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Deee-Lite is always right

Deee-Lite is always right

Maggie in the river

You can move

You can groove

You can mind melt

Boulder River

Perpetual bloom

Boulder River and Bear

You can sing on the curves

Of all minds perfect rings

Come around come around

I hear what you say come around

BC in the river

The temple of my mind

So clear so clear

Resounding no fear

Summer breeze, summer trees 🍃

Happy Thursday hey-that-means-it’s-almost-Friday, blerg. That was a little Deee-Lite for your nerves.

Josh's parents bought him this newsboy's cap in Scotland. It's too large for his head, but fits my big ol' skull just fine...

Josh’s parents went to Scotland and brought him back this newsboy’s cap, which is too large for his tiny head but fits my massive skull just fiiiiiine. Freshly oranged-up with a fake tan, crippled with cramps, wearing a wool hat in August. Ooh baby ooooh.

Strawberries are growing in our backyard...with minimal effort from us! Yeah! 🍓

Behold: the ONE and ONLY strawberry growing in our backyard! Well, since we have made 0% effort to encourage the strawberry plants (under the deck), I suppose I should be grateful for one strawberry, huh? I wonder if I’ll be able to eat it before some random animal does?

Well, here we go again. Note to self: do NOT swim with iPhone!

For 150 clams, Apple sent me a new iPhone. I bought another 5S, I have no interest in a 6. I do not require the latest and greatest device…just something that makes phone calls and takes decent pictures. And has emoticons! You know I love me some emoticons!

Wet pets on hot days 💚💙💦

We did more of this today…down by the river. Currently I’m icing the bottoms of my feet in preparation for a run and chugging iced coffee.

Bear Cub is my watchdog (she also looks good with bangs).

Having a little outdoor Bear Cub therapy after work yesterday. Yesterday was so hot and humid (well, 58% humidity, that seemed high to me) that all of my patients and seemingly all of my co-workers were in terrible moods and it rubbed off onto me, dammit. I had to get outside and then look at some puppy pictures and then I felt 47.8% better.

Found an old favorite while cleaning out the make-up case today 🍇

Yesterday while cleaning out my make-up case just for “fun” I found an ancient Rachel Perry lipgloss. Heaven forbid I throw it out! Sighhhh, Rachel Perry always reminds me of Good Times.

"Self-portrait with Grapes", 2008. My Aunt Lisa has wanted this painting for years, and I'm finally mailing it to her! #procrastination: a celebration.

My Aunt Lisa expressed an interest in “Self-Portrait with Grapes” for so long, tomorrow I am finally shipping it to her. Hooray! Another painting is leaving my home!

This just came in the mail...because even Delia's knows that I'm still 15 (mentally).

Delia’s dramatically went out of business last year and then BAM came back! I received this catalog in the mail today. Maybe I’ll have a flip-through. I don’t mind buying cheap shirts from companies like Delia’s, but…no more cheap shoes! I think I may have finally learned my lesson, there. Maybe.

Bonus: here’s a little video of our hike last Saturday, when poor Josh had flu symptoms and I had a wet iphone but Maggie and Bear Schnubs had a great time getting wet. Hooray!

Tiger Mountain hike

Tiger Mountain hike

Fancy bicycle rack in downtown Issaquah 🚲Yesterday afternoon Joshy and the dogs and I drove to Issaquah to go hike up Tiger Mountain and watch his Muncle paraglide down. This swirly bike rack in downtown Issaquah caught my eye as we were driving by.

Ready to embark on the 2 mile hike up Tiger Mountain to watch Josh's uncle paraglide off. The elevation gain was 1600 feet. It was my first time, and I loved it! Ask me how I'm feeling tomorrow though. :mount_fuji:

It was so hot yesterday that I couldn’t fathom wearing anything black on my body, so I wore Josh’s fun board shorts and my “I don’t do earth tones” tee-shirt. The shorts stayed nice and dry, but the tee-shirt was soaked with sweat by the time we reached the top of the mountain (two miles up, 1600-1900 feet elevation, depending on your source).

Going up. :heart:️

Awwww what a cute little trail sign. This was my first time at Tiger Mountain, Josh has been four or five times previously. Mike has gone paragliding there three times a week…for the last 20 years! He knew everyone.

waiting for Mike

We arrived a little earlier than Mike did, so we watched the other paragliders land. Bear Cub did NOT enjoy this part. She was shaking and quivering and panting (note how she’s out of this shot–trying to strain towards the car). Maggie was relaxed.

coming in for a landingSome landings were very smooth; the tandem landings generally were not.

the landing strip

There were a lot of paragliders in the air yesterday.


