: the Cleopatra wig! Worn for Halloween 2011. I was proud of the fact that I made both my Cleopatra and Josh's Marc Antony costumes.
The Cleopatra wig! Back in 2011. I worked SO HARD on our Cleopatra and Marc Antony costumes and then we both got disgusting colds just in time for the party. BOOOOO.

Marc Antony and Cleopatra
Seems to me we were on a lot of cold medicine, here. Heh.

Spotted in my neighbor's yard: zombie flamingoes! Cute! πŸ‘»
My neighbor’s zombie flamingo graveyard is too cute. Josh refuses to do the graveyard in our front yard this year, he tells me it’s “too macabre”. However, he WILL do the giant spider devouring the human skeleton. ?

Prismacolor/metallic ink. Not dated. 🌟✨✨
It’s an older Lizzy drawing, frustratingly NOT dated but it must be after 2008 because I signed it EP Holcomb, my married name. Note to self: ALWAYS DATE EVERYTHING. It will help with the dementia later on.

Day 9: the old lady wig! We dressed up as old people/our "future selves" for Halloween 2014. It was one of my favorites! πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄
The Old Lady wig! Josh said I looked like the Starbucks logo, which was entirely unintentional.

Test run today of our Halloween costumes and make-up. We watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to make your face look old...then we couldn't stop laughing! I ❀️ Halloween!
This was Halloween 2014, and it was SO much fun. I even had an awful cold which just made me look even more pathetic and elderly. I would have won the costume contest at work, but I didn’t want to stick around an extra 20 minutes because I felt so crappy…now I regret not staying.

Granted, Maggie's had to wait almost 12 years, but now food opportunities are literally falling into her dog mouth! πŸ˜‚
Maggie’s got a real good thing going on with the baby. I’ll have my back turned for a second and he’ll be feeding her his baby crackers!

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween at Casa Holcomb. πŸ‘»
Starting to decorate the house. Party is in two weeks!

Gotta say, I like the look of the scary portraits against the aqua wall.
Really enjoying the scary portraits against the aqua wall.

'Sup, glitter skeleton. πŸ’€βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨
And of course, the glitter skeleton.

Another beautiful Fall day πŸŒ²πŸƒπŸŒΎ
Mixed in with the rain and gloom, we are still having nice days like this.

Day 10: the blonde beehive! I don't remember buying this wig and I don't remember using it for any particular costume...but there it is! Huh. My 20s were craaazy. πŸ˜…
The blonde beehive! I have no memory of buying this wig or using it for any particular costume…although all of my photos from 2005-2007 are gone so anything is possible. It’s a little sad to me how limited my memory is unless I have photo proof. What would I do without obsessive documentation of my life?

9 months of Goo! 😍
Aw, sick Goo. 9 months old! 9 months of this sweet baby boy. I love him so much it catches in my throat sometimes. I sit and look at pictures of his face before I fall asleep because it makes me happy. I slept downstairs this week to spare Josh from my coughing and nose blowing and germs and for 10 straight minutes one night, we just texted each other pictures of our son back and forth. It’s LOVE.

Out buying vitamin C at Walgreens yesterday and discovered that they have a Day of the Dead section. Cool. πŸ’€
Walgreens has a Day of the Dead section now! I resisted. It was hard.

Day 11: the Courtney Love wig! It was called the "white trash" wig on the wig website, but I used it to play Courtney with Josh's Kurt in 2009. It has not aged well. πŸ˜‚
Oh man, the Courtney Love wig did NOT want to cooperate. I did two different sessions with it, a week apart, so I can’t blame the cold…and I hated all of them! The wig kept sliding back and not even my GUM would cooperate. Heigh-ho. What am I gonna do, throw her out? We don’t throw out wigs in this family!

Day 12: the Peg Bundy wig! Worn for Halloween 2012. It's cute. πŸ’–βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨
Ah, the Peg Bundy…one of my favorites! I liked how this whole look came together. And being so sick, it even raised my spirits!

Yesterday's clouds were real plump and juicy. ☁️☁️☁️
These big ol’ cumulus clouds look like whipped cream…mmmm…whipped creeeeam. Oh yeah, speaking of food/my low-carb diet, officially this morning I am the same weight as my husband! FINALLY! I’ve lost a little over 50 pounds and only have 12 to go! YAYYYYYY I might even make it to my goal, which was back to my pre-pregnancy weight by December 3rd.

