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It’s natural!

It’s natural!

liz tree
What’s UP, Nature?

Plan on seeing a lot of flowers/trees/fields/dogs photos ’round here, because that’s mostly what I’m into these days. Who wants to bobble around in the gym when there’s Nature to explore? Although, unfortunately, the weather forecast for this week = crap, and then next week I’ll be working (THANK YOU LORD), so we’ll see what happens. Krista sent me a delightful blogger care package with the most Liz-ish, neon green monstrosity (and I mean that in a good way) of a dress EVAH, so I’m planning a post around that. Just need to figure out the shoes, you see.

I sold a pair of pettipants this weekend! FINALLY. These ones. I hiked 4 miles on Saturday in the mountains with not one pain afterwards! (the power of post-exercise icing, thanks, Josh) Ummmm…what else is going on? Nico just had a baby. Bear Cub just had a shave. Currently the iphone game I’m addicted to is “Temple Run Oz” (replacing last summer’s “Angry Birds”). That is all!

Kiss me, I’m German-Scottish

Kiss me, I’m German-Scottish

flowered dress and Saltwater sandals
Dressed up for my dentist appointment last week. Note to self: do NOT make afternoon dentist appointments when the weather is so gorgeous! Whatta waste.

Bear Cub and a lot of dandelions
Our backyard has a lot of dandelions. The Boy is usually on top of taking care of them but has been slacking this year.

red roses
Roses from That One Guy. He needs a new blog name. TOG? Mmmm…POG. Love that stuff.

two dogs and a blanket outside
Maggie explores my “reading blanket” outside. I have a 100 dollar hammock saved to my Favorites folder that I keep meaning to buy. With a stand and everything! BLISS.

pettipants in the sun
Sunbathing in pettipants? Eh, why not.

Bear Cub in the grass
Bear Cub likes to be close to me but she won’t make eye contact. She’s an aloof Cub.

Yesterday Corinne and I bought Groupons for the Body Shop and took a trip over to the Northgate Mall. I bought the delightful Vitamin C serum that makes your skin feel like velvet, strawberry perfume, and Satsama body butter. The Body Shop is really nostalgic for me–my mother always sent away for the catalogues when I was a teenager and I ordered tons of stuff from them. PURE DEPRESSION that they no longer carry the Oceanus scent–WTF, Body Shop? That was the best!

2012 re-cap, part 1: lots and lots of pettipants

2012 re-cap, part 1: lots and lots of pettipants

It’s that time again! Time for me to re-cap the FUN things I accomplished in 2012…so when I’m feeling creatively stifled or depressed I can look back and go AH HA! I did stuff that year! “Not completely useless, you know,” (said in Bubble voice).

pettipants primer
Received a serger for Christmas, and made my very first pair of pettipants! I came up with the idea for Pettipants Revolution in 2011 but it was on hold until the serger came along. Hurray! Hurrah. I gifted this first pair to Corinne.

– I decide that 2012 is the year I start running (jogging slowly), and the Boy and I, after 6 years of being together, go for our very first run together. Mawwwww!

Joshy cross country skiing in the backyard
The snow hits Seattle, and the Boy goes cross-country skiing for the first time in 6 years, in our backyard. Then I do something shocking…

Liz on cross country skis
…a little cross-country skiing myself!

Now, I told the Boy that I would really cross-country ski with him this year (like in public), but the ski season just baaaarely began and there’s pleeeenty of time for me to still do it. In, um, 2013. Spring season! He told me it’s all about the crazy costumes during spring ski season! And you know I need a crazy costume. Or else what’s the point?

family portrait 2012
My camera/tripod take a nice family portrait, at the Boy’s grandparents’ house. All smiles! I need to print this out.


– the Boy enters the “Biggest Loser” contest at work, prompting us to start watching the show at night and then exercising in the living room. We keep up this healthy habit for at least 2 months, although the contest runs from February-April. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t win.

