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Sewing projects, cookies and painting a rainbow

Sewing projects, cookies and painting a rainbow

Nearly 25 weeks and feeling fine. 🌞
Hey-o! 25 weeks and 3 days, and feeling just fine. Although I did just buy a little battery-operated portable fan to take with me to work for a particular patient’s ridiculously hot room. For me! So I don’t have to flap a folder on my face for a half an hour or more. Gestating a human makes you HOT.

Only 24 weeks and look at all the clothing he has! My boy is gonna be one well-dressed little dude. Just like his mom. 😎
Look at all the clothes he already has! I’m a little concerned that everyone is just going to get me more clothes for my baby shower (on November 12th) instead of the registry items, but what can you do? Yesterday Amazon did notify me that a few items had been purchased from my lovely Aunt Lisa and my sweet cousin Susan, so that was a relief.

Cutie Cub! 💕
I mean, I get it, the clothes are ADORABLE, and way more fun to buy than nipple cream or books about getting the baby to sleep or plastic caps to put over your light switches. But we need all that crap, too! We have been living in an Adult World for a very long time.

Hey fellow painters, ya know when you're really in the flow with a painting and you love working on it and the time flies? This painting has been the opposite of that. SO HARD. I keep painting over sections. Advice gladly taken!
Ugh, I swear this thing looks better photographed than it does in real life. It’s driving me craaaaazy, I keep re-painting over it. The struggle, oooh the struggle!

Beautiful crisp Fall day.
The weather is going PNW-Fall-style. Meaning, the forecast for the next 10 days is 60 degrees and cloudy. Merp.

#flashbackfriday: getting my make-up on at M.A.C. in NYC, one year ago.
Flashback! I never posted this last year. Here’s me getting my make-up done at M.A.C., in NYC. I kept insisting that the blush be BRIGHTER and consequently wound up with a neon pink blush that I just baaaarely touch the brush to, otherwise I look clown-ish. Which is not the look I’m going for.

I kind of get the feeling that my Poinsettia isn't coming back. Thoughts?
When I came back from Boise my Poinsettia looked like this. I guess it missed me?

The quilt I made my mother looks pretty good in our guest room.
Look at how good the quilt I made for my mom looks in our guest room!

Catching some sun at the park yesterday. 🌞
I didn’t mourn the end of summer as much as I normally do, but I am gonna miss that sunshine.

Good thing we played outside yesterday. Now the weather forecast is all ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
You have to chase it, around here.

Made some green curtains for the nursery to match the dinosaur border. 💚
I made baby M. some green curtains to coordinate with the dinosaur border. And by “made curtains” I mean I hemmed two rectangles of fabric on four sides! Yyyyyeah!

Eh, why not?
Not THAT great, but that didn’t stop us from inhaling the entire package over two days.

Today's art project was painting a friend's little neighborhood library. 🌈
On Sunday I went over to my old boss’s house to help paint the little library that her husband built on their front lawn. I went with a rainbow, of course!

A couple of pregnant ladies enjoying a sunny Fall day.
She is due this month with baby girl #2. She kindly lent me a really nice “Pea in the Pod” dress to wear to my shower next month. I wonder if it will still fit??!!

Clean up that nature! 🌲
Found object at the park yesterday. For cleaning up nature?

These Rose of Sharon are still blooming like crazy!
Meanwhile, these Rose of Sharon bushes are still blooming beautifully.

If you like shortbread (and butter), you have to try these cookies from Trader Joe's! Mmmmfffssss 😍
Now HERE are some cookies that you should pay attention to, especially if you like shortbread (I do I do) and BUTTER. YUM. 180 calories for two, but who’s (burp) counting? Ta ta for now!

The Big Ol’ Recap

The Big Ol’ Recap

Heyyo! Happy end of 2015! It’s that special time of year when I spend an hour or so reviewing just what exactly it was that I spent the last year doing…or at least, what I SAID I did on my blog. Heh heh heh.


