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Feelin’ large and in charge

Feelin’ large and in charge

Cutie Cub on our walk today (before the weather turned bad). 💚
Hey-o! What’s new, blog-logs?

I enjoy chocolates, flowers, and cards, but I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. BORING.

Glitter nails in nature.
Two of my nails broke off and split so badly I had to resort to covering them with old Sally Hansen nail stickers. They looked great…for 24 hours.

Sky enhanced with “Camera Plus”.

I got a rainbow in ma room! (Thanks @cat_marnell) 🌈
On the recommendation of a dusthead, I bought myself a rainbow for my room! It looks more impressive in this picture than it does in real life. I was hoping it would stretch across the room…it barely stretches over 2 feet. Heigh ho.

A couple of beggars watching me eat breakfast.
Currently I am recovering from my egg retrieval, which was on Tuesday (also my dad’s 65th (!!!) birthday).

Danger! Danger! Gluttony approaching! (this is why I can't go to Trader Joe's very often...)
The procedure itself was no big whoop, it only took about 30 minutes and I was knocked out for the duration, but maaaan those hormones did a number on my bod.

My weight shot up, my breasts are enormous and sore, and my abdomen is so distended I could easily pass for a women in her 2nd trimester. Fun! Fun! Fun! (no fun)

Aren't these guys a little...early???
I requested Vicodin for the pain this time, as the oxycodone made me itch like crazy.

This "Dreamify" app is craaaazy, man...
Spend too much time playing with the “Dreamify” app, and you might just start seeing tracers! Oooheeewoooo!

Finally a little sunshine! 🌞
I keep telling myself, “If you think the bloating and breast pain are bad NOW, just wait til you’re pregnant!” which doesn’t make me feel better, at all.

I always wanted one of these guys. I filled it with Pacifica's mango grapefruit perfume, mmm.
This morning I Googled “weight gain after IVF” and there were about 4238742384 results, so at least this is “normal”. Groan.

Pre-surgery for egg retrieval. They retrieved 14, above average! 🌟
They retrieved 14 eggs, 6 of which were mature, which doesn’t seem like very many, but the good news is that all 6 fertilized, which they told me was VERY GOOD. Apparently normal fertilization rates are 50-75%, so we are ABOVE AVERAGE. Alriiiiiight.

Joshy looking cute in his floral shirt. ☕️
Now for the next few days the clinic will be calling me daily to let me know how the little guys are doing.

I like this mural at Macrina's.
I did work on Monday, two different jobs, which was good. I wouldn’t have wanted to work yesterday, ugh, too bloated. I feel the same way today. Whale-ish. 

Hate, hate your enemies Save, save your friends Find, find your place Speak, speak the truth
In the meantime I’m not supposed to be doing any “strenuous” exercise (ie running), so I’ve just been doing walks with the girls, a little light weight lifting and I started doing a little Blogilates again.

Some new colors to play with. You can never have too many nail polish colors.
All this free time has made me 87% more obsessed with my fingernails.

Drag is the Drug! 2010. NFS. 🌟
Thank goodness I have a painting to work on! I’m almost finished with it.

In non-Lizzy news, Josh is accepting a position in a different wing of the hospital he works at, one that will guarantee him full-time hours. This is good news.

Chelsea wants Chunk to get fucked up so she can judge him. 😂
I haven’t decided whether or not I like Chelsea Handler’s new show yet, but I DO know that I love her dog, Chunk! Lookit that faaaaaace!

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Monday AGAIN? Look at how pretty that aqua is. Mmmmm.

Dog run! 🎾
This week in Making a Robo Baby News, we are taking an hour-long class on how to administer the 10 days of shots I will have shortly. That’s right, an entire class on how to shoot up! Woo hoo!

Trim or grow out??? ✂️✂️✂️
This is what my cute little sculpted Bettie Page-esque bangs grew into after a month. After a brief IG survey, I opted to trim them, instead of grow them out. Let’s face it: my face is just better with bangs.