The Revolution begins...
After frantically sewing for a month, I finally have enough product to kick off my second Etsy shop, Pettipants Revolution! My goal for 2013: add more pettipants to the store. I started out making the pettipants this long, board short length, but eventually found a different pattern to make them short, like this:

pink floral pettipants main
…which I like a lot better. Variety is good.

bang bang
I have an ear infection for WEEKS, but it doesn’t stop me from having fun!

paint splatter pettipants
Paint splatter pettipants, still for sale.

RAW artists asks me back for a third show, but between my real job (part time), the pettipants store, and a rockin’ ear infection, I turn them down. Perhaps in 2013 I’ll do it again–once I complete some new paintings, that is.

turquoise paisley pettipants
Turquoise floral paisley pettipants (still for sale!). The posting of these pettipants also causes my mother to comment on my blog for the first time…in 9 years. To be fair, nobody knew about my blog for the first…several years. Heh. For good reason–it was big time embarrassing (more so, I mean).

– Madonna’s Superbowl performance is so good, I cry!

The Boy launches “Bearduary” (in 2013, he’s starting it a month early–BOO).

– Corinne’s hilarious post-dentist drugged-up phone message

flannel paisley pettipants
Flannel paisley pettipants, for Mumsie, per her request.

Baroque flannel pettipants
Baroque flannel pettipants, size large. Still for sale!

bright scrubs
I purchase the first “cute” scrubs I’ve ever owned. Incredibly comfortable!


spring pettipants
Floral pettipants for spring! Still for sale.

Bearduary: the evolution

Liz post haircut
Corinne and I get our hair cut at a hairdressing academy, and my hair actually looks worse afterwards! Not to mention I lost a lot of length…and my hair takes forever to grow. Never again!

– our beloved Korean donut shop, located 5 minutes away, CLOSES. This is both good news…and bad news.

blue floral pettipants
Blue floral pettipants–sold!

red pettipants (with wig)
I realize that my pettipants photos are missing something important–WIGS! I start adding full outfits, including matching sunglasses and wigs, to my pettipants listings. These red floral pettipants are still for sale.

acid floral pettipants side
Acid floral pettipants, one of my favorites, and sold!

– Corinne gets so fucked up at the dentist, they have to wheel her out (she gave me complete creative control to videotape her, whatta gal!)

pink paint splatter pettipants
Pink paint splatter pettipants, another fav of mine. Still for sale!

Christopher and glory holes

purple daisy pettipants outside
Purple daisy pettipants, still for sale!

– thanks to Jerry, I get my first iphone (for free), and immediately become smitten!

the lily painting
I send the Lily painting off to Kissyfur! Yay.

inside of shoe card
I also send him a blue glitter “retard” button, because we have extremely inappropriate senses of humor! Double yay.

purple floral pettipants with petticoat
Purple floral pettipants, still for sale! Also, my first listing with the pettipants under a petticoat. Werk.

pink floral pettipants side
Pink floral pettipants, still for sale, amazingly. So cute! Maybe I should keep these. Hmph.

blue floral pettipants main
Blue floral pettipants, for Fleeta.

purple pettipants with silver stars
Purple pettipants with silver stars! I can’t believe these haven’t sold. Alright, time for me to start promoting my shop! Shee-yit!

– we attend Grandpa Lew’s concert

– I still hoop sometimes

Corinne holding the Corinne painting
I finally finish the painting of Corinne’s tits and present it to her!

black and silver star pettipants
Black sparkle pettipants, still for sale!

– the Boy and I attend the Gaugain exhibit at the SAM and he accuses me of “hating art” because I get bored! Heigh ho!


– the Boy gets filmed for local t.v. wearing the silver raver pants I made him and FORGETS TO PIMP OUT MY PETTIPANTS STORE but I still love him!

– I participate in Frock Friday, a’la Helga Von Trollop (once!)

neon green pettipants
Neon green satin pettipants of joy, which are actually the last pair I posted in my store this year.

What happened was around this time I quit running and started eating terrible things and gaining weight, RIGHT in time for my first 5K (of course! this is the way my life works). Since I’m my pettipants model I didn’t want to post chunky photos of my legs, so I stopped. Get it? Got it. Gooood. Not to mention sales weren’t exactly soaring so I figured, why post a ton of product online if there’s no demand? Ne’er mind, I lost that extra weight and am planning on posting new product in 2013. So there, Pierre!

