Hunger, art, and shoes

Hunger, art, and shoes

A little sidewalk chalk inspiration 💕
Hello blerg. It’s Sunday. Mr. Baby is out for a jog/nap with Daddy, so I get to stay home and cover my fingernails with glitter and pound out this entry while the dogs stare at me, hoping for a W-A-L-K.

So hungry. Total weight loss after 8 days on new diet: 2.4 pounds. KEEP IT GOING, BODY.

Bear Cub waits up. 🌾
After another few days of smoke and doom and gloom, it finally rained yesterday, and today the sky is kind blue again. So nice. We take it for granted. Maybe not after this summer!

Neon pink flowers at Grandma Shirley's. 💖
Last Monday at Grandma Shirley’s place and her neon pink dahlias. Pretty pretty. I want some dahlias for our yard.

I don't recall a Seattle summer ever being this smoky. The sky is a sickly grey-yellow. I doubt we'll be able to camp again this year, the places we go are so stricken with wildfire. Not to mention my hair was flat before I even started work today. Booooo
It’s heartbreaking thinking about all the forest fire devastation right now. Especially when the awful one in Oregon could have been prevented if some jackass 15-year-old hadn’t thought it would be hilarious to throw a firecracker into dry brush and then walk away. UGHHHH. Also: my hair goes flat in this type of weather. Equally heartbreaking! (just kidding)

Maggie and Baby M. are playing fetch together! My work is DONE. 😅
At long last my needy Lab and my needy baby are playing with each other. My work is DONE!

Suffer, sisters. 🎨
Love this. Suffer, sisters.

Just sitting around sweating and wondering when this wildfire haze is gonna lift. 😭
Just sitting around in my husband’s athletic shorts and a nursing bra, contemplating the weather, as one does. With a fresh pair of eyelash extensions.

The roses in the garden decided to put on one last show this year 🌹🌹🌹
I didn’t expect the rosebush in our front yard to put on one last show, but there it is.

"Valerie and her week of wonders", 1970. Sometimes I watch weird movie before I fall asleep.
Weirdest movie I’ve (semi) watched lately: “Valerie and her week of wonders”, 1970. Just your average Czech coming-of-age story, with incest and vampires and a 15 minute long dream sequence at the end that looks like something out of a Maxfield Parrish painting.

#FBF to sunnier times. Hey happy Friday!
Sunnier times at Marymoor Park this summer.

Amazing crystal tattoo by @jennakerrtattoo ✨✨✨
Look at this amazing crystal tattoo! Sometimes I fantasize about covering up my crappy little sun.

My boys at a diner this morning. The baby sat in a high chair for the first time and enjoyed cottage cheese and eggs. 🍳
Mr. Baby sat in a high chair in a diner for the first time yesterday morning. He did great: ate his baby carrots, plus some of our eggs and my cottage cheese. He also smiled and giggled and openly flirted with the baby girl at the table over. Such a ladies man!

Raining outside. A good day for a fat September "Vogue" and lots of coffee.
Recently I borrowed the latest September “Vogue” to flip through. You might recall I was a diehard Vogue lover until somewhere in the 2010+ years when they put Lady Gaga on the cover and I’d had ENOUGH. Turns out I haven’t missed a damn thing. 95% ads and 5% crap. My September “Elle” was vastly superior. Oh Vogue, how far you’ve fallen.

Now THIS is a shoe. 🌿
I AM, however, attracted to this Manolo Blahnik shoe. MMMmmmmMMMmmmm.

Oh look, they made Cheerios even grosser. 🎃
Two gross tastes that taste grosser together…it must be close to Fall! Here comes the crappy pumpkin spice everythingggggg!

Ta ta, bloggers. I’m gonna try to fit the new episode of “American Horror Story” in while my baby’s gone. I hear it features CLOWNS.

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