Books and art and sparkly things

Books and art and sparkly things

New reading material.
Hiya blerg, happy New Year’s Eve! Here’s one of the several books I received for Christmas. I started reading it but got distracted by “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”–not an easy read, particularly–but I’m starting to get into it now. I also received “Heaven is for Real” (great read), the book about Sharon Tate written by her sister (beautiful), and a bunch of thrillers, including a James Patterson (ugh).

“I still love you,” I told Josh when I opened up the James Patterson.

My Broad brought over this crazy bottle of wine that talks when you point your phone at it.
This bottle of wine the Broad brought over to Brenna’s house for Christmas dinner talks when you point your phone at it. Technology is crrrrrazy, mang. My Broad is drinking again–initially I was very upset about it, thinking we were sisters in our mutual booze sobriety (I will have TEN YEARS next month!) but ultimately she is a grown ass woman who has to make her own decisions in life. She’s also vaping–something I would have loved in my 20’s but can’t even entertain the idea of now.

“Are you backsliding into your 20’s?” I asked her on Christmas evening when she pulled me outside to watch her vape. She says no, but it sure looks like it. Heigh ho! I’ll just be over here drinking my room-temp water and sucking on a Werther’s original, like the old sober woman I am.

Mumsie and Mr. Bennett.
Mumsie and Mr. Bennett love each other. Mr. Bennett was just as shitty to my father in his own home as he was in our home, so Brenna locked him upstairs for the majority of the evening.

Yyyyyyowch! Josh gets a scalp massage from Goo at Thai tonight.
Josh’s parents drove over to Seattle on Christmas Day, joined us at Brenna’s house for Christmas dinner and the next evening treated us all to Thai food. Here’s little Goo giving Josh a “scalp massage” at the Thai restaurant.

#tbt to little Lizzy.
Here’s little Lizzy in a throwback Thursday post. Mom and I have had some sort of stomach bug the last couple of days–feeling headache-y, nauseous, and bloated. Yesterday I drank a ginger ale and inhaled an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers for my stomach and then my stomach blew up like a balloon and I had a whole new set of problems! My body does not handle carbs well AT ALL. Yesterday was a clear reminder of that. Burp.

Gift from Joshy to me, a grown-ass woman. #youngatheart! 🌈✨✨✨
I have immature tastes, so this rainbow tape dispenser shaped like a unicorn was a great present to me from Joshy. Not sure why the company named him “Stuart” though… he is CLEARLY an Adam.

Bear Cub on a sunnier day. I’m looking forward to less rain tomorrow.
This afternoon Josh is taking the baby over to his grandparents house to watch the Seahawks game, freeing up my day nicely. I think I’ll paint my nails. Too bad I’m not feeling up to going to the gym–I so rarely have the opportunity to go these days.

🌈✨✨✨✨More, Now, Again (thanks @lisamcconniffe)
Perhaps I’ll throw a little glitter on and take a self-portrait to commemorate the end of 2017–the year I became a mommy!

Beginning the glitter phase (my fave) ✨✨✨
And of course I’ll use the time to work on this little sugar skull painting for my cousin Erika. I’ll bet I could finish it today, if I applied myself. It’s in the glitter stage of the process!

Hey Carter’s does this come in my size? 😍
Getting distracted by rainbows while clothes shopping for my son. I would totally wear this if it came in my size.

Mumsie goes back on Monday and unfortunately we are both feeling a little sick. I suspect I’ll spend my NYE horizontal, reading books. 😷
Here’s a moody self-portrait that I took sometime in the past month, with the light shining through our bedroom curtains for a little added texture.

Testing out Joshy’s new #olloclip fish-eye lens while Mumsie makes me grilled cheese for dinner.
Onward and upwards, blog-logs! Here’s to a fabulous New Year!

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