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The Sony camera and I get busy

The Sony camera and I get busy

Night blogging, ooooh yeah. Night blogging always feels different from day blogging. More relaxed. Less hurried. Less harried!

triple sleepers
I still have the taste of tonight’s dinner in my teeth: beef and lamb gyros. Mmmmm.

“We have to make some changes,” Josh announced to me during our 60 minute phone conversation as he drove home from work.

“Oh yeah?” I said suspiciously. He had just finished telling me how “stressed” he was about hiring a housekeeper. Seriously.

sunny deck
“Yeah like…more brown rice and vegetables.” For a man who hates “Showgirls”, he sure can quote it!

“I knoooooow.” We’ve been eating horribly lately, and it’s showing up in the form of puffy bellies and zits galore. We need to make a LOT of changes.

paintings with beaded curtain
But sometimes change is hard! Like hiring someone to clean your house. Sure, it’s weird and foreign and new and INCREDIBLY privileged. But will it be worth it in the end? Yes, yes it WILL, JOSH (he doesn’t read this blog, I’m yelling into the void).

Maggie and her side eye
Maggie won’t mind it a bit.

My mother was sure that she had lost these beautiful tiles that she purchased at a nursery years ago, but I found them at the bottom of a drawer filled with wrapping paper, old greeting cards and random photographs. She let me have them. I’ve always loved these tiles, loved them enough as a child to draw them, and they look beautiful in our kitchen. Thanks Mom.

RJ painting on papasan
Hmmm, where to put the Richard Jarvis painting? She coordinates so well with the papasan.

sunny sweater daze
Er…seemed like a good idea at the time? Thanks, “60’s” filter, for giving my pasty January flesh some cuh-luh. I love that sweater, but it’s wool and it doesn’t love me back. Shaaaaame.

purple curtains
Purple curtains temporary held in place by Christmas ribbon. So many projects, bay-bees, so little time.

portrait wall
Current arrangement of portraits in the parlor, thanks to Josh.

Dame Edna is coming to Seattle
One more week until we have a BIG GAY VISITOR! Squeal! I’m excited! Caftans and wigs and glitter and fatty cooking galore! Josh and I will have to temporarily hold our…brown rice and vegetable plans.

neon pink red roses
Speaking of failed New Year’s Resolutions (that’s why I usually don’t bother making them), I lasted 6 whole days with my resolution to stop reading Websites that Shall Not be Named. I’m gonna try again though.

mucha and erte
Beautiful Mucha and Erte notebooks from Josh. I’m using the Erte one to do a drawing a day.

mountains and grapes
We had a hard time figuring out where to put this print. It’s currently over some stairs, but I don’t think that’s the best place for it.

glitter, Kate and young L
Ever-changing random selections on the bookshelves.

blue plates
Dreamy blues and swirls.

blue nude and blue curtain
I felt like I had been neglecting the Sony camera lately so I made up for it binging on New House photos the last two days.

blue coat and blue curtain
Today I picked up a July 1994 “Vogue” and started thumbing through it and the nostalgia made me want to cry! Baby Kate, Shalom, Claudia, Galliano and Versace! And what about NADJA! Ooohhhhhhh “Vogue” you were sooooo good in the 90’s, it hurts.

bed cub
Bear Cub is quite the snuggle Cub now. It makes me happy.

BC on deck
The weather has been extremely decent this past week–mid 50’s, even. Today we went for a walk and I just had on a fleece jacket! Thank YOU Pacific Northwest winter! You’re so moderate.

This weekend I have an eyelash date, a Broad date, and a date with Josh to clean up the guest room for Christopher’s visit next weekend. I’m working on a new painting, and it’s working for me! Life is good.

On Kurt Cobain, 20 years after his death

On Kurt Cobain, 20 years after his death

Kurt Cobain
I just spent a good chunk of time this morning rifling through my old sketchbooks, trying to find the pencil drawing I did of Kurt when I was a teenager, the source photo being this famous shot of him from “Unplugged”. I was not successful, but it was fun traveling back through my teenage drawings. Note to self: more drawing.

I remember buying my very first c.d.’s through one of those c.d buying clubs as a young teenager. I don’t remember every c.d. I purchased in that first batch, but the ones I do recall included “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits”, “The Best of the Doors”, Guns ‘n’ Roses “Use Your Illusion I” (I used to headbang to that one getting ready to go candy stripe at the hospital–memories!), and of course, the most important and definitive album of my teen years: “In Utero” by Nirvana.

My mother must have picked up the liner notes and read them one day, or perhaps she just looked at the song titles, but she definitely did NOT approve of the song “Rape Me” (this was also, incidentally, the first song I taught myself how to play on the guitar). I accompanied her to the nearby high school track we often walked at and watched her dump “In Utero” in the trash, along with the Guns ‘n’ Roses c.d. for good measure (maybe she didn’t like the song title “Back Off Bitch“?). Of course my mother didn’t realize that I made about 4 tape-recordings of each c.d. before this was accomplished (clever girl!) so I could still listen to “In Utero” over and over and over again. Even now I have the entire album memorized. I would kill at Nirvana karaoke.

