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NYC Adventure, Part 9: The Cloisters

NYC Adventure, Part 9: The Cloisters

outside the Cloisters

Hey dudes! TGIF, big time. I was grateful to have help at work this week, because between the nasty cold and crippling right foot pain, this week kinda sucked. Ne’er mind that, though…let’s go to THE CLOISTERS!

What is the Cloisters, you ask? From Wiki:

The Cloisters is a museum located in Fort Tryon Park in the Washington Heights section of Upper Manhattan, New York City. It is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, used to exhibit the museum’s extensive collection of art, architecture and artifacts from Medieval Europe.

The Cloisters is situated on a hill overlooking the Hudson River, and incorporates parts from five European abbeys which were disassembled and shipped to New York City, where, between 1934 and 1939, they were reconstructed and integrated together with new buildings in the medieval style designed by Charles Collens. The area around the buildings was landscaped with gardens planted according to horticultural information obtained from medieval manuscripts and artifacts, and the structure includes multiple medieval-style cloistered herb gardens.

J inside

Of all the things to see and do in NYC, my mother had been recommending visiting the Cloisters for YEARS, so it was on the list of must-sees.

beautiful pillars

It turned out to be one of my favorite things that we did in NYC. It wasn’t very crowded, which was nice…of course the weather was INSANE that day, that might have had something to do with it.


Many rooms I explored by myself.

stained glass

Lots of amazing stained glass.

center trees

The landscaping around the Cloisters was beautiful, too.

garden outside in bloom

I wonder if it blooms year-round?

cheerful armless statue

This makes me think of that episode of “Ab Fab” when Eddie yells at Saffy, “I’ve got arms!

little statue on pedestal

disappearing statue

I thought this “disappearing” statue was really cool-looking.

loyal dog perhaps

Loyal dog, perhaps?

J looks up II


posy rings

The spelling on these posy rings reminds me of my husband’s, ha hahahahahaaaaaa.

portrait of a young woman

Beautiful portrait.

amazing interlocking ring

OBSESSED with this ring.

amazing interlocking ring description

Isn’t that interesting? I spent a lot of time looking at the jewelry collection.

beautiful book with gold leaf

The tiny details on these books were incredible.


The apocalypse…is awfully pretty.

tapestry with sun

Gorgeous tapestry.

pink flamingo robe

What?! Pink flamingos!

pink flamingo robe description

Description of the pink flamingo robe.

beautiful chalice


L & J at the Cloisters

Look, it’s us!

in the garden II

Outside, we were the only visitors “brave” enough to hang out in the rain.

fruit tree

Beautiful fruit tree.

J outside in the rain

Josh slipped while posing and scraped his elbow a little. It was his only injury that week…not bad, for him! He went for a run last night with his little friend IN THE DARK and tripped and fell. Sigh.

cool tree

I like this tree.

unicorn tapestry

We were on our way back to the lobby to leave when we walked through this room–and I’m glad we did! I would have missed seeing “The Unicorn in Captivity” in real life. Obsessed! Obsessed!

unicorn tapestry description

I’m glad I took pictures of the description cards during this museum trip.

poor tortured unicorn

Poor, abused unicorns! They didn’t stand a chance!

poor tortured unicorn II

Even the dogs are attacking them!

blue hair and tapestry

I love how Josh’s blue hair coordinates with the tapestry.

crazy ass monster
What the…???

Oh Cloisters! You were so magical! I’m really glad we were able to go. It was definitely special. Join me ONE LAST TIME as we go out for pizza and then dancing at a gay club, where Lizzy and Joshy meet REAL LIFE NYC CLUB KIDS! CAN YOU STAND IT??!!!

NYC Adventure, Part 7: The Met and Broadway

NYC Adventure, Part 7: The Met and Broadway

Blerp, blog. When my boss tossed around the idea of me taking today off from work yesterday afternoon I felt a little indecisive about it, but it turns out it WAS a good choice. My cold is 45.6% worse, and thanks to the goofy idea I had on Sunday to force my body into running 13.1 miles, my right foot HURTS SO BAD! So here I am. Blogging and full of mucus.

back to Central Park

But never mind all THAT, let’s get back to talking about New York City, yayyyyy! In the NYC chronicles we are in the middle of Day 3, back at Central Park, on our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met).

turtles at CP

A closer look at the spoiled turtles living in Central Park.



Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle! Pretty pretty.

greens in CP

Central Park was baaaarely starting to turn into fall colors during our trip. We were a little disappointed. Still, the greens were pleasant.

Central Park Panoramic

The only people around, briefly, were a mother and her son. For as crowded as NYC is, we had many opportunities to be alone.

beautiful bridge

Under the bridge.

outside the Met

Turns out we took the looooooong way around the Met (it’s a giant building). I had a pretty decent shin splint going on Day 3. Josh completed another training run by himself that morning–wisely I had said NO. We were on our feet all day long as it was!

anarchy & beauty

For “fun” I wanted to go to the gift shop first, museum second. I’m still undecided as to whether this was a good idea or not. I love William Morris’ art.

Spanish lusterware

If I had a lot of extra income I would definitely blow it on Spanish Lusterware. LUST, indeed!


Here’s the deal with the Met: it’s insanely large, overwhelming, crowded, and you cannot possibly see everything you want to see in one trip. We had to pick a few exhibits that we were interested in and go from there. Talk about sensory overload!


Navigation, for me, was practically hopeless, even with a map. I did ask guards some questions, occasionally. Here’s another thing about the Met: every single guard I spoke to was snotty. TRUE STORY.




The Sargent exhibit was one that we were both interested in, and it was one of the most popular exhibits that day. No wonder–his paintings are incredible. 


“Portrait of Madame X” was absolutely breathtaking in real life.


Handsome man.


You know, I can’t even remember all of the specific exhibits we were interested in–the Sargent, a room of photos of faces undergoing ECT (Josh enjoyed that one), quilts…hmmmmm. I think there was an exhibit of Japanese “wave” paintings that we never got to. Too bad!


We ended up detouring through rooms of musical instruments–this one caught my eye.


Incredible mother-of-pearl inlays.

quilt room

The quilt exhibit turned out to be just one room of quilts, which was a little disappointing, but aren’t they beautiful? I looooove the quilt on the right. 

a woman with her pets

This portrait of a woman and her pets was in the quilt room. For some reason, it reminded me of Corinne.

Tiffany grapes

We paused in the cafe to enjoy some coffee and a cookie. I thoroughly enjoyed gawking at the Tiffany glass. I’ve always been obsessed with Tiffany glass.

Tiffany wisteria

So dreamy!

gorgeous Tiffany landscape

Yes please! Can I live inside this piece of glass? 

across from the Met

Would I visit the Met again? Absolutely! Back outside, this stunning building across from the Met caught my eye.

deco chandelier

We ate thin crust pizza at a restaurant near Hotel 31 for dinner, and then proceeded to get fancied up to attend our first Broadway show (together). Josh snuck into “Cats” a million years ago (and promptly got kicked out–ha!).

L at the LK

Dame Edna glasses seemed appropriate for a Broadway show, along with a vintage dress and Brenna’s gold Kate Spade purse.

nerds in love at the LK

Nerds in Love on Broadway! It looks like daylight behind us, but that was all the bright lights of Times Square.

LK playbill

I had made fun of Josh pretty hard for wanting to see “The Lion King” (if “Fiddler on the Roof” had been playing at that time best believe we would have gone). Turns out, “The Lion King” was an excellent show. I mean, it’s Broadway! The best of the best! I was even a little verklempt. JUST A LITTLE.

Times Square

We spent the teeniest tiniest amount of time in Times Square after the show, mostly waiting for the Uber car. To quote “Men on Film”: “Hated it!” Too bright, too crowded, obnoxious, and besides, advertising sucks. No thanks, Times Square!

Times Square performer
This street performer was cool though.

Aaaaauuuuugggghhhhh! That’s the end of Day 3! Only ONE MORE DAY OF NYC TO BLOG, can you stand it? Catch ya later.

NYC Adventure, Part 6: “Fashion Underground” at FIT

NYC Adventure, Part 6: “Fashion Underground” at FIT


Hey kids! Welcome to Day 3 of the New York City trip. Here I am dressed up for a day of exploring FASHION and ART…with my hair in two ponytails, because that’s the only way I could deal with the humidity/wind/rain/you get the idear.


Building envy on our way to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

L & J are on the street

Happy morning faces! It’s amazing how quickly you get used to your spouse having blue hair.

beautiful church

You spend a lot of time looking up in NYC.

Fashion Avenue

Ooh la la, Fashion Avenue!

graffiti truck

Into the graffiti trucks. Well, I’m into graffiti just about anywhere.

outside FIT

Outside FIT, we sat and had a snack and gawked at all the students.