Today's outfit: Blue sparkle sweater and Paisley corduroy skirt that I made.
I need to lose a few more pounds to be able to wear more clothes–I’m sick of the 3 pairs of fat pants I have in rotation. Josh and I started a “Dietbet” between just the two of us–yesterday, at Day 20, I had lost 8.2 pounds and he had lost 5. Of course this fluctuates daily, but those first 4 pounds of Fleeta’s sugar cookies came off the fastest. Now it’s WORK. If he beats me, I have to go skiing with him…you can imagine, I’m very motivated to win.

FINALLY I won't have to move my tiny heating pad all over my body to keep warm, ha ha haaa.
I bought this for myself off of Amazon and have zero regrets–no more moving a tiny heating pad all over my body at night when I read! It’s delightful.

Fetchy furry fun times.
Yesterday I laid on the couch ALL DAY LONG and we watched the football game (or rather, he did; I’m thoroughly invested in “Creepypasta” right now), “The Visit”, which was a good movie with a twist, “The Godfather” (for the 4373465th time) and I got through 3/4ths of “The Martian” before I decided I would rather take a shower than finish it.

My little brother and me. We're probably both wearing black because I dressed him up...I put wigs and tutus on that poor kid for as long as I could! Hence his pout. Ha ha, memorieeeees...
Awwww look at me and little Stew. I loved dressing him up. The “photo shoots” started early.

Maggie says, "Happy Friday!"
Look at this ten year old dog.

New project.
New Mandala project: NEON!

Bear Cub exploring on a crisp sunny morning.
This is a nice shot of Bear Cub. Which reminds me, I had better get our butts outside before it starts getting dark. Ugh winter, UGH.

My dog likes to party all the time

My dog likes to party all the time

Early Joshy art.
Early Joshy art that I retrieved from his parents’ house during Christmas break. Pretty greens!

Sorting rhinestones for "fun". ✨
Sometimes when you have ADD and you get all pumped up on caffeine it’s “fun” to do organizing activities, like say organize all your loose rhinestones into colors. JUST DON’T DO IT FOR THREE CONSECUTIVE HOURS, IN A WEIRD POSITION. Josh said I was hunched over the table like “Mr. Burns”, and the next day my back was throbbing. Don’t worry, I learned my lesson! When I started sorting my sequins, I did it in 30 minute increments only!

Mmm, sun. 🌞
Just about all of my eyelash extensions fell out. I had them replenished last weekend. It took an hour and a half. Worth it!

Winter landscapes.
Meanwhile, winter, you can go away now. It’s been trying to snow here, but luckily not sticking.

Gold glitter shellac for a sparkling New Year! ✨
Current shellac: gold glitter. Kind of boring. Next time I’ll do something weird.

I was SO excited about this parabolic microphone Josh bought me for Christmas but it's a piece of crap. I can't even hear the neighbors! 👎
I’ve always wanted a parabolic microphone (the nosy person’s DREAM TOY), and Josh finally got me one for Christmas. Unfortunately, he got this piece of crap for something like 30 bucks on Amazon, and it barely works. Sure, I can hear the sound of Maggie sniffing a little louder, but I certainly can’t hear anything beyond 15 feet away. LAME.

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions but I was thinking it might be fun to not cut my hair this year. See how long it will get.
Should I grow my hair and bangs out this year?

I ordered a replacement wallet by Deux Lux and the glitter is loose, not laminated like my old one. I wonder if I can Mod Podge it?
I ordered this wallet to replace my other Deux Lux wallet that has a broken zipper, and instead of glitter laminate it came like this, with chunky glitter glued on. It immediately started shedding. It’s so beautiful, though, I haven’t returned it yet. I just admire it from the box every time I walk to the kitchen to grab a clementine. I just can’t get enough of those clementines! (only 9 grams of carbs, thanks Google)

What a show!
What a lucky woman I am.

Cold walkies today. Right after I took this, it started snowing.
Right after I snapped this photo, it started snowing.

