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Wiggish Wednesday

Wiggish Wednesday

neon wig sideeye
Hola, blerg-smergers. The weather today is soooooo niiiiiiice. A pleasant surprise, considering the forecast consisted of several squiggly grey lines. I forced myself to go the gym this morning (worth it), and then didn’t have to force myself at all to take my dogfriends to the park to play. I love fall days like this! I feel so…invigorated.

Welcome to your nightmares. Josh took multiple creepy self-portraits and posted them all over Instagram and Facebook, earning the praise of NO ONE. Except me, of course, because I like to be grossed out. Speaking of gross and creepy things, I’ve spent the last week (not working, obviously) watching Season 2 of “American Horror Story”, and it is SO GOOD! Perfect for this time of year, too. I highly recommend you watch it…if you enjoy being scared/creeped out/grossed out. Jessica Lange is a damn good actress.

neon wig on wig head
We had plans to go to a haunted house tonight but I moved them to next Wednesday, considering I woke up to Josh hacking his lungs out in the shower for about 15 solid minutes. Gross. He wasn’t too sick to go to the movies with me last night, however…we saw “Gravity”. Overrated, although we both like that Sandy Bullock (who remembers “Love Potion Number 9“?) and her tight little physique did inspire me to go back to the gym today, so there’s that.

vision board (in progress)
Here’s my vision board in progress, inspired by a horrible cold, and abundance of neon poster board/old fashion magazines. I’ve started (gulp!) recycling some of my old fashion magazines…after I go through them meticulously and make sure I pull out items to add to my multiple inspiration notebooks. It’s so haaaaard…to say good-byeeeeee…to yesterdaaaaaaaay.

Blog hits up but comments down? What’s up with that. Hi.

Can you Wig it?

Can you Wig it?

profile with brown wig
It’s Wayback Wig Wednesday! Oh shit, and here I wasn’t gonna do days-of-the-week themed posts any more, WHOOPS. This is what I look like as a brunette, which will never happen, NEVER, I pull out even semi-brown hairs on the spot. Haven’t found any grays or “whites” yet, goooooood. I have 9 patients this week and only 1 of them is under the age of 90, and some of them, I gotta say, look pretty damn good for being in their 90’s.

“What’s the secret?” I ask, and there’s never a definite answer, although plenty of physical exercise, outdoors, seems to be a common theme.

Tomorrow I am doing a smoothie/juice fast, DON’T SASS ME, in order to make up for last weekend’s excess. And it was excess, best believe. I bought an enormous variety of fruits, some vegetables, a little fruit juice and some protein powder and a couple “green” juices (merp) and we’ll see how it goes. I do this once or twice a year, only for a day. Couldn’t imagine doing it for an entire week. I NEED SOLIDS.

2012 re-cap, part 2: San Fran, Adventure Liz, and a fun December

2012 re-cap, part 2: San Fran, Adventure Liz, and a fun December

Oy. Don’t you hate it when you wake up so early, you actually get less done, even though you’re awake for more hours? I just tried going back to bed but Maggie kept shoving her dogbody into mine and I had heartburn so I got back up. Heigh ho, on with the re-cap!

pop-its and pajamas
We drive to Spokane to camp in the Boy’s parents’ backyard and enjoy a mini family reunion. On the 4th of July we watch kids in jammies throwing Pop-Its! Good Times!

the muumuu show
Right after the Spokane trip, Corinne and I drive to Portland to spend a few wonderful days relaxing at Jenn and Justin’s house with Kissyfur. Make-up, Yorkshire puddins, and muumuus! Heavennnn.

muumuu in tent
Christopher in a tent! How PERVERSE!

Christopher grabs onto Helga
Then we drove into Portland and met the faaaabulous Helga Von Trollop and G! Two incredibly sweet people. Her blog is very inspiring! I love meeting blogfriends in real life.

– Lisa, Zane, and the kiddies visit.

Zane and Orion
I never would have imagined it would be the last time I would see him. R.I.P., Zane.

– I fly to Boise to take care (ha ah ha) of Mumsie while she undergoes surgery to have a benign ovarian cyst removed. It is WAY hot.