Fashion Underground

I’ve long been obsessed with club kids and club kid fashion, so when I heard that Susanne Bartsch was showing all of her fabulous couture party outfits at FIT it immediately went on the MUST SEE list.

it's show time

A brief little bio on Susanne (thanks Wiki):

Susanne Bartsch is an event producer whose outlandish over-the-top monthly parties at the Copacabana in the late 1980s united the haute and demi-monde and made her an icon of New York nightlife. “Ms. Bartsch’s name,” according to The New York Times, is “the night life equivalent of a couture label, thanks to the numerous extravaganzas she staged in cities from Montreal to Miami.”

self p at FIT

The exhibit was held in the basement of FIT, which seemed appropriate, given the name “Fashion Underground”, eh? It was sort of dimly-lit and cold but we could take as many photos as we wanted (Josh got yelled at for making a video) AND there weren’t very many people milling around, SCORE.

FU and J

Joshy checking it out. I appreciate the fact that he enjoyed this exhibit ALMOST as much as me. He took a ton of photos!

Lizzy is a poser

What a poser! I am deeply, DEEPLY jealous of your wardrobe, Susanne Bartsch. Good heavens, I was practically in tears over the beauty!

punk neons

I didn’t do the smart thing, which would have been to take pictures of the designer cards after the picture of each look, so you’ll just have to not know the designer name, like me. I’m sure if we were really interested, the answer is just a Google search away.

J at FU

Hey buddy.

stand by your mannequin

That would be Susanne on the right. Judging from the size of her outfits, she is not only teeny tiny weight-wise, but in stature as well.

sheer netting lace yes

Apparently Susanne and I both have a thing for sheer clothes with sparkles. Who knew?

gem shark bustier yes

Jewel-encrusted shark jaw bustier? Why not!

Susanne is her own creation

Just a reminder, darlings, Susanne is her OWN creation.

chopsticks and sequins yes

Mmmm, dreamy. The mannequins were made up from top-to-bottom: stockings, wigs, make-up and all.

butterfly mask and neon chiffon yes

REALLY into that rainbow butterfly mask.


Most of the outfits that made me gasp were designed by Zaldy, and many of them were Zaldy and Mathu Anderson collaborations. I’ve been following Mathu on IG for years.

disco winged goddess yes

This display was giving me the-intro-to-“A Clockwork Orange”-vibes a bit. Can you see it?

bearded jeweled sheer wonder yes

The sequin bearded mask is a nice touch. I WANT THAT DRESS.

sparkle plum flapper yes

This was one of my favorites…it made me snivel with envy.

fuschia metallic geisha yes

Would wear! Do want! I swear I have that fabric (dupe) somewhere in my stash.

mermaid sequins yes

Rainbow sequin mermaid dress YES! I want to say this is by Thierry Mugler.

bubble sequin tutu yes

Would not wear, but still appreciate.

L and the Galliano

Josh captured me obsessing over the Galliano blue velvet number. I love the headpiece, made from colored bobby pins.

jade green chiffon yes

Around the corner was Susanne’s 80’s collection, which I didn’t find as compelling, but this was nice. To sum up, “Fashion Underground” was FABULOUS and I would go at least 5 times again. You are one lucky woman, Susanne!

blue flowers yes

Back on the main floor of FIT, they had a selection of pieces from famous designers all around the world. This blue two-piece caught my eye.

Joshy on the subway

Whoops! I guess that’s it for FIT! Here’s my blue-haired spouse on the subway.

Lizzy on the subway

And your Humble Narrator. I wore those rose-colored glasses for most of the third day…they made everything brighter.

L in the subway

Speaking of bright, isn’t this mural in the subway amazing?!

double hot doggin

The particular stand we went to for a New York hot dog was woefully unimpressive, but eh, what are you gonna do? Here’s Joshy double hot doggin’ it.

Join me later on as we visit the Met! Where Lizzy gets exhausted! And then out later to a Broadway show!

NYC Adventure, Part 5: Katz’s Deli, fun shopping and a drag queen show

NYC Adventure, Part 5: Katz’s Deli, fun shopping and a drag queen show

beautiful building

We’re back! In blog time, we’ve left Brooklyn and we’re on our way to Houston Street to find the infamous Katz’s Deli.


Katz’s Deli is famous for being the deli that Meg Ryan fakes her orgasm in “When Harry Met Sally” at.

