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Changes, a Broad Date and the first signs of spring

Changes, a Broad Date and the first signs of spring

Swirl. πŸ’œ
Halloo and welcome to the Continuing Chronicles of my Baby Making and Partial Job Employment!

Little tiny floral locket, from Etsy shop Freshy Fig. 🌸
Regarding February’s abrupt switch into PRN employment, I just had to remind myself: Β I’ve been here before. Let’s see: in 2008, 2009, 2010, Β and then in 2011 I was a “stay at home artist”, 2012, 2013…really not until 2014 did I work a consistent schedule. So this is nothing new in my history, I suppose, it’s just new for…2016.

This is a ten year old dog. πŸ’•
One day of work in nearing 2.5 weeks…feelers out to three different people, but I may have to expand that list. Siiiigggggghhhhh. Job searching is not much fun.

The beggars are back! Maggie has cottage cheese crust on her muzzle, ha ha.
But look at how much MORE time I get to spend with black dogs! Huh? Huh? Arf! Pant! Slobber! I was feeling emotionally delicate yesterday and they were clustered around my body for most of the day while I laid on the couch and watched nearly the entire first season of “The Mighty Boosh”.

"...and this, my friend, represents a major breakthrough on the sewing machine." I'm just now getting into "The Mighty Boosh"...I sense an obsession coming on!
Excuse the terrible screenshot. I just discovered this weird show, which is a cult British sitcom that ran from 2004-2007. It’s a little bit of “Spaced” mixed with actors from “The IT Crowd”; it’s odd and irreverent and features a lot of singing and costume changes and it really hit the spot for me yesterday.

Look who decided to jump into the filthy pond right as we were leaving the dog park?
Monday morning I was informed, via e-mail, that we have 2 viable embryos that passed all the testing, were biopsied, and are frozen. To hear that I went from 14 to 6 to 2 was a little shocking, and wouldn’t you know it, both my primary doctor and nurse are out of the office this week to explain things to me more thoroughly.

New fave. YUM.
Of course I also started my first period after 8 days of rigorous hormone shots on Sunday (bloody Valentine’s Day!) (sorry), so all the usual ridiculous sensitivity to air/time/space/everything was present to accompany this news.

Sunday morning sleep deprivation/hormone-enhanced blue eyeshadow look. Unfinished hat by @dubtrance. πŸ’™
Self-portrait Sunday morning, attempting to soothe my senses via blue eyeshadow.

At any rate, emotionally I feel back to normal again today…thank goodness, oy, hypersensitivity suuuuucks. I had to make the decision not to worry about anything until I speak with my doctor so…here’s me not worrying! La tee da!Β 

I just keep adding more!
I thought I was finished with this sucker but it pulled me back in!

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but we celebrate February 13th, 'cause that's the date he proposed to me 8 years ago. ❀️
Meanwhile, my sweet husband bought me roses, chocolates and archery lessons (for two!) on February 13th, which we celebrate instead of February 14th, as it’s the anniversary of his proposal. He is a very good husband. My mother-in-law sent a homemade card, chocolates, Hawaiian-themed hot pads AND a check for 25$…so sweet!Β 

My next painting project (after I finish two Mandalas) is painting Corinne's kitties! Meow!
And finally after months with no Broad, I had a Broad date! She cleaned up the mama cat of her brood and sent her off to live with her neighbor, where she is much happier. So now she’s down to four cats. I took pictures of the three that allowed me and plan on doing some little kitty portraits after my latest Mandala is complete.

Corinne's cool shirt. πŸ’–
Corinne had a cool shirt on. I’m not totally feeling the Bern but I’m not feeling anyone else, either.

"The Breakfast Club" in Lake City: fabboo brunch and kitsch galore.
We both had hobo skillets at The Breakfast Club, a glorious little kitschy hole-in-the-wall diner near her house. YUM.

Trying to encourage my dogs to get off the patio and play in the mud with me today. Harrumph!
‘member when we used to play outside in the backyard, pets? They have ZERO interest in playing in the backyard, it’s the strangest thing. They can’t wait to get out of the house to go to the dog park (or any park), but when I try to toss a ball in the backyard, NOPE. Oh well.

