(Flashback) Frock Friday

(Flashback) Frock Friday
blue dress II by EP Holcomb
blue dress II, a photo by EP Holcomb on Flickr.

I like this trend of “Flashback Friday” and “Throwback Thursday”–you can be totally lazy and just toss up an old picture and still be on trend! Like I’m EVER “on trend”, bwa ha. Ha ha ha. This picture is from 2011, the last time I was skinny, evidently. The dress is a cheap-o old sundress I had found rummaging around in my old bedroom at my parent’s house, the sort of style I wore a lot in my 20’s, when I was okay with going braless. Now–never.

What’s happening, Friday? This weekend I want to get the snow tires taken off my car, and go to the nursery to get things to start planting. It’s that time of year again! How about you? Whatchu doin’?

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