Yes! (thanks @madlymazzy) πŸ˜‚
Christopher sent this to me and I laughed and laughed.

Day 13: the pink bob! Always a good time. πŸŒΈπŸ’•βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨
Finally it’s…the pink bob! One of my favorites, and worn many times with many different outfits.

party on, garth
Here’s Joshy with it on, HA HA. Ta ta!

New painting and spring flowers

New painting and spring flowers

Spring-colored cauliflower. πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’š
Happy spring! (cauliflower). I’m blogging today before Christopher descends upon us sometime this evening. I already took the dogs and baby out for our daily walk, now the baby is down for what I hope will be a loooooong nap because the last couple of days he’s only taking one nap a day. Oof.

The magnolia tree is beginning to blossom.
Here comes the magnolia tree! I’m hoping to get a few pictures of it in full blossom before the coastal winds whip all the petals off. It’s a beautiful tree.

Today's color: Aqua (thanks @richardquartley)
Feeeeling everything about this gorgeous aqua photo, spotted on IG.

Lucite grapes and Kate Moss (both still for sale). πŸ‡
Meanwhile, the Lucite grapes painting sits next to Kate Moss in the parlor. I’m thinking a mini painting of Lucite grapes might be fun.

Family walkies.
Out for family walkies. Look at that big fat baby! Not even three months old yet.

Spying on the neighbors.
These two always find something to bark at when I put him down for a nap. Kind of similar to how they would always bark every time I would take a daytime shower (a thing of the past!).

Switched to my springtime sunglasses. 🌸🌸🌸
My mother asked if I had abandoned my bangs already after she saw this photo. Nah, I just don’t see any point in “doing” them if my only activities are walking the dogs at the park and then breastfeeding allll dayyyy looooong. You understand. Sometimes I put eyeliner on, though. And I wear earrings every day. Trying! Trying!

White blossoms on our walk today.
Not sure what this beautiful white-blossomed tree is in my neighbor’s front yard, but I think it’s pretty pretty!

Beautiful sunset tonight.
Beautiful sunset out of the nursery window.

Flying baby alert!
Oh these two cuties. My mother bought him those leggings with the dino feet and I’m LOVING THEM. He has so many cute clothes (that he is rapidly outgrowing).

Think pink πŸ’–
‘member this heart Mandala? Still for sale. I knocked the price all the way down to 80$ sometime last year and then just kept it there.

New mini painting in my Etsy shop! "Love is a Glitter VW". πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨βœ¨
New mini painting! This little baby is called “Love is a Glitter VW” and it’s available HERE! I love this one. Give it long enough around the house and I probably won’t sell it at all.

Gorgeous day out there! 🌞
Ahhhh Monday the weather was so glorious. I made it a point to get outside as much as possible.

Chomping on a strawberry popsicle and enjoying the sun with Bear Cub on Monday.
In the afternoon I ate a strawberry popsicle and romped with Bear Schnubs outside in the backyard a bit.

Bear Cub!
She’s always a happy Cub outside!

M.'s first trip to the beach was nearly foiled when Josh and I both got stuck in quicksand! Luckily we didn't lose shoes (or a baby). Siiiiiigh.
When Josh got home from work, we packed up the whole fam and drove over to a beach park that we hadn’t been to in a long time. It was M.’s first beach experience, and it almost went VERY BADLY because as Josh and I were strolling to the water’s edge, we both got stuck in quicksand! As you can see from the picture, Josh went in all the way up to his thighs. I went up to my knees, and after I made it out stood there with my heart stopped, watching Josh struggle to get free…all the while with the baby strapped to his chest. Luckily he didn’t fall, and we didn’t lose a shoe, but it was an overall SUCKY (ha ha) experience and now I don’t trust that beach anymore. Dammit.

Love rocks.
I did see a heart-shaped rock, though. That was nice.

Water dogs! πŸ’¦
Other than the quicksand, it was a pleasant experience. Maybe we learned a lesson here…don’t trust the shoreline. Especially when you have a baby attached to your body.

Graffiti in nature
I’ve always liked that particular graffiti: “Not all who wander are lost“.

Maude braids.
First attempt at Maude braids in a long time, yesterday. Today’s version went a little smoother.

And that brings us to today’s monster butt! I’ll be back next week with pictures of our antics with Aunt Kissy. Always a good time!

