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Finally it’s happened to me…

Finally it’s happened to me…

Oh…my…BLOG! I didn’t have Internet service for a whole week and it was HELL. I mean, thanks to the iphone, I could still check my e-mail and perform basic functions, but oy vey I couldn’t wait for the cable guy to come out this morning.

It took two cable guys (who had only been on the job for a week) 2.5 hours to install basic cable and Internet service, but ne’er mind! We’re all good now! I have my Internet to blog and now Joshy has cable to watch football. I strongly resisted cable–I haven’t had cable since I lived with my parents–but apparently marriage is “all about compromise” (they say), so he compromised by not participating in Movember (thank God) and I compromised by getting cable in my house.

One of my last walks at the old house. I have to say, the last week I was at the old house I mourned it a little bit. We spent five years there, after all–and the city had just built a nice new dog park nearby, and we were used to everything around us…

BUT SCREW THAT THE NEW HOUSE IS SO GOOD! SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! We still have 10,000 boxes to unpack. Last weekend was a complete blur–I was on my period, naturally, but quite impressed with my stress coping skills. Josh’s family turned out to help–I don’t know what we would have done if they hadn’t all shown up (paid someone? Ha ha ha). I have a big ol’ pile of thank you cards to write.

Five years ago we also took an entire month to move, but I wasn’t working and moving is a whole helluva lot easier when you don’t have to work and move at the same time. For some weird reason this move coincided with me getting particularly busy at work–the Friday before the big move I had 11 patients! That’s a lot.

We still have a lot of stuff in boxes. We haven’t unpacked a single box of books–and there are a loooot of boxes of books. We haven’t even figured out where the books are going to go yet, and of course with the A.D.D. all the books will have to be arranged into categories, possibly even alphabetized by author, we’ll see how that goes…

I’ve been taking photos with my regular camera but thought in the meantime I’d blerg all my latest Instagram photos. As I’m typing this Josh is moaning and groaning in the other room–he thought it would be a good idea to do the Grand Ridge 50k at 7:45 this morning–that’s running 30 miles, you got it, THIRTY MILES, in mid-November, in 20 degree weather, for “fun”. Uh huh.

The good news is he escaped injury, came in 4th place overall and 1st place for his age range!

“What’s your age range, anyway?” I asked him. He didn’t know.

Here’s the bowling ball garden that came with the house, a pleasant surprise! The previous owners left a lot of lawn art. I love lawn art.

Sunday while Josh’s parents were at the New House installing a doggy door for us my Broad came over and we explored a park near the house, and then stopped for Burgermaster. Good Times!

The weather this week, while grossly cold, was beautiful and sunny, so I couldn’t complain! My poor parents are dealing with inches of snow in Boise right now. Gross. I don’t miss that at all.

I have several improvised “doggy beds” and real doggy beds all over the floors, but the pets still have their favorite spot.

Look what came with the kitchen? Oooooh, ahhhhhh. So grown-up!

In art-related news, I sold Joan Crawford this week! Hurray! That means I’m about to raise all my prices again, so if you have your little heart set on one of my paintings, blogreader, ACT NOW!

Stay tuned…I’m planning on posting more house pictures this weekend. Right now I have to get gussied up to go celebrate my friend Christy’s birthday at an Italian restaurant. Mmmmmm, Italian fooooood. It’s the perfect weather for it!

“Your mother darns socks in hell!”

“Your mother darns socks in hell!”

Hola squirrelfriends! Finally getting around to posting episode 3 of “Drag Race”, even though we (that’s right, Joshy watched it too!) watched it Wednesday night. Can I just say that I have seen every single season of “Drag Race”–some of them three times (the Raja season was so damn good), but THIS season is particularly good. I don’t just have one favorite, I have several!

Ben DeLa Creme: Seattle queen, adorable and a Michelle Visage look alike
Milk: nouveau club kid who looks like a complete nutcase in drag and I LOVE IT
Bianca Del Rio: hysterically funny and a little mean, a combo I like
…and of course April is so cute as a boy I could DIE. In “Untucked” they all discuss how cute and round her ass is.

I love this show so much–it just makes me want to put on all my false eyelashes and wigs and obnoxious polyester costumes and um, twerk. Not to mention just the sound of RuPaul’s voice soothes me. Much like John Waters.

This episode is notable for guest judge Linda Blair, 60’s and 80’s horror film sketches (who doesn’t like the combo of horror + drag?), and some drop-dead-gorgeous outfits on the final runway.

In other news, this week at work was intense. I have 10 billion things I’m supposed to be accomplishing today but so far I’ve taken the dogs to the park, written a negative review on Modcloth about that one-piece swimsuit I discussed earlier (sigh–more about that later) and talked to my mother on the phone for something like 2 hours. All I want to do now is vegetate in my fleece pajamas. Oh, and start writing fiction. Ohhh this A.D.D. of mine…

July camping, part 1: finding a new spot, the beach, and a watery mistake

July camping, part 1: finding a new spot, the beach, and a watery mistake

view from the campsite
Camping pics! Camping pics! As per usual, expect this blog to be flooded with camping photos for a while. I always go a little nuts when we go camping in the photo-taking department.

trees on the ledge
As we were hiking down to our favorite spot, we met two hikers coming back up. They said they were leaving, but that there were other campers down at the Good Spot that weren’t leaving until Sunday.

