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Sewing inspiration, a sweet documentary and DUST

Sewing inspiration, a sweet documentary and DUST

pettipants pose
Full version of the cropped version I used as the main photo for these pettipants. I was sick that day but still had to make it werk. Speaking of making it werk, I decided it was time to re-visit the show that helped fire up my sewing inspiration pre-Burning Man 2009, “Project Runway”. There are three whole seasons I haven’t watched!

serging flannel pettipants
My other inspiring show for sewing/make-up/eleganza extravagaaaanzaaaa: “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, of course. Season 4 has started! Priorities!

Chris & Don
Fascinating, beautifully filmed documentary about unconventional love: “Chris & Don: A Love Story“, about the life-long relationship between writer Christopher Isherwood and portrait artist Don Bachardy, 30 years his junior. Warning: it will make you cry.

Adventures in Babysitting
“Adventures in Babysitting”: not likely to make you cry.

PPR tags on globe
Ooooh, ahhhhhh…

fashion citation
I gave this citation to myself, for fun. Certainly I have been guilty of most of these, except maybe “leather issues”. “Sandals with socks”–never. “Stirrup stretch pants”–not since middle school!

tiny fake foods; regular fake foods
Tiny fake foods meet regular-sized fake foods. Those grapes I bought for a headdress that somehow never materialized. Somedaaaaay!

best press
The ladies at the fabric store talked me into buying this stuff while I was purchasing pettipants materials. They suggested it for flannel–I tested it on a scrap piece and didn’t really notice a difference. Not to mention I’m scared to screw up the pettipants fabric. Maybe it will be useful for work clothes? What do I know about starch?

My car has been at the shop for the past two days. It’s so screwed up that the mechanic told me he had never seen this particular problem before. He fixed it temporarily, but told me I need to bring it back to the head mechanic to really fix it. He’s not charging me for any of the work he did for the last two days, which is awesome.

Wanna know what caused the problem that jammed my doors up and froze the locking mechanism? This is a little hilarious: playa dust. Uh huh. Go figure.

“Did you notice this problem with the doors locking after Burning Man, by chance?” he asked me.

“Um…maybe.” Shit. Hey friends: get your car detailed after Burning Man! It’s apparently, er, worth it.

Burning Man Chronicles Part 6: the end

Burning Man Chronicles Part 6: the end

Last batch, comin’ up. On Saturday the Boy had the camera and took a bunch of pictures–bless him. I don’t know what I was doing–gobbling granola bars? Whining about the dust? Both?

vamp camp
“Vamp Camp” was near our camp. They usually had a packed bar.

tall bike
I didn’t see as many tall bikes this year. Maybe they’re not cool anymore.

shiny happy couple
I love photos like this. People at Burning Man are ALWAYS happy to have their photo taken–I mean, they’re covered in glitter paint! And they’re smiling!

stuffed animal art car

sad little VW


I like this peacock art car.


orange couple
I saw lots of pairs of people doing matchy-matchy costumes.

lil green art car

These inflatables were near our camp.

dusty inflatables
I never did try them out. Can you imagine the dust? Bleck.

hoop butt
Mmm hmm. I can see what you were looking at, husband!

happy burnday

harinam and heidi
Harinam and Heidi, two of our fellow campmates. I think Harinam wore his Utilikilt every day, but the Boy reported to me that he had underwear on underneath. Pussy!

Our fellow campmate Jen made these flags for the front of our camp.


electric love seat
Here’s Donovan on our other camp contribution–the “Electric Love Seat”, which was rigged up to produce an electric shock to your buttocks when you sit on it. Our sadistic campmates encouraged newcomers to sit on it naked, and a couple weirdos apparently mashed their genitals on it, for good measure. Crazy. I didn’t like it. I even sat on it while rolling to see if I liked it better, but I didn’t.

east coast overdose

dome girls

cloud bus

blue dude closer
I never did make it over to Glittercamp to have my entire body painted with glitter and paint, as I had fantasized about for um…years. Well, it would have interfered with the baby wipe “baths” I took 4-5 times a day, certainly.

blue dude


bike booties
Uh huh. My husband, looking at ass again.

ascension temple
Question I received every single day, “Hey, do you know where the Ascension Temple is?” Finally after the 8th or so time being asked that question, I asked what was going on over at the Ascension Temple. “Oh…just talking.” TALKING???

