Halloween inspiration, fabric and a sewing project (finally)

Halloween inspiration, fabric and a sewing project (finally)

Two coats of Floss Gloss "Dimepiece" + gel topcoat = the perfect glitter manicure. ✨✨✨
Hellerrrrr, blerrrrrg. Current nail situation. Well, this was a week ago. Add some chips. Mmmm, chiiiips. 16 days of low-carb dieting: 4 pounds down. Better than nothin’.

Loooove going to the fabric store this time of year 💀
I love going to the fabric store this time of year! Ohhhh shiny Day of the Dead fabric, the things I could do with YOU.

Thanks to the #seahawks game, we were the only ones at the park today. More blackberry gorging for me!
My stinkin’ baby gave me a yucky cold on Friday. I stupidly thought I wouldn’t get his cold, so of course I was kissing him as usual and sharing his spoon…durrrrrrrp.

Neon flowers in my neighbor's yard--no filter required! 💖
Now Josh is getting the same cold. Of course, that didn’t stop him from running 7.5 miles yesterday. ??? Who does that?

Today's probably the warmest day we're gonna have for the rest of 2017...who wants to be inside?? 🌞🌞🌞
The sunny days are dwindling fast! Good-bye, summer!

Bear in the rough. 🌾
And hello BRRRRRR. My thermostat claims it’s 71 degrees in the house, but I am wearing a robe and fuzzy winter socks. Then again, I am sick. Cough.

Not sure what this flowering plant is, but it's pretty. 💚
My neighbors tore out their entire front lawn when they moved in and have been slowly filling up the space with plants and flowers. Here’s one of them–I like it.

One of my favorite paintings, "Girl with Flower Crown", inspired by the movie "Daisies". My SIL owns it. 🌸
Remember this painting? This was a good one. Brenna owns it now.

Yes Dior, I hear you...😍
Feeeling this sparkly blue Dior dress.

#tbt: in Maui, 2011. We'll be going back next April, this time with our son. 🌺
Going back to Maui with the in-laws next April, yayyyyy! This time with baby. I’ve already asked Christopher to dogsit!

Three of my favorite things: rainbow, watercolors, and mushrooms. By @kelzuki
Cute rainbow mushroom watercolor. I’d like to get into watercolors.

Blue skies. 💙
Josh is out taking baby for his first nap/drive while I type this blather. Then I’m responsible for nap number two while he watches the Seahawks game. Yes, Mr. Baby is still napping in the car. Maybe when we’re all done with this shitty cold I’ll be ready to nap crib train again.

I have eaten so many blackberries this season 😍
I really have eaten a ton of fresh blackberries this year. Pretty much every time I walk at the park, plus at night with a squirt of whipped cream. It’s my only dessert. It’s gooooood.

Fun with baby at the costume shop (maybe not so fun for him).
First trip to the costume shop with the baby! Ha ha, get used to THIS, kid.

Me in the morning, before coffee.

This is a good look.
Now if the light on this angler fish mask lit up it would be GENIUS.

Well, I don't have THIS glasses shape.
What is this glasses shape??

Would you believe this cute baby gave me a nasty cold? 💦
A couple of sick sickies, but in teal! My power color!

Finally watching "Almost Famous" for the first time.
My reward for winning the chore chart was 3 hours of non-baby time, so while Josh took the baby yesterday I watched “Almost Famous” for the first time. SNORE. It is so long, as so boring! How can a movie about rock and roll and groupies be so damn boring???

I wonder if my son will inherit his mother's gift of The Pose?
Once a cheeseball, always a cheeseball. My son is already smiling for the camera and he’s not even a year old. Posing shouldn’t be too far in the future…

Took my first bath since we moved into this house (2014), with Oceanus bubble bath from...the late 90's? Does that stuff go bad?
Last night I took the first bath I’ve had in this house since we moved in, back in 2014. The only bubble bath I own is a questionable bottle of Oceanus from the Body Shop from I’m SURE the late 90’s. It smelled vaguely OK.

Ah summer, you always have to come to an end, don't you? 😭
Two days ago. Aw summer, why you gotta go away?

First sewing project since having the baby: this high chair cushion. 🐢🐢🐢
Behold: my first sewing project since having the baby. Really? Not a single stitch in 8 months? Time fliiiiiiies, when you’re keeping a tiny human alive. And speaking of, Josh said the last time he visited his sister’s house with the baby, Elliot reached over and patted the baby’s head and said, “I love this tiny human.” MAWWWWW.

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