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Mumsie and painting and sewing projects

Mumsie and painting and sewing projects

Boy am I glad we got out the last couple of days and explored nature because the weather forecast is all β˜”οΈπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦β„οΈπŸ˜³
Hola, blog. Things around here are better, health-wise.

Is this the most beautiful staircase or what? In San Fran, of course. 🌈 (thanks @streetartmagic)
I reeeeaaaally need to go to this gorgeous staircase in San Francisco some day.

Happy Dia de los Muertos! My lil' sugar skull painting with easel is still available in my Etsy shop! Only 30 bones. πŸ’šπŸ’€βœ¨βœ¨
I’m currently taking the OAB medication prescribed by the urologist, which has helped about 80%. I don’t want to be on it forever, though…it causes dementia. And I certainly don’t need any help in that direction!

I’m also taking a small dose of a medication called amitriptyline at night. It was formerly used to treat depression but also works in small doses for nerve pain, and it makes you very sleepy. Much like my beloved Trazodone that I’ve taken for years.

So over the past 3 weeks of nonsense I’ve gone from being a breastfeeding mama only taking 50 mg of Trazodone at night, to a pumping (barely) mama who takes three different meds. BOOOOO.

Next month I have an appointment at the UW with a doctor who specializes in problems like mine. It’s certainly better, but not 100%. Yesterday was kind of a bad day, but I did get my eyelashes done in the morning and then Mumsie and I got our hair cut last night so it wasn’t the WORST.

Mumsie and I got our hairs cut. βœ‚οΈ
Freshly-cut hairs.

Lab pack! Pack 'o' Labs!
My mother is here for the week, and it’s been wonderful. She’s getting a whole lot of Goo time in..

Medium cheddar on potato bread made with real butter. It's how my mom shows her love. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
…and I’ve had grilled cheese for lunch three days in a row! YES!

Jeff Goldblum somehow is hotter in his old age, eh? I want that space sweater he has on.

Gotta love Moira's commitment to her wigs. Also, I think it's hysterical that it took Josh three seasons to notice that she wears different wigs in every single episode. πŸ˜‚
I love the Canadian show (also on Netflix) called “Schitt’s Creek” so much, I’m re-watching it from the beginning again. We started watching it when Goo was just born and who can remember that time?? It’s all a blur.

Everyone was surprised by the snow in Seattle yesterday. I'm not ready! Still enjoying the Fall colors too much! πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ
Seattle decided to skip Fall and go straight into winter temps this year, GROSS. I already have my snow tires on. Better safe than sorry, buddy.

These are photos I took during our nap/drive (the car was parked, of course). I decided now that Goo is almost 10 months old and winter has started AND I’ve had all these bladder problems that it’s time to crib train for naps! He’s napping right now. After 17 minutes of sobbing.

Apparently this happened while I was in the shower this evening. πŸ˜‚
Look at what he did while I was in the shower the other night! Whaaat?? Adorable.

Bear Cub and my mother. πŸ’•
Mom and Bear Cub love each other.

How adorable is this look? And who else is so friggin' tired today from the time change?? (thanks @ellenvonunwerth 🌈)
Ellen Von Unwerth has been inspiring me with her photography since the mid-90’s.

Working on a new sugar skull painting for my Aunt Claire. πŸ’–
Current painting project: a lil’ sugar skull for my Aunt Claire.

Reading time with Grammy Kim. πŸ’™
Mom and Goo reading time.

Mumsie and me on a cold sunny dog walk yesterday.
We’ve been going for dog walks every day, of course.

Baby's new favorite spot.
Goo has a new favorite nook.

I made matching hedgehog scarves for my mother and I. She picked out the fabric. πŸ’•
She watched the baby this morning while I whipped up these little scarves for us. She picked out the fabric.

Ughhhhh he’s crying again. What was that, a 15 minute nap???!!! Help me Rhonda!

Rainbows and mushrooms and new art

Rainbows and mushrooms and new art

Recently acquired neon rainbow ball. For, er, "the baby". 🌈
Hey blarg. Here’s a fun neon rainbow ball we bought at the costume shop “for the baby” (but really for ME).