Hellebores in the backyard. πŸ’š
I went exploring in the backyard by myself because spring is starting to happen! Look at the hellebore! So beautiful.

Spring is hitting my planters! πŸ’š
And the grape hyacinth too! Delightful.

I may start blogging more frequently now that my work schedule has changed…blogging has always been a great source of therapy for me, and once a week ain’t cuttin’ it! See you soon.

On blogging for EVER, Internet time management, and glitter

On blogging for EVER, Internet time management, and glitter

Skeleton tee Tuesday. πŸ’€πŸ’š

It’s recently come to my attention (said in fake Chloe Sevigny voice) that I have been blogging for a looooooong time. Since 2003, to be exact.


I think about “freshening” up this blog (ie.: removing archives) ALL THE TIME, but never do. I find myself re-reading them sometimes, for a chuckle.

Oh sushi you, you got what I neeeeed...🍣

I am nothing if not…consistent, I guess. Consistently addicted to dogs, glitter, blogging. Or at least, journaling. I don’t think that will ever change.

Dinner out with @djmagicelf and his cool shirt πŸ’‹

I don’t even read other blogs anymore, it’s kind of strange. Raymi now and again. I check in occasionally with my linked blogs on the sidebar…the ones who are still around. A small list!

Why not bloody eyeball cupcake decorations? πŸ‘»

When I’m online I mostly cruise through xojane, stop by Jezebel, and if I need to be disgusted by current events I might drop by Gawker, but only briefly.

Misty and gloomy today, but we still have to do our daily dog walk.

I have a goal, actually, to set a timer when I’m online and spend NO MORE THAN 60 MINUTES…because who needs to be online longer than that? If you don’t have a computer-related job, I mean. I don’t.

Chartreuse + Berry. 🍁

There’s an app you can put on your phone that measures how much time you spend online, but it runs all the time and sucks up so much data I erased it after one day.

Tom's kind of a beefcake, huh?

Ever seen the original “Night of the Living Dead?” We watched it again recently, and damn if it doesn’t stand the test of time! This character Tom was a beefcake, too. Look at those muscles!

A spooky scene, courtesy of @djmagicelf πŸ’€

Josh pulled it together last weekend (while I was hunched over the latest Mandala) and decorated our front yard for Halloween. Ooooh, spooky!

Creative outdoor Halloween decorations, thanks to @djmagicelf

He really outdid himself with the giant spider climbing up the house, devouring a human carcass. I’m so proud of him!

Gettin' my Mandala on today. This one is going to be floral.

Floral Mandala, in the works. It’s all inked up and I’ve started coloring it in…which is the best part.

Was introduced to these delicious little balls of heaven last night by @idahoagogo...YUM.

Christy came over Saturday night for a visit. She talked for hours and I made chicken yakisoba and she brought over these delicious mochi balls from Trader Joe’s. I’d only had the green tea flavor before and wasn’t a fan, but these were tasty.

Pretty sky tonight. πŸ’™

She gave me some pretty teal-and-red earrings she bought for me during her honeymoon in Turkey, and I gave her some cool gardening seeds I picked up at the Met, in NYC.

Could not resist. 🌹

My passion for “Display & Costume” runs deep, and unfortunately they only have their “Day of the Dead” section up this time of year. How could I resist this DoD glitter skull for 1.99???! It looks so good against the teal paint.

Why not glitter claws? ✨✨✨
I resisted the glitter claws, though. Heh.

Yesterday for the first time in the two weeks post-half-marathon my foot didn’t hurt. Instead of running on it, I chose to sit on the stationary bike instead. All day, no pain! Today I wore stupid flats with no arch support to work, and it hurts just a TINY bit, but I’m going to pop some Ibuprofen and go walk the rogs. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside.

So long 2014!