Christmas, Christmas time is near

Christmas, Christmas time is near

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Hello blerg! Instagram and/or Flickr is STILL not letting me upload from my Instagram to Flickr, so here we go again using the “embed” feature on Instagram. I hope these pictures are showing up for people other than me. Can you seee meeeeee?

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

It’s like, almost winter time and stuff. Brenna is having a party next week to celebrate the Winter Solstice, which I RSVP’d us yes to. I told Josh he should glitter his beard silver and gold for the party. Ooh, maybe with some tiny glitter snowflakes!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

My father rarely texts me photos, but he did send me this recently. Ah, “What About Bob?”! The gift that keeps on giving!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Baby M. now officially has more clothes hanging in “our” closet than I do. Mainly because, at nearly 9 months pregnant, I only fit into about 6 of my dresses. Sob!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

I tell ya, it’s not easy, waddling around the dog park every day in these temperatures, with a pretty raging case of plantar fasciitis permanently in my left foot. It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Last Thursday Josh and I went to a late afternoon OB appointment, went to the gym, and came home to find that one or more dogs had demolished and eaten this ENTIRE BOX of delicious Pepperidge Farm cookies. I was a little worried about the chocolate in the cookies, but other than Maggie’s guilty dog face they seemed fine that night. Brats! Little brats!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Woke up to this nonsense last Friday and was very very thankful that I had snow tires put on the car. Lots of my co-workers called in “sick”, and one of the nurse managers slid into a ditch! Roops!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

I even took the girls for a very short waddle around the park in the snow, after work. The park was filled with about 11 8-year old, rowdy boys. I hope that other women around my neighborhood are pregnant right now so Baby M. will have some buddies!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

I didn’t think the snow would stick around too long, and I was right. By Sunday the rain washed it away.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Josh was able to make a snowman first. Those are my adorable ear muffs.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Here’s our slightly pathetic Christmas tree, that we picked out in the middle of a hailstorm at Fred Meyer’s, dressed inappropriately.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

On Saturday we went to “Display & Costume” to buy some tiny Christmas ornaments for his beard decoration. I oohed and aahed over this section of glitzy ornaments for a while.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Like these little chandeliers! Oooooh.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Looking cranky because I had some trouble with the false eyelashes, which were more of a pain in the ass than I remembered. I bought some cheap eyelash glue from the costume shop, that was my first mistake.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Glittered up for our Christmas card photo shoot.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Smooch! I’ll post the final picture next. We used the actual camera and tripod, and didn’t feature the dogs this year, can you believe it?

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Here’s a sneak peak of the baby quilt Fleeta is making us, and I LOVE IT.

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We just discovered “Skin Wars”, and we’re already up to Season 3! RuPaul is one of the judges! It’s very inspiring.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

The “crossover” episodes with the queens from “Drag Race” are even better!

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

Josh was flipping through one of those parenting magazines during my non-stress test yesterday, and showed me these BABY SPATS. Do you die? I die.

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Corinne doesn’t Instagram anymore, so I Instagrammed for her because I had to share this bubble backpack she bought to tote her cats around in! So far Edward is the only one who likes it. We always knew he was the coolest.

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This was today! You can’t even tell that three days ago there was snow everywhere.

A photo posted by EP Holcomb (@artwaif) on

I did a little nesting this afternoon. Here’s Corinne’s baby blanket that she made us. I am 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant today, and other than feeling like a great big fat balloon, my biggest problem is that my feet hurt. Not too much to complain about. Now I need to go eat! Ta ta, blog!

Dog training, painting away stress, and home improvements

Dog training, painting away stress, and home improvements

Fall doesn't need a filter 😍
Hiya blog! I am sleep deprived currently so here comes a ramble. Would you look at those beautiful Fall colors though? Siiiiigh….

Things are gettin' real around here.
Josh took this last night and it made me laugh so hard for so long that of course I had to put it on social media and then text it to everyone because that’s what you DO, right? Right.

Gorgeous Fall day today. 🌲
Last night was the worst night of sleep I’ve had yet, but I suppose since I’ve been pregnant since the end of April that’s not a bad record, eh? (trying to look on the bright side) (TRYING SO HARD)

More progress. I had to work on it last night to Zen out after watching 20 minutes of the debate 😳
On Sunday we tried to watch the second Presidential debate, got 20 minutes into it and were both so disgusted and sick to our stomachs we put on “Ridiculousness” instead, which in comparison was practically therapeutic. I also worked on the latest Mandala to paint away the stress. This election can’t come quick enough, I’ve finally reached my Politics Saturation Point.