Katz's deli

We anticipated it would be crowded and chaotic inside, and we weren’t wrong! Josh said he overheard someone telling the people they were with that they were having a panic attack and had to step outside. Meanwhile, I got hit on by one of the cooks while ordering a ginger ale. Woo hoo!

J at Katz's deli

He really needs to cut out this “half smile” thing. BEST PASTRAMI SANDWICH EVER, and we’ve had lots of those! Really really worth it.

Liz Christy garden

I took a picture of this sign and texted it to my friend Christy: “Look, it’s our garden!

outside PF

Patricia Field was on my list of Must See’s. I’ve been ordering weird stuff from them for years!

inside PF

Inside, it wasn’t very busy, and just as over-the-top as I wanted it to be. I bought weird socks for everyone, a bottle of holographic nail polish and a little magenta turban. You can NEVER have too many turbans.

Keith Haring purses

Keith Haring DJ purse awwwww! We like Keith Haring in this family.

don't touch wigs

Gotta love the warning sign. The wigs downstairs were wonderful.

the glitter wig


eiffel tower dress


outside Trash and Vaudeville

Outside “Trash & Vaudeville”, hooray! Unfortuntely, we realized later on that we only visited HALF of T&D, the “Trash” floor. There was an entire floor upstairs with all the wigs and fun shit, dammit! Oh well. The “Trash” floor was all Goth-y clothes and an entire room of Doc Martens with strict signs banning photography. Heigh ho. Josh and I both bought a fun tee-shirt.

arty cow

We fooled around the East Village for a while, that was fun!

thong socks

Inside the “Sock Man” store. I had never seen these “split” socks before, presumably to wear with thong sandals? Cute.

inside search and destroy

“Search & Destroy” was fun. They were blaring foreign punk music and one of the girls working there didn’t have pants on. Josh bought a vintage blue cowboy shirt, which looked great with his blue hair.

chandelier inside s & d

So many chandeliers in NYC!

welcome to s & d

Instead of “Thank you”, the merch bag from “Search & Destroy” reads “Fuck you”. I’m gonna save it, as a memento. You understand.

Jews for Jesus

For Mumsie!

icing my feet

Gotta love how blurry iphone pics are under low light conditions–I look about 10 years old here. Post-shopping and back at Hotel 31 to ice our feet before going out to dinner. I bought that jewelry at a little Indian shop. When I paid the owner asked me if I was a New Yorker and I said no and he mumbled, “I could tell.” I should have asked why, but I figured it was obvious. I also figured it was because I didn’t haggle with him. According to Iris Apfel’s documentary, a lot of vendors are insulted if you don’t haggle! Luckily we redeemed ourselves the next day haggling at a “I Love New York” stand. PHEW.

this crepe is ridiculous (but I ate it anyway)

Look at this insane crepe I was served at the Indian restaurant! It was delicious. I ate about 85% of it. Running around NYC makes you hungry.

J at Industry

Later, we gussied ourselves up and chugged energy drinks to go out to “Industry”–a gay club where Sherry Vine hosts a drag show every Tuesday night.

inside Industry

Industry was great. It was clean, lovely to look at, the DJ played at least 4 Madonna songs before Sherry’s set and I was surrounded by good-looking gay men. Heaven!

Sherry Vine

Sherry Vine was hilarious. It was evident why she’s had one of the longest running drag shows in NYC–total pro.

amazing singer whose name I forgot
I cannot remember the name of her guest queen, but she had an AMAZING singing voice. Definitely worth it!

NEXT UP: Day 3, which I might even blog later today because I’m sick, dammmmmit. Josh and I both have colds just in time for our half marathon on Sunday. I’m hoping two days of lying around the house ingesting Emergen-C and hot soup will knock it out. Otherwise I’m hoping getting nice and high on Sudafed the day of the race will work. We’ll see…

NYC Adventure, Part 3: the MoMA and Rockefeller Center

NYC Adventure, Part 3: the MoMA and Rockefeller Center

moulin rouge

Hey kids! Let’s go to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) together! I’ve always been a fan of Art Nouveau.

Warhol drawing
Warhol, too. I like his early, squiggly little drawings.

AW shoe

Here is the shoe that inspired the purse that Christopher gave me 4898495824 years ago! I still have it, packed away in a giant Tupperware in the garage.

AW shoe 2
How could such a monster create such delicate little drawings?

