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2011 recap…part 1!

2011 recap…part 1!

It’s that time again…time for my yearly recap! 2011! What did I do, anyway? Let’s investigate…

January 2011
ta da
Got a faaaabulous new camera for Christmas! Yes, it’s been a whole year, and I am just as in love with my camera as I was at the beginning!

I go through an intense obsession with skateboarders, especially Spanky Long. It’s inappropriate. Maybe. Hell, he’s of legal age, ne’er mind.

those shoes....
Initiation of obsession with platform shoes! Well…I guess it’s always been there, it just…intensified a little more.

The Ambien Walrus inspires some scribbly weird drawings:
platform scribbles

superficial questions
Oh Lord.

gay alphabet
yellow glitter girl painting
Listed “Yellow Glitter Girl” on Etsy (and later sold it!).

60 reasons
Wrote/illustrated “60 Reasons Why You’re Awesome” for my father on his 60th birthday.

sedgwick drawing

neon flapper
I abandon painting for a little while in favor of freestyle Sharpie/marker drawings.

song stylings by Mistress Neon
We threw a successful Anti-Valentines Day party, where I dressed in neon, proclaimed that I was “bringing the 90s back” and then performed a rousing interpretation of “Baby Got Back”, my best karaoke performance to date.

flapper smoking

neon artist

neon bathers

neon hoopers

neon Sister
These were fun to create, and I didn’t take them too seriously.

neon Louise

gold Anna May Wong
Anna May Wong, and nailpolish.

painted lady

outdoors test
My beautiful granny floral Doc Martens arrive! Yaaaaayyyy!

for stacey
Stencil/spraypaint project for Stacey, who killed his blog.

the great porn debate
The Boy does a guest entry about seeing Ron Jeremy at church.

neon amish
Neon Amish…for the Boy.

petti pants
Corinne turns me onto pettipants, sparking my idea for Pettipants Revolution! Speaking of which…I test drove the serger last night. It came already threaded, which is fantastic, although I managed to un-thread it, but then I re-threaded it…all by myself! And then I fixed a pair of legwarmers for Corinne! And later today I’ll be making my very first pair of pettipants! YES!

going green
I create another hoop and pick up the hooping habit again.

a lewd character
Arrival of Kissyfur!

a fag, a hag, and a mag
Nothing but yarn, deranged cackling, and the introduction of “Will & Grace” into my life (I just recently completed watching all 8 seasons, because that’s how obsessive personalities work).

palm tree car window
Soooooo happy. Waves of happiness. Maui is Magic! It inspired something like 3000 photos and a 20 part blog entry, which you can read here.

glamour, sweetie darling

neon flowered bathing cap in the Maui ocean
Oh God I miss you Maui.

hat trick

hat trick foursquare
Good old “Harry’s Filters”, always a good time.

Open my Zazzle store!

Happy Feet!
The BEST PLATFORMS EVER come into my life!

grapes tattoo
I like this one. Maybe I should have it printed on tee-shirts.

grapes tattoo foursquare

diamond quilt
Make a fabulous wedding quilt for my cousin, but forget to take photos of finished quilt (merp).

happy hooper


hedwig with cig

glitter liza
Well…you know. Seemed like a good idea at the time?

flapper with headband

flapper with red hair

flapper with gold hoop

rainbow nation
Gay Pride! Hooray!

colorful turbans
This is a good one.

flapper with gold dress

grape girl

Holy crap, we’re only at JUNE??? This is taking way too long. This is also why I always seem to do these recaps in two parts…it’s hell for my A.D.D.! Not to mention that we ran out of oil last night for the furnace, so it’s 55 degrees in here and I’m typing with gloves on and this is RIDICULOUS.

I’ll be back…with part 2!

Maui Part 20: the end

Maui Part 20: the end

Awwwwwwww. All good things must come to an end…or something. I’m glad it worked out to 20 parts–nice and even.