So long 2014!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m chugging coffee, munching on Shirley’s coconut chocolate chip cookies and snickering at this old New Year’s Resolution list I found in one of my teenage notebooks. I can only assume I was in my early teens when I wrote this list because of the roundness of the letters. My mother always teases me that every year my New Year’s resolution was to “get a tan”, and I’m sure she’s right, but at least according to this list I’ve always been smart about protecting my face! (my decolletage…well, that’s another story…). The little smart ass note at the bottom is pretty hilarious too, since I’ve always been an oversharer my entire life, and have always WANTED people to read my blathering. Emotionally scarring–ha!

As is my yearly tradition, I’m gonna re-cap what I did this year. Let’s see how fast I can make this happen. What did I do in 2014?

pink eyeshadow
NOT MUCH, January. Some eyeshadow experimentation.

Corinne and I and our fresh gel manicures yesterday. I got berry, she got purple. Then we feasted on cheeseburgers. It was a good day!
Corinne coaxes me into getting my first shellac manicure, and now I’m HOOKED. 2-3 weeks of perfect nails without chipping for 20-25 bucks…worth it.

–arrival of a late Christmas present, the Sony camera–trust me kids, stick with Canon. Never again, Sony.

– became hooked on the books of James Lee Burke (damn fine writer)

I think I see the light
Took a decent self-portrait with the Sony…? Is that notable?

failed body wave 1
The infamous failed perm that turned into a negative Yelp review (penned mostly by Christopher) that then turned into a second GOOD perm!

heart-shaped facial hair
Josh did this to his face on Valentine’s Day (shameless).

Here we go again...
Stylist Erika gives me a second wonderful and fabulous perm, and I have bouncy curls for MONTHS. It’s just now starting to finally go straight again. Should I get a third perm?

Two perms + sleeping with soft rollers = the curls of my dreeeeams!
Look at those curls, siggggh. Unfortunately this also kicks off Christopher bitching and moaning about how I’m improperly styling my bangs. I can’t wait for him to visit in two weeks and let HIM take a crack at my hair! Bwa ha ha, it ain’t easy.

Josh on the footbridge
First nature walk of the year with Joshy and the girls.

sister and brother
Met up with Brenna and family for a delicious breakfast, and snapped this flattering photo of brother and sister. Maw.

the photographer lags behind
Another nature hike with my furry family.

Current painting muse--and the only member of my Factory painting series still living. ❀️
Started the Holly Woodlawn painting.

Our vacation is in a month, but my bikini arrived today. Hooray for this filter to give my "Seattle tan" some color!
Felt good enough about all my hard work exercising to post a totally unedited bikini picture to Instagram. Celebrate!

the old gang
Fun reunion with all of our old co-workers. One of our co-workers was diagnosed with brain cancer around the time we bought our house, had surgery, and is currently in the middle of an impressive recovery.

L & E 3
Met up with an old old old old blog friend Emilio. I love meeting blogfriends in real life!


– my brother gets me GOOD for April Fool’s by announcing his “wedding”. I fell for it, but subsequently didn’t fall for ANY of the lies my co-workers told me the next day. Fool me once!

– got hired onto the job I wanted full-time

– Kurt Cobain’s death turned 20 (sigh)

Electric glide
The Electric Palette comes into my life.

L and J in the tulips
Joshy and I go to the Tulip Festival, which was beautiful. Our eyeballs suffered for the next couple of days though. Holy pollen, Batman!

fun photos at Populuxe
We head over to Populuxe to look at some art, and discover the joys of Peruvian brisket sandwiches. Mmmmmm.

– I dedicate my face to eyelash extensions FULL time (quite the upkeep) (WORTH IT)

happy sushi face
My Old Man turned 40, and we celebrated by going out to the best sushi restaurant in Seattle.

C and L and some ginger ales
Easter dinner with my Broad and Josh’s family.

mint colored Easter dress
Having a Princess Moment on Easter Sunday.

M and J at the park
Mumsie flies over to dogsit while we…

…spend 9 days in Kauai! Oh Kauai! Love ya. Not as good as Maui but still fabulous.