The Boy joins Corinne and I in our very first 5K, the Color Run! SO much fun. So many photos! I actually want to do it again this year. There’s a great video of it here!

The following weekend, the Boy and I and the rogs participate in my second 5K, The Big Backyard Run! Not quite as fun as the Color Run, but ya know. It’s tough to compete! I had planned on signing us up for the Great Kilted Run in August, but we went camping instead. Priorities.

– I like Instagram

– make my first Etsy treasury, “Mint is Marvelous

– make my second Etsy treasury, “It’s not a rave, it’s a happening

nail marbling first attempt
Nail marbling! Kinda fun. Here’s my DIY tutorial. It was very popular this year…with 15-year-olds on Instagram. Heh.

– Corinne and I kick off a weight loss “competition” with each other and completely waste our time doing Weight Watchers for most of the summer. I simply gain and lose the same 5 pounds. POINTLESS!

I get a haircut/partial foils at my favorite (expensive) salon so my hair looks cute for 24 hours! Yes!

Joshy twirls
The Boy and I go to Pride! Yay!

HELP ME RHONDA these re-caps always take foreverrrrrr! Stay tuned for Part 2.

Gorgeous fabrics, fabulous yarns and Mumsie

Gorgeous fabrics, fabulous yarns and Mumsie

starry yarn
Welcome to part 2 of the 3 part Liz and Corinne do Fun Shopping blog entry series. This part takes place in the over-the-top amazing store “Pacific Fabrics”, where many of my fabric fantasies and Corinne’s yarn fantasies were enhanced. Oooh, sparkle yarn!

Crystal Palace rainbow yarn
I had a minor heart attack over this soft, scrumptious rainbow yarn. A dreadlocked woman fingering a ball of it nearby asked Corinne and I if we thought the yarn would be appropriate to make her 20-year-old niece a pair of arm warmers.

“Are those still “in”?” she asked us, smiling. “I don’t really know what’s hip with 20-year-olds.”

We don’t either, I thought, but (flattered), we told her we thought it was a great idea. I mean, for the right person, of course. I personally would take a pair of rainbow arm warmers at ANY age, but…not everyone thinks like me (too bad–the world would be a more colorful place).

floral rickrack
Mom! FLORAL RICKRACK! Do you die? I die. After Christmas is over I’m getting back on the Pettipants Revolution express to churn out some new product, and this floral rickrack and I definitely have a date. I had to restrain myself from buying it. I hope I don’t regret that decision later on…

fun black and white fabric
I like black and white Pop Art fabrics too. Some day I’d like to make a quilt that’s black and white, with neon accents.

green and orange psychedelic fabric
I like the way Corinne’s mind is working here.

neon pink sheer fabric with flower sequins
At 15 dollars a yard, could I really justify buying this neon pink sheer netted fabric with flower-shaped sequins? No, but I can take a photo to remember it for later!

polka dot feathers and two-tone velvet squares
Polka-dotted feathers and this really interesting two-tone puffy quilted velvet. I don’t really like that rust color, but I like the concept.

blue and green knit
I’m pretty crazy about any/all Missoni-esque colorful knits. I tend to stockpile them for later use.

red zigzag knit
I even like it in red!

sheer red fabric with pleather circles
And would you look at this insane sheer red fabric with pleather circles??? LUST.

I felt a little stressed this morning so I took my mind off of it with some horribly intense Pilates abs exercises that made me grunt and pant like a dog (while the dogs watched, bored). Then after about 15 minutes of pain I called my mother, who informed me that her father’s sister’s last remaining living sibling had passed away, at age 80. Then we talked about happier things like “Animal Planet” documentaries and the Boy’s sudden interest in “The Art of Manliness” website and Brylcreem. Fun never stops, with that one!

Join me tomorrow for Part 3 of our shopping extravangaaaanza: finding the elusive turtle batik, and yarn dreams realized!

