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Nature, Madeline Kahn and a funny mockumentary

Nature, Madeline Kahn and a funny mockumentary

Another 4 mile training run with this furry bunch today. @djmagicelf continued another 9 miles after us. 💪
Hey-yooooo what’s happening, blog? It’s Thursday and I just finished my half a cup of coffee and there is a musty Bear Cub at my feet while I am writing this blog entry. This photo is from Sunday, when we went on a four mile trail “run” together.

Nice mushroom! 🍄
Nice ‘shroom!

Happy running face earlier today. We both wore our contacts for the run, and now our eyeballs are burning! Oh those spring allergies! 💦
At the beginning of the run, lip stain still intact. We both wore our contacts that day and then had burning eyeballs for the rest of the night. Ohhhh spring allergies!

Currently I’m killing time before I meet one of my former bosses for coffee. Then it’ll be some kind of fun furry outdoor activity, because it’s supposed to be 80 degrees today, and I (luckily?) have the day off.

Finished painting the guest room last night. The "true" colors are really hard to capture via photo, but it's "Soothing lavender" on the top and "Periwinkle dream" on the bottom. Hi Jerry!
This is a grainy and not particularly color-accurate photo of the completed paint job in the guest bedroom: “Soothing Lavender” on top, “Periwinkle Dream” on the bottom. Somehow my vision for the room went from dark blue to dark purple to light purple (yuck, never mind) to THIS, and we both like it.

The sun showed up, so we rushed outside for ball fetching and rainbow spotting. 🎾
I mean, sure, it’s another blue room and it seems like every room we re-paint is either blue or green but is there anything really wrong with that? They are, after all, the best colors!

Finally got around to putting photos in these cool shell frames Josh bought me in 2014: Josh on skis and (what else?) my dogs!
Josh bought me these colorful shell frames for my birthday in 2014 and I finally got around to putting photos in them. I have a Grand Vision of editing/printing out photos from years past but considering the amount of photos we take, that seems daunting. Then I considered editing/printing out photos one year at a time, starting in 2008 (I lost all the photos from 2005-2007 on a ruined hard drive). I made it through August 2008 before losing interest. We take a lot of photos in this family!

I 💛 Madeline Kahn.
Oh Madeline Kahn, I love you. You have no idea how many times I just casually bust out:

I’ve been with thousands of men
Again and again
They promise the moon
They’re always coming and going
and going and coming
…and always too soon! (here)

Spotted in my neighbor's yard. 🌸
Sometimes Bear Cub lets me drag her around the neighborhood (she can be a stubborn Cub) so we can gawk at all of my neighbors’ beautiful flowers.

It's a gloomy day out, but that doesn't deter us. 🌿
Monday was a gloomy, rainy day. I made some fair progress on Corinne’s cat painting number 1.

Surprise find at Safeway this morning, for only 1$! Mmmmm. 😍
And what should I find at Safeway for only one dollah? Why, delicious Bedford’s ginger ale, mmmmmm.

My ode to cloche hats, circa 2005. I still haven't made any cloche hats! Fleece and faux fur beanies, yes.
A brief trip down memory lane. This is from a little journal I kept when I worked at the fabric store, my first year of living in Washington. I was so bored (because we had such little business) that I journaled and then knit and then eventually brought my sewing machine in and then Ali told me I had to “work” and I didn’t like that so much so I finished my graduate degree and became a speech therapist! Huzzah!

Josh wants me to explore some stars. 🌟💫✨
Christmas present from Josh. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m thinking about it, by gum!

Bill Hader as Little Edie...I mean, "Little Vivvy", in "Sandy Passage". Hilarious!
Bill Hader and Fred Armison in “Documentary Now!”, a send-up of famous documentaries. You can imagine that my favorite one was “Sandy Passage”, a dead-on mockumentary of “Grey Gardens”, starring Hader as Little “Vivvy” with sweatpants on her head. Yes! The “surprise” ending is WORTH IT.

The eyelash extensions are finally out, after a whole year...and I think my natural top lashes are shorter than the bottom ones. Sob! Natural lashes are overrated!
How disappointing to discover what tiny, blonde and short natural eyelashes I possess after a year or so of extensions. In fact, I think my bottom lashes might be longer than my top lashes now! SOB!

Post-haircut and feeling pretty again. 💛
I had to get over the sadness of no longer possessing glamorous lashes by getting my tri-annual haircut yesterday from my favorite stylist. She is pregnant with a girl baby, happy and adorable and we spent the hour and a half it took to do my hair (she is thorough) gabbing about babies and pregnancy.

