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2013, a re-cap

2013, a re-cap

Well, what would Glitter for All be without a year-end recap, hmmmmmm? Let’s make this quick.


Hedwig show!

flapper painting
Flapper painting! Still for sale here.

Candy Darling painting
Candy Darling painting! Still for sale here.

winged eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner obsession reaches its peak.

Finished silhouettes of the girls
Dog silhouettes!


Liz outside the Warhol exhibit
Warhol exhibit!


sunny eyelashes
The last time I got eyelash extensions. I asked for “drag queen” length and they were TOO LONG. Brushed up against my glasses–oh oh, the perils of being a nerd.

Weekend trip to Bainbridge Island.

bob and windchime
Lizzie circa 2003. My blog turned 10 this year!

Earth day 4
Joshy and I run the Earth Day 5k.

tropical shift dress
Made this little frock.


Big Edie, Little Edie, and the Marble Faun. ACT theatre's production of "Grey "Gardens".
Theater production of “Grey Gardens”! How staunch.

– Josh and I have a Big Gay Moment together as he prances around in my rainbow platforms while I sing “Finally, it has happened to me”

Joshy and I attend our first same-sex wedding ceremony. Go Washington!

The Color Run! Always a good time.


– so many hikes…

the hammock of JOY
DREAMS REALIZED: the neon hammock.


one last glimpse
Rare and fabulous JULY CAMPING. Mmmmmmm…

mother and daughter
My annual sweaty visit home to Boise.


lasting lipstain during 30 mile bike ride
32 mile bike ride with Josh to Gasworks Park…and my Make-Up Forever lipstain didn’t BUDGE!

woman with hat on wall at Populuxe
Populuxe Brewing has me as their featured artist for an entire month!

Abby's feather
Good Times in Oregon! Feel free to delve into the 10 part series in the August archives, if you are so inclined.


Girl with flower crown main
“Girl with Flower Crown”, sold to Brenna! Yay!

relaxing rogs
Glorious September camping!

neon blue eyeshadow
Dressed up to attend the nerd convention to end all nerd conventions, PAX.


Liz and Corinne at the wedding
Corinne and I attend a very posh same-sex wedding.

front yard graveyard
Slightly bitter over the failed party of 2012, Josh and I decide NOT to throw our annual Halloween party this year. We do, however, some “light” decorating and dress up the day of! I mean, COME ON.

Josh's make-up, outside
Josh was very proud of his DIY make-up.

rainbow platform 1
“Rainbow Platform Shoe with Stars”. Still for sale!

Liz and Josh at the ballet
Joshy and I go to the ballet.


Liz and Corinne outside the Paramount
Priscilla show!


– cross country skied for the first time!

Lizzie outside the Neptune
One of my dreams comes true and I finally see my boyfriend John Waters LIVE! Yes!

So….that’s about it, 2013! It was a pretty good year, I suppose. A couple of camping trips, some 5ks, a vacation, some new experiences. I’m looking forward to 2014!

Now I have to pile on about 4 layers of eyeshadow and go to Brenna’s house for her New Years Eve party. I’m going to try not to eat anything. Wish me luck, and Happy New Year!

A week in Oregon: the end

A week in Oregon: the end

welcome to my tent
Welcome to my tent! Weeeell, it was Jenn and Justin’s giant tent with a porch, but we spent one comfortable night there, thanks to the queen-sized air mattress we now possess. The air mattress isn’t something we lug around when we backpack it, so it was a luxury. Christopher took this shot of me showing off the Urban Decay goods he purchased Corinne and I.

Christopher showing off his assets
Christopher showing off his assets.

Josh performing for Abby
Josh playing a hippie stick game while Abby looks on…

…and a little video. I just played the video and during the part where Bailey barks, Maggie and Bear Cub got all excited. Silly rogs!

the outdoor movie set up
That night we had outdoor movie night, complete with a huge projection screen, padded benches and blankets, a fire pit and s’mores. We watched “Yo Gabba Gabba” (Abby’s request), which Josh and I had never seen before. I immediately got the appeal, especially in the episode featuring my girlfriend, Amy Sedaris, doing Jerri Blank as the Tooth Fairy. Does it get better than that? Every time she said “teeth” it made me giggle hysterically. Love that Amy. Then we watched “I Love You to Death” (early 90’sย classic!), followed by Christopher’s choice, “Madame in Manhattan”, which I didn’t watch all of because it was time for the old woman (me) to go to bed.

keep Portland weird
Christopher’s default position, the next morning. He filled two zip drives for me with fun Liz stuff, like Louise Brooks and Mae West and Bette Davis movies, a show he’s obsessed with called “GCB” (Good Christian Bitches), and MORE. SO MUCH MORE. Too bad the “Golden Girls” files don’t play, I was looking forward to hours and hours of Bea Arthur goodness!

cool packaging on UD palette
After a fantastic breakkie including fresh fruit, whipped cream, and heaps and piles of buttery Yorkshire puddings (between Josh and I we polished off TEN), I pulled out the Urban Decay palette Christopher bought me to get pretty pretty.

