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Meeting up with old (blog) friends

Meeting up with old (blog) friends

Hallo, blog logs! Here we are on Monday again. Now that I am a “full-ish” time working girl, I find a nice Monday/Wednesday/Friday blogging schedule best suits my needs. Remember when I used to blog every single day? Ah, the luxury! I think after you reach the 10 year mark you’re allow to not blog, er, as frequently. Speaking of 10 year blogging marks, remember Jessica, a’la The Hun? My old old old blogger friend who I met up with at Burning Man 10,000 years ago? She wrote a lovely blog entry about what it’s like to blog for 10 years, here. Check it out! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t stop this compulsion.

Liz outside The Dish
Speaking of old old old old OLD blogfriends, here I am outside “The Dish” in Ballard Sunday morning, waiting to meet up with Emilio, a Canadian (former) blogger who I became blogfriends with via Raymi. All blog roads eventually lead back to Raymi, don’t they? We’ve also both been on Flickr since 2007, and still love it.

Joshy outside The Dish
Naturally this dude came along. “The Dish” kindly offers coffee while you wait, although I was too amped up for coffee. Meeting blogfriends is exciting!

The Dish sign
We were starving so we ended up about 15 minutes early, and watched the restaurant slowly fill up with people. “The Dish” is a happenin’ little place for breakfast on the weekend.

Emilio loves his camera
Emilio lucked out on a parking space, and turned out to be delightful, charismatic and full of positive energy, which was just the thing one needs after a week full of gloom and doom rainy weather. He kept up the conversation beautifully, which is a blessing for a couple of introverts like Joshy and I. He regaled us all about his various travels for work in the past year, his current living situation in Savannah, Georgia with his beautiful wife Emily, and all about how much we should visit the South (we really need to). And of course, Emilio loves his Nikon camera.

L & E 3
No meeting of two photography-obsessed bloggers would be complete without multiple photo ops, right? This one was no exception. After Josh took pictures of Emilio and I with Emilio’s camera, he took more with mine.

L & E 1
I think maybe we were running out of pose ideas at this point.

L & E 2
Now that I’ve lost some weight I don’t mind this camera angle as much. It’s cute.

Hooray for meeting up with blogfriends in real life! Always a good time. RAYMI YOU’RE NEXT!

Alison and Z
After a brief, but highly entertaining breakfast with Emilio, we drove back home to have a quick walk with the rogs and then it was onto one of our old co-worker’s houses for a reunion potluck with all of our old co-workers, some of whom we’ve known for eight years! EIGHT YEARS! Here’s Alison and her blond baby Zack. He moves fast.

J and S
We love Stephanie. We attended her wedding last year to Erin, and it was lovely. I ended up talking with Erin quite a bit about writing–Erin is a published author, and she had a lot of great advice to dispense.

Joshy and the ladies
I yelled at some of them just a tiny bit for not attending the Notorious Failed Halloween Party of 2012. The general consensus is: evites on Facebook suck.

the old gang
The whole gang. The sun finally came out, which was wonderful. I suspect Josh and I will have a lot more success getting everyone over to our house again for a barbecue this summer–after all, we have a great big backyard…why not take advantage of it?

Speaking of that backyard, I managed to get off work early today and it’s time for me to go enjoy that spring sunshine!

Hiking, a waterfall, and attempting fiction again

Hiking, a waterfall, and attempting fiction again

three on the trail
Sunday afternoon after an extremely pleasant trip to Trader Joe’s yielding THREE boxes of vegetable Masala burgers (mmmm) and other assorted goodies we drove to Bellevue to some delightful walking trails for a nice hike with the rogs in the sun.

the photographer lags behind
The weather on Saturday wasn’t so great. Josh went skiing and I mostly A.D.D.’d around the house for a while, culminating in about an hour and a half on the Latest Painting Project: Holly Woodlawn. Felt good to paint again!

happy hiking face
Happy hiking face! We had explored these particular trails before. It’s about a two-mile hike to a nice waterfall; two miles back to the car. Just enough of a hike, and not terribly steep. Although my shins are a little tender today.

rushing water
Plenty of “water features” (as my father would say) along the way. It was a popular day–everyone comes out of hibernation when the sun is shining.

Joshy strikes a pose
Look at this hipster.

sunbeams and spring growth
So invigorating.

lovely trail
When we returned home I set a goal for myself for fictional writing for one hour minimum…but I’ve been blogging for so long I’ve completely forgotten how to write fiction! I pulled out some how-to books to peruse in my “free time” (mwa ha ha). In the mean time I spent an hour writing about how I was having trouble writing…and about our hike. I changed the names, of course. Heh.

neon in nature
All I can say about those blue sweatpants is: seemed like a good idea at the time. Next time I’ll tryyyyy, just a little bit harderrrrr…to look attractive hiking? Sure, why not.

waterfall action
I limited my waterfall photography because there were people everywhere, and I always feel a bit odd photographing random strangers (unless I ask their permission first). You never know.

rogs on the rails
Happy furry animals!

This morning I woke up about an hour earlier, went to work earlier, and was therefore able to return home around 3 and take the pets for a gorgeous romp at the dog park. I had a nice phone tawk with my Broad at the park and right as I was taking the pets back to the car, who should show up but animal control! I felt like yelling “HA HA MY DOGS ARE ON THE LEASH TODAY” but why push my luck? It’s so satisfying to not break the law…every once in a while.

Exercise, low-carb diets, and returning to writing

Exercise, low-carb diets, and returning to writing

Today was lovely.
We just returned home from afternoon walkies. The sun was shining, my gum was fresh, and I was enjoying the bass-heavy tunes from a delightful little group called “Fukkk Offf”. Oh yeah.

Downward dog?
This is what happens when I try to use a yoga mat in the living room. On Instagram I tagged this photo #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings (this is why we can’t have nice things), and was surprised to see that something like 18,000 other photos had this same tag–many of them featuring destroyed household items next to pets. Uh huh uh huh. But what about the love?

I just looked at my exercise chart, and I haven’t had a “rest” day since February 15th. I think I deserve one! Joshy’s been exercising every night too, so we motivate each other. Last night I did 4 miles on the treadmill–and I actually ran for 40 minutes! I’m not a natural runner, so this was pretty impressive for me. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t had stupid side stitches. I HATE SIDE STITCHES.

Gee...I hope my high taste expectations for this gum match the reality!*
I’ve been doing low-carb for the last two weeks, so this is my new “dessert”–heh heh heh siiiiggghhhh. Seriously I wish it DID taste like a cupcake (spoiler: it didn’t). And the “peach cobbler” flavor? EVEN WORSE. Stick with rainbow sherbet. Other “desserts” include chocolate calcium chews, and the occasional protein bar. It’ll be worth it.

Glitter nails/glitter comb (thanks Sally Beauty Supply!).
Somebody’s glitter fetish is still going strong (mine). You don’t really outgrow these things…Glitter Is In the Heart.

My mother said something very sweet to me yesterday on the phone, which has given me some thought…she said I should return to writing fiction. I wrote fiction pretty much all my life, until my 20’s came along. Who knows if it was the booze, grad school, or blogging, but I just stopped writing fiction. I actually would LOVE to return to it–little ideas flicker into my head all the time–I’m just woefully out of practice. Maybe I’ll start with a short story and work my way up. My mother told me that I’ve always been creative, and I’ve always had writing talent–which made me feel really good, and reminded me that yes, one of my childhood dreams always was to be a published author. Definitely something to consider. There’s only so many hours a girl can spend on Buzzfeed taking mindless quizzes, yeah? Yeah.