Had my tri-annual haircut today from my favorite stylist.
Tri-annual haircut from Erika…always a pleasure.

shaved back
I had her do something I should have been doing for years: shaved the nape of my neck, where I always grow these awful wispy hairs that I pull on. No more wisps!

Kissy and Lizzy
Kissyfur visits and we all go out to see Dame Edna! Hooray! Totally worth it.

I finally have an easel like a "real" painter! Score! 🎨
I paint with my new easel like a “real” artist! Or maybe…an artist with better posture. Heh.


Made these two little skirts last night.
Made these cute little corduroy skirts.

Glamming up. 💖
Got some highlights from Erika! What kind of weirdo gets highlights in winter? THIS ONE.

I decided a few weeks ago to quit 1 of my 2 jobs. Today was my last day at 1 of the jobs, and here I am sitting on my boss's desk, pouting. Change is hard sometimes.
Quit one of my two jobs. At the time I was kind of bummed, but I’m glad I did.

fancy stump
We visited Mukilteo for the first time.

Say hello to my little friend. 💙💚💙
Met this dude! Bah ha ha.

lovely ladies
Housewarming party!

NOT MUCH. Seriously.


the Butchart Gardens
Joshy and I go to Victoria BC and visit the beautiful Butchart Gardens! Can you even believe how gorgeous this is?

Birthday boy with his "Violet Martini". I was so disappointed that it didn't match his shirt.🍸
Fancy dinner out for Josh’s birthday.

Joshy at Pike Place. We bought salmon and some gorgeous produce.
A visit to Pike Place Market (always a good time).


My first mandala painting. I inked the design on the canvas so I can fill it in like a coloring book (very satisfying).
I start my very first Mandala painting! Incidentally, I started noticing this year a HUGE trend for adult coloring books–for Mandalas. Gee, I’m such a trend setter.

My Couch to 5K training grounds 🌲
I begin running at the park with the girls every other day. First I did a couch to 5K program, then a 10K, and eventually I trained for a half marathon.


Horizontal camping!
This year was so unusually hot, we were able to start camping in June! Yes!

Lizzy and Joshy
Josh’s cousin Chris and Hailey’s wedding.

Mom and Josh at Anthony's in Everett. YUM. 🐠
My parents come over for a visit and see the new house for the first time. We eat good food, and even drive to Whidbey Island.

Lizzy art II
I do another art show for RAW artists! They love me. This is my third show with them.

s and s at pike place market
Stewart and Stephanie come for a visit on their way to Hawaii, and we take them to Pike Place Market. I saw the gum wall for the first time!


teal and green
Camping trip number two, this time to Hyas Lake, one of my favorite spots. Isn’t it beautiful?

I rescued this sad Betta fish from work. I've rescued a Betta before, and Seymour lived a long time, so I think of myself as the "Betta Whisperer". I named this guy Angus. I just ordered him a "hammock" shaped like a leaf and I'm excited about it!
I rescue Angus, a sad Betta fish, from work. He’s doing great!

rainbow mandala 1
I finish this rainbow Mandala, and sell it! Woo hoo!

Flushed and sweaty, hiking in 85-degree July heat. And Josh's uncle says hiking isn't a "sport". Ha! (tell that to my calves today)
We hike up Tiger Mountain (in 85 degree heat) to watch Mike paraglide down.

Home renovation weekend: pulling up carpet smelling of cat piss from the previous owners and replacing it with laminate. I feel very "grown up" 🏡
Our first major home renovation project: pulling up the cat-piss stinky carpet left from the previous owners in the living room and replacing it with laminate.

nature poser
Our infamous hike to Snow Lake, where my iphone takes a dip in the water by mistake. They don’t like that.


on the pier
We celebrate our 7th anniversary.

Metallic Mandala on wall
I finish up this dude.

