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Polyester madness and a new look

Polyester madness and a new look

neon dress blur
Ta dah! The vintage neon polyester dress I just couldn’t bear to put back on the rack at the Goodwill. Sure, sure…thoughts whizzed through my head like: “It’s not practical” “You’ll never wear it” and “Polyester doesn’t breathe“, but could I really not take home such an obvious example of a Liz Dress? NO WAY. I washed it and then threw it on to show Josh.

“Put on the rainbow platforms!” he encouraged me, but I put on my hideous 90’s platform sneakers instead, which clashed incredibly with the yellow hiking socks I happened to be wearing at the time. He took about 10 shots of me dancing around like a maniac, which will not be posted here. Because, ahem. Just because.

Of course, things didn’t really take off until I pulled out the black light…
neon dress under black light
…because neon clothing is infinitely more exciting under a black light, isn’t it? You can take the girl out of the rave, but you can never take the rave out of the girl!

neon dress with mystery hands
Hey, where’d those hands come from? Bonus: I made a 10 second video of myself bobbling around lewdly in the dress while Josh provides the beatboxing soundtrack, and had the nerve to post it on Instagram, so here’s that, if you enjoy that sort of thing. I DO!

You may have noticed that my blog appearance has changed. I have been wanting, for a very very long time, to use a wordpress theme that allows me to post larger photos, and this was one of the (free) ones that had that option. I’m not crazy about the background–I like the design on the top but hate the background color–it’s an earth tone, for cry yi! So that may change. Also I think the font size for reading is a tad small, but I just read you have to pay an additional 30 dollars a year to change it (!), so if that’s the case…NOPE. I’m already paying my blog host money for the “pleasure” of having my own .com, and I pay Flickr every year to have an account, so…that’s enough money for this ol’ thing.

Today I’ll be enjoying my last day of freedom before going back to work tomorrow. The sun’s shining, so it looks like dogs + park will be enjoyable. Plus, I re-did the entire Phyllis Diller painting, and it’s going to be 10,000 times better. Yeah!

Don’t forget to spring forward! (also: Indian food porn)

Don’t forget to spring forward! (also: Indian food porn)

The Boy tells me to stop moving around while he’s photographing me, but I can’t help it. After all, whenever you see models in movies they’re always in constant motion…what’s the difference?

mid pose
The difference is: 95% of the shots are me in mid-pose, looking er…special. That kind of special, yes.

the night the stache was shaved
Say, these photos are dated! This was the night he shaved off the ‘stache.

indian restaurant
We went out for Indian food that night. Mmmmmm.

flowered doorway
I like the floral flair hanging on the doorway.

stunning sunset (through the power lines)
The sunset across the parking lot was stunning!

Ah ha, got him smiling. He said he was a little “uncomfortable” that night–whether it was the tightness of his pants or his wife snapping photos in his face…who can say. After almost 6.5 years, you would think he’s gotten used to this camera habit of mine. I have to do it. These are the days of our lives!

dipping sauce
Getting closer…

Indian food is delicious
…BAM! Oh Indian food, I love you so much. Every time we have Indian I say to myself, “I need to learn how to cook this at home”, so I took a couple of photos to remember what I want to make: vegetable samosas (not pictured–we inhaled them), garlic naan (amazing Indian bread), chicken tikka masala (whatever’s in that orange sauce–I need to replicate it), and saag paneer (creamed spinach and Indian cheese with spices–YUM).

I’m considering changing my blog format back to how it always was before–with the blog page as the main page. I’ve been thinking for a while now that the front page discourages readers–and I like readers. That does mean I have to dive back into the murky waters of the WordPress forums, but I’m sure with some sweat and mild cursing I can figure it out. If not, er…it was nice knowin’ ya!