The weather on Saturday grew progressively worse. The man was scheduled to burn at 9 pm, and at 9 pm the dust was so thick you couldn’t see two feet in front of you. Angrily, I gobbled antihistamines and resigned myself to the fact that nope, I wasn’t going to see the Man burn. The Boy and Corinne also went to bed.

Apparently the storm cleared around 10 pm and the man burned at 10:30–heigh ho. My mother excitedly informed me that she had watched the man burn live on the Internets–when I told her that we hadn’t watched it, she was sad. “I thought I was watching it with you!” she said. Aw.

We left on Sunday, figuring that the ride out would take less time than on Monday, which is when most people leave. HA! It still took hours.
This was the view from the car, for a looooong time.

post BM face
This is what you look like when you’re leaving Burning Man.

post BM face 2
And this…

post BM face 3
…and this. “You better erase this, now!” said Corinne when she saw this photo. “But I need to show before Burning Man faces, and after Burning Man faces!” I whined. So there they are.

Highlights of the trip:
– lying underneath the “Cubatron” with about 50 other freaks, sharing a psychedelic vision of hundreds of lights changing shapes and patterns and all together going “Ooooooh…”
– sex in the tent on the queen-sized air mattress with the Boy (safe sex–no mutant love children conceived at Burning Man, thank you very much!)
– spa mornings
– pancakes, hashbrowns and veggie sausage smothered in syrup and prepared by someone else
– backrubs with the Boy and Corinne on Tuesday night in the dome

– not watching the man burn
– not taking as many photos as I’d liked

See? Regrets are few. It was a blast. I miss the playa already. “Normal” life is just so…normal.

What’s on the schedule today? Moving moving moving, of course. The Boy has enlisted the help of a few of his male cousins, so that’s nice. I don’t mind moving nearly as much if I don’t have to lift heavy shit. And do you know how heavy fashion magazines are? My God. Seriously.

Burning Man Chronicles Part 5: dust and the temple

Burning Man Chronicles Part 5: dust and the temple

Well, Friday on the playa was another one of those glorious (ugh) recovery days, so let’s skip ahead to Saturday!
blue fingernails
The Boy’s blue fingernails. Blue glitter fingernails, I should say. Hawt.

Corinne very graciously loaned me her purple goggles on Saturday, and thank the Lord, because I needed them all day. I had brought clear goggles with me, and although they are perfect for night they don’t work so well during a sunny dust storm. And “sunny dust storm” pretty much sums up the weather ALL DAY Saturday.

rainbow legs
Corinne breaks out her rainbow stockings. Ooooh yes.

Well, we all fell in love with Donovan, who is from Salt Lake City and camped with us. A good portion of our Seattle campmates grew up in SLC. There must be something about growing up around oppressive Mormons that turns some people into really cool people. It was Donovan’s first Burn–but from his flamboyantly decorated bike, to his ridiculous costumes and wigs, to the way he strolled into camp Wednesday morning after being up all night wearing gold leggings, high-heeled platforms and a platinum Afro wig and announced that he was making coffee–no one would argue that he is a born Burner. I found out later that he used to be a “phenomenal” drag queen, and now it makes sense. He is fabulous!

The three of us went out with Donovan on Saturday to cruise around camps and meet new people and hopefully find cool drinks. This was some sort of “Museum of Weirdness” (I don’t remember the title), but it wasn’t that weird and the people there weren’t very friendly.

museum bar
And by not very friendly I mean they didn’t even offer us a drink at the bar! What the hell.

misfits camp
The “Mystikal Misfits” camp was friendly, however.

They had a swing that various people were taking turns swinging on. You can make out the girl’s feet on the left. She was screaming with delight. They also had a full bar and lots of snacks–I ordered an orange soda, and the bartender said, “Well, that was easy!”

“Suck ‘n’ Fuck Saloon”–ha ha, only at Burning Man.

general store

touch me

We were all drawn to this “touch me, feel me” box–but when I stuck my arm in (twice), I didn’t feel anything. Hmph.

donovan feels it
Donovan did.

spider art car
At the time I thought this was another spider art car, but it kind of looks like a crab now.

