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Oh baby!

Oh baby!

Too pregnant to lace shoes...send help!
Heyyyy blog. This may very well be my last blog entry before I have a baby and therefore lose massive amounts of brain cells and stop caring about the Internet and blogging for a while yayyyyyy! However, I have enabled a program to automatically upload all my Instagram photos to Flickr, so even if I’m not HERE, you can find me on Instagram HERE or on Flickr HERE.

At the gym last night. Found out this morning that I might be getting induced at week 39...that's a little over a week away! Squeal! I'm excited!
You wouldn’t think to look at me, but I am still going to the gym. Ever since I found out I will likely be induced on Monday, I’ve actually been making an effort to move MORE. Come on son, let’s get that labor on naturally! Mama doesn’t really want to be induced!

Nursery art for Baby M., from Etsy shop "Lucy Darling Prints". I'd already had the frame for years, waiting for the right piece to show up! πŸ’š
My OB wants to induce me due to my “advanced age” and also because I did IVF. Apparently babies who are born before 40 weeks do better than babies who are born overdue…and Baby M. seems awfully comfortable in there. I’m not comfortable, but he seems to be!

Josh got me a laminated label maker for Christmas...STOKED! People with A.D.D. loooove labeling things.
This labelmaker has already brought me and my A.D.D. so much joy.

Watching Mr. Bennett this weekend! πŸ’•
We agreed to watch Mr. Bennett over the weekend. Thank goodness he is 90% potty trained now, but he is EXTREMELY CLINGY and followed me around every second of every day, which is kind of annoying when you are enormously pregnant and trying to nest. Cute little guy, though.

Happy almost-New-Year! I quit drinking nearly 9 years ago, so I don't remember what it's like to party on New Year's Eve. I assume people still do that, though? Party?
I inadvertently ended up taking my maternity leave a little early, as I discharged my last patient last Friday. I’m available to work this week if any new patients show up, but here it is Thursday and I’ve not received any text messages from my boss. Hmmmm.

Another green/blue glitter beard for work today. Tomorrow night he's going to shave it off into some weird formation, but he promised to let me first give him one more extravagant NYE glitter beard! Yeah! ✨🌟✨
Josh’s last full day of having a giant glitter beard for work last Friday.

🌈🌟✨(thanks @jasoncampbellstudio)
A little rainbow glitter inspiration. He’s had his own “glitter station” in the bathroom for weeks now, talk about adorable. It was a little sad to pack it up.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to some BIG changes in 2017! βœ¨β€οΈπŸ‘ΆπŸŒŸβœ¨
On New Year’s Eve, I pulled out the bag of star-shaped glitter for him and he gave himself an EXTRA glittery beard. I didn’t feel like doing my hair, so I threw on the wig handiest and put a load of “Unicorn Snot” glitter gel and loose glitter on my eyelids and we took some photos.

Sparkle, Neely! πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‡
We also drank cider, lit some sparklers and watched “Encino Man”! Let the good times ROLL!

Starting 2017 out on the right (dog) foot with an early-morning dog park session. 🌲
It’s been cold here, but so dry and sunny that all of the mud at the dog park is nice and hard. I’ve been taking the girls to the dog park every day. Let’s go, labor! Arf arf!

Bear Cub and her little white shadow.
Bear Cub ignored Mr. Bennett for the most part during his stay with us. Maggie on the other hand played with him several times. She’s such a good elder dog!

Bear Cub is feeling a little insecure with this third dog around. How will she be with a full-time new baby?!? πŸ˜…
Monday, our last day with Mr. Bennett and a very insecure little Bear Cub curled up against Mommy. How on earth is she going to handle a full-time baby?

Not sure if it's the third dog or the baby coming, but Bear Cub napped on top of me today for the first time in 8 years. It was kinda sweet.
She even went so far as to nap directly on me! What on earth?!

Good-bye, 2016 beard, hello, Creep?
The whittling down of the beard kicks off, so I get to be married to a pervert for a few days. I was not into this facial formation AT ALL.