After we returned to our hotel from the aquarium, I remembered that I hadn’t really taken any pictures of the hotel. Being in Maui is excellent, you could stay in any old shithole really and it would be fine, because you spend all day on the beach, but our hotel was really really really nice.

center of the hotel
And my God, it’s PINK, talk about perfect. It reminded me of Florida. Not that I’ve ever been. I asked the Boy’s parents about it and they said Maui is 10,000 times better. Well, I believe that.

waterfall inside the hotel
Waterfalls inside the hotel.

the hotel lobby
The lobby.

outside the hotel

the pool
The pool, which we only swam in at night. I found it incredible how many people were at the pool all day, when the hotel is right on the beach! What is wrong with people??? I’ll take natural water over chlorinated water any time.

bird of paradise flower
Bird of Paradise flowers.

my last sunset in Maui
My last sunset in Maui (sob).

brilliant yellow sunset

another beautiful sunset

neon orange
So gorgeous.


the torches aglow

the hotel garden
I even ran back to the garden to snap a few pictures.

I took so long with the pictures that I had to rush getting ready to go out to dinner, and I hate rushing, so I was cranky for about 10 minutes. Then I got over it. How dare anyone be grumpy in Maui?

cool deco light fixtures
I really liked the light fixtures at the restaurant.

last night outfit
That’s you on the left, Bob, but I trimmed you out because it wasn’t a flattering photo. I do that, you know. I’m nice.

happy (slightly sunburned) faces
It’s us!

I don’t think we’ll be dining at that restaurant in the future. Bob is deathly allergic to nuts, so Fleeta asked the waitress if the pesto he ordered had nuts in it. She assured us it was nut-free, brought us our meals, and after Bob had taken about 3 bites she came back to the table and oh, sorry, that pesto DOES have nuts in it.

His plate was whisked away and a nut-free meal replaced it, but COME ON. Bob had to sit and watch us eat while he waited for the second plate, and never mind that, he could have DIED! She should have given him the meal for free, but instead just gave us a free dessert (1/4 of the cost of the meal). LAME. One of us could have thrown a massive fit but we didn’t. It was our last night.

Paradise Found!
The next morning, Paradise Found again! Right after Bob snapped this photo of me, the second memory card was full. It ended on a good note.

Leaving the airport (let the boo hoos begin…).

still a stunning view

so long
Oh, wahhhhh. The Pacific Northwest is great and all, but hells bells.

out the airplane window

lone sailboat

nice thumb

last glimpse

So, thank you thank you THANK YOU Fleeta and Bob, that was the best trip, ever. The ultimate. Perfection. And I was thin, besides.

And you blogreader, if you ever have the chance to go to Maui, TAKE IT! You will never be sorry. Maui = Magic.

Maui Part 19: the aquarium

Maui Part 19: the aquarium

Who’s ready to explore the Maui Aquarium with me? Oh come on, FISH ARE EXCITING! Let’s do this thing.

Everything in the aquarium was arranged so you move from shallow water creatures to deep water (with the sharks at the end, of course), but my pictures are all out of sequence.

the art of blending in

spotted fish close-up
These extreme close-ups using the flash are courtesy of the Boy.

he is not amused

sea horse
See the little sea horse? They were camera shy.

neon display
Natural neon colors.

yellow and red and pink all over

look at that maniac on the floor!


swirly googly eyes
Look at those adorable googly eyes!

neon blue

yellow fish

hello, dolly!

flash and fish
Too bad about that flash. I suppose I could photoshop it out, but why?

green on green

the striped fish were friendly
These striped fish were in love with me. No matter where I positioned myself, they clustered around me, specifically–ignoring the other people. Someone even pointed it out.

the flat fish
A flat fish! Isn’t that cool?

a sampler

heading towards the turtle lagoon
I was excited to see the turtle lagoon…

hanging on
…but it was kind of sad. As you can see, there’s one turtle desperately trying to escape…

a lone turtle
…and then just one more turtle in the “lagoon”.

the turtle is relaxed

turtle crossing
The “turtle crossing” sign was pretty cute though.

know your hammerheads!


dock outside the aquarium
View from outside the aquarium.

outside the aquarium

Maui Ocean Center

turtle-shaped bush
AWWW even the bushes were shaped like sea creatures.

lobster-shaped bush

red and yellow flowers

that crab is staring at me
What’s up, crab?


your pals
Your pals.

bob and fleeta are smiling

more than you ever needed to know about humpback whales
This was definitely a learning center, with lots and lots of information, but I ignored all that and just focused on the fish.

fish jail?

jellyfish cluster
I loved the jellyfish tank. It consisted of a large glass cylinder in a darkened room, with a black light to highlight the jellyfish, and it was mesmerizing.

baby jellyfish
Baby jellyfish.

the jellyfish tank and someone's flash
The jellyfish tank, and someone’s camera flash.

glass jellyfish on display
More of those glass jellyfish.

liz in action
Assuming the position.

father and son

sharks and manta rays, oh my
Oooh, sharks and manta rays time!

