Why I blog

Why I blog

Today, in Movies That I Watch in 30 Minute Increments Because I Have A Baby: “Desperately Seeking Susan”. 😎
Sometimes in the late afternoons after baby wakes up from his second nap, I watch movies in 30 minute increments while rolling around on the stability ball while baby plays. One of these recent movies was “Desperately Seeking Susan”. Lately it’s been “Comedians in cars getting coffee”, hosted by Jerry Seinfeld. It’s cute.

Come on blue sky! I know you can do it!
I think about quitting blogging frequently, but what always keeps me coming back is the accountability. I know that I need to journal; it’s important to me. So if I quit blogging, will I still journal every week? Who will I be accountable to? Myself?

I used to blog every single day and I did so for years; I don’t need that level of frequency any more. Just once a week seems to work for me.

In a way, this seems like yesterday. In another way, it seems like ages ago. I’ve never loved anyone quite like I love my baby boy. Happy first birthday, son.
I thought once I had my son last year I would be too brain-dead for a while to keep blogging–and certainly when I look back at those first few weeks/months I feel like I was in a fog–but I still blogged. I’ve blogged through moves across states, I’ve blogged through break-ups. I’ve blogged through panic attacks. I’ve blogged under the influence of various chemicals…I’ve blogged sober now for quite some time. I’ve blogged since 2003.

Here’s the birthday boy climbing into Maggie’s crate to show her his stuffed black puppy (she wasn’t interested). 😂
I used to blog pictures of my dogs, now it’s the occasional pictures of my son. How could I omit him from my blog? I know people who do it, never post any pictures of their children online. I admire them.

Dog puzzle! Thanks Grammy Kim. 🐶💙✨
I’m blogging right now as my son takes his first nap of the day. I’m blogging to remember that he used to take two naps a day. I’m blogging to remember that this is the first period of ovulation I’ve had since October without any bladder issues! How else would I remember that?

#tbt: my portrait of my mom’s dog Abbie, 2009. Abbie was a great dog!
I blog to remember Abbie dog. How vividly I recall walking her around the neighborhood that Nico and I lived in, with my Birkenstock sandals that gave me enormous blisters. Good old Abbie dog.

Heyooooo one of my favorite artists to be inspired/amused by @ashleylongshoreart is throwing an amazing contest! Post a selfie and if she chooses your pic she’ll paint it and send it you! What?!! Amazing! 🌈🌸✨✨
I’m blogging to remember that I love a New Orleans artist named Ashley Longshore, who is throwing a contest right now where you can post a selfie on IG, and if she chooses your selfie she will paint it, display it at Bergdorf’s, and then send it to you to keep! What an amazing contest. This was my entry.

We had to take down our Christmas tree a week ago for the baby’s birthday party. It still looks so good that I’m sad it’s outside. It’s the prettiest tree we’ve ever had and it was 50$ from a hardware store. 🌲
If I didn’t blog, would I remember that this is the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had, and it was only 50$ from the hardware store? It’s finally dropping needles and it’s been WEEKS. It’s so pretty I was sad to move it outside for the baby’s first birthday party. Maybe for future birthday parties we’ll leave it up.

TGIF! 💥💥💥
I blog to remember baby’s first year. What a year!

Above: refuse from one of my magazine purges. Except my 90s Vogues! You can pry those out of my cold dead hands! My MIL has been supporting my “Elle” subscription for years and she finally let it lapse. What US fashion magazine should I subscribe to next?
How about blogging to remember that my “Elle” subscription finally lapsed, and I have no idea what US fashion magazine I should read now? Go back to “Vogue”? Oh, I don’t knoooooow. Maybe I don’t need to read fashion magazines any more. But oh I WANT to.

I think I see the light 💚
My son is obsessed with this green light. We have it on a timer, so it comes on at night, and he loves to coo and goo over it. I need a picture of his little baby hand outstretched, trying to touch it.

The sunset tonight. 😍
The weather the last two days has been insanely spring-like. Mid-50’s, sunny, and delightful.

Current mini painting projects: blue sugar skull for @madlymazzy, another Love VW, and a tiny Monroe that I will probably re-work forever because...well, just because. 🎨
I currently have FIVE paintings going, which really is too many, but they are small so maybe that’s alright. A blue sugar skull for Christopher, another “Love is a VW” painting, a Marilyn that will never be finished, and two green hearse paintings for my mother and aunt, not pictured here.

Maggie and Bear Cub don’t mind swimming in January. 💦
On Sunday Josh ignored his uncle’s pleas to go skiing with him and we all took a family hike to the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. Maggie and Bear Schnubs went for a swim.

Maggie and me in Mukilteo. I’m wearing Josh’s Adidas track pants...it’s fun to be able to wear your spouse’s clothes and shoes.
I wore Josh’s Adidas track pants, because I can!

Brunching with my Broad at The Breakfast Club.
If I didn’t blog, would I remember that the Broad and I had brunch at the Breakfast Club with Goo? He flirted with some little girls at the table next to us, shamelessly. That’s my boy!

The portraits I painted in 2016 of the Broad’s 4 cats. The sign I bought her from #Etsy. 😺😸😻😽
Nice grouping of cat paintings by moi at the Broad’s house, along with the sign I bought her from Etsy.

I blog to remember my life. Without photos and words, I would remember so very little. And I hate that. So I’m gonna keep on keeping on! Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Thanks Julie! I don’t know when the Marilyn will be done, I keep working on it and working on it and it’s really hard because she so famous and it is such an iconic image. But all of the little paintings are in my Etsy shop just 30 bucks!

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