Birthday baby and another painting completed

Birthday baby and another painting completed

The beginning of 2017 was celebrated by the arrival of our baby boy, the baby we had prayed for during those long six years of “unexplained infertility”. 2017 has been the longest and shortest, most sleep-deprived yet deliriously happy year of my entire l
Hey it’s 2018, blog! Here’s a throwback post to last summer with my little Goo-age. He turns one year old in two days. One year of Goo! One magical first year! He’s such a good baby. We are very, very fortunate, and believe me I don’t ever forget it.

Dropped Mumsie off at the airport this morning and then paid a visit to @idahoagogo and her adorable baby. 💕
One week ago Goo and I drove Mumsie to the airport and then paid a visit to my friend Christy and her adorable little baby and her new house. We hadn’t seen her since summer of last year, and she wasn’t able to make it to Goo’s birthday party last Saturday because she was preparing an elaborate ice cream cake for her husband’s birthday the next day. Look at those curls!

First sunny walk of the year with my favorite little dude. We’re off to a good start, 2018! 🌞
Since Goo’s actual birthday falls on a Wednesday this year, we had his party on Saturday. I wanted to keep the guest list nice and short, and I did: the guests were Bob and Fleeta (staying with us for the weekend), Brenna and Ronia, Shirley and Lew, our friend Vivienne and her adorable baby as well as her sister and niece. And that’s it! The party had a train/rainbow sort of theme going on. I didn’t stress out about party decorations too much, or making a perfect cake. Pinterest-worthy I am not interested in. Just fun!

Beautiful sunrise this morning 💙💕
I made Goo a “funfetti” cake with frosting covered in rainbow sprinkles, his name in blue sparkly gel, a rainbow that I drew with gel and a few sparkle stars. You’ll have to imagine it in your head because I couldn’t post it online…privacy!

This basketball court is ah-mazing 😍 (thanks @taxcollection)
Actually you’ll have to imagine the entire party because none of the pictures uploaded to Flickr as they are all in an album. But look at this amazing basketball court. Why don’t more basketball courts look like this??

Brenna brought me this beautiful bouquet yesterday. She said in Brazil, baby’s first birthday includes a celebration for the mother. I can get behind that! 🌸
Here’s a shot of the flowers Brenna gifted me with the day of the party, saying that in Brazil, they celebrate the mommy on baby’s first birthday! Sounds great to me!

Maggie and Bear Cub in hot pursuit of their little friend Bubba.
Bear Cub and Maggie give chase to their little dog park friend, Bubba. His owner’s name is Janet–I’m blogging her name to help me remember! Like most dog owners I tend to remember the dog’s name and not the owner’s name.

What an ungrateful little baby! 😝From the funny book we received for Christmas, “Reasons my kid is crying”.
Brenna gifted us with “Reasons my kid is crying”, and this picture was one of my favorites.

Freshly re-lashed self-portrait.

I assumed I wouldn’t find anything I liked at T. J. Maxx but this glitter traveling make-up/jewelry case said Hellooooo! 💚✨✨✨
Josh bought me some body butters for Christmas which was a sweet gesture but pregnancy/motherhood has made me even MORE sensitive to smells so I returned them to T.J. Maxx. I hadn’t been to a T.J. Maxx since I lived in Idaho, and didn’t really expect to find anything I wanted (except chocolate–they have lots of chocolate), but lo and behold, what’s this? A sparkly green-and-blue makeup/jewelry case for travel that is very ME.

I saw this Caboodle case yesterday at T.J. Maxx and was struck with nostalgia—I had the very same one! Fun fact: they’re selling it on Urban Outfitters as a “Vintage Make-Up Case”. 😂😭😭😭
And I HAD to take a picture of this…T.J. Maxx had my original Caboodle case! Awww, the nostalgia! Fun fact: now Urban Outfitters is selling Caboodles as “vintage make-up cases”. I am oooooold.

Today. I BEGGED Bear Cub to look at me but of course she refused. What an obstinate Cub!
I don’t have any work lined up this week, but I have a new job to apply for so it’s time to polish up my resume. And sign me and Josh and baby up for baby swim lessons, since we’re taking him to Maui in April (thanks to my in-laws, AGAIN! Hooray!).

Testing out the macro lens on Josh’s #olloclip with Angus the Betta fish. I rescued him the summer of 2015, and I am continually amazed he’s still alive. He’s always been a sickly little guy.
Playing around with Josh’s olloclip macro setting and Angus the fish. Every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME I post a picture of Angus on IG I have some concerned Betta freak piping up about how I’m mistreating him. Seriously, Betta people are THE WORST. I’ve kept Angus alive for 2.5 years now, I think we’re doing just fine, thank you very much! “Appreciate your concern“, as Kurt would say.

Can someone tell this kid that we need to wear hats and gloves during winter weather?? He won’t listen to me. 😝
Here’s a short list of items my son refuses to keep on his body: hats, gloves, socks and shoes. Oh, and cute sunglasses. Sigh.

I reviewed the video I made of Erika’s painting and realized it needed a little more glitter. Taking pictures and videos of the paintings in progress is an important step for me—it’s like I see them with new eyes.
Erika’s little painting is finally complete! Next up: matching “Six Feet Under” paintings of green hearses for my mother and Aunt Lisa, who are obsessed with that show.

Rainy day walkies with Fleeta, Josh, Goo and a couple of dogs.
Yesterday’s rainy walk with Fleeta, Josh and Goo, and a couple of crazy black dogs. Goo would not keep his gloves on.

“Ugh, Mom! Not another selfie!”
“Mooooom! Enough with the self-portraits!” So long bloggeroos!

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