This beanie is supposed to be "slouchy" (think Johnny Depp in the 90s), but on me it's tight. Oh, the perils of having a big head!
This was intended to be a slouchy, Johnny Depp-in-the-90’s beanie, but instead it’s skin tight. Should’ve known. Me and my big head!

Mandala with rhinestones!
Mandala with rhinestones! Getting out the red rhinestones was what prompted me to sort all those little fuckers by color. I listened to “The Making of a Murderer” during that activity. What a story!

Josh bought me a book all about crazy-ass art rings! Oooh.
Josh got me a really cool book of art rings. I do love weird jewelry!

Today I’m going to walk the pets in the cold rain then hunker on the treadmill for 2 miles then work on the latest Mandala, which I screwed up BIG TIME. Happy days!

Never a frown with Golden Brown

Never a frown with Golden Brown

Finally after two days of rain, me and my stir-crazy dogs go for a walk. 🌿

I must say I was genuinely startled to look at the calendar on Monday and realize that Christmas is NEXT WEEK. Whoops! I have 89% of the Christmas shopping done, but still. Yikes. Cute little rainbow snowflake ornaments Josh bought. ❄️❄️❄️

Time really is going by too quickly. I Googled on how to slow down time, and there were some helpful hints like “pay attention” “notice new things”. Or do math! That would really slow down time, ah ha ha. Just kidding, don’t do math. DRAW!

Solar-powered disco balls? Yeah baby.

Nobody needs this solar-powered disco ball mobile, but isn’t it cute?

It's a rainy dreary day, so Maggie and I are watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". 🎁

Maggie ‘n’ Me.

Happy holigays! ✨🌟✨

I bought myself this present from MAC on my birthday. Shimmer deluxe! It’s like 2001 all over again, babies!

Oh Christmas tree! 🎄

Don’t be jealous of my bokeh.

I met her on Monday, 'twas my lucky bun day, you know what I mean?

NERD ALERT. Can I not wear pants for the rest of 2015? I’d like to.


Oh man. I’m on the Pill again, and I was sort of excited about it, because when I think of those long 10 years of being on the Pill what I remember is dewy skin and super short periods, but instead I am now bleeding ALL DAY LONG, like some sort of nightmare. The human body sucks!


I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit though. I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year, which feels a little weird. Next year.

Today was a shitty day. But my hair was kind of cute.
Pouty self-portrait yesterday. I had a ridiculous 2-hour-long nap when I got home from work. My Trazadone dosage is down to 25 mg, but I recently found my Happy Light (now I just need to use it). At least the solstice is next week–that means longer daylight hours! Thank the Lord!

We impulse bought this last night. Stoked! 💚💚💚
Look at this fabbuu impulse buy we snagged last night at the costume shop! Woot woot!

Time to chug some coffee and go exercise the pets. Ta ta for now.

I believe that you can rescue me

I believe that you can rescue me

Early birthday card from my in-laws.

Happy hump day, blog-logs. Here’s a birthday card from my in-laws; I thought it was cute. New project. 💖

Little heart Mandala I’ve been working on. If I really APPLIED myself (with a few cups of coffee) I could finish this puppy up in time for the art show I’m doing tomorrow night.

Chemical soup.

Look what I did on my birthday for something like 3.5 hours…got a perm! Yayyyy! It was very spontaneous. I stopped into the salon to see if someone wanted to cut my bangs, and my hairdresser just happened to be hanging out doing nothing. Score! 

Glamorous birthday gift from Joshy 💋

Birthday gift, per my request, from Joshy. There are red lipstick recommendations within, ha ha haaaa.

Joshy made me a carrot cake. 🌈

He also made me homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, my favorite. We have decided that good-looking cakes are NOT our thing, and we are proud of that fact. The goal is to get on “Cake Wrecks”! 

Big Perm. 🌟

Curly Burly.

Nature Perm 🌿

My hairs are fluffy, not stuffy. I also had her cut my bangs different–she gave me more volume on top and I had her cut a “smiley face” shape instead of the usual “frowny face”–longer in the middle, shorter on the sides. Like a less severe Bettie Page cut. Think retro. I like it.

