My mom, yer mom, everybody’s mom

My mom, yer mom, everybody’s mom

Friday OOTD 💙
Hi blog! I put the baby down 40 minutes ago, for a “surprise” early morning nap…in his bassinet. So MAYBE he no longer requires the car seat to nap? Maybe? Babies are so changeable.

Sometimes I have a hard time telling what's a weed in the backyard.
On Monday he rolled from his back to his belly…just once! Too bad I didn’t capture it on video.

Succulents and blooms.
This morning he was squirming around like crazy on his belly, kind of inching up the blanket. Early crawling?

Into it ✨ (thanks @punchingpictures)
Spotted on IG. I miss glitter eye make-up. I keep meaning to pile a bunch of crap on my eyes and take pictures one of these days…

Big Stick season is here!
It’s VERY HARD to give up nightly dessert, but I’m making do with these low-calorie generic Big Sticks for now. And fresh strawberries, mmmmm.

The weather forecast predicts sunshine for the next ten days but ahhh…I’ll believe it when I see it.

I mean, I probably should eat less sugar.
Sugar addict. Could be worse! I’m also drinking coffee again…just one cup a day. Something like 1% gets transmitted to my breast milk, but it doesn’t seem to affect him.

First non-baby dinner out in months. And first sushi for me in over a year!
Fleeta and Bob stayed with us Saturday and Sunday night, and we requested Saturday night that they babysit so we could finally go on a (brace yourself) DATE NIGHT. Okay, mainly I just wanted to scarf down a pile of sushi without having to breastfeed at the same time. YUM.

Happy Mother's Day to all you hard-working Moms out there!
It was delicious. And then we had 31 Flavors for dessert. Balance!

My first Mother's Day. 💐
On Sunday I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day! Josh bought me a card, flowers, and jewelry. He did good. He always does.

I like this lamp at Brenna's house.
We went over to Brenna’s for Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday. It was lovely.

M. and Grandpy Bob.
Unfortunately, I had to reset some passwords so these are all the photos I have uploaded to Flickr for now…I’m short about three days worth. I’m sure it’s just baby, flowers and dogs! Ta ta for now.

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