If it’s in a word or it’s in a look…

If it’s in a word or it’s in a look…

Close-up of a Bachelor's Button. 🐝
Howdy blerg! I highly doubt I will finish this blog entry in one sitting, so let’s GO! Josh took this nice photo of a Bachelor’s Button in our front yard. My phone doesn’t do macro this well.

Josh got the baby and I sick. That wasn't very nice of him, was it?
That’s me with my cold last week. It went away surprisingly quickly.

New book! 🎨
A new book from a friend of the family, Art! Very appropriate.

One daisy in the front yard is an over-achiever.
Out of the large bush of daisies, only one has decided to bloom (so far). They are HUGE.

Bowling balls, garden gnomes and pink flamingoes.
Our backyard is getting kitschy as hell. What else do we need?

This gay Babadook stuff is hilarious. And that movie genuinely scared me!
There’s a meme going around that the Babadook is gay, which I find hysterical, especially since that movie genuinely DID scare me (which is hard to do).

There’s been a lot of rain this past week and I’VE HAD ENOUGH, THANKS.

Ah yes... here's that June Seattle weather we know so well 💦💦💦

Neon pink and smelling sweet 💖💕✨
My neighbor’s roses smell delicious.

Wednesday werk at work.
Werking at work on Wednesday!

Hey little snail buddy. 🐌
This little snail friend was on the back patio. Mr. Baby had no interest.

Eyelash inspiration for Pride 🌈🌈🌈 (thanks @modelmalay)
Pride make-up inspiration, spotted on IG.

Can you spot the Maggie dog? 🌿
Can you spot the shaggy Maggie dog?

Three sets of eyeballs watching me eat lunch today.
This was the scene yesterday while I was eating my chicken wrap.

My "new mom" mug--frizzed hair and fat arms...sounds about right. 😝
My New Mom mug, complete with frizzy hair and fat arms. How appropriate! OMG HE LET ME WRITE AN ENTIRE BLOG ENTRY I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Maybe I’ll go eat a popsicle. Ta ta!

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