Shabbah labbah ding dong

Shabbah labbah ding dong

Joshy on the floor
I didn’t bring my camera out last night, so the only record of our dinner is a couple of blurry iphone shots NOT worth posting. I thought this picture of Joshy was worth posting, though. He was actually much cuter in real life than this picture shows.

PRESENTS, PRESENTS. I opened a few before the restaurant, and a few after dinner. Josh bought me the super soft plush furry fleece jacket I requested from North Face, a nice hooded sweatshirt for winter, a trashcan with a lid (trust me, it was needed…MAGGIE!), a nice fleece-lined ski cap, and a glorious wonderful SPACE HEATER that works fast and gets really hot. I can’t wait to nap next to it after I walk the dogs.

neon flowers
Before we went to dinner we went back to the clinic for my final fertility treatment. This time the ovulation machine actually said that I was ovulating, so maybe this is it: I’m finally knocked up. Good grief, let’s hope so, because we can’t afford IVF.

Dinner was at the Blue Acre, and it was tasty. I very specifically wanted hot apple pie last night with vanilla bean ice cream, and guess what was on the dessert menu? That’s riiiiiiight. I didn’t spend the day sobbing on the couch, so I guess it was a pretty good birthday.

I’m fighting a little cold right now and feeling 0% cute, but one of these days, I swear, I’ll get back to the photos. Josh tried to get me a new flip-screen camera for my birthday but couldn’t find one. Apparently they are rare. Why? Flip screens are the BEST for self-portraits.

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  1. Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true! Especially the one you are “working” on right now…you will be an amazing mom……

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