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Thanksgiving Part 3: “Buy Nothing Day”, the remodel and a find

Thanksgiving Part 3: “Buy Nothing Day”, the remodel and a find

Onto day 3…”Buy Nothing Day” (or “Black Friday”).
Buy Nothing Day 2011
We donned the “Buy Nothing Day” tee-shirts that we made back in 2008 and went to the gym. I hadn’t been to the West YMCA in years. It was exactly the same…except for some of the treadmills have t.v.s attached to them now. We were successful! We bought nothing! All day! It’s not that hard. Corinne did it.

labs on the side
Hey waaaait a minute, this photo must be from a different day, because he’s not wearing his “Buy Nothing Day” tee-shirt. Photos out of sequence, the horror!

We took a tour of the remodel that day. My father’s workshop.

His Harley.

house design
A house he designed.

Maggie climbs
Following Maggie upstairs.

cherub lamp
My grandmother’s lamp, which apparently my brother was using in his bachelor pad, which is pretty hysterical.

J and D in the remodel
The mens.

Maggie near the fireplace
Future fireplace.

father and daughter
Father and daughter.

S and L in the remodel
I want my father to build our house someday.

checking out the tub
Checking out the tub.

Gloriously high ceilings, huge windows galore, a library, master bedroom with a walk in closet, sprawling wooden deck but most importantly a PARTY SHOWER??? YES PLEASE, DAD.

oak tree heart
I like this heart on the oak tree.

oak tree branches
The oak tree is one of the few trees in the backyard that hasn’t been cut down over the years due to rot. It still looks great.

near the oak tree

the yard
Because of the remodel, the backyard is filled with lumber and tools and trailers and mounds of dirt. It’s no longer functional. The tennis court is completely covered with construction stuff.

However, look what I found!
re-united with the tricycle
The three wheeled bike! Yayyyy! Robin stole it years ago and gave it to Nico and I, and then it sat out in my parents backyard for a few more years. We strapped it to the top of my car and brought it home.

fixer-upper tricycle
Considering it’s been sitting out in the rain and snow for years, it actually looks a lot better than I thought it would. The Boy is into fixing up bikes and I’m into decorating them, so this will be a fun project for us. I’ve been fantasizing about bringing it home for years. Success!

my old cruiser
Aw look it’s my old cruiser.

in bed with Mumsie and the dogs
Mumsie and I in my old bedroom with the rogs. Note the Grateful Dead flag. Uh huh.

dogs and mom in the bed
I wanted the Boy to take a nice picture of Mom and I together during this trip, but we forgot, so I suppose this will suffice.

mother and daughter
Happy Wednesday!

Thanksgiving Part 2, a nerd question and a POLL!

Thanksgiving Part 2, a nerd question and a POLL!

Before we launch into the Thanksgiving photos, I have a nerd question: anyone know why certain blog entries get a shitload of sp@m, and how to make it stop? I know that references to specific pharmaceuticals and gambling encourages it, but I’ve carefully combed over the offending entry and can’t figure out the problem. Help?

Back to Thanksgiving! Where were we? Just arriving at the Casa, it seems.

Joshy shows a little teeth
Dressed for dinner. What is this facial expression, Boy? And speaking of the Boy, I have another question, which I will put into poll form:

I’ve been using “the Boy” to refer to “the Boy” for 6 years now. Is it time for a change?
Yes! Use his real name! Web anonymity is DEAD!
No! “the Boy” is perfect! Don’t change it!
Yes! New name, please! And let ME pick it.

Results – get your free poll

Joshy and Liz in the front yard
My mother and I had both decided independently that dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner would be nice this year (and why not? we have the same personality!) (and yeah, I plan on perseverating on that for a loooooong time).

in the front yard
I went with the little vintage velveteen number I picked up at “Red Light” last year with Christopher. Oh Smitty, when are ya gonna come visit again, eh? I just ordered Season 7 of “Will & Grace”!

keeping up (appearances)
Crazy about those leggings. Black isn’t the best color to wear at my parents house because of the animal fur, although there’s less now that only two animals are left. My mother put Boo down a couple of weeks ago and told me about it in detail over the phone. Apparently at the end she didn’t fight it, and just gazed for a long time into my mothers eyes.

following behind
I think we’ve all decided that we’re over cats now.