Tonight we're watching the new "Ab Fab" movie. I haven't seen it since I watched it in the's even better the second time around!
We watched the new “Ab Fab” movie together, which I hadn’t seen since the Broad and I saw it in the theater. Even better the second time around!

Sup, Pornstache?
Monday night, at the gym. This look made me laugh every time I looked at him. He delusionally thought that the mustache made him look more “muscular”. Uh huh.

Probably my last ultrasound before the little dude is born. I'm already obsessed with his feet! 😍
This was on Monday’s ultrasound. Do you die? I DIE. Not even out of my womb yet and I’m already obsessed with his feet.

Basset hounds at the dog park mawww πŸ’•
Being on accidentally-early-maternity leave this week has been okay because the sun has been shining every single day. And I get to spend it with dogs! Look at this basset hound, maw!

Just whipping up a batch of "lactation cookies" this afternoon. Delicious. πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ
I made a big batch of “lactation cookies” to freeze to help with my milk production. They are mostly oatmeal and dark chocolate chip and pretty delicious.

Watched this last night for the first time in years and shamelessly enjoyed myself. The bad wigs! So good!
Recently we watched the original “Parent Trap” with my old pal Hayley Mills. You will recall that I have my very own awful Hayley Mills wig!

Who's a happy Cub at the dog park today?
Bear Cub in her Happy Place. Meeeee tooooooo.

Bought these socks for Josh for Christmas cause he's a "fun guy" πŸ’–
I bought Josh some sexy argyle socks for Christmas. We like socks in this family.

Adventures in pervy mustaches: day 3.
Tuesday night! Still looking like a pervert!

My mother just texted me this image of their front yard...I am not at all envious.
That brings us up to date: today. My mother texted me this photo of her front yard. GROSS. Boise is going through an intense cold snap and she’s basically snowed in.

My parents will be flying in Sunday night, my in-laws will be driving over Monday, and my induction is scheduled for Monday evening unless Baby M. listens to Mommy and comes naturally! The time is finally here…I’m having a baby! So excited at this point. The terror will set in later, I’m sure. Send us lots of prayers and well-wishes for a healthy labor and delivery and baby!

Art and dogs and nature

Art and dogs and nature

More progress. 🎨
Hallo, blog. I sat down at the computer to finally do some friggin’ continuing education, but…here I am instead! Tee hee! This is the current painting, pretty close to being finished. Just need to fill in those pesky blank areas with more flowers.

Currently reading.
Currently reading. Chelsea is a funny writer, but I would never, EVER travel with her.

Roxy's Diner in Fremont is so goooood.
Saturday I met Christy at Roxy’s Diner in Fremont, YUM.

I had the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich. Mmmmm.
I had the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich, which was so tasty I forgot to sample her latkes. You know the old pregnancy saying when it comes to food: “What’s hers is hers, what’s yours is also hers.

Maggie and Bear Cub get wet at Marymoor Park today. It was so crowded! That's what happens when the weather finally warms up. πŸ’¦
Sunday I was supposed to host my support group at our house in the morning, but one by one, they ALL BAILED ON ME. One had a miscarriage, two had terrible morning sickness, one had jet lag…I forget what all the other excuses were, but LAME-O. I had already prepared a big strawberry salad and carrot muffins before I found out about the last few cancelers. I hate that shit. So I took the dogs to Marymoor Park to get over the sadness.

Fuzzy. Anyone know what they are?
These cool fuzzy purple flowers are all over the park, but I don’t know what they are.

I may have been at the dog park instead of the Pride parade today, but I still wore my rainbow hat! 🌈
It was Pride weekend here in Seattle, but unfortunately I didn’t make the parade. At least I wore my rainbow hat!

Maggie loves to swim.
I figured out later on that normally I must go to Marymoor during the week, because it was insanely crowded on Sunday. The entire parking lot, plus overflow, was full. Poor Maggie dog had a lot of competition for her tennis ball!

Feeeeling this electric purple hydrangea in the backyard. πŸ’œ
Kind of obsessed with this electric purple hydrangea in our backyard.