Donovan suggested we ride out to the temple, which was a fabulous idea except the weather decided to give us a big fat white-out, and we couldn’t even see the temple on the way out there.
temple through dust
Finally, it emerged through the dust.


temple base

temple flowers
The idea is that you write down something painful and on Sunday the temple burns it up.

temple dogs
The temple was covered with sad stories and photos of dogs and dead people and pain and regret and suffering, and you don’t visit the temple without witnessing several people just openly sobbing. I was prepared for all this, but I think it took Donovan by surprise.

temple face


it's all right here

Sigh. I miss GHB.

my message
I just happened to have a Sharpie in my backpack (you never know…) so I added my message to the temple.

corinne's message
Corinne’s message.

josh's message
The Boy’s message.


dusty scene
Whew, what a dusty scene.

Wanna know what you look like after spending hours riding around in a dust storm?
post dust storm face
THIS! Ah hahahaa. The mustache is a nice touch, eh?

post dust storm face 2
Look at the inside of her nose! Intense. Playa boogers are gnarly.

post dust storm face 3
I got a nice preview of the Boy with grey hair.

Ooof dah! I will save the last batch of photos for tomorrow. Burning Man was only last week but already it feels like it was ages ago. Today is more moving, and the day after that, and the day after that…phew. Every day has just been moving moving moving then collapse then ice cream. I finally stepped on the scale today for the first time in a long time and it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

Then again, I’m still smoking! Until September 20th, when my favorite vanilla ciggies become illegal! Thank God. Cough cough cough.

Burning Man Chronicles Part 4: hoopers and sequins and The Man, at night

Burning Man Chronicles Part 4: hoopers and sequins and The Man, at night

Bleep blerp blope bloop blah! More pictures!

thursday spa day
Thursday spa day was packed.

spa thursday


our shade structure
The shade structure that the Boy built over our tents. It was fabulous–we were able to sleep IN without roasting, and it kept a lot of the dust out.

dome and kitchen
Our camp dome and kitchen. We ate so well on this trip! Pancakes and hashbrowns, Asian soup and BLTs, hummus and pita bread, fresh fruit…mmmmm. Everyone took turns cooking dinner, and it was all good, every day.


an art car
Look, it’s an art car!

hoop off 2
We went to a “hoop off”, which just turned out to be a bunch of amateur hoopers. That’s okay.

hoop off

big hoop 2
Not that it really shows in this photograph, but this dude was rockin’ a HUGE hoop.

big hoop

decorative keyboard
This fancy keyboard was outside the hoop camp.


joshy smiles

the uncles
My uncles came by for another visit.

shady conversation

silver dress hooping
I wore the sequin dress for about a half an hour–the sequins started to shed, and at Burning Man you have to be very concerned about “moop” (matter out of place). I wore it long enough for pictures!

silver dress hooping 2

silver dress

silver dress hooping 3

knee socks
The Boy changed into his old man shorts and knee socks. Hawt.

hoop roller

hooper girl

Harinam, one of our fellow campers. Utilikilts were extremely popular at Burning Man. The Boy didn’t wear his until the last day.

thursday night outfit
Then it was time to change into Thursday night’s outfit!

sarah and kevin
Kevin and Sarah were married at Burning Man. He made her wedding dress by hand, and her veil and bouquet lit up. They looked fabulous.

the man at night

underneath the man
Our entire camp met under the man to discuss the night’s festivities.

the man at night 2
Of course we all ended up getting separated–the Boy, Corinne and I went to see Daft Punk, were bored, traveled around all night and ended up at the Infected Mushroom show, which was fantastic.

This woman ran up to me and said, “I want my picture taken with you!” That wig enticed a lot of weirdos. In a good way.

two for the night
Thursday night was a lot of fun–after hanging out under the Man I didn’t take any more pictures, of course, but that’s the way it is!

Oh Lordy Lord, I’m already sick of moving. I KNOW! It’s just not very fun to move things by yourself! I’m trying to make the best of it. I am planning on making a little video later on today of a walk-through of the New House, mostly to e-mail to my mother. Good Times.

