Don’t dream it, be it

Don’t dream it, be it

Mini Geisha painting in progress.
Hola blog! This is the little geisha painting I have been working on for aaaaages, because…I’m not really into it. I should start another little painting, maybe? Or just force myself to finish this one.

The lone tulip that bloomed this year--dark purple!
Hey look it’s the ONE tulip that bloomed this year in the front yard, out of the entire row that Joshy planted. Heigh ho. At least it’s pretty!

Josh brought me home a Seattle Pop. The baby and Maggie were verrry interested.
Josh brought home some “Seattle Pops”–gourmet Popsicles–for me to sample. Mexican Chocolate–gross, coffee–meh, but this strawberry one was okay. No match for the generic Big Sticks though.

Orange lilies in the backyard.
These beautiful orange lilies appeared in the backyard recently.

Forget-me-nots galore in the backyard.
As well as lots of forget-me-nots. They are a much brighter blue in real life.

When G. met M.. πŸ’•
Mr. Baby, meeting another baby 12 days older than him. Mr. Baby slept in his OWN ROOM for the first time last night! He’s still in the rock and play…I don’t plan on moving him out of that until he outgrows it.

Back at our old stomping grounds, the big dog park. I used to walk here every day while pregnant, now I bring my son! 🌲
Last week I took the dogs and baby to our old stomping grounds, the big dog park, where I walked a mile nearly every day when I was pregnant (except towards the GIANT end).

Can you spot the dog butts?
Lots of tree roots made for a bumpy ride, but Mr. Baby slept through it all just fine.

Hearts in nature. πŸ’š
Always finding hearts in nature.

Maggie trampled down this fern in the backyard 2 years ago...I'm always pleased when it grows back.
Here’s the beautiful fern in our backyard. Maggie trampled it down the first year we lived here, but it grows back each spring.

Gorgeous giant poppy in my neighbor's yard.
My neighbor’s gorgeous giant red poppies. I wonder if my pink ones will grow this year?

Gorgeous day out there!
The weather has finally been warm Β lately. We just went for a family walk, mostly to get the baby to fall asleep.

Tank top weather today.
Hooray for sunshine! It’s been in the upper 70’s the last couple of days, perrrrfect.

Re-posted from my other account--me at 4 months vs M. at 4 months. πŸ˜‚
Me at 4 months vs. Mr. Baby at 4 months. He’s such a little chunk!

Working on my fitness. πŸ’ͺ
I’m doing this stuff, but the flab hasn’t budged. I know what I have to do…give up all carbs and sugars. DAMMIT.

Sexy Josh.
My stinkin’ husband left me and the baby alone for 14 BLOODY HOURS to go skiing last weekend…but at least he took a sexy selfie.

Into it (thanks @marthamakeupartist) πŸ’šβœ¨βœ¨
IG has no shortage of inspiring eyeshadow looks.

My baby meets my baby brother. πŸ’™
Look who came for a visit on Wednesday! My brother and his wife.

Marymoor Park! πŸ’šπŸ’™
Thursday we went to Marymoor Park. Friday Stew woke up with a brutal migraine and had to lay in bed for several hours…he didn’t feel well until late afternoon. Poor little guy.

Primroses 🌸🌸🌸
Primroses galore at Marymoor Park.

My little bruddah and me.
Me and my “little” six foot six inch brother.

Maggie and Bear Cub poised to go for a swim. πŸ’¦
Maggie and Schnubs got their swim in.

Black dogs keeping cool on a hot day. πŸ’¦
We didn’t lose any dogs, either!

Uncle and nephew.
Stephanie took this shot.

Spotted outside work today. πŸ’–
I spotted this beautiful rose outside my work on Friday.

Stew 'n' me in Mukilteo today. β›±
Friday afternoon after my brother was feeling better we drove to the Mukilteo lighthouse. We strolled around, gawked at a massive man sunbathing (and burning), and munched on ice cream cones.

My brother's wife is a great houseguest: πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ.
Stephanie made dinner for us Friday night and topped it off with homemade chocolate chip cookies. I forced them to take the rest of the cookies with them when they left Saturday morning…I cannot be trusted with so many cookies. I ate 5 on Friday night alone. Total weight gain for my brother’s visit: 2 pounds. πŸ™

Beautiful. (thanks @richardquartley)
Beautiful Impressionistic painting spotted on IG.

Some kind soul uploaded episode 10 of #rpdr9 to the YouTubes so I finally got to watch a FULL episode this morning! πŸ™Œ
This morning I randomly discovered that some kind soul had uploaded the latest full episode of Drag Race on Youtube! FINALLY! Now I need to go back and see if they have uploaded others. Yay! Catch yer later, bloggeroonies.

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