Liz and Josh and the Seven Year Itch
We REALLY celebrate our anniversary a couple weeks later, dressing up and watching the movie and everything. Good times!

pre Bubble run faces
The Bubble Run 5K. Boy do I look orange!

Maggie takes in some nature
Day hike to Lake 22!

puppy love
My annual visit to Boise, this time with a new puppy who chewed on me the entire time.


trail start
Camping with Mike at Glacier Lake! Not the first time I’ve been snowed on during a summer camping trip either, mind you. Although last time I was on mushrooms! Ha ha! Memories are fun.

Maggie on guard
Final camping trip at our old stand-by, near Cle Elum. Bliss.

J and L on the Rainbow Bridge
We fly to NYC! My first time. So wonderful. I wanted to go back immediately.


post run triumphant faces
I complete my very first half marathon! I spent months training for it. Totally tolerable at the time…but then two and a half weeks of the WORST foot pain afterwards, during which time I became very bitter. I have bought myself some extremely expensive running shoes and plan on getting back to it real soon.

Re-united with my Number One Gay (Bear Cub puts up with a lot). 🌈💚🌟
Kissy came back into town to dogsit for us during New York, then we had some Good Times afterwards.

Blue again! 💙💙💙
He also dyed Josh’s hair, and we’ve been dying it fun colors ever since.

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻💀
We dressed up as the Countess and Donovan from “American Horror Story” for Christmas, and entertain hordes of trick-or-treaters on our doorstep, a fun change from our last house. I was thankful we didn’t throw a party–crippled with cramps with a tight white dress! Boo, indeed!


floral 1
Another Mandala painting complete! I could kick myself for forgetting to display it in the art show this month. Not that it would have sold, heh heh sigh.

Thanksgiving dinner success!
Thanksgiving at grandma’s house. Jsoh embarked on a diet soon after this, and he’s actually been sticking with it. 


Oh yeah baby ☁️☁️☁️
We celebrate my birthday at a really posh hotel downtown, followed by Moroccan dinner. Mmmmm.

Tonight Joshy bought a chunk of art.
I participate in Owen’s annual art show downtown. Josh purchases a hunk of art from this dude.

Frances surrounded by her grandchildren (and a few great-grandchildren).
We spent Christmas Eve with one half of Josh’s family, Christmas morning by ourselves, and the rest of Christmas with the other half of his family! Plus his grandmother’s 90th birthday party. AND A LOT OF COOKIES, FLEETA.

Looking back it seems as though 2015 was a pretty damn good year. I have a steady job, nice house (finally), no major stress…everything has fallen nicely into place to make 2016 the year of ROBO BABY! Feel free to offer male baby names in the comments. See ya next year!

NYC Adventure, part 10: Chelsea Market, dancing, and the end.

NYC Adventure, part 10: Chelsea Market, dancing, and the end.

lil painted truck

Greetings, blog. It’s already time for the final installation of the New York City Chronicles. It only took me two weeks! Not bad! Seems to me I stretched our Maui trip blog entries over a couple of months. Where are we now? Just finishing up at the Cloisters, on our way to check out the Chelsea Market.

Chelsea market

The Chelsea Market was extremely packed. We sat down for a few minutes to split a corn dog.

light canopy

Oooh, ahhhh. This canopy of twinkle lights overhead was very nice to look at.

questionable inspiration

We stopped in the bookstore to buy a couple of presents. The “inspiration” shelf caught my eye. Hmmmm.

artists & fleas

My favorite part of exploring the Chelsea Market was the “Artists & Fleas” section, which reminded me a lot of Pike Place Market. Every booth owner was friendly.

Design Works jewelry

I bought two tiny pairs of glitter earrings from this “Design Works” booth.

slogan bags

Here we bought Christopher a little slogan bag that read: I CAN FUCKING SWEAR IF I WANT TO.

chapel II

Back to Hotel 31.

pizza at Doughboys

We decided that our last dinner in NYC should be pizza (the thin crust was good, but didn’t quite deliver). Doughboys came through!