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?
Hey now, who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Ramp training went a lot better than I expected. For now I have the back seat of the car down so they can have the entire back of the car for a couple of months. I thought I’d gradually eeeeease them into their new reality which is going to be delegation to the back back of the car. The way back, if you will.

John Mulaney is so funny. If I lived in NYC I would definitely go see "Oh, Hello" on Broadway.
I’ve been watching a lot of Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show while I paint. She interviewed John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, who do an obnoxious duo named Gil and George who apparently now have a show on Broadway! Good for them! I’d go if I lived in NYC! They make me cackle.

First day of ramp training: success! A string cheese may have been involved (for motivation).
I listen to a lot of stand-up comedy these days. Louis CK, Margaret Cho, Amy Schumer, Pablo Francisco. I’m even finally able to listen to Robin Williams again without feeling the sads. His routine about GPS voices made me laugh out loud at the gym last night! Can you imagine? A giant pregnant blonde lady waddling around lifting weights and laughing deliriously? Good thing I don’t have any “shame”.

Tonight we watched "psyCHO". Oh Margaret Cho! I love youuuu! 😻
We also watched “Psy-CHO” the other night. I’m relieved to find that my love for Margaret Cho is as strong as ever. Also a new revelation: she mentions wanting kids in this stand-up! I never knew she wanted kids before. Maybe the hormones finally caught up with her.

Headdress inspiration! (thanks @reformthefunk)
Kind of obsessed with Bert Stern’s photography at the moment. This would be so much fun to paint.

Josh had some "fun" hair this morning.
He’s growing out a beard but promised to shave it off after Thanksgiving (before my birthday). To counterbalance all that crap, he’s also growing his hair out. This was his morning hair the other day. I thought it was cute!

Anyone watching "All Stars"? I'm #teamkatya, but I love Detox too. Especially this outfit! πŸ˜‚
Speaking of that dude, I can credit him to discovering that we can watch RuPaul’s “All Stars” on vh1! Alriiiiiight. #TeamKatya again! (this is Detox and I loved her outfit)

The vanity I will eventually be moving my giant make-up collection to. I'm not in a hurry...still have 3 months!
I’m in the process of slowwwwwly moving all my beauty stuff into the office. Thanks to Fleeta for giving us this vanity and also letting me have the bench (after I begged). I think it looks pretty great against the acid green walls!

DIY'd some lights onto the vanity Josh's mom gave us. I'm sacrificing the room with the best light for the nursery. 😭 Does it need more lights?!
I bought these cool lights at Lowe’s that stick onto the mirror. They are remote controlled and dim and brighten, oooooh.

Happy Friday! πŸ’š
I still have three more months to utilize the good light in the nursery though. And I’m gonna use it.

Current inspiration to re-paint the dresser we scored on "Buy Nothing". Loving the ombrΓ© look!
Speaking of that nursery, we scored a free dresser on “Buy Nothing” and are in the process of re-finishing it to resemble something similar to this. I’m loving this ombre look on furniture.

Going to start ramp training the dogs for my Subaru soon. Wish me luck--one dog is 8 and hates change, one dog is nearly 11 and well, Maggie dog is many things but she isn't too bright! Sigh.
I’m trying really hard to recall what we did last weekend, and nothing is coming to mind. Harrumph.

Siiiiiiigh...(thanks @richardquartley)
Another Bert Stern.

Dog park yeah! πŸ’–
Who likes dogfriends? We like dogfriends!

My dogfriends are currently passed out at my feet as I type this entry. I am 26 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and other than the heartburn, restless legs at night, and sleep deprivation…everything is FINE, JUST FINE.

Another minky/flannel baby blanket complete! Now I need to find some dinosaur flannel.
Three more months! Then it’s gonna be a whole new kind of sleep deprivation, right? Groan. Look at this adorable little minkie blanket I made for my son, before he started keeping me awake all night with kicks. Have a fabulous week, bloggeroonies!