Here’s a little video the Boy shot of the sharks and manta rays. He actually did about 8 of these videos…but here’s one.

solo shark
The sharks were hard to capture in photos. We probably have 30 pictures of blurry sharks.

manta rays are graceful
I was a lot more interested in the manta rays, anyway.

shark and fish

joshy taking pictures
The Boy snaps away.

liz taking pictures obsessively

manta ray

frowny fish face

so close
The tunnel at the end brings the manta rays and sharks really close.

manta ray face
I love their faces!

Here’s a video of me cooing over the manta ray faces. My obsession with faces maybe makes me a better portrait artist? Or at least well-suited for the job. I also have excellent facial recognition skills, something that not everyone has (like my husband).

joshy in the tunnel
The Boy in the tunnel.

Here’s a 9 second surreal video of me standing still in the tunnel (assuming the Boy was taking a photo of me, not a video), and even weirder, his mother taking a photo of him doing the video.

the gift shop was really nice
I gotta say, the gift shop was impressive. It’s where I finally found my mother body butter, after all the searching.

glass octopus
They had a lot of glass art.

Ken Loyd's paintings are everywhere (in Maui)
Outside, more of Ken Loyd’s art. God, to be a successful painter in Maui–what a nice dream.

Fleeta says, give peace a chance

That was fun. Join me later for the final installment–that’s right, FINAL. Then it’ll be back to business as usual–um, dogs, self-portraits, and whining. Hooray!

Maui Part 18: a little shopping and arrival at the aquarium

Maui Part 18: a little shopping and arrival at the aquarium

Welcome to our last full day/night in Maui. Right now my Maui set on Flickr contains 608 photos–not too shabby. We started the day off by returning the Boy’s rental surfboard to the surf shop (that explains why he went surfing about 8 times the day before!).

Fresh plumeria blossom I found outside the surf shop, on the ground. They smell delicious.

Fleeta with flowers
I presented it to Fleeta as a gift (it matched her necklace).

joshy with a flower
One for the Boy as well.

purple orchid
The purple orchid matched my outfit better. I found out mid-week that wearing the orchid behind your right ear means you’re available, but it just felt more natural on that side so I kept it that way. Hussy!

We stopped at another popular surf spot to ogle the local talent.

plaid trunks

a duo of surfers

down the beach
This spot was not touristy. The locals were kind of crusty, but I pet their dogs, so they liked me.

rainbow hat relief
Rainbow hat = success!

step lightly
I’ve had that hat for years and years. I think I got it in San Francisco (that seems appropriate).

signature pose
The Boy’s signature Maui Pose. Kind of like my Jodie Kidd Look, eh, Kissy?

We stopped in Paia, a very quaint little town with a lot of eclectic stores.
alice in hulaland

They always seemed to wear their striped polo shirts on the same day.

funky temple building
I don’t know what it is, but I like it.

colored stepping stones
Everything was funky and brightly colored.

cool carved sign
Look, even the store signs are artistic.

a brightly colored landscape

psychedelic emporium
My hallucinogenic-trained eyeballs spotted the “Psychedelic Emporium” a mile away and of course that was the only store I wanted to go in. I didn’t really expect the Boy’s parents to come inside, but they did. It was cute.

feed your head
The guy inside was an Oregon transplant and very nice. He had no problem with my camera, either, and that’s always nice.

too bad you're freezing while I frolic
I love the bottom right drawing: “Too bad you’re freezing while I frolic“. Siggghhh.

Next door there was an all-hemp-everything store, which we stopped in as well.
unleash your inner hippie with weed!
Unleash your inner hippie with Weed! Well, yeah.

pot leaf miniskirts
Those pot leaf miniskirts were so cute–but cost something like 60 bucks? 70 bucks? I don’t theenk so.