Lizzy loves pizza

Oh yeah, baby.

Lizzy dressed up to party

Fortified by carbs and fats, we dressed up ONE LAST TIME to go out to “Zoo Friday”, a club night Gerry Visco hosts every Friday night, often at different club locations. This particular night it was at a club called “Motivo”.

outside Hotel 31

Josh and I rarely “fight”, per say, but we did get into a teeny-weeny disagreement about how to get to Motivo that night. My vote was to take an Uber car–it was rainy, dark, windy, and I was wearing a SEE-THROUGH DRESS…Josh’s vote was to take the subway. Under any other circumstances, I would have agreed, but shee-yit, I wanted to look cute! And stay warm and dry! Not to mention I didn’t have a coat with me, was I supposed to wear a fleece to the club? Inconceivable.

creatures of the night

So I got my way, because I am a brat. Here we are across the street from Hotel 31 waiting for our Uber car.

shake shake shake

Hell we ended up spending a good amount of time waiting in line outside the club anyway, just like you would expect. We finally got to the front of the line and I piped up that we were on Gerry Visco’s list and we went inside. Was I supposed to go to the front of the line and say that all along? Could I have saved us 15 minutes of standing in the cold and wind? Who can say.

shake your groove thang

Inside, I had a ginger ale and Josh had some sort of whiskey drink (I’ve been trying to get him to switch to vodka for years because it stinks less…to no avail). We shook our asses around to house music while waiting to see Gerry.

werk it

Something that surprised both of us: hardly anyone was dressed up (a’la Club Kid fashion), and hardly anyone could dance worth a damn! Of course, there was a cute bubble butt up on stage in a jock strap gyrating around, and later on a couple of go-go dancers dressed as a cowgirl and cow (this was “Zoo Friday”, recall) got up on stage, but they were the exceptions. Apparently all my years as a raver gave me high expectations of people’s dancing abilities!

house dj

Don’t recall the DJ’s name, but he was playing some decent tunes. We like to dance in this family!

when Lizzy met Gerry

Finally I met Gerry Visco! I’ve been following her online antics for years. She’s a photographer/writer/nightlife personality and always seems to be at cool club events. Of course, the problem with trying to meet someone at a club is that you can’t hear a damn thing they’re saying and they can’t hear what you’re saying and I’m generally flustered when meeting people I admire anyway because I’m an introverted dork and OH WELL…

meeting Gerry

…still, I’m glad we met.

Kenny Kenny

And she introduced me to Kenny Kenny! Thrill! He was so TINY in real life. I tried to tell him how much I admired his photography, but when I tried to get closer to yell in his ear I bumped his elaborate headpiece and once again, heigh ho.

cowgirl dancers

Funny thing is, I actually have been following the dancer on the left in the cow costume on IG for a couple of YEARS, I even saw her outside the club, but didn’t recognize her. Some people really, really look different in photographs. Some people IG better than they look in real life!

woot woot

After trying to talk to Gerry (and failing) we scooted back on the dance floor again.



A little after 1 am we had to leave, because our taxi was due to pick us up from Hotel 31 at THREE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING. That’s right. Take it from me, kids: do not book a 6 am flight! The money you save is not worth it! Gross!

flying back home over the Cascades

Thanks to .5 mg of Xanax, however, we caught up on our sleep on the flight back home.

OH NEW YORK, I LOVE YA! One of our best vacations ever, and it was only 4 days long! Of course, I can only imagine the amount of money we would have spent if we had made it an entire week, yikes. I’d go back in a second!

NYC Adventure, Part 9: The Cloisters

NYC Adventure, Part 9: The Cloisters

outside the Cloisters

Hey dudes! TGIF, big time. I was grateful to have help at work this week, because between the nasty cold and crippling right foot pain, this week kinda sucked. Ne’er mind that, though…let’s go to THE CLOISTERS!