I love these checkered lilies.
After that, I had a Sephora gift card from Christmas and 25 dollars on a Nordstrom gift card (from who knows when?) so I sashayed over to the mall to spend them. I had a list with me of some perfumes and products I was interested in, but the only item on the list that Nordstrom and Sephora had was a cannabis perfume by Fresh. It has a patchouli note in it and I looooove patchouli, because I am a dirty hippie at heart.

Tree fort! 🌲
However, said perfume was 90 BUCKS and that’s outrageous for patchouli so I used my gift card to buy a Fresh lip tint instead (total cost to me: 62 cents) and then at Sephora I bought a new foundation compact (total cost to me: 0 cents). I informed them that I never received my birthday gift back in December because they had “run out” (true story) and so I got the April birthday gift: a Marc Jacobs lipstick and black eyeliner. Verdict: eh. Have you ever gotten a free lipstick that was a color that actually worked on you? I haven’t. The eyeliner’s not bad, though.

Also recently discovered: a gift card for 50 dollars to Jo Ann Fabrics…that’s next!

Maggie and Bear Cub are VERY interested in that cat across the street. 😸
Dog butts at the window, barking at a cat across the street.

That brings us up to date! Time for breakfast. Catch yer later.

Bound to be the very next phase

Bound to be the very next phase

Soooo grainy. Now that I have a new iphone that doesn’t have a case partly covering the flash, I should remember to USE THE FLASH sometimes! This was my “big hair” night a’la Kissyfur. Speaking of big hair (attempts), I bought one of those hair donuts that were all the rage in 2013 and Christopher showed me how to use it. I wore the donut in my hair two days ago to work but took it out when I got home before I could document it. It does make my hair look BIGGER! Always a good thing!

Imagine my surprise to see our bulbs coming up already…in January! That’s too early, bulbs! They must be confused because it’s been so warm. It’s supposed to be partly sunny and 57 this weekend…which sounds positively dreeeeeeamy for January.

Finally finished this book, and when I say that this is the most interesting book about running I’ve ever read, I really mean it! Christopher McDougall is an incredibly colorful writer, and has a way of describing the people in this book that rivets you. An excellent read.

Schnubs at the window, doing her watchdog thang.

I kept seeing this lotion pop up online in the circles I travel in (snicker) so I finally just went ahead and purchased it. I’m about to run out of my favorite coconut lotion since 2011, “Pure Fiji”, and was ready for something new. Smells nice…I’ll have to test it on my skin tonight and see what happens.

An item that had been languishing on my Amazon wish list since 2010: “Electrical Banana”, a book entirely about psychedelic art, which I’ve enjoyed for as long as I can remember. Something about psychedelic art from the 1960’s does fun stuff to my brain, and always will.

Grooooovy, baby, yeah! The book also has some 6o’s fashion in it…maybe that will be the kick in the pants I need to start a sewing project. It’s been too long, sewing machine!

I’m vibrating on my 4th cup of coffee right now, thanks to one of my bosses who sweetly bought me a latte today. Me, turn down coffee? Never. Tomorrow marks my 7th year of a Booze-Free Existence, so maybe I’ll force Josh to take me out to dinner. Or maybe on Saturday I’ll just treat myself to a haircut…things are getting mighty raggy ’round here. Have a fab-u-lous weekend blogeroos!

A beautiful birthday

A beautiful birthday

hanging Francesca
TGIF, blog! Here’s Joshy hanging up the Francesca painting in our dining room. She received a fresh coat of teal paint around her edges first. “This is the first time I’ve liked the Francesca painting,” Josh remarked, which didn’t hurt my feelings, because she was an early early work.

Wednesday was my birthday, and both of my bosses kindly offered to let me take the day off, which I NEVER do. Boy am I glad I did this year! I had a fabulous day that wouldn’t have been possible if I had worked during all the daylight hours. Normally I get off work and have about an hour of daylight to cram in all the outdoor sunny fun activities…Wednesday I had HOURS (thanks for waking me up at 7 am, body).

papasan and presents
When I woke up that morning, Josh had strung up white twinkle lights all over the back patio, and a fresh teal microsuede papasan cushion (my request) greeted me, all wrapped up in a glitter bow and piled with birthday presents. What a sweet husband!

happy papasan face
It had been so long since we’d had a cushion on the papasan, I had forgotten how comfortable they are! Bliss!

glitter on the papasan
As a nice touch, the papasan is already covered in silver glitter from the bow. Somehow this seems appropriate.

