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Snow, an art show and a little whining

Snow, an art show and a little whining

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Merry Christmas 2016, blog! Our very last Christmas together before we become parents. Maw.

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BRING IT ON, WINTER SOLSTICE. The sooner you come, the sooner winter can be over!

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You might notice that I’m still having to embed my photos via Instagram. I did finally find a website that will act as a link between Instagram and Flickr and will automatically just upload everything I put on Instagram to Flickr…but it didn’t kick in until yesterday.

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36 weeks and 3 days, and the bloom is wearing off this pregnancy rose, if ya know what I mean. Giant belly, sore feet, heartburn every day, peeing once an hour all night long…oof!

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Meanwhile, Josh’s glitter beard game is strong. He glitters it on game day, and goes to work like this.

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I don’t think Bear Schnubs is going to enjoy a crying baby. I suspect she’ll be spending a loooot of time in the basement.

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Getting in my Vitamin D, as best I can.

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The nesting has intensified…I’ve started washing his clothes! And trying to move more things out of “our” closet, heh. These petticoats take up a HUGE amount of room, but will I ever get rid of them? NOPE.

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I’m still enjoying Chelsea Handler’s show, three days a week. Do we really think that a dog is gonna help that guy, though? Pity the dog!

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Saturday morning at the gym and the start of Month 9, with raging plantar fasciitis and lots of snow drifting onto the ground. I felt like kind of a bad ass. I think 20’s Liz would be very impressed with 30’s Liz.

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Heyyyyy, this wasn’t in the forecast!

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Luckily it all melted away the next day.

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Owen asked me if I wanted to show my art in his annual studio show again this year, and OF COURSE I wanted to, I always want to get my art out of the house! But I’m just too damn pregnant and sore to hang art and then stand around and NOT sell it for five hours. You understand. But I still wanted to go to the show, so Josh and I covered ourselves in glitter Saturday night and went out.

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First time my partner has worn more glitter than me! NOT COMPLAINING.

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We stayed about an hour and a half, long enough to mingle and attend an auction and check out all the art.

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I did bid on the piece on the right, but only up to 40$. We’re about to have some major expenses in 2017…think of all the diapers I’m gonna have to buy! The mind reels.

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Seattle drag queen Betty Wetter enhanced the evening with a rousing tune before she officiated over the art auction.

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We’ve also been cuddling on the couch and watching Christmas movies together. Last night was the Grinch movie with Jim Carrey, always hilarious! I also forced him to watch “Ernest Saves Christmas”, because I love Ernest and I don’t care. Know what I mean, Vern?

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Good advice, yeah?

Just a corgi doing leg lifts, NBD.
Now we’re into the latest photos, which hopefully will show up without issues. I’m not exactly sure where/when/how this Corgi doing leg lefts wound up on my phone, but isn’t it cuuuuute?

Don't get me wrong, after 6 years of TTC I'm incredibly grateful to be pregnant. However, I can't WAIT to go to work and not hear (with increasing frequency, all day long): "Wow!" "You're huge!" "You sure you only have one in there?" "When are you due aga
Today, after work. Good Lord, I am extremely grateful to be pregnant, truly I am, but I can’t wait for the endless comments every day, all day long at work to stop. Every day: “Wow!” “You look huge!” “Are you sure you only have one in there?” “When are you due again?” “You’re still working??” Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

A balmy and sunny 48 degrees this afternoon...I'll take it! 🌞
But then the sun is shining and I walk the dogs outside and my feet don’t hurt TOO badly and in less than a month, we’re going to meet our son and all is just fine with the world. Have a beautiful Christmas bloggers, I’ll catch you next week.

Dog training, painting away stress, and home improvements

Dog training, painting away stress, and home improvements

Fall doesn't need a filter 😍
Hiya blog! I am sleep deprived currently so here comes a ramble. Would you look at those beautiful Fall colors though? Siiiiigh….

Things are gettin' real around here.
Josh took this last night and it made me laugh so hard for so long that of course I had to put it on social media and then text it to everyone because that’s what you DO, right? Right.

