You betta werk.

You betta werk.

Hola, squirrelfriends. Are you enjoying the latest season of “Drag Race” as much as moi? I HOPE SO. I am still rooting for Jinkx! The most recent episode features (spoiler) a (gasp!) double elimination! And why? Because neither contestant was lip synching for THEIR LIFE! I mean, this is RuPaul’s Drag Race, queens! You don’t fuck around.

I went to the gym today, finally–it was a truly sad display. To the grocery store for some veggies; no ice cream! Did I mention that after this week, we’re going back to vegan? Yeah. We’ve been doing this meat/cheese thang since October–it’s finally gotten OLD. Plus, I miss fruit. Oh, do I miss fruit. Sunny today! And Manse babysitting tonight. I think I’m going in sweatpants. After all, this is family, do they care if I come in sweatpants? Sweatpants and winged eyeliner, HA!

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