Little Ronia is growing up fast.
Monday, after taking my car to the tire shop to repair a tire with a nail in it and walking the rogs, I headed over to Brenna’s to hang out with her and the kiddos. Look at how big Miss Ronia is these days!

Brenna's big bright hydrangea bush. πŸ’œπŸ’–
Brenna has some gorgeous hydrangea bushes in her yard as well.

3 pm nap time. 😴
True to my pregnant self, I took a nap at 3 pm on their guest bed. It was like sleeping on a marshmallow. Brenna fed me salmon and crab cakes, and I brought over the strawberry salad, carrot muffins, and caprese salad I had made. Sharing is caring!

Dragonfly spotting this morning.
Big old dragonfly chilling on their fence.

Me and my Broad at Marymoor Park today. 🌈
Yesterday at Marymoor Park with my Broad. I drove her to therapy, and the girls and I sat in the shade while she obtained more benzos (mostly for her kitties this time so she can get them groomed). Then we walked over two miles around the park, and grabbed some slushies from 711 on the way home! Yeah, summer!

Even Bear Cub went for a swim today! πŸ’¦
Even Bear Cub (or “Goat Cub” as I call her now that she has no fur) got wet yesterday.

Let’s see. Today I am 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Total weight gain: 11 pounds, but WHO’S COUNTING???! (nervous, shaky laughter) I have plans to do some sort of kid park/dog park activity with Josh’s cousin Alyse and her 7 year old son and the dogs today. Tomorrow morning I have my first appointment with my lovely Jewish OB! Looking forward to that. Ta ta!

Oh baby baby!

Oh baby baby!

Unexpected sunshine + unexpected good hair day.
Hi kids. Here we are, on the eve of my very first IVF transfer. Can you believe it?! What a loooooong-ass journey it’s been!

Everything is so green. πŸ’š
Went off the Pill in 2009; started the pill in 1997. 1997!!! OVER TEN YEARS of making damn sure I took that Pill every night. Obsessive about condom use (bonus: never had any STDs).

Love these tiny neon purple wild flowers. πŸ’œ
Started going to fertility doctors in…2012? 2011? Who can even remember any more. Diagnosed husband with decreased motility. Never diagnosed me with anything, except a couple of uterine polyps this year, which were quickly removed.

This bright yellow and red Scotch Broom is fun. πŸ’›β€οΈ
Six rounds of Clomid. Three IUIs. And now…two frozen embryos that passed all of the rigorous testing we paid extra for. Two boys!

Scotch Broom everywhere! πŸ’›
One of those boys will be transferred into my bod, tomorrow afternoon. I will have acupuncture before, and after the transfer (which is only supposed to take 10 minutes–it is mercifully short and sweet).

Sun's out! 🌞
Then I have 48 hours of enforced “bed” rest (more like couch rest), which…I am kind of looking forward to. I have been commuting hither and thither for work the last couple of weeks (which has been a blessing! Don’t get me wrong!). But a couple of days NOT commuting two hours on the I5 will be awfully nice. Josh is taking the day off from work tomorrow, to drive me to the appointment and back home.

Fluffy, not stuffy. 🌲
And then for the rest of the day I can boss him around! YES! MY FAVORITE!

Had a nice windy-and-slightly-rainy stroll around Bellevue today with @idahoagogo 🌸
Friday after my ultrasound appointment, I met up with my old old old friend Christy at the Bellevue Mall. Neither one of us really wanted to go to the mall, but I really wanted to look at some girly perfume-y things and the closest Sephora was at the mall. Heigh ho!

Waterfall fountain near Bellevue Square.
Neither one of us bought anything at Sephora, amazingly. I used up my gift card already and couldn’t bring myself to pay 50 clams for the grapefruit perfume by “Fresh” that I really really really want.

Fountain near Bellevue Square. There was a fashion shoot happening nearby; I felt sorry for the model (it was cold today!).
We bought some overpriced mall food (I paid 12 bucks for a tiny Cobb salad) and then it was my idea to wander across the street to a nice-looking park, where we strolled around and gabbed. Christy is freshly married, freshly diagnosed with a thyroid issue and is ready to be freshly pregnant this year too, just like me. We are both old ladies.