L cup
I unwrapped just one present before Josh left for work: this lovely L coffee cup. Oh who am I fooling with these tea drinking fantasies? Coffee 4 Life! (plus it prevents Alzheimer’s)

I had a really lovely day, which was enhanced 87.333% by the sun shining all day. I went to my hair salon and had a free bangs trim, dropped into Sephora for my free birthday gift (Make-Up Forever mascara and lipstick, I couldn’t resist), stopped by my favorite thrift shop to see about any cute little sequin numbers for the night out (nope, but I found a teal lamp), purchased six delicious donuts from a Korean donut shop that I nibbled on throughout the day, dog walk with the girls, and finally at some point in the afternoon I parked my butt at the make-up table to do my dinner make-up while watching “Advanced Style”.

Zodiac eyeshadow
You just can’t go into Sephora for your free birthday gift without buying something, and I was drawn like a magpie to this deep green glittery eyeshadow from Urban Decay called “Zodiac”. My camera is not doing macro so well in this photo, otherwise you could see the MAGIC.

birthday makeup
Trying to watch “Advanced Style” was more like Advanced A.D.D. but I made it through the first 30 minutes while painting my face. Of course I’ll need to watch it multiple times, review it AND take photos to be completely fulfilled…but what I saw so far I loved!

“I never wanted to look young,” said one of the ladies in the documentary, “I just wanted to look good.” Yeah!

ripping open gifts
Fully made up and dressed (the bangs weren’t working but they’re hit or miss), I toddled downstairs to sit at the kitchen table and open Josh’s presents and cards.

glitter card
This glitter card is lovely.

feather card
So is the feather card. He really hit my colors this year–teal teal teal and a little purple.

peacock ornament
Glittery peacock ornament, yes!

blue shell frame
Gorgeous teal shell frame, even more yes! He bought a pair of them but one already broke, so I’m going to exchange it. Hopefully.

purple shell frame
The purple version is nice too.

gorgeous blue and purple dish
The piece de resistance, however, was this stunning blue and purple dish. I actually gasped when I pulled it out of the box.

displaying the goodness
So pretty!

two plates
He bought me two, because he couldn’t decide which pattern he liked best. Smart thinking, husband! Now where will I display them?

Lizzy in the foyer
I wore this outfit out to my birthday 3 years ago, but who’s counting? This time I added black suede wedges for a little extra height (and glamour).

birthday couple
Josh wore the shirt and tie he was required to wear at my brother’s wedding two months ago, but shhhh, nobody has to know that. He looks nice in purple.

L and C
For my special birthday dinner I requested a French restaurant in Pike Place Market, with the most perfect view of the Ferris wheel outside, which was specially lit up rainbow all night. Everyone at dinner remarked that they had never seen it rainbow before, which makes me think it was just for ME. I invited my Broad, Brenna and Jerry, and Christy and her…um, plus one.

Brenna and Jerry are cute
Aw, nerds in love. Brenna got adorably tipsy on wine and talked very emotionally about her children. She’s a born entertainer, that one! Never have to worry about the conversation drying up!

C and E
Christy had been up since 5 a.m. and had actually been on an airplane earlier that day, so I was pleased she came. She gave me a gift card to Sephora (always a good thing!) and, naturally, matched me AGAIN with her white sparkle sweater.

J and L
Dinner was delicious, but for the price should have been INSANELY good. I had escargot (we all agreed that it was okay as a vehicle for garlic and butter but overall nothing special), giant scallops (mmmm), and mixed vegetables, which included butternut squash. Normally I run far and fast away from butternut squash, but somehow they made it delicious. I ordered raisin bread pudding for dessert that I thought I had more room for than I did, and to drink I had a non-alcoholic ginger beer called “Rachel’s ginger beer” made locally that was really good.

Josh had a pork shank, Corinne had beef marrow because it’s her time of the month (she did remarkably well in spite of this–giggly and happy and not a trace of Broad-ish behavior!), and who knows what everyone else had because I was too busy snarfing. The conversation flowed nicely, I tried and failed to take non-blurry photos of the rainbow Ferris wheel, and all in all it was one of the nicest birthdays I’ve had.

special card
Then the following day (I thought sending cards late was my specialty, Mumsie!) I received birthday cards from my parents. This one is very Dad…

pug card
…and this one is very Mom!

Phew! That was a lot of photos. I’m about to snarf some BBQ chicken and carrot cake (one of my bosses was kind enough to bake me a massive homemade carrot cake the day after my birthday!) and reeeeeelax. Happy weekend, blog-logs.

The Electric Palette is bold and beautiful!

The Electric Palette is bold and beautiful!

