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New painting and IG flim flam

New painting and IG flim flam

Metal Mandala large

Hey hey hey, it’s another Mandala painting for sale in my Etsy shop! Yowza.

Metal Mandala on wall

I had a challenging afternoon trying to photograph the metallic paint and glitter with various camera settings and lighting. Reflective paint and glitter is very hard to photograph properly!  I made a video of the Mandala that I will upload later.

Metal Mandala side

They always look better in real life. True story.

Metal Mandala 2

Nevertheless, at some point I have to let go, huh? Off you go, “Mandala #3”, off into the world where someone will hopefully buy you ASAP just like Shoshanna did with Mandala #2. That was great!

Nearly finished ✨🌟✨

I finished it up yesterday. It’s 16 inches round, with gold, silver, copper and bronze acrylic paint with many blends and layers of craft glitter AND metallic ink as well. A lot of work went into this baby. I like it. 

We require a lot of band-aids in this family. 🌟

Meanwhile, the injuries keep on comin’. This was a blister, but how cute is it that I coordinated my band-aid to my fingernails? (I have issues) I hit my knee really hard yesterday and got a lovely big bruise, but it didn’t interfere with my slooooow 3.5 mile “run” this afternoon. Phew.


Joshy started back on antibiotics for the cellulitis in his nose and has flu symptoms again today. We rarely get sick, yet the last time he was on antibiotics he had flu symptoms, here he is again on antibiotics with flu symptoms, I ask you: COINCIDENCE???

Watched these nerds play Frisbee Golf this evening ⛳️

Last Friday I dropped these dudes off at the Frisbee golf course, got myself a nice orange spray tan, and then returned to catch the end of their game. I even threw a couple of discs myself…for the first time ever. Did I mention Josh bought me my own Frisbee golf discs? Yyyyyeah. Dude wants me to be athletic. Keep wishing, dude. I want to take up archery.

Vintage embroidered dress + neon pink lips

A rare pre-work self-portrait: vintage striped dress with floral embroidery and neon pink lipstain (not evident in this picture).

My mutts and I had some splashy fun time in the sun 🌞💦🐶

Last Friday was “International Mutt Day” (I learned via Instagram). My mutts and I went down to the river and had Good Times!

the way I make these disappear is shameful 👅

100% addictive. Buyer beware.

"Art Girls don't require a man's permission." This is why I love E. Jean. 🎨

“Elle” magazine is one of the few I still read, and I always look forward to E. Jean’s advice column. What a broad!

Wet iPhone update: after 4 days in rice, it's back to normal...except the sound doesn't work. And the wifi. Harrumph. 💦💦💦

Slightly dazed after work today, decompressing at the park. It’s been a weird couple of weeks. Good thing it’s still summer and I have dogs to hang out with after work–they reset my brain chemistry nicely!

Now: I’m off to snarf some Creamsicles and paint topcoat over my glitter nailpolish. VERY important items. So long, blog.

Drag Race finale, and S&S come for a visit

Drag Race finale, and S&S come for a visit

Hey gurl heyyyy, it’s the finale of Season 7 of “Drag Race”! I was feeling kind of meh-mer about watching it, as my favorite Katya was booted off weeks ago, but I watched it anyway and it was damn good. Damn good indeed! The lovely and stunning 22-year-old-with-a-23-inch-waist Violet was the winner, which I suppose is FINE. Harrumph.

Saturday evening my little brother and his new wifey showed up in Seattle. I fed them steak fajitas and then on Sunday we took them to church, followed by brunch at the Totum restaurant.

Then we drove downtown to show them Pike Place Market, which my brother had never been to. Stephanie bought a beautiful tie-dyed teal shirt from one of my favorite vendors, and we had some delicious gelato and went to Milagros.

And then finally, FINALLY! We went to Post Alley to see the infamous Gum Wall, one of the top 10 Germiest Tourist Attractions in America! Woo hooooo!

It was actually a lot cooler than I thought, a colorful mash-up of art, graffiti AND gum.

There’s my pink shiny gum in the center! SO PROUD. I made videos too but I haven’t watched any of them yet.

We met Mr. Dan and looked at his rad artwork.

Pike Place always has the most gorgeous fresh flower bouquets for sale. And the prices! Five to ten dollars apiece–nothing!

Feeeeeeling this calla lily bouquet. I am totally planting calla lilies next year.