Gorgeous Fall day today. 🌲
Last night was the worst night of sleep I’ve had yet, but I suppose since I’ve been pregnant since the end of April that’s not a bad record, eh? (trying to look on the bright side) (TRYING SO HARD)

More progress. I had to work on it last night to Zen out after watching 20 minutes of the debate 😳
On Sunday we tried to watch the second Presidential debate, got 20 minutes into it and were both so disgusted and sick to our stomachs we put on “Ridiculousness” instead, which in comparison was practically therapeutic. I also worked on the latest Mandala to paint away the stress. This election can’t come quick enough, I’ve finally reached my Politics Saturation Point.

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?
Hey now, who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Ramp training went a lot better than I expected. For now I have the back seat of the car down so they can have the entire back of the car for a couple of months. I thought I’d gradually eeeeease them into their new reality which is going to be delegation to the back back of the car. The way back, if you will.

John Mulaney is so funny. If I lived in NYC I would definitely go see "Oh, Hello" on Broadway.
I’ve been watching a lot of Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show while I paint. She interviewed John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, who do an obnoxious duo named Gil and George who apparently now have a show on Broadway! Good for them! I’d go if I lived in NYC! They make me cackle.

First day of ramp training: success! A string cheese may have been involved (for motivation).
I listen to a lot of stand-up comedy these days. Louis CK, Margaret Cho, Amy Schumer, Pablo Francisco. I’m even finally able to listen to Robin Williams again without feeling the sads. His routine about GPS voices made me laugh out loud at the gym last night! Can you imagine? A giant pregnant blonde lady waddling around lifting weights and laughing deliriously? Good thing I don’t have any “shame”.

Tonight we watched "psyCHO". Oh Margaret Cho! I love youuuu! 😻
We also watched “Psy-CHO” the other night. I’m relieved to find that my love for Margaret Cho is as strong as ever. Also a new revelation: she mentions wanting kids in this stand-up! I never knew she wanted kids before. Maybe the hormones finally caught up with her.

Headdress inspiration! (thanks @reformthefunk)
Kind of obsessed with Bert Stern’s photography at the moment. This would be so much fun to paint.

Josh had some "fun" hair this morning.
He’s growing out a beard but promised to shave it off after Thanksgiving (before my birthday). To counterbalance all that crap, he’s also growing his hair out. This was his morning hair the other day. I thought it was cute!

Anyone watching "All Stars"? I'm #teamkatya, but I love Detox too. Especially this outfit! πŸ˜‚
Speaking of that dude, I can credit him to discovering that we can watch RuPaul’s “All Stars” on vh1! Alriiiiiight. #TeamKatya again! (this is Detox and I loved her outfit)

The vanity I will eventually be moving my giant make-up collection to. I'm not in a hurry...still have 3 months!
I’m in the process of slowwwwwly moving all my beauty stuff into the office. Thanks to Fleeta for giving us this vanity and also letting me have the bench (after I begged). I think it looks pretty great against the acid green walls!

DIY'd some lights onto the vanity Josh's mom gave us. I'm sacrificing the room with the best light for the nursery. 😭 Does it need more lights?!
I bought these cool lights at Lowe’s that stick onto the mirror. They are remote controlled and dim and brighten, oooooh.

Happy Friday! πŸ’š
I still have three more months to utilize the good light in the nursery though. And I’m gonna use it.

Current inspiration to re-paint the dresser we scored on "Buy Nothing". Loving the ombrΓ© look!
Speaking of that nursery, we scored a free dresser on “Buy Nothing” and are in the process of re-finishing it to resemble something similar to this. I’m loving this ombre look on furniture.

Going to start ramp training the dogs for my Subaru soon. Wish me luck--one dog is 8 and hates change, one dog is nearly 11 and well, Maggie dog is many things but she isn't too bright! Sigh.
I’m trying really hard to recall what we did last weekend, and nothing is coming to mind. Harrumph.

Siiiiiiigh...(thanks @richardquartley)
Another Bert Stern.

Dog park yeah! πŸ’–
Who likes dogfriends? We like dogfriends!

My dogfriends are currently passed out at my feet as I type this entry. I am 26 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and other than the heartburn, restless legs at night, and sleep deprivation…everything is FINE, JUST FINE.

