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New painting and a poll!

New painting and a poll!

rainbow platform 1
New painting in the shop! “Rainbow Platform Shoe with Stars”. I like my painting titles to get straight to the point, you know? HERE IT IS, LOVE IT.

rainbow platform wall
I was not impressed with the lighting in the living room for photographing this painting. It has metallic ink, silver holographic glitter, gold holographic star-shaped glitter, AND a nice opalescent pigment over the top of the white portion of the shoe, but do you think any of that was showing up in the photo? NOPE! Luckily today the sun was shining…

rainbow platform signature
…and just look at how much brighter and sparklier it photographs outside. On the hood of my car, even. Werrrrrk.

rainbow platform side
This painting was a lot of fun! I’m glad I decided to give it a make-over and change the direction it was going in, because I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. Sparkle, Neely!

Next up: The Hag Series. But I have an important question to ask YOU, blogreader.

Who should I paint first in the Hag Series?

1. Phyllis Diller
2. Bette Davis
3. Evie Harris or
4. Madame the Puppet (Christopher’s choice)

Hmmmmmm? Tell me tell me tell me. I have a couple of 24 x 36 inchers just WAITING, sweetie darling.

What up, sun?

What up, sun?

Blue Scholar’s ode to the glorious, rare Seattle sunshine, performed live on KEXP. I heard this song for the first time yesterday on KEXP on my way home from work while the sun was shining–and! There you are again today, sun! Any plans today are gonna revolve around YOU!

Bonus question: This morning I ____ Josh’s ____ for the first time. Any guesses?

Thanksgiving Part 2, a nerd question and a POLL!

Thanksgiving Part 2, a nerd question and a POLL!

Before we launch into the Thanksgiving photos, I have a nerd question: anyone know why certain blog entries get a shitload of sp@m, and how to make it stop? I know that references to specific pharmaceuticals and gambling encourages it, but I’ve carefully combed over the offending entry and can’t figure out the problem. Help?

Back to Thanksgiving! Where were we? Just arriving at the Casa, it seems.

Joshy shows a little teeth
Dressed for dinner. What is this facial expression, Boy? And speaking of the Boy, I have another question, which I will put into poll form:

I’ve been using “the Boy” to refer to “the Boy” for 6 years now. Is it time for a change?
Yes! Use his real name! Web anonymity is DEAD!
No! “the Boy” is perfect! Don’t change it!
Yes! New name, please! And let ME pick it.

Results – get your free poll

Joshy and Liz in the front yard
My mother and I had both decided independently that dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner would be nice this year (and why not? we have the same personality!) (and yeah, I plan on perseverating on that for a loooooong time).

in the front yard
I went with the little vintage velveteen number I picked up at “Red Light” last year with Christopher. Oh Smitty, when are ya gonna come visit again, eh? I just ordered Season 7 of “Will & Grace”!

keeping up (appearances)
Crazy about those leggings. Black isn’t the best color to wear at my parents house because of the animal fur, although there’s less now that only two animals are left. My mother put Boo down a couple of weeks ago and told me about it in detail over the phone. Apparently at the end she didn’t fight it, and just gazed for a long time into my mothers eyes.

following behind
I think we’ve all decided that we’re over cats now.

“Cat people are just people who haven’t discovered dogs yet,” I told my family, and they nodded their agreement.

“Although,” my dad said, “I know someone who has a really cool cat.”

“And some people can’t handle the responsibility of owning a dog,” added my mother.

Some people don’t like waking up with dog asses on their pillows and dog hair in their coffee? Shocking!

keep it simple
I should curl my hair like that all the time. Too bad I’m so laaazy.

Stewart on the couch
A couple of months ago my brother was really sick–he collapsed at work and was taken to the emergency room and his blood was found to be severely anemic. He lost a great deal of weight and a lot of his hair fell out. He’s doing much better now, and his hair has grown back nicely. The power of vitamins and my mother’s grilled cheese sannies!

Pappy in his tan outfit
My father says he is growing out his luxuriant white beard for “the holidays”. No one questioned his monochromatic tan outfit (just mocked it lightly, as we do).

I taught him the gay meaning for “bear”, and he told me he wished I hadn’t (after his beard received a compliment at Costco and I snickered, “From a guy?”). Then later on we got into a tiny argument about gays, but I’m over it. My parents are deeply conservative and I’m not, they’re not going to change and either am I, but like my mother told me when I was still mad at my father: “We can still love each other even if we don’t agree with each other.” That’s right!

Mumsie and Daddums and Maggie wagging
My mother doesn’t really dress up. She did wear a dress at my wedding during the actual ceremony, but immediately changed into pants after we walked down the aisle. She’s almost…phobic with skirts and dresses, total opposite of me.

shoes and a bag of dark chocolates
If only I’d worn my black Converse, we could have been matchy-matchy. Too bad they’re owned by NIKE NOW, UGH CONVERSE WHY?

Dad and Maggie are ready for dinner
My father ready at the table, with Maggie close nearby. During meals the animals gather around the table, Bear Cub and Abbie (who is doing well, post-stroke) begging indirectly, while Maggie and Sally stare right into your soul. Labs are like that.

Thanksgiving flower arrangement and turkey
My father proudly announced that he picked out the flower arrangement himself. He’s softening in his old age, alright, just don’t bring up “bears” to him. Good thing I didn’t mention “teabagging”, eh?

Sally' spot
11-year-old Sally, rowr rowr rowwwwwrrrrrrrr. We had our usual power struggle for Cutest Blonde Bitch.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Buy Nothing Day! Photos inside the remodel! And discovering the 3-wheeled bike!