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The end of the wig series and some Halloween inspiration

The end of the wig series and some Halloween inspiration

Candid family portrait at Alyse's new house yesterday. You can't tell, but we are all wearing black Converse.
Hola blog! Here’s a candid family portrait snapped by Alyse a weekend or so ago at her place, for her son’s 9th birthday and Grandma Shirley’s 87th (!!!). The baby and I had a cold, but so does 90% of the planet right now so we went and “partied”. We are all wearing black Converse sneakers, I’d like to add.

Alyse's new backyard is pretty. 🍁💚
Alyse has an amazing and giant backyard…that I wish I’d photographed more of. Here’s one pretty corner.

Day 15: the REAL Vanessa Kensington wig! Apparently the wig I posted before was the Austin Powers wig! No wonder it seemed so flat and dry. Ha ha!
Day 15 of the October 2017 Wig Series…the REAL Vanessa Kensington wig! Apparently the one I wore towards the beginning of the series was the Austin Powers wig. Roops.

Day 16: the Kurt Cobain wig! Maggie dog quotes: "The worst crime is faking it."
Day 16: the Kurt Cobain! It didn’t seem right NOT to post it, and it didn’t seem right to wear it myself, so luckily good ol’ Maggie is now too old to resist wigs and sunglasses. For five seconds, anyway.

Day 17: the mystery wig! Who will I be for Halloween 2017??? This concludes my wig series. It was fun...although I can't help but reflect on wigs I've lost over the years. RIP: the brown curly wig I bought from a thrift store in Eugene that started it all
Finally Day 17…the mystery wig for Halloween 2017! Woo hoo! I bought that Styrofoam sugar skull head at the fabric store…couldn’t resist! It wants to be painted, badly.

My mother texted me this pic today of my very first wig, bought at a thrift shop during a high school debate trip. Wonder where the old gal is now?
My mother has been texting me old pictures, and here is my infamous first wig. I bought it at a thrift store during a high school debate tournament, and I have no idea whatever happened to the poor old girl.

Spotted recently at the fabric store...ohhhh the things I'd like to do with YOU, ombré turquoise sequin fabric! 😍
I also ogled this amazing silver and turquoise ombre sequin fabric at the fabric store…MMMmmmMMMM.

Phyllis is getting the Halloween treatment. 👻
We’ve been slowly decorating the house for the upcoming Halloween baby party this weekend.

Are you scurred? 💀
I have more envisioned for the couch here…I feel like the skull is missing something. A giant spiderweb around it?

Josh crams all the Jelly Belly's in his mouth at once instead of enjoying each flavor one at a time...GROSS.
This giant jar of Jelly Belly jellybeans has christened our living room for a while. Josh likes to cram all the flavors in his mouth at once…GROSS. I eat one at a time…until I feel sick. Doesn’t take long. Usually about two in.

My neighbor's neon flower garden is still going strong. Anyone know what these are?
My neighbor’s neon flower garden: still strong. I’m impressed.

Bear Cub thought she was safe on the bed...😂
Poor Bear Cub thought the one place she’d be safe was our bed…foiled again!

Last night we watched "Christina P: Mother Inferior" (filmed in Seattle) and laughed and laughed. It's a good one!
Recommended stand-up: “Christina P: Mother Inferior”. We laughed our butts off!

I love this tree each year. So dazzling.

These too.

This one impressed me this morning.

Here comes the rain again...☔️💦💦💦
Took this self-portrait with the baby and dogs before the shitstorm hit last week–my very first UTI/bacterial infection. It’s been a nightmare of walk-in clinics, contaminated urine samples, going back for a second urine sample and then not having a doctor’s order…UGH. It’s been a hard month for us! The baby and I had just gotten over our second cold since September and then I was hit with this gross infection. Not to mention Maggie dog had a bacterial infection that required antibiotics too. What a sick bunch!