UD palette
Can you guess which colors I chose?

sampling the palette
Peace, Graffiti, and just a smidge of Ransom! Christopher and Corinne have both pulled me onto the Urban Decay bandwagon, after so many years of M.A.C.. Their eyeshadow is beautiful, and with a primer, it really stays put all day. Even in August heat and Northwest humidity.

Abby smiles
Abby looking cute. It was my idea for everyone to go for a walk after breakfast…to um, work off those delicious Yorkshire puddings, of course. Mmmmmm.

Abby's feather
Abby’s find: a giant feather! Jenn’s expression in this photo is perfect.

dog pack
Dog pack!

Abby leads the way
Abby proclaimed herself the leader and led the walk to the camping area with her feather pointed straight ahead.

the camping spot
A little camping spot on the property. Sometimes the owners of the house Jenn and Justin live in camp there.

Maggie investigates the fire pit
Maggie snorfling around the fire pit for scraps. She’s like a garbage disposal, that one. Two days ago she was pissed at me for taking Bear Cub on a walk without her and I found a slightly chewed-up toilet paper roll in the middle of the living room. Some things never change!

darts in nature
Abby and Justin check out the dart board.

Jenn and Liz camp it up
“Lacroix, sweetie. Lacroix.”

a big snake
On the walk back to the house, we all nearly trampled over this giant snake! Mere minutes after I was blathering to Jenn about how I’m only afraid of spiders, mwa ha ha. I took a few shots and backed away, but fearless Abby wanted to pick up the snake and take it home! That’s one brave little girl.

sunset on the way home
Finally, during our drive home we not only enjoyed a beautiful sunset, but…a double rainbow too! Ooooooh, ahhhhh. Beauty!

So there you have it, our week-long trip to Oregon, which took me two weeks to blog. Not too shabby–the Maui trip took me months! Overall, it was a wonderful trip, although I now know to pack WARM CLOTHING for any trip on the Oregon coast! Brrrrrr.

Today I’m going to do a little painting. Yesterday’s Broad date was fun–we went to Cost Plus and I managed to score two gorgeous couch throw pillows for 14 bucks each, to replace the disgusting, dog-chewed pillows we’ve had on our couch for __ years. Ewwwww. Then we went to Populuxe to visit my paintings…more about that later. This weekend we are planning some sort of bike ride/mountain extravagaaaanza tomorrow, then Sunday we have two birthdays to celebrate–one of the Boy’s cousin’s kids and my Broad! She requested Indian dinner. Wouldn’t you? Happy weekend, blog logs!

A week in Oregon, part 10: a nature walk and dirty dogs

A week in Oregon, part 10: a nature walk and dirty dogs

Abby's playhouse
Abby’s playhouse, built by her grandmother. Before we went for walkies, she wanted to give me the tour.

Abby invites me into her playhouse
Adorable. I wanted a playhouse BAD when I was a little kid. The neighbor kids and I built a rickety, unstable treehouse in our backyard using scraps of wood and my mother, fearing for our safety, tore it down. Oh, the cruelty!

out by the bridge
Everyone (including the dog pack) went for a walk out to the little stream behind Jenn and Justin’s house. Christopher and I were both wearing flip flops and decided not to make the steep, slippery sliiiide down the hill to the stream. He did last year, though! Remember this?

Christopher is excited
Excitement! Orange was the color of the day, apparently.

Lily, Jenn and Christopher
Jenn wore her water shoes. Remember those? My brother had neon pink ones.

Lily and Bear Cub
Lily and Bear Schnub shot down the hill to the water to investigate. Maggie was a little slower. We were concerned that she wouldn’t be able to make it back up, but she did. My poor old Maggie dog! She’s on week 2 of her vet-ordered “rest”, and neither one of us are enjoying it.

bridge smiles
Feeling gooooood, feeling great!

