It works if you work it

It works if you work it

mint scalloped dress
Happy Frock Friday! This lovely mint dress is courtesy of Modcloth. It was posted under “coming soon!” one day, and I noticed that you can have Modcloth e-mail you when items come in, so I signed up. The nice thing about this service is that they notify you before anyone else, so I snagged the dress and sure enough, a few days later it sold out. WORTH IT! I lust over Modcloth constantly but rarely buy anything–I’m happy with this dress.

It’s Friday! YES. I ate poorly this week (I’m so over this meat/cheese diet) and didn’t exercise enough and worked three days. On Monday I start my training schedule for the two 5K’s I signed the Boy and I up for. On Sunday I’m launching a vegan diet.

“Going vegan isn’t going to do everything for you,” simpered the Boy to me this morning.

“Oh, SHUT UP.” I replied, thinking, it worked before! WORK AGAIN, VEGAN DIET. Hell, at least I get to eat fruit again. Have a flab-u-lous weekend, blog logs!

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  1. Honey it is about changing the way YOU think about food. No matter if you cut this or that out, add this, or deprive yourself of something it only leads to feeling bad about yourself if you fail. I honestly had my wakeup call when I finally thought about what it was going to be foodwise that I ran to when I’m in school from surrounding grocers, which in that ‘hood is either Whole Foods or Safeway. The snack I have during breaktime is popcorn, I am always drinking water, and then when dinner comes around and I have a sanny, I make damn sure that bread is nothing but a dozen grains (insert Jerri and her ‘passing a memorable stool’). Just get over your relationship you have to food.

  2. Well seriously, it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Think about how annoyed you were when you ran into whats his faces girlfriend at the gym after she had 3 cups of coffee and did 3 million aerobics classes that day, does it make sense?

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