Burning Man Chronicles Part 3: Fire

Burning Man Chronicles Part 3: Fire

Onwards and upwards, dear bloggeroos. Now, where were we? Wednesday we spent all day recovering from Tuesday night/morning, so there are no photos from Wednesday until nighttime.

stars dress
I wore the stars dress, with silver tights and the silver boots. Those silver boots were an excellent idea–I wore them every night–they were super comfortable and seemed to match every night outfit.

joshy at night
The Boy’s silver pants looked awesome in the desert.

eyes wide shut
It was rough, motivating to go out, but we knew several people performing fire on Wednesday night and had to do it.

cube at night
There’s that nifty cube again.

I tried, oh damn did I try to take pictures of the fire performances, but it was so hard!

Every kind of fire performer was there–fire swords, poi, hoopers, nunchucks, even one dude with a huge ball of fire that he swirled all over the stage.

fire stage
They had a whole routine choreographed to music.

fire performers

fire spinner

fire performance

fire hooper
We met Zeut at the camping trip earlier this summer, and her fire hooping did not disappoint. It’s a shame my photo did not turn out clearly–she had nothing on but underwear and a large turban, and her curvy female body with the fire hoop spinning around it was a sight to behold.

After the performance Corinne, grumpy as all hell, went back to camp to go to bed, but the Boy and I stayed out for a little while longer. We journeyed over to the end of the playa to listen to some drum and bass, which is not very popular at Burning Man but can be found.

fire spinner outside bass camp
One lone fire spinner outside the Bass Camp.

Then we went to bed. So much for Wednesday! Well, you have to have recovery days too, otherwise you LOSE IT. And we didn’t LOSE IT all week, which is goooood.

My mother asked me point-blank what drugs I took, so I told her (ecstasy and pot). She was just happy that I didn’t drink all week. The only booze that appealed to me at all was some homemade apple cinnamon rum that one of our campmates was handing out–I told Corinne to shut up her yummy sounds–but that was it. I had a sno-cone and a fruit smoothie and lots of other fun cold drinks over the course of the week that were booze-free, and who wants to encourage dehydration in the desert? No thanks.

I told the Boy that I was going to move so much stuff over to the New House today that his head would SPIN when he came home from work later on, so I had best make that shit happen. Too bad we don’t have any Adderall left (Burning Man took care of that–heh). Thank God we have all month to move. Whewwwww.

Burning Man Chronicles Part 2: the spa, The Man, and a large bunny

Burning Man Chronicles Part 2: the spa, The Man, and a large bunny

Okee-dokee, smokies, here’s some pictures from Tuesday on the playa:

I remembered from previous years that during the day, you really don’t want to wear a satin prom dress when it’s 100 degrees outside–and brought a colorful collection of shorts and bikini tops, which I wore every day during the heat.

yellow hat
The Boy workin’ that ugly yellow hat I made for the occasion.

a pair

corinne hoops
Somehow–no, I don’t know how–Corinne and I forgot our hoops. We did manage to remember her heavy horrible “Hero Hoop”, so that worked.

sparkle dress
When I saw Masil emerge from her tent I didn’t realize that she had been up all night–I just saw the sparkle dress. The expression on her face sums up how she was feeling at that moment.

spa day 2
Tuesday spa day went beautifully!

spa day
Everyone that showed up was cool.

winged pixie
Sarah’s gorgeous wings. She got married later on in the week.

winged joshy
The Boy was lovin’ those wings the first couple of days.

the man
We went to check out The Man.

liz at the man

man base

man details

karma bunny
A few people who came by the spa told us to go look at the “Karma Bunny”. Every day a chakra lit up.

liz on bunny

bunny behind
Inside the bunny was, apparently, the place to be, but we never got inside because it was too crowded, and it’s easy to have A.D.D. at Burning Man.

every moment

josh and liz near bunny

cube at day
This cube lit up at night, and you could control the colors.

my crazy ass uncles
Back at camp, my uncles came by and I gave them their gifts–the blue cloak and pink tunic. They loved them.

uncle mike in the tunic
They were certainly in their element.

