My beach blanket she’s such a nature’s child

My beach blanket she’s such a nature’s child

Village People?
Blawg! Don’t these little toys of Mr. Baby’s look like the Village People?

Mr. Baby allows me to do two or three quilt ties per day. At this rate, I'll have this quilt finished in 2019 or so.
Current project, tying this quilt that I started __ years ago. I’m only able to do 2-3 ties per day before WAHHHHH…so I should have it finished in 2019 or so.

Mmmm roses 💕
Roses at my OLD job, when I stopped by for a TB test last week. Yes my OLD job, I haven’t worked there for over a month and I suspect I won’t be any time soon. LAME. It was only 7 minutes away from home, talk about the perfect commute.

A new flavor to try! Now they just need to make banana 🍌🍌🍌
My Summer of 2017 Mexican Popsicle Obsession is still going strong, and Fred Meyer’s had the elusive pecan flavor on my last trip. Verdict: not as good as coconut. That company really should release a banana flavor…I’d be all over it!

Finally had my nails done for the first time in over a year...they match my wallet! ✨✨✨
I won the chore chart and instead of requesting the usual massage (I don’t think I’ve had a decent, long massage since the baby’s been born anyway), I requested 3 hours of Just Liz time, and during that special time I went and had my nails shellacked. They match my wallet!

Josh is out with the baby and the dogs for a walk/nap. Lately I’ve transferred the sleeping baby from the stroller to the top of our dryer, turned the dryer on, and he naps non-stop until the cycle ends, 70 minutes later. I can get a lot done around the house in that amount of time!

This hydrangea in our backyard is the prettiest shade of purple. 💜💜💜
My mother is concerned that Mr. Baby will use his Baby strength and somehow knock himself off of the dryer, but it’s impossible, that damn car seat weighs a TON.

A rare portrait of the elusive Bear Cub.
The air quality is terrible right now, thanks to lots of forest fires in Canada. The haze combined with the heat reminds me of Boise summers: YUCK.

It's so hot and muggy today my hair has already melted! 💦💦💦
After work this week, completely flat hair thanks to the heat. See that orange-y eye shadow? That’s not real, that’s Perfect365! Totally looks real.

Alright, #nature peeps--what kind of berries are these? I know they are not blackberries. But I would like to know what they are before I eat them. 😝
WHAT ARE THESE BERRIES? One bush of them pops up every year at the park. I’ve looked at all the various wild blackberry leaves, they don’t match. Either do raspberry and boysenberry. The leaves are really spiky and red-tipped. I haven’t tried to eat any, because what if they are poison?

This guy 😍
Mr. Gooey Goo. Such a sweet boy. He added in an extra wake-up at midnight this week (?), but finally last night slept through it, woke up at 4:30 for a Mommy feeding and then went back to bed until 6. That’s more like it!

Out for sushi on our 9th anniversary. It is soooo hoooot. 💦
Joshy and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary on the hottest day of the year by going out for sushi, sans baby. It was delish.

Floral anniversary present from Joshy. 💕
He also bought me some flowers.

One of Josh's co-workers gave us this gorgeous hibiscus plant. 🌺
One of his co-workers gifted us with this giant, beautiful hibiscus plant. I hope we can keep it alive!

I love my backyard in the evening. 💚
I love our backyard in the evening, so pretty. Smoke or not! Happy Summer, blog-logs.

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