Something very exciting showed up in my mailbox on Friday! Urban Decay’s faaabulous new “Electric” eyeshadow palette. Ooh baby baby ooh. I was on the fence about it, but then Sephora conveniently had a 15% off coupon and after an encouraging text message from the Broad (“You hardly ever buy eyeshadow–won’t it be nice to take to Hawaii”?) I WENT FOR IT.

Urban Decay Electric palette
And boy was I glad I did. Just look at those colors!

Electric palette close-up
Mind you, I did read online that four of the colors–the neon pink, orange, glitter pink and purple–are not recommended to use around your “immediate” eye area, which is definitely a turn-off. Then I remembered all the years I doused my immediate eye area in craft glitter and figured eh, I’ll work around it…

Electric test
…so I smeared the unsafe ones ABOVE my immediate eye area. There was definitely a little staining the next day, but soap and baby wipes removed it. Now, my eyes actually have been bothering me since I removed my contacts yesterday, but I suspect it’s from the sunscreen/sunshine/being outside all day long + allergies combo I had going on yesterday, and not the eyeshadow. Just to be on the safe side, however, I thoroughly washed my eyeshadow brushes.

Electric glide
The beauty of the colors got me so excited I had to put on my neon floral vintage pantsuit and bop around the house! I even made a little Instagram video declaring my love for the Electric palette. Mawwwww.

floral jumpsuit
I had Joshy take a couple of “action” shots. The inspirational power of a neon eyeshadow palette, eh? Good Times!

Josh and I attended the Tulip Festival yesterday and then had a glorious afternoon at Marymoor Park…more about that later, including lots of beautiful tulip photos. Right now it’s time to run with the dogs outside. Sunshine is calling!

And a final bit of fun with Urban Decay eyeshadow (teal!)

And a final bit of fun with Urban Decay eyeshadow (teal!)

teal eyeshadow
It’s teal! One of my faves, naturally. “Peace” in the palette–just a really great, bright color not at all suitable for my day job.

This eyeshadow series has been fun for me! Any requests? I was thinking next about either:

– more eyeshadow fun–except actually trying more complicated looks
– maybe some lipstain reviews and
– possibly one of those “My husband did my make-up!” entries, just for fun. I’d have to talk Josh into it, but he’d be down.

And a little more fun with Urban Decay eyeshadow (purple!)

And a little more fun with Urban Decay eyeshadow (purple!)

purple eyeshadow
The purple in the eyeshadow series, “ransom”. Coming up next: teal, and then I’ll have to think of another series or move on to another eyeshadow palette. Unless of course I want to do BLACK.

Yesterday I went to my fancy-schmancy salon and paid 0 dollars for a bangs trim. They’ve been offering free bangs trims to me for years, this is the first time I took them up on it. Worth it! Then Corinne-y and I went out and I got my first gel manicure. I have pictures of Corinne at the salon with one of the technician’s tiny dogs snuggled in her lap–I’ll share later on. The colors of the gels offered were nothing to gasp over, but I’m kind of excited about the prospect of having chip-free nails for a couple of weeks. Then we went to Kidd Valley and rounded (heh) our Broad Date out with cheeseburgers. I suspect we’re going to repeat the whole process in two weeks, because how else can you get this crap off your nails?

Even more fun with Urban Decay eyeshadow (green!)

Even more fun with Urban Decay eyeshadow (green!)

green eyeshadow
Heeeey it’s time for more Fun with One of My Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes! Because after 10 years of blogging, friends, you gotta try new things. If I look a little sickly in this photo, it’s because I was sick Friday and all weekend with who knows what, involving some serious horizontal “activity”–and by activity I mean eating and playing “Super Penguin Jetpack” on my iphone, ’cause that’s all the activity I did all weekend. Seriously, my Activelink just reads as a flat line. Heigh ho. All that sleep paid off though, because I’m not sick anymore!

Colors on lids: “graffiti” as the base coat, with some M.A.C. around the edges and a little MAC “swimming” on top for sparkle. Neely. Note to movie viewers: PLEASE DO NOT RENT “IDENTITY THEFT”, IT IS HORRIBLE. “My Strange Addiction” is instant on Netflix now, so I spent a few hours watching that yesterday while Josh was skiing. I can handle toilet paper/dryer sheet/plastic eating, but the growing out your fingernails and toenails addiction? NO MA’AM. Couldn’t even watch it. No thanks. Maggie’s certainly addicted to eating my used Kleenex, maybe she should be on the show. Gross. “My dog’s gross addiction”.

Stay tuned for PURPLE, NEXT!