Yes, yes I would. 🌈🌈🌈
You can find rainbows everywhere, if you want to.

Into it πŸ’–(thanks @chloemackey)

I sat in an old Ford Mustang yesterday that was sitting for sale outside the tire place. It was kind of sexy.
Recently I had to go to the tire shop to have a tire fixed, and while I was waiting I noticed a classic Mustang for sale parked outside. It happened to be unlocked, so I happened to sit inside. I love old cars! My friend Stephanie suggested I put together an outfit and go back for a photoshoot. I like the way her mind thinks!

My mother has been texting me old photos. I love this one of my brother and I in McCall, Idaho--a little snow never stopped me from sunbathing! 😎
Here’s some nostalgia: my little brother and I in McCall, Idaho. I was a hardcore sunbather during my teenage years, snow be damned!

Summer of 2017 started out rainy and is ending beautiful and sunny. 🌞
Last day of summer! At least it was a sunny day.

Beanie weather already? So much for an Indian summer. πŸƒπŸ‚πŸƒ
Now it’s like, Fall and stuff over here. Harrumph.

The dogs wait up.
Actually I like Fall. It’s mostly still sunny, the colors are changing, the blackberries are ripe…mmmmmm…

A crocus blooming in September? Weird.
And yet my neighbor has crocuses blooming? Weeeeird.

Found this in the front yard. Weed?
We have some new things growing in our yard as well.

#tbt: "Portrait of Madame X", at the Met, NYC 2015. I took so many pictures on that trip, I have lots of favorites I never posted!
Would you believe I still have a bunch of never-posted NYC pictures from 2 years ago? Here’s “Portrait of Madame X”. Beautiful.

This might be the perfect weekend for a family nature hike. πŸƒπŸ‚πŸŒ²
I’m typing this with wet nails while my son crawls around the room trying to put everything in his mouth. Multi-tasking. Hard.

Portrait of a Woman Pumping at Work. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Speaking of, here I am pumping at work the other day. Classy!

Family nature hike!
Family hike this weekend!

Beautiful Fall day. πŸŒ²πŸƒπŸ‚
So pretty!

That's a big leaf πŸƒ
I found a monster leaf…

Fungus among us. πŸ„

Oh, hello πŸ’™
And some crazy blue mushrooms!

Nature dogs are happy dogs. 🌿
The dogs were happy.

Farmer's Market today with Mr. Baby.
Yesterday we took the baby to a Farmer’s Market. I ogled pastries, crepes and pies, but only purchased a small box of strawberries.

Just my son, relaxing on Maggie's dog bed. πŸ˜‚
Mr. Baby decided to test drive Maggie’s dog bed.

New painting in my Etsy shop! My second rainbow glitter Mandala. 🌈✨✨✨
And I finally got around to posting the second rainbow glitter Mandala in my Etsy shop! HERE!

Oh now baby’s fussing. See ya later, alligators.

Camping again, la tee daaaah

Camping again, la tee daaaah

Found some glamorous trash at the campsite.
Hola blog! I’m finally getting around to posting the camping photos from two weeks ago. Here’s some glamorous trash I found at our campsite.

Mr. Baby in the Great Outdoors.
The weather on this trip was really bizarre. It was still smoggy from the Canadian wildfire haze, and then about 90 degrees on top of that–HOT.

A sexy cumulus cloud last night. It was 90 degrees and so hot...and then this morning it rained for hours so we left early. Booooo.
Over the ridge we could see smoke from a fresh fire, building up into this great big cumulus cloud that hung over camp for a few hours. In the morning, the smoke was gone.

Maggie dog in her element.
The heat made us sluggish. We didn’t even cook dinner that night, just ate some cheese and meat and crackers.

My sweeties.
Mr. Baby loves to be outside!

The weather went from a clear 90 degrees at night to a chilly rainy morning/afternoon. WA weather, you so crazy.
The morning was much cooler. It started sprinkling, we figured it would pass…it didn’t!

The coffee was a little...chunky.
The French Press missed a few grounds.