AW soup cans

The soup cans have never done that much for me…

AW Marilyns
…but the wall of Marilyns, in real life, was GREAT. So vibrant!

MM descriptions

“…the better and emptier you feel.” Uh huh.

Dan Flavin flower

A little electric flower, by artist Dan Flavin.



I don’t recall who this artist is, but this piece caught my eye.

mod architecture

Some mod architecture.

giant Joshy

Josh is a GIANT!

groovy baby

As you can imagine, I was quite fond of the room with all the rock music paraphernalia in it. I’ve been obsessed with 1960’s psychedelic art for as long as I can remember…it does fun things to my brain.

revolt into style



I’ve always wanted a print of that George Harrison poster. Still want! Need!


Ooh la la.

J and Picasso

Joshy is smitten with Picasso everything. I am…not.


Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer art when women look pretty. I know! So BORING!

Matisse dance

We both agree, however, that Matisse is great. It was amazing seeing this painting in real life.


This has always been another favorite of mine, by Rousseau.


Love these colors.


Moody figures by Andre Derain.

J and starry night

Starry Night was, believe it or not, underwhelming for me. Maybe because I have been so oversaturated by that image for so many years (Josh is a huge fan). Maybe because the painting was constantly surrounded by a crowd, so I never got a chance to get up close to it. Sigh.

the postman

In contrast, Van Gogh’s postman painting was WAY better in real life, more vibrant and really a joy to look at. Plus, nobody else cared so I could stand in front of it as long as I wanted to. Score! dogs and goblets


Klimt 1

The room with all the Klimt paintings made me happy. I’ve been obsessed with his work for years.

Klimt 2

I had never seen this Klimt painting before.

Klimt 3

Josh said that he liked this painting better than Klimt’s infamous “The Kiss” painting.


Wow! The MoMA was excellent. I’m really glad we went. Back outside on the street again, this “LOVE” sculpture was constantly crawling with people.



night scene

We had Japanese food in a wonderful little restaurant, and then wandered around the streets for a while before making our way back to our hotel.


Josh was insistent that we check out St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was beautiful. We went inside, and were surprised to see a Mass going on, so we left.

Cathedral 2


night scene 2

One of my co-workers recommended we eat at “Lounge 65” at Rockefeller Center. We never did, but we did go down to the Center to gawk.

Rockefeller Center

I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be at Christmastime.

RC deco

Love the Deco design.

RC beauty
We leaned against a fence and just gaaaaaaazed up at the building for a while. It is a stunner.

Aw gee, that’s it for our first full day in NYC! Join me again for Days 2-4!

Boise Day 3: A little shopping, sweetie darling

Boise Day 3: A little shopping, sweetie darling

What’s goin’ on, blog? It’s all windy and rainy and crazy outside so I’m ignoring the dogs (sigh) (not really) and hankering on down to blog Day 3 of my Boise trip.

morning with dog on top

Day 3 starts out the way Day 2 ended, with Lucy right on top of me! She was actually draped around my shoulders as I sat on the couch, like a living dog stole. Maggie used to do the SAME THING.

colorful overgrowth

Friday morning my mother wasn’t feeling like working out, so instead of going to the gym by myself I opted to do my 4 mile training run around nearby neighborhoods. This was a more scenic option anyway, since I brought along my iphone and could snap pictures of all the pretty-pretties.

clever use of old skis

This clever use of old skis made me think of Joshy.

amazing neon pink rose

No filters here! This neon pink rose really looked that gorgeous. And smelled heavenly.

I returned home and showered off my soaking-with-run-sweat body (not a bad kind of sweat) and then Mom and I drove to one of my all-time favorite pilgrimages every time I visit Boise, “Eyes of the World”!

cool sun mirror

I really don’t enjoy shopping very often, but I will always love hippie clothes and I will always love jewelry and this place has both in abundance. I also love their dressing rooms. Look at this cool mirror! (that dress on the other hand, meh)

blending into your surroundings

Eight dresses later, ding ding ding! We have a winner! I also bought a cute teal tank top that I was afraid to wear in Boise since Lucy put holes in my workout pants and my Grateful Dead tee-shirt. I wasn’t about to take a chance.

watermelon tourmaline ring

“Watermelon Tourmaline” ring in the shape of a watermelon COME ON. I would have bought it…if the price tag wasn’t 120 bucks.

DoD display

I did buy one of these little DoD wristlets though, because I am a sucker. Guess which one.