Another minky/flannel baby blanket complete! Now I need to find some dinosaur flannel.
Three more months! Then it’s gonna be a whole new kind of sleep deprivation, right? Groan. Look at this adorable little minkie blanket I made for my son, before he started keeping me awake all night with kicks. Have a fabulous week, bloggeroonies!

If you want it, here it is! Come and get it.

If you want it, here it is! Come and get it.

My dogs like to graze on grass like cattle. 🌾
Happy Sunday! Here is Bear Schnubs grazing on grass like a cow. Mooooo, Bear Cub.

Two goofy furry faces, waiting for me to throw the ball. 🎾
The sun just showed itself for about 45 minutes so we took the opportunity to go outside and go for walkies. And fetchies. Ugh, sorry.

Tonight we watched "Dope" (2015). Good movie, with an excellent 90s hip hop soundtrack (my fave).
“Dope” is a real cute little indie film, not for children, with a solid early 90’s hip-hop soundtrack (my favorite). Recommended!

Today. πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸΆ
Today I am 5 weeks, 6 days pregnant. Still with the Sore Boobs from Hell. I went to Old Navy this week–the clothing, interestingly, was very “maternity-friendly”, that is to say the style of all the tops is loose and flow-y right now. Too bad everything was poorly made and flimsy. BOO OLD NAVY. I did however purchase two new sports bras–I’m a size large now! The girls are growing!

Awww...I love it when my favorite wins! #teamBob woo hooooo! πŸ’–πŸŒŸβœ¨
Bob the Drag Queen won this season of “Drag Race”! I love it when my favorite wins. Ru Paul and I are so in SYNC.

Honeysuckle in the backyard.
This is honeysuckle in the backyard. I thought it would have more of a scent.

Who's a pretty little girl?
Who’s a pretty little girl?

Chelsea Handler interviewing Gwen Stefani: two blondes I ❀️.
Two of my favorite blondes–one a singer and one a broad–Gwen Stefani on Chelsea Handler’s new show.

Hot pink trellis rose. πŸ’–
We are clearly doing something right because the rose output from all of our bushes this year is HUGE.

Sunset is such good lighting. πŸŒ…
I mean sometimes you just gotta take your top off and take sunset selfies, ya know?

New sunglasses from "Knockaround", only 10 clams! TGIF! 😎
Somewhere (on the Internet) I must have heard of “Knockaround” sunglasses–super cute and only 10 bucks! I love cheap sunglasses.

Lush. πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸΆ
This week I walked the dogs every day except yesterday…yesterday I was glued to the couch, watching a Coen brothers marathon on the recently discovered “Viceland” channel. I watched “Barton Fink” and most of “The Big Lebowksi”, which I own, but never mind that.

Marilyn and dogfriend. ❀️
Here’s Marilyn and dogfriend.

Little pink blossom tree. 🌸
I lifted light weights on three days. I ate a LOT. I set “My Fitness Pal” to the first-trimester-recommended 1800 calories, which I am following…loosely.

You recall that my parents met at a 31 Flavors. Love of ice cream is in my blood! Can't fight it! 🍦
I sometimes don’t put everything in MFP, such as the two delicious scoops of ice cream I snarfed last night from 31 Flavors. Oh yes, followers of this blog might be proud of me for this: I HID MY SCALE. That’s a big step for me. I’m pregnant and I don’t need to weigh myself every day! NOT HEALTHY!

I love Maria Bamford. She's such a weirdo.
The lovable weirdo Maria Bamford has a new show on Netflix called “Lady Dynamite”. I like it.

These sunsets lately. Woof. πŸ’™
There have been some amazing sunset sightings out the beauty room (soon to be baby room) window lately.

Bear Cub is okay with the fact that the weather forecast was wrong today. 🌞
Here’s Bear Schnubs enjoying a little sunshine today!

I have another week of work lined up, hooray! Hurrah! And my in-laws will be visiting us at the end of the week. Perhaps Fleeta can help me visualize where in the hell I am going to put the contents of my Beauty Room…including all of my fabric and sewing stuff, all of my beauty stuff, my wigs, and my dresses. HELP!

Oh baby baby!

Oh baby baby!

