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Chris and Hayley’s wedding

Chris and Hayley’s wedding

Hola blarg. I tried to do this entry on Monday, but Flickr was having A Moment and nothing worked, so here we are! And here I am, on my way to Chris and Hayley’s wedding on Saturday. I decided to wear the exact same outfit I wore to my last art show: the aqua Lulu’s dress, gold Seychelles sandals and my grandmother’s jeweled cuff. This time I was covered with the gold body glitter lotion I purchased on Amazon–I knew I had to buy it when half the reviews were people complaining that it was TOO GLITTERY–like there is such a thing! I rubbed glitter all over everyone I hugged.

The cheese stands alone. We had a couple of donuts before the wedding, so during the wedding I was really only hungry for some fruit and a piece of flourless chocolate cake, which was AMAZING. If only I had tucked a couple of extra pieces in my purse for later! Oh well.

This is Josh’s Muncle, the one he goes skiing/biking with all the time, and Mike’s lovely partner Darla. Swinging between them is Baby James. Immediately after the family pictures were taken, Mike changed into board shorts and a tee-shirt. “Classy,” I told him.

This is a good picture of us.

The actual ceremony was inside a tiny chapel in Snohomish, and the rest of the wedding was outside/inside. It was a gorgeous sunny day.

They played something called “The Shoe Game”, where they were supposed to raise their hand when asked a series of questions: “Who made the first move?” “Who makes the best dinner?” etc.. As you can imagine, they both raised their hands to every single question.

The wedding cake was a carrot cake, which I appreciate, but I was focused on that flourless chocolate cake. Mmmmmmmm.

Chris is looking for trouble!

Bob and Fleeta are adorable. Turns out they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary the same year that Joshy and I celebrate our 10th–I say Caribbean vacation! Yeah!

Chris dancing with his sister Alyse, who is recovering from hip surgery.

Currently I am chugging coffee and getting ready to go run the animals in what looks like a teeny bit of warm summer rain. Alriiiiiiiight. Are you watching the latest season of “Orange is the New Black”, blogreader? You should! We finished it up and the finale made me cry MULTIPLE times, as well as laugh, and even break into song. Get into it.

My little brother got married

My little brother got married

pretty Mumsie
First up, it’s Mumsie! She picked out this beautiful dress from Anthropologie, I bought it, and after the wedding she gave it to me to keep as I enjoy wearing dresses and she doesn’t. She kept saying she felt fat and I kept re-assuring her that SHE WASN’T (sound familiar?). Then I wore the dress to work this week and one of my patients asked me if I had a baby “in there”. I patted my fupa and smiled, “Nope, just cheeseburgers!” Sigh.

mother and daughter
Why are our arms so awkward in this photo? Like mother like daughter. Remember the Myer-Briggs test? Uh huh.

brother and sister
The six foot six groom.

husband and wife
Mumsie and Daddums. Their colors coordinate!

Mom and Josh
Look at how pretty the Botanical Gardens are. Even with those awful yellow foothills in the background.

If you have to get married in Boise, this seems like the best place for it.

Lizzie and Joshy
The best man and a bridesmaid. That purple dress photographs nicely, doesn’t it?

We were supposed to show up two hours early for photographs but they didn’t really kick off until an hour before the wedding, and even then I was only required for a few of them. Plenty of time to wander the Gardens.

Lizzie is a poser
SHAZZAM! What a show-off! The black shoes (that I complained about) actually ended up being pretty cute.

groom with parents
My family.

bride, groom, and flower girl
Stephanie, Stewart, and the little flower girl. She did pretty great leading up to the time she had to walk down the “aisle”, and then she had a major meltdown. Children are so unpredictable!

Josh and a bouquet
Joshy holds my bouquet. I thought the flower selection was really nice.

bride and groom
The happy bride and groom. They were very affectionate with each other, and there was a lot of touching and hugging and kissing. I thought it was a very good sign.

mike, kyle and caroline
My uncle Mike, cousin Kyle, and Aunt Caroline. My Aunt Lisa was unable to attend the wedding due to physical problems, and she was dearly missed. She did, however, send a crapload of jewelry for me to pick over and keep, though, which was GREAT. Score!

mom and dad are smiling
I like this shot of my parents.

mini cupcakes
In lieu of a cake, they had about a million mini gourmet cupcakes instead. I had an apple caramel and chocolate ganache, and they were fantastic. My only regret is forgetting to take some home!

Joshy and Anna
Joshy sitting next to the pastor’s wife at the head table. Isn’t she cute? She was really nice. Apparently she’s a talented musician and singer…it’s too bad she didn’t perform at the wedding. The song selection was meh, and when I requested “Groove Is In the Heart” the dj HAD NEVER HEARD OF DEEE-LITE. O-M-G.

Pastor and his wife
The pastor and his wife. Married for eight years with no children? That’s practically unheard of in Idaho.

head table
The head table.

Stephanie and Stewart
I liked Stephanie and her family. Her grandparents are delightful.

S and S

best man speech
Joshy giving his Best Man speech. He did a nice job.

first dance
First dance. My brother could use some dance lessons…but I’m pretty sure he had never danced before. Big moment for him!

dances with parents
Stewart and Mumsie. She had attempted to give him a little dance coaching the night before, much to our amusement.

Ubiquitous YMCA dance.

Joshy gets down
Joshy gets down. We did dance together for a couple of songs–he spun me around and dipped me once. Too bad no one took pictures of that!

happy flower girl
The little flower girl cheered up.

The written congratulations. You can see mine in the lower right corner–I was the first to write. Ever since my friend Lisa wrote “Welcome to the club” at our wedding, I’ve been using that line. I don’t know why, but I just like it.