It’s a wonder they don’t run into each other!

Josh and his uncle, who was carrying a 37 lb pack. Bear Cub was nervous around the paragliders, but Maggie took it all in stride.

Mike’s paragliding pack weighed 37 pounds, so with that weight on him he was about as slow going up the mountain as I was. It took us about an hour going up, and an hour going back down (although the hike back down FLEW BY!). Mike found another paragliding “pal” to chat with on the way up. Mike talked the entire time.

Mount Rainier

Hallo, Mount Rainier!

Ah ha! A good omen. 💗

I found a heart-shaped rock on the journey up, always a good omen.

Flushed and sweaty, hiking in 85-degree July heat. And Josh's uncle says hiking isn't a "sport". Ha! (tell that to my calves today)

Mike was telling us that hiking isn’t a “sport” because it doesn’t require a helmet. Uh huh. I was pouring sweat and my heart was pounding…that’s sporty enough for me! My lower body is KILLING today.

on the trail up

We didn’t bring enough water, we used up the Camelbak on our way up. Luckily Josh had filled an additional water bottle with ice and water for us and the dogs to drink on the way down.

Josh and the girls

Nearing the top. You can see Bear Cub is still poised to run back to the car at this point. Josh had to keep them on the leash the entire time!

the summit

Finally we made it!

beautiful view of Issaquah

What a beautiful view.

Mike is pumped

Mike and I both changed shirts. I wish I had brought a bandanna for mopping sweat off my face. Next time!

view from the top

There was a small crowd of people when we arrived, around 5 pm. Mellow, though. Maggie and Bear Cub were the only dogs up top, and there were few children.

Mike and Josh survey

Mike and Josh taking in the scene.

take off

A tandem pair taking off…

paragliding team overhead

…and then overhead.

This dude took off right in front of me, and shot down the mountain really fast.

While Josh was helping his uncle get ready, I sat on some astroturf with the pets and took pictures. This dude took off right in front of me, and shot down the mountain incredibly fast!

Mike flies. He's been paragliding at Tiger Mountain three times a week for the past 20 years!

Solo flier. Josh has been paragliding twice, both times tandem with someone else, once with Mike. I have, um, very little interest in paragliding myself. But it’s fun to watch!

a good day for flying

Just thinking about paragliding makes my feet tingle. They call the take-off point “Poo Poo Point”–so named for the last-second shitting you do in fear before you fly off the mountain? Just my guess.

Mike gets ready to fly

It’s Mike’s turn!

At this point I quit taking pictures, but I did make a signature Liz video (shaky) of Mike taking off. Check it out:

Excuse the panting and wind blowing. You understand.

What’s going on today? I was planning on a run, but my lower body aches in a myriad of ways thanks to yesterday’s hike, so….maybe a little yoga? A little painting? Yyyyyyeah.

Maggie tries to retrieve a ball

Maggie tries to retrieve a ball

It’s another blog post! OMG! This was…well, actually I don’t remember when this was, sometime in 2015, at the Muddiest Dog Park in All the Land. Maggie is trying to retrieve a tennis ball, and failing miserably. I don’t doubt that 2-year-old Maggie would have FLOWN up that ramp, but what are ya gonna do, eh? She’s 9 years old! I love you Maggie. Rawr rawr rawr.

Liz ‘n’ Kissyfur, part 2 (with bonus video)

Liz ‘n’ Kissyfur, part 2 (with bonus video)

Here’s a quick little video of Christopher giving Josh a salon treatment in our kitchen, with Blondie playing in the background. I made a short video because I needed to dance around, and it’s hard to dance and videotape!

C curling
Here’s me ‘n’ Kissy Saturday night. Josh’s hair had been cut and colored at this point, so Christopher turned his attention to my hairs and decided to spray, tease and curl my mop into Big Hairdom.

C teasing
It took a while…it’s a team effort to get this hair of mine to do anything! Last year’s perm is more or less gone by now. While he worked on my hair he introduced us to “Suburgatory” (cute show) and “Paper Moon” (sweet film).

so many curlers
Close-up of all the curlers. Every time I said “Ow!” when he pulled or teased too hard, Josh yelled, “Beauty is pain!”

