Let your freak flag fly!

Let your freak flag fly!

I cut some daisies from the yard, but they were so stinky I had to put them outside! Who knew.
Bloop bleep orp eee ah ah, blog! Here are some daisies I was excited to cut from the massive bush we have in the front yard. Too bad I discovered that daisies smell awful, so they had to stay outside.

My MIL bought herself a new sewing machine so I scored her old one. I loved my Singer, but it would cost more to replace it than fix the issues!
Fleeta bought herself another sewing machine at a garage sale, so I scored her old Bernina. Yes!

It’s already mid-July. How depressing! I need to go camping two more times this summer in order to feel fulfilled in life.

I like the Hotel Nexus sign πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
We recently met up with Josh’s co-workers at the Saffron Grill by Northgate, giving me the opportunity to enjoy the Hotel Nexus sign again.

Balloon flowers πŸ’œ
Cute little balloon flowers in the front yard.

July. 🌞
I haven’t worked in 2+ weeks. This hasn’t been my choice, of course. I have a little work lined up for the end of the month, thank goodness.

Let's frolic. 🌸🌼🌿
My neighbor’s yard is so pretty pretty.

New miniature painting in my Etsy shop! "Glitter Betta Fish". ✨✨✨
Latest mini painting: glitter Betta fish! Yayyyy! Available for sale HERE.

Rainbow toes 🌈✨✨
Current nailpolish situation: rainbow.

Gee, look at how cute I used to be. Siiiigh. This was 2014. DID I APPRECIATE IT THEN??? Probably not.

Here's a quilt I started a long time ago, just needs to be tied and bound.
Here’s an old unfinished quilt I re-discovered lately. Just needs to be tied and bound and it will be complete! How long will it take me to do those things, do you think?

Scored these two palm tree paintings at an estate sale for 7$! They go perfectly in our Hawaiian-themed kitchen.
Scored these two palm tree paintings at my neighbor’s estate sale for only 7 clams! They go perfectly in the kitchen. Francesca is finally retired.

The hydrangea in the front yard is really poppin' πŸ’œ
The hydrangea in the front yard is really blossoming this year.

Happy Friday! πŸŒžπŸ’–βœ¨
Happy Goo!

This absolutely looks like something my grandmother would've worn in the 70s. Even the costume jewelry!
This layout in “Elle” magazine caught my eye…the “athleisure” knits look like something my grandmother would have worn in the 1970’s…complete with the costume jewelry.

Josh cleaning out the roof gutters with assistance from Anthony while I sit on the back deck with the baby and watch terrifying YouTube videos about Australian spiders.
Here’s Joshy climbing up a very long ladder to the roof yesterday to clean out the gutters. Anthony assisted him, while I looked up terrifying spider videos on the Youtubes. Don’t watch this one.

Cloudy at Magnuson Park today.
Today was Josh’s company picnic at Magnuson Park, so we packed up Mr. Baby and the rogs and checked it out. I ate a bunless cheeseburger and a bunless hot dog. Atkins, can you hear meeeeee?

The mens.
Baby Goo did great! He didn’t fuss at all. Maggie begged everyone at the picnic for food, and Bear Cub patiently let lots of sticky-handed little kids pet her tail.

Me and my Goo. 🌈Let
That’s my baby!

Ta ta blog-logs. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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