When Kurt died 20 years ago this day, I was only 14 years old, and just getting into Nirvana. I had just started my obsession. His death just made me more obsessed. I lovingly recreated his image on paper, with pencils and markers. I bought some crappy old jeans from one of the thrift stores I was always shopping at and dubbed them my “Kurt Jeans” (and I still have them).

Kurt Cobain jeans
Wearing my Kurt Jeans last October, to paint in.

I saved magazine and newspaper clippings in a giant manila envelope, stuffed under my bed…which I eventually traded to my cousin Erika for a pair of her mother’s vintage wooden disco heels. Erika was always more into Courtney; but my love…my love was strictly reserved for Kurt.

cobain unseen book
Christmas gift from Josh, 2008.

Kurt was far too delicate for this world, certainly too delicate for the enormous fame that Nirvana reached so quickly. He was sensitive and sweet and an artist and a feminist. Now that I live in Seattle, the rainy days make Nirvana sound that much better. Yesterday my favorite local radio station KEXP did a day-long tribute to Nirvana. I heard “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”, a title from “In Utero”, on the way to work and teared up a bit right here:

Hate, hate your enemies
Save, save your friends
Find, find your place
Speak, speak the truth

…even at 7 o’clock in the morning, 20 years later, that album still has an emotional grip on me. I can’t say the same for most of the other music I listened to during that time period…Alanis Morissette? Nope. Nine Inch Nails? Great at the time, but I don’t listen to them any more. Ah Kurt. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

Today I plan on listening to at least TWO Nirvana albums (care to guess which ones?), donning my Kurt Jeans and perhaps some oversized, round sunglasses, if the sun comes out. Fitting that it’s raining today.

I’ve got one two three four five…senses working overtime

I’ve got one two three four five…senses working overtime


Halloooo! No, I’m not going to whine about my shitty perm any more (today). Matter ‘o’ fact, I took my whining to Facebook, where I was showered with caring comments.

“How come I never get that many comments?” said Joshy, and I explained to him that phenomenon wherein the LESS you post on Facebook, the MORE comments you get. Unless you are super popular and get showered with comments no matter what you post (i.e.: not moi).

But ne’er mind all that, your favorite band The Pixies was LIVE at my favorite radio station this morning! I was probably doing therapy with a 92-year-old and who knows what you were doing but now we can both be happy because kexp posted the set on their website and we can listen to it any old time we please. Which for me is now, while I peruse shoes online. What? I paid off my credit card, it’s TIME.

Update: AWWWWwwwWWW they haven’t posted it yet. Welp, I guess I’ll have to listen to the Dead Milkmen instead. I’ll post the link when they do, otherwise you can check back at any time.



I don’t generally have photographic evidence of freezing my ass off when we run out of oil, but here’s an example. March of last year.

We ran out of oil last night. I called the oil company, left all of my information, let them know that we were completely out, and assumed when I arrived home from work today my house would be toasty and warm. WRONG! Apparently I was supposed to pre-pay, not mentioned by the dude who took my message last night, naturally. Brrrrrrrrrrr, kids. I am wearing thick sweats, winter socks, three layers of shirts, a fleece hat and my fingers are like tiny bricks of ice. NOT COOL. Also: OIL FURNACES SUCK.

I’m happy that it’s Friday. Tomorrow I just want to paint, paint, paint and then some more painting. Maybe a trip to the gym. A nice leisurely stroll with the pets. I didn’t take them for their daily walk today and Maggie keeps shooting me looks, like really? We wait around all day for you to come home and you’d rather be on the computer? Of course not, pets, but it’s DARK AT FOUR THIRTY. Excuse the all caps. It’s just that maaaaaan…this time of year bums me out. Not clinical depression, mind you, just a whole lot of whining. That’s what blogs are good for, right? Whining?

Have a good weekend, blogeroonies. I will be watching drag queens perform on Sunday night, and I am STOKED.

And, for good measure, enjoy this song that I recently heard on the Biz Markie Pandora station. Remember when hip hop was fun?

