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So long 2014!

So long 2014!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m chugging coffee, munching on Shirley’s coconut chocolate chip cookies and snickering at this old New Year’s Resolution list I found in one of my teenage notebooks. I can only assume I was in my early teens when I wrote this list because of the roundness of the letters. My mother always teases me that every year my New Year’s resolution was to “get a tan”, and I’m sure she’s right, but at least according to this list I’ve always been smart about protecting my face! (my decolletage…well, that’s another story…). The little smart ass note at the bottom is pretty hilarious too, since I’ve always been an oversharer my entire life, and have always WANTED people to read my blathering. Emotionally scarring–ha!

As is my yearly tradition, I’m gonna re-cap what I did this year. Let’s see how fast I can make this happen. What did I do in 2014?

pink eyeshadow
NOT MUCH, January. Some eyeshadow experimentation.

Corinne and I and our fresh gel manicures yesterday. I got berry, she got purple. Then we feasted on cheeseburgers. It was a good day!
Corinne coaxes me into getting my first shellac manicure, and now I’m HOOKED. 2-3 weeks of perfect nails without chipping for 20-25 bucks…worth it.

–arrival of a late Christmas present, the Sony camera–trust me kids, stick with Canon. Never again, Sony.

– became hooked on the books of James Lee Burke (damn fine writer)

I think I see the light
Took a decent self-portrait with the Sony…? Is that notable?

failed body wave 1
The infamous failed perm that turned into a negative Yelp review (penned mostly by Christopher) that then turned into a second GOOD perm!

heart-shaped facial hair
Josh did this to his face on Valentine’s Day (shameless).

Here we go again...
Stylist Erika gives me a second wonderful and fabulous perm, and I have bouncy curls for MONTHS. It’s just now starting to finally go straight again. Should I get a third perm?

Two perms + sleeping with soft rollers = the curls of my dreeeeams!
Look at those curls, siggggh. Unfortunately this also kicks off Christopher bitching and moaning about how I’m improperly styling my bangs. I can’t wait for him to visit in two weeks and let HIM take a crack at my hair! Bwa ha ha, it ain’t easy.

Josh on the footbridge
First nature walk of the year with Joshy and the girls.

sister and brother
Met up with Brenna and family for a delicious breakfast, and snapped this flattering photo of brother and sister. Maw.

the photographer lags behind
Another nature hike with my furry family.

Current painting muse--and the only member of my Factory painting series still living. ❤️
Started the Holly Woodlawn painting.

Our vacation is in a month, but my bikini arrived today. Hooray for this filter to give my "Seattle tan" some color!
Felt good enough about all my hard work exercising to post a totally unedited bikini picture to Instagram. Celebrate!

the old gang
Fun reunion with all of our old co-workers. One of our co-workers was diagnosed with brain cancer around the time we bought our house, had surgery, and is currently in the middle of an impressive recovery.

L & E 3
Met up with an old old old old blog friend Emilio. I love meeting blogfriends in real life!


– my brother gets me GOOD for April Fool’s by announcing his “wedding”. I fell for it, but subsequently didn’t fall for ANY of the lies my co-workers told me the next day. Fool me once!

– got hired onto the job I wanted full-time

– Kurt Cobain’s death turned 20 (sigh)

Electric glide
The Electric Palette comes into my life.

L and J in the tulips
Joshy and I go to the Tulip Festival, which was beautiful. Our eyeballs suffered for the next couple of days though. Holy pollen, Batman!

fun photos at Populuxe
We head over to Populuxe to look at some art, and discover the joys of Peruvian brisket sandwiches. Mmmmmm.

– I dedicate my face to eyelash extensions FULL time (quite the upkeep) (WORTH IT)

happy sushi face
My Old Man turned 40, and we celebrated by going out to the best sushi restaurant in Seattle.

C and L and some ginger ales
Easter dinner with my Broad and Josh’s family.

mint colored Easter dress
Having a Princess Moment on Easter Sunday.

M and J at the park
Mumsie flies over to dogsit while we…

…spend 9 days in Kauai! Oh Kauai! Love ya. Not as good as Maui but still fabulous.

I mean, come on.

beach at the Tunnels
I’d do it again!

the gang before the run
Christy moves to Seattle and joins Josh and Brenna and I at the Color Run.


happy biking face
Let the bike riding begin! Turns out Make-Up Forever lip stain WILL last through a rigorous bike ride.

two blondes and an 80s background
Fun at Populuxe with Christy.