What is the Cloisters, you ask? From Wiki:

The Cloisters is a museum located in Fort Tryon Park in the Washington Heights section of Upper Manhattan, New York City. It is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, used to exhibit the museum’s extensive collection of art, architecture and artifacts from Medieval Europe.

The Cloisters is situated on a hill overlooking the Hudson River, and incorporates parts from five European abbeys which were disassembled and shipped to New York City, where, between 1934 and 1939, they were reconstructed and integrated together with new buildings in the medieval style designed by Charles Collens. The area around the buildings was landscaped with gardens planted according to horticultural information obtained from medieval manuscripts and artifacts, and the structure includes multiple medieval-style cloistered herb gardens.

J inside

Of all the things to see and do in NYC, my mother had been recommending visiting the Cloisters for YEARS, so it was on the list of must-sees.

beautiful pillars

It turned out to be one of my favorite things that we did in NYC. It wasn’t very crowded, which was nice…of course the weather was INSANE that day, that might have had something to do with it.


Many rooms I explored by myself.

stained glass

Lots of amazing stained glass.

center trees

The landscaping around the Cloisters was beautiful, too.

garden outside in bloom

I wonder if it blooms year-round?

cheerful armless statue

This makes me think of that episode of “Ab Fab” when Eddie yells at Saffy, “I’ve got arms!

little statue on pedestal

disappearing statue

I thought this “disappearing” statue was really cool-looking.

loyal dog perhaps

Loyal dog, perhaps?

J looks up II


posy rings

The spelling on these posy rings reminds me of my husband’s, ha hahahahahaaaaaa.

portrait of a young woman

Beautiful portrait.

amazing interlocking ring

OBSESSED with this ring.

amazing interlocking ring description

Isn’t that interesting? I spent a lot of time looking at the jewelry collection.

beautiful book with gold leaf

The tiny details on these books were incredible.


The apocalypse…is awfully pretty.

tapestry with sun

Gorgeous tapestry.

pink flamingo robe

What?! Pink flamingos!

pink flamingo robe description

Description of the pink flamingo robe.

beautiful chalice


L & J at the Cloisters

Look, it’s us!

in the garden II

Outside, we were the only visitors “brave” enough to hang out in the rain.

fruit tree

Beautiful fruit tree.

J outside in the rain

Josh slipped while posing and scraped his elbow a little. It was his only injury that week…not bad, for him! He went for a run last night with his little friend IN THE DARK and tripped and fell. Sigh.

cool tree

I like this tree.

unicorn tapestry

We were on our way back to the lobby to leave when we walked through this room–and I’m glad we did! I would have missed seeing “The Unicorn in Captivity” in real life. Obsessed! Obsessed!

unicorn tapestry description

I’m glad I took pictures of the description cards during this museum trip.

poor tortured unicorn

Poor, abused unicorns! They didn’t stand a chance!

poor tortured unicorn II

Even the dogs are attacking them!

blue hair and tapestry

I love how Josh’s blue hair coordinates with the tapestry.

crazy ass monster
What the…???

Oh Cloisters! You were so magical! I’m really glad we were able to go. It was definitely special. Join me ONE LAST TIME as we go out for pizza and then dancing at a gay club, where Lizzy and Joshy meet REAL LIFE NYC CLUB KIDS! CAN YOU STAND IT??!!!

NYC Adventure, Part 8: Russ & Daughters

NYC Adventure, Part 8: Russ & Daughters

monster shirt

Hola blog, and welcome to Day 4, our last full day in NYC. Sob! Sniff! Here I am that morning, wearing the happy little monster shirt I bought at “Search & Destroy”, hair in NYC pigtails, MAC blush on point. Did I mention that I went to MAC on 5th Avenue and spent 90 dollars on two items? I mean, I’m not proud or anything. Ridiculous! The good news is that the blush and powder I bought (that’s right, that’s ALL) will probably last me 10 years, because I have a light touch.

cool poster in the subway

This poster down in the subway caught my eye, for obvious reasons.

protect yo earth

More “Protect Yo…” graffiti. Note the wet sidewalk–Friday the weather was RIDIC. Not only did it rain all day, but the wind was so strong I actually witnessed a woman’s umbrella strip off of its spines…I’ve never seen that before! Lots and lots of New Yorkers cussing while battling the weather, trying to walk around and maintain hairstyles.