I mean, come on.

beach at the Tunnels
I’d do it again!

the gang before the run
Christy moves to Seattle and joins Josh and Brenna and I at the Color Run.


happy biking face
Let the bike riding begin! Turns out Make-Up Forever lip stain WILL last through a rigorous bike ride.

two blondes and an 80s background
Fun at Populuxe with Christy.

New glasses from #zenni--rainbow tortoiseshell with fun rhinestone details. I was skeptical that a 15 dollar pair of frames could be cool, but they are!
Discovered Zenni Optical. Now that I have cute glasses, I wear them more frequently.

Rainbow over the tomato plants in our garden
We plant our very first ground garden, and have a ridiculous amount of success. Next year: not quite so many tomato plants, bwa ha ha.

Liz and kitten
Corinne transitions from Normal Person with One Cat to Full Fledged Crazy Cat Lady with Five Cats…but I still love her. Barely see her any more, but still love her.

J and L
Joshy runs the Rock and Roll Marathon, I take a taxi to the finish line to meet him and we watch Sir Mix A Lot perform! What a Seattle-ish moment!


Josh and his fireworks
Josh and I celebrate the 4th of July like a couple of geeks in our front yard…by ourselves.

4th of July sparklers
I dress like this, because I can!

What a beautiful evening for a bike ride!
Enjoying bike rides.

wet pets
First of FOUR camping trips in 2014. I’m so proud of us.

Had a successful backyard barbecue.

At the Locks, in Ballard.
Josh and I visit The Locks in Ballard.

Josh and Fleeta and Maggie
Sailing adventure with Josh’s parents and the girls. I’d do the sailing again in a heartbeat…but without the dogs, next time. Once was enough for them!

– Robin Williams dies, and everyone is sad about it.

Maggie by the river
Camping trip number two.

birthday girl
Birthday dinner with the Broad.

pretty sunset
Camping trip number three! We were rained on that time. So PNW.

Joshy gets down
Josh and I attend Bumbershoot, and he out-dances many, many stoned teenagers.

tutu love
Little Miss Ronia’s 5th birthday party. Loooove.

Final camping trip, which required the most hiking, featured the most whining (from me), but was probably the most beautiful too.

first dance
My little brother got married! I’m so happy for him. Love is good.

My father's 14-year-old Lab, Sally. This last trip to Boise might be the last time I see her alive. She's been his constant companion her entire lifetime, and I know he'll be devastated when she passes.
The last time I saw Sally. RIP Sally dog, you were one special girl.

– we discover our DREAM HOME…and then have to wait another month and a half to make it a reality.

– I start doing Scary Movie Month Reviews, but (predictably) get bored after a few.

sally detail
Sally dies, and both of my parents and my brother are there when she is put down. Maw.

– I get really into writing a book about DIY beauty recipes but have to abandon it when we start packing to move to the New House

old man drinking a Natty Ice
Josh and I dress up as Old People/Our Future Selves for Halloween. He won first prize at the costume contest at his job…

old woman shows off her pettipants
…and everyone said I would have won at my job if I hadn’t had to go home about 20 minutes before it started because I was suffering from such an awful cold. Heigh ho! Still had Good Times!

Celebrating first time home ownership with Thai crab Rangoon! Woo hoo!
Josh and I celebrate closing the deal on the New House with Thai food. We’re “grown ups” now! More or less.

Sold Joan!

We move into the New House! Hip Hop Hooray!

Christy and Liz are twinsies
Celebrate Christy’s birthday and see some old party friends.

– one of my childhood friends’ mother dies suddenly. Very sad.

All of this weird, white stuff suddenly appears all over everything outside.

the football crowd
Thanksgiving with Josh’s family and my Broad.


L and C
One of my bosses talked me into taking my birthday off from work, and I’m so glad I did because I had a truly fabulous birthday this year.

– discover “Advanced Style” (a must-see!)

portrait of the artist with her art happy to be part of an art show YAY!
Owen invites me to participate in his studio’s annual open house art show, which I did gladly!

Bob's boat
Josh and I go to the Wooden Boat Center and check out his dad’s boat. It was a gorgeous sunny day on Lake Union.