New glasses from #zenni--rainbow tortoiseshell with fun rhinestone details. I was skeptical that a 15 dollar pair of frames could be cool, but they are!
Discovered Zenni Optical. Now that I have cute glasses, I wear them more frequently.

Rainbow over the tomato plants in our garden
We plant our very first ground garden, and have a ridiculous amount of success. Next year: not quite so many tomato plants, bwa ha ha.

Liz and kitten
Corinne transitions from Normal Person with One Cat to Full Fledged Crazy Cat Lady with Five Cats…but I still love her. Barely see her any more, but still love her.

J and L
Joshy runs the Rock and Roll Marathon, I take a taxi to the finish line to meet him and we watch Sir Mix A Lot perform! What a Seattle-ish moment!


Josh and his fireworks
Josh and I celebrate the 4th of July like a couple of geeks in our front yard…by ourselves.

4th of July sparklers
I dress like this, because I can!

What a beautiful evening for a bike ride!
Enjoying bike rides.

wet pets
First of FOUR camping trips in 2014. I’m so proud of us.

Had a successful backyard barbecue.

At the Locks, in Ballard.
Josh and I visit The Locks in Ballard.

Josh and Fleeta and Maggie
Sailing adventure with Josh’s parents and the girls. I’d do the sailing again in a heartbeat…but without the dogs, next time. Once was enough for them!

– Robin Williams dies, and everyone is sad about it.

Maggie by the river
Camping trip number two.

birthday girl
Birthday dinner with the Broad.

pretty sunset
Camping trip number three! We were rained on that time. So PNW.

Joshy gets down
Josh and I attend Bumbershoot, and he out-dances many, many stoned teenagers.

tutu love
Little Miss Ronia’s 5th birthday party. Loooove.

Final camping trip, which required the most hiking, featured the most whining (from me), but was probably the most beautiful too.

first dance
My little brother got married! I’m so happy for him. Love is good.

My father's 14-year-old Lab, Sally. This last trip to Boise might be the last time I see her alive. She's been his constant companion her entire lifetime, and I know he'll be devastated when she passes.
The last time I saw Sally. RIP Sally dog, you were one special girl.

– we discover our DREAM HOME…and then have to wait another month and a half to make it a reality.

– I start doing Scary Movie Month Reviews, but (predictably) get bored after a few.

sally detail
Sally dies, and both of my parents and my brother are there when she is put down. Maw.

– I get really into writing a book about DIY beauty recipes but have to abandon it when we start packing to move to the New House

old man drinking a Natty Ice
Josh and I dress up as Old People/Our Future Selves for Halloween. He won first prize at the costume contest at his job…

old woman shows off her pettipants
…and everyone said I would have won at my job if I hadn’t had to go home about 20 minutes before it started because I was suffering from such an awful cold. Heigh ho! Still had Good Times!

Celebrating first time home ownership with Thai crab Rangoon! Woo hoo!
Josh and I celebrate closing the deal on the New House with Thai food. We’re “grown ups” now! More or less.

Sold Joan!

We move into the New House! Hip Hop Hooray!

Christy and Liz are twinsies
Celebrate Christy’s birthday and see some old party friends.

– one of my childhood friends’ mother dies suddenly. Very sad.

All of this weird, white stuff suddenly appears all over everything outside.

the football crowd
Thanksgiving with Josh’s family and my Broad.


L and C
One of my bosses talked me into taking my birthday off from work, and I’m so glad I did because I had a truly fabulous birthday this year.

– discover “Advanced Style” (a must-see!)

portrait of the artist with her art happy to be part of an art show YAY!
Owen invites me to participate in his studio’s annual open house art show, which I did gladly!

Bob's boat
Josh and I go to the Wooden Boat Center and check out his dad’s boat. It was a gorgeous sunny day on Lake Union.

– we go see “Birdman”, which is essentially like having a panic attack for an hour and a half but WORTH IT if you’re emotionally up to the task.

beach combers
Walkies on the beach.

…and finally, Christmas in Idaho! Which I still have to blog…at some point…when I have the time.

