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Arachnophobia (part 34758373)

Arachnophobia (part 34758373)
Arachnophobia by Gods Emerald
Arachnophobia, a photo by Gods Emerald on Flickr.

Today I arrived home from work, ran into the bedroom to pull off my skirt and tights and change into Dog Park Pants (the Boy’s workout pants, of course) and there, on the wall, right next to the bed, was an ENORMOUS spider. Yeah, I know, I’ve said it before, but this one really was big. And hideously ugly.

I was on the phone with Corinne at the time, so of course, being a completely non-phobic person, she had helpful hints like “Just kill it and walk away” and “Smash it with a book” (sort of like Christopher’s advice when I was in a similar predicament last year and he told me to “throw a Bible at it”).

The problem is, I’m severely arachnophobic and there are rules. The spider needs to be dead so I can carry on the rest of my day, but 1. no half measures and 2. I can’t get my body too physically close to it.

The solution was an aluminum pole I discovered outside that I’m sure has something to do with hiking/camping. I duct taped a piece of cardboard to the end of the pole, instructed Corinne to give me moral support, and POW! smashed the bastard all over the wall, where a nice brownish schmear remains. What am I supposed to do, wipe it up? Ha! Some things never change.

HAPPY FRIDAY! I was happy to work for two weeks, but mayaaaan I’m also happy to have a break. Corinne and I have plans to go fabric/yarn shopping tomorrow, and I want her to use her nerd skills and help me pick out a computer. The problem is, I don’t know what I want. I’ve only ever had hand-me-downs.

It’s supposed to be my “big” Christmas present this year, but we have officially run out of disk space and despite various methods to get more, the current computer is just way too old. I just want a basic PC that I can use for Internet, editing photos and watching videos, one with a lot of memory. Shouldn’t be too expensive, right? Help Mumma. Give me your PC advice…I’ll take all I can get. If comments intimidate you e-mail me at