Liz and Christopher, loving life
This is a great shot of Christopher and I. Loving life!

looking down
Josh must have been hanging off the bridge to get this shot.

Abby and Justin
Father and daughter.

Josh skipping stones
Josh skipping stones. I’ve never been able to make a stone skip. Poor upper body strength? Sniff.

dirty Lily
The dirtiest Lily has probably ever been in her five years of life! Christopher likes to keep her fur nice and white. He even has special wipes for her face, which I thought was hysterical. She received a bath as soon as we returned to the house.

dogs in nature
Justin and Abby stayed down by the water while the rest of us went for a longer walk. Maggie, Bear Cub and Lily led the walk.

Bear Cub and Lily romp
Bear Cub and Lily romping. I missed that!

Coming up next: THE END! In current news, today I have a Broad Date! Time for me to get pretty pretty.

A week in Oregon, part 9: arrival at J & J’s

A week in Oregon, part 9: arrival at J & J’s

Molly and Maggie explore
After our fabulous Hawaiian breakkie Friday morning in Lincoln City, it was eastward to Jenn and Justin’s house in the country. I had visited before, last year with Corinne, so I already knew I was in for a treat. I couldn’t wait to bring Josh and the rogs!

Loretta the trailer and the big tent
Out in the yard, Loretta the trailer (where Christopher slept) and a giant tent for Josh and I, equipped with a bedside table, battery-operated candles and linens and rugs. Jenn is an excellent hostess.

Loretta gets some pink flamingos
A little later on, she added some pink flamingos. Perfect! I tried to persuade Christopher to put on a muumuu and pose flamboyantly outside Loretta, but he refused since I didn’t bring any “fun” clothes with me. Booooooo.

inside Loretta
Loretta’s had some work done on the inside since last year. Love that blue chevron print!

Abbie and the candy necklace
It was Josh’s idea to bring Jenn and Justin a gift of salt water taffy, something that he loves (and I can’t stand). We picked up a sack of it in Newport on our way over. It was my idea to get Abby a candy necklace, which matched her outfit perfectly (and was gone within the hour). Cutey!

Abbie and Justin
We sat outside and had lunch. Afterwards, Abby showed me a tiny dead crab they had found during their travels. Maggie attempted to eat it (it was on a plate and she got confused).

Maggie and Lily in the grass
The six dog pack included our Maggie and Bear Cub, Christopher’s Lily, and Jenn and Justin’s Bailey, Molly, and Benson. All the dogs got along great! I was so relieved. Happy dogs = happy owners.

Abbie's pool
Justin, Abby and I emptied out the old pool water and re-filled it, but we never did go for a “swim” that day. The temperature was in the glorious mid-70’s, and the sunshine felt wonderful after our misty, windy adventures on the coast.

rope chair
Bliss! I wore my tie-dyed dress (purchased in Maui) on purpose, for Jenn and Justin. They are huge Phish fans. I told them about my one and only Phish experience years ago, and Justin knew exactly which show I was referring to. He offered kindly to give me a recording of the show, but I politely declined. Phish, much like the Dave Matthews Band, was a phase I’m over now. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

After lunch I wanted to explore the house and take all the photos I meant to take last year. So much to look at! Eye candy!

toys toys
Fun stuff packed in every nook and cranny.

Christopher's granny's quilt
Christopher showing me the quilt his great-grandmother hand-stitched (while in her late 80’s), with the help of a church quilting bee. I love the colors and patterns.

Christopher's future quilt
Christopher’s future quilt, by Jenn. They collaborated on the colors and fabrics. I love it! Being at Jenn’s house makes me want to finish the quilt I started __ years ago for our bed.

fun squares
Some happy little quilt blocks.

a fabric hoarder's dream room
And last but not least…the FABRIC ROOM. You could faintly hear the angels singing Ahhhhhhhh….It’s the fabric hoarder’s dream room! Makes my own fabric collection seem so tiny.

Dame Edna lip balm
Abby was excited to show me her Dame Edna lip gloss. Sparkle!

Lily on the floor
Lily being adorable.

glass bottles and VWs
Pretty glass and outside, two VW’s.

C shows off his bag
Christopher shows off his cool yarn bag, made by Jenn, of course. Love that Pop Art fabric.

Coming up…an exciting nature walk! Movie night! And MORE!