So 2014! There you go! This year went by SO FAST I can’t even believe it myself, and I just reviewed the whole thing. One fabulous vacation, one major life change in the form of a New House, and a lot of highs and lows in between. Mostly highs.

So! I have a couple of New Year’s Resolutions. Christopher calls them “First World Problems”, and of course he’s right, but nevertheless…I have spent the last 4 years heavily engaged in some so-called “feminist” websites (that shall go un-named) and my New Years resolution is to stop reading them. Entirely. It’s become hate-reading by now and in this stage of my life, I need to focus on positive things. More Art! More Art! WAY MORE ART! And also…I want to finally go to New York in 2015, because I’ve never gone, and I know that I will LOVE IT. So that’s it! Hello 2015, hello to more art and positivity yeah! Thanks for watching, blog-logs. You may not comment, but I see you there, and I appreciate it. 

Kauia, Day 8 and 9…the end!

Kauia, Day 8 and 9…the end!

the beach nearby
Aloha and welcome to the final installment of the Kauai Chronicles, sniff and sob! It feels like our vacation was a loooooong tiiiiime ago. I suppose it was about two months ago, no wonder!

last snorkel at Poipu
Final snorkel session at Poipu Beach. I went snorkeling as well, since I knew it would be our last time for a while. A giant school of fish swarmed around me and I felt a little nervous, before I chided myself for being nervous. What were they going to do, nibble me to death? Have you heard of this pedicure treatment? NIGHTMARISH.

last day at Poipu
Josh tried to make a video with his iphone through a plastic bag, which didn’t turn out to be any sort of quality video at all, but was pretty entertaining to watch.

near sunset on Poipu
Unfortunately we had major underwater camera failure this year–the photos are unusable, just smeary and boring. Too bad!

rays and ocean
After our last snorkeling session at Poipu Beach, we drove to Hanapepe for the art walk.

James Hoyle
At the very first gallery we went inside, I became enamored with the work of James Hoyle and his equally talented daughter.

James Hoyle II
If I had several extra thousands of dollars, I would have purchased one of his pieces! So fun and vibrant.

the Storybook Theatre
Inside the adorable “Storybook Theatre”, a woman made us the worst (pre-mixed) “lattes” ever…which we ended up dumping after one sip. However, the “Kickshaws” food cart REALLY made up for it…I had the “Decadent PB & J” and Josh had the “Awesome Burger” and the food was heavenly. Couldn’t recommend it more! I’m beginning to dig this whole food cart culture. It’s really hep right now.

After the failed latte, in the garden behind the Theatre. The Hanapepe Art Walk is a really cool thing to do in Kauai–every week, the entire town turns out for the art walk. We saw tons of art and jewelry, handmade quilts, lots of delicious food stands–we bought slices of pie to take home, and I finally got lei’d as well.

Kapa'a sunset
Final sunset in Kapa’a, outside our hotel room.

Kapa'a sunset II
Josh took about 30 photos of the sunset, but I whittled it down to two. You understand.

I finally got lei'd
Proof that I got lei’d, the next day.

last day in Kauai
Soaking up the sunshine in our last few hours on the island! Oh Kauai!

flying over Oahu
Finally, flying over Oahu, where we spent our six hour layover at the Honolulu airport. Not quite enough time to do any sort of sightseeing, but I have now spent all the time that I ever need to spend at the Honolulu airport, that is for sure. The Japanese gardens were nice to look at!

So that was it: our nine-day stay in Kauai. Very different from our trip to Maui, but equally wonderful, beautiful, and special. I’m not finished with you yet, Hawaii! Next time…Oahu! Let’s do this thing!

Hey blog, happy Friday. I was 95% sure I was getting sick this morning, but now after dog park and two cups of coffee and an invigorating Gay Phone Call I only feel 25% sick. Happy Pride Weekend, oh my goodness! I still haven’t found a date to the parade Sunday morning, sigh.