A little color inspiration on a gloomy grey Saturday morning. (thanks @richardquartley)
I’m on day 3 of antibiotics and maybe starting to have the tiniest bit of relief. Maybe. Taking care of a 9 month old baby with a UTI has presented with its own set of challenges.

Fun with baby at the costume shop again.
Here’s my sweet baby, “enjoying” the costume shop with his parents again.

It's REALLY a shame that my dogs don't tolerate Halloween costumes! 😂
Will Maggie ever tolerate a Halloween costume? Nahhhh.

All the fun wigs with a big glittery E in front of's a sign, I tell ya. ✨✨✨
I noticed that the FUN wigs had a big glittery E in front of them. Coincidence?

Nice day for it. 🌞
Family walk yesterday in the sunshine.

Maggie and Bear Cub get their romp on. 🌼
Maggie and Bear Cub romped in the field.

Drawing googly eyes for the windows today (@djmagicelf's idea) 👀👀👀
Today’s art project (after another visit to the doctor) was drawing up some googly eyes to post in our window, Joshy’s idea.

Oof! Writing this entry took three tries. Sometimes Mr. Baby doesn’t want to let Mama do a THING. Catch you on the flip side, bloggeroos.

A horrible incident, Thanksgiving dinner and baby shower number two

A horrible incident, Thanksgiving dinner and baby shower number two

Whip it!
Hellerrrrr blog. I am currently trying to motivate myself (sans caffeine) after indulging in a “naughty” lunch this afternoon, and by “naughty” I mean my Big Ol’ Baby (5 pounds and 5 ounces and in the 92nd percentile, if ultrasound stats can be trusted) wanted a Wendy’s cheeseburger AND fries AND a small chocolate Frosty. Burp.

Ohhhh glitter vinyl, the things I could do with youuuuu...😍
My birthday is this Saturday! Not that I am in any way excited, but perhaps I need to visit Michael’s again this week and take some pictures of things for Josh to buy me. Like glitter vinyl! Who doesn’t need glitter vinyl???

First epsom salt foot soak: complete. Next up: a pedicure. Maybe I'll finally take Josh up on his offer to paint my toe's getting real hard to bend over these days.
Soaking my feet in their first Epsom salt bath, last Tuesday.

Ohhhhhh last Tuesday, you were so very very cruel to us. Josh and I ate at a taco truck both Monday AND Tuesday night. It was delicious! And we were just about to go out of town, we were out of groceries, and I was feeling lazy! BOY DID WE PAY. Starting at around 7 pm at night I began to feel nauseous, Josh’s nausea kicked in around 9. At 10 o’clock I made him drive to the local corner store for ginger ale and crackers, and right about the time he came back was right about the time I started throwing up. Mind you, I NEVER throw up. It takes me back to the Drinking Days and I hate doing it, haven’t done it for years, but I maintain that evening between 10 pm and 3 am I threw up 9 to 10 times. Josh threw up 4 times, but he insists that his vomiting is more “powerful” than mine and apparently I am a “dainty vomiter”. Er, okay. Not just throwing up, either, everything out the other end as well!

Yes, we had a good old fashioned case of food poisoning, just in time for our trip to Spokane, Thanksgiving dinner with both sets of parents (finally), AND my second baby shower, graciously hosted by Fleeta. The timing was very, very bad indeed.

Last night Josh and I both got a vicious case of food poisoning from a taco truck. Instead of being on the road now, headed to have Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, we are choking down crackers and Gatorade. It's awful! Here's hoping it only l
Our bodies didn’t even let us sleep in the next day, we were both up at 7:30, and we were sick ALL DAY LONG. I called my OB to tell her what was happening–the only thing worse than food poisoning is getting it when you’re 8 months pregnant and your poor baby is along for the ride. She told me to push fluids, and go to the ER if I was still vomiting or having diarrhea after 24 HOURS. Yikes. Luckily, I wasn’t.