Josh heard that Russ & Daughters was the best authentic Jewish deli to get a bagel schmear at, so we went to the original location. Once we were there, not only was it packed (to be expected), but it was a standing deli only, no chairs, no tables. I really really really wanted a “sit-down” breakfast on our last day, and luckily R & D had opened a sit-down version of their deli not too far away!

forever in our hearts

Unfortunately the waiting time was 45 minutes (it ended up being closer to an hour), so we amused ourselves by walking around in the rain and gawking at graffiti.

blue moon

The ad on the top of the building caught my eye, because it’s a Mucha rip-off. I’m pretty sure it’s an ad for “Blue Moon” beer.

waiting for Russ & Daughters

I decided to go “casual” for our last day in NYC–nobody wants to battle extreme weather in a dress, anyway. I bought the rainbow umbrella at Patricia Field–it was actually cheaper at PF than it was at Duane Reed! And speaking of DR, holy CRAP that place is expensive. It’s basically like the Walgreens we have here in Washington, but with luxury cosmetics. Twice we bought 6 things and spent 50 dollars.


I hear that!

aqua coordination

This aqua doorway coordinated so nicely with my gloves that I forced Josh to take a picture of me standing near it. You understand.


I love street art.

R & D cartoon

Finallyyyy inside Russ & Daughters. It was clean, elegant, and our waitress was adorable. Lots of little cartoons lining the wall on the way to the restroom.

the menu

The menu. The food was superb! Melt in your mouth good. Some of the best salmon I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of salmon before.

so blue

This dude ordered a little side of caviar. So fancy! It was our most expensive meal in NYC. Worth it.

chocolate egg cream

I ordered a chocolate egg cream, because I had never had one before and this seemed like the place to order one.

Lizzy at R & D

It was goooood. I had terrible hat hair at that point but what can you do? Carry a round brush everywhere? Pffft.


I can almost still taste it. YUM.

Wh–what? Is that all? I guess for today. I’m getting over my cold but I still have a pretty good chest ache that no amount of Sudafed seems to help. Join me tomorrow as we go to the Cloisters! One of the highlights of the trip (thanks Mom!).

NYC Adventure, Part 7: The Met and Broadway

NYC Adventure, Part 7: The Met and Broadway

Blerp, blog. When my boss tossed around the idea of me taking today off from work yesterday afternoon I felt a little indecisive about it, but it turns out it WAS a good choice. My cold is 45.6% worse, and thanks to the goofy idea I had on Sunday to force my body into running 13.1 miles, my right foot HURTS SO BAD! So here I am. Blogging and full of mucus.

back to Central Park

But never mind all THAT, let’s get back to talking about New York City, yayyyyy! In the NYC chronicles we are in the middle of Day 3, back at Central Park, on our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met).

turtles at CP

A closer look at the spoiled turtles living in Central Park.



Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle! Pretty pretty.

greens in CP

Central Park was baaaarely starting to turn into fall colors during our trip. We were a little disappointed. Still, the greens were pleasant.

Central Park Panoramic

The only people around, briefly, were a mother and her son. For as crowded as NYC is, we had many opportunities to be alone.

beautiful bridge

Under the bridge.

outside the Met

Turns out we took the looooooong way around the Met (it’s a giant building). I had a pretty decent shin splint going on Day 3. Josh completed another training run by himself that morning–wisely I had said NO. We were on our feet all day long as it was!

anarchy & beauty

For “fun” I wanted to go to the gift shop first, museum second. I’m still undecided as to whether this was a good idea or not. I love William Morris’ art.