So inviting πŸ’¦
I regretted not going swimming the night we arrived, when we were so hot. Who wants to swim in a cold river in the rain? Booooo.

We ended up leaving about 3 hours before we normally would have, due to the rain. We didn’t mind getting rained on, pre-baby, but when you have a squirrel-y infant being cooped up in a tent isn’t as much fun.

Still: three camping trips this summer, not too shabby! And we’ll get another one too, if I get my way.

Yellow grass, dried leaves, colder temps...I'm not ready for fall yet! 😳
It’s feeling Fall-ish around here already. Cooler temps, dried leaves on the ground, that inevitable “crisp” in the air…

I mean, could he be any cuter? Seriously.

Who drives to Lake Stevens for shave ice? Meeeeee 😍
Firmly in denial about summer ending, I drove Mr. Baby to Lake Stevens and bought myself a nice big shave ice. Mmmmmm.

Such a relief to see blue skies again. I was beginning to think that wildfire haze was going to last for the rest of the summer.
At long last, blue skies again. Those weeks of smoke haze were no fun.

Are these the dog days of summer?
C’est moi. About half of my eyelash extensions have already fallen out.

Dog pack!
Dogfriends! Dogfriends at the park.

Electric pink πŸ’–
My neighbor’s roses are still blooming nicely. Ours died weeks ago.

The scarlet begonia is really flourishing! πŸ’₯
The scarlet begonia, however, is doing great! It has tripled in size.

August is always a little melancholy 🌾
Pretty soon the blackberries will be ripe to pick.

So close!

Bear and baby.

This Life Alert guy is kinda hot. Maybe I need to fall and then not get up. πŸ˜‚
This Life Alert guy is kinda hot, yeah? Should I fall and then not get up?

Grampy Steve and Mr. Baby.
Guess who came for a visit? My father flew over last Friday, and stayed through the weekend. My mother flew over the following day, and is still here.

Just the girls and I for today's dogwalk. 🌾
Every day I have to pressure her into staying longer. She’s recovering from her second back surgery this year, and subsequently cannot pick up Mr. Baby, or do household chores.

Mom and Goo.πŸ’™
She therefore feels that she is being a “burden”, so every day I have to stress that it is important that she is spending time with the baby, and she won’t be able to see him again until Christmas, likely. Who cares if she can’t pick him up off the floor? Who cares if she can’t do laundry? NOT ME.

Sweetness. πŸ’•
They only get to be babies once. This is a special time.

Happy Goo.
Look at that happy Goo!

Mother and daughter. πŸ’•
We go for short walks every day, and eat ice cream every night. Not a bad way to spend August!

Walkies. 🌾
Meeting new dogfriends along the way.

Hey Bear!
Now that Mr. Baby is crib trained for night, I’m working on the nap crib training. Yesterday afternoon it took him a whopping 45 minutes of flopping/sitting up/fussing…for an hour long nap. This morning it took 25 minutes. Improvement!

Verdict: gross. Maybe people only like this if they have forgotten what real ice cream tastes like?
One word regarding this B.S. posing as ice cream: YUCK.

Hey, that catches us up! See yer later.

Kittens and elderly dogs and lotsa babies

Kittens and elderly dogs and lotsa babies

My SIL has a new addition to their family. 😺
‘sup blog? This is the new addition to my SIL’s home (the kitten, not the baby). Too bad–they were JUST dog people for a nice chunk of time.

Maggie thinks maybe I won't notice her covertly begging for yogurt under the kitchen table.
Josh is out doing the bi-weekly Costco shopping with Mr. Baby. I just completed a workout at the gym, bought ingredients to make jambalaya tonight, and scarfed down a salad.

Mr. Baby hasn’t been so great about sleeping through the night lately, so last night we attempted to “crib train” for the very first time.

Misty mornings (and unfortunately smoky afternoons).
We let him scream and cry and fling himself dramatically around his crib for less than 10 minutes before we gave in. It was not pleasant.

The dogs are relaxing on the quilt that I thoughtfully laid out for the baby, meanwhile the baby is chewing on my shoe laces. Gross.
We’re going to sleep/crib train, REALLY do it, but maybe wait until after my parents leave (they are visiting soon) and then after we go to Spokane again (my FIL’s 70th birthday party) and then after Mr. Baby has his surgery. So basically…September.

Evidently this sleep training stuff amounts to a few hellish nights. Nobody wants that, but of course he needs to learn to sleep in his crib eventually, right? Right.

We're gonna have a lot of tomatoes this year. πŸ…
The three tomato plants we acquired from Fleeta are coming in beautifully.

Baby date! (my baby is the one who doesn't "relax")
Another baby date! The other two babies laid around like babies, while my crazy son crawled all over the place and tried to grab hair and faces.

Happy moms club. πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’š
Three happy mommies and their adorable baby boys.

The best πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£
What’s better than baby toes?

Guess what we're doing this weekend?
Flashback to the last time we went camping. We did go camping again this past weekend, but thanks to a crappy combo of forest fire haze/rain the next day, it wasn’t nearly so picturesque.

Re-united and it feels so gooooood
I got re-lashed! I joked with my eyelash lady that I wasn’t going to tell Josh, just let him figure it out. The next day he came home from work and told me I looked “pretty”.

I batted my synthetic lashes and asked, “Notice anything…different?”

“Lashes?” he correctly guessed. Good job, husband!

7 months old! πŸ’šπŸ’š
Meanwhile Mr. Goo is 7 months old now! WHERE IS THE TIME GOING, STOP IT TIME.

Maggie dog says, "What are we doing today?"
Bear Cub is 9 this year, and Maggie will be 12 in November! Siiiigh.

Some inspiration, sweetie (thanks @erinlovesmullets)
A little inspiration. It made me cackle.

Happy Friday! πŸ’œ
Me and my Gooey Goo. In spite of all the crib trauma, he slept from 9-4:30, had a feeding session with Mommy, and then back to sleep until 6:45. Not too shabby.

Camping pics up next!

Let your freak flag fly!

Let your freak flag fly!

I cut some daisies from the yard, but they were so stinky I had to put them outside! Who knew.
Bloop bleep orp eee ah ah, blog! Here are some daisies I was excited to cut from the massive bush we have in the front yard. Too bad I discovered that daisies smell awful, so they had to stay outside.

My MIL bought herself a new sewing machine so I scored her old one. I loved my Singer, but it would cost more to replace it than fix the issues!
Fleeta bought herself another sewing machine at a garage sale, so I scored her old Bernina. Yes!

It’s already mid-July. How depressing! I need to go camping two more times this summer in order to feel fulfilled in life.

I like the Hotel Nexus sign πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
We recently met up with Josh’s co-workers at the Saffron Grill by Northgate, giving me the opportunity to enjoy the Hotel Nexus sign again.

Balloon flowers πŸ’œ
Cute little balloon flowers in the front yard.

July. 🌞
I haven’t worked in 2+ weeks. This hasn’t been my choice, of course. I have a little work lined up for the end of the month, thank goodness.

Let's frolic. 🌸🌼🌿
My neighbor’s yard is so pretty pretty.

New miniature painting in my Etsy shop! "Glitter Betta Fish". ✨✨✨
Latest mini painting: glitter Betta fish! Yayyyy! Available for sale HERE.

Rainbow toes 🌈✨✨
Current nailpolish situation: rainbow.

Gee, look at how cute I used to be. Siiiigh. This was 2014. DID I APPRECIATE IT THEN??? Probably not.

Here's a quilt I started a long time ago, just needs to be tied and bound.
Here’s an old unfinished quilt I re-discovered lately. Just needs to be tied and bound and it will be complete! How long will it take me to do those things, do you think?

Scored these two palm tree paintings at an estate sale for 7$! They go perfectly in our Hawaiian-themed kitchen.
Scored these two palm tree paintings at my neighbor’s estate sale for only 7 clams! They go perfectly in the kitchen. Francesca is finally retired.

The hydrangea in the front yard is really poppin' πŸ’œ
The hydrangea in the front yard is really blossoming this year.

Happy Friday! πŸŒžπŸ’–βœ¨
Happy Goo!