– we go see “Birdman”, which is essentially like having a panic attack for an hour and a half but WORTH IT if you’re emotionally up to the task.

beach combers
Walkies on the beach.

…and finally, Christmas in Idaho! Which I still have to blog…at some point…when I have the time.

So 2014! There you go! This year went by SO FAST I can’t even believe it myself, and I just reviewed the whole thing. One fabulous vacation, one major life change in the form of a New House, and a lot of highs and lows in between. Mostly highs.

So! I have a couple of New Year’s Resolutions. Christopher calls them “First World Problems”, and of course he’s right, but nevertheless…I have spent the last 4 years heavily engaged in some so-called “feminist” websites (that shall go un-named) and my New Years resolution is to stop reading them. Entirely. It’s become hate-reading by now and in this stage of my life, I need to focus on positive things. More Art! More Art! WAY MORE ART! And also…I want to finally go to New York in 2015, because I’ve never gone, and I know that I will LOVE IT. So that’s it! Hello 2015, hello to more art and positivity yeah! Thanks for watching, blog-logs. You may not comment, but I see you there, and I appreciate it.Β 

Finally it’s happened to me…

Finally it’s happened to me…

Oh…my…BLOG! I didn’t have Internet service for a whole week and it was HELL. I mean, thanks to the iphone, I could still check my e-mail and perform basic functions, but oy vey I couldn’t wait for the cable guy to come out this morning.

It took two cable guys (who had only been on the job for a week) 2.5 hours to install basic cable and Internet service, but ne’er mind! We’re all good now! I have my Internet to blog and now Joshy has cable to watch football. I strongly resisted cable–I haven’t had cable since I lived with my parents–but apparently marriage is “all about compromise” (they say), so he compromised by not participating in Movember (thank God) and I compromised by getting cable in my house.

One of my last walks at the old house. I have to say, the last week I was at the old house I mourned it a little bit. We spent five years there, after all–and the city had just built a nice new dog park nearby, and we were used to everything around us…

BUT SCREW THAT THE NEW HOUSE IS SO GOOD! SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! We still have 10,000 boxes to unpack. Last weekend was a complete blur–I was on my period, naturally, but quite impressed with my stress coping skills. Josh’s family turned out to help–I don’t know what we would have done if they hadn’t all shown up (paid someone? Ha ha ha). I have a big ol’ pile of thank you cards to write.

Five years ago we also took an entire month to move, but I wasn’t working and moving is a whole helluva lot easier when you don’t have to work and move at the same time. For some weird reason this move coincided with me getting particularly busy at work–the Friday before the big move I had 11 patients! That’s a lot.

We still have a lot of stuff in boxes. We haven’t unpacked a single box of books–and there are a loooot of boxes of books. We haven’t even figured out where the books are going to go yet, and of course with the A.D.D. all the books will have to be arranged into categories, possibly even alphabetized by author, we’ll see how that goes…

I’ve been taking photos with my regular camera but thought in the meantime I’d blerg all my latest Instagram photos. As I’m typing this Josh is moaning and groaning in the other room–he thought it would be a good idea to do the Grand Ridge 50k at 7:45 this morning–that’s running 30 miles, you got it, THIRTY MILES, in mid-November, in 20 degree weather, for “fun”. Uh huh.

The good news is he escaped injury, came in 4th place overall and 1st place for his age range!

“What’s your age range, anyway?” I asked him. He didn’t know.

Here’s the bowling ball garden that came with the house, a pleasant surprise! The previous owners left a lot of lawn art. I love lawn art.

Sunday while Josh’s parents were at the New House installing a doggy door for us my Broad came over and we explored a park near the house, and then stopped for Burgermaster. Good Times!

The weather this week, while grossly cold, was beautiful and sunny, so I couldn’t complain! My poor parents are dealing with inches of snow in Boise right now. Gross. I don’t miss that at all.

I have several improvised “doggy beds” and real doggy beds all over the floors, but the pets still have their favorite spot.

Look what came with the kitchen? Oooooh, ahhhhhh. So grown-up!