J and Lily relaxing
Speaking of that dude. His hair is completely brown again…I don’t think I’ve ever seen it completely brown, this past 9 years that we’ve been together. He’s always had a touch of grey. Maybe. I’d have to consult old photos. Look at poor little Trazadone-drugged Lily! Her barking was escalating so Christopher gave her a doll. She’s a very talkative dog.

BC is bored
Bear Cub wasn’t drugged, just bored. This is her and Maggie’s default position, unless we’re playing outside.

a lotta look
Ta DA! Big hair again! It looked fantastic for about a half an hour that night, but the next morning was just a frizzy mess. Oh well. Christopher gave me a lot of helpful hints…he even watched me complete my routine for doing my bangs so he could FINALLY tell me what I was doing wrong. And right.

Anna May Wong
Christopher’s beautiful Anna May Wong tattoo. His tattoo artist is very talented with portraits.

I like the colored stars, too.

Blythe dolls
We didn’t have a lot of time the next day to spend together before I had to drive Christopher back downtown, but he did take the time to pull out his Blythe dolls and show me all of their outfits and accessories. I had never seen a Blythe doll in real life before–their heads are enormous! And shiny! My favorite feature is that when you pull the string, their eyes change color.

Blythe shoes
I’ve never been a doll person but I can understand the appeal–especially after I looked at the tiny shoes. Look at the little studded patent creepers! Maw!

Christopher’s visit was much too short, but we accomplished nearly everything we wanted to–going to see Dame Edna’s Farewell Tour! Eating at Dick’s! Lots of Christopher cooking! Beauty shopping! And special bonus hair cuts, colors, and styles! I’m going to try to convince him to come dogsit for us when we go to New Yawk later this year–Maggie and Bear Cub love their Aunt Kissy. What a fun weekend it was!

Coming up next: I found a bunch of videos on my camera that I never bothered to upload to Youtube, so I’m going to do that finally and we’ll have some fun!

One last camping trip

One last camping trip

arrival at Lake Dorothy
Hey blog, didja think I forgot about you? AS IF. On Saturday we drove up to the mountains to hike to Lake Dorothy.

Joshy and Bear Cub, sittin on a log
Josh had told me it was a 4 mile hike to the lake alone, so when I learned it was closer to two miles I was relieved. Then I found out it was two miles STRAIGHT UP A MOUNTAIN.

Maggie goes for a swim
My poor, out-of-shape calves are still hurting this morning. And there was whining, LORD WAS THERE WHINING UP THAT MOUNTAIN.

Josh in a sunbeam
All of the good spots were taken, too, which meant we had to keep walking. And walking. At one point I refused to go further, but of course Josh talked me into going a little further and we found a little spot.

Joshy is fly fishing
A “little” spot was good because he had packed the little tent, just barely enough room to fit two human bodies, much less two wet filthy dog bodies. Sure we made it work, but never again!

morning lake
I suppose all the “pain” and “suffering” was worth it in the end though, because we got to wake up to this view. Joshy caught a few fish and let them go. We feasted on egg and bacon wraps, and then packed up and walked alllll the way back down the mountain the next day…which was much easier!

morning lake II
Of course that wasn’t even enough for my maniac husband, he also ran an additional 8 miles while we were camping. Of course. Of course.

Here’s one of my silly little videos.

Gorgeous reflections. We all went for a swim the night before, even Bear Schnubs.

morning Maggie
Maggie dog swam the most. She’s in amazing shape for an almost-nine-year old!

camping Geek
Yeah yeah, I know. No “glamping” this time, I’m afraid. Not to mention I was so cold, I actually wore the hideous 80’s layering clothes that Joshy brought along for “emergencies”. My Raynaud’s flared up, big time. Yay camping!

mega shroom
Big old mushrooms.

At one point during the hike up I yelled at Josh, “Good luck getting me to do THIS again!” but I would totally do it again, I just need to be in better shape. We leave for Boise to attend my brother’s wedding tomorrow, and when we get back we’re going to do a “40 in 40” program where we encourage each other to exercise 40 days in a row. I know. But we need it!

IN OTHER NEWS we may have found a house, finally! I don’t want to get too excited about it in case it doesn’t work out, but if it does, YAY! Oh man I can’t wait to move.