This absolutely looks like something my grandmother would've worn in the 70s. Even the costume jewelry!
This layout in “Elle” magazine caught my eye…the “athleisure” knits look like something my grandmother would have worn in the 1970’s…complete with the costume jewelry.

Josh cleaning out the roof gutters with assistance from Anthony while I sit on the back deck with the baby and watch terrifying YouTube videos about Australian spiders.
Here’s Joshy climbing up a very long ladder to the roof yesterday to clean out the gutters. Anthony assisted him, while I looked up terrifying spider videos on the Youtubes. Don’t watch this one.

Cloudy at Magnuson Park today.
Today was Josh’s company picnic at Magnuson Park, so we packed up Mr. Baby and the rogs and checked it out. I ate a bunless cheeseburger and a bunless hot dog. Atkins, can you hear meeeeee?

The mens.
Baby Goo did great! He didn’t fuss at all. Maggie begged everyone at the picnic for food, and Bear Cub patiently let lots of sticky-handed little kids pet her tail.

Me and my Goo. 🌈Let
That’s my baby!

Ta ta blog-logs. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Camping with my baby

Camping with my baby

Gym face. Since the arrival of Mr. Baby I only get to go to the gym on the weekend, but I'm glad to do it. If only Planet Fitness had child care! 😝
Hey everybody! It’s my gym face. I only go to the gym once or twice a week now, but I ENJOY it, dammit.

Tiny white flowers in the front yard.
Wonder what these tiny white flowers are in the front yard? They smell similar to lilacs, but not as sweet.

The Endless Summer hydrangea and Maggie dog. πŸ’™
For reasons having nothing to do with me, I am temporarily jobless. BOOOO. However, it’s July, my favorite summer month, I have a freezer full of Mexican popsicles, and all I gotta do is keep my baby alive every day. Life’s not too shabby.

Black currants in the front yard that we've been meaning to pick for a couple weeks now. What would we do with them?
Ah shucks this photo reminds me that we still haven’t picked those black currants in the front yard.

Poor Bear Cub is getting drugged today! She hates fireworks.
I drugged both of the dogs up for the 4th of July, and they did great. Even Mr. Baby did great. I, on the other hand, was extremely grumpy! I couldn’t believe how noisy the fireworks were this year!

Happy 4th! I've got ✨spirit✨✨✨
I glittered myself up for the occasion. I also wore a red/white/blue dress I bought from H&M last year, but I’m not going to post any photos of that because my arms are just too damn fat. I have 5 months to lose 20 pounds. Do you think I can do it???

Ronia and her baby cousin.
Awww look at Goo, secure in the arms of Ronia. She was really the only cousin who paid attention to him. Well, Elliot did come over at one point and affectionately call him, “The spawnliest spawn”, which I took as a compliment.

Aunt Brenna made M. the cutest little outfit.
Brenna made him this super-cute outfit.

Water Cub! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Guess what we did last Thursday?

Baby's first camping trip! Not even 6 months old.
We took our special Goo camping for the first time!

He did so good. He even slept in the tent, in his little baby cradle, from 10-6, and didn’t wake up when Bear Cub went BARK BARK BARK at something/someone in the middle of the night.

I was so proud of him! Now I don’t have to be nervous for the next time that we go camping. I’d like to go again, ASAP.

Look, there’s me.

Mr. Baby and daddy in matching flannels--how PNW is this? 😍
Fleeta found this tiny flannel for Mr. Baby, and it just happens to match Josh’s perfectly.

Bear Cub at the river's edge. πŸ’¦
We went to one of our favorite spots, and camped with the car nearby, instead of hiking…first time we’d done that since 2010.

My water dogs.
The dogs had a great time, as always. The next camp over had a crazy old skinny man named Dave who smoked weed, gave us oatmeal cookies, and played the damn recorder at 2 o’clock in the morning. Oh Dave!

This one's for you, @dubtrance 😘
I took this photo for Christopher, who has an irrational hatred of my Chacos.

Mr. Baby loves nature.

River Lizzy. πŸ’¦
Welp, I’m just gonna have to be fat this summer. That’s life! That’s what happens when you have a baby!