In art-related news, I sold Joan Crawford this week! Hurray! That means I’m about to raise all my prices again, so if you have your little heart set on one of my paintings, blogreader, ACT NOW!

Stay tuned…I’m planning on posting more house pictures this weekend. Right now I have to get gussied up to go celebrate my friend Christy’s birthday at an Italian restaurant. Mmmmmm, Italian fooooood. It’s the perfect weather for it!

Meeting up with old (blog) friends

Meeting up with old (blog) friends

Hallo, blog logs! Here we are on Monday again. Now that I am a “full-ish” time working girl, I find a nice Monday/Wednesday/Friday blogging schedule best suits my needs. Remember when I used to blog every single day? Ah, the luxury! I think after you reach the 10 year mark you’re allow to not blog, er, as frequently. Speaking of 10 year blogging marks, remember Jessica, a’la The Hun? My old old old blogger friend who I met up with at Burning Man 10,000 years ago? She wrote a lovely blog entry about what it’s like to blog for 10 years, here. Check it out! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t stop this compulsion.

Liz outside The Dish
Speaking of old old old old OLD blogfriends, here I am outside “The Dish” in Ballard Sunday morning, waiting to meet up with Emilio, a Canadian (former) blogger who I became blogfriends with via Raymi. All blog roads eventually lead back to Raymi, don’t they? We’ve also both been on Flickr since 2007, and still love it.

Joshy outside The Dish
Naturally this dude came along. “The Dish” kindly offers coffee while you wait, although I was too amped up for coffee. Meeting blogfriends is exciting!

The Dish sign
We were starving so we ended up about 15 minutes early, and watched the restaurant slowly fill up with people. “The Dish” is a happenin’ little place for breakfast on the weekend.

Emilio loves his camera
Emilio lucked out on a parking space, and turned out to be delightful, charismatic and full of positive energy, which was just the thing one needs after a week full of gloom and doom rainy weather. He kept up the conversation beautifully, which is a blessing for a couple of introverts like Joshy and I. He regaled us all about his various travels for work in the past year, his current living situation in Savannah, Georgia with his beautiful wife Emily, and all about how much we should visit the South (we really need to). And of course, Emilio loves his Nikon camera.

L & E 3
No meeting of two photography-obsessed bloggers would be complete without multiple photo ops, right? This one was no exception. After Josh took pictures of Emilio and I with Emilio’s camera, he took more with mine.

L & E 1
I think maybe we were running out of pose ideas at this point.

L & E 2
Now that I’ve lost some weight I don’t mind this camera angle as much. It’s cute.

Hooray for meeting up with blogfriends in real life! Always a good time. RAYMI YOU’RE NEXT!

Alison and Z
After a brief, but highly entertaining breakfast with Emilio, we drove back home to have a quick walk with the rogs and then it was onto one of our old co-worker’s houses for a reunion potluck with all of our old co-workers, some of whom we’ve known for eight years! EIGHT YEARS! Here’s Alison and her blond baby Zack. He moves fast.

J and S
We love Stephanie. We attended her wedding last year to Erin, and it was lovely. I ended up talking with Erin quite a bit about writing–Erin is a published author, and she had a lot of great advice to dispense.

Joshy and the ladies
I yelled at some of them just a tiny bit for not attending the Notorious Failed Halloween Party of 2012. The general consensus is: evites on Facebook suck.

the old gang
The whole gang. The sun finally came out, which was wonderful. I suspect Josh and I will have a lot more success getting everyone over to our house again for a barbecue this summer–after all, we have a great big backyard…why not take advantage of it?

Speaking of that backyard, I managed to get off work early today and it’s time for me to go enjoy that spring sunshine!