Recognize this face? I saw Nico a couple of times over the course of the week. Naturally, being Nico, one of the first things he pointed out to me was my patchy tan. Hell, on Tuesday it still looked pretty good. I met his girlfriend–ahem–fiancee, he proposed to her on the playa. I guess we did want to get married all along, just not to each other!

hand hooping
I put on my 60s floral bikini and did some hooping.

bikini hooping

dusty bondage boots
Corinne checking out the event booklet. She wore those bondage boots for the majority of the week–impressive.

wings and silver pants
Then we put on our Tuesday night outfits.

gypsy corinne
This picture of Corinne makes me sing, “Gypsies, tramps and thieves…“.

tuesday night outfit
Tuesday night was probably the best night, really. We went out all night, stayed up until sunrise, and had some seriously Good Times–that’s why–ah–there isn’t a single picture from Tuesday night, it was THAT GOOD.

Yesterday’s “motivation” crashed sometime after I picked up the rogs–freshly bathed and very excited to see Mommy. I sat on the couch, gulping down Big Sticks and watching Ingmar Bergman movies and didn’t do a damn thing–but that’s alright.

Today, perhaps, I will move a thing or two over to the New House. Like some books, or magazines. Nothing too heavy.

Burning Man Chronicles Part 1: Arrival and First Night

Burning Man Chronicles Part 1: Arrival and First Night

So I have 321 photos of Burning Man 2009, which is kind of shocking because I think I took the same amount of photos during the two hours I was at Gay Pride this year. However, Burning Man poses some unique challenges to any photographer, much less a photographer with an old Canon A610 who wants to enjoy her Burning Man. Taking photos at night is difficult, so is taking photos during a dust/wind storm, and who wants to stop every 2 seconds while on a bike to take photos, hmmm?

With that in mind, I am going to post many photos, but I decided this morning to post them chronologically and “sprinkle” them throughout the week, so you’ll have to WAIT and WAIT for the erm, “good” ones.

Here we go!
the desert
First photo of the actual desert. On Sunday we drove for 12 hours and stopped in a little town very close to Burning Man to spend the night in a hotel, but evidently everyone else had that idea too, because all the hotels were booked. We ended up paying 5 bucks to set up a tent at a trailer park. Good times. Nice thing was, we got some dust-free sleep before making our final short trek to the playa.

excited face 1
We were all pretty damn excited. I took photos of each of us in the car, “Before BM” and “After BM” to compare and contrast levels of filthiness/excitement. Why Corinne is covering her tits here, I have no idea.

excited face 2
The Boy did ALL the driving on this trip, ALL OF IT. Damn, I love him.

excited face 3
My tongue is orange here, maybe from orange Tic Tacs? Who knows, but I didn’t lose any weight on this trip, that’s for sure. I had three Kosher hot dogs this week, and they were fabulous. Fucking fabulous. Why did I stop eating meat again?

first sign
First sign of arrival! Then we spent an hour or so driving in the looooong line up to the greeting station, where the Boy got to ring the “First Timers” bell. Unfortunately, he did it so quickly that I didn’t even have time to pull out my camera, much less take a photo.

This was a “misting” camp right next to us, with a platform you could stand on and have your entire body misted with water. Fabulous on the really hot days.

shade structure
Our camp shade structure. We performed the “spa treatments” under this each morning, from 9 to 11 a.m. Amazing how many people showed up that early in the morning! My job was to paint finger nails and toe nails–on both sexes, which was fun. The Boy had his finger nails painted with blue glitter.

the plaza
The big metal “chicken” in the center of our plaza was a great landmark for locating our camp each day. You always want to have landmarks to find your camp–of course, those change at night, but someone was smart enough to shine a massive green laser down our street at night. I never had any trouble finding my way back home.

Can you make out the giant spider? There were two huge spider art cars at BM this year (that I saw, anyway–could have been more). The legs all “walked” independently. Fantastic.

The first day was spent setting up our tents and shade structure–at night Massive Dust/White-out Storm Number 1 hit–Corinne and I slept in our tents and didn’t even go out that night. The Boy went out with a few of our camp mates–brave man.

Now, dear blog reader, you’ll have to stay tuned for the rest! Today I am picking the rogs up from Doggie Jail and damn I am excited to see their furry faces. I’m also going to start moving shit over to the New House. Our camp mates with the trailer were nice enough to let us borrow it this month while we move into the New House–we might not even need to rent a U-haul.

This year’s “Decompression” has been about a million times easier than previous years–I don’t know if it’s because I am happier, or because I don’t drink anymore, or what–but the transition back to “real life” has been painless. And that is a very very good thing.