Gay ski outfits, Christmas lights, and hormones

Gay ski outfits, Christmas lights, and hormones

The Boy’s parents really wanted to see me this past weekend, even though I’m sick, so they came over to take me out to lunch and dropped off a bunch of ski-related crap for us to sift through.
a vision in neon
This neon outfit caught my eye, of course.

“That would have been perfect at Burning Man!” I cried. “Let’s keep it–I’ll reconstruct it into a pair of…hot pants.”

That will probably never happen, but even I couldn’t turn down the Gayest Ski Outfit of All Time. So there it is.

liz and cub
I am taking out my hormonal state on the dogs. Look at how disgruntled Bear Cub looks! But look at how happy I am!

light work
Yesterday the Boy went to the Testosterone Trap (Lowe’s) and purchased a crapload of Christmas lights uber cheap (1.88 per box) and started putting them all over the house.

putting up lights
The outside of the house, I mean. We already have them all over the inside. Twinkle lights are nice year round! I’ll always be a raver at heart.

lights at night
I used my car for the camera tripod. Taking photos at night has always been a large pain in my ass. Photographers give me advice but it goes in one ear, out the other. However, I recall and use Stacey‘s advice about using the “flower setting” (macro) for close-ups all the time.

fairy lights
I love what he did with the tree. We both agree that blue Christmas lights are the best.

I have been so ridiculously hormonal lately that yesterday just for “fun” I bought a pregnancy test. Buying my first pregnancy test was a surreal experience. I kept expecting the woman behind the counter to say something to me (like what?), but she didn’t say a word. I also felt like everyone in the store was staring at me. Kind of like the “humiliation” you’re supposed to feel buying condoms. I never felt embarrassed while purchasing condoms–I LOVE condoms! However, I felt that way about “Clear Blue Easy”.

I’m not pregnant. Of course. The line was negative. But I just had to know.

“You could be on a deserted island,” said the Boy disgustedly (he’s still watching “Lost”–up to Season 3 now), “With no men around, no possibility of becoming pregnant, and still think you’re pregnant.”

He’s right. I’ve been reading too much information on pregnancy. And I’ve always been susceptible to influence. If I read that the side effects of a medication include the .00005% possibility of a rash, I will develop that rash. It’s just my overactive imagination, not hypochondria. Realllllllly.

Thanks, Kissy for calling me last night in the midst of all this hormonal excess! I now have Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer on the “wish list” for Sephora that I am going to force onto my husband! Love youuu!

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  1. Well, you can safely assume that if Josh ever gets me to go skiing with him, I’ll be high, so I’LL wear the Gay Ski Outfit. I’m practically gay, anyway. Gay where it counts.

  2. Oh GOD that was so much fun gabbing away with you. You seriously still make me laugh after all these years over the silly, the serious, the ridiculous and the madcap. Good times sweetie….glad you got the eyeshadow primer on your wish list. Seriously was a fun phone conversation, it always is when we chat on the phone.

  3. Your comment about Urban Decay eyeshadow reminded me for some reason about the time when I was a kid and my mom dressed my sister like a slut for Halloween with a nametag that said “Moral DeCay”. That was Mary – maybe that’s what scarred her for life!

  4. Hello!

    Just came across your photo with that cool ski suit.

    Would very much like to buy it from you to a friend of mine…
    who loves pink and neon : )

    Hope your’re interested



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