A week in Oregon, part 8: Let’s eat

A week in Oregon, part 8: Let’s eat

a sunny moment in Manzanita
Let’s take a moment to re-visit Manzanita Beach during our last day on the Oregon coast. This was after our 5+ mile hike at Oswald West, and we were hungray.

back in Manzanita
Unfortunately the sandwich place we had eaten at the previous day was closed, so we bought sandwiches from the general store across the street and sat in the sun and enjoyed them.

Maggie in the sun
Maggie, playing it cool.

Manzanita beach
After lunch we parked near the beach and took some more photos, but neither one of us was interested in actually going back out onto the beach again. That darn wind!

ocean adventurers
I suppose the wind was helpful to these guys.

serene scene
So long Manzanita Beach, you were one of my favorite parts of the trip!

last dinner at Kyllo's
We had a long drive back to Lincoln City that night due to pesky highway construction. For dinner we went back to Kyllo’s and both ordered fish tacos, which were almost as good as the fish tacos we had in Maui.

Lincoln City sunset
Then we walked out onto the Lincoln City beach (in a remarkable pocket of wind-free air) and observed the most gorgeous sunset I’d seen in ages. It was very romantic. Can you see the tiny kite in the air?

Ocean's Apart in Lincoln City
Finally, I HAVE to mention “Ocean’s Apart” in Lincoln City, where we had breakfast not once, but two times. Hawaiian breakfast!

Joshy at Ocean's Apart
Josh is pumped.

The first time we went there was hardly anyone else in the restaurant, maybe two other sets of couples. As one of the couples was leaving, the woman stood up and announced to the room how delicious her breakfast was.

“I had the stuffed French toast…” she exclaimed happily.

“That’s what I was going to order!” I cried, already regretting ordering the daily special of scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and Hawaiian sweet bread (which was delicious).

“Do you want my leftovers?” she generously asked.

I declined, but the next day…

best breakfast ever
…we went back and ordered the stuffed French toast to share! Battered Hawaiian sweet bread, stuffed with coconut pudding and topped with pineapple syrup. Sure you feel sick after one piece, but hells bells, it tastes AMAZING until then! Highly recommended. I want this place to stay in business! Josh took a great picture of my reaction here. So true, so true. Mmmmmmmmmm.

That’s it for the coast! Coming up next, a visit to Jenn and Justin’s, featuring Kissyfur and Abbie and a whole lot of dogs!

A week in Oregon, part 7: Oswald West State Park

A week in Oregon, part 7: Oswald West State Park

little stream
Flickr has been crashing constantly in Internet Explorer the last two days, forcing me to upload my photos and blog using Chrome. Josh thinks Flickr does this on purpose, since it’s owned by Google. Anyone else having this issue? Never mind that, here on we are still looking at the Oregon trip pictures, yee hawr!

Josh and dogs on bridge
Our last full day on the Oregon coast, we decided to drive back north towards Manzanita and go to Oswald West State Park for the 5 mile hike. The hike starts out with a half-mile jaunt down to a little beach called the Short Sand Beach.

the beach at Oswald State Park
The Short Sand Beach.

Josh on the beach
We took the dogs off the leash and let them romp for a bit.

Maggie and Bear Cub romping
At this point we decided not to spend a lot of time on the beach–we figured we could do that after the hike. After the hike my feet were killing me, and it felt so good to stick them into the freezing ocean water.

Brave surfers, all wearing wetsuits, of course. There were a couple of hotties on the beach with their wetsuits peeled down, revealing tans that they couldn’t have possibly achieved on the Oregon coast.

ferny trail
Five miles was a longer hike than what we typically do on the weekend, but it wasn’t terribly steep. I’m not into steep hikes. Yet?

hiking self portrait
Hiking self-portrait, with sticky hair.

This man cannot resist a climbing opportunity!

exciting neon orange mushrooms
The photo doesn’t adequately show just how NEON these orange mushrooms were.

neon orange mushroom up close
They were so cool-looking! I love mushroom hunting.

ocean through the trees
Getting closer to the top…

closer to the top
And even closer. Once you get above the cloud/fog layer the view is gorgeous.

Cape Falcon view
And voila! We made it. You have to jam your body through a dense network of foliage like the hedge maze from “Alice in Wonderland” to get there, but once you are finally on Cape Falcon, the view is worth it.

Cape Falcon
We sat down and had a snack of beef jerky and trail mix. Josh spilled the bottle of water we were sharing on my windbreaker, but I still love him.

dogs on the cliff
We were sitting on the edge of a cliff, so it was necessary to hold the pets on the leash the entire time. I especially didn’t trust Maggie not to run down the cliff face. She has a habit of running towards water, without paying attention to safety. Labs!