The next day my mother, Josh and I met my uncle and cousin at the Green Belt and had a lovely walk. Until of course I strayed across the path to pet a dog that looked just like Bear Cub and some female cyclist suddenly came up right behind me yelling, “On your left…JESUS CHRIST ON YOUR LEFT.” That wasn’t so fun.

bouquet toss
Bouquet toss!

bouquet catch
And successful catch.

football garter catch
They wrapped the garter belt around a football, and that little boy caught it.

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding. I’m so happy my brother has found love!

Next up: Josh and I are house hunting…and today we made our very first bid! Yes! Scream! Holler! Excitement! More about that to come!

Going back to Boise, Boise, Boise

Going back to Boise, Boise, Boise

Hola blog. Did you miss me desperately? I knew you did. Wednesday after work we packed up, drove to Richland and spent the night in a cheap, pet-friendly hotel, and Thursday morning we drove the rest of the way to Boise. On Thursday my brother’s then fiancee came over to my parent’s house for dinner, and she brought some purple nail polish so I could paint my toenails the required color of purple. I waggled my freshly French manicured tips–she approved. I removed them the day after the wedding, of course. NEVER AGAIN!

L and J at the Gardens
Friday afternoon we all drove to the Botanical Gardens for the wedding rehearsal. Not only had I never been a bridesmaid before (only a maid of honor), I had never participated in a wedding rehearsal before. Not even my own! The Botanical Gardens in Boise are right next to the old penitentary, which makes for some interesting photos. Note the yellow foothills in the background.

Josh and Mom at the Gardens
The Gardens are beautiful, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire time we were in Boise, a special bonus. Good-bye summer!

Pops at the Gardens
Pops dressed up for the rehearsal. We went through everything twice. Then we hit the freeway to go to Nampa for dinner at Stephanie’s parents’ house. The traffic was outrageous. Luckily Joshy and I had stopped at the State street Fanci Freeze on our way there (my request, of course). I only had ONE Flavor Burst ice cream cone on the trip, OH THE HUMANITY.

And of course Friday morning I went to my favorite shop, “Eyes of the World”. I found no worthy sundresses but did buy a cool glass pendant and a weird Aztec-print neon cardigan sweater that nobody else was impressed by.

beautiful purple flowers
More shots of the flowers will be posted later this week.

Joshy finds a friend
Turns out Stephanie (my brother’s new bride) and her family are all dog fiends! You know I’m easy! I think I want a golden retriever for my third dog. We’ll see.

Everything went smoothly at the dinner–pizza and cookies from Costco were scarfed, and I have zero drama to report (sorry Aunt Lisa). The next day was the beautiful wedding…that will be my next post, so stay tuned!

Party time, excellent (part 2)

Party time, excellent (part 2)

the new bride
We are back to the post-wedding party Saturday night. Here is a rather unflattering picture of the bride, who is much cuter than this. I blame 1. my broken camera and 2. the lighting at the party, which was not ideal.

family and Josh
A former co-worker of the Boy and mine. She used to come to our Halloween parties before she started having kiddies. She just popped out her second boy four months ago and looked great, and told me all about the joy of having kids and also the necessity of an epidural. She said with her second child after the epidural she actually napped and they woke her up to push the baby out! Sounds good to me!

stick performance
The bridal party put together a little performance with music, flower petals and sticks. Why the sticks, I’ll never know.

raising sticks
Maybe they’re supposed to symbolize swords? Every time I hear the word “swords” I think of this.

“It looks like this is my lucky day. I’ll take the rapists for 200.”

“That’s therapists.”

the bride and groom
A lengthy speech by the jokester with the megaphone followed, and then they showed the video of the groom proposing to the bride, which took place during a dinner with loads of people around.

Thank God the Boy proposed to me alone. It was so sweet. I immediately burst into tears! 4+ years ago, but feels like foreverrrrrr (I mean that in a good way). This month his nephew, Maggie and our relationship all turn 7 years old. Can you believe it?

ring pops
Ring pops. We met the groom for the first time–he was a nice kid. I say “kid” now (just like my mother does) to refer to anyone younger than me, heh.

signing the poster
Signing the poster. We did something similar at our wedding, only with a canvas and paint markers. Why do I look so serious here?

Sharpie sentiment
Considering my signature included whimsical hearts and flowers? “Welcome to the club” was something Lisa wrote on our wedding canvas, and I really like it. Simple, to the point. The Boy plumped up his name a little.

Joshy signing
Hey there, Slick. Brylcreem smells a little like baby powder, in case you were interested. Yeah, my husband smells like an old man.

Josh with womens
We saw some former co-workers we hadn’t met up with in a while, which was nice, and met some new people as well.

four ladies
I was pretty taken with the Brazilian chick on the right there, who immediately won me over with her sequin dress, gold pumps and exuberant smile. She pulled me onto the dance floor and yelled at the d.j. to play the latest Rihanna song. Beautiful women! I can’t get enough of ’em!

There was a lot of wild dancing, and I was impressed, considering most of the guests consisted of people from the bride and groom’s church and it was a booze-free party. When I was younger I used to sneer at people having a wild time without drugs/alcohol, now I just find it…impressive. Where does all that energy come from? Who can say.

Maggie is a #ghostdog.
And here’s Maggie the Ghostdog, just for fun.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! The Boy is working today, but he went in extra early so hopefully he’ll get off in time for us to make it over to his grandma’s for dinner. I made some banana bread muffins last night to bring over…and didn’t even sample one. Tonight, however, I’m going to eat whatever I want, so this morning I’m heading to the gym. It’s all about balance!