Happy to see that the fern in the backyard that the dogs trampled last year has come back πŸ’š
I teased her that she’ll probably get pregnant as soon as she starts trying, but who can say? You never know with these things. The wonders of the human body.

On this week's episode of #rupaulsdragrace I was sad to see Thorgy go...but Derrick Barry's video with Bob the Drag Queen was hysterical! I love this show.
My sentimental fave on this season of “Drag Race”, Thorgy Thor, was kicked off last week! Good thing my OTHER fave Bob the Drag Queen is still going strong.

Okay, you guys. Both Amy and David Sedaris as guest judges, with a Jerri Blank musical??! It's like all of my favorite things on ONE SHOW! I'm feeling verklempt! 😍
Speaking of which, this week’s episode was one of my favorites in “Drag Race” HERstory…David AND Amy Sedaris as guest judges, a musical where all the queens had to dress up as Jerri Blank (!!!) AND THEN everyone got to watch Bob lip sync to Sylvester’s “Mighty Real”! I tell ya, the tears of joy were just about springing to ma eyes! Just about.

Currently watching: "Respectable: The Mary Millington Story". πŸ’‹
Also recently watched: “Respectable: The Mary Millington Story”, about a pint-sized porn star from the UK and her tragic demise. These fertility hormones are doing weird things to me, friends! I’m following Mickey Avalon on Twitter! What???

Ohhhh it's a sad day, friends, because this is my last cup of coffee (for a while). Oh coffee! I will miss you MOST first thing in the morning! And also in the late afternoon. Okay, all the time. Sigh.
Here I am on Sunday pouting over my last full cup of REAL coffee. Mind you, I’ve had a little decaf since then, but ohhhhh coffeeeeee I miss you soooooooo. I’ll probably end up deleting this off of my IG. Triggering!Β 

Josh blows out the glitter candles on the birthday cupcakes I (re-) made today. πŸŽ‚
Sunday I re-made Josh’sΒ birthdayΒ cupcakes with yellow butter cake mix AND buttercream frosting AND piled them high with green and blue sprinkles (and glitter candles too) and everyone at his work loved them. Success!

Awww baby French and Saunders! Aren't they cute?! From Jennifer's memoir "Bonkers".
Recently completed book: “Bonkers”, Jennifer Saunders’ memoir. A little dry, but ya know. Still love you, Jennifer. “French and Saunders, doo doo doo dee doooo…”

My portrait of Brigitte Bardot, 2010. NFS. Well...maybe for sale. I'm open to negotiation!
Recently I received one of those scammy e-mails where someone offers to buy a bunch of my paintings but they really just want to steal all my monies. REPORTED! Losers.

Tromping through a filthy mud puddle makes them so happy! πŸ’¦
Currently a couple of damp dogs are snoozing at my feet as I type this. Our once-a-month housekeeper is over, cleaning. I requested her early. I wanted a nice clean house to relax in tomorrow. Who can relax in a dirty, fur-covered house? Not me, Hank McGee.

Josh's deep red tulips in the front yard. Pretty pretty.
Some deep purple-red tulips Joshy planted in the front yard. Niiiiice.

Love these neon purple "Bachelor's Buttons".
Love these neon purple “Bachelor’s Buttons”, too.

Sculpture spotting on my way to work this morning.
One perk of working downtown: art spotting while sitting in gridlock traffic.

Currently reading: Lena Dunham's "Not That Kind of Girl". The illustrations are cute.
Currently reading: “Not That Kind of Girl”, by Lena Dunham. I suspect I would have liked it a lot better if I was, say, 16, but I’m not sorry I’m reading it now. The illustrations are cute.

Our new neighbors are methodically ripping up all the grass in their front yard and replacing it with dirt and flowers spaced at perfect, OCD intervals. It's...unconventional. Could be worse, I suppose. Could be rocks! Or wood chips!
Our new neighbors are methodically tearing up all the grass in their front yard, and replacing it with dirt and evenly-spaced clumps of flowers. Oh, it’s a “look”, alright. Could be worse, I suppose. Could be wood chips! Or rocks!