“Cat people are just people who haven’t discovered dogs yet,” I told my family, and they nodded their agreement.

“Although,” my dad said, “I know someone who has a really cool cat.”

“And some people can’t handle the responsibility of owning a dog,” added my mother.

Some people don’t like waking up with dog asses on their pillows and dog hair in their coffee? Shocking!

keep it simple
I should curl my hair like that all the time. Too bad I’m so laaazy.

Stewart on the couch
A couple of months ago my brother was really sick–he collapsed at work and was taken to the emergency room and his blood was found to be severely anemic. He lost a great deal of weight and a lot of his hair fell out. He’s doing much better now, and his hair has grown back nicely. The power of vitamins and my mother’s grilled cheese sannies!

Pappy in his tan outfit
My father says he is growing out his luxuriant white beard for “the holidays”. No one questioned his monochromatic tan outfit (just mocked it lightly, as we do).

I taught him the gay meaning for “bear”, and he told me he wished I hadn’t (after his beard received a compliment at Costco and I snickered, “From a guy?”). Then later on we got into a tiny argument about gays, but I’m over it. My parents are deeply conservative and I’m not, they’re not going to change and either am I, but like my mother told me when I was still mad at my father: “We can still love each other even if we don’t agree with each other.” That’s right!

Mumsie and Daddums and Maggie wagging
My mother doesn’t really dress up. She did wear a dress at my wedding during the actual ceremony, but immediately changed into pants after we walked down the aisle. She’s almost…phobic with skirts and dresses, total opposite of me.

shoes and a bag of dark chocolates
If only I’d worn my black Converse, we could have been matchy-matchy. Too bad they’re owned by NIKE NOW, UGH CONVERSE WHY?

Dad and Maggie are ready for dinner
My father ready at the table, with Maggie close nearby. During meals the animals gather around the table, Bear Cub and Abbie (who is doing well, post-stroke) begging indirectly, while Maggie and Sally stare right into your soul. Labs are like that.

Thanksgiving flower arrangement and turkey
My father proudly announced that he picked out the flower arrangement himself. He’s softening in his old age, alright, just don’t bring up “bears” to him. Good thing I didn’t mention “teabagging”, eh?

Sally' spot
11-year-old Sally, rowr rowr rowwwwwrrrrrrrr. We had our usual power struggle for Cutest Blonde Bitch.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Buy Nothing Day! Photos inside the remodel! And discovering the 3-wheeled bike!

Thanksgiving (part 1): hotel motel holiday inn (say what?)

Thanksgiving (part 1): hotel motel holiday inn (say what?)

Welcome to the Thanksgiving 2011 Photo Extravagaaaaaaanza, starting with…
extremely low ceiling or very tall girl
Your Humble Narrator, oh my brothers. All that stretching has paid off! I am now 8 feet tall and can easily touch ceilings!

On the way to our motel room Wednesday night we stopped at a little Mom and Pop hamburger stand. Total weight gain for Thanksgiving 2011: four pounds.

“That’s not so bad,” said the Boy. “It could be way worse.” That’s true. Why fight it? Brown rice and vegetables for dinner the next three nights it is, thanks “Showgirls”!

clean remote
The motel was cheap, clean, but most importantly…

dogs on a motel bed
…dog friendly! Their very first night in a motel, mawwwww.

obligatory motel mirror shot
The obligatory “posing in front of a motel mirror” shot, ’cause I’m tacky like that. Puffily pre-menstrual up the ying yang here. I’d been wearing that bra all day and night, my puppies ached so bad. And I wonder why my family doesn’t read this blog?

morning sunshine in the car
Thursday morning in the car: excited! I only see my family once, maybe twice a year, so I was looking forward to this trip. Breaking up the eight hour car drive into two chunks was smart.