Spring flowers, house paint and a man in a skirt

Spring flowers, house paint and a man in a skirt

Stepping on Matisse. 🎨
Stepping on Matisse’s head in downtown Everett. I haven’t spent a lot of time in downtown Everett (although there is a Hawaiian restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try forEVEr), but I know that we did one of our long practice runs last year there and I don’t remember seeing the artist’s heads!

We had also never seen this fabbuu mirrored wall, near the Village Theatre. Oooh, ahhhh. Cool. This was last weekend, when we were doing a little exploring in a windstorm.

These pretty white flowers are blooming in my neighbor’s yard. I don’t know what they’re called, but they scream SPRING! Speaking of which, my husband just informed me that today is the first day of spring. Awwwwrrriiiiiite!

More colored glass that I did not purchase at “Home Inspirations” last weekend.

Couldn't resist buying these fun little vintage Japanese tea cups/saucer set. The color spoke to me. 😍
For 6 bucks a set though I could not resist buying 2 sets of these gorgeous little Japanese tea cups and saucers. We used them last night for our Sleepytime “extra” tea.

The bedroom window. The bedroom is now teal and light green, we just haven’t put up all the art. Some of the art doesn’t go with the light green. I felt a little ridiculous paying for curtains from Cost Plus when I could EASILY whip some up…but since we had a gift card that guilt is alleviated.

What a beautiful day! 🌞
I always feel guilty spending money when I’m not working, it’s a curse. Hey, guess who’s working all next week though? ME ME ME! Finally. Actually I did work one day last week, I forgot about that.

Thanks to a Groupon, we finally got canvas prints from our Hawaii trips to hang in the kitchen. I took the top photo in Kauai; Josh took the bottom photo in Maui. They look so good against the aqua paint! I wish I was in Hawaii right now, mmmmm.
Thanks to a Groupon that Joshy purchased a few weeks ago, we finally got these really nice canvas prints from our Hawaii trips for uber cheap. The top one was taken by me in Kauai; the bottom one was taken by Josh in Maui. They really POP against the aqua paint in the kitchen.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear green. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ€β˜˜
Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day, and even though my period hit and was awful (also 4 days late!), I smeared on some green eyeshadow and this vintage dress that I bought months ago on a thrifting trip with Fleeta and felt cute enough to take a selfie. I have about 3 eyelash extensions left on each eye. Did I mention that I’m giving up eyelash extensions for Robo Baby? Also nail shellac, but that’s mainly because a year of doing nail shellac has completely wrecked my nails. They’ve been bare for weeks. At first it was weird, but I’m getting used to it.

Wet pets! Pets who get wet! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Thursday and Friday the weather was so gorgeous that the pets and I spent an extra-long time romping at the dog park. I just couldn’t bring myself to stay inside! On Friday we actually spent an unprecedented hour and a half at the dog park! It was glorious.

Maggie and Bear Cub made a new puppy friend today.
I’m still paranoid about the dog poisoner but I can’t let fear destroy the fun of taking my dogs to a park to socialize. I refuse!

I πŸ’š green.
The onset of two of my favorite seasons (spring and summer) means the return of all of my favorite clothes: my dresses. Yesterday I went through my closet and removed all the pants that don’t fit me right now…about 75% of them. I also took all the dresses that don’t fit me right now, folded them up, and placed them in the back of the closet. No constricting clothes! No tight pants! Stretch, baby, stretch!

A man in a Utilikilt in my kitchen. 😍
He wore his Utilikilt for me on St. Patrick’s Day, much to my delight. He’s training to run the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon again so it fits. I made him a Crockpot full of corned beef and cabbage that day, and tried not to get pissy at his beer intake. Ya know.

...mmm? Oh hello, Dream Bedroom! πŸ’šπŸŒžπŸ’•
Googling “bohemian bedrooms” for decorating inspiration makes me happy. Look at this room! It’s like my Dream Bedroom! Snivel sniff.

Trying to sort out the color of the guest room next and the indecision is strong. Looks like a unicorn threw up in here!
All of the paint swatches on the wall make it look like a unicorn threw up in here, huh? We finally decided on the primary color for the guest room yesterday. I think. The indecision was really strong for this room.

Waiting for slowpoke me. 🌿
Currently Josh is out running 17 miles. Yuck. I’m icing my back and my foot (getting old sucks) in preparation for a nice little 3 mile jog on the treadmill downstairs, preferably while watching something funny on Netflix.