Kauai, Day 8: Shopping in Kapa’a, Opaeka’a Falls and one last plate lunch

Kauai, Day 8: Shopping in Kapa’a, Opaeka’a Falls and one last plate lunch

Ono family restaurant
Aloha blog! Welcome to Day 8, our last full day in Kauai. Sniff sniff. Josh went paddle boarding early that morning on the Wailua River, and then we went back to the always fabulous Ono Family restaurant for another delicious breakkie.

beautiful glass window shopping
While Josh returned our paddle boards, I did a little shopping by myself near our hotel in downtown Kapa’a. This glass shop had incredible glass jewelry. I managed to restrain myself to a simple pair of triangle-shaped glass studs (I’m into triangles this year), but, given enough money…I would have bought several pieces. Heigh ho!

extremely humid orchid alley
Even though it was in the 80’s already that morning and insanely humid, I nevertheless had to walk into “Orchid Alley”, at which point I nearly passed out from the humidity. I quickly snapped some photos of the most gorgeous variety of orchids I’d even seen until a salesperson waved their arms at me and I noticed a huge sign overhead that said NO PHOTOGRAPHY. Whoops.

neon pink orchid
Orchids aren’t even my favorite flowers and I was still impressed. One of them had a chocolate scent!

L and J near Opeka'a Falls
After Josh returned to Kapa’a to pick me up, we stopped at Ono again for shave ice and then went to check out the beautiful Opaeka’a Falls. A stranger kindly offered to take our picture.

Opeka'a Falls
So lovely.

Opeka'a Falls II
This was a very popular tourist spot, as you can imagine.

J and the waterfall
Josh’s shirt received a lot of favorable attention from the old hippies of Kauai.

Wailua River
Nearby, the Wailua River where he went paddleboarding that morning. My shoulders weren’t up for another paddle boarding day, unfortunately.

coconut grove
Another pass by the coconut grove.

sweaty tropical faces
Shiny happy people!

J near the coconut grove

last plate lunch at the Imu Hut
It was fitting that we had our final plate lunch at the place we had our first plate lunch, “Da Imu Hut”. Mmmm hmmmmmm. I can’t sing the praises of plate lunch enough.

Liz is in love with flowers
After the Imu Hut, we hit up Kauai Coffee for goodies and gifts to bring back home. I fell in love with these flowers again.

Coming up next: one last snorkeling experience! A nighttime street art fair! And I finally get lei’d!

Kauai, Day 7: Paddle boarding on the Hanalei River

Kauai, Day 7: Paddle boarding on the Hanalei River

Kapaa swap meet
Aloha blog, can you believe we are finally on Day 7 of our Kauai vacation? And there’s only ONE MORE DAY to be blogged?! What on earth am I going to blog about the rest of the year, hmmmm? I guess I had better start doing stuff. This was a not-particularly-spectacular little swap meet near our hotel in Kapa’a. I found a cute little purple turtle backpack there for myself, and a few gifts.

board rentals at the Backdoor
The Big Event that took place on Day 7 was the rental of the paddle boards, which we did at a place called “The Backdoor” in Hanalei.

Puka Dog
After we rented the boards we stopped by “Puka Dog”, which had just opened about 20 minutes prior to our arrival. A giant Hawaiian hot dog with all the works at 10 in the morning? Eh, why not?

Joshy getting ready to paddle board the Hanalei River.
Josh has done plenty of surfing (and I um, sat on a surfboard once), but this was the first time we had ever paddle boarded. It was an activity that we both equally wanted to do on this vacation! We set out on the Hanalei River, a nice slow-moving current perfect for paddle boarding.

Man on board.
It was a lush, scenic view along the way.

My first time on a paddle board. When the wind died down, it was a lot of fun!
I sat on the board for a long time, waiting for the wind to die down, but once I got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun!

Didn't fall off once. Josh did though.
I didn’t fall off a single time. Josh fell off once, which he maintains he did “on purpose”. Uh huh.

Laird paddleboard in Hanalei Bay
A couple of hours of paddle boarding was enough for me and my wimpy upper body strength (my shoulders ached the next day), but of course it wasn’t enough for THIS dude.

Hanalei Bay
We went next to the river to Hanalei Bay and Josh paddle boarded for another hour or two, while I laid on the beach and did a little swimming and stared at a beautiful toddler with curly blond hair playing in the sand with her mother (as we were leaving I told the mother that she had a beautiful child, which I think all moms appreciate hearing).

J paddleboarding out
When Josh returned he said he a had a “miserable” time. The wind was intense, and apparently being a lifelong skier and decent skateboarder doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically a good surfer, which was really disappointing to him.

paddleboarding back in
Oh well, onto another adventure, Joshy!

parking lot coconut sellers
Out in the parking lot, some local fellas were offering coconuts for 5 bucks. They cut a hole in the top with a machete, gave you a straw to drink the milk, and after you were finished they chopped the coconut in half so you could eat the meat. They claimed to be saving cash for gas, which I believed. Gas in Hawaii is insanely expensive!