New running shoes. I hope I love them...I paid WAY too much not to.

Here are my new Nike running shoes that I paid WAY too much for. I’m not even really running right now, ha ha haaaaa. I need to, though. I have managed to gain 10 pounds since we returned from NYC, half of that in the last week and a half! Help me, Rhonda!

Daily tree porn. 💛💚

Last night I asked the Internet if I could lose weight without exercise. Sure, replied the Internet. Just stop eating. Dammit, I knew there was a catch!

Oh yeah baby ☁️☁️☁️

Sometimes for my birthday I like to stay at luxury hotels, and the Hotel Monaco downtown, running over 300 bucks a night, was VERY luxuriant.

Sparkle Neely ✨

Check out the lobby. They gave you a free goldfish too…although I declined. Not a fan of goldfish–they’re too frantic. I like a nice, sluggish Betta fish.

Joshy about to inhale 5 delicious courses at Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant. 💥

We went out to a Moroccan restaurant and were served 5 incredible courses: lentil soup, hummus/salad with bread, a meat pie dusted with cinnamon and sugar, the main dish, and pudding and sweet hot tea for dessert. All eaten with our hands, while sitting on cushions on the ground. DAMN GOOD.

Mmmm, fresh hotel linens. ☁️

Nothing like crisp, clean hotel linens. Mmmmm.

Gonna give this a try 🍗🍊🍳

This is the goal, although I keep screwing up. It doesn’t help that my favorite protein bars just released a new flavor–“salted caramel”–SO GOOD and only 9 grams of carbs! Sorcery!


Why not wear two round rings?

Gettin into the Christmas spirit at work. 🎄

Totes getting into the Christmas spirit at work. I want an ugly Christmas sweater, dammit!

Oh man, I want this sweater.

Like this! Isn’t it fab??? Why do all of these ugly Christmas sweaters have to cost 70 bucks? I wouldn’t even pay that much for a REAL sweater.

Let’s see. Not much happening ’round here, besides my expanding waistline. Accumulating Christmas presents, walking the dogs when it’s not pouring rain, plowing through library books like you wouldn’t believe, selling clothes and shoes on ebay for “fun”. Same old, same old. Toodle-loo!

Bear Cub in the sky with diamonds

Bear Cub in the sky with diamonds


What’s up, blog? We went back to the fertility clinic this morning to discuss removal of the polyp that was discovered in my uterus. I would like it removed ASAP; my fertility doctor agrees. Ms. Polyp will be removed sometime this month. I get to be unconscious for the removal, woo hoo!


This is mostly all the exercise I’ve done this past week. Oh, a little weight lifting with Josh too. Major un-motivation here.

Who's a pretty girl?

Maggie knows what I’m sayin’. ‘Tis the season to hibernate in bed with a giant stack of books and something chocolate-y to nibble on.

A brisk walk with the dogs before I start eating EVERYTHING 💙

Thank goodness pants have stretch.

Beautiful Mount Rainier.

Someday I will get on this mountain.

Thanksgiving kitty.

Thanksgiving kitty, at grandma’s house. I gave the cat some turkey and everyone freaked out. Don’t cats eat turkey? I just gave Maggie a bunch of lemon Nerds and no one freaked out. Course, no one was around…except me and Maggie.

Ronia reading the book about subways we bought her in NYC.

We bought the kiddies a book about subways while in NYC. Ronia flipped through the book in about a minute and was done. Aren’t kids reading at age 6? I’m so out of touch.

Thanksgiving dinner success!

Gluttony! Gluttony!

Frosty morning ❄️

One frosty morning, on the way to work.

Hurraw! My lips are like cinnamon spice. Mmmmmm. 💥

I used to have this great cinnamon lip gloss when I was a little kid, and was always on the hunt to find a replacement. Along came Hurraw! It’s spicy and sweet-tasting. I should probably stop eating it.

Got my winter pallor already. ⛄️

Does this look like the face of an over-eater?

Blonde Maggie.