On Monday the kids flew off to Hawaii, luckyyyyy! Speaking of lucky, I’m feeling pretty stoked about my art show on Thursday! I even managed to sell 13 of the 20 tickets I needed to (sigh). Be right back!

Drag Race made me sad this week

Drag Race made me sad this week

SPOILER ALERT this week Katya (my favorite) was kicked off “Drag Race” and I said BOOOOOOO. Over Kennedy Davenport?! Puh-lease. Groan and sigh. This is perhaps the first time that my favorite queen hasn’t won…since the first season. Oh sure I like Pearl and all but does she have what it takes? Not sure about that, Pearl-lee-loo.

Here I am last Saturday with a Trazadone hangover (did you know that such a thing was possible?), enjoying the sweaty sunshine for at least 18 minutes.

There was a rainbow around the sun that day, or “sun dog” as the Internet tells me it is called.

Today my little monsters came to work with me. Currently they are gnawing on rawhide while I chug coffee and get ready for another Couch to 5K training session.

On Saturday Joshy was skateboarding down the street to pick up my car from the tire place and he ate shit and scraped up all his body parts. Look at how pleased he is with himself!

Pretty pretty neon rose outside of Corinne’s place.

“Montage of Heck” re-obsessed me with all things Nirvana alllllll over again. I discovered that neither one of us own the “Bleach” album, which is a shame that needs to be remedied, stat. Right after my new debit card arrives in the mail, that is. My identity was stolen AGAIN, and do you know how my bank caught them? They purchased something from WALMART. I haven’t set foot in one of those awful places in years. Also, the Walmart happened to be in Georgia. Heh. Idiots.

Living the Good Life.

Sunsets are always in my photo streams.

RAW artists love me and have invited me to do a third show with them next month, this time in the spacious Fremont Foundry. If you also love me, please buy a ticket for a measly 15 dollars. I have to sell 20!

There is a greenhouse filled with ferns under the floor of the Foundry. Pretty sweeeet.

A giant poppy in our backyard preparing to spread open.

Scenic walk from a couple of weeks ago, where my ears got cold from the wind so I took off my shirt and wrapped it around my head and just walked around with my sports bra hanging out for the world to see. It was VERY Little Edie. Shame? What’s that?

Last night I had a powerful craving for Hawaiian dinner, and luckily there are many Hawaiian-themed eateries near our house. The Loco Moco was pretty damn satisfying, as was the banana lumpia.

Flowers from Joshy.

Time to go beat a Cub…she’s barking non-stop in the backyard. This aggression will not stand! Man!

She done already done had herses

She done already done had herses

It’s Tuesday/Ru’s Day! Apparently it’s Cinco de Mayo too, but who cares about that? This episode of “Drag Race” is notable for the queens scotch-taping their faces up to resemble “real” housewives, the queens pairing up to shake their asses around in a dancing competition, and dressing up half in female drag, half in male drag. Unfortunately this episode is also notable for Logo being all screwed up so I could only watch 1/2 the show! Pout! Hiss! Get your shit together, Logo!

Have a nice day!

Earth Day, doggy day

Earth Day, doggy day

Heyyyyy gurl heeeeeey. This episode of “Drag Race” was notable for all of the dismissed contestants returning for a “Twinsies” competition. Trixie won the right to return to the show to play again. The lip sync competition at the end–with the twins being conjoined–was hysterical! Meanwhile my favorite Katya sticks around, so I’m happy. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

I celebrated Earth Day today at the forest-y dog park with my furry friends, completing another couch to 5K installment. It felt too easy. Maybe I should try actually RUNNING the “run” sections, instead of jogging at the pace of a sloth.

Yesterday was Joshy’s birthday, so we went to Daniel’s Broiler on Lake Union, his restaurant pick. We ordered bacon-wrapped scallops for an appetizer and they were heaveeeeeen. I ordered French Onion soup–I wasn’t hungry enough for an entire dinner, and Josh ordered a steak (of course). We ordered the lobster mashed potatoes to share, YUM. Then at the end, they brought him out a free birthday dessert! My only complaint was that his “Violet Martini” (shown above) didn’t match the color of his shirt. It was pink, dammit!

I suppose if you have to be stuck in bed with crippling cramps, having a good book to read helps. Tana French’s latest is great–kept me enthralled the entire time.

This colorful art caught my eye at the gelato shop.

This weekend: Victoria B.C.! For the first time! I’ll be sure to take 48573857285 pictures. Please send Good Vibes my way that it won’t rain on us the entire time, sigh.

