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Lisa and Zane visit

Lisa and Zane visit

A day after I returned from my double vacation, we had a visit from my old old old old old old friend Lisa and her husband Zane and their three kiddies.

Sadie with the rainbow ribbon
Lisa is my second oldest friend next to Corinne. I met Corinne at age 15; I met Lisa at age 17 during my first year of college. She saved me from an otherwise horrible, stressful year (thanks to a psychotic stalker) by indulging my hippie side (weed, henna, tie dye).

tangled up with rainbow
I remember, very clearly, the morning I got the call from her, cooing, in her little girl voice: “Now, don’t get mad (why would I be mad?), but…I’m pregnant.

Sadie in the neon wig
She was pregnant with Miss Sadie here (werking the neon wig), who just turned 9! 9 years old! Time flies.

Aurora is a diva
Aurora is a diva. Love the Ugg boots + bathing suit + wig look. These girls were obsessed with my make-up/sewing room–let’s face it, it’s a girly-girl’s dream come true–make-up and wigs and costumes for DAYS.

Lisa and the girls at the water park
It was actually hot (summer hot!) when they arrived, so we went to a cool park about 20 minutes away from our house that has a water area for kiddies and a nice off-leash dog area for doggies.

Sadie and Aurora in the water
They had a good time.

Zane and the dogs
Lisa and Zane had acquired two new dogs since their last visit. One of the dogs is a wolf, and Zane was worried that she wouldn’t get along with Maggie and Molly.

dog oreo sandwich
Luckily, all four dogs got along great. Phew!

Zane and Orion practice poi
Zane is actually really good at poi. The Boy and I never really bothered to learn, but they make for good entertainment pieces when we have guests over.

Zane and Orion
Orion had a good time with the throwing stick, although he did get yelled at a few times for throwing the ball at the house…and at us.

Lisa and Zane at the table
For dinner I made spaghetti, garlic bread and a green salad.

Joshy at the table

boys in the yard

Aurora and the pink wig
I think I may have promised that Auntie Liz would give them wigs for Christmas. Note to Auntie Liz: DON’T FORGET.

wig girls
I did send Aurora and Sadie off with a wooden jewelry box filled with cosmetics I didn’t need/want anymore, a pretty sweet deal. I would have been stoked to get a boxful of make-up at their age (hell, any age!).

pink wig from the back
In the morning they requested that I do their make-up so I did, tastefully, and then afterwards they took matters (and brushes) into their own hands and caked more on. Go figure.

Princess Aurora
Princess Aurora.

I’ve been hanging out with kids more, so I can say now that: 1. Spongebob Squarepants is way better than Dora the Explorer and 2. DON’T EVER WATCH FRED THE MOVIE. Life is too short!

a sunny birthday

a sunny birthday

dog butts and trees
Saturday was the Boy’s birthday.

Bear Cub in the grass with dandelions
His big present (to himself) was a 400 dollar ski pass for next year. Oof. I said maybe by next year I’d be willing to learn how to cross country ski…with his three-year-old niece. Sounds about right, yeah?

a happy wet dog
After we gorged ourselves on the elaborate birthday breakfast feast I prepared (blueberry pancakes, thick-cut bacon (his choice!), and fresh strawberries and raspberries) (let’s not forget the box of sour cream donut holes we powered down together as well), he mowed the lawn while I took the girls to the park.

three black dogs
They met a 5-month-old black lab named Molly. Honestly, I meet more dogs named Maggie and Molly…! Maggie played so hard showing her dominance she sprained her ankle and hobbled around pathetically for the rest of the day. It’s a hard knock life, Mags.

Everything is blooming beautifully at the park this time of year.

I love how no matter where you live around Seattle, there’s always a park or a dog park nearby.


flowering bushes

forest dogs
We even went down into the “forest” area of the park for fun. Maggie immediately went for the water, naturally.

I made a little video of the rogs in the forest area but all you can hear is my gum cracking. Note to self: chewing gum on video is LOUD. Knock it off!

the birthday boy does poi
We came back home and I hooped on the freshly mowed lawn and the Boy did a little poi.

narcissus and graffiti tulips
The graffiti tulips have arrived! Note as purple as I’d hoped, but still pretty.

graffiti tulip close up
At least something I planted worked out. The first greenhouse crop this year is rather anemic.

Bear Cub gets a trim
The Boy bought some new clippers for cutting fur, and Bear Cub had a trim.

Bear Cub is smiling
Aw, look at that face! I could eat a Cub!

the monkey
Then we watched “The IT Crowd” and had new tires put on my car! THRILL! Stay tuned for Part 2…meat!