Larimar is nice

Larimar sure is dreamy. “Dissolves fear”–yes please. I’ll just chuck it at the spiders hanging all over my house, bwa ha.

Ethiopian fire opal strands

The strands of Ethiopian fire opals really made us gasp and me snivel. At 325 dollars per strand though, another hard “nope“. Sigghhhhhh…

fire opal ring

Fire opals are so beautiful!

good advice maybe

Bah ha ha. Good advice?


Better advice, and YEAH.

Lucy and Mumsie

I drove my father to the airport that morning for his annual Dude Week in Southern California. He promptly got food poisoning and spent hours vomiting. Poor Dad! After “Eyes of the World”, I talked my mother into taking me to Fanci Freeze for a butterscotch-dipped cone. Mmmmmm.

the little nipper is a lap dog

The Little Nipper chewing on a rawhide while laying on top of me. She was really interested in chewing on that necklace, too. 

blue apatite ring

I went with “Blue Apatite” for my ring. Isn’t it pretty? My mother remarked that I’m in a “teal” phase. TRUE. Probably for life.

yummy hand cream

I was fully prepared to steal this lotion from my parents until I noticed that it exceeded the 3.4 ounces allowed to carry on a flight. DAMMIT! I might have to order some myself. SO good.

Mumsie and I feasted on salmon and broccoli for dinner, the Little Nipper feasted on my arm and ankle flesh, and that was all of Day 3! RIVETING I KNOW. Join me later for Day 4 and 5, if you daaaaaare…

“I think it’s wonderful that you’re married! I think it’s just elegant!”*

“I think it’s wonderful that you’re married! I think it’s just elegant!”*

Our actual 7 year wedding anniversary was on August 3rd, but due to various illnesses and a torn-up living room and a bunch of other weirdness, we finally got around to celebrating it last night: the proper way!

Liz and Josh and the Seven Year Itch

With costumes, duh! We dressed up as “Richard Sherman” (the character’s name in the movie, not the football player) and “The Girl”, Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe from “The Seven Year Itch”,  circa 1955.

Celebrating our 7 year anniversary last night with a "The Seven Year Itch" extravaganza!

Is it the greatest movie in the world? Nope. Does Marilyn look absolutely stunning in it? YES.

Everyone should do Marilyn drag at least once in their life. 💋

I already had my Marilyn drag from a Halloween costume way back in 2007, so I just had to wash the white dress and comb the wig out, and voila! The earrings were my grandmother’s. 

No subway 'round here, had to settle for a box fan. 💨

I had thrown out the original white kitten heels I bought for the costume (I later added glitter but I still hate kitten heels so they were donated). Instead I wore the strappy little glitter heels I bought for my brother’s wedding last year that were forbidden by his new wife. Oooohhhweeeee! I forgot how to walk in heels. It’s hard.

oh Marilyn

Ohhh Marilyn, you were never more beautiful. I WANT THAT DRESS, TOO. I also want her pink dress from “Niagara”. Not the real thing, mind you, just an excellent reproduction. 

Liz as Marilyn with fan

There was no subway nearby, so I had to make do with a box fan. Class! Puuuuuure class!

Liz as Marilyn with fan and room

At least the living room floor is finished. Now, for the rest of the house. Yesterday was the hottest day of the week, something around 90 degrees. I set up the inflatable kiddie pool outside but the dogs wanted NO PART OF IT, so I have a bunch of selfies of just my legs in the pool. You understand. We dined on take-out: Josh had a steak and onion rings and I had a salad with grilled chicken, because even though it was our anniversary I’m still on my New York Diet. We set up the futon on the floor in the basement and watched the movie while snuggling and eating Creamsicles. Pretty sweet anniversary.

Liz as Marilyn at the window

I was paranoid about my eye infection so I didn’t wear any eye make-up. That’s okay: Marilyn is all about the red lips and the beauty mark anyway. I darkened my eyebrows but apparently not enough!

Liz as Marilyn at the door

Marilyn drag is always fun. I highly recommend it.

What’s next? Tomorrow I am finally going to the dentist, not sure that’s notable. Saturday we are participating in a 5K called the “Bubble Run”, and then we might go camping…maybe. Josh started yet another round of an antibiotic we are 89% sure he is allergic to today, so let’s see how sick he is when he gets home from work, poor little guy. Meanwhile, I’m about to go run 4 miles. Happy trails, blog-logs!

* quote from “The Girl”, a’la Marilyn.