The Boy was obsessed with having plate lunch at least once during our week in Maui, and “Da Kitchen” was recommended to us by the “Psychedelic Emporium” dude, so off we went.

first bite of spam, ever
I’d managed to get by without ever tasting Spam in my entire life, and it was offered on the menu as a fancy appetizer, wrapped up like a sushi roll and deep fried, so we ordered it. Verdict: eh. I don’t think I need to eat Spam again.

joshy is eating
What was he eating? Something nuts–like shredded beef and gravy and egg over rice. The portions were huge, and we felt bad for leaving all the leftovers but it was our last day.

Then onwards to the fabulous Maui aquarium, where the Boy and I took 457357437 photos. I was actually helping people with their (new) digital cameras at the aquarium, giving advice, disabling flashes. I am so sweet.

quilt inside the aquarium
Waiting in the ticket line, I spotted this quilt. Speaking of quilts, I’ll be starting one today. A wedding quilt.

a brightly colored bush and outfit
Pink on pink on pink on pink. You know.

ebb and flow

solo yellow fish
The Boy used the flash; I didn’t.

fish stand-off

beautiful colors

cute little guy
This was a flash picture. Aw, look at his little face!

rainbow of coral
Flash again. Using the flash shows the color variety, but the downside is that the flash shows up in the photos sometimes.

the blue view

This guy looks well fed.


that's actually a fish
See those big, flat pieces of what looks like coral? Those are fish!

and he looks kinda grumpy
Look at the face! Yeah! I was obsessed.



little orange guy
Our photos really don’t capture just how beautiful the fish were–neon colors, lots of shimmer and iridescence.

garden eel
“Garden eels”–just sticking out of the sand like that.

Apparently that’s it. Join me tomorrow for another Maui photo dump, and some videos of manta rays too!

Maui Part 17: evening

Maui Part 17: evening


a little windblown
Geek. It was really windy on that side of the balcony. My mother bought me that tie-dyed velvet tank top from “Express” when I was in high school. Is that store even around anymore?

Geek #2. Sometimes when we kiss our glasses clink together and I sigh, “Nerds in love.”

koi pond from the balcony
View of one of the many koi ponds at our hotel, from the balcony.

it's lovely when it glitters

sunset waves

dancers warming up
Our hotel was throwing its first luau, which we were able to observe from the balcony. The four of us decided it wasn’t nearly as good as the one we went to.The host had a lot of schlocky jokes, most of the dancers were little girls, not stocky beefcakes (my preference), and it appeared to be buffet-style. Oh well.

beautiful blues
It’s hard to focus on a boring luau when the sunsets are this spectacular.


the dancers onstage
The dancers doin’ their thing.

the moon is smiling
The moon looked exactly like the Cheshire Cat’s grin.

liz and the gazebo at night
We all went out for ice cream (my idea), and on the way back to the hotel the Boy and I checked out the garden in front of the hotel.

hibiscus bushes at night
Even at night the flowers were gorgeous.

gorgeous purple flowers at night

dolphin sculpture
Then I had to find the sculpture I’d seen every time we passed the hotel of a boy humping a dolphin (“Riding a dolphin,” the Boy’s parents corrected me).

liz and the dolphin fountain
Hooray! Nice pants, self (snicker).

The next installment will be the 40 billion photos the Boy and I took at the aquarium, and then…that’s all, folks! Then I’ll finally have to work on making hard copies/albums for us, and both sets of our parents. Although after all this editing I don’t think I’ll want to look at them for a loooooong tiiiiiiime.

Maui Part 16: Surfmania!

Maui Part 16: Surfmania!

Otherwise known as, the day I finally get my butt on a surfboard. Hooray!

a good morning for surfing
How many times did the Boy go out surfing that day? Three? Four? I’m not sure, but he was out surfing when I woke up.

bald dude catches a wave
He wasn’t the only early morning surfer.

l vamping while f and b chill out
After a failed attempt with snorkeling at one beach (the water was too murky), we headed back to Black Rock.

adventerous jumpers

beach scene
Black Rock is a popular spot.

bikini jumper

Black Rock crowd

j is posing on some rocks
Well, you know. We try.

joshy is smiling
That’s better!

joshy's not losing his balance

l on the beach with b in the background
Your Pale Narrator.

l in front of the Hula Grill
We ate at the Hula Grill again after Black Rock. Mmmmmm.

oddly angled but happy portrait

old guys rock
Old Guys Rock!

peace sign necklace
I like the wooden peace sign necklace.

surfboard with shark bite

sparkle turtle
Hey, little turtle.

carrying the board
When we returned to our hotel, the Boy went out surfing again.

catching air

There’s Sherman (more about him later).

stomach paddling
Such determination.

popular spot

standing on a wave
Ta da!

up up away

morning surfing

surfboard pal

surfer joshy

cute surfer dudes taking a break
Look at the cute surfer dudes hanging out on the grass.