Hey! Just think, the next time I blog I might be knocked up! Catch yer later, blog-logs! And send happy baby vibes my way, please.

This is What’s Happening (part one)

This is What’s Happening (part one)

@corinne_spoja's happy little owl collection. πŸ’œ
Happy Sunday, blerg. I’m having TWO (tiny) cups of coffee and tapping this out while icing my foot, pre-run. Here’s Corinne’s happy little owl light collection.

This ginger beer I had recently was soooo good. Instagramming to remember! 😍
We went out for a burger last weekend and I had the best ginger beer I’d ever had in my life…so I took a picture of it, to remember! I wonder if I can order a case on Amazon? I have Amazon issues. I’m getting better though, since I switched to part-time work.

It's recently come to my attention (said in fake Chloe Sevigny voice) that starting tomorrow, Instagram will be sorted by popularity, not chronologically. This bums me out--Instagram is my favorite social media and I like things chronological, dammit! If
This morning we went back to the same church that we went to last week for Easter, but unfortunately it was a different pastor and neither one of us liked him all that much. On the way out I inquired about the pastor who had spoken last week (who we liked), and they said he was on vacation in Hawaii. Oh. Luckyyyyy.

Yesterday I watched "The Man Whose Mind Exploded", a touching doc about an eccentric man from Brighton with major short term memory loss. Very "Grey Gardens"-esque. Worth watching.
Here’s that documentary I had mentioned in my last blog entry, “The Man Whose Mind Exploded”, about an eccentric older man who lives in Brighton who has major short-term memory loss, and the people who care about him. A really touching documentary with more than a hint of “Grey Gardens” to it.

Ahhh, season 10 of #trailerparkboys on Netflix. πŸ’š
We blew through Season 10 of “Trailer Park Boys” this week. I love that show so much. So nostalgic!

Last week I only worked one day. I was offered a job on Friday too, but it was an hour drive (minimum) and I was hoping to not be too far away from home because my next shipment of IVF drugs was supposed to be deposited on my front porch, and some of them have to be refrigerated. So I only left the house to take the girls to Marymoor Park on Friday and lo and behold, no drugs! I will have to make a phone call tomorrow. WHERE ARE MY DRUGS?

Feeeeling @thorgythor's neon look yeah! πŸ’šπŸŒŸπŸ’›
Thorgy Thor is one of my faves on the current season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, and I loved her neon look on last week’s episode.Β 

Waiting for an oil change in a newly thrifted dress. πŸ’™
Waiting for an oil change on Tuesday, wearing a freshly thrifted paisley dress.

Ohhhh this weather! 🌞
Lots of sunny walks were had last week.

It's natural. 🌲
It’s natural!

Forced affection with your pets is the best! 🐢
Cradling Bear Cub like a baby. She hates it! I don’t care!

Garter snake love, spotted at the park today. 🐍❀️🐍
A couple of garter snakes getting funky at the park. As soon as the weather starts warming up, out they come.

Josh didn’t know that succulents are “trendy” until I told him recently. Look at our “trendy” front yard!

Neon on my mind. πŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’›
All About the Neon.

I’m gonna have to cut this entry short because my coffee is kicking in and I need to go run 4 miles. Be Right Back with more nature photos and an exciting snowy mountain hike! WooohHHoooOOO!!!

A big gay visit

A big gay visit

Hey dudes. It’s Monday, eh? For some gross reason my eyes pinged open this morning at 5:56, and I got to work astoundingly early. The only nice thing about getting to work super early is finishing up super early…so here I am!

Re-united with my Number One Gay (Bear Cub puts up with a lot). πŸŒˆπŸ’šπŸŒŸ

This blog has taken a nice NYC recap detour over the past week, so let’s bring it back even MORE to before the trip, when Kissy came to dogsit! Hooray! Hurrah! I love how his “BEARDS” shirt coordinates with the office wall. Joshy + Lily.