Late lunch at Pink's--Hawaiian grilled cheese and fresh coconut milk cracked open by some fellas in the parking lot. Bliss.
This was a memorable Kauai moment for me: gourmet Hawaiian grilled cheese sandwiches from Pinks, plus fresh coconut milk from the fellas in the parking lot. Total bliss. Best coconut milk I’ve ever tasted.

Lizzie at dinner
Later on we went to a restaurant near our hotel called “Wahooo!”, despite the negative Yelp reviews. MISTAKE! There was barely anyone eating in the restaurant for a good reason, turns out. The food was expensive and terrible. I actually felt sorry for the tiny soft-shelled crab we ate as an appetizer, and believe me, I’ve never felt sorry for the food I’ve eaten before. Well, except maybe that lamb years ago, which is why I don’t eat lamb any more. Baaaah!

That’s the end of Day 7! One more day to blog, and then it’s back to flowers and trees and dogs and probably a ton of orange-hued self-portraits, because it’s nearly summertime DAMMIT and that’s what I’m all about.

Kauai, Day 6: Na Pali Coast hike, part 2

Kauai, Day 6: Na Pali Coast hike, part 2

Joshy on the beach
Aloha blog! We’re wrapping up Day 6 in Kauai, and right about now, we just reached the beach at the 2 mile point on the Na Pali Coast hike. In order to get to this beach, you have to cross a fairly fast-moving thigh-deep river. I REALLY wished I was wearing my Chacos! We had to take off our boots and socks and tie them to our packs, and then slooooowly navigate across the river without falling (success!). Being bratty I was determined to cross the river without any help and actually flapped my hand at a girl offering me her trekking pole on the way back.

the beach
Once we crossed the river there was an extremely good-looking Park Ranger hanging out, making sure everyone was safe, telling everyone about the 11 mile hike being closed off due to flooding. He had dazzling green eyes and long fluttery dark lashes that I lost myself in for at least 30 full seconds, and DAMMIT OH I wish I had gotten a picture of him. You’ll have to remain in my memory, Hot Park Ranger, and that makes me a little sad because my memory isn’t so great.

Na Pali beach
We stayed on the beach for a bit, ate some lunch, took in the view. There are strict warnings for no swimming on this beach, as the current had claimed several lives in the past. I considered tossing myself dramatically into the sea so Hot Park Ranger could rescue me, but decided against it.

drippy cliffs
The cliffs were drizzling water, and the sand was incredibly smooth. It was a beautiful beach, despite the danger. I’d do it all over again…if Hot Park Ranger was there! Ooooh-weeeee!

the helicopter lands
Speaking of the park ranger, see the helicopter? I did get to see him one more time–as we were hiking back down, he came scrambling down the trail to help rescue a middle-aged woman who had sprained her ankle. He raced past me with a quick “Hi” but I wasn’t fast enough to grab the camera or even flutter my (false) eyelashes at him. Heigh ho!

One of my characteristic, less-than-sixty-seconds long shaky videos sometime during our hike.

deep blue sea
Good-bye, stunningly beautiful Na Pali coast!

Green fields near the start/end of the hike.

shallow water
The hike ends at K’e beach, so Josh went snorkeling while I relaxed on the sand.

massive shave ice
We stopped at Princeville for shave ice. I don’t want to mention any names, but let’s just say it was the crappiest shave ice we had all week…and we had a lot of shave ice!

gorgeous lookout point
Outside Princeville is this stunning lookout point.

lookout point
One of us should paint this.

scenic overlook
After taking in this scene, we had sushi at Masa’s (the sushi was so-so, but the waitress was great!).

lush green hills
So green! So Kauai!

Join me next time for Day 7: Paddleboarding for the first time! Grilled cheese and coconut milk! Yyyyyyeah!