Here’s a sloppy little video that I made during snack time. Note to self: quit making videos with food in your mouth, sheesh! Also: I need to adjust my Quicktime settings, because this video is pixelated like craaaazy. Sorry bout it.

swirling blue ocean
Love the color of that ocean.

rocky cliff

Liz and pets on cliff
Awkwardly holding the pets on the cliff edge. Trying to maintain glamour in high coastal winds is hard, friends!

I didn’t take any photos on the 2+ mile hike back down–too busy sweating. Suffice it to say, that cold ocean waterย finally did feel good after the walk. After we left Oswald West we popped back into Manzanita briefly for lunch and a few pictures–more about that tomorrow.

In current news…Maggie dog is limping less, so that is good. I was hoping her leg injury would resolve itself, to avoid another expensive visit to the vet. We went for another 20 mile bike ride yesterday, and not only was it easier the second time, but I have zero aches and pains today. Hooray for getting in shape! Also, we barbecued chicken with a basil marinade made from basil in our garden, and I made a fabulous blackberry cobbler last night using blackberries from our backyard. All in all, yesterday was pretty sweet.

Stay tuned for the final chapters of the Oregon trip, including…a visit with Jenn and Justin and Kissyfur! Yay!

A week in Oregon, part 6: Cannon Beach

A week in Oregon, part 6: Cannon Beach

Maggie at Cannon Beach
It has recently come to my attention (said in fake Chloe Sevigny voice) that these uber-long vacation recaps are probably uber-boring to anyone who isn’t me.


Guess what, though? I don’t care, Pierre! They are nice to look at later on to remember special vacations, and the chronological order pleases my brain. Here we are at Cannon Beach. It was completely overcast by the time we hit the beach to check it out. I had to lighten these photos a whoooole lot. Actually, I had to lighten ALL of our Oregon coast photos. So misty! So cloudy!

a couple on CB
We wanted to look at the famous Haystack Rock, so we parked at one end of the beach and went in search of it. Of course, we parked on the end of the beach away from Haystack Rock, but that’s okay, we eventually walked to it.

Liz and BC at Cannon Beach
Ta daaaah! Cannon Beach was really popular–much more so than Manzanita. I did see one person wearing a bikini (brave!)–everyone else was decked out in long-sleeved shirts, pants.

Maggie looking at the sea
Maggie gazing toward the sea.

Maggie is a wet dog
Love this shot. Poor Maggie–old age (nearly eight) has finally caught up with her…she’s limping around this week from over-doing it last week, and I just had to order her some medicine from the vet to help with her incontinence. Sad face.

crab leg
Josh taunting me with a crab leg. We did go out for crab legs that night in Lincoln City and they were sooooo goooood. Crab legs dipped in hot butter is one of my favorite dinners, and I only have it once or twice a year. To keep it special. “Bonus”: my glitter nail stickers, which lasted about 2 days on the salty Oregon coast, actually fell off when I was tearing apart crab legs and landed in my butter. GROSS. The Oregon coast defies glamour!

Josh and BC gazing at Haystack Rock
Josh checking out Haystack Rock with his binoculars. We ventured close, but we thought we’d be coming back to Cannon Beach so we didn’t get right up to the rock. We called for reservations to stay in Cannon Beach our last night, but everything was booked, not dog-friendly or way out of our price range. In the end, staying in Lincoln City all five nights worked out just fine.

Haystack Rock
My parents have a watercolor painting of Haystack Rock in their living room from one of our family vacations. It’s a landmark!

lighthouse in the distance
Walking back to the car, we spotted this lighthouse in the distance.

Maggie and the graffiti wall
Maggie poses next to a fun graffiti wall.

leaving Cannon Beach
By the time we finished walking on the beach it was getting late, so we drove back to Lincoln City to inhale crab legs and butter at a late dinner, around 9 pm. Worth it!

Today we are going to meet and greet our new neighbors next door at their “friends and family” garage sale. They are a couple in their 20’s (I assume–or really well-preserved 30’s), and our backyard has steadily smelled of pot ever since they moved in. I’m not complaining! I think weed smells great. It’s just different from the elderly couple that lived there for so long before. They have a big, woolly dog named Pepper–Pepper and Bear Schnubs met yesterday and seemed to hit it off. I figured we could take Limpy over there today and see how she gets along with Pepper. Happy Saturday, blog-logs!