Long road trips call for interesting audio books.
Somehow, we pulled it together Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) to make the 6 hour drive over to Spokane. We still weren’t feeling well, of course, but at least the insane nausea that I’d had all day Wednesday wasn’t present.

Josh and I at Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Not too shabby for two people who were violently ill with food poisoning the day before.
Here we are on Thanksgiving evening at my in-laws, looking much better than we felt. It was the smallest Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws ever, just us, my in-laws, my parents, and Grandma Frances, but considering the trauma of the previous two days, that was just right.

My parents trying to feel their grandson kick. I was told this week he's measuring in the 92nd percentile. Already an overachiever! 😅
It was a special Thanksgiving because all of our parents were together, for the first time. Here are my parents, trying to coax a kick out of Baby M. He doesn’t perform well on command!

Adorable diaper cake made by Fleeta and Peta. 💙
On Friday Josh and I were still feeling poorly, and I feel bad that I wasn’t more help in setting up for my baby shower. Luckily Fleeta’s co-host Peta came over a couple hours early to help set up. Here’s the fancy diaper cake they made together.

Lisa, who has been one of my good friends for almost 20 years, and her three goofy/adorable children.
One of the things that made me happiest was getting to see my old old old OLD friend Lisa and her three kiddies again. I hadn’t seen her since 2013, and the kids since 2012, the year that their father tragically died. I missed them!

I like to hold onto my friends for a loooooong tiiiiiiime. 💜💜💜
Lisa and I have now been friends for nearly 20 years, and she’s barely aged. Hardly a wrinkle on that gal!

Yesterday my MIL threw me a second baby shower. Feeling very spoiled, loved and grateful today.
The second baby shower was much smaller than the first, but it was cozy and sweet and special and I was happy to see everyone who came.

One of the shower games was to decorate diapers for Baby M.. Here's Sadie's mushroom. 🍄
Decorating the baby diapers with Sharpies was a big hit with Lisa’s kids. Sadie is a carbon copy of her mother, down to the mushroom and turtle drawings and tie-dye.

Happy parents-to-be. I've graduated to wearing Josh's outerwear because mine are all too small 😭
I wore the same dress that I wore to my first baby shower, because why not? Although I’ve now graduated to wearing Josh’s raincoat AND puffy winter jacket. My coats don’t button or zip up. Sigh.

Some Spokane street art.
The entire trip was slightly surreal, probably because we didn’t feel 100%. On the way home, we stopped at the taco truck to inform the owners about what happened. The guy fixed us with a blank stare and muttered, “No comprende“. YEAH RIGHT BUDDY. I wrote a negative Yelp review. Never again.

Fresh reading material.
I got this book at the library, although I have a seriously deficient (pregnant)) attention span and a GIANT pile of baby books I’m “supposed” to be reading.

Rainy walkies today.
I also have a painting for Baby M. I’m working on, as well as another secret project, that both need to be completed before January. Yarg.

We learned how to Moby wrap today, and now Josh is just wearing it around the house. "Helps me feel more like a dad," he said.
On Sunday thanks to Youtube tutorials, we learned to use the Moby wrap. Then Josh just wore it around the house for a while. “Helps me feel more like a dad,” he said. Maw.

Behold, the Bob Revolution! Many Good Times will be had with this guy! 💙
And look at what came in the mail last night, my parents’ gift to us, the sexy Bob Revolution! Woo hoo!

Maggie is not impressed by the Bob.
Maggie was, well, not that impressed. Catch yer later, blog logs!

Weather, schmeather

Weather, schmeather

27 weeks tomorrow, and TGIF! 💚
Hallo, blog! I am 27 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. According to my pregnancy app, that means my son is the size of a “cucumber”–but what kind of cucumber is 15 inches long and 2 pounds, I ask ya?

Fall doesn't need a filter 😍
Sleep has been better. My mother recommended tart cherry juice for insomnia so after doing extensive Google research I threw my heartburn caution to the wind last night and drank 2 ounces while watching “Friday”.