I wanna be loved by you, just you, nobody else but you

I wanna be loved by you, just you, nobody else but you

It’s my “big” tomato! So big it bent the branch all the way to the ground and is currently being propped up by a chair because I keep forgetting to buy the “fencing” that goes around tomato plants.

bright pink verbena bloom
This verbena bloom is bright!

fake flowers, real flowers
I called the mechanic yesterday before closing to check on the status of my car and he said someone would call me back but someone never did. It’s unusual for them to not call me all day long and let me know what’s going on with my car.

nailpolish and matching flower
So, here I am stuck at home again today sans car. Talk about annoying. I need to go to the post office! I sold two pairs of pettipants this week! Woo hoo!

gorgeous morning glory
The gorgeous morning glory. I’ve only seen it open once–it’s been overcast the last couple of days. Say, aren’t morning glory seeds hallucinogenic? I seem to recall that from my former days of drug research.

Maggie is comfortable
The weather is supposed to warm up this weekend and I really really really REALLY want to go camping. August and early September is the best time to do it!

neon yellow zinnia
I didn’t expect the zinnia to produce only one, large bloom. Flowers–so unpredictable.

pink and purple larkspur
I like the larkspur. Very delicate and colorful.

rasta bikini
The weather on Monday was perrrrfect–clear and about 84 degrees. I took the dogs for a walk and felt ripples of happiness all over my body–what a huge difference from struggling to breathe in the 100 degree Boise heat, yikes!

coffee granita
Also: coffee granitas are just about the best thing in the world on a hot day. Obsessed.

Maybe I should paint today, since I’m stuck at home. Finally finish up that diptych? Sounds good.

neon pettipants (finally!)

neon pettipants (finally!)

neon green pettipants
Well, it was only a matter of time, right? Some obsessions NEVER DIE ’round here, neon being a big one. For sale here!

neon green pettipants on bed
I’ve had a fruitless search for neon lace trim on the internet. I know it must exist, but finding it sure has been a pain in the ass. I NEED YOU, NEON LACE TRIM.

neon green pettipants side
Today: babysitting. Dogs. Avoid cake.

neon green pettipants lace
That last item is harder than you might think.

more sparkle pettipants, and drag queens too-ooh

more sparkle pettipants, and drag queens too-ooh

black and silver star pettipants
I am attempting to give pin-up fierceness here, note the red lipstick. Whenever the word “fierceness” crops up in my vocabulary, you can bet I’ve been watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race” again. And guess what? I’m finally caught up this year…and that darn RuPaul goes and pulls a trick on us all! Watching the show? Have a Facebook account (who doesn’t, groan). Vote for your favorite queen! I DID. Love you Sharon Needles!

black and silver star pettipants side
Black pettipants with silver holographic stars, for sale HERE! in my Etsy shop. Muh huh muh huh. Oh Lord, somehow I wound up with two different black fishnet thigh-high stockings…how does that even happen? You can tell in this photo. Oh well. It’s “quirky”.

black and silver star pettipants solo
Sparkle, Neely. Last night we went to the Gauguin exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum and discovered that the Boy is a slooooow museum person and I am relatively quick.

black and silver star pettipants leg
The Gauguin work was great but the rest of the SAM bored me this time and he said, “For an artist you sure hate art” which is NOT TRUE! I LOVE ART! I love good art. It’s not my problem if the current selection bores me! I’m not gonna sloooooowly peruse boring art! Give me a break! I should have gone to the gift shop. Seems to me last time we were at the SAM I wanted a shark hand puppet and he refused to buy it for me. Life is tough.

sparkle pettipants swatches
I am offering my sparkle pettipants in these fabrics as well, in case anyone cares (sniff!). Next up: neon green pettipants, then an “experiment” with some kids pettipants. We’ll see how that goes.

Today I’m going to the gym in a sad attempt to make up for a week of poor choices and then we’re going to a friend’s house warming barbecue. What’s a proper gift for a house warming, besides a bottle of wine? Flowers? I’m thinking flowers.