This afternoon we have an archery lesson that Josh bought us from Groupon. It was supposed to be two weeks ago but my back was really screwed up, so I bumped it up. My back is still a little screwed up but the show must go on!

Relaxing on the back patio with Maggie dog. The weather can't decide what it wants to do today. β˜€οΈβ›…οΈβ˜οΈ
Anyway how much damage can I do to my back during a measly hour-long lesson? (stay tuned)

These yellow blooms! πŸ’›
Also in my neighbor’s yard. I love these bright yellow blooms.

Bear Cub appreciating nature. 🌿
Ah, nature. Have a great week, blog logs!

NYC Adventure, Part 9: The Cloisters

NYC Adventure, Part 9: The Cloisters

outside the Cloisters

Hey dudes! TGIF, big time. I was grateful to have help at work this week, because between the nasty cold and crippling right foot pain, this week kinda sucked. Ne’er mind that, though…let’s go to THE CLOISTERS!

What is the Cloisters, you ask? From Wiki:

The Cloisters is a museum located in Fort Tryon Park in the Washington Heights section of Upper Manhattan, New York City. It is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, used to exhibit the museum’s extensive collection of art, architecture and artifacts from Medieval Europe.

The Cloisters is situated on a hill overlooking the Hudson River, and incorporates parts from five European abbeys which were disassembled and shipped to New York City, where, between 1934 and 1939, they were reconstructed and integrated together with new buildings in the medieval style designed by Charles Collens. The area around the buildings was landscaped with gardens planted according to horticultural information obtained from medieval manuscripts and artifacts, and the structure includes multiple medieval-style cloistered herb gardens.

J inside

Of all the things to see and do in NYC, my mother had been recommending visiting the Cloisters for YEARS, so it was on the list of must-sees.

beautiful pillars

It turned out to be one of my favorite things that we did in NYC. It wasn’t very crowded, which was nice…of course the weather was INSANE that day, that might have had something to do with it.


Many rooms I explored by myself.

stained glass

Lots of amazing stained glass.

center trees

The landscaping around the Cloisters was beautiful, too.

garden outside in bloom

I wonder if it blooms year-round?

cheerful armless statue

This makes me think of that episode of “Ab Fab” when Eddie yells at Saffy, “I’ve got arms!

little statue on pedestal

disappearing statue

I thought this “disappearing” statue was really cool-looking.

loyal dog perhaps

Loyal dog, perhaps?

J looks up II


posy rings

The spelling on these posy rings reminds me of my husband’s, ha hahahahahaaaaaa.

portrait of a young woman

Beautiful portrait.

amazing interlocking ring

OBSESSED with this ring.

amazing interlocking ring description

Isn’t that interesting? I spent a lot of time looking at the jewelry collection.

beautiful book with gold leaf

The tiny details on these books were incredible.


The apocalypse…is awfully pretty.

tapestry with sun

Gorgeous tapestry.

pink flamingo robe

What?! Pink flamingos!

pink flamingo robe description

Description of the pink flamingo robe.

beautiful chalice


L & J at the Cloisters

Look, it’s us!

in the garden II

Outside, we were the only visitors “brave” enough to hang out in the rain.

fruit tree

Beautiful fruit tree.

J outside in the rain

Josh slipped while posing and scraped his elbow a little. It was his only injury that week…not bad, for him! He went for a run last night with his little friend IN THE DARK and tripped and fell. Sigh.

cool tree

I like this tree.

unicorn tapestry

We were on our way back to the lobby to leave when we walked through this room–and I’m glad we did! I would have missed seeing “The Unicorn in Captivity” in real life. Obsessed! Obsessed!

unicorn tapestry description

I’m glad I took pictures of the description cards during this museum trip.

poor tortured unicorn

Poor, abused unicorns! They didn’t stand a chance!

poor tortured unicorn II

Even the dogs are attacking them!

blue hair and tapestry

I love how Josh’s blue hair coordinates with the tapestry.

crazy ass monster
What the…???

Oh Cloisters! You were so magical! I’m really glad we were able to go. It was definitely special. Join me ONE LAST TIME as we go out for pizza and then dancing at a gay club, where Lizzy and Joshy meet REAL LIFE NYC CLUB KIDS! CAN YOU STAND IT??!!!