Unexpected sunshine + unexpected good hair day.
Hi kids. Here we are, on the eve of my very first IVF transfer. Can you believe it?! What a loooooong-ass journey it’s been!

Everything is so green. πŸ’š
Went off the Pill in 2009; started the pill in 1997. 1997!!! OVER TEN YEARS of making damn sure I took that Pill every night. Obsessive about condom use (bonus: never had any STDs).

Love these tiny neon purple wild flowers. πŸ’œ
Started going to fertility doctors in…2012? 2011? Who can even remember any more. Diagnosed husband with decreased motility. Never diagnosed me with anything, except a couple of uterine polyps this year, which were quickly removed.

This bright yellow and red Scotch Broom is fun. πŸ’›β€οΈ
Six rounds of Clomid. Three IUIs. And now…two frozen embryos that passed all of the rigorous testing we paid extra for. Two boys!

Scotch Broom everywhere! πŸ’›
One of those boys will be transferred into my bod, tomorrow afternoon. I will have acupuncture before, and after the transfer (which is only supposed to take 10 minutes–it is mercifully short and sweet).

Sun's out! 🌞
Then I have 48 hours of enforced “bed” rest (more like couch rest), which…I am kind of looking forward to. I have been commuting hither and thither for work the last couple of weeks (which has been a blessing! Don’t get me wrong!). But a couple of days NOT commuting two hours on the I5 will be awfully nice. Josh is taking the day off from work tomorrow, to drive me to the appointment and back home.

Fluffy, not stuffy. 🌲
And then for the rest of the day I can boss him around! YES! MY FAVORITE!

Had a nice windy-and-slightly-rainy stroll around Bellevue today with @idahoagogo 🌸
Friday after my ultrasound appointment, I met up with my old old old friend Christy at the Bellevue Mall. Neither one of us really wanted to go to the mall, but I really wanted to look at some girly perfume-y things and the closest Sephora was at the mall. Heigh ho!

Waterfall fountain near Bellevue Square.
Neither one of us bought anything at Sephora, amazingly. I used up my gift card already and couldn’t bring myself to pay 50 clams for the grapefruit perfume by “Fresh” that I really really really want.

Fountain near Bellevue Square. There was a fashion shoot happening nearby; I felt sorry for the model (it was cold today!).
We bought some overpriced mall food (I paid 12 bucks for a tiny Cobb salad) and then it was my idea to wander across the street to a nice-looking park, where we strolled around and gabbed. Christy is freshly married, freshly diagnosed with a thyroid issue and is ready to be freshly pregnant this year too, just like me. We are both old ladies.

Happy to see that the fern in the backyard that the dogs trampled last year has come back πŸ’š
I teased her that she’ll probably get pregnant as soon as she starts trying, but who can say? You never know with these things. The wonders of the human body.

On this week's episode of #rupaulsdragrace I was sad to see Thorgy go...but Derrick Barry's video with Bob the Drag Queen was hysterical! I love this show.
My sentimental fave on this season of “Drag Race”, Thorgy Thor, was kicked off last week! Good thing my OTHER fave Bob the Drag Queen is still going strong.

Okay, you guys. Both Amy and David Sedaris as guest judges, with a Jerri Blank musical??! It's like all of my favorite things on ONE SHOW! I'm feeling verklempt! 😍
Speaking of which, this week’s episode was one of my favorites in “Drag Race” HERstory…David AND Amy Sedaris as guest judges, a musical where all the queens had to dress up as Jerri Blank (!!!) AND THEN everyone got to watch Bob lip sync to Sylvester’s “Mighty Real”! I tell ya, the tears of joy were just about springing to ma eyes! Just about.

Currently watching: "Respectable: The Mary Millington Story". πŸ’‹
Also recently watched: “Respectable: The Mary Millington Story”, about a pint-sized porn star from the UK and her tragic demise. These fertility hormones are doing weird things to me, friends! I’m following Mickey Avalon on Twitter! What???