Now sissy that walk

Now sissy that walk

Hiyyyyyyyy! This episode of “Drag Race” is notable for the always entertaining “Snatch Game” competition. Violet surprised me with her dead-on impression of Alyssa Edwards, and even though I disagreed with Kennedy’s controversial choice of Little Richard, she killed it (and made me cackle), and she ended up tying with Ginger Minge as Adele for the win. Katya further infatuated me when she admitted that she had been sober for a year (and I like Miss Fame more now that I learned she’s been sober for 9 years). RuPaul told Katya she’s an “anxiety addict”, and as I gulped down my jumbo cup of coffee, I mused that I probably am too. Heigh ho!

It was Joshy’s idea to go down to Pike Place Market this weekend. He figured he would be able to find the Turkish spices he needs to complete his lentil soup recipe (wrong), and going to Pike Place is always fun!

You can buy the most gorgeous flowers for nothing.

Outside, a bunch of hippies were clustered underneath a tree, having a tea party.

“Did you ever have marijuana tea?” I asked Josh.

“Nope,” he replied (not surprisingly).

I have a vague recollection of running around my dorm my first year of college, high-ish on some pot tea that Lisa and I made. Meaning, we just threw some pot in cups of tea and drank it. I also recall wearing a halter top and being covered in henna tattoos that same evening, probably drenched in “Oceanus”. Ah, youth!

Milagros, one of my favorite stores in Seattle, moved out of Pike Place up the street a bit. The new location seems larger and, according to the salesclerk, receives a lot more business. Good for them! I bought a tiny Mexican cross and some mother-of-pearl crescent moon earrings.

Of course I had already paid for my purchases when I looked up and saw this gorgeous cross. I hope it’s there when I return! Or, you know, Christmas present, blog readers, ahem cough.

Xfinity has all the Kubrick films available, and since I only own “A Clockwork Orange” and “Eyes Wide Shut” it seemed like a great idea to re-watch them all with Joshy. We started with “The Shining”, and then watched “Full Metal Jacket” and got about halfway through “A Clockwork Orange”.

Look at my little shorn Cub! I gave her the very last doggie downer left over from a vet appointment back in 2009 (gulp), and it worked a little tiny bit, enough that she didn’t struggle during her hour and a half long grooming appointment. She looks so tiny now!

Sigh. This is why I can’t lose weight. Yesterday after work I wanted a brownie AND a cookie and what did I discover? Stupid Chips Ahoy makes chocolate chip cookies with brownies INSIDE. Like I could resist that.

My friend Christy and I were texting last night. She’s engaged, and she’s getting married this year and having two ceremonies–one this summer and one this fall. “So I can’t gain any weight!” she added. She informed me that she had gone from 152 to 135 pounds. My eyes glazed over, trying to remember the last time I weighed in the 130s. 2011, I’m guessing. A loooooong tiiiiiiime ago.

“I think Christy telling me she’s down to 135 is just the motivation I finally need to get serious,” I told Josh this morning.

“So you have to use jealousy as your motivation?” he said.

“I’m not jealous,” I sniffed (I totally am), “I’m just…inspired, that’s all.”

So I’m currently drinking a “skinny” vanilla latte. Do I want to know how many calories are in one of these mammer jammers? Um, kind of.*


* 120. But not the size I like.

The shaaaaade of it all

The shaaaaade of it all

Heh-heh-hello squirrelfriends! OMG, I can’t believe it took me so long to install Adblock–watching “Drag Race” without ads is heavennnnnn.

No idea what these pretty yellow flowers are, but they are all over the park right now.

I want these magnolia blossoms to LIVE but the slightest breeze knocks their petals to the ground. Booooooo.

Busy little dog butts at the parlor window.

Joshy is always climbing up on something.

Look it’s my adorable new Modcloth sunglazzies! Yayyyy! I couldn’t resist. I bought a pretty little teal dress too but I’m sending it back because it’s too short. In my Advanced Age (never mind my age, it’s more about my knees) I need to stick to dresses 35 inches and longer, my God.

Are ya watching the latest season of “Trailer Park Boys” on Netflix? You should be, it’s hilarious. And I mean it…I’ve watched alllll the seasons. Also, the new season of “Louie” is up–always worth watching.

What’s going on? I’m working my way through a Venti (that’s right, I’ve graduated to the Big Leagues) “skinny” vanilla latte and getting ready to shake…well, something around. I went to the dermatologist this morning and everything is A-OK. She also told me my skin is nice! That’s so great to hear from a dermatologist!