Nostalgia and jeans

Nostalgia and jeans

Kurt Cobain jeans
These are my “Kurt Cobain” jeans. They’re a relic from high school…when I fell in love with Kurt Cobain. They’re men’s jeans, and pretty big–I had to belt them back then, and now–but they are extremely soft, worn in just right and have big airy holes in the knees, perfect for wearing long john pants underneath, grunge-style. Or cute stockings.

portrait of the artist, arting
I decided the other day I should make them my painting jeans, so they’ll develop cute little paint splotches over time like the assortment of sweatpants/pajama pants/Josh’s pants that I wear around the house do. Long-sleeve shirts are out for the painting uniform–I always manage to get paint on the sleeves. I wear my apron for painting–rarely wear it in the kitchen, for cooking. People do that, right? Wear aprons in the kitchen? Seems so quaint.

an extremely white belly
Behold: my fishbelly-white belly. Something about the Kurt Cobain jeans made me want to show it off.

more progress on the painting
More progress on the platform shoe painting. One negative about working full time: less time for painting, but that’s the way it goes. Josh is cooking steak fajitas for dinner tonight…mmmmmm. I don’t know if it’s the change in season or what, but I am actually enjoying red meat at this point in time. You know what else sounds really good this time of year? Anything pumpkin. I need to try one of those spiced pumpkin lattes I keep hearing about.

This blog entry is borrrrrring. I’ll blame Monday, and my hunger pains! Stay tuned and I’ll be posting photos from the ballet, including…multiple self-portraits in make-up and lashes! Joshy in a tie! And blurry photos of the dancers!

“Welcome to the game show that’s a dame show!”*

“Welcome to the game show that’s a dame show!”*

yellow outfit
I would love to somehow arrange my work schedule so that I only work on doom-and-gloomy weather days. Like yesterday! Yesterday it rained all day, and was just generally gross. Completely dark at 1 in the afternoon–I would have gladly worked yesterday! But, I didn’t. I went fabric shopping instead…and bought some VERY exciting items!

mini me
My mother never “pushed” me to be just like her, I just gradually turned into her over the past 10 years. First coffee, then crossword puzzles, then mystery novels…

glitter dress
Yes please!

Erin Fetherston
I’m glad Erin Fetherston finally stopped wearing her hair in those creepy, stick-straight bangs. Maybe it was a “look”, but I never cared for it. Her butterfly pants here look exactly like a shirt I had in high school–it was satin. Remember how popular satin was in the 90s? It was everywhere!

floral hippie pants
One of my hippie friend Lisa’s hippie friends made these hippie pants for me another lifetime ago, during one of my decadent, debaucherous trips up to Northern Idaho. Yikes!

I made my first trip to Goodwill yesterday, letting some things go. It’s hard for me to get rid of clothes, especially. I always think, “Should I sell this on ebay?” or, “Should I take it to a consignment store and get credit?” or just “I’m gonna donate this to Goodwill, and that’s that.” I never get rid of anything I made myself. Vintage is really hard for me to let go of, unless it’s really ugly vintage that maybe I bought when I was 20 and stoned (for example).

March haircut
Last month’s hairdressing-academy-haircut. I was describing to Corinne over the phone about this technique I tried yesterday for making your bun look fluffy and elegant, not a tiny sad knot, when I suddenly remembered she doesn’t have any hair any more. Whoops! Forgetful friend! Maybe if we HUNG OUT MORE OFTEN, I’D REMEMBER. Love youuuuuu!

Today I’m making sparkly pettipants! Dreams are being realized!

* oh yes, “Dame Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch” finally came in the mail (thanks, Netflix!). Full report to come!

Dog cones, dinnerware, and Biz Markie

Dog cones, dinnerware, and Biz Markie

butterscotch dipped cone and dog cones
The other day the weather was warm enough to demand a trip to Dairy Queen.

butterscotch dipped cone
I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they finally brought back butterscotch-dipped cones! I mean, it’s the simple things in life, you know?

Maggie eats a dog cone in 2 seconds
Maggie inhaled her dog cone in about two seconds, and then…

Bear Cub and the dog cone
…stood on guard staring at Bear Cub while she daintily ate hers, like the little lady she is.

Bear Cub eats her dog cone like a lady
She eats all the ice cream out of the cone first before moving on. I never get tired of watching this display!

I even videotaped it this time:


colorful stacking mugs
We spent a good five minutes or so analyzing the pros and cons of purchasing these stacking mugs. Ultimately we turned them down–only because the ones on the far left, the perfect rainbow-colored cups–only come in the tiny espresso size, and we don’t drink espresso. Or rather, we do, but only as shots in our coffee, you know what I’m sayin‘? Too bad! One of these days when we have money/motivation I’d like to get us some new dinner plates from Cost Plus. They have pretty ones.

I’ve still never been in an Ikea store.

jeweled sunglasses

flower skirt with star button clasp
I don’t remember when I made this skirt–sometime in the last two years. I found it the other day digging around for pants in springtime colors. I like the star button I added at the top.

flower skirt
I should wear skirts more often. I used to, when I was fatter. Nobody likes tight pants!

sunny lounge
After years of heavily mocking them and proclaiming, dramatically, that I would NEVER have one…I finally have an iphone. It was free, hells bells! I’m excited because now at the gym I can listen to Pandora, which I usually have set to the Biz Markie station. I never get tired of early 90s hip hop!

You know the one: