New paintings, gum, and outings with baby

New paintings, gum, and outings with baby

Flowers from Joshy.
Hey blog, what’s new? Here are some flowers Joshy bought me for my sobriety birthday, which was…a while ago. Hey I haven’t blogged in a little bit, OOPS. He forgot about my NO LILY rule…I love lilies but they smell terrible and make me sneeze.

Lazy Saturday.
It’s Saturday. I just boiled some eggs for deviled eggs and popped a Sudafed. Josh is leaving with the baby to go hike up Tiger Mountain so now I have some free time, YES. It’s a beautiful sunny day but most of me is leaning towards laying in bed, attacking the pile of library books I just obtained.

New painting in my Etsy shop! “Love is a teal glitter VW”. 🌈💙✨
Looky looky, it’s the “Love is a glitter VW” in TEAL! A lady at Owen’s art show requested it in blue, so here it is, lady, just for you.

Beautiful sunset, a few weeks ago.
We’ve all been kicking around a little cold. It’s a weird one–sinus pressure but nothing more. Occasional headaches, but normal energy level. Josh has had his cold for something like two weeks now. Baby and I went to the gym five times this week! He’s finally letting me work out.

My new transparent floral glasses from #zennioptical—I like them. I’m glad I sent back that last pair! 🌸
My new glasses from Zenni. I had ordered a different pair, but when they came they were so hideous I sent them back for a 100% store credit refund, and bought these instead. I like them. Not as much as my blue cat-eye, but they’ll do.

Color inspiration via Alexandra Valenti. 🌈
I just want all cat-eye glasses, all the time. And excuse me ZENNI but isn’t it about frickin’ time you released a line of glitter frames? I mean, what’s the hold-up?

Baby and I explored the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett today.
I’m baaaaarely working these days which means baby and I had to branch out with our daily activities. I took him to the “Imagine Childen’s Museum” in Everett…it was okay. I like the Discovery Center in Boise far better, but I’m sure there are cooler activities for kids in Seattle, I just need to do more sleuthing.

I re-joined Weight Watchers this morning, and who should I run into but my old clinical supervisor, Sherrie. I hadn’t seen her since 2008. She was sitting right next to my neighbor, Roxy, who was responsible for watching baby last year when I was just about going stir-crazy from not being able to walk the dogs. Small world!

Judy Garland art at the library today.
I re-joined WW because somehow in the past month TEN POUNDS have glommed onto my body and I’m supposed to be losing weight for Maui, not gaining it. I did my usual low-carb nonsense and NOTHING BUDGED. So I’m back to WW. It’s always worked in the past.

I dunno, maybe my life would be improved if I had slippers shaped like loaves of bread.
Love bread? Love slippers?? Now you can combine your loves! What a world.

Back to gum again. I had given it up for a few months and had switched to Werther’s Originals, but I decided for the sake of bikinis in Maui to return to it for a little while.

Not bad. The lemonade and coconut/lime flavors are my favorite. Avoid the “birthday cake” one.
This gum is not bad. I like this flavor, the lemonade flavor and the coconut/lime flavor. The birthday cake flavor, however, is gross. Don’t try it.

It’s Satur-yay! Too bad I have a cold. Thanks a lot, @djmagicelf!
Sunglasses goals!

At least on this new WW plan, fruit is considered 0 points. That’s great for me, because I love fruit and it kills me that you can’t eat it on a low-carb diet. What kind of diet says that fruit is bad? I ADORE those little cuties this time of year, yum.

Maggie and Bear Cub swim year-round. 💦
Now Prance! Prance I say!

Working on a set of “Six Feet Under” hearse paintings for my mom and aunt.
Current project (that I am determined to finish before starting another): little “Six Feet Under” green hearse paintings for my mother and Aunt Lisa, who love that show.

“Go know”? What kind of sentence is that, Kellerman? And boo to me because I accidentally got the large print version. I hold it further away.
I screwed up at the library the other day and accidentally grabbed a “large print” version of this Kellerman book. “Go know”? What the hell does that mean, Kellerman?

Baby hitched a ride.
Look at dis baby. What a cutie! Today he is 13 months old, but I’m not going to announce it in a Facebook post like I did for months 1-12.

I guess we’ve decided to skip winter this year and head straight to spring? (not complaining)
Meanwhile outside, it appears that nature has decided to skip winter altogether this year and just shoot straight into spring! Hooray!

New lip color option (since we’re in spring and all): coral. 🍑
I branched out of my berry rut and bought some coral lipgloss the other day. Impressed? I thought you’d be.

About last night. 💙
Nighttime views.

It’s a lil’ “wish” bracelet. ❤️
I bought myself this little “wish” bracelet on Etsy. When it breaks, your wish comes true! Guess what my wish was?

Baby and I checked out the Funko store today.
Yesterday baby and I toured the “Funko” store in Everett, which apparently is a toy store that sells lots of plastic figurines with oversized heads. I thought they would have candy there too, WRONG. Oh well.

Welp time to walk these dogs! Have a nice Valentine’s Day, bloggeroos.

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