“They’re friendly!” they promised.

dogs checking out the campsite
WRONG! They were not friendly, “they” being about five guys and two girls in their 20’s. Well, we assumed they were in their 20’s, anyway, judging from the conversation that we strained to hear sometime later that evening. I didn’t get a good glance at them when we hiked down to check out the Good Spot (briefly), but they did NOT seem happy to see us and they had a large dog that barked aggressively when we were near…and multiple times throughout the day. So, there’s that.

Of course it’s a bummer when your special spot is taken, but this is July, after all, a particularly hot summer, and a well-known lake. We set up camp a little further up in the hills. It wasn’t the best–an uneven surface and tons of sharp bushes, but we made it work.

two dogs hit the water
At any rate, it was even closer to the water than the Good Spot, so as soon as the tent was set up we hit the beach! Maggie and Bear Cub went swimming long before we made it down. It was about 90 degrees. Hot baby, hooooot.

a sweaty beach body
Sweaty! I bought this bikini top years ago but didn’t buy a matching bottom. I’m pretty sure when I went shopping for Burning Man “clothes” (back in 2009–oy that seems like forever ago!) I figured I’d be wearing a lot of bikini tops and shorts, and I was right. I’m wearing the running shorts I bought for the Color Run. They did extremely well in the lake water–the neon didn’t fade a bit. Yay for synthetic fabrics! Also shown: a butterfly necklace Erika bought me a million years ago at some hippie festival. Speaking of Erika, I’m going to see her in less than two weeks! Stoked to smell her baby’s head. I NEED TO SNIFF A BABY HEAD.

view from the beach
I get almost manic with joy around lakes and rivers and beaches. I was yammering to Josh about how obsessed I am with the “variegated colors” of the lake and he told me I had been watching too much of that Jewish Princesses show–it’s starting to affect the way I talk. He did an imitation of me and it sounded like Little Edie. Like that’s a bad thing?

cub on a rocky beach
Then yesterday on the phone Christopher yelled at me, “Will you stop it with the Jewish guilt?” so apparently yes, I am easily influenced by other people’s language. Maybe more so than other people. Certainly I notice verbal disfluencies quickly, but that’s because I’m a speech therapist.

cheesecake posing in the lake
A speech therapist who enjoys cheesecake poses in nature. Life is short! Leave cute pictures.

Joshy in nature
My dude. His A.D.D. nature kicked in full force and he went swimming in the lake with his iphone in his pocket. WHOOPS! He actually handled the death of his iphone quite well. I think we both assumed after a good drying-out and charging it would work again, but NOPE. I went swimming with my Activelink and it survived. 30 dollar Activelink: waterproof. 250 dollar (or however much he paid) iphone5: SHIT OUT OF LUCK. And try getting a replacement, good grief! He spent a good hour and a half on the phone last night trying to “work” with AT&T. Talk about a headache.

testing the lake water
Getting ready to swim. I am a slow enterer of water, none of this “diving in” crap for me.

Stay tuned for much much MORE! I just can’t be on the computer any longer right now, there’s sunshine out there.

Liquid eyeliner and inspiration notebooks

Liquid eyeliner and inspiration notebooks

winged eyeliner
Y’know I think I’m starting to get the hang of this winged liquid eyeliner, finally. I bought a black liquid eyeliner from L’Oreal with a teeny-tiny brush, and the best (or worst, depending) part about it is that it washes off with just water–no scrubbing necessary. As someone who’s spent many hours scrubbing/picking/scraping away eyelash glue (which I just found out contains formaldehyde–GREAT), this is a relief!

inspiration notebooks
I’ve got Painting Fever, so out came the Inspiration Notebooks the other day.

My A.D.D. likes things arranged by subject, and especially color. I’m painting another flapper painting, because even though I’ve painted/drawn flappers 10,000 times, I never really get tired of that look! That reminds me, I have a book about flappers that I should get around to reading one of these years.

Today’s goals include breaking a sweat, painting for a minimum of 2 hours, and, as long as it’s not pouring, taking the rogs for a much-needed walk, since Bear Cub is cone-free at the moment. Consider also: glittering Candy Darling. Awriiiite. A third cup of coffee this morning, body? Sure, why not?

Partial recap: or, I’m sooo over 2009

Partial recap: or, I’m sooo over 2009

I did a recap last year and I’m gonna do it again–’cause people with A.D.D. like lists.

What did I do in 2009? Creatively, I mean. Who wants to rehash all the whining and complaining?

Completed “Salome”, based off a self-portrait from one of my favorite photographers on Flickr, Vorfas. Not for sale.

grape goddess I
Self-portrait session producing photos that I have tried to reproduce in paint TWICE–and have painted over both times, much to the Boy’s irritation. Maybe someday…maybe these photos weren’t meant to be painted?