Lots of Lily snuggling sessions were had.

...not to be outdone, a jealous Bear Cub gets a snuggle too.

Somebody even got a little jealous! "Iris", by Albert Maysles. Really good documentary. I love her style.

We watched “Iris”, fabulous documentary by my boyfriend Albert Maysles, about Iris Apfel, who I’ve long admired. You should watch it! That lady knows how to dress, by gum!

Here’s the trailer:

So good!

New hat, made by @dubtrance πŸ’–

Freshly crocheted hat, thanks to Kissyfur.

@djmagicelf's beautiful nature pic during our 9 mile training run this morning. 🌞

Joshy and I did fit in a 9 mile training run the first weekend that Christopher was in town.

Completed my longest run ever this morning with J, 9 miles. Followed by a fatty breakfast! 🍳

Honestly, it wasn’t until the half marathon that I experienced any REAL body pain. I ordered myself a new pair of running shoes this weekend…my running shoes were 3 years old!

Re-post from @djmagicelf. A beautiful day for a sloooow run. 🌿

Do you think maybe the age of the shoe contributed to my foot pain?! (every runner I’ve spoken to says DUH)

Day of the Dead flat iron and hair dryer?! WANT πŸ’€

Christopher gets a great student discount, so we always go to the beauty supply shops when he visits me. This Day of the Dead flat iron (not that I need that) and hair dryer said BUY ME, LIZ.

Somebody's getting a make-over tonight! ✨

Guess who got a make-over? Is it slightly wrong that I was attracted to Josh as a blonde? Feels wrong.

Blue again! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Ta daaaaaa! Blue again. His job, incredibly, doesn’t care if he has colored hair. Lucky.

Maggie, Bear Cub and Lily romping at the park yesterday. πŸ’š

Happy dog pack outside.

Re-post from @dubtrance. My nails; his glassware. πŸ’™πŸŒŸβœ¨

Christopher took this lovely photo of my nails coordinating with his pipe. Oooooh, ahhhhh.

Lily and Bear Cub wait patiently for the tennis ball to be thrown 🎾

What a couple of cuties. I wish Lily and Bear Cub still wrestled the way they used to, but SOMEONE has turned into a grumpy old lady (Bear Cub).

The blue-haired dog whisperer. πŸ’™

The blue-haired dog whisperer. Josh’s hair faded quite a bit while we were in NYC, so Christopher re-dyed it when we came back. Pow!

I don't normally IG my food, but this Monte Cristo casserole @dubtrance made for dinner tonight was worth it. SO GOOD.

OH YES. Post-NYC, I haven’t been too stringent about following my low-carb diet plan (that’s an understatement), so Christopher made the Monte Cristo casserole he made last time he visited. SO GOOD.

"Welcome home," says Lily the Shih Tzu. "Now pay attention to ME!" 🐢

Pay attention to meeeeee!” says Lily.

Beautiful morning for a run 🌞

The day after we returned from NYC we had to do a 10 mile training run, which we did along the coast in Everett. It was a beautiful sunny day.

10.4 mile training run this morning with J. I'm feeling pretty good about running that 1/2 marathon next Sunday. πŸ’ͺ

After we completed the 10.4 mile run (I started my period that morning too, OF COURSE) I knew I could run the half marathon. I just didn’t expect my foot to have such a major problem afterwards! Hopefully a new pair of shoes will provided me with comfort. I also, um, don’t plan on doing any long runs again for a while. Well, a six mile run next month, big deeeeeeal.

Re-post from @dubtrance. With The Broad @corinne_spoja earlier today at the Pussy Palace. 😻

Christopher and I drove over to the Pussy Palace his last night to pay a visit to the Broad and her 4242492 cats, that was nice. I miss that Broad!

After an entire week of icing and cursing and stretching and whining and PAIN my right foot pain has mellowed out enough that I’m going to attempt an easy 2 mile run on the treadmill. I mean, something’s gotta balance out the parade of sugars and fats I’ve been cramming into my maw, right? Wish me luck!

