Camping again, la tee daaaah

Camping again, la tee daaaah

Found some glamorous trash at the campsite.
Hola blog! I’m finally getting around to posting the camping photos from two weeks ago. Here’s some glamorous trash I found at our campsite.

Mr. Baby in the Great Outdoors.
The weather on this trip was really bizarre. It was still smoggy from the Canadian wildfire haze, and then about 90 degrees on top of that–HOT.

A sexy cumulus cloud last night. It was 90 degrees and so hot...and then this morning it rained for hours so we left early. Booooo.
Over the ridge we could see smoke from a fresh fire, building up into this great big cumulus cloud that hung over camp for a few hours. In the morning, the smoke was gone.

Maggie dog in her element.
The heat made us sluggish. We didn’t even cook dinner that night, just ate some cheese and meat and crackers.

My sweeties.
Mr. Baby loves to be outside!

The weather went from a clear 90 degrees at night to a chilly rainy morning/afternoon. WA weather, you so crazy.
The morning was much cooler. It started sprinkling, we figured it would pass…it didn’t!

The coffee was a little...chunky.
The French Press missed a few grounds.

So inviting 💦
I regretted not going swimming the night we arrived, when we were so hot. Who wants to swim in a cold river in the rain? Booooo.

We ended up leaving about 3 hours before we normally would have, due to the rain. We didn’t mind getting rained on, pre-baby, but when you have a squirrel-y infant being cooped up in a tent isn’t as much fun.

Still: three camping trips this summer, not too shabby! And we’ll get another one too, if I get my way.

Yellow grass, dried leaves, colder temps...I'm not ready for fall yet! 😳
It’s feeling Fall-ish around here already. Cooler temps, dried leaves on the ground, that inevitable “crisp” in the air…

I mean, could he be any cuter? Seriously.

Who drives to Lake Stevens for shave ice? Meeeeee 😍
Firmly in denial about summer ending, I drove Mr. Baby to Lake Stevens and bought myself a nice big shave ice. Mmmmmm.

Such a relief to see blue skies again. I was beginning to think that wildfire haze was going to last for the rest of the summer.
At long last, blue skies again. Those weeks of smoke haze were no fun.

Are these the dog days of summer?
C’est moi. About half of my eyelash extensions have already fallen out.

Dog pack!
Dogfriends! Dogfriends at the park.

Electric pink 💖
My neighbor’s roses are still blooming nicely. Ours died weeks ago.

The scarlet begonia is really flourishing! 💥
The scarlet begonia, however, is doing great! It has tripled in size.

August is always a little melancholy 🌾
Pretty soon the blackberries will be ripe to pick.

So close!

Bear and baby.

This Life Alert guy is kinda hot. Maybe I need to fall and then not get up. 😂
This Life Alert guy is kinda hot, yeah? Should I fall and then not get up?

Grampy Steve and Mr. Baby.
Guess who came for a visit? My father flew over last Friday, and stayed through the weekend. My mother flew over the following day, and is still here.

Just the girls and I for today's dogwalk. 🌾
Every day I have to pressure her into staying longer. She’s recovering from her second back surgery this year, and subsequently cannot pick up Mr. Baby, or do household chores.

Mom and Goo.💙
She therefore feels that she is being a “burden”, so every day I have to stress that it is important that she is spending time with the baby, and she won’t be able to see him again until Christmas, likely. Who cares if she can’t pick him up off the floor? Who cares if she can’t do laundry? NOT ME.

Sweetness. 💕
They only get to be babies once. This is a special time.

Happy Goo.
Look at that happy Goo!

Mother and daughter. 💕
We go for short walks every day, and eat ice cream every night. Not a bad way to spend August!

Walkies. 🌾
Meeting new dogfriends along the way.

Hey Bear!
Now that Mr. Baby is crib trained for night, I’m working on the nap crib training. Yesterday afternoon it took him a whopping 45 minutes of flopping/sitting up/fussing…for an hour long nap. This morning it took 25 minutes. Improvement!

Verdict: gross. Maybe people only like this if they have forgotten what real ice cream tastes like?
One word regarding this B.S. posing as ice cream: YUCK.

Hey, that catches us up! See yer later.

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