How about now?

Paisley glitter painting I've been working on for years.

I’ve been working on and off this dude for yeeeeaaaaaars.

Forget PMS, today I have the full MS and this is the best cure.


Grassy Cub. 🌿

Bear Cub is shedding copious amounts of downy fur all over the house. I’m tempted to give her a winter trim.

Afternoon work meeting, in a patch of sunshine like a cat 🌞

Lizzie before a work meeting, in a patch of sunshine.

Paws crossed like a little lady.

She’s such a little lady.

Maggie playing peek-a-boo. 💛

Tomorrow is my birthday! I have requested a grilled cheese sandwich and homemade carrot cake for dinner. Mmmmmm.

I separated a "rainbow" box of Nerds and discovered a disproportionate amount of green Nerds! The horror!

I sense a green Nerd conspiracy, here. Gross.

Bouquet from Joshy. 💐

This weekend we are going to go to a nice hotel to “really” celebrate my birthday, sans pets, of course. Let the good times Roll!

Instagram Hams

Instagram Hams

So tranquil after the storm last night.

Tranquil, sunny weather the morning after a big storm we had recently. Our power was out for a whopping 13 hours, which at first was kind of romantic but after about 4 hours was just plain BORING, that’s right, I said it.

People question the Kardashian's giant asses as being "real". Lemme tell ya, huge Bubble Butts DO exist in nature! They are a wonderful sight to behold.

Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with this ass to look at. It just brings a tear to my eye, it does! #bubblebuttsforever

"Can we go for a walk now? Now? Now??"

“Can we go outside now? Now? Now?”

Beautiful day at the park 🌿

It can be really pretty around here when the sun is shining. Those overcast days, though, when it’s practically dark at 3 in the afternoon, ughhhhh…


Isn’t this nice? I took this out my car window as I was waiting to turn onto the freeway, but you wouldn’t know it.

Relax! It's Friday! 🌼

I gave Maggie a rawhide circle and she nibbled on it a little and now she’s just pouting near it. There’s some blood on it. I should be responsible and brush my dogs’ teeth! BAD OWNER!

Natural glitter on the leaves this morning (brrrr).

Nature’s glitter. Bring on the snow, bitches (just keep it in the mountains).


And then there’s Bear Cub.


Such a photogenic little Cub!

Hey little guy.

I follow a lot of mushroom hunters on IG. The variety and beauty of fungi out there is really quite astonishing.

Dreaming about the perfect, elusive sequin party dress that I search for every Winter and never quite find. 💝

I took this photo many months ago, but you wouldn’t know that, would ya? I keep meaning to put that vintage nightie on ebay. I keep meaning to put a LOT of things on ebay.

Time to start another low-carb diet tomorrow. In the meantime...

Oh my. Well, the carb/sugar loading was getting so out of hand that I had not one, but TWO cinnamon rolls on Sunday, and I’ve decided to do some low-carb dieting again for a while. Minus Thanksgiving, of course, and my upcoming birthday, and Christmas, but other than that…good grief, I don’t need to be chunky BEFORE I get pregnant, what a nightmare! If food already tastes this delicious to me…!!!

When Joshy was a punk.

When Joshy was a punk.

“Remember when we were younger,” he said this morning, “And you’d see an older, like 40-year-old guy with long hair and you’d think, man, that’s sad? Well, with my blue hair…”

“…now you’re the sad 40 year old guy!” I said. Sad? GLAD!

Cold sure, but sunshine YES 🌞

Real sunshine beats the Vit D gummies I pound down any day. Every day.

Smiling furry friends 💕

Sweet family.


Feelin’ that teal/red combo right now!

Bear Cub is not amused that I am interrupting her Bear Cub Time.

This is what Bear Cub looks like when I interrupt her Bear Cub time.

Nerds in Love.

Nerds in Love!

I’m tempted to drive over to Starbucks and get myself a massive afternoon latte. Ain’t nobody gonna do it for me, that’s for sure. Happy November! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and be sure to eat all the things. I know I will.