– bought a “Happy Light” (haven’t needed that for a while) (I’m full of female hormones now)

– the kick-off of a fairly long obsession with hooping that led to the inevitable burn out (like if I watch one more hooping video on the youtubes I’m gonna puke)

kate on the wall
Completed Kate Moss painting, which I have never liked and have come very very close to painting over. The Boy seems to think I should not paint over my paintings. I’ll consider it.

– started working again, after a 6 month hiatus of being a “stay at home artist” (producing waaaay too much guilt)

corinne's living room
Loaned Corinne the Francesca painting and taught her how to hoop (sort of) (more like the Youtubes taught her, just like they taught me).

green dress booty
Made the infamous Dress that Tore All the Way up the Back during a Fancy Dinner

ticket love
Got my Burning Man ticket! After 5 years of obsessing obsessing obsessssssing.

neon dress
Made this obnoxious dress.

purple shorts
Conquered my fear of sewing sequin trim (important).

Completed this painting, based off a photo of model Angela Lindvall (credits…?).

sequins and dress
Made a dress out of this sequined fabric…
sequins and hoop
…thereby overcoming my fear of sequined fabric (also shedding sequins all over the house, forever).

rainbow sequin dress
Made this dress (never did wear it at BM–I had, of course, too many costumes, sigh).

someone's been...
Maggie and Molly discover the joy of eating poop on the ground (not their OWN poop).

greeny orangey
Stacey introduces me to Harry’s Filters, which allow me to gain a whole different perspective on my photos without ingesting hallucinogens (hooray!). Also I made that dress.

For some reason I become obsessed with rompers:
paisley romper
Ugh, God, “age appropriate, Liz”, thank you James St. James, love youuuuu.

spring fancy
Finished “Spring Fancy”.

– Molly goes into heat (gross)


vintage liz
Watched/fell in love with “Let the Right One In” (I looked like Oskar as a child)

romper in the mirror
Romper obsession is furthered by my sewing a romper (sigh).

– made a Youtube video whining about not selling any paintings
– sold a painting (hmm…) “Hoop Love”
– sold another painting “Bubble” to blogfriend phx

neon tights
Fell in love with “We Love Colors” (the above photo is one of my most “interesting” on Flickr, whatever that means)

– discover a show that is 100% up my alley, “Ru Paul’s Drag Race“.

the dreamer
Complete “The Dreamer”, based on a Missoni ad with Kate Moss.

afro love
Complete “Afro Love”, based on a photo of Naomi Campbell. I love this painting!

acid rainbow bikini back
Made my first bikini (easy) using Ye Olde Acid Fabric, circa liz ravewear 2002 (God, dinosaur).

hibiscus painting
Complete the Hibiscus painting (still love it).

Complete “Elegance” (sold).

nina glitter
Complete “Neon Nina”, of the fabulous Nina Hahhhhhgen. Still glittery. Still for sale!

grape love
Took this self-portrait, later turned into a successful painting.

tutu motion
Bought this rainbow tutu on Etsy (didn’t even break it out at BM–sigh).

Got highlights for the first time (shhh).

grapes on yellow
Completed “Grapes on Yellow” (sold).

edie painting complete
Completed “Edie Glitter Stars” which is still, for some reason, with me. Ahem?

– switched over to WordPress! I’m happy! Happy! (it took a while)

neon flowered bathing cap
FINALLY bought a flowered swim cap–THANK GOD.

jackie curtis painting
Completed “Jackie Curtis”. Still with me!

neon neon everywhere!
The neon wig certainly improved my quality of life.

– started smoking again, after EIGHT MONTHS of not smoking (ugh)
– made another youtube video slutting out my paintings, and promptly sold two paintings (who knew?)

– reconnected with someone from my past, in a positive way…

GOOD GOD THIS is taking way too long. Um…Part 2 tomorrow?

Happy New Year, blog logs.

Movin’ on up

Movin’ on up

living room
Aw, look at the old living room. Nothing left but clumps of fur, old rawhides (Maggie likes to stash hers away to find later), foam rollers. Yoga mats.

creativity room
Aw, look at the old Creativity Room. Nothing left but clumps of fur, swatches of fabulous faux fur, my laptop (Comcast doesn’t come out to the new house until Wednesday, therefore–I have to blog here for now), and (not shown) the Boy’s wall ‘o’ records, which will take several trips.


Yesterday the Boy’s burly male cousins came over and moved ALL of the heavy shit over to the new house. It was awesome. We are actually living in the new house now–we “christened” it last night. Good Times.

This morning we engaged in a VERY exciting activity–are you ready for this? Organizing all of our books by subject and author! I know, can you believe it!? Well, people with A.D.D. like organizing activities. And Jesus please-us, we sure have a lot of books between the two of us (drugs and memoirs–me, religion and outdoor activities–Boy).

I just ate two blueberry pancakes the size of my head. The weather is cold outside. We have been Googling various methods to kill spiders this morning–there is a ridiculous amount of spiders at the new house–all varieties and sizes, horrifying really. They seem really fast too, and particularly ugly.  So far we have learned that orange spray, paste made with ground-up cloves and water and “glue traps” are all effective ways to eliminate spiders. Gooooooood.

So far, no e-mails for work. But that’s okay. I wouldn’t mind getting “settled” in the new house before going back to work anyway. You know.