Sherman was a dude that camped outside our hotel all day long, waiting for tourists to come along so he could give them surfing lessons (which he charged for). He was really nice to the Boy, however, and gave him lots of pointers for free.

another lovely day on the balcony

Ooh, the moment of truth. I trusted Fleeta with my camera (it was hard) to document my first time on a surfboard.

the dynamic surfing duo enters the water
Off we go!

not awkward at all, really
We started off like this, and then he let me go…

…but there are NO PHOTOS to document the time I was on the surfbaord by myself, NOT A SINGLE ONE, and granted, I didn’t even stand, it was all sitting and then all those times I was under a wave, BUT STILL, I’M NOT BITTER AT ALL yes I am oh well.

Then it was back to my role as cheerleader while the Boy went out again.

Joshy eats a wave

joshy is getting the hang of it

joshy is grinning
10 billion photos of the Boy surfing, zero photos of me…um, “surfing”. Heigh ho.

the wave whisperer

joshy's had enough, maybe
He certainly has the upper body strength for it.

a nice scene
Wouldn’t you want to spend all day in that?

double rainbow
Double rainbow!

beautiful rainbow

whale tail
I can assure you that I did not take this photo. The Boy and his parents must have yelled “WHALE!” about 20,000 times while we were in Maui; I missed it every time. After a few days I stopped caring (sniff!).

IIIII don’t think I’m gonna make the goal of completing the Maui entries before June, considering June is tomorrow (isn’t that weird?). I’ll shoot for this week, though. I mean really it’s not like I’m doing anything else.

Maui Part 15: Hana and the Seven Sacred Pools

Maui Part 15: Hana and the Seven Sacred Pools

Heeeyyyyy, welcome to the last round of photos from our Road to Hana trip, ending in…Hana!

joe's place
On the road again…

weird grey building


white church
There were a loooot of churches in Hana.

zigzag waterfall

no dogs allowed
Maw, no dogfriends allowed.

Hale Ku'ai
How to build a Hale.


inside the hale
Inside the Hale.

near the hale

Somewhere around here, the Speedo duo were lurking.

crazy tree trunks

spotted orange trunks


joshy is smiling
There’s mah man.

do not remove rocks
Don’t you dare remove those rocks!

green surroundings

rocky approach

approaching the pools
Approaching the Seven Sacred Pools, the “end” of the Road to Hana. You can read about the legend here.

the crowd at the pools
Very beautiful, very rocky. Old people were struggling to navigate on the slippery rocks.

bridge at the top of the pools


Mind the warning, now.

lower pool
The lower pools weren’t quite as popular.


larger pool

liz at the pools
I did not partake of the seven sacred pools.

waterfall crowd

the bald guy is getting into it
The bald dude was really getting into those waterfalls.

bob and fleeta are observing

the seven sacred pools

fleeta and bob are cute

waterfalls everywhere

a nice little walkway

high above the pools

Trapped! In Maui! (I wish)

gorgeous orange flowers
Gorgeous flowers.

After you’ve reached Hana, you can return the way you came, or you can keep going around the island on the unpopular road, which is unpaved and rocky and twisty. My husband, being the adventurous type, chose the rocky road.

falling in love rocks
Oh, how sweet.

It was drier on that side of the island, but still beautiful.

the road back

colorful scene

quiet landscape

sunset on the road back
The sunset was fabulous.

soft sunset

Check out the bones. We stopped so I could pee and I slipped on some lava rock and sliced my hand open. I still have the scar.

Graffiti always catches my eye.

stunning sunset

little island

And, what do you know, a rainbow appeared!

My goal was to finish the Maui entries by the end of May, do ya think I’ll make my goal? Hmmmmmmm? One can always hope.