Kittens and elderly dogs and lotsa babies

Kittens and elderly dogs and lotsa babies

My SIL has a new addition to their family. 😺
‘sup blog? This is the new addition to my SIL’s home (the kitten, not the baby). Too bad–they were JUST dog people for a nice chunk of time.

Maggie thinks maybe I won't notice her covertly begging for yogurt under the kitchen table.
Josh is out doing the bi-weekly Costco shopping with Mr. Baby. I just completed a workout at the gym, bought ingredients to make jambalaya tonight, and scarfed down a salad.

Mr. Baby hasn’t been so great about sleeping through the night lately, so last night we attempted to “crib train” for the very first time.

Misty mornings (and unfortunately smoky afternoons).
We let him scream and cry and fling himself dramatically around his crib for less than 10 minutes before we gave in. It was not pleasant.

The dogs are relaxing on the quilt that I thoughtfully laid out for the baby, meanwhile the baby is chewing on my shoe laces. Gross.
We’re going to sleep/crib train, REALLY do it, but maybe wait until after my parents leave (they are visiting soon) and then after we go to Spokane again (my FIL’s 70th birthday party) and then after Mr. Baby has his surgery. So basically…September.

Evidently this sleep training stuff amounts to a few hellish nights. Nobody wants that, but of course he needs to learn to sleep in his crib eventually, right? Right.

We're gonna have a lot of tomatoes this year. 🍅
The three tomato plants we acquired from Fleeta are coming in beautifully.

Baby date! (my baby is the one who doesn't "relax")
Another baby date! The other two babies laid around like babies, while my crazy son crawled all over the place and tried to grab hair and faces.

Happy moms club. 💚💙💚
Three happy mommies and their adorable baby boys.

The best 👣👣👣
What’s better than baby toes?

Guess what we're doing this weekend?
Flashback to the last time we went camping. We did go camping again this past weekend, but thanks to a crappy combo of forest fire haze/rain the next day, it wasn’t nearly so picturesque.

Re-united and it feels so gooooood
I got re-lashed! I joked with my eyelash lady that I wasn’t going to tell Josh, just let him figure it out. The next day he came home from work and told me I looked “pretty”.

I batted my synthetic lashes and asked, “Notice anything…different?”

“Lashes?” he correctly guessed. Good job, husband!

7 months old! 💚💚
Meanwhile Mr. Goo is 7 months old now! WHERE IS THE TIME GOING, STOP IT TIME.

Maggie dog says, "What are we doing today?"
Bear Cub is 9 this year, and Maggie will be 12 in November! Siiiigh.

Some inspiration, sweetie (thanks @erinlovesmullets)
A little inspiration. It made me cackle.

Happy Friday! 💜
Me and my Gooey Goo. In spite of all the crib trauma, he slept from 9-4:30, had a feeding session with Mommy, and then back to sleep until 6:45. Not too shabby.

Camping pics up next!

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