Mr. Baby is a magical baby

Mr. Baby is a magical baby

Purple wildflowers. 💜
Hallo, blog-log. It’s Sunday and I just inhaled four pieces of fried chicken and a peach Greek yogurt for lunch, while feeding the plain yogurt parts to Mr. Baby. So far we have given him yam, avocado, baby oatmeal and carrot and the yogurt is the only thing that he’s liked. Silly baby!

Finally during the next two weeks I have some work. Also, my old job wants to hire me back on PRN, two or three times a week for four hours at a time. Perfect!

Maybe Maggie and I need to have a talk about her hoarding tendencies. I just pulled 3 Chobani containers out of her dog bed. 😝
Check out Maggie dog, hoarding Chobani containers and Tupperware in her kennel. Poor old dog!

I like my deviled eggs the way I like my men: slightly chunky
Mmmm, deviled eggs. They disappear very quickly in this house.

Mood for summer 2017, starring La Liz.

Josh has a new job too, he’ll be starting it in two weeks. He’ll get paid 4 dollars more an hour, and his commute will go from 40 minutes to an hour (one way), to less than 20 minutes. YES.

Spotted at the dog park: half of a glitter egg. My magpie talents strike again! ✨✨✨
My roving magpie eyes found this glitter egg (half) at the dogpark.

Bear Cub getting her nature on 🌾
Bear Cub enjoys a roll around outside.

Oh this guy! 😍
The Gooiest of the Goos! I’m crazy about this kid.

#tbt: little Lizzy.
Little Lizzy.

Multi tasking!
You learn to do just about everything with a baby attached.

Guess what we did on Friday night/Saturday??

Today was supposed to be overcast all day. 🌞🌞🌞
Camping again! That’s riiiiight. It was crowded, but now that we are car camping there are always more people around.

We sure pack a lot of shit to "rough it". 😂
This is the “bare bones” list for camping that we have since added to. So much shit! I also added a caftan and lounge chair…I mean, if you’re gonna car camp, why not? Let’s be luxurious.

Me and Maggie 💕
On the road, with Maggie dog.

Camping fun with baby. 🌲💦🌞
The water was too cold for Mr. Baby…Josh dipped his little baby feet in and he went WAH. I went up to my waist (mostly because I had to pee), and my cold-loving husband dove in, of course.

Beautiful day on the river. 💦
We ate chicken teriyaki and apple cobbler (all freeze dried, of course), and Mr. Baby slept from 9:20 to 5:30. I fed him, handed him to Josh, and then slept in until 8. I LOVE THE WEEKEND.

Finding hearts in nature. 💕
Heart-shaped rocks everywhere.

The best.
Now I just need to go camping once more this summer to be fulfilled…although I would go more, if I could. I love it.

Brrrrrrisk 💦
Wearing a nursing bra and my husband’s baggy running shorts to swim in. Josh thinks I shouldn’t give skirted swimsuits such a hassle, and I should get one. Really? Remember, he also wanted me to buy a housecoat a few years back. My husband wants me to dress in old lady drag, apparently.

Ohhhh this baby. I love him so.

Okay, maybe that fourth piece of chicken was ill-advised. BARF. Smell you later!

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