Maggie is alert
Maggie looking extremely alert. For long car drives we usually drug them with a little Benedryl in peanut butter, although Maggie doesn’t really need it.

the panting begins
It’s this little girl that hates car rides. No matter the duration, she will pant nervously.

windshield cleaning with flair
Artistic license: not posting the 30 photos from the motel room of us lounging around in our underpants but posting a photo of my husband cleaning off the car windshield. Yes!

freeway landscape
Although it was cold and windy, the weather in Boise was sunny during our entire stay, which was wonderful. In Seattle it’s been nothing but heavy rain and dark and doom and gloom. Despite the fruit-flavored Vitamin D gummies I shove into my maw every day, I needed a serotonin boost in the form of sunshine.

I was in such a good mood I offered to drive once or twice, but this dude handled it.

approaching bridge
Leaving my hands free to take boring photos and re-apply my glitter lipgloss 10,000 times and change the c.d.s. We listened to an audiobook version of “A Clockwork Orange“, a book and film I’ve had a very strong affinity for since my early teens.

through the bridge
Interestingly, the book published in America included only 20 of the 21 chapters, and it was this version that the film was based off of. The audio book that we listened to included Burgess’s final chapter, in which Alex “grows up” (he’s reached the ancient elderly age of 18 at the end) and decides to give up his life of crime and move on, look for a mate, settle down. Stanley Kubrick preferred the version that ends with Alex back to his evil ways, and I have to say…so do I.

Here’s a 40 second video I made during the car ride. You can hear “A Clockwork Orange” in the background.

Thursday outfit
My riding-in-the-car outfit on Thursday was absolutely adorable, but unfortunately this is the only photo of it. Damn limitations of the self portrait!

drive on
He puts up with so much.

heavy clouds
Wots this, bratty? Clouds ahead? I informed the Boy that if he learns Nadsat I will love him even MORE! I did some vocabulary drills with him last night in the bathroom while we brushed our teeth. Important stuff, like “groodies” (tits) and “zoobies” (teeth) and “litso” (face).

Stay tuned for Part 2: our arrival! Photos of my fam! A turkey! And MORE!!!

Buy Nothing Day!

Buy Nothing Day!

It’s today! Hurray! The photo above is from 2009. I packed our “Buy Nothing Day” tee-shirts (that we made in 2008) and was planning on taking some photos today to celebrate Buy Nothing Day 2011…but it just took me 45 minutes to log onto Flickr for cri-yi on this stinkin’ computer so I’m not sure if I have the patience to figure out how to upload photos.

Not to mention this computer is filled with 437482375824355 viruses and everything is out of date and just being on it is an exercise in supreme patience.

The drive over went smoothly–even the notoriously crappy Pass was wet, but the snow stayed on the side of the roads so no chains were needed. Yesterday the weather was clear and sunny and my mother and the Boy and I took the 4 rogs for a walk wearing only sweatshirts! Hurrah for warm November weather!

We’re celebrating Buy Nothing Day 2011 by going to the gym and working out (my family belongs so it’s free). I hope I don’t run into anyone I know. Or hell, maybe I do–my mother said I looked “cute”, and keeps asking me if she can take me to work to show me off! Ha! The power of eyelash extensions!

away we go

away we go

Rather than attempt to drive the entire 8 hours to my parents house after the Boy gets off work tonight, we’re driving halfway there and staying at a dog-friendly hotel. This will be the first time we’ve stayed at a hotel with the dogs!

The Boy packed last night while we finished up the fourth season of “Celebrity Rehab”, the first addiction-themed show that we’ve been able to watch together. He’s always hated “Intervention”, didn’t show any interest in “Addicted” (that’s a great show), and neither one of us can tolerate “Hoarders”.