Best part of the day today: post-work dog park sunshine therapy. 🌞
Lo and behold, I still woke up 6 times during the night to pee (like usual) but was able to fall back asleep very easily.

Bear Cub enjoying the sunshine. I have to say, I think she is a lot cuter with her fur growing out!
Other sleep aides/help for pregnant ladies I have found: sleeping nude (ish), sleeping with a fan pointed right at me, taking Benedryl, taking a “Rescue Remedy” pastille right before bed, keeping a banana at bedside, hypnosis apps for sleep. Not all at once, mind you. Oy vey. Three more months.

Phase 1 of ombré painting the free dresser we scored on "Buy Nothing".
Phase 1 of ombre-fying the free dresser we scored from “Buy Nothing”…

Phase 2 of the ombré nursery dresser: complete!
…and here is Phase 2! Just one last phase to complete, adding the drawer pulls. We bought some at Home Depot over the weekend. So far, the only aspect of this project that has cost money has been the drawer pulls. Not bad!

Hey #gardeners, I have a question for you. My little lemon tree is blossoming, which makes me think it might actually bear fruit. The next 3 days are supposed to be really windy and stormy. Should I bring it inside?
A couple of days ago the weather forecasts would have everyone believe that a HUGE, TERRIBLE wind storm was gonna sweep through Seattle and pulverize everything in sight. I brought my little lemon tree (seen here) inside.

Fall in our backyard. 🍁
My in-laws came into town on Thursday and stayed with us that night. We went out for Hawaiian food, and it was delicious. Unfortunately I had a terrible time sleeping on Thursday because I was nervous about the job I had the following day in downtown Seattle, during what I assumed would be a terrible wind storm.

The calm before the storm (two days ago).
The following morning I made it safely to the building but right as I did, the power went out. For a full hour and half only. It was the first time I treated patients by the light of a lantern!

The blueberry bush is so beautiful this time of year. 🍁
I made it back home safely, and Friday night passed by uneventfully. The REAL windstorm, the weather people predicted, would happen Saturday afternoon.

Getting in a quick rainy walk with the dogs before the wind starts up. Thank goodness Josh's coats fit over my ever-expanding waistline.
Saturday morning Josh and I both worked, and then after work I “squeezed” in one last rainy walk with the dogs before the terrible windstorm. Then Josh came home from work and we “squeezed” in a trip to the gym.

Today's rainy walk. I can deal with rain, but strong winds make me nervous. 😬
The time that the wind was supposed to descend (according to my weather app) kept getting bumped up–first to 6 pm, then to 8…then 10…then eventually we went to bed…

All that worry for nothing...the storm never blew through last night! That's what I get for watching sensationalist news.
…and guess what? IT NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL. The local meteorologists are laughing stocks. I worried so much on Saturday for NOTHING! (sorry, Baby M.)

These are gooooood.
In other news…these are delicious.

The last of the cherry tomatoes. Boy did we have a lot of cherry tomatoes this year!
I am never growing cherry tomatoes again. GROAN. We successfully grew a single zucchini, and I made it into bread, so at least there’s that.

Last week 💚🌲
And the Bear goes on.

Color me excited! 💖🌈🌟
Another pregnancy present! Just IMAGINE the possibilities! Squeal! Squeak! Catch yer later. I gotta go put up some Halloween decorations.

Olympic Sculpture Park, my Broad and books

Olympic Sculpture Park, my Broad and books

@djmagicelf and parents at Pike Place. 👪
Hey-yo blog! It’s Friday, WordPress is alerting me that there is yet another update, I’m ignoring it, and here are some more pictures from our trip to Pike Place Market last Sunday.

Awww I want this rainbow sweater in my size! 🌈
This is a baby sweater, but that didn’t stop me from wanting it! FOR MYSELF.