Let's go back!
Josh in his Hendrix trunks…always a good look.

River sunset.
So pretty.

We went to a matinee of "Alien: Covenant"--the scariest thing was, we were all alone in the theater!
“I wonder when the movie theater will become obsolete?” I asked Josh on the way in to see “Alien: Covenant” Saturday afternoon…and lo and behold, we were the only patrons! Until the film started, and about 3 people trickled in. It was good, but will never top the first two in the series.

Time is going by too quickly! Tonight we start FOOD. πŸ˜‹
Today my big boy is six months old! Time is going by too fast. I’m going to cook him a yam tonight for his first food…can’t wait to see his face!

Beach, babies and Broads

Beach, babies and Broads

My neighbors roses are electric πŸ”₯
Hey blog! Hard to believe it’s July already. Time is moving too quickly.

Beach baby 🌈
My fat baby is going to be 6 months old in 9 days! And it seems like only yesterday that I was pushing him out.

You betcha we went to the beach again. What else are you gonna do when it's 90 degrees?
When the weather gets hot, you go to the beach! Even if it is only for 20 minutes (before your baby starts fussing).

Your parents at the beach. πŸŒˆπŸ’¦
Look, it’s your parents at the beach. I wore my rainbow hat to the dog park yesterday, and Mr. Baby was grabbing at it, attempting to put it in his mouth.

“Careful, son,” I warned him. “You don’t know where this hat has been! And it’s never been washed.”

“He might get a contact high from it,” snorted the Broad.

Crab, anyone?
Lots of dead crabs washed up on the shore that day. Mmmmm, craaaaaab.

Beach Bear πŸ’¦
Bear Cub loves the beach.

My mom bought me a furry present
Lookie lookie what my mom bought me! I love furry presents. Too bad the foot doctor I recently visited told me that I have to wear hard, enclosed shoes ALL DAY LONG NOW. Ugghhhhh.

Butterfly in action!
I just want my tootsies to be free! Like this butterfly.

Our daisies are really blossoming this year!
The daisies in our front yard are really blossoming this year!

Little Lizzy. ✨✨✨
Here for no particular reason is little Lizzy as Tinker Bell. OMG I can’t wait to play dress-up with my son! I will be so proud when he dons a wig for the first time. It will be like playing dress-up with my little brother all over again, only BETTER.

Tbt: color-coordinating with @dubtrance, October 2015. πŸ’šπŸŒˆβœ¨
Another flashback, to October 2015. Christopher re-posted this picture to his IG account and then told me over the phone that he’d had to erase some comments about how “anorexic” I looked.

“Tell me more,” I said, eagerly.

“Oh, like ‘eat a sandwich’…” he offered.

“Are you kidding?” I squawked. “I’ve been dieting half my life…that’s a COMPLIMENT.”

Summer splendor!
Heigh ho. Look at how pretty pretty the flowers in my neighbor’s yard are!

The weight is slowwwwwly coming off, thanks to eating lunches like this one: a humble salad.

Nice day for it 😎
And of course, walking Mr. Baby and the rogs every day. But I’ve done that all along.

We love being outside! πŸŒΏπŸŒžπŸ’•
We love to be outside! Especially when the weather is in the 70’s. Perfect.

He was so good at the dog park yesterday. Smiling and cooing and charming everyone. Especially several wet dogs, who just wanted to kiss him.

My broad showing off her stunningly white legs at Magnuson Park today.
Look, it’s my Broad! With her glowing white legs. I tried to “saturate” some color into them, but it just made them blue.

“Hey look, I got a little color,” she said as we were leaving the park yesterday, showing me her arm.

“If by ‘color’, you mean pinker and with more freckles, then yes, you got some color,” I told her.

Maggie and Bear Cub swam it up today. πŸ’¦
Josh was off work early yesterday so we picked up the Broad and went to Magnuson Park, near her house. It was H-O-T!

My Father's Day gift to Joshy. For camping!
Here’s the camping Dad mug I bought Joshy for Father’s Day. We may just go camping this week…wish us luck!