Kauai Day 6: the Na Pali coast hike

Kauai Day 6: the Na Pali coast hike

self portrait while Josh talks with some French dude in the background
Aloha, it’s time for another Kauai blog entry! By gum, I might just finish out these posts by the time June is over, yippee-ki-yi-bloop! We are up to Day 6. Per my notes, on Day 6 we had breakfast from the Passion Bakery (guava bread rolls, mmmm…), then embarked on a 4 mile hike on the stunning Na Pali coast. Here’s a self-portrait with Josh talking and a French dude in the background. The French dude and the woman he was with had on matching outfits (what is with couples and matching outfits on vacation? Ugh), and they trailed behind us for much of the hike.

Joshy on the Na Pali coast hike
Joshy on the trail–the steep, ridiculously muddy trail. It’s a miracle that neither one of us fell during the course of this hike. We passed a middle-aged woman who had fallen and evidently sprained/broken her ankle. On the way back down, we witnessed a helicopter rescue pick her up. Ouch!

huge tropical plants
The Na Pali coast is ridiculously lush.

purple flowers
These purple flowers were lovely.

start of the hike
The start of the hike.

tropical scene with vines
I love the vines.

view from the helicopter landing mud
Standing on the helicopter “pad” (a square of mud), viewing the trail behind us.

the beautiful Na Pali coast
The further up the trail you hike, the more aqua the water becomes.

so much red mud
It’s been over a month, and the red mud stains still haven’t come out of our socks and hiking boots. Worth it? Yes.

Na Pali hike 1

roots ferns and water
The hala trees have cool roots.

getting closer to the beach
Almost to the beach!

The hike is either 4 miles or 11 miles, and although my crazy husband was up for the 11 mile hike I wasn’t interested. Fortunately (or not?), the 11 mile hike was closed to due to flooding. Phew!

lush scene
We had to take off our shoes and cross a thigh-deep river to get to the beach…more about that later.

aqua waters
Siiiigh, so beautiful!

Coming up next: we make it the beach! An extremely good-looking Park Ranger! And not-so-great shave ice in Princeton!

Kauai, Day 5: the Botanical Gardens in Haena

Kauai, Day 5: the Botanical Gardens in Haena

arrival at the Botanical Gardens
Aloha! Today we are finishing up Day 5 in Kauai at the incredible Limahuli Botanical Garden in Haena. We paid 15 dollars to do a self-guided tour, and it was worth every penny!

tropical flower 1
I’ve never seen such an incredible variety of tropical plants and flowers.

Little hut.

self portrait at the Gardens
This was the Best Outfit for That Day–a comfortable dress and shoes, backpack, and the ol’ rainbow hat. It was sunny but slightly overcast, so the rose-colored glitter sunglasses were just right.

I’m into these ferns.

lush Gardens
It was Paradise. We lucked out getting there about an hour before closing–other than two little old ladies, we were the only guests at the entire Gardens. Perfect.

incredible hibiscus
These hibiscus flowers were the size of dinner plates! I’ve never seen anything like them.

gorgeous hibiscus flowers
More hibiscus. There were so many different varieties, in all sorts of beautiful colors. Dazzling.

Bird of Paradise flowers
The stunning Bird of Paradise flowers. I remember seeing these in Maui, too.

swiss cheese plant
Swiss Cheese plant!

L and J in the Gardens
Your Friends.

J werking at the Gardens
WERK, Joshy.

yellow and purple
Lovely color combinations.

Garden trail
Can you imagine how dreamy it would be to work here every day? Siiiiigh.

water in the Garden
Streams and little waterfalls throughout.

tree fern
The Gardens featured lots of plants and flower varieties that are now extinct, thanks to hungry goats. Many of the varieties were so old, they didn’t have names.

Love the description of this one! “Traditionally used by the elderly to stun fish”.

Joshy in the Gardens
Josh in Paradise.

mini tree
These baby palm trees caught our eye. They were about a foot tall.

breadfruit trees
The Hala trees have fruits resembling pineapples, but do not taste nearly as delicious!

Garden over the ocean
Sigh, so beautiful. Definitely a must-see in Kauai.

L at the Gardens
Soaking it in.

one last glimpse at the Gardens
One last glimpse on the way out. What a wonderful experience! I love looking at nature–never get tired of it, and enjoy it more and more the older I get.

Happy Sunday! I just finished an hour of Pilates, Joshy just ran 20 miles, and we’re going to go to Trader Joe’s sometime this afternoon for some Good Stuff. Now: time for me to tackle the Phyllis painting. Hug a dog today!