Always inspired every time I set foot inside Milagros, siiiigh 💙
I always ask before I take photos now, and the lady working at Milagros was trying to tell me that they don’t really allow photo taking, which is hilarious because every time I’m in there I take 10,000 photos and give them a million compliments and ALWAYS purchase something…except this time. I didn’t purchase a thing. Partially from not-working guilt, partially from Mr. Grumpypants being with me (Josh ran 20 miles that morning was was grumpy–excuse me, TIRED for the rest of the day). Mostly I just didn’t find anything at Milagros that I was obsessed with. For once.

I’m glad that the weather cooperated during my in-laws’ stay. You just never know, in April. All this week the weather has been shite, but next week the high on Tuesday is supposed to be 85. Say what?

This fountain is called “Father and Son”.

The big head ("Echo") was my favorite sculpture at the Olympic Sculpture Park. 🗿
The giant head statue, called “Echo”, was my favorite sculpture at the Olympic Sculpture park.

I thought it was an oversized runaway wheel, but nope, my in-laws informed me that it's a typewriter eraser. D'oh!
What I thought was a sculpture of a giant wheel careening down the hillside is actually supposed to be a giant typewriter eraser, I was informed by my in-laws. Roops.

“We’re old enough to remember typewriters, aren’t we?” I asked Corinne.

Electric typewriters,” she pointed out. Oh. That’s right. All that tippity-tapping I was doing before computers came into my life WAS on an electric typewriter, come to think of it.

Hey @djmagicelf, eye see you. 👀
There’s Joshy looking stoic behind an “eye” bench. He’s so quiet around his parents, a phenomenon you’d think I would have gotten used to after 10 years of being together but really haven’t.

“Nico was the same way,” I said to Corinne. “I don’t get it. I’m just…myself around my parents. Why isn’t everyone that way?”

“Some people have different relationships with their parents,” she shrugged.

True, but they’re missing out! What a shame.

Beautiful dogwood trees at the Sculpture Park.

These bright pink flowers also caught my eye.

This dreamy bouquet was only 10 clams at Pike Place Market. 💖
This was the bouquet I picked out for 10 dollars at the Market. I’m sad to say, it’s been less than a week and it’s already wilting.

Edward flirted with me today. 😽
On Tuesday I went over to the Broad’s house to hang out before my support group meeting. Edward flirted with me, I gave the recently ill Novocaine lots of love, Seymour came out of hiding (but wouldn’t come near me), and Edna never appeared at all. Corinne has four cats but I only ever see three of them. We had a cheeseburger from Dick’s and fresh strawberry and whipped cream crepes, made by her tiny hands. Mmmmm.

You know it's a good morning when you get to pet a fuzzy puppy awwww! 🐶
Look at this little fuzzy puppy we met at the dog park this week awwwww!

My favorite scene in "Lemmy" is Lemmy singing "Don't worry, be happy" with the fish in his bathroom.
This week’s documentary recommendation: “Lemmy”, about Lemmy, the (now deceased) lead singer of Motorhead. This was my favorite scene from the movie–Lemmy singing “Don’t worry, be happy” along with the mechanical fish in his bathroom (after flipping off the cameraman).

Thought I'd better document this GBD (Good Bangs Day) before I head out into the wind.
It seemed like I was having a GBD (Good Bangs Day) on Wednesday that needed to be documented before the dog park destroyed it.

Wednesday morning I went to the clinic for my “Suppression Check” ultrasound, to check for any cysts that might prevent my FET cycle from moving forward. Good to go! Next Friday I have another ultrasound that will determine the date of my FET! Squeal! Excitement!

@djmagicelf's tulips are coming up 🌷
The tulips that Josh planted in the front yard are coming up nicely.

At @corinne_spoja's house. 💖
Spotted at Corinne’s house.