“Celebrity Rehab” made me sob, multiple times. The most moving people included Mike Starr (because he didn’t make it), Mackenzie Phillips (because she put her dog down during the show), Leif Garrett (because he looks so haunted), and Jeremy London (who made me cry every time he cried). Thank God Netflix only has seasons 3 and 4 available or else…I might have a problem. Hi my name is Liz and I’m addicted to shows about addiction!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, blog logs!

Hey swinger.

Hey swinger.

holding up
Holding up just fine, thanks.

Randy's gut
I can’t even remember the last time I ate a cheeseburger.

Conky sends me into hysterics.

Joshy napping with his pants unbuttoned
H-a-w-t. A bitch under one arm, with his corduroy pants unbuttoned.

diamonds and eyes
While wrestling with my sequined dress project and the sewing machine I semi-watched “The Swinger“, a “very 60’s movie” starring Ann-Margret.

daisy sunglasses
It was a complete pile of crap, but she sure was easy on the eyes, eh?

beehive wink
Ann-Margret doing polka dots before Michael Alig did Leigh Bowery doing polka dots, you diiiiig?

eggplant on skull tablecloth
Look at this gorgeous eggplant!

weird eggplant love
Do you share my eggplant passion, blogreaders? Hmmmmmm?

a Bear Cub kind of day
Somebody needs a hug.

Bear Cub squash
Squish squish!

Today’s crappy blog entry brought to you by: PMS and caramel-flavored coffee. Huzzah!

lovely leggings, la la la

lovely leggings, la la la

After Corinne’s 2.5 hour-long bra fitting at Nordstrom (slight exaggeration), we mentioned to the girl at the check-out counter that we had one last stop–to look at leggings.

“Get Zella leggings,” she said. “We all wear them.” She gestured at herself and the other salesgirls who were, in fact, all wearing black leggings. I had noticed it earlier, and remarked to Corinne that “black leggings and knee-high boots must be the new jeans and tennis shoes”.

“Zella, you say?” I scrabbled around in my purse for my notepad and pen in the old lady way that I do to take notes.

She told us that Nordstrom sold them in the sportswear department, conveniently located on the floor below us, so off we went. The price tag said 52 dollars, and being a cheap ass I was determined to Just Say No until I went into the dressing room with Corinne and saw them on her. They won me over.

zella leggings mirror
A couple of things that make them slightly better than say, a 15 dollar pair of leggings: they’re reversible, which is fabulous, because the things are so frickin’ tight reversible is very convenient, the material is silky smooth (so dog hair doesn’t stick to it as easily), and they’re tagless, which is great.

zella side
Well, the tag is painted on. Also they have one of those wonderful itty-bitty hidden pockets for your ipod. Or whatever you want to jam in there.

zella leggings bed
The day after we both bought a pair I e-mailed Corinne to tell her how much I loved them and she called me to tell me how much she loved them. She’s wearing hers as regular pants and to the gym because she has the body confidence of the Newly Thin and I’m wearing mine as tights under short dresses and at home, constantly. They’re fabbuu. If you had asked me about wearing leggings 10 years ago I would have laughed in your face! Oh the times, they are a changeiiiiiiiiiin.

Maggie on the windowsill
The temperature suddenly plunged to the low 30s which has drastically cut down on dog park time.

floor schnubs
Even Bear Cub, with her thick fur, has been hanging out inside with Mommy.

Harlow painting from the side
Now that it’s been two days and my body has recovered from the punishing training session on Friday, I’m gonna go do it all over again today! Except for the planks. I would rather do those at home. But the question is, will I*?

cracked disco ball
Poor cracked disco ball.

big shot
I told the Boy he should get in his gym workouts early this week before we leave town. My parents’ house tends to be a sluggish vortex of couch time and carrot cake inhalation. Not that I’m complaining!

it works if you work it
It works if you work it.

* ah hahahahaaaaaaaa.