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New painting, tra la laaaah…

New painting, tra la laaaah…

Girl with flower crown main
New painting in the shop! “Girl with Flower Crown”, based on the fabulously inspirational Czech film “Daisies” from 1966. I blogged about it back here–the moment I saw that film, I knew I needed to paint it. Sort of the way I felt with I watched Bette Davis with an eyepatch in “The Anniversary”–instant inspiration!

I was just telling Christopher that I should do a “Hag” series…he wants me to paint Evie Harris; I want to paint Bette Davis with an eyepatch. He suggested I paint Bette from “Of Human Bondage”.

“That’s when she was young and pretty,” I said. “I like my Bette old, and cantankerous.”

Girl with flower crown right
For this painting I used Prismacolor colored pencils and acrylic paint on Bristol paper, mounted on wood. I painted the “frame” with metallic paint and added butterflies and flowers to tie in with the “Daisies” film, and as a final touch added the copper glitter. The copper glitter is actually the same bottle that I used for the Louise Brooks painting some 10 years ago. I keep my glitter for as long as possible! It’s not like it goes bad.

Girl with flower crown left
I’m really happy with the way this one turned out, and it was fun to work on, which is important. Yesterday we took down the paintings in a couple rooms of the house and put up different ones–very helpful. My brain has to change it up every so often.

Girl with flower crown on the wall
For now “Girl with Flower Crown” is in the living room, between the silhouettes I painted of Maggie and Bear Cub. I like to put the latest painting right above the t.v. so I can stare at it every time I’m on the couch.

So today’s the first day of fall, eh? Well, we had a good run, summer. Yesterday was supposed to be rainy but somehow defied the forecasts and was sunny and gorgeous all day long. We took the girls to a new dog park and re-arranged art and at some point I piled on purple eyeshadow and took a slew of self-portraits and all in all, it was a very nice end to the extra-sunny summer of 2013. Oh yeah, and Bear Cub has a boyfriend now! More about that later.

Sewing, seeds, and cheese

Sewing, seeds, and cheese

tropical shift dress
Happy…Frock Friday? Here’s a dress I made recently. It needs to be taken in a little at the chest/waist, but otherwise it’s finished. I was hoping to find the PERFECT pattern for a shift dress so I could replicate it in many different fabrics, and this one is close, but not perfect. I wonder if I could take a dress to a pattern maker, and have them make a pattern for me based off a dress I own and love? Specifically this one. It’s a vintage dress with the perfect shape, and I want 10 more just like it.

lash on
Yesterday I had to put on some blue eyeshadow and a vintage dress and moon around the house for a bit. You understand, I’m sure.

Maggie on the couch
Maggie was not impressed.

Our little seedlings are coming along!

Hey guess what? It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. I guess twitter is good for something, eh? Remember…

grilled cheese tee
…you can always celebrate grilled cheese by purchasing one of my fabulous tee-shirts! For the grilled cheese enthusiast!

It’s Frrriiiiiiiday! That doesn’t mean a lot to me–I didn’t work this week. This weekend is my last weekend to practice running for the 5K we are doing next weekend. I am up to running 25 minutes at a time, pretty good for me. Now if only my body wasn’t falling apart.