Drag Race finale, and S&S come for a visit

Drag Race finale, and S&S come for a visit

Hey gurl heyyyy, it’s the finale of Season 7 of “Drag Race”! I was feeling kind of meh-mer about watching it, as my favorite Katya was booted off weeks ago, but I watched it anyway and it was damn good. Damn good indeed! The lovely and stunning 22-year-old-with-a-23-inch-waist Violet was the winner, which I suppose is FINE. Harrumph.

Saturday evening my little brother and his new wifey showed up in Seattle. I fed them steak fajitas and then on Sunday we took them to church, followed by brunch at the Totum restaurant.

Then we drove downtown to show them Pike Place Market, which my brother had never been to. Stephanie bought a beautiful tie-dyed teal shirt from one of my favorite vendors, and we had some delicious gelato and went to Milagros.

And then finally, FINALLY! We went to Post Alley to see the infamous Gum Wall, one of the top 10 Germiest Tourist Attractions in America! Woo hooooo!

It was actually a lot cooler than I thought, a colorful mash-up of art, graffiti AND gum.

There’s my pink shiny gum in the center! SO PROUD. I made videos too but I haven’t watched any of them yet.

We met Mr. Dan and looked at his rad artwork.

Pike Place always has the most gorgeous fresh flower bouquets for sale. And the prices! Five to ten dollars apiece–nothing!

Feeeeeeling this calla lily bouquet. I am totally planting calla lilies next year.

On Monday the kids flew off to Hawaii, luckyyyyy! Speaking of lucky, I’m feeling pretty stoked about my art show on Thursday! I even managed to sell 13 of the 20 tickets I needed to (sigh). Be right back!

Drag Race made me sad this week

Drag Race made me sad this week

SPOILER ALERT this week Katya (my favorite) was kicked off “Drag Race” and I said BOOOOOOO. Over Kennedy Davenport?! Puh-lease. Groan and sigh. This is perhaps the first time that my favorite queen hasn’t won…since the first season. Oh sure I like Pearl and all but does she have what it takes? Not sure about that, Pearl-lee-loo.

Here I am last Saturday with a Trazadone hangover (did you know that such a thing was possible?), enjoying the sweaty sunshine for at least 18 minutes.

There was a rainbow around the sun that day, or “sun dog” as the Internet tells me it is called.

Today my little monsters came to work with me. Currently they are gnawing on rawhide while I chug coffee and get ready for another Couch to 5K training session.

On Saturday Joshy was skateboarding down the street to pick up my car from the tire place and he ate shit and scraped up all his body parts. Look at how pleased he is with himself!

Pretty pretty neon rose outside of Corinne’s place.

“Montage of Heck” re-obsessed me with all things Nirvana alllllll over again. I discovered that neither one of us own the “Bleach” album, which is a shame that needs to be remedied, stat. Right after my new debit card arrives in the mail, that is. My identity was stolen AGAIN, and do you know how my bank caught them? They purchased something from WALMART. I haven’t set foot in one of those awful places in years. Also, the Walmart happened to be in Georgia. Heh. Idiots.

Living the Good Life.

Sunsets are always in my photo streams.

RAW artists love me and have invited me to do a third show with them next month, this time in the spacious Fremont Foundry. If you also love me, please buy a ticket for a measly 15 dollars. I have to sell 20!

There is a greenhouse filled with ferns under the floor of the Foundry. Pretty sweeeet.

A giant poppy in our backyard preparing to spread open.

Scenic walk from a couple of weeks ago, where my ears got cold from the wind so I took off my shirt and wrapped it around my head and just walked around with my sports bra hanging out for the world to see. It was VERY Little Edie. Shame? What’s that?

Last night I had a powerful craving for Hawaiian dinner, and luckily there are many Hawaiian-themed eateries near our house. The Loco Moco was pretty damn satisfying, as was the banana lumpia.

Flowers from Joshy.

Time to go beat a Cub…she’s barking non-stop in the backyard. This aggression will not stand! Man!