Spanish lusterware

If I had a lot of extra income I would definitely blow it on Spanish Lusterware. LUST, indeed!


Here’s the deal with the Met: it’s insanely large, overwhelming, crowded, and you cannot possibly see everything you want to see in one trip. We had to pick a few exhibits that we were interested in and go from there. Talk about sensory overload!


Navigation, for me, was practically hopeless, even with a map. I did ask guards some questions, occasionally. Here’s another thing about the Met: every single guard I spoke to was snotty. TRUE STORY.




The Sargent exhibit was one that we were both interested in, and it was one of the most popular exhibits that day. No wonder–his paintings are incredible. 


“Portrait of Madame X” was absolutely breathtaking in real life.


Handsome man.


You know, I can’t even remember all of the specific exhibits we were interested in–the Sargent, a room of photos of faces undergoing ECT (Josh enjoyed that one), quilts…hmmmmm. I think there was an exhibit of Japanese “wave” paintings that we never got to. Too bad!


We ended up detouring through rooms of musical instruments–this one caught my eye.


Incredible mother-of-pearl inlays.

quilt room

The quilt exhibit turned out to be just one room of quilts, which was a little disappointing, but aren’t they beautiful? I looooove the quilt on the right. 

a woman with her pets

This portrait of a woman and her pets was in the quilt room. For some reason, it reminded me of Corinne.

Tiffany grapes

We paused in the cafe to enjoy some coffee and a cookie. I thoroughly enjoyed gawking at the Tiffany glass. I’ve always been obsessed with Tiffany glass.

Tiffany wisteria

So dreamy!

gorgeous Tiffany landscape

Yes please! Can I live inside this piece of glass? 

across from the Met

Would I visit the Met again? Absolutely! Back outside, this stunning building across from the Met caught my eye.

deco chandelier

We ate thin crust pizza at a restaurant near Hotel 31 for dinner, and then proceeded to get fancied up to attend our first Broadway show (together). Josh snuck into “Cats” a million years ago (and promptly got kicked out–ha!).

L at the LK

Dame Edna glasses seemed appropriate for a Broadway show, along with a vintage dress and Brenna’s gold Kate Spade purse.

nerds in love at the LK

Nerds in Love on Broadway! It looks like daylight behind us, but that was all the bright lights of Times Square.

LK playbill

I had made fun of Josh pretty hard for wanting to see “The Lion King” (if “Fiddler on the Roof” had been playing at that time best believe we would have gone). Turns out, “The Lion King” was an excellent show. I mean, it’s Broadway! The best of the best! I was even a little verklempt. JUST A LITTLE.

Times Square

We spent the teeniest tiniest amount of time in Times Square after the show, mostly waiting for the Uber car. To quote “Men on Film”: “Hated it!” Too bright, too crowded, obnoxious, and besides, advertising sucks. No thanks, Times Square!

Times Square performer
This street performer was cool though.

Aaaaauuuuugggghhhhh! That’s the end of Day 3! Only ONE MORE DAY OF NYC TO BLOG, can you stand it? Catch ya later.

NYC Adventure, Part 6: “Fashion Underground” at FIT

NYC Adventure, Part 6: “Fashion Underground” at FIT


Hey kids! Welcome to Day 3 of the New York City trip. Here I am dressed up for a day of exploring FASHION and ART…with my hair in two ponytails, because that’s the only way I could deal with the humidity/wind/rain/you get the idear.


Building envy on our way to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

L & J are on the street

Happy morning faces! It’s amazing how quickly you get used to your spouse having blue hair.

beautiful church

You spend a lot of time looking up in NYC.

Fashion Avenue

Ooh la la, Fashion Avenue!

graffiti truck

Into the graffiti trucks. Well, I’m into graffiti just about anywhere.

outside FIT

Outside FIT, we sat and had a snack and gawked at all the students.