NYC Adventure, Part 7: The Met and Broadway

NYC Adventure, Part 7: The Met and Broadway

Blerp, blog. When my boss tossed around the idea of me taking today off from work yesterday afternoon I felt a little indecisive about it, but it turns out it WAS a good choice. My cold is 45.6% worse, and thanks to the goofy idea I had on Sunday to force my body into running 13.1 miles, my right foot HURTS SO BAD! So here I am. Blogging and full of mucus.

back to Central Park

But never mind all THAT, let’s get back to talking about New York City, yayyyyy! In the NYC chronicles we are in the middle of Day 3, back at Central Park, on our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met).

turtles at CP

A closer look at the spoiled turtles living in Central Park.



Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle! Pretty pretty.

greens in CP

Central Park was baaaarely starting to turn into fall colors during our trip. We were a little disappointed. Still, the greens were pleasant.

Central Park Panoramic

The only people around, briefly, were a mother and her son. For as crowded as NYC is, we had many opportunities to be alone.

beautiful bridge

Under the bridge.

outside the Met

Turns out we took the looooooong way around the Met (it’s a giant building). I had a pretty decent shin splint going on Day 3. Josh completed another training run by himself that morning–wisely I had said NO. We were on our feet all day long as it was!

anarchy & beauty

For “fun” I wanted to go to the gift shop first, museum second. I’m still undecided as to whether this was a good idea or not. I love William Morris’ art.

Spanish lusterware

If I had a lot of extra income I would definitely blow it on Spanish Lusterware. LUST, indeed!


Here’s the deal with the Met: it’s insanely large, overwhelming, crowded, and you cannot possibly see everything you want to see in one trip. We had to pick a few exhibits that we were interested in and go from there. Talk about sensory overload!


Navigation, for me, was practically hopeless, even with a map. I did ask guards some questions, occasionally. Here’s another thing about the Met: every single guard I spoke to was snotty. TRUE STORY.




The Sargent exhibit was one that we were both interested in, and it was one of the most popular exhibits that day. No wonder–his paintings are incredible.Β 


“Portrait of Madame X” was absolutely breathtaking in real life.


Handsome man.


You know, I can’t even remember all of the specific exhibits we were interested in–the Sargent, a room of photos of faces undergoing ECT (Josh enjoyed that one), quilts…hmmmmm. I think there was an exhibit of Japanese “wave” paintings that we never got to. Too bad!


We ended up detouring through rooms of musical instruments–this one caught my eye.


Incredible mother-of-pearl inlays.

quilt room

The quilt exhibit turned out to be just one room of quilts, which was a little disappointing, but aren’t they beautiful? I looooove the quilt on the right.Β 

a woman with her pets

This portrait of a woman and her pets was in the quilt room. For some reason, it reminded me of Corinne.

Tiffany grapes

We paused in the cafe to enjoy some coffee and a cookie. I thoroughly enjoyed gawking at the Tiffany glass. I’ve always been obsessed with Tiffany glass.

Tiffany wisteria

So dreamy!

gorgeous Tiffany landscape

Yes please! Can I live inside this piece of glass?Β 

across from the Met

Would I visit the Met again? Absolutely! Back outside, this stunning building across from the Met caught my eye.

deco chandelier

We ate thin crust pizza at a restaurant near Hotel 31 for dinner, and then proceeded to get fancied up to attend our first Broadway show (together). Josh snuck into “Cats” a million years ago (and promptly got kicked out–ha!).

L at the LK

Dame Edna glasses seemed appropriate for a Broadway show, along with a vintage dress and Brenna’s gold Kate Spade purse.

nerds in love at the LK

Nerds in Love on Broadway! It looks like daylight behind us, but that was all the bright lights of Times Square.

LK playbill

I had made fun of Josh pretty hard for wanting to see “The Lion King” (if “Fiddler on the Roof” had been playing at that time best believe we would have gone). Turns out, “The Lion King” was an excellent show. I mean, it’s Broadway! The best of the best! I was even a little verklempt. JUST A LITTLE.

Times Square

We spent the teeniest tiniest amount of time in Times Square after the show, mostly waiting for the Uber car. To quote “Men on Film”: “Hated it!” Too bright, too crowded, obnoxious, and besides, advertising sucks. No thanks, Times Square!

Times Square performer
This street performer was cool though.

Aaaaauuuuugggghhhhh! That’s the end of Day 3! Only ONE MORE DAY OF NYC TO BLOG, can you stand it? Catch ya later.