Oregon, new paintings and Thanksgiving dinner

Oregon, new paintings and Thanksgiving dinner

And then the sky decided to clear for our second walk today. Brrrrrr.

Hello blog! Happy Thankgiving week. I just put Mr. Goo down for his second nap of the day. The office is right next to his baby room, so I’m typing verrrry quietly shhhhhh

With Pops, my brother and his wife in Dallas Oregon last night, celebrating his apprenticeship with Village Missions.

Here we are in Dallas Oregon a week or so ago, celebrating my brother and his wife’s commissioning ceremony from Village Missions. The drive over was hellish, thanks to my newly acquired bladder problem–a four hour drive that turned into six (Portland traffic HELLO and GOODBYE), but nevertheless I’m glad we were able to make it. We stayed in the same shabby hotel that my father did, and we had a big greasy breakfast with him the next day. Pops has lost 27 pounds thanks to replacing his sandwiches at lunch with chicken breasts, and I’ve lost 57 of the 63 pounds I gained with Goo last year. Ahoy, weight loss!

Aunt Claire shows off the mini sugar skull I painted for her. 💖💀✨✨

We also drove to Corvallis to visit Aunt Claire at her house and met her two dogs. I gave her the little sugar skull painting that I did especially for her.

Book haul from Powell's Books--5 books for baby and one thriller for me. It's about a rabies-like disease that only affects blondes--sounds promising!

We stopped in Portland on the way back to Seattle–all of my Portland photos are missing from Flickr so you’ll have to take my word for it–and visited Powell’s Books, a HUGE new and used bookstore recommended by Christopher. That was worth it! I bought five books for Goo and one for myself, a thriller about a rabies-like virus that only affects women with blonde hair. G-g-good times! We also had lunch with Pops at the Pearl Bakery and picked up a couple donuts at Blue Star donuts, also recommended by Christopher. Verdict: not as good as Voodoo. It was weird visiting Portland and not seeing Erika or Christopher, but it just didn’t work out this time.

Black dog day! 💚💚

Meanwhile, hanging out with dog butts is always fun.

Lazy Sunday. 😴

I wish I could laze about like Maggie the Elder Dog.

Hey there, little mushroom friends.

Is it still mushroom season? I keep thinking it’s winter already, because BRRRR.

New mini painting in progress: Maggie dog in nature. 💚

I’m doing a little mini painting of Maggie dog to put in the show I’ll be doing next weekend at the Pound Arts Studio, where I’ve shown my work in the past.

Playing in the hat bin today. If only he tolerated hats better! He looks soooo cuuuute in them.

I keep thinking if I make putting cute hats on into a fun game, he’ll start tolerating them? Hmmmm? Huh? Not even ear muffs, kid??

Drizzly Fall walks with dog butts. 🍂

Last night we had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Shirley’s house. I spent 90% of my time chasing after the baby, but that’s okay. He was mellow all night, didn’t even fuss until the very end, which was his bedtime. And he ate his first bites of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and yams mmmmmmm.

Re-discovering my old Yamaha keyboard with Baby Goo.

My mother gave my dad a bunch of my old things from their house, including my old Yamaha keyboard. So now I can enjoy it all over again with my son!

November rain? Can't complain. 🍂

Wearing Josh’s rain coat. I asked for a new rain coat for my birthday present this year–my old one is so old the liner is shredding apart, and I stupidly bought one a couple years ago in a size SMALL (hiiiiigh hopes) and it’s too small! Derp. Note to self: YOU ARE A MEDIUM. REMEMBER THAT.

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I am most thankful for this crazy little baby, who makes me laugh every day. And for my husband @djmagicelf, because I can't imagine raising this crazy little baby without him. 😘

I am most thankful in 2017 for this sweet little baby, who cheers me up and gives me hope and makes me laugh every single day. I’m also thankful for Josh, because I can’t imagine raising Goo on my own. And for family, and friends, and dogs. The good stuff. See you later, alligators.

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