I love summer

view from camp
CAMPING! One of my favorite things in the world.

hiking pose
Camping again! Including REAL backpacking. Impressed? I was! This is the trip where I became “Adventure Liz“.

abby portrait
Abbie dies. She lived a long, good life, thanks to my mother: the dog nurturer.


good looking family
The Boy and I drive through Eugene, to Berkeley, to San Francisco and back again for my cousin Flynn’s beautiful wedding. I got to hang out with my Californian cousins, spend time with my beautiful pregnant cousin Erika, and lots of good times with the Boy, who had never visited San Francisco before!

painted ladies
We saw so much of the city, took in a ton of art, and ate like pigs. It was an amazing vacation! I could easily live in San Francisco! VERY easily. Our trip also inspired a 12-part blog entry fest and a ton of photos (so my blogging for the month was taken care of).

amazing double rainbow over San Francisco
Not to mention seeing a double rainbow in the gayest city in the world was NOT TO BE TOPPED. Love you, San Fran!

woman with hat diptych
Finally complete the diptych “Woman with Hat”, listed here in my Etsy store.

rainbow landscape
Hiking with the Boy and rogs.

a walk in the woods
And hiking again! The weather in October was beautiful.

– On October 8th (thanks for being so specific, blog) the Boy and I kicked off Atkins, or “Fatkins”, as I prefer to call it. I had told my mother that I was sick of my clothes not fitting me, and she suggested I try it. So I did, and over the next month and a half lost 14 pounds. The Boy lost 11. Success at last!

– I join Twitter (@artwaif)

teal feathered eyelashes
Teal feathered eyelashes! Woo hoo!

A nature walk with the fam (which was really tough during the first stage of Fatkins) and a GLITTER TREE!

finished glitter shoes
DIY glitter shoes! And a tutorial.

Little Red Riding Hood
Red hooded coat dreams come true (thanks, ebay!).

rainbow painting wall
Sold the rainbow painting to a sweet woman named Debra who said it was for her son, whose favorite color is rainbow. Mawwwwwww.

Happy Halloween from Peg and Al Bundy!
Halloween as Peg and Al Bundy! It was our least popular Halloween party ever, prompting me to make the decision to start having early Halloween parties from now on. You know, like brunch. A big, fatty, Halloween brunch party. Doesn’t that sound nice? Old (ahem). Ollllld.

– Obama wins the election, and good ol’ Washington state legalizes gay marriage and marijuana! I’m proud of you, Washington state!

Lew and Bill
A trip to Spokane for the Boy’s grandfather’s 90th birthday party, and an emotionally rough, but special visitΒ with Lisa and the kids. Love you, Lisa.

pink pants
Finally fit into the pink H&M pants I bought months earlier with Corinne (hey, it was a good day!).

– a fun trip to “Display & Costume” with Corinne

the Boy finally joins Facebook and Instagram; becomes obsessed with his new iphone

– getting dressed up for a post-wedding party

Thanksgiving with the Boy’s family

woman with headdress and pearls
Completed “Woman with Headdress and Pearls”, listed in my Etsy shop.

– Corinne and I discover NEON YARN (yes!)

pretty pathway
Nature Preserve with the rogs and the Boy.

Happy Wig Wednesday!
My first Wig Wednesday!

Jinkx in sequins
I have an amazing birthday weekend, including a drag queen show, a fabulous hotel stay, and finishing up with Pike Place Market. One of my favorite birthdays ever!

– our Christmas present (to ourselves) arrives early: a new computer tower. I finally give up the ancient photo editing program I’d been using for 10+ years (shocking!).

Christopher's Christmas prezzie
The Big! Gay! Explosion! happens for 8 days, and I blog the entire thing! Read about it! Always a good time, with that one. Sephora, M.A.C., gay underwear stores, and so much more!

Christmas potluck, with Kissyfur

– thanks to Corinne’s generosity, the three of us see Louis C.K.! It was a wonderful show.

an art show

a great night with the Boy’s fam, celebrating Christmas early

Christmas in Boise!

Whew! That was exhausting. So: 2012. Some ups, some downs. Some pettipants, some paintings. Some vacations, some work. Bring on 2013, I’m ready! Have a flab-u-lous New Years, blog logs! I think we’re having Dick’s tonight. Let the good times ROLL!