Library haul. Right now I'm in a non-fiction/humor phase. 📚
Wednesday’s library haul. I had asked the librarian where the “humor” section was, but maybe I should have been more specific, because I ended up with a bunch of biographies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I already blasted through the anti-Scientology book, “Troublemaker”, which was NUTS. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s not fiction. Yikes. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the Erma Bombeck book, as I used to love her stuff when I was a little kid.

Recently checked out from the library: "Things Organized Neatly". Oh yeah! 🌈
And then of course there’s “Things Organized Neatly”, heavennnnnnn.

I have work lined up next week and (possibly!) the week after as well, hooray! Josh and I have a race scheduled for tomorrow…more about that later. Have a fabulous weekend, blogeroos!

Painting, art and a windy walk

Painting, art and a windy walk

Beautiful blooms spotted in Bellevue last week. You gotta be quick to catch a glimpse of blue sky these days–wait 5 minutes and it’s raining again.

Painting the bedroom. This teal makes us both really happy. 💙
Over the weekend we managed to get our entire bedroom painted–this gorgeous teal for the accent wall, and then sort of a light “celery” color for the rest of the room. We didn’t want the other walls detracting from that teal! Now we’re in the process of finding curtains. We bought some from Cost Plus on Sunday, put them up and realized they were all wrong. My job today is to go back to Cost Plus, return them and then find another set of curtains that aren’t…distracting.

Sunday was fun. We decided to explore downtown Everett, even though it was pouring rain and there was a terrible windstorm. Who says we’re not adventerous? We started out having lunch at the “Vintage Cafe”–I ordered a Cobb salad (the Monte Cristo caught my eye but I wasn’t in the mood) (can you believe it?) and Josh ordered the soup of the day and a BLT with turkey. The food was SO GOOD. I should write a positive Yelp review about it.

Digging this grape-themed Tiffany lamp at The Vintage Cafe. 🍇
The cafe was packed so we sat at the bar, where this grape-themed Tiffany lamp caught my eye. How is it that I have made it this long in life without owning a (fake, of course) Tiffany lamp? It’s a cryin’ shame!

Who could resist trying on a tinsel-and-stars-covered crown? Not me, Hank McGee. 👑
Up the block from the cafe is a fun store called “Home Inspirations”, filled with vintage and contemporary art and collectibles and furniture. I had to try this tinsel-covered crown on, of course.

Mmm, blue glass. 💙
I suspect it was from wearing my blue raincoat, but everything BLUE caught my fancy that afternoon. Look at this blue glass! Whine whine snivel!

I like these alcohol ink tiles at the Schack Art Center. 💙💚
Our main motivation for going to downtown Everett was to check out the Schack Art Center, where they were having a juried art exhibit. Starting in May they are having a Chuck Close exhibit, which I wrote on our calendar, because I’ve always loved his work! These gorgeous (blue) alcohol ink tiles caught my eye in the gift shop. The Center has a class available where you learn how to make them. Fun! Fun! I’d do it.

These doggy ornaments are cute too! 🐶
Love these doggy ornaments too.

Frolicking in a windstorm in downtown Everett today.
After enjoying the art at the Center, we retrieved the pets from the car and did a quick little mile around downtown. More pictures to come. The wind was ridiculous–all kinds of trees were tossing branches, power was out around the city…and Bear Cub was NOT having it! Heigh ho. We tried!

Somebody's being a little snuggle Cub. 💗
Big-time PMS ’round here, which means that Snuggle Cub comforted me while I SOBBED (I mean, really ugly sobbed) over the end of “50 First Dates”. I KNOW, an Adam Sandler movie! How humiliating! I can’t help it, I get moved by music, and this song plays at the end. Josh teared up a little over the song too, but mostly he just made fun of me for sobbing.

I like these guys. Alcohol-free and they work! 💆
Speaking of emotions and having too many of them sometimes, I’m trying out these little guys for a Xanax replacement. I think they work! Who knows how they would fare against MAJOR stress, but for little worry bubbles they soothe.

