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I love “Advanced Style”

I love “Advanced Style”

building an outfit
Hey kids! Do yourself a favor and watch “Advanced Style”. It’s a glorious 72 minute long documentary about seven inspirational older ladies who live in New York. It’s based on the blog of the same name, and I’d been dying to see it ever since I first heard about it. I was not disappointed at all! I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen, really. This lady considers the fashion she wears on her body her art, and once spent seven years crafting the perfect outfit. I have to admire that level of obsession.

I wanted to look great
Words of wisdom: “I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great.” The woman who spoke these words looked absolutely ravishing in the film at age 80, with long natural hair, further inspiring me to keep my hair long. Forever!

made my own eyelashes
My favorite (excuse the checkerboard-patterned photo; even after a year I’m still figuring out this camera). This lady is TRULY a real life Maude, an art teacher and cabaret singer who said in the documentary that she didn’t come into her own until age 80. AND she makes her own false eyelashes from her hair! Couldn’t you just…???

an artist
Adore. There’s a beautiful scene where she and her lifelong best friend, who now has dementia, are sitting on the beach. She strikes up a tune, and her friend sings along with her, and let me tell you, I got a little verklempt. I pictured Corinne and I singing together in our 90’s.

born happy
Another great quote from the eldest lady in the documentary, who goes on right after this to add that she was a 10 pound baby. 10 pounds! 95 years ago! Amazing.

live to be 100
Talking about the importance of exercise. And why couldn’t she live to be 100 or 105? Any of us? Josh wants to live to be 120. I love this movie so much and I can just tell it gets better and better with each viewing. I probably need to own it. And link to the blog on this blog!

What’s up blog? I just ate a can of sardines, which I had never tasted before but discovered pretty much taste like Kipper Snacks and therefore I liked them. There isn’t really a fish out there that I dislike the taste of…even cod liver oil is okay! This weekend was filled with fun rainy walks and tree decorating and an inspirational trip to Display & Costume, which I will be back to discuss later on. In the meantime, go watch “Advanced Style”, it’s instant on Netflix, and then let’s tawk! Who was your favorite? What was your favorite quote? And how old do you want to live to be?

Kauai Day 6: the Na Pali coast hike

Kauai Day 6: the Na Pali coast hike

self portrait while Josh talks with some French dude in the background
Aloha, it’s time for another Kauai blog entry! By gum, I might just finish out these posts by the time June is over, yippee-ki-yi-bloop! We are up to Day 6. Per my notes, on Day 6 we had breakfast from the Passion Bakery (guava bread rolls, mmmm…), then embarked on a 4 mile hike on the stunning Na Pali coast. Here’s a self-portrait with Josh talking and a French dude in the background. The French dude and the woman he was with had on matching outfits (what is with couples and matching outfits on vacation? Ugh), and they trailed behind us for much of the hike.

Joshy on the Na Pali coast hike
Joshy on the trail–the steep, ridiculously muddy trail. It’s a miracle that neither one of us fell during the course of this hike. We passed a middle-aged woman who had fallen and evidently sprained/broken her ankle. On the way back down, we witnessed a helicopter rescue pick her up. Ouch!

huge tropical plants
The Na Pali coast is ridiculously lush.

purple flowers
These purple flowers were lovely.

start of the hike
The start of the hike.

tropical scene with vines
I love the vines.

view from the helicopter landing mud
Standing on the helicopter “pad” (a square of mud), viewing the trail behind us.

the beautiful Na Pali coast
The further up the trail you hike, the more aqua the water becomes.

so much red mud
It’s been over a month, and the red mud stains still haven’t come out of our socks and hiking boots. Worth it? Yes.

Na Pali hike 1

roots ferns and water
The hala trees have cool roots.

getting closer to the beach
Almost to the beach!

The hike is either 4 miles or 11 miles, and although my crazy husband was up for the 11 mile hike I wasn’t interested. Fortunately (or not?), the 11 mile hike was closed to due to flooding. Phew!

lush scene
We had to take off our shoes and cross a thigh-deep river to get to the beach…more about that later.

aqua waters
Siiiigh, so beautiful!

Coming up next: we make it the beach! An extremely good-looking Park Ranger! And not-so-great shave ice in Princeton!

Demented for ever! Demented for life!*

Demented for ever! Demented for life!*

5 Gs
Know your five Gs! Useful in many situations: “Good God, Get a Grip Girl!” Thanks again, RuPaul’s Drag Race! And here’s another G you may be interested in…GLITTER! Thanks, Kissyfur, for the link! Too much is never enough.

Happy…Earth Day, dirty hippies! The Boy is off skiing, our landlord is fixing our fence so I have three dogs staring at me in the kitchen instead of two, and I am shellacking Corinne’s tits today. Yes, after 1.5 years, she is finally getting her commissioned portrait! Yayyyyy!


* that’s “Cecil B. Demented“, dahlink (not just my own personal philosophy)

Acid, Wavy Gravy and gay cleaning

Acid, Wavy Gravy and gay cleaning

acid floral pettipants side
Readers of this blerg/my 7.2 F@cebook contacts may tire of this constant stream of pettipants updates, but…TOO BAD!

acid floral pettipants front
I am FEELING the acid floral pettipants. The fabric is a little psychotic, and wonderful.

acid floral pettipants on bed
This is what I’m doing now: making pettipants. I figure I may as well pump out as many as possible while I’m not working, fill up my store and then relax.

acid floral pettipants waist
Return to painting, even. Corinne’s tits have been calling to me, as well as this unfinished diptych.

acid floral pettipants detail
This lace is so pretty-pretty! I need to order more of it and put it on everything.

lace trims
Building up my flat lace collection. One of the stores I ordered from had the lace wrapped/pinned to pieces of cardboard, so I started doing that with all the lace. Makes it far easier to locate than the intimidating Box ‘o’ Trims.

Running out of furnace oil and having the temperature of your home plummet to 58 degrees is no fun!

rainbow surfboard
Sigh. This time last year we were gearing up for our wonderful glorious perfect trip to Maui. I MISS YOU, MAUI!

young Wavy Gravy
Despite my obsession with the 1960’s, I knew very little about Wavy Gravy (other than he had an ice cream flavor named after him, which is no more because it wasn’t “cost effective”, or, as Wavy puts it: “It was the most politically correct ice cream known to humankind.”).

Wavy Gravy
We watched “Saint Misbehavin’: The Wavy Gravy Story“, a sweet documentary about Wavy that really impressed me about what a great guy he is. Wavy and his wife direct Camp Winnarainbow, a performing arts program for children, organize concerts to raise money for different causes-like Seva, a foundation to combat preventable and curable blindness in the Third World, and a lot more. You can read about Wavy on his website here. Inspiring!

He has some great quotes:

“Keep your sense of humor, my friend; if you don’t have a sense of humor it just isn’t funny anymore.”

“We’re all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.”

And of course, his famous Woodstock quote: “What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000.”

I wish a team of hyperactive gays would come over and do our spring cleaning for us. Reeeeeally. Speaking of gays, Christopher called me yesterday as I was plucking my eyebrows and watching “Ciao! Manhattan” for the 238948239423th time. He said he felt a “pull”. Maw.