Ohhhh it's a sad day, friends, because this is my last cup of coffee (for a while). Oh coffee! I will miss you MOST first thing in the morning! And also in the late afternoon. Okay, all the time. Sigh.
Here I am on Sunday pouting over my last full cup of REAL coffee. Mind you, I’ve had a little decaf since then, but ohhhhh coffeeeeee I miss you soooooooo. I’ll probably end up deleting this off of my IG. Triggering!Β 

Josh blows out the glitter candles on the birthday cupcakes I (re-) made today. πŸŽ‚
Sunday I re-made Josh’sΒ birthdayΒ cupcakes with yellow butter cake mix AND buttercream frosting AND piled them high with green and blue sprinkles (and glitter candles too) and everyone at his work loved them. Success!

Awww baby French and Saunders! Aren't they cute?! From Jennifer's memoir "Bonkers".
Recently completed book: “Bonkers”, Jennifer Saunders’ memoir. A little dry, but ya know. Still love you, Jennifer. “French and Saunders, doo doo doo dee doooo…”

My portrait of Brigitte Bardot, 2010. NFS. Well...maybe for sale. I'm open to negotiation!
Recently I received one of those scammy e-mails where someone offers to buy a bunch of my paintings but they really just want to steal all my monies. REPORTED! Losers.

Tromping through a filthy mud puddle makes them so happy! πŸ’¦
Currently a couple of damp dogs are snoozing at my feet as I type this. Our once-a-month housekeeper is over, cleaning. I requested her early. I wanted a nice clean house to relax in tomorrow. Who can relax in a dirty, fur-covered house? Not me, Hank McGee.

Josh's deep red tulips in the front yard. Pretty pretty.
Some deep purple-red tulips Joshy planted in the front yard. Niiiiice.

Love these neon purple "Bachelor's Buttons".
Love these neon purple “Bachelor’s Buttons”, too.

Sculpture spotting on my way to work this morning.
One perk of working downtown: art spotting while sitting in gridlock traffic.

Currently reading: Lena Dunham's "Not That Kind of Girl". The illustrations are cute.
Currently reading: “Not That Kind of Girl”, by Lena Dunham. I suspect I would have liked it a lot better if I was, say, 16, but I’m not sorry I’m reading it now. The illustrations are cute.

Our new neighbors are methodically ripping up all the grass in their front yard and replacing it with dirt and flowers spaced at perfect, OCD intervals. It's...unconventional. Could be worse, I suppose. Could be rocks! Or wood chips!
Our new neighbors are methodically tearing up all the grass in their front yard, and replacing it with dirt and evenly-spaced clumps of flowers. Oh, it’s a “look”, alright. Could be worse, I suppose. Could be wood chips! Or rocks!

Hey! Just think, the next time I blog I might be knocked up! Catch yer later, blog-logs! And send happy baby vibes my way, please.

This is What’s Happening (part one)

This is What’s Happening (part one)

@corinne_spoja's happy little owl collection. πŸ’œ
Happy Sunday, blerg. I’m having TWO (tiny) cups of coffee and tapping this out while icing my foot, pre-run. Here’s Corinne’s happy little owl light collection.

This ginger beer I had recently was soooo good. Instagramming to remember! 😍
We went out for a burger last weekend and I had the best ginger beer I’d ever had in my life…so I took a picture of it, to remember! I wonder if I can order a case on Amazon? I have Amazon issues. I’m getting better though, since I switched to part-time work.

It's recently come to my attention (said in fake Chloe Sevigny voice) that starting tomorrow, Instagram will be sorted by popularity, not chronologically. This bums me out--Instagram is my favorite social media and I like things chronological, dammit! If
This morning we went back to the same church that we went to last week for Easter, but unfortunately it was a different pastor and neither one of us liked him all that much. On the way out I inquired about the pastor who had spoken last week (who we liked), and they said he was on vacation in Hawaii. Oh. Luckyyyyy.

Yesterday I watched "The Man Whose Mind Exploded", a touching doc about an eccentric man from Brighton with major short term memory loss. Very "Grey Gardens"-esque. Worth watching.
Here’s that documentary I had mentioned in my last blog entry, “The Man Whose Mind Exploded”, about an eccentric older man who lives in Brighton who has major short-term memory loss, and the people who care about him. A really touching documentary with more than a hint of “Grey Gardens” to it.

Ahhh, season 10 of #trailerparkboys on Netflix. πŸ’š
We blew through Season 10 of “Trailer Park Boys” this week. I love that show so much. So nostalgic!