Blogged: Camping at Lake Hyas part 4: morning sunshine, coffee, and a hike

Blogged: Camping at Lake Hyas part 4: morning sunshine, coffee, and a hike

reflective Lake Hyas
Heh-heh-hello, blog! I have officially given up on “Site Meter”, the free stat counter I’ve been using since 2009, because it craps out far too often and turned my blerg over to “Stat Counter” instead. Sure, sure, I spent the first 6 years of blogging blissfully unawares of my audience, and that’s fine and all, but I like to have at least a little idea of who is out there. Just a smidge.

so many trees
Er…hopefully someone who enjoys a LOT of nature photos, because this has basically turned into Lizzie’s Nature Blog or: Look at all My Pictures of Trees and Dogs.

morning on the lake
Well, as Tabboo! infamously sang, “It’s Natural!”

looking at Little Lake Hyas
Lake Hyas was about 10,000 times more gorgeous the following day, when the sun was shining. We slept in incredibly late (9 a.m.–thanks Trazadone), chugged coffee and snarfed whipped cream cheese-smothered raisin bagels and worked up excitement to go for a nice long walk.

lake fetch
French Press: essential camping item.

beautiful lake
The lake was so reflective in the morning–I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

triumphant pose in the morning sunlight
Normally I wouldn’t post a shot where Josh was shooting underneath me (the way that I hate) but eh, I think I look sort of powerful here. At least: enthusiastic! I felt enthusiastic until about 1.5 miles into the 2 mile hike UP the mountain, then I had enough. Luckily he didn’t pressure me to continue. If there had been a pay-off at 2 miles, like another fabulous lake or waterfall or wood nymph or something, sure. But nope. Just more uphill. Uphill wears me out, sweetie. Darling.

a girl and her pets
Downhill is good though!

a snowy peak
A snowy peak.

mossy trees
These mossy trees are dreamy.

Josh and BC in the meadow
On the way back to camp we stopped at Little Hyas Lake to take some gorgeous pictures, and watch the rogs romp.

Liz on the lake shore
Josh and his crazy uncle embarked on a 4-day hiking trip this past Friday, leaving me and the girls alone. They returned a day early–Sunday night instead of tonight–because it was simply raining too hard.

dogs in the stream
When I go out of town Josh engages in all sorts of stereotypical “man” behavior–guzzling beer (more than usual, that is), snarfing steaks, watching…whatever it is he watches when I’m not around. What does Sober Sally do when her man’s away? The same shit I do when he’s home. Exercise, walk the dogs, read books, blog, and werrrk. And paint! And talk on the phone. Maybe a little more phone talking.

dogs in the lake
No partying. It doesn’t even cross my mind. I’m even reading “Scar Tissue”, and am not triggered by it at all! As a matter of fact, I’m amazed that Anthony Kiedis is still alive! AND I MOURN HIS LONG HAIR.

blue lake
So beautiful.

big pillowy mushroom
Look at this gorgeous, pillowy mushroom! Looks like a cartoon, it’s so perfect. Josh took some cool mushroom pictures during his hike with his uncle this past weekend–they are here.

One more Lake Hyas entry to go–the swimming pictures! Ooooh summer, I’m missing you big time.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

purple bathing suit
“Throwback Thursday”–way, WAAAAAY back. Look at the little sassafrass who enjoys being the center of attention, eh? I have no idea how old I was in this picture, but I love the 80’s pastels my parents are rockin’ in the background. Note my horizontal position–I do enjoy being horizontal. Truman Capote called himself a “horizontal writer”–I get it, Tru, I really do.

Ahem. I WORKED TODAY! FINALLY! After a month and a half of naps and reading endless “thriller” novels. Oy. There’s only so much of that a personΒ can do, even a somewhat lazy person as myself. I mean, I try to shake it around. In fact I’m gearing up to go shake it around at the dog park right now, after I inhale this cup of coffee.

My doctor’s appointment yesterday went well, no cysts–so I’m back on Clomid again. You take it for 5 days, then try to have a baby, and sometimes you get pregnant, sometimes you don’t. You get 3 tries to make it work, then you move onto something else. LET’S HOPEΒ IT WORKS. Also: no more cysts, body, that really hurt! Good grief. Corinne bought a Magic Wand on Amazon that turned out to be a “fake”–I thought that was Twitter-worthy. Here’s my Twitter, in case you forgot.