The drag queen show

The drag queen show

purple wig
HAPPY WIG WEDNESDAY! Oh wait, does it still count if I wore the wig last Friday? Ah well. The Boy tells me if I really want to do Wig Wednesday justice, I need to take photos in the wig on Tuesday, and then post them Wednesday morning. He’s right. That sounds so…responsible. For a tradition that, so far, only has one participant! Me.

werk (in a purple wig)
But ne’er mind that, dear blog reader, I’m sure you’ll participate in time. Here I am last Friday dressed up see my very first nighttime drag queen show. First? I know, I can’t believe it either!

In fact, I really don’t believe it, it’s me, after all, lover and worshiper of All Things Drag. I suspect there’s a drag queen show in there somewhere that I blacked out, but so far nobody’s reminded me of it. So! First nighttime drag queen show!

purple eyeshadow detail
I was planning on wearing my pink wig and pink/white dress, but the weather last Friday was really Seattle-ish, pouring rain and crazy wind and I just couldn’t see it happening. I wore my silver jeans with the Boy’s black Doc Martens, which were a little too big for my feet but somehow made me feel empowered.

Beefcake, aisle three
Beefcake, aisle three? We always yell “WERK” at each other while taking photos. He may not watch “Drag Race” with me but he certainly has picked up the lingo. Pretty soon he’ll be calling me “Hunty”, I just know it!

We can thank our friend/former co-worker Stephanie and a couple of the Boy’s other co-workers for setting up this night, because Lord knows although I do enjoy going out (occasionally) I need a lot of encouragement. Unless it’s a drag queen show. Then I just need a wig.

B and J at Julia's
We invited Brenna, and she kept texting me excuses like “I’ve had a long day” (the show starts at 10 o’clock, which, even for child-free people like us, is still pretty damn late) and “I’m in my sweatpants”. I texted her back encouraging statements like “Come out! How often do we go to drag shows???” and “Put on jeans and some lipstick and get your ass down here!” Finally, she did show up. It was her first drag show too, and the Boy’s, as well. The Boy and I saw a daytime drag show at Bumbershoot years ago, but well…“Daylight is no friend to the dragoon”, as Lady Bunny says.

Because my obsession/love of all things RuPaul-related has increased over the last couple of months, I had recently watched all of the “meet the queens” videos for the upcoming season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, something I haven’t done for previous seasons. My favorite video was by Jinkx Monsoon, who won me over with her sassy attitude and humor and, surprise! She’s from Seattle!

jinkx 1
And surprise again! She’s the emcee for the drag queen show we went to! Happiness! Joy! She was amazing. She’s also the first drag queen contestant on “Drag Race” from the Northwest, which she announced during the show.

jinkx 2
And her costumes! Please! I wanted every single one of them! I didn’t bring my camera along to the show because I suspected that photography wasn’t allowed, but I was wrong. Photography is fine, just no flash! I sat on the end in my purple wig and got affectionately touched three different times by drag queens as they danced or performed down the aisle, and once, Jinkx actually reached out and lovingly caressed my cheek. HEAVEN! DRAG QUEEN HEAVEN!

Oh I’m going back, no question about that. The show was so good. Next time, I will wear more glitter, and I’m bringing Corinne, because I missed her during the show. After all, who could forget the infamous psilocybin-enhanced evening I showed her “Wigstock” for the first time (when she became just as enamored with queens as me?). Some things are just meant to be, like me and drag queens. I can’t wait to watch another show! And next time: I’ll bring my camera.

Happy Wig Wednesday!

Happy Wig Wednesday!

Happy Wig Wednesday!
I’ve been thinking about starting Wig Wednesday for ages, so ta da!
Feel free to join me in Wig Wednesday, every Wednesday! Don a wig, snap a picture, and post it with the tag “Wig Wednesday” on Flickr or #wigwednesday on twitter! Yyyyeahh! Spread the wig love!

Today’s Wig Wednesday I was feeling pink. This may be the “best costume for today” when we go out to the drag queen show Friday night. After all, what better opportunity to wear a wig? Although I will definitely be breaking out the false eyelashes. My eyes feel so naked without them!