Last week I only worked one day. I was offered a job on Friday too, but it was an hour drive (minimum) and I was hoping to not be too far away from home because my next shipment of IVF drugs was supposed to be deposited on my front porch, and some of them have to be refrigerated. So I only left the house to take the girls to Marymoor Park on Friday and lo and behold, no drugs! I will have to make a phone call tomorrow. WHERE ARE MY DRUGS?

Feeeeling @thorgythor's neon look yeah! πŸ’šπŸŒŸπŸ’›
Thorgy Thor is one of my faves on the current season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, and I loved her neon look on last week’s episode.Β 

Waiting for an oil change in a newly thrifted dress. πŸ’™
Waiting for an oil change on Tuesday, wearing a freshly thrifted paisley dress.

Ohhhh this weather! 🌞
Lots of sunny walks were had last week.

It's natural. 🌲
It’s natural!

Forced affection with your pets is the best! 🐢
Cradling Bear Cub like a baby. She hates it! I don’t care!

Garter snake love, spotted at the park today. 🐍❀️🐍
A couple of garter snakes getting funky at the park. As soon as the weather starts warming up, out they come.

Josh didn’t know that succulents are “trendy” until I told him recently. Look at our “trendy” front yard!

Neon on my mind. πŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’›
All About the Neon.

I’m gonna have to cut this entry short because my coffee is kicking in and I need to go run 4 miles. Be Right Back with more nature photos and an exciting snowy mountain hike! WooohHHoooOOO!!!

Big ol’ Spring time photo dump

Big ol’ Spring time photo dump

Happy first day of spring! 🌱
Let’s explore spring! I love these grape hyacinth flowers. They are everywhere.

Last Sunday when I woke up my back was worse than usual. I insisted on doing the scheduled 2.5 mile “run” on the treadmill, figuring it would loosen things up, but it actually made my back worse, and I was in tears. We canceled our archery lesson again. They must think we’re assholes! These back problems though, you can’t predict what’s going to set them off.

I jacked my back up 2 weeks ago doing Pilates and it's been wonky ever since. I canceled our archery lesson today to lay on some ice and read this book. Boooo.
I’ve been doing the back exercises from this book for the last week (mostly) every night, and they have helped tremendously. I haven’t had any major back pain for the last couple of days. Phew.

This movie is so inappropriate and hilarious.
Sunday though…I just laid on the couch, alternating heating and icing, and amused myself with “There’s Something About Mary”…

Laid on the couch today watching an old favorite while Josh made me a grilled cheese sannie. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!
…and “Baby Doll”, one of my all-time favorites. Ohhh Mr. Vacarro, you make me feel kind of hysterical.

These are in our front and back yard. I don’t know what they are, but they are bright and beautiful.

Re: replacing 2.5 of my daily 3 cups of coffee with decaf..."It's not right, but it's okay."
Still holding steady at a half a cup of REAL coffee in the morning, plus maybe a cup of decaf in the afternoon. I’m tossing around the idea of giving up that half a cup when April starts, but then the other part of me says, you’re going to HAVE to give it up when you’re pregnant, why not enjoy it now? Because I do enjoy it, man oh man I do.

Watching "Peewee's Big Holiday", 2016. It's weird and is giving me John Waters vibes.
“Peewee’s Big Holiday” (2016) was weird yet charming and a lot better than either one of us expected it to be. Recommended!

In the front yard. πŸ’œ
In the front yard.

What a gorgeous afternoon.
The weather forecast for this week shows a lot of suns, with temperatures increasing up to 71 by Friday! Wow!

Queens on skates! Werrrrk those feathers, Kim Chi.
I am immersed into Season 8 of my favorite reality show of all time, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Here is Kim Chi werking some feathers while on roller skates. Into it!

Happy National Puppy Day! πŸ’š
Josh told me that this past weekend was the last weekend for cross country skiing, and of course we didn’t get around to it. DARN IT! He has decided that in place of forcing me to go cross country skiing with him, I have to participate in a “grueling mountain hike” of some sort instead. He wants us to hike somewhere around Mount Rainier this weekend. WELL OKAY.