Thanks @pinwheelspins for recommending "Love", it's really cute. Plus I love Kerri Kenney in everything.
My old old old old old blogfriend Pom recommended the Netflix show “Love” to us, and it’s adorable! I was pleased to see Kerri Kenney pop up in one of the episodes, playing Mickey’s neighbor. I loved her in “Reno 911” and “The State”.

Caftan Number 2 purchased. My Year of the Caftan is off to a good start! Now I need to stop buying and start sewing them myself, sheesh.
We had a big ol’ Cost Plus gift card from Christmas (thanks Mumsie) to spend, so I didn’t feel TOO guilty buying this gorgeous teal-and-pink caftan and matching drop earrings. It is the Year of the Caftan, after all! Note to self: no more buying caftans, now you have to start SEWING them. Sheesh.

Today I’m trying to sort out if the headache and sore throat I have is a cold, versus stupid seasonal allergies. Hard to say. Back to Cost Plus for some different curtains, grocery shopping for lentil soup ingredients (Josh’s choice), and then this evening I have an IVF support group. That’s right! I’ve done support groups over the years for all kinds of things, this seemed to make sense to me. I just wish it wasn’t a 40 minute drive away, harrumph. Catch yer later.

New painting: The Neon Glitter Mandala

New painting: The Neon Glitter Mandala

neon Mandala 1
New painting in the shop! The Neon Glitter Mandala, or Mandala #5 (not counting the three heart-shaped Mandalas).

neon Mandala 4
Photographing this sucker was a challenge. It didn’t work against the chartreuse paint of the office, and looked terrible against the dark sage paint of the living room. I went with the aqua of the kitchen, in the end.

neon Mandala 2
To be able to capture the sparkle, I had to wait for the 10 minutes per day that the sun was actually shining, and then position the Mandala in that square of sunshine, in the house. The weather has been gnarly the last couple of days–super windy and rainy. I wasn’t going to take a chance that the Mandala would blow away, photographing it outside. 

neon Mandala 3
I have managed to lose the black lights somewhere in the house…I was planning on doing a few black light photos too, just to show the Neon Glitter Mandala’s RANGE. Hmmm.

neon Mandala 5
Well…maybe I’ll just make a little video, sans black lights, for now, to showcase the sparkle. The glitter is always more impressive that way!

The girls and I spent an hour at the dog park this morning, getting muddy and socializing with the regulars. My goals for today include an hour of Blogilates, and making Joshy a bag for his sleeping bag. I have the fabric cut out…that’s an important first step! So long, bloggy-loos.

Three new paintings!

Three new paintings!

pink heart 1
Ahoy! Guess what I did today? Besides work and walk the dogs and get all crazy on a Venti latte, I mean?

pink heart 2
I posted not one, not two, but THREE new paintings to Etsy!

pink heart 3
Yes, I’ve been working on some heart-shaped Mandalas for the past couple of months and it was time to set them free!

pink heart 4
Here is the link to the first one, “Pink Glitter Heart Mandala”.

blue heart 1
Speaking of hearts, lots of hearts are broken today because David Bowie died.

blue heart 2
He had been privately battling cancer for the past 18 months. Poor David Bowie!

blue heart 3
Meanwhile, Keith Richards is lighting up his 15th ciggie of the morning…

blue heart 4
Here is the link for the second painting, “Teal and Red Rhinestone Heart Mandala”.

sparkle heart 1
I’m still really enjoying creating these Mandala paintings. I guess I need to do a neon one next, eh?

sparkle heart 2
So much glitter.

sparkle heart 3
I tried out different colors for the background before settling on this aqua, I’ll have you know. I can’t help that it’s just the perfect color!

sparkle heart 4
Here is the link for the third painting, “Flowers and Vines Glitter Heart Mandala”.

Time for me to take this caffeine high to the treadmill! Catch you later, dudes.