Fashion Underground

I’ve long been obsessed with club kids and club kid fashion, so when I heard that Susanne Bartsch was showing all of her fabulous couture party outfits at FIT it immediately went on the MUST SEE list.

it's show time

A brief little bio on Susanne (thanks Wiki):

Susanne Bartsch is an event producer whose outlandish over-the-top monthly parties at the Copacabana in the late 1980s united the haute and demi-monde and made her an icon of New York nightlife. “Ms. Bartsch’s name,” according to The New York Times, is “the night life equivalent of a couture label, thanks to the numerous extravaganzas she staged in cities from Montreal to Miami.”

self p at FIT

The exhibit was held in the basement of FIT, which seemed appropriate, given the name “Fashion Underground”, eh? It was sort of dimly-lit and cold but we could take as many photos as we wanted (Josh got yelled at for making a video) AND there weren’t very many people milling around, SCORE.

FU and J

Joshy checking it out. I appreciate the fact that he enjoyed this exhibit ALMOST as much as me. He took a ton of photos!

Lizzy is a poser

What a poser! I am deeply, DEEPLY jealous of your wardrobe, Susanne Bartsch. Good heavens, I was practically in tears over the beauty!

punk neons

I didn’t do the smart thing, which would have been to take pictures of the designer cards after the picture of each look, so you’ll just have to not know the designer name, like me. I’m sure if we were really interested, the answer is just a Google search away.

J at FU

Hey buddy.

stand by your mannequin

That would be Susanne on the right. Judging from the size of her outfits, she is not only teeny tiny weight-wise, but in stature as well.

sheer netting lace yes

Apparently Susanne and I both have a thing for sheer clothes with sparkles. Who knew?

gem shark bustier yes

Jewel-encrusted shark jaw bustier? Why not!

Susanne is her own creation

Just a reminder, darlings, Susanne is her OWN creation.

chopsticks and sequins yes

Mmmm, dreamy. The mannequins were made up from top-to-bottom: stockings, wigs, make-up and all.

butterfly mask and neon chiffon yes

REALLY into that rainbow butterfly mask.


Most of the outfits that made me gasp were designed by Zaldy, and many of them were Zaldy and Mathu Anderson collaborations. I’ve been following Mathu on IG for years.

disco winged goddess yes

This display was giving me the-intro-to-“A Clockwork Orange”-vibes a bit. Can you see it?

bearded jeweled sheer wonder yes

The sequin bearded mask is a nice touch. I WANT THAT DRESS.

sparkle plum flapper yes

This was one of my favorites…it made me snivel with envy.

fuschia metallic geisha yes

Would wear! Do want! I swear I have that fabric (dupe) somewhere in my stash.

mermaid sequins yes

Rainbow sequin mermaid dress YES! I want to say this is by Thierry Mugler.

bubble sequin tutu yes

Would not wear, but still appreciate.

L and the Galliano

Josh captured me obsessing over the Galliano blue velvet number. I love the headpiece, made from colored bobby pins.

jade green chiffon yes

Around the corner was Susanne’s 80’s collection, which I didn’t find as compelling, but this was nice. To sum up, “Fashion Underground” was FABULOUS and I would go at least 5 times again. You are one lucky woman, Susanne!

blue flowers yes

Back on the main floor of FIT, they had a selection of pieces from famous designers all around the world. This blue two-piece caught my eye.

Joshy on the subway

Whoops! I guess that’s it for FIT! Here’s my blue-haired spouse on the subway.

Lizzy on the subway

And your Humble Narrator. I wore those rose-colored glasses for most of the third day…they made everything brighter.

L in the subway

Speaking of bright, isn’t this mural in the subway amazing?!

double hot doggin

The particular stand we went to for a New York hot dog was woefully unimpressive, but eh, what are you gonna do? Here’s Joshy double hot doggin’ it.

Join me later on as we visit the Met! Where Lizzy gets exhausted! And then out later to a Broadway show!