Flowers from Joshy. πŸ’–
I can’t really complain, can I? I mean, I don’t have to ski, I just have to walk. Up and down a mountain. How hard could it be? (snicker)

Here comes the magnolia tree.
What’s left of the magnolia tree is blooming beautifully, but I wonder how many of the open blooms we will get to enjoy before the wind blows them away?

Teal shoes and fall leaves in the bowling ball garden.
Is it time to rake up the fall leaves? Is it time to take off my snow tires?

They are both begging right now, but one of them is a little more obvious about it.

Pale yellow hyacinth in the front yard. πŸ’›
I love this pale yellow hyacinth in the front yard.

Friday is near. πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸŒˆ
C’est moi, feeeeeling that green eyeshadow again.

Last night we watched an interview with old Gene Wilder (circa 2013) and it gave me a lot of Feelings. I love him so much!
Speaking of feeeeelings, I have a lot of them for Gene Wilder, and seeing this interview with old Gene Wilder from 2013 made me a little verklempt.

Sunny Friday afternoon at the park. πŸ’•
On Friday after work the weather was so gorgeous, I took the girls to the dog park and we stayed for about an hour.

Re-charged with serotonin after a sunny walk with the dogs today. Yes sunshine yes! I needed youuuu! 🌞
The sunshine replenished my lackluster serotonin levels beautifully.

Bear Cub chilling in the backyard. πŸ’š
Bear Cub avoiding the camera. Tale as old as tiiiiiime…

Getting ready to caucus this morning. 🌈
Saturday morning we did something that neither one of us had ever done before: we caucused! For Bernie Sanders! It was noisy and chaotic and at one point Josh got a little claustrophobic (I gave him one of my Rescue Remedy lozenges), but we were both glad that we did it. Bernie won the democratic caucus by a whopping 72.7%! Go Bernie.

Managed to get a run in today while the sun was still out. 4 miles for me, 20 miles for the lunatic...he's training to do the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon again. πŸ’ͺ
I am tentatively training for a 4.5 mile trail run next month (that I haven’t registered for), and Josh is training for the Rock and Roll Marathon in June (that he hasn’t registered for). After the caucus on Saturday we ran 4 miles in the forest together and then I drove back home with the pets while he went on and ran 20 miles, total. Gross!

My favorite kind of running. 🌿🌲
It was a beautiful day.

I was more concerned about my feet than my back, but I applied ice after the run and did some calf stretching and surprise! No pain yesterday.

Happy Easter. πŸ’œ We went to church, now listening to "American Beauty" and eating cream cheese Danish. Mmmmm.
I’m pretty sure we haven’t been to church since last Easter. We Yelped a church near our house and went for the early Easter Sunday service yesterday and both, surprisingly, enjoyed it.

More purple in the front yard. Not sure what they are, but I like it. πŸ’œ
Then we came back home, snarfed cream cheese danishes and listened to “American Beauty”.

Working on a cat series for my Broad @corinne_spoja 😻
Josh completed something like 5 hours of continuing education while I worked on Corinne’s cat painting number one and watched an interesting documentary called “The Man Whose Mind Exploded”.

Taking advantage of the Year of the Caftan while dressing for Easter dinner. Necklace by my wonderful aunt @lkobrien7. "Graffiti" eyeshadow by Urban Decay. πŸŒΏπŸ’“πŸŒŸ
Then later on it was time to pull on the caftan, apply Urban Decay’s “graffiti” eyeshadow and don a necklace by Aunt Lisa to go pick up the Broad to take her over to Josh’s grandparents’ house for Easter dinner.

Josh coordinating with a bouquet at his grandparents' house. πŸ’™
I forced Josh to hold this bouquet next to his teal shirt because it coordinated so well. You can tell he’s real excited about that! Ha ha!

Easter with my Broad @corinne_spoja at Josh's grandparents' house. πŸ’ž
It’s my Broad! Easter dinner was delicious, as always. I had planned on bringing my camera along but somehow (A.D.D.) left it back at the house. Heigh ho.

Whew! That was a lot of pictures. That’s what happens when I only blerg once a week. Time for breakfast! So long bloggeroos.

NYC Adventure, Part 5: Katz’s Deli, fun shopping and a drag queen show

NYC Adventure, Part 5: Katz’s Deli, fun shopping and a drag queen show

beautiful building

We’re back! In blog time, we’ve left Brooklyn and we’re on our way to Houston Street to find the infamous Katz’s Deli.


Katz’s Deli is famous for being the deli that Meg Ryan fakes her orgasm in “When Harry Met Sally” at.

Katz's deli

We anticipated it would be crowded and chaotic inside, and we weren’t wrong! Josh said he overheard someone telling the people they were with that they were having a panic attack and had to step outside. Meanwhile, I got hit on by one of the cooks while ordering a ginger ale. Woo hoo!

J at Katz's deli

He really needs to cut out this “half smile” thing. BEST PASTRAMI SANDWICH EVER, and we’ve had lots of those! Really really worth it.

Liz Christy garden

I took a picture of this sign and texted it to my friend Christy: “Look, it’s our garden!

outside PF

Patricia Field was on my list of Must See’s. I’ve been ordering weird stuff from them for years!

inside PF

Inside, it wasn’t very busy, and just as over-the-top as I wanted it to be. I bought weird socks for everyone, a bottle of holographic nail polish and a little magenta turban. You can NEVER have too many turbans.

Keith Haring purses

Keith Haring DJ purse awwwww! We like Keith Haring in this family.

don't touch wigs

Gotta love the warning sign. The wigs downstairs were wonderful.

the glitter wig


eiffel tower dress


outside Trash and Vaudeville

Outside “Trash & Vaudeville”, hooray! Unfortuntely, we realized later on that we only visited HALF of T&D, the “Trash” floor. There was an entire floor upstairs with all the wigs and fun shit, dammit! Oh well. The “Trash” floor was all Goth-y clothes and an entire room of Doc Martens with strict signs banning photography. Heigh ho. Josh and I both bought a fun tee-shirt.

arty cow

We fooled around the East Village for a while, that was fun!

thong socks

Inside the “Sock Man” store. I had never seen these “split” socks before, presumably to wear with thong sandals? Cute.

inside search and destroy

“Search & Destroy” was fun. They were blaring foreign punk music and one of the girls working there didn’t have pants on. Josh bought a vintage blue cowboy shirt, which looked great with his blue hair.

chandelier inside s & d

So many chandeliers in NYC!

welcome to s & d

Instead of “Thank you”, the merch bag from “Search & Destroy” reads “Fuck you”. I’m gonna save it, as a memento. You understand.

Jews for Jesus

For Mumsie!

icing my feet

Gotta love how blurry iphone pics are under low light conditions–I look about 10 years old here. Post-shopping and back at Hotel 31 to ice our feet before going out to dinner. I bought that jewelry at a little Indian shop. When I paid the owner asked me if I was a New Yorker and I said no and he mumbled, “I could tell.” I should have asked why, but I figured it was obvious. I also figured it was because I didn’t haggle with him. According to Iris Apfel’s documentary, a lot of vendors are insulted if you don’t haggle! Luckily we redeemed ourselves the next day haggling at a “I Love New York” stand. PHEW.

this crepe is ridiculous (but I ate it anyway)

Look at this insane crepe I was served at the Indian restaurant! It was delicious. I ate about 85% of it. Running around NYC makes you hungry.

J at Industry

Later, we gussied ourselves up and chugged energy drinks to go out to “Industry”–a gay club where Sherry Vine hosts a drag show every Tuesday night.

inside Industry

Industry was great. It was clean, lovely to look at, the DJ played at least 4 Madonna songs before Sherry’s set and I was surrounded by good-looking gay men. Heaven!

Sherry Vine

Sherry Vine was hilarious. It was evident why she’s had one of the longest running drag shows in NYC–total pro.

amazing singer whose name I forgot
I cannot remember the name of her guest queen, but she had an AMAZING singing voice. Definitely worth it!

NEXT UP: Day 3, which I might even blog later today because I’m sick, dammmmmit. Josh and I both have colds just in time for our half marathon on Sunday. I’m hoping two days of lying around the house ingesting Emergen-C and hot soup will knock it out. Otherwise I’m hoping getting nice and high on Sudafed the day of the race will work. We’ll see…